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Follow the dark path or use the light

15: Ribbons -- Farmville Achievements

Farmville Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Chapter 15: Ribbons -- Farmville Achievements

If you are a regular gamer you are probably familiar with gaming Achievements -- the system of recognition that is built in to most multi-player games that presents a targeted collection of objectives upon which players focus in addition to the normal goals in a game.  On Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live these actually are called Achievements, while on Sony's PS3 they are essentially the same system but are called Trophies instead, and are represented by four different colored trophy objects. 

In Farmville these are represented by four Ribbons for each Achievement:  Yellow, White, Red, and Blue from lowest to highest value.  Choosing the Blue Ribbon to represent the highest value makes perfect sense to anyone who has visited the crafts contests at a County Fair -- but if you have not, well then you will be interested to know that traditionally Blue is the color for First Place, Red for Second Place, White for Third, and Yellow for Fourth (though usually there is no fourth-place).

Achievements in Farmville center around accomplishments that are interesting, innovative, and often challenging -- and they are wonderful goals to focus upon while you are in the process of a larger project such as crafts or farm expansion, because they give you something short-term to work on when you are involved in the more long-term stuff.

In addition to providing you with a wide variety of goals to focus upon, the Achievement system also happens to be one of the best kept secrets used by serious farmers for quick and significant boosts in XP for leveling.  You see, in addition to bragging rights and the personal satisfaction that comes with winning the Blue Ribbon for an Achievement, there is also a chunk of XP awarded for each -- and that is why Achievements and Collections are often a serious focal point for hard core gamers in the leveling process.

With that in mind, we present here a comprehensive examination of the Achievements in the game, and at the bottom of each of the Achievement articles you will find extra information such as strategies, tricks, and notes about the bonuses associated with a particular Achievement. 

Like the Collections System, Achievements are an aspect of play that you are going to want to fully embrace and use to your advantage -- and this chapter will help you in doing that.

I mentioned that bragging rights are an element to Achievements in the game above -- and they are -- as completion of each level of an Achievement allows you to post that accomplishment to your wall, for all of your mates to read about and even share in the rewards you receive, or at least pick up a few coin from the feed post on your victory...

Ribbons are the Achievements of Farmville

When you complete each of the four levels in a particular Achievement you will will receive a prize for that progress -- often this takes the form of some coins, a nice chunk of XP, and sometimes a special gift that is related to the achievement.

You can review your Achievements and your progress towards the next level of an Achievement in some detail by clicking on the Achievement Button on line three of the button box in the bottom right-hand corner of the interface screen.  

Clicking the Ribbon Button spawns the Ribbon Menu, which is a complete listing of all of the Achievements in the game, with each listing containing the Achievement name, an icon that represents it with the current progress number below the icon, a description of the requirement for that Achievement, and the outstanding number of items or actions necessary to the completion of your current level for that Achievement. 

On the right-hand side of each listing is a graphical representation of the ribbons (levels) you have already unlocked for that Achievement, with the remaining levels appearing as the shadow of a ribbon blank.

When you have fully completed an Achievement all four ribbons are graphically present, and the Achievement description changes to "All ribbons earned!" to let you know that there is nothing left to be done for that particular Achievement.

At the present time (Summer 2011) there are a total of 40 unique Achievements that you can earn in Farmville -- though rumor has it that there will be some new ones added to the game before Christmas. 

As you read through the descriptions below for each of the 40 Achievements you will note that the difficulty -- the challenges -- for these has such a wide range that it is fair to characterize them as being everything from dead simple to wicked challenging! 

Like a lot of long-term players of the game, I have completed a significant number of these, but there are still a few that elude me to this day -- mostly the ones that have obscure requirements that force you into activities that are outside the normal scope of game play.  For example even though I have been playing the game since the week it launched, I still do not have the Cat Lady Blue Ribbon (and I only recently acquired the Red Ribbon for that Achievement).

The Cat Lady Achievement is awarded for Brushing your cats (harvesting them means brushing them) and the Blue Ribbon is awarded for brushing your cats 250 times.  I still need to brush them 145 times to obtain the ribbon, having already brushed them 105 times to get the Yellow, White, and Red ribbons.  What took me so long?

