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Multiplayer Tips

Battlefield: Bad Company Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Battlefield: Bad Company

Multiplayer Tips

There is only one mode on offer here: Gold Rush. It takes place on a scalable map which gets bigger as the game progresses. One team attacks and the other defends (this is switched round once the mission is completed). A pair of large crates is placed in a predefined location and you must either attack or defend them. Once they are destroyed a new pair is assigned deeper into the map, and the attackers main spawn point moves up too, with the defence falling back. If the attackers resources run out (the more respawns they use, the faster these go down) the game also ends.

The multiplayer is class based, with Support being by far the best. You can heal yourself and your teammates as Support, making it invaluable to both attackers and defenders. You can also unlock the Mortar Strike, which is a major plus. Assault is also decent, allowing you to go headfirst into combat and stand up relatively well against any situation. A grenade launcher on the bottom of your main weapon is a major plus too – great for making discreet paths through buildings! You can unlock the auto-injector to heal yourself after a few matches; vital for staying alive in the field (it takes a while to recharge after each use).

Bear in mind that anything can destroy the crates. While the general idea is thought to be to run up to them and arm a charge, giving the defenders a certain amount of time to get to it and disarm it, you can use a tank, bullets, grenades, C4, anything apart from melee combat to do damage to the crate. Without the alarm sound that goes off once a charge is armed, doing consistent damage using other means is the stealthy way to go.

Artillery barrages are also the constant bane of players, with streams of shells falling throughout the game and someone always manning them from the offset. A good idea if they are getting on your nerves, particularly as a defender is to go on a mission of your own to eliminate the gunner. If the attackers are more than one set of boxes in, there main spawn will have moved forwards, leaving the main base, often housing the artillery gun, completely free, save for the one kill-hungry gunner operating the weapon. Destroying the weapon will give you some peace temporarily, and will likely make the gunner from thinking twice about returning.

A new game mode, Conquest, is being developed and is set to be released via downloadable content soon.

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Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
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Apr 8th 2012 Guest
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Dec 28th 2011 Guest
can i heal myself if im not a medic
ID #99596
Dec 15th 2011 Guest
thanks 4 the advice, although it's a little late since i got 2 rank 25 around a month and 1/2 ago. but still thanks!!!!11111 my XBL gamertag is frozencomet007, spelled exactly the way u see it!!! i think demolition and support r the best..............

or "waz"
ID #95195
Jul 24th 2011 Guest
Sgt/Mjr,I got to the point where I am to follow some other trucks to a place where the satilite is located I think I am to explode the dish up. However, driving down the snow covered road is impossible to steer nor stay on the line(road). Further, I changed the mouse config in hopes to secure better control of the steering Hum, didn't help. Now, what's a soldier to do? yikes! what now sarge?
ID #60742
Dec 12th 2010 Guest
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ID #20849
Oct 25th 2010 Guest
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