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9: Michigan Ave. Reservoir

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Mission 9: Michigan Ave. Reservoir

First go to the Weapon Stash at the back of the car and upgrade and equip the M468. It's the best assault rifle and it's silenced when upgraded so it's a nice addition to have while the game starts throwing more and more enemies at you. Head down the road on the left side and be careful. There are a lot of enemies in the next area and they are very high strung. They are on the lookout for you. Pop into the first concrete block and wait. You are waiting for the two guy loading the truck to turn back away from you. Then move to the next block facing left. Then we are waiting for the guy by the opening on the left to turn his back to you to walk away. Now its time to move. Head in through the broken fence and immediately jump into the opening. Drop down to the ground and head to the far side. Jump back up and grab the guy down. You may or may not be seen. Either way back down into the underground and then go back to the where you came in through the fence. Right before pulling yourself up, go into Sonar and M&E the 4 targets. (You can't mark the officer because you need to interrogate him.) Now hug the back wall and go around the truck. it's actually better if you were seen because you'll have more freedom to maneuver. Now get yourself into position to Execute the 4 guards. Now watch the officer and then come in and do the interrogation making sure to end it on the retaining wall.

Now head down the left side of the building and use the pipe to get inside the top. Jump up to the inside pipe and note the light sequence from the EMP flashing. This room can get bright real quick. Wait for the dark and Death From Above to get Execute back. Then drop yourself into the underground area. Work both side of the room from the underground pulling people down and using your M&Es. When everyone is dead move into the small office and use the pipe to get downstairs. You want to end this area on a TAKEDOWN to make the next area a LOT easier.

Crawl through the underground until you get to a pipe. Take that up to the top ledge. Then take the next pipe until you are in the next room. M&E the three guys in this room from the pipe and then drop down.

Michigan Ave Reservoir - Generator 1

Climb the stairs when the guy isn't looking and then use the ledge to Death From Above. Then carefully roll your way past the enemies and back to the stairs. From the top you can M&E all 4 bad guys. Then drop down and talk to the scientist.

Run forward and jump up and wait. A guard will be nice enough to come soon enough. I like to then throw a proximity mine out the door in front. (Free download in game). Then go out the back right window. I find it better to stick to the right side of this area as there is a LOT more cover and room to move. Take out the multitude of guards in the outer area and then sneak close to the door. There is a machine gunner at the end of hall. A nice frag will clear that right up.

Time to mark some generators. Use the Weapon Stash to reload and then jump up and pull the guard over the edge. Then roll crouch to the far back right side and into the underground area. Come up on the right side and quickly switch to the next underground area and then pull yourself up and Sonar the 4 closest guards. M&E. Then work your way around the back side of the silo. Be careful because they can see through it. Then because of how open this is it's easiest to human shield the back one, shot the last guard, and then kill your shield. Then mark the Generator.

Michigan Ave Reservoir - Infiltration

As you leave the area you'll be ambushed so stay back. Use the M&E you have for easy kills and then clean up. This is pretty much a small shooting area but with your weapons and a M&E it's no big problem.

After the weapons stash in the underground area crouch at the first door. There are again quite a few guys to take care of here. A carefully laid out frag grenade does wonders to clearing the area out. Stay at the door waiting for someone to investigate and then do a Takedown. This should leave about 6 guys still around the area. The area is pretty well lit so either headshots or M&E is probably your best bet. As always try to leave the last for a Takedown to give you more M&E action later.

The outside to the next generator. Don't bother attacking the helicopter. Just stay in cover when it's firing. Eliminate all the enemies and work your way slowly back to the generator. Because of the constant fire from the heli this is not a Takedown area. Just shoot everyone as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you plant the tracer Vic shows up to save the day.

Michigan Ave Reservoir - Generator 2

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