Well, as you will see when you play the game, despite the fact that they are a common household pet, in Farmville cats are not easy to acquire unless you are willing to spend Farm Cash on them (in other words real-world money), which I am not willing to do.  Because of that, the only cats I had were those obtained from special events or holidays -- so for well over a year I only had one cat, the Chrismas Kitty, which is why I gained brushing numbers so slowly.

Fortunately for me a recent event included the Persian Cat as one of its rewards, so I managed to acquire four Persian Cats to join my lonely Holiday Cat -- and this past Christmas one of my mates sent me a limited edition Cat 'n' Boots as a gift that was also a play on my real name.  That gives me six cats to brush which is why I suddenly made progress where I was making very little before!

The cat situation is a good lesson to consider when you look at the Achievements -- as there are others that have you doing things you might not ordinarily do in the game -- but the pay-off for unlocking these Achievements is often well worth the extra effort!

Rewards for the four levels/ribbons are not always exactly the same, but in general you can expect to at least receive the following for each that you unlock in addition to any special prize that is part of the individual Achievement:

* Fourth Place -- Yellow Ribbon: 1000 Coins / 50 XP

* Third Place -- White Ribbon: 2,500 Coins / 100 XP

* Second Place -- Red Ribbon: 5,000 Coins / 250 XP

* First Place -- Blue Ribbon:10,000 Coins / 1,000 XP

Those are nice rewards -- particularly the XP for First Place!  Now let us examine the Achievements one at a time, so that you can get a better idea of how you will proceed to earn them...

Achievement            Basic                              Requirements for Unlocking
Name                   Description                         Lv 1 / Lv 2 / Lv 3 / Lv 4
A Pretty Penny         Spend coins at the market            50K / 100K / 500K / 1.5M
Animal Shelter         Adopt lost animals                     2 / 3 / 4 / 15
Architect              Own buildings                          2 / 6 / 15 / 30
Baled Out              Place Hay Bales                        5 / 50 / 100 / 250
Best Buyer             Buy crafted goods from friends         5 / 25 / 100 / 250
Best of the Rest       Earn highest in Co-Op job              1 / 10 / 20 / 40
Bountiful Beekeeper    Find Fertilize All in Beehive          5 / 25 / 50 / 100
Cat Lady               Brush Cats                             5 / 50 / 100 / 250
Cracked                Open Mystery Eggs                      5 / 50 / 75 / 150
Crafty                 Create crafted goods                   5 / 25 / 100 / 250
Cream of the Crop      Harvest crops                         10 / 1K / 5K / 25K
Crop Whisperer         Fertilize neighbor crops             100 / 250 / 500 / 2.5K
Cunning Collector      Complete collections                   2 / 25 / 50 / 100
Egg-celent Discovery   Discover Mystery Eggs                  5 / 25 / 50 / 100
Employee of the Month  Complete job in fastest time           5 / 25 / 50 / 100
Fabulous Foreman       Complete job within time               1 / 5 / 10 / 20
Fenced In              Place fences                           5 / 50 / 100 / 250
Flower Power           Harvest flowers crops                 15 / 500 / 2.5K / 10K
Foremost Fruit Farmer  Harvest fruit crops                   15 / 500 / 2.5K / 10K
Gearhead               Upgrade vehicles                       2 / 6 / 15 / 30
Good Samaritan         Help friends                          20 / 150 / 500 / 2.5K
Green Thumb            Harvest unique crops                   5 / 10 / 14 / 17
High Roller            Earn coins                           25K / 50K / 500K / 1M
Horse Power            Harvest stable buffs                   5 / 25 / 50 / 100
King of Compost        Harvest fertilized crops              75 / 150 / 300 / 600
Knock on Wood          Harvest trees                         20 / 250 / 1.5K / 5K
Local Celebrity        Befriend neighbors                     4 / 8 / 25 / 50
Looking Fresh          Change avatar's clothes daily          3 / 7 / 10 / 20
Lord of the Plow       Use the tractor to plow plots        200 / 1K / 2.5K / 10K
Need for Seed          Use the seeder to plant seeds        200 / 1K / 2.5 / 10K
Noah's Ark             Collect from unique animals            2 / 4 / 6 / 8
Not Spoiled, Gifted!   Collect unique gifts in gift box       3 / 9 / 15 / 21
Pack Rat               Own decorations                       25 / 50 / 100 / 250
Pretty Garden          Place flower bouquets                  5 / 10 / 25 / 50
Style Maven            Buy Clothes for Farmer Avatar          5 / 10 / 20 / 40
Super Salesman         Sell crafted goods to friends          5 / 25 / 100 / 250
They of Mystery        Open mystery boxes                     2 / 6 / 15 / 30
Tree Hugger            Harvest unique trees                   3 / 8 / 12 / 15
Vegetable Virtuoso     Harvest vegetable crops               15 / 500 / 2.5K / 10K
Zoologist              Collect from animals                  15 / 500 / 1K / 5K

