How to Deal with Spore Lizards in Lethal Company

Updated: 7th Dec 2023 by Team SuperCheats

How to Deal with Spore Lizards in Lethal Company

How to Deal with Spore Lizards in Lethal Company

Spore Lizards or 'puffers' as they are sometimes referred to are large monsters in Lethal Company that resemble catfish in appearance. They can be found in the dark areas of any Facility you visit during the game. This How to Deal with Spore Lizards in Lethal Company guide will tell you everything you need to know about this creature that fears us just as much as we fear them and will not attack unless it feels threatened by you.

  • What are Spore Lizards

    Although the spore Lizard is big in stature and has a fearsome-looking appearance it is harmless unless you provoke it. You will only find this monster roaming around the interior of the Facilities where it will randomly appear in the darkness. If you get too close to it the Spore Lizard will ward you off with a terrifying-sounding hiss and screech.

    Spore Lizards are harmless but if you are foolish enough to corner one of these large creatures they will attack you by releasing pink fumes from their mouths which will impair your vision, this self-defense mechanism will however deal no damage. Even though the Spore Lizard has an intimidating-looking mouth their bites inflict minimal damage and will not kill you.

  • How to Deal with Spore Lizards

    If you come across a Spore Lizard while exploring a Facility for scrap you should back away from the area where the monster resides until it decides to leave the area itself. This gives you two options in the meantime, either explore a different section of the Facility or wait until the creature moves away from the area so you can continue exploring.

    If you find yourself trying to escape from a monster chasing you, you need to make sure you avoid if possible going near a Spore Lizard because if this creature fires its purple mist and renders you blind it will likely result in your death as you will be vulnerable to attack from the monster pursuing you.

  • How to Kill a Spore Lizard

    There is no need to kill a Spore Lizard as this monster is harmless if left alone and you will not gain any rewards for killing one. If you do want to eliminate one for whatever reason you need to hit it 3 to 4 times with a shovel or signpost. These creatures are also susceptible to shock from a Zap Gun.

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