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World 4-Airship

New Super Mario Bros Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Star Coins: World 4-Airship

This is our Star Coin guide for World 4-Airship in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. We will also run you through the Bowser Jr boss battle.

Star Coin #1 - The first Star Coin is right away. Just wait for the flame to point up, jump over it and get the coin. Easy.

Star Coin #2 - Just past the Midway Flag is a pipe that is covered by boxes. Simply ground pound the boxes to break your way to the pipe. Keep jumping to move the sliders to the right. If you have problems getting the coin simply jump from the right platform as the slider moves it way back to the left. Then keep jumping to get the slider back to the right.

Star Coin #3 - You'll come to the final Star Coin along with a ton of Bo-ombs. Use one of the Bo-ombs to blow apart the box to get in to get the Star Coin.

Boss: Bowser Jr. - Pretty easy battle. Use the propeller block to get above Jr and then come crashing down on his head. 3 times as always.

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Comments for World 4-Airship

9 comments, latest first.
Nov 10th 2015 Guest
Isn't there a hidden passage to make a path on that little island thing
ID #624008
Dec 1st 2014 Guest
Thanks that helps a lot!!😀
ID #479276
Jul 18th 2013 judypie64
I get the propeller blocks to lift me, but not high enough! Even tried standing on the other one. Tips??
ID #298301
Jul 17th 2013 Guest
T-there are a-airships in this game? *gulps*
ID #298037
Feb 16th 2013 Guest
Keep Holding 1[img][size=12][color=red][/color] [/size] [/img]
ID #254689
Jun 18th 2012 Guest
how do hold on to the flying blocks
ID #154081
Mar 29th 2012 Guest
You press on the number 1 button and shake your remote. This picks stuff up. It took me forever to figure that out too. Good Luck.
ID #127434
Feb 25th 2012 Guest
what do you do with the wii remote to pick things up we are stuck on the air ship for world 4-4 and cant figure out how to the flying thing you pick up and move to go up to the dued you have to beat??????
ID #118212
Jan 17th 2011 Guest
throwing the block at him works pretty well.
ID #25772