Part of the Reward is Good XP

The Achievement Specifics

(01) A Pretty Penny
This one is awarded for the simple act of spending your coins at the Marketplace!  You do not need to do it all at once, as the game keeps track of what you have earned -- and in this case -- what you have spent. 

When you have spent $50K, $100K, $500K, and $1-Million Coins, the appropriate Ribbon will unlock automatically, and you will receive the reward(s) associated with that level of the Achievement!

(02) Animal Shelter
This may seem like an easy to boost Achievement it is not, mostly because you are dependent upon the animals that are obtained from feed postings on your neighbor's feeds.  The best way to boost this is to surf your neighbor's feeds in early afternoon, as that seems to be the time when most gamers play and thus when you are more likely to find these on the feeds.

Note that you do not have to adopt all 15 on the same day/login as it is a cumulative one.

(03) Architect
This Achievement is awarded for the number of buildings that you have built on your farm at any given moment.  Constructing a building -- or placing one -- and then storing it -- will NOT count for this.  The building needs to be placed on your farm and present in order to count.

Obtaining the Blue Ribbon for this one is an Achievement that requires you to undertake behavior that is not a part of normal play -- and invariably means you will end up having practically every single square of your farm covered in buildings if you have not increased the size of your farm.

Fortunately this is one of the Achievements that is convenient to boost -- as you can simply buy and place the cheapest of the buildings and, once you have unlocked the Blue Ribbon, you can store the ones you want to keep and sell the ones you do not.

(04) Baled Out
This one is boostable -- all that you need to do is purchase the required number of hay bales and place them on your farm, at one time.  You cannot place one and then sell it or store it because doing so removes it from the count.

(05) Best Buyer
Being just like what it sounds like -- this is eminently boostable -- you simply need to buy the required numbers of crafted goods from your mates.

(06) Best of the Rest
Earning this Achievement set is simply a matter of participating in Co-Op jobs in which you contribute the largest percentage of crops.  This is not boostable in the common sense of the word, but if you can ensure that you turn in the highest percentage you could do job after job to get it.

(07) Bountiful Beekeeper
Chances are that this Achievement will be one of the handful of Achievements in the game that will be the last ones you obtain in the game -- as obtaining the Fertilize All from it is purely a random event.   The only method that you can use is to harvest the beehive and hope for a spawn.

Ribbons for Brushing Cats?

(08) Cat Lady
This is not an easy-to-boost Achievement set because it requires cats -- and waiting while they grow to a harvest-able stage.   You only get ticks of this when you harvest your own cats and not your neighbors -- so plan on obtaining this one as it comes but try to obtain a good amount of cats, right?

There are only so many ways to obtain cats in the game, including:

Amur Leopard (Mystery Game)
Black Cat (Lost Animal)
Bobcat (Event)
Cat 'n' Boots (Event)
Elf Leopard (Event)
Grey Tabby (Mystery Gift)
Himalayan Cat (Lost Animal)
Holiday Cat (Event)
Invisible Cat (Event)
Lynx (German Event)
Manx (AE Reward)
Orange Tabby (Marketplace)
Panther Cub (Mystery Game)
Persian Cat (Greenhouse Reward)
Pink Persian (Event)
Pub Cat (Marketplace)
Sand Cat (Mystery Game)
Santa Cat (Event)
Short Hair Cat (Event)
Snow Leopard (iPhone)
Sphynx (Mystery Box)
White Kitten (Mystery Game)
White Kitty (Lost Animal)
White Lion Cub (Mystery Game)
White Witch Cat (Event)

(09) Cracked
Obtaining this Achievement set is simply a matter of opening enough Mystery Eggs that you acquire from the Chicken Coops.  This is not really boostable -- you just need to be lucky in finding them in the Coops.

(10) Crafty
This may sound more complicated than it really is -- since all that you need do to unlock it is craft the required number of goods!    Simply go to you rprimary crafts building and make a list of what you will need and then use the bushels to craft the number of good requried for each of the four ribbons.  Simpatico!

