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Martial Arts Skill

The Sims 3: World Adventures Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Martial Arts Skill

New skills are always a factor in the creation of an expansion, and in World Adventures the new skills are naturally linked to the travel and holiday destinations -- which means your Sim will have to go on holiday and spend some of their time working on unlocking and improving the new skills to obtain them!

-- Martial Arts --

The new Martial Arts skill is unlocked when your Sim visits the Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts in Shang Simla. Your Sims can work out and train there, and they can also purchase a Training Dummy, a Board Breaker, and Martial Arts Books that they can then take home with them and use to train at home. The trait Disciplined increases its learning rate for this skill.

Sims get rewarded with different color belts when they acquire different levels in Martial Arts, just as in real life to show-off their Sim Fu skills.

-- Level 1 Martial Arts

Once a Sim develops their skill to Level 1 they can spar with other Sims, which allows them to increase their Martial Arts skill as a process of their training sessions.

-- Level 4 Martial Arts

Once your Sim reaches Level 4 in their Martial Arts training, they can enter the Shang Simla Martial Arts Tournaments by simply making a phone call to enter a tournament, at which point they can choose their tourney rival and declare a Ranked Sparring Match.

Following the match, assuming your Sim wins they can advance in their skill rank.

Sparring is the best way to level two Sims in Martial Arts

-- Level 5 Martial Arts

Once your Sim reaches Level 5 your Sims can use Meditate to increase their Martial Arts Skill. Meditating for one hour triggers the Meditative Focus moodlet, which has a duration of 15 minutes and increases with continued Mediation -- but it will max-out above 4 hours of meditation focus, after which your Sim will begin to glow and levitate! After that they can then Zen-Teleport to any location on the map, ending both the Meditation session and the moodlet.

The Master of Meditation (MOM) achievement allows your Sim to teleport via Tranquil Transference, and can be used any time your Sim has 30 minutes of focus remaining. If your Sim has more than that in focus they can teleport several times -- but each teleport requires an additional 30 minutes of focus.

-- Level 8 Martial Arts

Once your Sim reaches Level 8, your Sims can focus their Chi into attacks when sparring as well as perform techniques like jumping kicks and throwing force kicks while airborne. When your Sims reached Level 7 in the Martial Arts skill they can then teach other Sims the skills as well.

Warning: The Mummies in Al Simhara all have martial arts skills at Level 10, so before you start seriously getting in to tomb exploration and questing in general you will want to have your Sim learn Martial Arts!

-- Martial Arts Abilities, Levels, and Such

The abilities in Martial Arts are level-based so leveling your skills are not simply a good idea, it is required... The following information will show you the level-requirements:

Level 1 -- White Belt -- Spar

Level 2 -- Yellow Belt -- Break Foam board

Level 3 -- Orange Belt -- Break Balsa Wood board

Level 4 -- Green Belt -- Enter tournaments, Break Oak board

Level 5 -- Green Belt -- Meditate

Level 6 -- Blue Belt -- Break Thin Stone block

Level 7 -- Blue Belt -- Break Space Rock Block with Disciplined Trait

Level 8 -- Brown Belt

Level 9 -- Black Belt -- Break Space Rock Block

Level 10 -- Black & Gold Belt

Working with the Training Dummy levels Martial Arts

-- Martial Arts Opportunities

Complete Victory

In its continuing demand for local stardom, the Stadium Sports Association, has chosen you as the most promising delegate for the Platinum Belt Championships. It's a huge honor and there's a handsome reward for the winner.

Location: China.

Goal: Go to China, become Grand Master, return home, and report to the stadium.

Received: Random.

Reward: $2000

Meditation Benefits

A Sim has been trying to attain a greater understanding of life through hours of meditation but it hasn't worked yet. They've suggested that you might have the patience to sit it out and let them know if it's actually possible.

Location: Any.

Goal: Gain Meditative Focus moodlet then enlighten a Sim.

Received: Random.

Reward: Cash and a relationship boost.

The Spa Restoration

The Day Spa wants to hold another session with a good Martial Artist to teach Sims how to ease stress by emptying their minds.

Location: Day Spa.

Goal: Give a Class at the Spa.

Received: Random.

Reward: $1000

Try the Tourney

There's a Martial Arts tournament in Shang Simla and the local association wants to bring home the team prize. They will sponsor a stipend and reward for anyone who wins a tournament match.

Location: China.

Goal: Go to China, defeat a Sim in a ranked match, return home, and report to the stadium.

Received: Random.

Reward: $800

The Ultimate Challenge

The Stadium is sponsoring a contest to see if anyone can break the supposedly indestructible Space Rock on a Board Breaker.

Location: Stadium.

Goal: Break a Space Rock using the Board Breaker then report in at the stadium.

Received: Random.

Reward: $1000

As a side-note, regardless of how much effort went in to capping-off the Martial Arts skill, I have never experienced an event that caused me to regret gaining those levels. Many times the ability to defend themselves in hand-to-hand combat has, in my opinion, saved lives, and certainly prevented the sort of grief in-game that death of a well-developed Sim might have, I am just saying...

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