How to Deal with Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company

Updated: 7th Dec 2023 by Team SuperCheats

How to Deal with Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company

How to Deal with Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company

One of the deadliest monsters you will encounter in Lethal Company is Eyless Dog. Although they are blind, they possess powerful hearing and will kill you in a single hit. This How to Deal with Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company guide will tell the best strategy to beat them.

Survival Tips for Eyeless Dog

Eyeless Dogs are large canine monsters that have dark ridges along their back and tail. These killing machines have giant fanged mouths and if one catches you, it will grab you in its jaws and ragdoll you until you are dead. Eyeless Dogs can be defeated but you are better off avoiding it for as long as possible or trying to escape from it.

  • Bring a shovel

    If you have a melee weapon such as the Shovel you will be able to use it to fend off the Eyeless Dog if it gets near.

  • Mute Your Walkie-Talkie

    Although Eyeless Dogs are blind there is nothing wrong with their hearing and they will have no trouble hearing you when you use your walkie-talkie or anyone speaking to you through it. To avoid attracting the attention of this monster you should turn off the walkie-talkie to remain as quiet as possible.

  • Drop Noisy Items

    Eyeless Dog reacts purely based on sound so any items that emit a loud noise should be dropped. This includes things like the Loud Horn and Robot Toys which will make a noise even when stashed in your inventory.

  • Climb Onto Your Ship

    The Eyeless Dog is unable to climb up onto your ship so you always have the option to go up the ladder on the side of your ship and wait patiently there until the monster gives up and leaves.

  • Only Walk While Crouched

    When you are aware that Eyeless Dog is nearby you should only walk while crouched. Crouch walking is a much quieter form of movement and can easily be performed while walking by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard. Keep in mind that if you get too close to the Eyeless Dog while crouch walking it will hear you and immediately attack but from afar it will not detect your presence and you will be able to easily avoid it.

How to Kill Eyeless Dog

Although it is possible to kill Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company with the right resources and weapons it is better if possible to avoid a confrontation with them. If you do need to kill an Eyeless Dog the most effective way to do so is to stun it with a Stun Grenade or Zap Gun and then hit it with a melee weapon such as a shovel 10 to 12 times. This is not an easy fight to win and must be well-timed with another crew member.

If you do not have anything to stun the Eyeless Dog with you should forget about trying to kill it and instead look for somewhere to hide or try to escape.

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