(11) Cream of the Crop
The Cream of the Crop Achievement is the general one for harvesting crops -- there are also specific Achievements for harvesting specific types of crops -- Flowers, Fruits, and Veggies if we are being specifically specific...

In this case however, any seed/crop type will count -- though neither trees nor animals will count even if it seems like trees should count, since when you harvest them you are technically harvesting a crop...

This is a super-easy Achievement to get because you are going to be harvesting crops anyway as part of regular play -- so when you harvest your 10th, 1,000th, 5,000th, and 25,000th crop, these automatically unlock, granting you the standard rewards!

(12) Crop Whisperer
This Achievement is not one you will be able to boost as it takes a very long time to acquire all of the Ribbons considering that you need to fertilize 2,500 neighbor crops to get the Blue.  Just plug away at it and eventually you will get these.

(13) Cunning Collector
This Achievement set is obtained from turning in completed collections -- you cannot boost this, and will just have to get it when you get it.

(14) Egg-celent Discovery
This Achievement is obtained by finding and opening eggs from YOUR Chicken Coop -- eggs obtained from the Coops of your neighbors do not count.  Obviously this cannot be boosted.

(15) Employee of the Month
Earning this Achievement set is simply a matter of participating in Co-Op jobs that result in the award of a Gold Medal while acting as an partner and not the leader of the job.  This is not boostable in the common sense of the word, but I suppose if you have a group of gamers who are intent upon obtaining this you could just do job after job until you get it.

(16) Fabulous Foreman
Earning this Achievement set is simply a matter of participating in Co-Op jobs that result in the award of a Gold Medal while acting as the leader and not a follower of the job.  This is not boostable in the common sense of the word, but I suppose if you have a group of gamers who are intent upon obtaining this you could just do job after job until you get it.

(17) Fenced In
This is an easy-to-boost Achievement set because all that it requires is for you to place the required number of fences.  Note that they have to be all present on the farm at the same time -- you cannot place one and remove it as that will not count.  So once you have the coin, simply place the fences until you unlock these Ribbons.

(18) Flower Power
While this is not an Achievement you will boost -- it is one of the Achievements that will come eventually with normal play.  Just be patient and let it come when it comes.  Actively pursuing this type of Achievement is usually counterproductive, and so it is not a recommended effort.

(19) Foremost Fruit Farmer
Another Achievement set that you will acquire in the normal course of playing the game, and planting and harvesting Fruit crops.  Trying to boost this is counterproductive because of the large amount of crops needed.

Gearhead is One of the More Difficult to Get

(20) Gearhead
This is simple -- and boostable if you have a source for Vehicle Parts -- which just means encouraging your mates to gift them to you!  You only need to complete the required number of upgrades on any of the following vehicles:

Name (Required Level) Source -- Cost
Antique Tractor  (L12) Reward Item -- 2011 Valentine's Event / Cellar Shovel Collection  
Combine (L31)Marketplace -- $500,000
Double Deck Bus (N/A) Event Reward
English Countryside's Combine (L31) Special
Haiti Seeder (L20) Sowing Seeds for Haiti Co-Op Job Reward
Harvester (L14) Marketplace -- $30,000
Hot Rod Combine (L12) Marketplace -- $110 Farm Bucks 
Hot Rod Harvester (L15) Marketplace -- $55 Farm Bucks *
Hot Rod Seeder (L15) Marketplace -- $55 Farm Bucks *
Hot Rod Tractor (L12) Marketplace -- $55 Farm Bucks *
Lucky Harvester (L15) Event -- No Longer Available
Lucky Seeder (Level 12) Event -- No Longer Available
Lucky Tractor (L15) Event -- No Longer Available
Pickup Truck Seeder  (L14) Reward from Bakery Delivery Co-Op Job
Pink Tractor (L12) Marketplace -- $5,000
Platinum Combine (L12) Event -- No Longer Available
Purple Harvester (L13) Citi ThankYou Rewards Program
Purple Tractor (L12) Citi ThankYou Rewards Program
School Bus Plow  (L20) -- Reward for Very Berry Field Trip Co-Op Job
Seeder (L14) Marketplace -- $30,000
Sweet Seeder -- See Haiti Seeder
Tractor (L12) Marketplace -- $5,000

* Available for Farm Coins through Mafia Wars cross-promotion

(21) Good Samaritan
The Good Samaritan Ribbon is one of the Achievements that requires concerted effort on your part -- because it is granted for helping your friends by visiting their farms to help them out by completing specific actions on their farm. 

