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Spells Tier List

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Hogwarts Legacy Spells Tier List
Hogwarts Legacy Spells Tier List

Not all the spells in Hogwarts Legacy are equal, some are a lot better than others with some being totally useless in combat. This Spells Tier List guide will help you to identify the best spells in the game, so you can focus on using them to eliminate the enemies you encounter as you progress.

S-Tier Spells

These are the most powerful spells in Hogwarts Legacy, and it is essential that you choose talents that improve these spells. You will cast these spells continuously throughout the game when they are not on cooldown so those that are slottable need to be easily accessible on the Spell Sets.

A-Tier Spells

These spells are used often but are not quite as strong as the S-tier spells. You shouls have these spells on at least one of their Spell Sets ready to counter any engagement.

B-Tier Spells

These are decent spells that are generally only used in specific situations or as a backup when your best spells are recharging. They are worth having equipped.

C-Tier Spells

These spells are average and should only be equipped if you have spell slots left after equipping the higher tier level spells. These spells can have their situational uses.

D-Tier Spells

These spells are generally for progressing the story further or for exploration. They are not much use in combat.

E-Tier Spells

These are non-combat spells. They are used for gathering materials or for decorating the Room of Requirement.

S-Tier Spells

- Protego

- Petrificus Totalus

- Ancient Magic

- Ancient Magic Throw

- Transformation

- Imperio

A-Tier Spells

- Diffindo

- Revelio

- Levioso

- Avada Kedavra

- Bombarda

- Disillusionment

- Expelliarmus

- Stupefy

B-Tier Spells

- Incendio

- Glacius

- Confringo

- Crucio

- Accio

- Depulso

C-Tier Spells

- Flipendo

- Basic Cast

- Arresto Momentum

- Descendo

D-Tier Spells

- Lumos

- Evanesco

- Alohomora

E-Tier Spells

- Nab-Sack

- Conjuring Spell

- Altering Spell

- Reparo

- Beast Feed​

- Beast Petting Brush

- Wingardium Leviosa

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