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Chapter 06 - The Ghosts of Akbadain

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Chapter 06 - The Ghosts of Akbadain


    Ruins B1
    Go through the tutorials and you'll eventually come to a glowing
    spot on the ground. Dig it up for a hint coin. In the next room,
    step on the other blue switch to open the door to the mummy chamber

    You can dig by pressing the A button instead of using the touch
    screen. Dash for the switch after the mummy falls through.

    Ruins B2
    Proceed and push the boulder blocking the shiny spot then dig up
    a hint coin. To the left is a corridor leading to puzzle chamber 1.
    Push the left boulder here to reach the next hint coin. Finally,
    the dig spot to the north houses the HIEROGLYPH RELIC item.

    In puzzle chamber 1, push the boulder up, left, down, right, up to
    reach the second mummy chamber. Here, push the boulder up kill
    mummy #1 then go left and up to the next boulder. This one goes
    left; go around, pushing this same boulder up to kill mummy on the
    stairs. Dash for the blue switch without killing the last mummy.

    Dig up the glow spot on the corridor for a puzzle.

    Puzzle 091  - Totem Tumbler
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - This time our blocks are piled up in a cave. There
                  should be four columns here, arranged as in the
                  picture in the top right, like a staircase.

                  Can you put the columns back in order again? There is
                  however one crucial condition this time: You may only
                  use the mallet once. Take your time and make one
                  well-placed strike!
    Solution    - Smash the crack to the left of the bottom blocks.

    After solving the puzzle, go down at the fork and around to a dig
    spot with a hint coin in it. Onwards to B3 now.

    Ruins B3
    Dig up the hint coin at the right side of the room. In the next
    area, push the boulder into the gap to reach the dig spot with
    another hint coin. Keep going until you get chased by a giant
    boulder. When it stops, you can dig up the previously inaccessible
    dig spot to score a WHISPERING SEASHELL collection item.

    Go back up and dig into one of the glow spots for a puzzle, while
    the other one houses another hint coin.

    Puzzle 092  - Ancient Artistry
    Picarats    - 30

    Information - Deep inside the cave is what appears to be a cave
                  painting from many thousands of years ago. The cave
                  is dark so it's difficult to make out the entire

                  Your lamp can only illuminate one part at a time, but
                  can you count how many bulls are depicted here?
    Solution    - There are 10 bulls total.

    In puzzle chamber 2, push the east boulder as far as you can. Head
    left at the upper path next and push the boulder below you down and
    right into the gap so you can proceed to mummy chamber 3.

    Go around up along the right side then turn left with a mummy
    behind you. Run until you're one step right of the other white
    mummy; dig a hole so that it falls in. Alternatively, you can run
    south and around northwest with all 3 mummies at your heels to the
    switch. Moving on further to puzzle chamber 3.

    Here, go around to the left side of the boulder and push it right.
    Climb the staircase, across the boulder, then step on the switch to
    drop a second boulder. Push it down. Climb back up the stairs and
    cross over to the lever. Dig up the coin at the corridor outside.

    Ruins B4
    Watch the events here. A puzzle follows soon after.

    Puzzle 093  - Hershel vs. Mummies!
    Picarats    - 50

    Information - Two mechanical mummies have whirred into action
                  within the ruins! The muumies are moving to attack
                  Hershel, traveling along the lines on the floor
                  tiles. Get rid of them by leading them into the pit!

                  You'll need to get them to fall into the pit from the
                  tile immediately above it.
    Solution    - Head right one step, then wait for the top mummy to
                  run out of track before moving down, right, up, left,
                  down, right, down. This leads lower mummy into pit.

                  For the top mummy, head left, up, left, up, up, up,
                  right, down, down, left up, right, down right.

    Ruins B5
    After digging up the hint coin, move the boulder to your immmediate
    right: down, left, up, right. Next, push the upper boulder down and
    right to plug the other hole. Dig the spot here for a puzzle.

    Puzzle 094  - Cursed Case
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - Hershel and Randall have found a cursed case! You'd
                  better get all the cused stone blocks back into the
                  case and close it tight, or who knows what might
                  happen? To be safe, you'll have to pack every block
                  neatly into the case.

                  To complicate matters, the blocks are dotted with
                  holes and protruding studs, so you'll need to make
                  sure the studs on one side slot into the holes on the
                  other side, or you won't be able to close the case.
    Solution    - 1. Flip top right piece upside down and place on top
                     of the right case.
                  2. Grab the F piece, flip it upside down and place on
                     the left side of the right case.
                  3. Take the staircas piece, flip it upside down and
                     place on bottom right corner of right case.
                  4. Take the Z piece, flip upside down and place at
                     top right corner of the left case.
                  5. Put the remaining pieces in their place, which is
                     obvious now. But do flip the long bar block
                     upside down before you put it in its spot

    In puzzle chamber 4, the lower let boulder goes right, down, right
    and the bottom right boulder goes left, up, left. The last boulder
    goes right. In the next room, dig up a the hint coin.

    Push the boulder here right, up, left, down. Dig up the spots for
    hint coins and a LUSTROUS CRYSTAL. Approach the door for a puzzle. 

    Puzzle 095  - Snakes and Keys
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - In front of the door are five stone snakes, each
                  coiled around a key. There's also a plaque depicting
                  a key. Only one snake matches the one on the plaque
                  and that key will open the door.