It is crucial for you to understand that the process of helping your neighbor begins with using the five (5) Assistance Efforts you get when you visit each farm.  Whether you use them all to fertilize your neighbor's crops, or harvest trees, or harvest animals -- or you use them as a mixture of all of these, you must start the process by using up all five Efforts.  If you do not use all five up, then none of the helping actions you take on the farm will count for this Achievement. 

Failing to use all five of the Efforts on your visit is the most common issue that prevents players from obtaining the assistance credit for the visit.  You do not have to spend all five on the same effort -- you can mix them as pointed out above -- do to be clear, the following actions count in use of the five Efforts:

-- Fetilizing a plowed or planted crop plot
-- Harvesting an animal
-- Harvesting a tree
-- Plowing a fallow crop plot
-- Unwithering a withered crop

So that we are absolutely clear on this -- if you visit a neighbor's farm, and you walk over to their Chicken Coop and feed the Chickens in it, then you visit their Greenhouse and help out with that, and then you leave -- NONE of what you just did counts towards this Achievement, and you will NOT receive credit for the assistance that you just gave.

If you visit a farm, use one or more but LESS than five of the allotted daily Effort actions, and then feed the chickens or help with the Greenhouse, NONE of what you did will count and you will not add a tick to the counter for this Achievement.

If you arrive at their farm, and then use ALL FIVE of the daily Effort actions -- wither fertilizing five plots, harvesting five trees, harvesting five animals, unwithering five plots, or any combination of these actions five times, upon completing the fifth action (you know this because you see the counter go down on the left side of the screen) you gain one tick to the Achievement count.  Then when you feed the chickens, you gain a second tick.  

To illustrate this point we will take the experience of my mate Heather as she works towards this Achievement.  When she logged in today and checked her progress she found that for the Good Samaritan Achievement she has both the Yellow and the White Ribbons already unlocked, and she has  314 on her counter, with the note that there are 186 actions remaining to her goal which is currently 500 actions to earn the Red Ribbon.

She visits her mate Tara's farm, where she fertilizes just two plots and then leaves to visit her mate Carnation's farm.  The counter for the Achievement still reads 314/186 and her efforts in helping did not count towards this Achievement.  Upon arriving at Carnation's farm she finds the crops are all withered and is offered the free unwither spray -- which she uses on Carnation's farm, restoring all of the plots to matured state and thus ready to harvest -- but she does not gain a tick for that action because she has not used the five Efforts for Carnation's farm yet!

Heather decides to fertilize five plots of the now restored crop -- which is Green Roses -- and during that fertilizing she finds some fuel to share and posts that to the wall.  When she examines her stats for the Achievement they now read 315/185 -- which correctly indicates that she has obtained a tick towards this Achievement for completing the five Efforts!  Good on ya Heather!

Heather now notices that Carnation's Greenhouse is ready to be helped, so she clicks on it, and that results in her finding 5 Red Spinach Seeds as a reward for helping out with the Greenhouse.  She claims them and posts that to the wall, and then checks the Achievement to see that it now reads 316/184 -- which is precisely correct because she should receive a tick for assisting Carnation with her Greenhouse!  So Heather not only obtained five valuable hybrid seeds for Red Spinach to add to her inventory of seeds for that plant, but she also gained a tick for the Achievement.

Now Heather sees that Carnation's Animal Trough needs some assistance, walks over and clicks on it, spawning a pop-up window that tells her that there was no extra feed available -- but that she has received 100 Coins for being such a thoughtful neighbor --  which she accepts.  The Achievement stat still reads 316/184 as it should, because Heather should not have received a tick for that action.

Noticing that the chickens in Carnation's Coop need to be fed, Heather does that, spawning a pop-up that informs her that while feeding the chickens Heather did not find anything special -- but it thankks her for feeding the chickens just the same and wishes her better luck tomorrow.  When she checks her Achievement she notes that it now reads 317/183, which means that Heather has obtained a 3rd tick for that Achievement -- as she should have -- and thus on this visit has increaed her progress towards the next Ribbon for this Achievement by three ticks.  Good job Heather!

