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Marvel's Midnight Suns Cheats and Tips

PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One
Last Updated: by Richard
Marvel's Midnight Suns Cheats and Tips

Marvel's Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game that features comic book characters from the Marvel universe. Take a look at our cheats and tips to get help in the game. Marvel's Midnight Suns is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch and PC.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Trailer

Set in the darker side of the Marvel universe you come face-to-face against demonic forces of the underworld as you join the Midnight Suns, a team of demon hunter's that is the Earth's last line of defense. After centuries of sleep, Lilith, Mother of Demons, has been revived by Hydra through a twist of dark magic and science. Lilith stops at nothing to complete an ancient prophecy and bring back her evil master, Chthon. In desperate need of help the Avengers seek to fight fire with hellfire and join forces with the Midnight Son's in order to take them down.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Cheats, Tips Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include why it is important to train daily and why you should not skip the side missions. As well as these hints and tips, we also have a Beginner Guide here which goes into more details on some of the tips we have below:

Explore the Abbey

It is essential that you explore the Abbey at every opportunity as doing so will enable you to increase the amount of materials you have for upgrading or gaining new abilities. Look out in particular for the different colored shiny orbs that can be found in various rooms in the Abbey and on the porch as these will allow the Hunter to train other heroes, unlock new outfits, and craft new abilities. Keep in mind these orbs re-spawn in the same place upon reloading the Abbey so be sure to collect them again. Take a look at our Abbey Guide to find out more about this Transian fortress moved to a bubble dimension next to the cliffs of Salem, Massachusetts which acts as your headquarters in the game.

  • Train Daily
  • It is important that you make sure you train daily as doing so will give the Hunter more XP and possibly an extra bonus such as an Arcane Key which will allow them to open the Arcane Chests that are littered around the Abbey and its grounds. Training will also improve the hero's cards and abilities. Remember to also research daily in order to get more abilities upgraded, new abilities, and unlock moves.

  • Don't Worry about Leveling
  • Marvel's Midnight Suns has a catch-up mechanic whereby any under-leveled heroes will automatically level up once the Hunter has reached a new tier. This basically means you do not need to worry about having to grind any heroes you may have that are lagging behind. Instead, you should focus your efforts on upgrading cards and researching new tasks in the Forge.

  • Don't Ignore the Side Missions
  • Resist the temptation to just focus on the main missions because although it may be the quickest way to advance the story and unlock characters you will soon discover that you will not be prepared for the boss you eventually encounter. It is far more beneficial to tackle the side missions to get resources for upgrades, let your main heroes recover, and empower your weaker ones.

    Tips and Tricks

    The video below is a collection of tips and tricks that will help you in the game.

    Marvel's Midnight Suns Tips and Tricks

    0:00 - Intro

    0:37 - Pet the Dog

    1:41 - Save your Keys

    2:45 - Explore the Abbey

    5:02 - Best Gifts to Buy

    6:06 - Increase Training Level

    7:09 - Best Cards to Pick

    8:29 - Visit the Library

    9:21 - Free Resources

    Take a look at our Beginner Tips and Tricks page to get additional help in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

    Marvel's Midnight Suns Guide

    Latest updates to our guide:


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    Marvel's Midnight Suns FAQ's

