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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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After landing, follow your team mates. Kill the enemies then open the drogue to get your second primary weapon. Go to the road and hop on the van. Upon reaching the enemy base, kill the guards as prompted then open the gate from inside the room. Fight your way uphill until you reach the poolhouse.

Once inside, enter through the door marked in your hud then go upstairs. Use your newly acquired sniper rifle to take out enemies at a distance. There will be enemy snipers so take them out quickly as well.

Continue inside the villa and take out the enemies inside. This is pretty straightforward so just keep pushing forward with your team mates until you reach a red room with more weapons and ammo cache. Cycle your weapons as needed then continue.

Room service!

Head downstairs and continue killing enemies. It's a hard to see so just use their own flashlights as your personal marker. After that, you'll need to head to the target range. This is where you can unlock yet another achievement. Take your time to land headshots against the cardboard targets. You can also kill enemy soldiers using normal means.

Practice makes perfect

Move upstairs and continue clearing out enemies. Run towards the exit, then jump on the helicopter. Press B during the action sequence and watch the next scenes.

You'll be controlling Blackburn next. Head to the poolhouse and go to the marker. Watch the scene and when you have the chance, shoot at your ally once to complete the mission.

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Comments for Kaffarov

6 comments, latest first.
Apr 3rd 2013 Guest
What are the names of the newly acquired rifle and scope? And can that combo be used in multiplayer?
ID #270074
Nov 16th 2012 Guest
when i get in the heli.. i press E or whatever... then i beat kaffarov then but after that mission fails and it says stay in the area of operation
ID #209034
Jun 9th 2012 Guest
when i try to shoot cole it didnt work i tried for like 10 times

ID #150820
May 28th 2012 Guest
I need a cheat that will pass me and not go into that shooting range because. I have tried it for 3 days straight and can't get the hang of it all do I have tried that shooting the heads and I did unlock one achievement but I die right after
ID #146387
Feb 12th 2012 Guest
Soooo u JUMP ON THE HELI in the Kaffarov mission? Gotta try that i was trying to shoot him but after repeating the mission 10+ times something's not right :D yeah! It worked!
ID #114375
Jan 3rd 2012 Guest
This helped a LOT. i dident know what to do when i got to the heli until i read this.thank you!
ID #102541