Heather now visits her mate Peter's Farm and, failing to use the five Efforts, feeds his chickens, and in the process finds a Mystery Egg which she shares on the wall.  She then realizes that she has completed a help action without first fulfilling the required five efforts, and so will NOT receive a tick for feeding the chickens!

Seeking to correct that Heather harvests five animals, whereupon she notes that the Achievement now reads 318/182 -- and Heather is sad because she realizes that even though she has completed the five Efforts required, she is not going to get credit for the assistance she gave in feeding the chickens in the Coop *prior* to completing the five Efforts because, simply put, that is how this works.

In her haste to feed the chickens Heather has done herself out of a tick towards that Achievement that she might have had, and while she does obtain a tick plus 5 seeds for helping with Peter's Greenhouse, she will not be able to get the tick for the Chicken Coop no matter what else she does, and so Heather mentally kicks herself, and chides herself to remember not to do that in the future!

So endeth the story of Heather...

Now you should have a very firm grasp of how this works, right?

(22) Green Thumb
This is easily boosted -- as it only requires you to harvest unique and different crops!  When you are ready to boost it, simply plant 17 different crop types, grow and harvest them.

(23) High Roller
This Achievement is obtained from earning coins in the game -- note that it IS a cumulative count and you do not have to have the coins in your account at the same time in order to unlock it! 

Over the course of your play when you have earned 25,000 Coins (even if you have spent all or some of them) the first ribbon unlocks and you receive the reward.  The same is true for the other three levels, so when you have acquired $50K, $500K, and finally $1-Million in coins these ribbons unlock automatically!

Since this Achievement will eventually unlock as a normal part of play, it is not one that you need to actively work towards, or do anything special or out of the norm to obtain.

(24) Horse Power
This Achievement requires you to obtain consumable buffs from your Stables -- basically that means Arborists, Farmhands, and free XP boosters.  You may not realize this but this Achievement actually IS boostable.  There is a trick you can use to get it rather quickly...

To boost this simply remove all of the horses from your Stable, leaving just the Stallion if you have one, or one mare if you do not.  Then wait until all of your horses have some percentage towards harvesting (they do not need to be 100%), then pick them up one at a time and place them into the Stable, which causes it to be harvest-able. 

Click on it, rinse and repeat until you have used all of your horses, then remove them to mature a little again, rinse and repeat.

(25) King of Compost
Here is another Achievement set that is not easily boosted and instead comes with time.  You obtain them by harvesting plots that your neighbors have fertilized on your farm.  Simply keep plugging away and try not to focus upon the counter, since the slow progress can be irritating.

(26) Knock on Wood
This Achievement unlocks when you harvest the required number of trees -- any tree counts, as long as it has a harvest-able crop associated to it!  The same type, all different types, even a mixture, it does not matter -- you just need to harvest crops from trees.

When you have harvested your 20th, and 250th tree you get the Yellow and White Ribbons and their rewards.  The Red Ribbon comes after 1,500 trees, and finally the Blue Ribbon for 5,000 trees!  You should find this to be an easy set to unlock if you are taking advantage of this guide -- and moving in the direction of Advanced Tree Farming.

If you are looking for quick XP this is one of the Achievement sets that you may want to actively go after -- just pick a tree with a short growth cycle (2-day) if you do not have any Orchards, or any trees if you do have Orchards since once you put the trees inside an Orchard they all go on a 2-day growth schedule. 

(27) Local Celebrity
To earn the Local Celebrity ribbon you simply need to friends -- and you do this by adding neighbors to your farm by inviting your Facebook friends or people you find in the feeds of your mates or people you know play the game, and send them a Neighbor invitation.

The number you need is not a stacking one -- in other words the first 4 neighbors gets you the Yellow Ribbon, and also counts for the 50 neighbors you need for the Blue Ribbon, not in addition to it.  You will find that the first 25 neighbors are the hardest, but once you get the Red Ribbon it just seems to be easier to get the other 25 you need. 

The operative catch here is that you need to have them all at the same time -- if you remove one it no longer counts towards the goal -- so it is fairer to say that the requirements should really say that you need 50 neighbors at one time to unlock it.

(28) Looking Fresh
This Achievement set is simple to obtain -- all that you need to do is change your avatar outfit once a day, and you will receive the Blue Ribbon after 20 daily outfit changes!

