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Free Play

Forza Motorsport 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Free Play

Free Play Mode in Forza 4 includes the menu selections for Quick Race, Split Screen, and Hot Lap. 

Quick Race is just what it sounds like -- a mode in which you can pick any car that is in the game including special cars, and then any track you have access to, and race.  Note that unlike online and career races you do not earn either XP or Credits from the races in this mode, but you can unlock Achievements here.

Since you have access to virtually every car in the game in this mode, this is the perfect place for you to go and evaluate cars before you buy them, get to know them, and decide if you want them.  Obviously you are going to want every car in the game eventually, but as you work your way through Career Mode knowing which cars you like more than others can help in choosing your rides!

Split Screen is what it sounds like -- a local mode for two-player racing with the screen split in two.  To use this mode you need a second controller plugged into the game, and another human player logged in.

Training with the Hot Lap Mode

Hot Lap -- In this mode you can choose any car, any track, and then run laps, with the idea being to practice the tracks and improve your lap time.  How this works (as shown in the video) is really simple: the first lap you run sets the time, and then when you begin the next lap a "ghost" of your previous run spawns, and you can then see how much of an improvement or how worse off your next lap is.

Using this you can feel out the right path to take on a given track, which makes it very useful for training specific tracks when you are looking for consistent and good results.

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Comments for Free Play

13 comments, latest first.
Feb 9th 2016 Guest
I am having trouble with the Top Gear test track Hot Lap. How do you set how many laps? It just seems to go forever and then I have trouble exiting the game.
ID #634157
Jul 19th 2015 Guest
so col
ID #586415
Apr 24th 2015 Guest
How to have drift points on the 2 player in split screen mode?
ID #547156
Mar 19th 2015 Guest
Hey Guys
i just love it

ID #530560
Mar 17th 2015 Guest
i have played it on my XBOX 360
ID #529826
Oct 20th 2013 Guest
this seems like it is forza 3 rather than forza 4

ID #315478
Jul 26th 2013 Guest
how do u get the game 4 free
ID #300457
Mar 23rd 2013 Guest
how do u get to the hangar?
ID #266542
Sep 22nd 2012 Guest
have some bash time
ID #188225
Apr 22nd 2012 BlkWlf88
If you want to change the amount of laps and other stuff you have to go to online race and do it that way. You can make it so you are racing AI plus you get a little cash for each race online unlike in free play. If you go to free play then split screen you can play multiplayer.
ID #136172
Apr 5th 2012 Guest
my forza dont have these menus

anyone know why?
ID #129640
Mar 31st 2012 Guest
how do you play drifting split screen?
ID #127765
Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
I noticed that there were only 2 lap races in free play,does this change somewhere in time. I,m asking because in shift 2 you can add laps ,tracks time of day,number of car etc.This can be alot of fun when your done or almost done whith carear mode.
ID #108548