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- Phil Bell's Missions

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Phil Bell's Missions (Alderney)

Phil Bell will call sometime during Ray Boccino's mission line. Meet with Bell in Normandy, Algonquin after the call to accept a mission from him.

Mission 1: Truck Hustle

After the cutscene, get to the spot in Leftwood and step into the marker there. The truck that you are to steal rolls in, along with a couple of vehicles full of enemies. You start off behind cover, and the truck is parked at the other end of this area. Start by clearing away the enemies nearest to you, and then move up to one of the parked pickups to get a better shot at the enemies further down. Kill as many enemies as you can from your current position before moving up to another piece of cover. Keep an eye on that truck, though, because once you get close enough one of the Triads will get in and drive off. When that happens, immediately start sprinting after it like a madman. Continue to mash the Sprint button until you can hit the marker, at which point Niko will grab hold of the truck.



Once you're on the truck, read the pop-up boxes in the top-left corner of the screen for instructions. You have to crawl over to the front of the truck to get into the cab and take control. Basically, keep an eye on the road ahead and hold down the analog stick when you see that the truck is coming up on a corner, otherwise continue moving forward. If you do fall from the roof of the truck, immediately start tapping the button to get back up and then roll to the left or to the right to distance Niko from the edge. When you have secured the truck, drive it to the location marked on your radar to complete the mission.



Mission 2: Catch the Wave

Meet Bell at the Honkers in Alderney to accept another mission from him. After the cutscene, drive to the marked truck in Leftwood and get in. Make your way to the docks on Charge Island and drive into the marker there to begin. The guys at the boatyard aren't willing to hand over the drugs, so you're going to have to acquire them with force. Start by killing the two thugs by the truck and then get out and take cover near the entrance. The shipment is heavily guarded, so try to clear out as many enemies as you can before entering. There are plenty of enemies on the catwalk above, so be sure to take them out too. Bell can die here, so keep an eye on him and take out any enemy that's gunning for him.



When the warehouse is clear, move on to the dock outside and remove the enemies around the boats. Some Body Armor can be found off to the left, so be sure to pick it up. Get in the marked boat and start following Bell towards the docks. A couple of attack boats appear and attempt to impede your progress. You may not need to completely destroy these boats, just distract them enough to allow Bell to get a good distance ahead. When you reach the spot, step into the marker on the jetty to complete the mission.

Body Armor


Mission 3: Trespass

Make sure you have full Body Armor and a powerful weapon with plenty of ammo before attempting this mission. Get in the car with Bell and start towards the old Sprunk Factory in Tudor. Your target is one Chubby Charlie, and he is somewhere within the abandoned factory. You can attempt to kick in the front door and go Rambo if you wish, though doing so is not recommended. Instead, head west from the front door and follow the tunnel there to a hole that leads into the factory. The factory is comprised of three floors, with heavily-armed enemies on each.

Sprunk Factory


There's some Body Armor to be found on the first floor, next to a broken piece of ceiling, so pick it up if needed. Clear away the enemies on the first floor, as well as those you can see on the upper floor through gaps in the ceiling, and then head up the stairs to the next level. Chubby Charlie is on the second floor, but he'll quickly flee to the next level, leaving you to deal with the enemies. Take cover and clear the room, then climb the stairs up to the final level.


Charlie hops through a window to reach the rooftops, so follow him out once you've dealt with the enemies on the third floor. There is a health pack near the generator to your right as soon as you are on the rooftop, so grab it if need be. Charlie isn't going anywhere, so take your time taking out the enemies on the rooftops. Follow Charlie up to the highest point of the factory by climbing up the ladders along the walls. When you reach the top, a helicopter swoops in to rescue Charlie. Continuously hit the helicopter with gunfire to ground it, sending Charlie to his death. Mission complete!

Chubby Charlie

Mission 4: To Live and Die in Alderney

Get in the car with Bell and start towards the mansion in Westdyke where the stuff has been stashed. After the cutscene, drive through the mess of feds outside and follow Bell down the dirt road. You must keep up with Bell to prevent the authorities from catching him, as they for the most part don't seem to care a whole lot about you. Eventually you will have to take off on foot towards an escape van, but not without first becoming trapped in an alleyway by the police.



You have been given a powerful weapon in the Assault Rifle, so clearing the alleyway shouldn't be too much of an issue. Cop cars will block off both ends of the alley, so watch your back as to not be gunned down from behind. When the way is clear, follow Bell to the escape van that is parked nearby. Before you get in, be sure to shoot down the helicopter flying overhead, otherwise you will have a very tough time losing your wanted level. Just unload into the helicopter with your Assault Rifle until it explodes, then quickly get in the van with the others and take off. When you've successfully dodged the authorities, drive Bell and Frankie to the marked safe house in Leftwood to complete the mission.


Escape Van

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