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Chapter 04 - Angela's Tears

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Chapter 04 - Angela's Tears


    Randall's Room
    The hint coins in this area are found in the following locations:

    * Tap the big pile of papers next to the left bookshelf.
    * Tap the boxes of the stairs to the right.

    Inspect the box on the floor to the right of the center bookshelf
    for the SHIMMERING LENS item then check the center bookshelf for
    puzzle 53, followed by the larger shelf on the left for puzzle 54.

    Puzzle 053  - Poke 'Em Totems 2
    Picarats    - 35

    Information - What's this? Another prankster? There should be four
                  columns, arranged as in the picture on the top right
                  like a staircase. Each column should have a totem on
                  top in this order: yellow, blue, green, red.

                  Can you help once again to restore these magnificent
                  columns? However, as before, note that you can never
                  hit the top block in a column.

    Solution    - Start with hitting the block underneath the red totem
                  head to the right, then hit the red totem head right.
                  Hit the block underneath the green totem head to the
                  left, and finally hit the blue totem head right.

    Puzzle 054  - Archeological Feet
    Picarats    - 30

    Information - An archeologist uncovered six artifacts at this dig
                  site at the points marked A to F. Unfortunately, in
                  the heat of discovery, he completely forgot to make a
                  note to where each artifact was found. 

                  On the plus side, he did at least have a record of
                  the order in which they were found: jug, necklace,
                  dish, axe, sword, woodblock.
                  Can you work out where they were found?

    Solution    - A: Axe, B: Jug, C: Dish, D: Necklace, E: Woodblock,
                  F: Sword.

    Pebble Lane
    Speak to Esther here for the next puzzle.

    Puzzle 055  - Spinning Maize 2
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - The red and blue ladybug friends seem to have lost
                  sight of each other in another corncob! This time
                  they not only have kernels blocking their way through
                  tiny tunnels that go right through the cob and came
                  out the other side.

                  Can you once again guide the red ladybug to the blue

    Solution    - Another maze puzzle and this time, you must make the
                  red ladybug pass through the holes until you emerge
                  at the spot where the blue one is waiting. This takes
                  time as it involves quite a bit of trial and error.

    Layton Home Living Room
    Here, speak to Roland first for puzzle 56 then to Lucille for #57.

    Puzzle 056  - Clear Cut Contrasts
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - This classroom is equipped with a fancy black-and-
                  white puzzle board. When you touch any square section
                  on the board, its color changes between black and
                  white. At the moment there's more white than black,
                  but you can change that by touching the board just

                  Which square section should you touch? Touch it with
                  the stylus.

    Solution    - Touch the border of the board to make it black.

    Puzzle 057  - Stitching Squares
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - "I've been embroidering this cushion in green and
                  yellow, but it's not lively enough. I want to add
                  two red squares to each of the four yellow areas. Oh
                  but I don't want more than one red square in any
                  given row, column, or diagonal."

                  "Trust me -- it'll look nicer! I've stitched two
                  already. Can you help me work out where the other six
                  should go?"

    Solution    - The red squares should be at: row 1 column 6, row 2
                  column 3, row 3 column 7, row 6 column 5, row 7
                  column 1, and row 8 column 4. 

    Solving this puzzle unlocks the Green Thumb Shop aisle.

    Market Sreet
    Speak to Lionel here for a puzzle.

    Puzzle 058  - Sorting Blocks
    Picarats    - 30

    Information - A carpenter is sorting a stack of 10 large blocks. He
                  bought a mixture of heavy and light blocks but mixed
                  them up at the checkout, and now he can't tell which
                  are which.

                  What is the minimum number of times he'd have to
                  individually lift blocks in order to separate all the
                  light ones from the heavy ones? 

    Solution    - All the blocks must be lifted so 10 times.

    Old Towne
    Speak to Doug here for puzzle 59 then inspect the small bush at the
    center of the area for puzzle 60.

    Puzzle 059  - Flowery Footpath
    Picarats    - 30

    Information - The tiles on this street are rather faded. Can you
                  help out and replace them with some fresh tiles?
                  The tiles are already stuck together into several
                  larger pieces. The pattern is the same as the old one
                  but it does not have to be oriented in the same way.
                  Oh and you can rotate each section!

    Solution    - Start with the center pieces, the pair with half
                  circles and bottom part of some petals, then work
                  your way through the puzzle from there.  

