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Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Pack Shot

Tom Clancy's HAWX 2

Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Guide

Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Guide

Unofficial Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Guide by vhayste for

HAWX 2 is the second installment of Tom Clancy/ Ubisoft's air combat simulation. The game features 28 real-life planes and takes players to a 20-mission campaign/story mode. The game not only allows the player to take control of these aircraft, but will also take them behind the controls of recon/attack drones and in the gunner seat of an AC-130 attack plane. Like the previous version, OFF mode is still available and functions the same thing as the first installment. Crenshaw, the main pilot in the original HAWX will also make an appearance, as your mission operator.


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23 comments, latest first.
Jan 29th 2015 Guest
where are the cheats? im not seeing any
ID #508846
Nov 29th 2014 Guest
i have this game on WII .in the atage "sandstorm" how many paresuters are enough?
ID #478062
Apr 16th 2015 Guest
ID #543539
Oct 13th 2014 Guest
Is the mcdonneldouglas phantom on advanced wild weasel avalable
ID #458130
Sep 10th 2014 Guest
cho mình xin code game THAWX
ID #446303
Jul 21st 2014 Guest
I have the same problem!
I'm on mission 17 what should the wait be between the waves?
after I destroy the first wave of ships (3 I think), nothing is happening.
what should I do next!?
ID #422752
Oct 29th 2013 Guest
In THawx 2 for PC: How do I save the Controle Layout?
ID #316985
Aug 25th 2013 Guest
how to change target without shooting down the first target on pc
ID #306782
Aug 20th 2013 Guest
I'm on mission 17 what should the wait be between the waves?
ID #305806
Aug 19th 2013 Baddanski
When I bought this game I thought it had a 'Stand alone' feature so you didn't have to go online every time you wanted to play the thing.
I wish it did because I find it glitches up a lot.
ID #305638
Jul 9th 2013 Guest
To take off on the Xbox 360 what you have to do is achieve the required speed then you pull back on the left stick and that will allow you to leave the run way so you don't crash at the end of the strip
ID #296129
Nov 14th 2012 Guest
how do you take off on a Aircraftcarreir on a laptop
ID #208727
Sep 24th 2012 TatoB
When firing a missile, sometimes, the camera follows the rocket and fly and see where I do not know how to return to the view from the plane, I tried using the "C" and nothing. If flying at low altitude I am at risk of crashing. I remove the view from the missile? Thank you.
ID #188808
Aug 11th 2012 Guest
For the bunker in the final mission you actually need to fly through the tunnel and use cannon to shoot the final missile when close enough to it. Depending on your skill level and quality of joystick and/or throttle it can be very difficult. I found it fairly easy once I realised what you had to do.
ID #174772
Aug 6th 2012 Guest
For the XBOX 360 to deploy the landing gear, u will see after following the guide tunnel (Green or Red depending if you are controlling your speed properly with the left & right triggers) to the runway off to the left of the screen , an airspeed indicator that has a indicated deployment speed speed in a black cursor.
When u hit that speed it will tell you to deploy the gear with the a button where you will engage the glide scope and follow it in keeping the speed in the green till touchdown.
After touchdown, u must use the brakes ( left trigger to come a complete stop)
Note: the speed for deployment varies depending on the type of aircraft being flown.
ID #173032
Mar 4th 2012 Guest
yah how do you play 2 player
ID #120541
Feb 22nd 2012 Guest
How do you play multiplayer?
ID #117491
Feb 1st 2012 Guest
How do i blow up the bunker after shooting down all the the nukes? and which weapon is best to use?
ID #111191
Jan 20th 2012 Guest
How do I shoot down the cargo planes carrying the patroopers. and how many parachutes do you need to take down to pass this stage?
ID #107495
Dec 30th 2011 Guest
how do you take off. theres is no l on the xbox controler
ID #100763
Nov 28th 2011 Guest
For PC when you are in line to land the screen will tell you to hit the "space" bar to deploy the landing gear.
ID #91288
Oct 28th 2011 Guest
You have to initiate the landing procedure when given the option. Afterwards, slow down and align with the green guide tunnel, and when you slow down enough, the option to deploy landing gear with x(ps3) will appear. I'm sure the controls are mirrored for xbox. i'm not sure of the pc layout; however, it should tell you when you can land and deploy landing gear.
ID #83648
Oct 28th 2011 Guest
I wanna know too... what is the control to get the landing gear down to land...???
ID #83586