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Legends of Heriolis

Basic Gameplay and Battles

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Game Flow

First, you basically have to construct buildings in your town in order to get more heroes to want to move in. After this, you’ll also have to participate in the battles in order to obtain items and resources. Finally, you’ll have to invest on upgrades both in your town (through Company Takeovers) as well as on your heroes (modding and upgrading) to make them stronger - for them to have a better fighting chance against stronger villains when you progress. You'll then have to repeat this process to gain more installations, more heroes, and so on and so forth.

("Town Screen" in the game with all the important tabs and buttons highlighted for reference)

Guide Image

Everything you need to know about your Town (Town screen)

Rank/Stamina Indicator – On the top left part of the screen when you are in town. The green gauge indicates the experience points you’ve gained and remaining experience needed to rank up. Above it is your current rank. The gems (will have 5 by default) are your action penalty points which in this game are called your “stamina”. Each used gem is penalized an hour before you earn them again.

Resources Tab – On the top right part of the screen when you are in town. The top most icon in this tab represents your cash resources. Used to construct buildings, facilities, and purchase recovery items in the shop. Cash resource are earned from missions. There is also the meat icon in this tab which represents the meaty chunks you currently have (limit is dependent on your current level). Meaty Chunks automatically spawn from facilities that generate them. Additionally, you may earn them in treasure chest in dungeons. Lastly you have the coins – which is the premium currency in the game which mainly lets you purchase your Hero Morph Suits. Coins are earned mainly from achievements in the game, or when purchased through IAPs.

Battle button – Sits below the Resources Tab, and gets you to participate in the different battle stages in the game, or cooperative battles with friends.

Base button – Sends you to your base screen which basically gives you an overview of your current status, number of heroes, installations, and maximum friends and residents you can accommodate in your town. Additionally, this is where you perform “Research and Development” by upgrading your hero suits, buying companies (company takeover) to increase your technology, get your friends to help you build “Secret Weapons”, and upgrade your battle “Help Commands”. You can also access your “Patrol Team” from inside the base button.

Resident button – Takes you to a screen that lists all your current residents, their stats, team allocation, and their whereabouts (when in patrol). From this screen, you may also individually access any pertaining hero in the list and make some necessary changes with their pertaining suit, accessory, vechicle, etc. (take note that you can only make changes with your actual hero residents and not with invited friends’ heroes).

Shop button – Takes you to the shop menu screen which includes the construction shop (where you basically purchase your installations), Coin shop (where you purchase gold coins with real money transaction/IAP), Item shop (where you may purchase recovery items or additional meat chunks), and the Suit Lottery (where you earn a random morph suit that will cost you 500 coins for every spin).

(this screen will pop-up when you pick the shop button in the town screen)

Guide Image
Guide Image

Menu button – Opens up a number of important lists in the game which enlists all the stuff that you’ve managed to unlock while playing the game. The list includes Achievements, Morph Suit Encyclopedia, Installation List, Hobby List, Resident Friend List, Acquired Compatibility List, and your Customer List. Additionally, you can access game options from this button.

Save button – Saves your current progress in the game.

Invite button – Represents the total number of customers you can summon at one time (usually done when your stores have a complete stockpile of products to sell in order to impress the visitors). Click the button if you wish to invite visitors to your town.

If you get to process/manufacture products in your buildings/establishments, you earn these “invites” which literally lets you invite customers to come flock your town and buy these products. From this, you get to earn money, and rank experience. This is a good way of being introduced to new people playing the game and make them friends (generated from a random player’s hero). When you get to befriend them, you get the opportunity to enlist them in your team.

Items – Opens up an inventory of the items that you currently have in your possession. Separated in tabs and categorized as Consumables (recovery items, booster items, meaty chunks booster pack, baits, etc.), Seeds and Samples (produce seeds, and fish farm starters), and Produce (tomato, onion, fish, squid, clay, etc.)

Some items are used for town development, whilst others help in battle. You can obtain them from the shop, as loots in battles, from treasure chests, time capsule, or as gifts from friends.

("Battle Screen" in the game for reference)

Guide Image

Everything you need to know about Battles (battle screen)

Attack Power icon - Tap to attack, or hold it down to actively recover a little HP. If you tap it repeatedly however (and if your heroes are not ready for a turn), a power shortage will occur and your damage output will be lowered.

Hero Morphing - when the hero morph gauge on the right side of the screen is full, swipe left to hero morph.

Specials - when the special gauge on the right side of the screen is full, swipe left to perform a special attack.

Changing Target - tap an enemy to make them your heroes’ target (collectively).

Time indicator - Located on the top left part of the screen. Indicates the remaining time you have to finish the whole mission. When it reaches 0, and you still have not defeated the stage’s boss, you will fail the mission.

Help Commands - Help commands aid your heroes in battle by recovering their HP, and boosting their attack power, amongst other things. Commands can be enhanced at the base.

Spend meaty chunks to use the abilities (Help Commands) that aid your heroes in battle. There are many different types of help commands, including HP recovery. Each requires a certain number of meaty chunks in order to use in battle (for example, the “basic recovery” help command spends 5 meaty chunks). As you level up in the game, the maximum number of meaty chunks you may hold a time increases as well.

Unity Attack icon - when unity gauge is full (at the lower right portion of the screen when in battle mode), tap to perform a unity attack. A unity attack does high damage. There must be at least 2 heroes in a battle to perform a unity attack, and all participating heroes must have hero morphed.

(the image below shows the "Unity Attack" when it is triggered)

Guide Image
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