    Puzzle 060  - Dangerous Holes
    Picarats    - 45

    Information - There are six huge holes at this dig site! It's a bit
                  dangerous for people to be working with these big
                  holes around, so you want to use a single length of
                  rope to cordon off the holes, from A to F.

                  Stakes have been placed across the site! Tie the rope
                  around the stakes so that it runs from the starting
                  stake to the finishing stake, and encloses each hole
                  while using as little rope as possible. Oh and no
                  diagonals and doubling back between stakes. 

    Solution    - From the blue arrow, move: 2 points right, 1 up, 1
                  left, 3 down, 1 left, 1 down, 2 right, 2 up, 1 right,
                  1 down, 2 left, 2 down, 2 right, 1 up, 2 right,
                  1 down, 1 left, 5 up, 1 left, 1 down, 2 right.

    Edge of Town
    Inspect the fence for yet another puzzle

    Puzzle 061  - Padlocked Fence
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - The gate is secured with a sturdy padlock with an
                  unusual code. To open the lock, Layton and Randall
                  need to rearrange the nine panels so that every
                  vertical, horizontal and diagonal set of three
                  numbers have the same sum.

                  It might look impossible, but there are more numbers
                  on the back of the panels. Move and flip the panels
                  to eneter the code and help our heroes unlock the

    Solution    - 1  3  2
                  3  2  1
                  2  1  3

    The hint coins in this area are found in the following locations:

    * Tap the grass patch to the right of the long tree trunk.
    * Tap the mossy log beside grass with the first coin.
    * Tap the leaves and branches jutting from the cliff to the left.
    * Tap the bush to the right of the signpost.

    Next, inspect the sign post here for a puzzle.

    Puzzle 062  - Shattered Sign
    Picarats    - 35

    Information - All the tiles on this sign fell off, and Hershel and
                  his friends need to put the sign back the way it was.

                  Help them out by moving and rotating the tiles to
                  fix the sign.

    Solution    - Fix the sign so that you get the resulting image of a
                  hand pointing left. The panel depicting the end of a
                  forefinger goes to the top left corner, and the one
                  with a solid square goes to the bottom right corner.

    Winding Road
    The hint coins in this area are found in the following locations:

    * Tap the bottom center bush.
    * Tap the grass to the right of the bush with the fisrt coin.
    * Tap the leaves of the tree in the middle.
    * Tap the thick diagonal trunk to the left.

    Inspect the bushes on the bottom-left corner of the screen for the
    CANNED LUNCH item. Speak to Randall for the next puzzle.

    Puzzle 063  - A Muddy Mess
    Picarats    - 25

    Information - Here's a bridge at the side of a river. The ground's
                  all muddy so you can see the footprints left by all
                  the people who've been here recently. None of them
                  seem to have had the same footwear.

                  Can you tell how many people crossed the bridge?

    Solution    - Only 2 people crossed the bridge.

    The hint coins in this area are found in the following locations:

    * Tap the thicker vine/branch at the top left corner of the wall.
    * Tap the top of the smashed leaning column.
    * Tap the grassy rock at the bottom right corner in the water.

    Inspect the wall for the final puzzle of this chapter.

    Puzzle 064  - Norwell's Secret
    Picarats    - 40

    Information - Here's a copy of the characters inscribed on the wall
                  divided up into 16 squares. Arrange the design to
                  complete the inscription within the 4x4 square. You
                  can only move the pieces horizontally and vertically
                  in sets of four squares.

                  Rearrange the pieces of paper by aligning the symbols
                  to complete the carving. Put the inscription in the
                  center when you're done.
    Solution    - To complete in 3 moves, drag the piece that's jutting
                  out of the bottom row 1 square up. Next, drag the
                  piece that's jutting out of the top row 1 square down
                  Lastly, drag the piece that's jutting out to the
                  right 1 square left. 

    After all the events, follow Angela to Memory Lane to the next
    sequence of scenes. "Moonlit Rendezvous" episode unlocked.


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Comments for Chapter 04 - Angela's Tears

3 comments, latest first.
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
you can move the blocks around by picking them up with your stylus, not just flipping them over. i had the same problem but then i realized that you could do that. hope this helps
ID #233045
Dec 28th 2012 Guest
Puzzle 61, I cannot figure out. My middle number choices are a 3 and a 1. All the cheat guides and the hints tell me it should be a 2. Am I doing something wrong?
ID #230750
Nov 29th 2012 Guest
Can you help me solving the puzzle the battle of wits the second one on the scorpion casino?
ID #213504