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Hungry Shark Walkthrough and Guide by MongooseGeneral
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Below is a list of the Sharks on offer in hungry shark, along with the price of each and some information about why you may want to opt for them:

Reef Shark

Price: Free
Max Depth: 90 meters
Max Size: 4 meters
Eats: Smaller or less dangerous prey
Tips: The reef shark is the starting shark and therefore is not as strong as the others in the game. However, it can still hold its own against many of the creatures in the sea and is perfectly capable of downing a chubby human swimmer.

Mako Shark

Price: 1,400 Coins
Max Depth: 150 meters
Max Size: 5 meters
Eats: Everything a reef shark can eat, as well as more aggressive prey (see image below)
Tips: The mako shark is faster and stronger than the reef Shark, and can dive considerably deeper.

Hammerhead Shark

Price: 6,000 Coins
Max Depth: 200 meters
Max Size: 6 meters
Eats: As above plus the creatures shown in the image below.
Tips: The hammerhead is one of the most charismatic sharks and is capable of eating even more creatures than the reef and mako sharks.

Tiger Shark

Price: 15,000 Coins
Max Depth: 275 meters
Max Size: 7 meters
Eats: As above plus the creatures shown in the image below (including Puffer Fish!)
Tips: tiger Sharks are incredibly powerful and will survive most attacks - they can also eat those pesky Puffer Fish.

Great White Shark

Price: 35,000 Coins
Max Depth: Unlimited
Max Size: 10 meters
Eats: Pretty much everything!
Tips: great white Sharks are the most powerful creatures in the sea and are basically the ultimate goal in hungry shark evolution.


Price: 50,000 Coins
Max Depth: Unlimited
Max Size: Unknown
Eats: Everything
Tips: The Megalodon was added to hungry shark evolution in an update. You can purchase it for 900 Gems, which is impossible unless you're willing to spend a lot of your own money. Otherwise, you need to buy the great white Shark and max out its statistics. Then you should be able to purchase the Megalodon for 50,000 Coins.

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56 comments, latest first.
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Sep 8th 2015 kingc519
Need coins fast
ID #606584
Sep 14th 2015 Guest
Cool game
ID #608359
Jul 27th 2015 Guest
What about the big daddy and Mr.snappy
ID #590183
Jul 10th 2015 Guest
i only have it till tiger shark but i started playing yesterday plz tell how to get coins fast
ID #582592
Jul 13th 2015 Guest
get gold rush as much as possible bt eating things in succession
ID #583710
Jul 8th 2015 soccerstriker777
I got all the sharks up until Big Daddy, in only two days. I did this without cheats and I'm hoping to get Big Daddy on my third day.
ID #581434
Jun 28th 2015 Guest
How do you get special sharks? My high score is 245,718 so does any one know how to get them?
ID #576697
Jul 5th 2015 Guest
You need to get 500,000 points
ID #580423
Jul 3rd 2015 Guest
Get 500.000 points
ID #579063
Jun 26th 2015 Guest
How can you easily get 250,000 coins for the Big Daddy , Please Help me!!!!!
ID #576027
Jun 19th 2015 Guest
This game is a waste of time, literally you have to upgrade every shark in order to get the megalondon and big daddy
ID #572676
Jun 24th 2015 Guest
No u dnt. i haven't upgraded any of them after the second 1 and i have all the way threw MOSASAURUS or MR. SNAPPY
ID #575064
Sep 21st 2015 Guest
How do you get Mr snappy I have the 10th level of big daddy and enough coins but there is no Mr snappy
ID #610347
May 25th 2015 Guest
bune amq hile linki nerde
ID #560755
May 14th 2015 Guest
Did you stay up all night and get all the sharks.
ID #556217
Apr 27th 2015 Guest
I got megalodon , but not big daddy ? Can somebody tell cost of it?
ID #548602
Apr 30th 2015 Guest
ID #550040
Apr 17th 2015 Guest
I've got megalodon and I'm trying to get big d but what after big d
ID #543872
Jun 21st 2015 Guest
mr snappy
ID #573652
May 26th 2015 Guest
Mr snappy
ID #561546
Apr 16th 2015 Guest
Shark! Ahhh! Sharknado!!! Run for your LIVES!!! O.O
ID #543708
Apr 12th 2015 Guest
Guys can you give a solution to my problem i got tue big daddy alraedy but my whole game kept loading and loading again
ID #541589
Apr 5th 2015 Guest
It's easy to get the dunkelosteus you get it when you get the megalodon up to full lvl 10
And I'm not being rude I'm just telling you how to get the big daddy
And how to get the megalodon is once u have the tiger shark at full lvl 10 u will unlock the megalodon and it take 50000 coins to buy the megalodon
P. S it costs 125000 to buy the big daddy no 250000
Also I'm just telling you things that some of you
don't know
Also the only way to get into the secret area is by getting a high score of 500000 and then using coins or gems to buy the special sharks

Lol seceret area
I've got reef shark, mako shark, hammerhead shark, tiger shark, great white shark , and today I FINALLY!! Got the megalodon.

[/url] [/video]

I might do more seceret areas in my replays so look all the way to the bottom of the text and please reply to this text because
I need to
ID #538111
Apr 3rd 2015 Guest
i am trying really hard to get megaladon but i only have tiger shark and i got the game 1 day ago
ID #537275
Apr 3rd 2015 Guest
I have the megalodon almost got dunkleosteus shark
ID #537073
Mar 31st 2015 Guest
i know an easy way to get all the sharks in just a minute
ID #535668
Jun 13th 2015 Guest
ID #569918
Mar 30th 2015 Guest
I want the megalodon beacuse that is big i dont have a megalodon
ID #535538
Mar 30th 2015 Guest
I got'm all:-)
ID #535213
Mar 14th 2015 Guest
ID #528633
Feb 16th 2015 Guest
NewYou forgot to write about the newest shark, the big daddy and I have him but how come you didn't includ him
ID #516719
Feb 13th 2015 Guest
I want all of them
ID #515618
Feb 10th 2015 Guest
ID #514168
Feb 5th 2015 Guest
I have Megalodon at level 10, how do I get Big Daddy?
ID #512029
Jan 22nd 2015 The megladon
Cuz I do not want to rip of 180,000 coins for somthing that can only eat what a reef shark can
ID #505311
Jan 22nd 2015 Guest
What can the robo shark eat ?
ID #505307
Dec 30th 2014 Guest
Got Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus)
ID #493090
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
Megalondon how to get it
ID #476398
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
How to get megalodon
ID #476397
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
How to get megalodon
ID #476396
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