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Co-Op - Fire From The Sky

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Fire From The Sky - Co-Op

This can only be done online with a friend. Each mission has a corresponding achievement by accomplishing specific tasks. When attempting to unlock achievements, it is actually recommended to play the mission in Easy mode.

Bonus: Don't use the fire extinguisher to get the "Untouchable" achievement
For this mission, you and your buddy will have two different albeit very important roles. One will be the pilot and the other will be the gunner. The pilot will be responsible for keeping the chopper airborne while flying it as stable as possible for the gunner's convenience and efficiency, as well as evading enemy fire. The gunner will deal the most destruction as he has access to explosive, auto-cannon and hellfire missiles.
Aside from playing this on easy, it is also recommended to play with close friend so you can easily interact with each other. Though the pilot has access to unguided Hydra rockets, it is the gunner's main responsibility to take out enemies.

As soon as your fire teams have landed, two mortars will be marked in your map. The gunner must destroy the two of them quickly as your ground units head to their positions. Take out enemy foot soldiers along their paths and as they make it through the main road, two more targets and more foot soldiers will appear. Take them out as well.

Enemy armor will appear from the road up north. Be careful though since they have anti-air capability. Soften them up with your rockets then finish them with the cannon. Continue providing fire support to your fireteams below. A few moments later, two BMPs and a mobile AA will appear. The pilot must manuever the helicopter out of enemy gunfire while also allowing the gunner to counterattack. As long as you keep your height and remain mobile, you should be able to avoid too much damage.

Continue hammering down enemies until your fireteams reach the compound. Once there, a BMP will appear from the southwest while a BMP and mobile AA will appear from the northeast. Take out the lone BMP first, then carefully maneuver to destroy the other two high-priority targets.

After clearing the compound, your fireteams will work their way northeast to the extraction point. Continue providing support and take out more mobile AAs and BMPs. The mission is complete as soon as the fireteams boarded the transports and leave the area.

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