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P.E.C Rewards

Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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P.E.C Rewards

Upon level up, players earn 1 XP token (2 tokens past LV30). This token can be used to unlock passive skills, support skills or planes. Rewards are divided to five different categories.

Air Supremacy
1.Aircraft: Mig-31 Foxhound (AA: 6/10, AG: 2/10)
2.Support: Guided weapons fired by you won't get affected by enemy flare
3.Aircraft: Mirage F-1 (AA: 6/10, AG: 4/10)
4.Passive: Damage increase for Heat Seeking Missiles (HSM)
5.Aircraft: Mig-29 Fulcrum (AA: 6/10, AG: 4/10)
6.Passive: Your plane can't be locked while it is in stall
7.Passive: Heating rate decrease for the cannon
8.Aircraft: Saab-39 Gripen (AA: 8/10, AG: 6/10)
9.Passive: Speed increase for Radar-Guided Missiles
10.Passive: Damage increase for Joint Strike Missiles
11.Aircraft: SU-27 Flanker (AA: 8/10, AG: 4/10)
12.Passive: Range increase for Multiple Missiles
13.Aircraft: SU-37 Terminator (AA: 9/10, AG: 6/10)
14.Support: Guided weapons fired by your team members won't be affected by enemy flares.

Ground Attack
1.Passive: Area of effect increase for Unguided Bombs (UGB)
2.Aircraft: SU-25 Frogfoot (AA: 1/10, AG: 8/10)
3.Passive: When shot down, your plane provokes massive explosion
4.Passive: Damage increase for rocket pods
5.Aircraft: Mirage IV P (AA: 3/10, AG: 7/10)
6.Passive: Area of effect increase for Precision Bombs
7.Passive: Damage increase for cannon
8.Aircraft: F-2 (AA: 6/10, AG: 6/10)
9.Passive: Area of effect increase for Precision Missiles
10.Aircraft: A-10A Thunderbolt (AA: 4/10, AG: 10/10)
11.Passive: Locking time decrease for Joint Strike Missiles
12.Passive: Your plane can't be tracked while flying close to the ground
13.Aircraft: SU-30MKI (AA: 8/10, AG: 7/10)
14.Aircraft: SU-34 Fullback (AA: 7/10, AG: 8/10)

1.Passive: Area of effect increase for rocket pods
2.Aircraft: Harrier GR9 (AA: 6/10, AG: 6/10)
3.Passive: Range increase for Joint Strike Missiles
4.Passive: Lock-down decrease for Anti-Ground Missiles
5.Support: Trigger an EMP blast that forces nearby enemy planes to stall.
6.Aircraft: F-16 Fighting Falcon (AA: 7/10, AG: 6/10)
7.Passive: Range increase for Heat Seeking Missiles
8.Aircraft: F-15C Eagle (AA: 7/10, AG: 5/10)
9.Support: No lock warnings sent to enemy team
10.Aircraft: Rafale M (AA: 9/10, AG: 6/10)
11.Support: Spawns repair drones that gradually repair damage for your team
12.Support: Increased damage done by your team
13.Aircraft: SU-35BM Super Flanker (AA: 8/10, AG: 7/10)
14.Aircraft: Eurofighter Typhoon (AA: 9/10, AG: 7/10)

1.Passive: Reduced damage from enemy cannon
2.Aircraft: EF-111A Raven (AA: 4/10, AG: 5/10)
3.Passive: Lock time decrease for Heat Seeking Missiles
4.Aircraft: Mirage 2000-5 (AA: 7/10, AG: 6/10)
5.Support: Camouflage yourself in a brief period
6.Passive: Reduced damage taken from Radar-Guided Missiles
7.Aircraft: FA-18E Superhornet (AA: 7/10, AG: 7/10)
8.Support: Decrease the speed of enemy planes for a brief period
9.Support: Jams radar of the enemy team
10.Passive: Reduced damage taken from Heat Seeking Missiles
11.Aircraft: F35 Lightning II (AA: 9/10, AG: 8/10)
12.Passive: Speed increase for your planes
13.Passive: Flares are automatically launched against enemy missiles
14.Aircraft: F22 Raptor (AA: 10/10, AG: 7/10)

Electronic Warfare
1.Aircraft: EA-68 Prowler (AA: 3/10, AG: 6/10)
2.Passive: Lock down decrease for Radar-Guided Missiles
3.Passive: Reloading time decrease for Cluster Bomb units
4.Aircraft: F-117 Nighthawk (AA: 4/10, AG: 7/10)
5.Support: Increase damage done by all your weapons for a brief period
6.Aircraft: F-14A Tomcat (AA: 7/10, AG: 4/10)
7.Passive: Lock time decrease for Multiple Missiles
8.Passive: Reduced damage from Multiple Missiles
9.Passive: Reduced damage from Joint Strike Missiles
10.Support: Camouflage your entire team for a brief period.
11.Aircraft: SU-47 Berkut (AA: 9/10, AG: 7/10)
12.Passive: Decreases cooldown of support abilities
13.Support: Each team member ignores a fixed amount of damage for a brief period
14.Aircraft: Mig-MF1 (1.44) (AA: 9/10, AG: 5/10)

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Comments for P.E.C Rewards

6 comments, latest first.
Feb 11th 2014 Guest
Im lvl 50 but i havnt all rewards what should i do? and i havnt any xp marks
ID #354061
Feb 9th 2013 Guest
how to trigger an emp blast in hawx 2?
ID #252040
Oct 22nd 2011 Guest
You can replay missions to get more XP tokens, just go to Missions and replay story mission, or do survival mode
ID #82086
Mar 24th 2011 Guest
@Sharss - I have the same problem but only with 3 tokens. Some of the planes I unlocked, re-locked themselves later so I had to spend more tokens. As far as I know your stuck unless you start a new save. :(

@Unregistered - As of yet there is no way to reset the tokens selected because it was intended to be so that you get everything when you reach level 50. Only way forward is to keep levelling to get more tokens.
ID #34028
Jan 8th 2011 Guest
I am level 21 and accidentally spent all my points in the Air Supremacy category but now realize that i wanted them in the Evasion there any way i can re-choose to achieve this???
ID #24567
Nov 25th 2010 sharss
hello i have reached level 50 my total score is 335000 i have mastered all of my planes and played the hole senario but im missing some P.E.C Rewords .. i cant get any more xp Token any more ... im missing the electronic warfare 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 and 14 ... how can i get more xp token so i can unlock them thank you
ID #19210