How to Get and Use the Zap Gun in Lethal Company

Updated: 27th Nov 2023 by Team SuperCheats

How to Get and Use the Zap Gun in Lethal Company

How to Get and Use the Zap Gun in Lethal Company

One of the items you can purchase with the credits you earn from selling scrap items in Lethal Company is the Zap Gun. This How to Get and Use the Zap Gun will tell you everything you need to know about this weapon which can be used to electrify enemies without frying yourself in the process.

  • Why You Should Purchase the Zap Gun

    Before you and your crew embark on an expedition to search for scrap you need to determine what supplies you are going to bring with you. One item that you should consider taking with you is the Zap Gun, although it is one of the more expensive items you can purchase in Lethal Company it is worth the cost as it is able to stun an enemy chasing you momentarily. Although the effect doesn't last long it should give you enough time to allow you to dash to the nearest exit and escape.

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  • How to Get the Zap Gun

    In Lethal Company you can purchase equipment for when you go scavenging by using the Terminal inside the ship. Each item you can buy requires handing over a certain amount of credits. In the case of the Zap Gun you will have to spend 400 credits.

  • Once you have the needed amount of credits go near the Terminal and press 'E' on your keyboard to interact with it. Then type 'Store' followed by 'Zap Gun' and finally 'Confirm' to finalize your purchase. If you have done this correctly the next time you visit the Moon you will be able to pick up the Zap Gun from the store drop pod.

  • How to Use the Zap Gun

    The Zap Gun in Lethal Company is a battery-powered weapon that shoots an electrical charge toward enemies. Before the Zap Gun can be used you will need to scan the area to find targets, this is done by holding onto the left mouse button. If the Zap Gun detects any enemies a beam will fire out of the Zap Gun.

    When the beam hits the enemy it will become stunned and the Zap Gun will start to shake. In order to keep the enemy stunned you need to maintain the beam which becomes tricky as the Zap Gun's beam will begin to move back and forth once it is attached to the enemy.

  • How to Control the Zap Gun

    The best way to control the beam when this happens is to move the mouse side to side in the opposite direction of the beam. This means if the beam is leaning towards the right side, move the mouse to the left and vice versa. In order to do this you will need to sway with the beam to ensure you keep the connection. Remember if the connection breaks the enemy will no longer be stunned.

  • Best Way to Use the Zap Gun

    The Zap Gun alone will only stop enemies from attacking you by momentarily stunning them with electricity. To kill the enemy will require teamwork by two players. Have one player keep the enemy stunned with the Zap Gun while the other beats it with a shovel of stop sign until it is dead.

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