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Guide to Farming

Dragon City Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Guide to Farming

Farming is a necessity to get enough food for your dragons to level up and become more powerful - or more importantly to earn you more Gold.


Farms are the standard way to grow food for your dragons. You can build a lot of these and upgrade them, depending on what your Dragon City level is. You can see the Farm types listed below, along with how much they cost and the amount of EXP they get you:

Food Farm::
This is unlocked at Level 1, costs 100 Gold and earns 100 EXP.

Big Food Farm:   
This is unlocked at Level 8, costs 25,000 Gold and earns 25,000 EXP.

Huge Food Farm:
This is unlocked at Level 18, costs 500,000 Gold and earns 250,000 EXP.

What to Grow


You will want to think carefully about the food you should grow in your city, as picking the wrong crop can be a waste of time and effort. The better farms listed above can grow different food, more quickly and with a greater reward. You should pick the type of crop based on how long you are going to be away from Dragon City for - if you are leaving the game overnight, you may as well plany a long crop which will be ready when you get back and give you a good reward. If you will be at your computer the whole time, go for shorter crops.

Dragon Bell:   
This is grown at the Food Farm, takes 30 seconds to harvest, costs 50 Gold and gives you 10 Food and 25 EXP. Food per hour: 1200. Cost Per Food: 5 Gold.

Hot Dragon Chili:
This is grown at the Food Farm, takes 5 minutes to harvest, costs 250 Gold and gives you 50 Food and 250 EXP. Food per hour: 600. Cost Per Food: 5 Gold.

Caterpillar Lily:
This is grown at the Food Farm, takes 30 minutes to harvest, costs 1,000 Gold and gives you 150 Food and 1,000 EXP. Food per hour: 300. Cost Per Food: 6.6 Gold.

Unicorn Horn:
This is grown at the Big Food Farm, takes 2 hours to harvest, costs 5000 Gold and gives you 400 Food and 5,000 EXP. Food per hour: 200. Cost Per Food: 12.5 Gold.

Ladybird Blossom:
This is grown at the Big Food Farm, takes 6 hours to harvest, costs 15,000 Gold and gives you 1,000 Food and 15,000 EXP. Food per hour: 166. Cost Per Food: 15 Gold.

Rainbow Flower:
This is grown at the BigFood Farm, takes 12 hours to harvest, costs 75,000 Gold and gives you 3,000 Food and 75,000 EXP. Food per hour: 250. Cost Per Food: 25 Gold.

Spike Balls:
This is grown at the Huge Food Farm, takes 24 hours to harvest, costs 50,000 Gold and gives you 10,000 Food and 250,000 EXP. Food per hour: 416. Cost Per Food: 50 Gold.

Flesh Eaters:
This is grown at the Huge Food Farm, takes 36 hours to harvest, costs 1 million Gold (!) and gives you 20,000 Food and 500,000 EXP. Food per hour: 555. Cost Per Food: 50 Gold.   

Star Shines:
This is grown at the Huge Food Farm, takes 48 hours to harvest, costs 5 million Gold (!) and gives you 100,000 Food and 2,500,000 EXP. Food per hour: 2083. Cost Per Food: 50 Gold.   

TIP: Pick your crop based on the time you have, and the Gold available. If you can put the effort in, the quick crops are best. Going away for a while? Save up your Gold to buy some of the high-end crops to give you a nice windfall when you return.



A good way to skip some of the hassle above is to send gifts (and receive them) from your friends in Dragon City. It is possible to gift each other 1,000 Food each day, which is not too shabby! Use the Gift menu to do this and set up reciprocal gifting with your friends to add a nice little bonus to your game.

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not good tips
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Add 11th del septemb 2015
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Good tips!
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Apr 19th 2015 Guest
Nice game
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Apr 14th 2015 Guest
I play on iOS, but I usually go for the rainbow flowers when growing stuff, that way, I can quickly harvest and feed when I get up in the morning and when I get home in the evening.
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Nov 12th 2015 Guest
Added 14th Apr 2015, ID #542571
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Mar 29th 2015 Guest
you need 25kg/25thousand money to buy a huge farm on dragon city
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Mar 18th 2015 Guest
I have too many food farms, how do I sell one?
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Jul 15th 2014 Guest
the dragon city hack is not going

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well i get 50000 food for 5 milliol
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Is this for face book? I only get half of everthing
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how to build farms??????????/

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