                  Which snake holds the correct key? Select from A,
                  B, C, D, or E.
    Solution    - Snake "C" has the key.

    In puzzle chamber 5, push the middle boulder down and the right
    boulder down, left, up, right. Top boulder goes down and right.

    In mummy chamber 4, you can finish this one without killing a
    single mummy. Go down and left to be spotted by mummy #1. Run back
    heading left at the column to pick up mummy #2. Circle around
    counterclockwise at the column so you can head up along the east
    wall. Go left at the top and down when you can all the way to
    collect mummy #3. Go back to the wall, head left at the pillar
    going all the way to lure mummy #4. Run for the blue switch.

    Ruins B6
    In puzzle chamber 6, the right boulder goes down; the left boulder
    goes right, and the top boulder down and right. Finally, take the
    right boulder and push it up, left, down, right.

    For puzzle chamber 7, the boulders will be labeled 1-4 from left
    to right. Boulder 1 and 3 goes up. Boulder 2 goes up, right, down,
    left. Finally Boulder 4 goes up.

    Next is puzzle chamber 8. Lower right boulder goes up, left, down.
    Bottom boulder goes left. Top boulder left and down. Finally the
    far right boulder should go left, up, right, up.

    Now for mummy chamber 5, start by going left and up; you should
    pick up two mummies. Continue to the first boulder's row, then take
    a left for a couple of steps and go up. Randall kills the two
    mummies with boulder. Run for the blue switch. When Randall drops
    you a boulder push it up and right then run to the other switch.

    Puzzle 096  - Arach-Attack
    Picarats    - 30

    Information - The shovel's fallen in a pit, Hershel needs to
                  retrieve it, but there are poisonous spiders coming
                  up the poles. The spiders change direction any chance
                  they get while still moving upward. They somehow
                  never manage to bump into each other, but if they
                  bump into Hershel, he'll be in trouble!

                  Which of the marked spots is the only safe place for
                  Hershel to avod the spiders as they climb out of the
    Solution    - Spot "A" is the only safe spot.

    Puzzle 097  - Tilt to Tracerse
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - Just when Hershel and Randall think they're reunited,
                  they find an aqueduct system separating them!
                  Fortunately, you can make a safe path across for
                  Hershel by using the walkways and floating stepping

                  Tilt your Nintendo 3DS backward, forward, left, or
                  right to make the stepping stones slide in that
                  direction. Watch out for the dark holes, though --
                  if you slide a stepping stone over one, it will plug
                  the hole and stay stuck there.
    Solution    - What you need to do here is find a way to reach
                  the top right path, and then head down to where
                  Randall is waiting.

    Ruins B7
    Head for the west side of the room and push the upper boulder down
    and right, then send the right boulder up. Next, the right boulder
    should go right, up, right. Dig up a coin and a puzzle.

    Puzzle 098  - Waterlight Code
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - There's a glass water tank next to a locked door. On
                  the floor by the door are some metal balls and wooden
                  balls, each of which has a numbered panel attached by
                  a cord. Place the correct panels in the gaps to enter
                  the code to unlock the door.

                  You have one clue to guide you: "Those who seek
                  passage need only ask the water."

                  What is the code to open the door?
    Solution    - The code you're looking for is 9594.

    In Puzzle Chamber 9, push the right boulder down; the left boulder
    goes right and up. Next push the right boulder up, the middle
    boulder right. The bottom boulder goes right, up, right, up.

    In Puzzle Chamber 10, the top right boulder goes left, down, left.
    Top boulder must be pushed down and left; the bottom left boulder
    goes up and left. In the next room, push the bottom boulder left.
    Top left boulder goes down, right, up, right, up. Next, top boulder
    goes up, and finally the right boulder goes left and up.

    There are 4 dig spots here. The top right one contains a MINERAL
    NUGGET item, while the top left one has a puzzle.

    Puzzle 099  - Ancient Artistry 2
    Picarats    - 45

    Information - Another cave, another cave painting! As before, the
                  cave is dark so its difficult to make out the entire

                  Your lamp can only illuminate one part at a time but
                  can you count how many deer are depicted here?                
    Solution    - There are 11 deers in all.

    Ruins B8
    In Puzzle Chamber 11, push the top right boulder left, down, right.
    Next, the westmost boulder goes down and right. The right boulder
    must go down and left; the top and left boulder both go down. The
    top left boulder goes left and up. The passage leads to the last
    mummy chamber. Get pass it to B8 and puzzle 100.

    Puzzle 100  - Gate to the Ruins
    Picarats    - 50

    Information - The door to the ruins has five slots in it, each
                  marked with a different symbol, and nine stone blocks
                  that fit into those slots.

                  Can you place five blocks in the slots in the correct
                  order and open the door?
    Solution    - o----o----o----o
                  | 01 | 02 | 03 |
                  o----o----o----o    Arrange the tiles in this order:
                  | 04 | 05 | 06 |    09, 06, 05, 03, 01.
                  | 07 | 08 | 09 |


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is there cheats to get throught levels?? iv been stuck on the mummy chamber 3 for so long now its driving me insane....even with the help and tips i still cant do it! somebody help me please!!!
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