Lethal Company Shovel Guide

Updated: 27th Nov 2023 by Team SuperCheats

Lethal Company Shovel Guide

Lethal Company Shovel Guide

The Shovel in Lethal Company is one of three melee tools that you can use to kill enemies. This Lethal Company Shovel Guide will tell you everything you need to know about this essential piece of equipment you should always bring with you for self-defense against the creatures you encounter while salvaging the various moons searching for scrap items.

Where to Get the Shovel

You will not need to go looking for the Shovel, it can be purchased from the store on your ship along with other equipment such as Stun Grenades and the Zap Gun. The Shovel is not free, to obtain one you will need to spend 30 credits and you will quickly realize it was worth every one of those credits, especially on the more dangerous moons.

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How to Use the Shovel

The Shovel is simple to use, all you need to do is hold down the left mouse button and then release it when facing the enemy you want to hit with it. The Shovel only Weighs 19 lb so you will not have any trouble swinging it as a melee weapon to bludgeon monsters to death. You will find it is also effective at eliminating wildlife in your path and destroying Bunker Spider webs.

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What you can Kill with the Shovel

Although the Shovel is useless against some of the bigger monsters you encounter in Lethal Company it will enable you to kill smaller enemies. The amount of damage you need to deal to kill the creatures differs.

Below is a list of enemies and how many hits it takes to kill them when using the Lethal Company Shovel:

    • Manticoils - 1 hit
    • Snare Flea - 1-3 hits
    • Flower Men (Brackens) - 2.3 hits
    • Hoarding Bug - 2-4 hits
    • Thumpers - 4-6 hits
    • Bunker Spider - 4-6 hits
    • Spore Lizard - 4-6 hits
    • Eyeless Dog - Must be stunned first
    • Giants - Must hit their head several times

The Sign Post

The Sign Post can also be used as a melee weapon in Lethal Company similar to the Shovel. Unlike the Shovel which is purchased at the Terminal on the ship, the Sign Post must be found among the salvage and scrap inside the Facility. Sign Posts are a common drop that is randomly generated.

Similar to the Shovel the Sign Post will deal melee damage to some of the small to medium-sized monsters in Lethal Company. To swing the Sign Post at creatures you simply left-click on your mouse.

Keep in mind if you find multiple Sign Posts you can always sell them for credits at the Company Building. There are two types of Sign Post, the Stop Sign which weighs 21 lb, and the heavier Yield Sign which weighs 48 lb.



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