(29) Lord of the Plow
This one is not an easy-to-boost Achievement in that you are required to plow 10,000 plots using an actual plow as opposed to the hoe -- so this will take lots of time and lost of fuel -- so treat it like one of the sort that you get when you get them and do not bother trying to force it along.

(30) Need for Seed
This is another Achievement set that requires lots of time, effort, and fuel -- as you need to seed 10,000 plots with the seeder vehicle -- so take this one as it comes, and it will come over time -- and do not try to boost it.

(31) Noah's Ark
This is an easy-to-boost Achievement -- simply obtain eight different animals from the feeds by adopting them (since this will also help you work towards another Achievement) and then harvest each to obtain all four Ribbons.

(32) Not Spoiled, Gifted!
This will likely be one of the early Achievements you earn -- simply leave the gifts you receive in your Gift Box until you have acquired 21 unique gifts; you only need one in quantity but 21 in types to unlock the Blue Ribbon.

Collecting Stuff Comes Naturally

(33) Pack Rat
Another easy to boost Achievement -- this one will be the more easier once you have placed your Storage Cellar so that you can keep the stuff you buy for this so you can use them later. 

As there are other Achievements that relate to items placed on your farm -- the fence and hay bale ones -- it is an idea to boost this while doing those ones at the same time.  These Ribbons automatically unlock and you get the rewards when you have the required number of objects placed on your farm.

(34) Pretty Garden
While this is not easily boosted, it is one of the Achievement sets that you can easily work towards since it is cumulative -- meaning that you do not need to have all of the flower bunches placed on your farm at the same time like the fences or bales.  Simply surf the feed on a daily basis and, when one of our mates posts bunches to it, be sure to grab one from each post and place it on your farm!

(35) Style Maven
This Achievement set is obtained by purchasing the required number of clothing items for your avatar to meet the requirement for each level.

Note that this Achievement requires you to purchase 5 clothing items (Yellow), 10 clothing items (White),  20 clothing items (Red), or 40  clothing items (Blue) -- which will require you to use Farm Cash (real-world money) to complete the Blue Ribbon.

Alternate Tactic: You can get very close to the completed Blue Ribbon by accessing the avatar menu and changing your avatar's sex to whatever it is not normally, and purchasing all of the clothing items for the other gender -- which when you include the holiday costumes will bring you to only 2 missing ticks for the Blue Ribbon -- making it much less painful and expensive to obtain...

(36) Super Salesman
You have no control over this Achievement -- it is entirely dependent upon your neighbors deciding to purchase the goods that you produce in your primary crafting building.  The presumption is that if you are purchasing their goods, they will purchase yours.

(37) They of Mystery
This Achievement set is one of the less easy to earn for gamers who do not spend real money in their game play.  Normally you only get ticks towards this one when you have opened mystery boxes purchased at the market for 16 Farm Cash apiece. 

Fortunately every so often there are special Mystery Boxes added to the game gift catalog -- the most recent being the American Express Mystery Box promotion -- so it is a good idea to ask your mates to send you these free gifts to quickly unlock these Achievements.

(38) Tree Hugger
This is another easy-to-boost Achievement that only requires you to harvest crops from 15 unique trees.  Buying them from the Marketplace is one way you can do it, but as you can easily obtain seedlings and Watering Cans from the feeds, that is a cheaper way to do it, and will almost certainly get you tree species you cannot buy in the Marketplace and may get you some rare ones in the bargain!

(39) Vegetable Virtuoso
Another Achievement set that you will acquire in the normal course of playing the game, and planting and harvesting Vegetable crops.  Trying to boost this is counterproductive because of the large amount of crops needed.

(40) Zoologist
Here is another Achievement set that you may want to actively go after for the chunks of XP that it will give you -- plus the animal rewards that are part of each ribbon pay-off.  There is something of a catch here tho...

Normally every animal inside a building should count for this, right?  Well... Not so much, really. Let's say you have 20 cows in your Dairy Farm, and you harvest it -- that should add 20 ticks to this Achievement, but it does not.  It only adds one, and sometimes not even that, which is a bug, but that is not the point. 

The point here is that to efficiently work towards this Achievement you are best served by temporarily removing all animals from your animal buildings, and then harvest them individually.  This is especially true for chickens -- clear out the Coop and do them one at a time -- because they mature to harvest quickly.

The levels on this start with 15 animals harvested, but then it jumps to 500 animals, then 1,000 and finally 5,000 animals for the Blue Ribbon.

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