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Pigeons 41-60

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Pigeon Locations 41-60

Using Map 1

Pigeon Map 1 (1-100) Click for large version


Pigeon (41/200): This one is on top of the Holland Medical Center. To get up there, go through the white door on the north side of the building and take the stairs through there all the way up to the top. Once you've finally made it to the top, get up onto the large ventilation unit to find the pigeon perched there.


Pigeon (42/200): This pigeon is also on the hospital. Go through the white door on the north side of the building and climb up the stairs until you reach the sixth floor. The pigeon is perched on a post at the other end of the building.


Pigeon (43/200): Perched along the railing surrounding the train tunnel mouth.


Pigeon (44/200): On the railing just before the bridge to Alderney.


Pigeon (45/200): On top of the building on the northwestern side of the pond. There isn't a way up, so walk along the pond until you are in position to get a good shot at the pigeon with your sniper rifle.


Pigeon (46/200): On the upper post along some steps.


Pigeon (47/200): Along the back wall of the building with the Greek style columns.


Pigeon (48/200): Perched on top of a bus shelter.


Pigeon (49/200): There are some stairs between the two buildings on the block. Take the stairs up to the sitting area. Drop down to the flat roof below the decommissioned train tracks to spot the pigeon.


Pigeon (50/200): This pigeon can be found along the decommissioned train track mentioned in #49, so refer to that pigeon to locate the tracks. The pigeon is near the end of the track, just before the stunt jump.


Pigeon (51/200): This one is on top of the highest building in the city; surrogate Empire States Building. Hit the blue marker on the east side of the building to get to the top. The pigeon is perched on the railing along the south side of the walkway.


Pigeon (52/200): In the grass lot behind the wall with the two green, white and red stripes.


Pigeon (53/200): On a tombstone in the graveyard behind the church.


Pigeon (54/200): On top of a stack of yellow shipping containers.


Pigeon (55/200): You'll need a boat for this one; you can stand on one of the buoys beyond the Castle Gardens docks and wait for some poor sucker to drive by with his. When you have a boat, drive it past the niches east of the docks until you reach a set of three windows, with another set of three windows a bit further back. Drive up against the wall of the closest set of windows; jump into one of the ledges and Niko will pull himself up into the niche where the pigeon is.


Pigeon (56/200): This one is in the skate park underneath the Broker Bridge. The pigeon is at the top of the ramp in the southwest corner of the park; you can snipe him through the fence from the walkway just north of the park.


Pigeon (57/200): This one is on the tall double archway closest to the Algonquin end of the Broker Bridge. You'd best use a helicopter to get up there. You can take one of the Helitours Mavericks from the landing site in Fishmarket South, Algonquin (which happens to be nearby). The pigeon is perched on the railing at the north end of the archway.


Pigeon (58/200): In one of the fenced in spaces beneath the portion of highway that runs behind the Liberty City Police Department.


Pigeon (59/200): On a pile of trash beneath the highway. Jump down from the highway when you come to the T shaped underpass. It's on the pile of trash in the corner of the first archway.

Pigeon (60/200): Perched in a window on the east side of the old hospital. Stand on the spool table near the wrecked car and look in the upper window across from it to spot the pigeon.

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Comments for Pigeons 41-60

4 comments, latest first.
Jul 27th 2011 Guest
4 pigeons left and i have no idea which ones -.-
ID #61650
May 6th 2011 Guest
For 55, you don't need a boat or a Heli. You can climb to the top of the building just to the left of the Pigeon (use the scaffolding and wooden ramps). Walk out as far as you can towards the water and you'll be standing on a blue awning type thing. Turn around and fire a RPG into the second window. Pigeon Done!
ID #41698
Feb 3rd 2011 Guest
For 55, if you are too lazy to find a boat (like me), just crash an helicopter there to reach the pigeon.
ID #27883
Jul 3rd 2010 Guest
Correction to Number 45, you can in fact jump and hang on one of the ledges, then pull yourself up, you can actually climb to the top-most point.
ID #2866