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Follow the dark path or use the light

Poached Eggs - World 2

Angry Birds Friends Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Poached Eggs - World 2

Level 2-1:

Send the Red Bird into the first tower, aiming to knock the wooden top off into the first pig. You can finish the level impressively using the Yellow Bird. You want to get it on a trajectory so that it dips into the helmetted pig, the other pig just to its right, and then continues into the wooden supports of the final structure. This should clear the level.

Level 2-2:

With the first Blue Bird, split it very high up so that one of the birds hits the pig up on the right. If you're lucky, the other two will go into the pit below and do some damage. You can then focus the next Blue Birds on the actual pit itself, aiming to spread out the damage across all of the glass blocks.

Level 2-3:

For this level, smash the first two Red Birds into the horizontal stone beam on the first level of the tower - you are trying to cause it to sway to the right and collapse. Any pigs that are remaining, clean them up using the Yellow Birds.

Level 2-4:

This is a simple two-bird level. Fire the Yellow Bird into the first structure, decimating it and taking out the pig inside (aim for the wooden center as this is where the Yellow Bird is strongest). Next, fire a Blue Bird over the top and into the glass blocks supporting the rocks up on the right. This will release the rocks down the slope and into the remaining pigs.

Level 2-5:

Use the first Black Bird to land on the middle tower, just to the left so that when it explodes, you take out both the middle and left-hand structures. Taking care of any remaining pigs with the Black Birds that you have left.

Level 2-6:

With the first Black Bird, send it up high to the right, landing on the pig furthest up to the right. You want to squish that bird and then detonate to dislodge the boulder and send debris down to the left. Finish off any stragglers with the next Black Bird.

Level 2-7:

Although you start off with a Yellow Bird, ignore the wood and just slam it into the stone side of the upper structure. Now that it has weakened, use the next Yellow Bird on a very high, almost vertical arc - you want it land slap-bang in the middle of the tower so that it punches a hole through the top. This should take out everything inside, but if not, use the Black Bird to pulverize anything left.

Level 2-8:

Using the Yellow Bird, target the wooden block supporting the second boulder along. This should send it to the right, where it will knock into more boulders and take out the pigs to the right. If you're lucky, the carcass of your Yellow Bird will drop down into the remaining pig. Use the Black Bird to blow up anything remaining.

Level 2-9:

Send the Black Bird into the first notch of the level, where the long wooden beams are. This will detonate and clear the way to the last set of blocks. Hopefully you should have a route through to the glass blocks using the Blue Bird now. Send a Yellow Bird through the wooden blocks that remain to reach the pig inside.

Level 2-10:

Launch the Yellow Bird on a direct trajectory into the first pig. It will travel through and knock into the one on the right, hopefully taking it out. If you're lucky, the stones from the tower will roll down into the middle and deal with the final pig.

Level 2-11:

For this level, send the Black Bird up high so that it drops through the right edge of the first tower, smashing into the glass circles. Once it detonates, it should destroy the left and right towers with the force. The next Black Bird you can land right in the middle to finish off anything to the right or in the center. Use a final bird to reach the middle pig if you haven't already got it - you can attack from the side as this will force the stone beams protecting the pig into it, squishing it more easily.

Level 2-12:

Use the first two Blue Birds and split them to take out the glass blocks on top of the structure. With the route into the center now cleared, send a Yellow Bird up high so that it comes down in the middle of the structure. This should take out the remaining pigs.

Level 2-13:

The Yellow Bird that starts off this level should be aimed at the single wooden beam in the left-side of the structure. This will cause part of the left half to collapse. Send the Black Bird into roughly the same place and detonate it to finish off the level. Use the next Black Bird if necessary just to tie things up.

Level 2-14:

With the first White Bird, fly it over the first two pigs and drop its egg bomb roughly on top of the trio of watermelons. You may get lucky and despatch all of the pigs with this tactic, but if not, use the next White Bird to deal with any remaining.

Level 2-15:

Send your first two White Birds on this level low into the main tower. Drop the egg bomb as late as possible (or even not at all) for maximum impact. Hopefully some debris and bird carcasses will drop down and take out pigs below (note that there is also TNT down there which you should aim to trigger), but use an extra White Bird to bomb through the gaps in the level if necessary.

Level 2-16:

This level requires a precision strike to begin with. Send a White Bird over the first two pigs and drop an egg bomb onto the TNT between them. Launch the second White Bird into the supports of the right-hand tower. Try to detonate the TNT, which should clear the level for you.

Level 2-17:

Drop an egg bomb using the White Bird between the first two towers. This should deal with most of the pigs on this level. Use the rest of the White Birds to mop up any pigs still standing.

Level 2-18:

For this level, aim the Blue Bird in a high arc and split it early so that at least one of the birds misses the first high pig and hits the glass of the one on the right. If you can hit the middle tower, so much the better. The debris should drop down and threaten the pigs below. Using the White Bird, aim for any high pigs still remaining, and try to use an egg bomb or force debris downwards to complete the level.

Level 2-19:

With this level, don't try to avoid the first wooden tower. Instead, aim the Black Bird at the second wooden block from the top of the tower. It should travel through and into the left-hand side of the main structure, where it will detonate. Send the next black bird close to the final pig and use the explosion to finish off the level.

Level 2-20:

Instead of aiming your White Bird at the main structure, fire it over the top. Drop an egg bomb just past the right-hand wall of the structure, so that it detonates next to the TNT crate. This will explode and should destroy everything on the level. If it doesn't use the Yellow Bird to finish off.

Level 2-21:

Using the White Bird, fire it so that it hits the top of the first pig. Drop the egg bomb just before impact to do some additional structural damage to the building. The Yellow Bird is fairly useless against the stone barricades, so just slam it into the side of the building to try and dislodge some of the exterior. You should aim to destroy one of the stone barriers with the Red Bird. Then, once you get to the next Yellow Bird, aim for the exposed wooden boards to deal extensive damage. The chances are you will now have just the pig on the right still remaining. Throw the Black Bird in its direction and detonate nearby to send debris flying into the final pig.

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