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6: White Box Laboratories

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Mission 6: White Box Laboratories

Hug the left area and wait for the guard to go back into his little station. Then do a Takedown. You want a takedown here. Then left of the building to a pipe. Jump up to the high roof and then up on top of the transformer station. Then pipe up, right, pipe, right, pipe. Then pull youself into the small ledge. Head right and go up the pipe and the shimmy left and up the pipe and then left and use the pipe to get in. Drop down and jump over the pipes, jump over some more and then under some large pipes. Drop down and take the stairs and use the pipe to get down. Then drop down again and use the stairs to get all the way down.

Now we come to a nice PEC Room. The game just saved and there are 3 guys inside. There is a great place to work on challenges. Under Doors, M&E, 3x Frag. Whatever you want. When you are ready to move on, kill all three and activate the computer. Then switch cameras until you see the thugs talking to the scientists.

Head out the door at the end of the scene and jump into the window and down to the floor. Wait there for an enemy to come and headshot. There is too much light for a takedown. Head back to the left through the tool room and do a Takedown on the man standing by the elevator doors. Then M&E the final three and talk to the scientist.

White Box - Getting Inside

Off the elevator and head left into the left hand single door. Out the window and left to see what is going on and then head back right to Takedown the guy who comes to investigate. Then back out the window and M&E the three in the left room. Jump into the room and move down the right side hallway. There is a pipe on the left of the middle pillar. Thake that up and to the left. Look down and shoot the guy standing in the same room as you. Drop down and open the door. Enter the room but ignore the guy right in front of you until you shoot the guy across the way to the right and then immediately Takedown the guy that is in the small room with you. Then head out the right and shoot the gas tank by the two guys.

Up the pipe in the front right on you to the next floor. M&E three of the enemies. There should be one left back and to the right. If he is out wondering around either pull him over the ledge or sneak up behind him for a Takedown. Head in the door and re-load your weapons and gadgets AND upgrade the Five-Seven to 4 Marks if you haven't already and then get a cutscene.

Head through the next door and Takedown the guy as he walks over to the dead scientists. Then out the window with you. Head all the way out and around to the farest window by the large pipe. Pull the guy out and M&E the next tWo. There is one more by wait for him to get to a window so you can Ledge him to activate Execute. Jump inside and out the door with the exit sign by the poster.

Up the pipe at the far end of the catwalk and over to the next section. Crouch and flip the lights. Under the door mark the two hanging out in the room. Open the door and Execute. Then head back and to the left to Takedown #3.

Head around the corner and quickly jump up top. M&E all four.

Jump out the window instead of going in the double door and shimmy all the way around to the right. Jump over the ledge and EMP BEFORE getting on the Pressure Sensitive area and then just run all the way around the back right side to the pipe.

Drop down into the office and activate the pc.

White Box - Finding The Secrets

After the scene jump out the back window and take out the waves of enemies that come in. No real hurry just headshot anyone that gets close to the computer. If you can get a ledge takedown so you can M&E all the better.

Then once it's all over head downstairs. No enemies until you get down to the sound room. Then run your ass across the room to the pipe and head up. I drop a remote mine as I get up the pipe by the EMP. Then do a Death From Above on a guy to get your Execute. This should get everyone on the bottom floor. Then M&E the three on the top. Then just head up stairs and activate the computer.

Head back towards the EMP. There are a lot of explosive tanks to use. Some enemies have helmets not and requre two headshots. Just work your way around the room and take people down one by one. Once outside there are two more for Takedowns and then just run over to the car.

White Box - Escaping In One Piece

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