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Dragon City Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Gold is the main currency in Dragon City. It is used to purchase items, including the all-important Dragon habitats and Dragon eggs, as well as things like buildings, decorations and expansions to your city.

How to Earn Gold:

Gold is earned primarily through collecting from your Dragon's habitats. Quite why they produce Gold is a bit of a mystery, but it is not really important. The higher a Dragon's level, the more Gold you earn from its habitat. Dragons up to level 20 can earn you well into the hundreds for every collection.

Note: Habitats have a maximum gold threshold where you will stop earning at a certain point. Most of the high earning dragons live in habitats with a low threshold, preventing you from gaining too much.

Other ways to earn Gold include selling Dragons you may no longer have a use for, as well as items and eggs. Bear in mind that you can also hire friends to help your acquisition of Gold.

Certain Dragons, such as the Jade Dragon, are quick to breed and sell for 100,000 Gold. You can set up your city so that it is focused on producing these Dragons for a quick monetary return.

Build the Stadium at the earliest opportunity so that you can fight in Combat World with your Dragons for an additional way to earn.


Gems are the 'premium currency' of Dragon City. That means that the main way to get them is to purchase them using real money. You can use Gems to speed up a variety of processes, perhaps most importantly the egg hatching process. They are also valuable as they can be converted into Gold or Food should you need either of these areas improving.

Other uses for your Gems are to upgrade the Hatchery, allowing it to hold more Eggs, expanding your current city or purchasing access to new islands, and general items.

How to earn Gems:

Unlike a lot of Facebook games, it is possible to earn the premium currency through means other than buying them with real money.

For starters, you get a free Gem every single time you level up. On their own, these won't be enough to make too much difference to your game, but every little helps.

A lot of quests in Dragon City reward you with a Gem. Breeding Hybrid Dragons will normally net you some Gems in reward.

Gems are also earned in the Stadium and Combat World Leagues - as long as you win.

Complete the various parts of the Book of Dragons to earn Gems as each one is ticked off. 5 Gems are given for completing the Legendary Dragons collection.

On Mondays, you have an additional opportunity to earn Gems. You can win up to 5 Gems in a draw - so make sure you check in each and every Monday to increase your chances of winning big. Similarly, if you log in every day, you can earn rewards, depending on how many consecutive days you have been logging in for.

Finally, you can get 'free' Gems for taking part in surveys and participating in certain offers. These are listed by clicking on the 'Earn Gems' button at the top of the screen.

Purchase Gems for the values shown below:

    - 25 Gems: $2
    - 65 Gems: $5
    - 140 Gems: $10
    - 300 Gems: $20
    - 800 Gems: $50
    - 1700 Gems: $100


Food is primarily gained through farming, which you can read more about in the section below. You can also get it by completing quests.


Experience Points are one of the many rewards for completing quests. It is important for leveling up and gaining access to more buildings and dragons - an important part of the game.

Although there is an intial level cap in Dragon City, you can extend this by building temples. The Magic Temple raises the level cap of Dragons to Level 20 from Level 15 and it becomes available at the general Level 25. The Noble Temple raises it to 25, available at general Level 20.

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Jul 9th 2015 Guest
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Mar 29th 2015 Guest
Where do you find the videos?
ID #534839
Mar 29th 2015 Guest
is there any codes
ID #534709
Mar 15th 2015 acer123
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Mar 13th 2015 Guest
to earn more gems watch videos instead of buying them
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kumaha carana cit
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Feb 24th 2015 Guest
benedict P. Espedilla
ID #520527
Jan 30th 2015 Guest
Don't know how to ask friend to unlock my habitats. Where to do that?
ID #509219
Sep 18th 2015 Guest
Go to what you need unlocked and click request friends
ID #609312
Jan 15th 2015 Guest
I got an issue. I breed the cool fire dragon way in the beginning but now I only only realized its not showing up in the collection. So question is how do I get it show with out breeding another one.
ID #501848
Dec 23rd 2014 Guest
Im level 43
How can habitats earn over 100000 thereshold max I saw it on you tube a guy collecting $385 k per collection.?
ID #489113
Dec 9th 2014 Guest
That ok
ID #482587
Nov 30th 2014 Guest
video reward skip to the end of the film and then try again again and again 10,000s of gold within seconds
ID #478923
Nov 9th 2014 Guest
U for hot about by watching videos
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