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Recipe List

ChefVille Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Recipe List

Here you will find a list of all the ingredients required to produce some of the dishes available in ChefVille. This should hopefully save you time when preparing the dishes - removing the need for you to scroll through all of the dishes in the game.

Veggie Kebab:
You make this using the Basic Grill. It takes just 30 Seconds to produce and needs 2 Tomatoes and 2 Mushrooms to do it.

Produce this on the Basic Grill. The ingredients required are 1 Sirloin Beef and 1 Wheat Bread. After 45 Seconds it will be ready to serve.

Philly Cheesesteak:
This is another item that should be cooked on the Basic Grill. Cook it for 2 Minutes using 1 Sirloin Beef, 2 Wild Onion and 1 Salt.

Grilled Steak Panini:
The Panini is grilled on the Basic Grill. It takes 6 Hours and uses 4 Sirloin Beef, 2 Wheat Bread and 5 Wild Onion.

Grilled Salmon:
The Basic Grill is where you should be cooking Grilled Salmon. You will need 12 Hours, 4 Salmon and 5 Lemon.

Meatball Sandwich:
You can make a Meatball Sandwich by using the Basic Grill. It will take you 16 hours, and the ingredients needed are 5 Sirloin Beef and 1 Tomato Sauce.

Bruschetta is baked in a Basic Brick Oven. It only takes 1 Minute, and requires 1 Wheat Bread and 2 Tomato.

Cheese Pizza:
Cook Cheese Pizza using a Basic Brick Oven. You will need to use 1 Dough and 1 Mozzarella. Let it cook for 4 Minutes.

Steak Florentine:
You can produce this using the Basic Brick Oven. Cook it for 5 Minutes using the combination of 2 Sirloin Beef, 2 Garlic and 2 Salt.

Calzones are baked in the Basic Brick Oven. 1 Tomato Sauce, 1 Dough and 1 Mozzarella are the ingredients to produce it. It takes 6 Hours to complete.

For this you should colect 5 Wild Onions, 2 Dough and 1 Pepper. 16 Hours are required for it to be finished.

Broccoli and Dip:
You make this complicated dish at the Basic Salad Station. It is created by combining Broccoli and Ranch Dressing - one of each. 2 Minutes of effort are needed before you can serve it.

Wild Mushroom Salad:
Use the Basic Salad Station and 1 Romaine Lettuce, 1 Wild Mushroom and 2 Tomatoes to make Wild Mushroom Salad. It will take 2 Minutes.

Caprese Salad:
This is another dish prepared at the Salad Station. It takes 5 Minutes and 5 Tomatoes, 1 Mozzarella and 2 Peppers to complete.

Caesar Salad:
You will need to wait 6 Hours for this to be prepared. 3 Romaine Lettuces and 1 set of Croutons are needed while at the Salad Station to finish it.

Garden Salad:
At the Salad Station, combine 4 Mixed Greens and 2 Ranch Dressing for 12 Hours to make this refreshing salad.

Macaroni Salad:
Using the Basic Salad Station, mix 2 Macaroni and 2 Mayonnaise for 16 Hours.

Springtime Spring Roll:
This dish needs 2 Macaroni and 2 Mayonnaise. It takes 16 Hours to complete and you should use the Intermediate Salad Station to make it.

Chicken Cobb Salad:
To make Chicken Cobb Salad, you need to mix 2 Romain Lettuce, 2 Free Range Chicken, and 2 Eggs together. Do this at an Intermediate Salad Station and be prepared to wait 5 minutes.

Chicken Lettuce Wrap:
On an Intermediate Salad Station, this 6 Hour dish requires 3 Romaine Lettuces, 4 Free Range Chickens and 1 Ranch Dressing before it will be ready to cook.

House Salad:
Use 5 Romaine Lettuce, 2 Croutons and 4 Mixed Greens at an Intermediate Salad Station to make this. It will take 12 hours.

Stay-at-the-Waldorf Salad:
To make the Stay-at-the-Waldorf Salad, mix 4 Apples with 2 Mayonnaise - you will need to wait 16 hours.

Wild Onion Bisque:
At the Soup Station, use 1 Milk, 2 Onion and 1 Pepper to cook this 2-minute meal.

Chilly Gazpacho:
5 Tomatoes and 4 Wild Onions need to be prepared for 5 minutes to produce this Gazpacho at the Soup Station.

Creamy Broccoli Soup:
For Creamy Broccoli Soup, use the Soup Station and mix 3 Broccoli and 2 Milk together. It will take 6 hours. Worth the wait...

Southern Dumplin:
Another Soup Station dish here: You will need 2 Dough, 5 Wild Onion and 4 Salt to produce it, as well as 12 hours waiting time.

Classic Tomato Soup:
For everyone's favorite soup, use the Soup Station, 2 Tomato Sauce, 2 Mozzarella and 2 Mixed Greens. It will take 16 hours.

Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes:
Use the Basic Broiler to make these Tomatoes. They will take 2 Minutes to cook and you need 2 Tomatoes, 1 Mozzarella and 1 Salt.

Quiche Barbara:
To make the Quiche Barbara, use the Basic Broiler and combine 1 Dough and 2 Egg together. It will be ready after 5 Minutes.

Garlic Cheese Bread:
This is made using the Basic Broiler. It takes 6 Hours and uses up 1 Garlic Toast and 2 Mozzarella.

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