    Our Latest Questions

    Where is the other moon seal in Stone Terrace?
    The only moon seal you need for the stone terrace is the one you get for finding all the elemental rods and bringing them back to the alter. The fire rod is in the chapel. The water rod is by the grotto next to the yard where you upgrade your abilities. The earth rod is inside the moselium in Hunter's Folly and the air rod is just right past the alter itself in the whispering woods. Remember you could use the words of power in this case open by holding R2 or RT if you're on the Xbox and with the left stick point to the word of power you want to use. Use open on some of the doors you come across. They will have a symbol on it that matches the word of power that will work on it. Once back at the alter after finding all the elemental rods you then just need to place each one in it's rightful spot and this will give you the moon seal needed to get the reveal ability. After that will be the purify ability which you could use to remove some of the corruption on the grounds this ability could be found in the everflowing glade. The path on the right, right before you get to Agatha's cabin but first you need to solve the church mystery. After getting the reveal ability you're going to continue forward until you get to a church. Once inside the church you'll have a little conversation with Agatha talking about the history of the church when all of that is done use the open ability on the door to enter Shaw's study. Then go behind the desk and use open on the back door. Then you keep going until you get to a cave. After that Agatha will tell you to go find Doctor Strange and bring him back to the cave as there is a ward protecting it and only he could figure out how to get rid of it. Then you're going to progress the story until you fight Venom in the bell tower and you get the symbiote sample from him. After completing the mission talk to Doctor Strange and he'll tell you to collect the sample from the Forge. Then you're going to take the sample back to the cave behind the church. Use it to dispell the ward and enter the cave then examine the bones on the right. Then you'll go back to the church and use the reveal ability on the blank sheets of paper. This will reveal drawings of other caves in which three witches were supposedly killed. Agatha will take these back to the library when you return to the Abbey. Go ahead and sleep and do another mission. The next night Agatha will tell you to collect a portion of the tainted soil in each of the three caves. For the first one go to Dreamer's Descent and take the same path you would to get to the stone terrace but right before you get to the stone terrace. Take the path to the right and you'll see a table. The first cave is to the far left of that table. Then in the stone terrace you're going to circle around or cross the median go back in the same direction and you will find the next cave. The last cave is on the path to the right of the path that leads to the alter. Once you have the tainted soil from each of the three caves return to Agatha in the library at the Abbey she'll then take you to the alter where she'll commune with the spirits which will reveal a tree. This will be revealed to be the hanging tree. To get to the hanging tree. You'll need to go in the same direction you go to get to church. When you pass the temple you got the reveal ability from take the first left and you'll cross a long bridge use the reveal ability to reveal it. Once you've crossed the long bridge. Go up the stairs immediately to your left and on your right you'll see a grave yard and on the left is the hanging tree. Use reveal on the hanging tree and that will grant you the next moon seal needed for the purify ability. Now just go back to the everflowing glade and get the purify ability. Remember it's the path next to the path that goes to Agatha's cabin. Use purify on the corruption just right past the everflowing glade and Agatha's cabin. This path leads to Lilith's garden. Meet Agatha inside the green house and she'll tell you to find three fragments that make up the last moon seal. The first fragment is in a cave some where on the opposite side of the cemetery across from the path leading up to the green house. You just need to reach the top of the cave and remove the corruption with purify to get it. The next one you're actually going to go into the cemetery across the path leading up to the green house and cross a fallen tree to the right and for the last one take the path to the right of the hanging tree. Keep going right and remove any corruption you come across with purify. The last one is right at the end. With all the fragments collected meet Agatha at the library back at the Abbey and she will tell you to pick up a plant that only grows by her cabin. Take the same path I mentioned earlier where you cross the long bridge only this time you'll take the second path to the right that goes to Agatha's cabin. The plant you're looking for will be directly in front of the cabin to the right of the door. Then take the plant back to Agatha at the library back at the Abbey. She'll then take you to the alter once again and this time all the fragments you collected will come together to form the last moon seal. Now go back through the green house and go right. The last ability will be at the end of the path. Complete the challenge ahead and congratulations you now have all the words of power. Use break on the stone wall in the green house and you'll come across Lilith's alter
    What does a skull appearing by the health bar of a card indicate?
    A skull will appear by the health bar if a card ability will defeat that enemy.
    What is the benefit of increasing friendship levels?
    Friendship levels will increase hero abilities, allow you to gain combo abilities, and helps the Hunter learn more about their newfound companions.
    How do you improve friendship levels?
    Hanging out with the other Superheroes can drastically improve friendship levels.
    What is an Arcana Key?
    Arcane Keys will allow you to open the Arcane Chests that are littered around the Abbey and its grounds.
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