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Getting Started Part 2

Forza Motorsport 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Getting Started Part 2

-- Player Card --

Now, from the Main Menu select Play Career > My Profile > Edit Playercard and then Change Badge, and select the new badge icon from what you have unlocked (which admittedly is not much at the moment, but there are some).  As soon as you select the new badge, the Achievement -- "Here's My Card" (10 GS) -- will unlock!  Well done, that is number three and you have yet to even begin your career!

You can also pick a Title now as well, there should be at least three available.  Do that or not, it is up to you!

-- Community --

Now back out to the Main Menu and select Community, then select Car Club to create your own car club!  You pick the name, and the initials, and unlock the Achievement -- "Clubbed Up" (15 GS) -- immediately upon creating the club, and then are given the option to invite other players to join.

While you are here, visit the Message Center to read the Events announcements -- if you do that on five days in a row, it will unlock the Achievement -- "Daily Rewards" (5 GS) -- which while it is not a lot, is one more Achievement down!

-- Autovista --

Now pay a visit to Autovista from the Main Menu and you can take a closer look at the Ferrari 458 Italia.  Take your time looking it over, and enjoy the wry humor of the narrator as he fills you in on the details for this ride.  After you have completed the walk-around and examined the 458 you will be presented with a menu that shows the cars you have currently unlocked in the game, and those that are locked (and thus not accessible here yet until you complete their challenges).

Pick one of the cars that is unlocked -- I chose the 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG -- and begin your tour, looking at everything that you can on the outside.  Now enter via the driver's side and examine everything you can inside saving the ignition key for last.   

Engage the ignition key to start the car and then look at the steering wheel and you will note that you can take a challenge with this car whose goal is to pass "as many other cars as possible" on the raceway.  Now that sounds like you have to pass any you can, but in reality you only need to pass 7 and finish the race to complete this.


Checking out Autovista for fun and Achievements


As you will be passing car after car, here is an excellent opportunity for you to focus upon carefully and perfectly passing a car to unlock the Achievement -- "Nice Pass" (15 GS) -- and another one down!  Well done!

When you finish the race and return to Autovista, after you exit the car and, provided you did indeed look at every point, you will unlock the Achievement -- "Car Explorer" (10 GS) -- for a second one in just this one menu option!  Excellent!

As a bonus, when you unlock the Car Explorer Achievement you will also unlock the Autovista T-Shirt Avatar Award as well!  Excellent, you not only gained Gamer Score, you scored a new T-Shirt for your Avatar!

-- Home Spaces --

Now that you have completed making a livery, applied it to your car, toured Autovista, and gotten a good start upon unlocking the game Achievements, head to the Main Menu and select Play Career > Cars and you will find yourself at your default Home Space.  Why not go ahead and take a photo of your car now?

The default Home Space is Mountain Pass -- there are six in total -- the TopGear Test Track, The Hanger, TopGear Studio, Mountain Pass, The Spotlight, and The Warehouse.

Moving to each of these, take a photo of your car at each and save the photo -- you do not need to upload it for this but you can if you like.  You can see a photo I took of SuperCheats first team car, which is called "Snowflake" (yup, a Fightclub Reference woot!) by searching through my photos online. 

After you take the photo at the 6th location, you will unlock the Achievement -- "On Location" (20 GS) -- and you now have seven Achievements unlocked, and a Gamer Score of 95 for Forza 4 and you have not even started your career!

#10 SuperCheats 2011 VW Fox

-- Car Sharing --

Now that you have your car all ready, head to the My Car selection from the Menu and select 'Share Car' to share your car with the members of your Car Club.  They can now borrow and use your car for events, but they cannot modify it.

Sharing your car with your Car Club unlocks the Achievement -- "My Car is Your Car" (10 GS) -- your 8th Achievement!

-- Tuning --

Now hit the Main Menu and select Play Career > Upgrade > Tune Setup and you will be presented with the option of tweaking the setup (in other words tuning) your car.  Go ahead and make a single small change to the setup, and then hit the Start Button and select Save Current Setup to save the Tuning File, unlocking the Achievement -- "Grease Monkey" (10 GS) -- for your 9th Achievement and a total of 115 GS!

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