How to Get the Flashlight in Lethal Company

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How to Get the Flashlight in Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a horror survival exploration game that revolves around lunar exploration. This How to Use the Flashlight in Lethal Company guide will tell you everything you need to know about this crucial piece of gear that will help you to unlock the dark mysteries of the game.

How to Get the Flashlight in Lethal Company

In Lethal Company you are a salvager tasked with a quota to fill and given nothing but basic equipment to help you against the horrors you encounter while exploring the moon gathering materials. To navigate in the dark you need a reliable light source to effectively illuminate the lunar landscape, this makes obtaining the flashlight your first priority in the game.

Where to Get the Flashlight

Aboard the game's spaceship is the Terminal, this is a console that allows you to input commands. One of the commands gives you access to the store where you will be able to purchase gear providing you have the required amount of credits. One of these pieces of equipment is the flashlight, to get and use a flashlight you need to follow these steps:

    • Open your Terminal.
    • Type the word 'Store'.
    • In the store, type the next word 'Flashlight' and confirm the purchase.
    • Pay for the required materials and wait for the ice cream truck to fall on the planet near your base.
    • Go to the fallen truck to collect all the loot you've ordered.

The flashlight costs 15 credits and needs to be recharged inside the ship whenever the battery runs out. You can purchase several flashlights by adding a number next to it, for example: 'flashlight x3'. Keep in mind that flashlights and other purchased items won't become immediately available to you in the spaceship.

To access the actual item you have purchased you need to start a run and land on a moon, then wait until a care package drops down playing music. Once that has happened just go to the fallen truck and collect your purchased item(s).


The Pro-flashlight weighs 5lb and has a maximum range of 20m which means it emits a much wider and brighter beam of light than the regular flashlight. It costs 25 credits inside the Terminal Store menu and is capable of lighting up short corridors and enabling you to spot fall hazards or dangers from a safe distance.

Keep in mind that the basic flashlight and Pro-flashlights are obscured by toxic fumes, steam, fog, and blizzards. You also need to remember that when you turn either flashlight on or off it will make a clicking noise which will attract the attention of any creatures that are nearby. Both flashlights need to be recharged inside the ship whenever the battery runs out. The Pro-flashlight has double the battery capacity of the basic flashlight.

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