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Mighty Hoax - World 5

Angry Birds Friends Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Mighty Hoax - World 5

Level 5-1:

Using the first White Bird, bomb in between the first tower and the pig to the left of the beachball. Fire the next one into the side of the first tower to take out any pigs still inside, and spread debris across the right-hand side of the level. If pigs are still standing, pick them off with another White Bird.

Level 5-2:

This is one of the hardest levels in Angry Birds Friends. Fire the Blue Bird up high and split it when it passes above the first set of wooden squares - you need to be high up, nearly off the top of the screen. You want the three birds in the flock to hit the room that the moustache pig is living in and impact the helmetted pigs nearby. Hopefully, the room will topple to the right, taking out one helmetted pig and eliminating the moustache-pig in the process. You also need the stone bar from the room on the pedestal to fall to the left and take out the two pigs on the left-hand side of this level. Keep trying as it is possible with just the one bird.

Level 5-3:

Send the White Bird into the left-hand side of the stone roof on the second structure. This should cause much of it to collapse. Powerfully hit the Red Bird into the horizontal stone beam on the left side of the first structure to cause it to fall down too and detonate some TNT. Finish off any remaining pigs with the Yellow Bird.

Level 5-4:

Fire the Blue Bird up high, over the first structure, and split it so that you take out the two pigs on the right. We now want the first structure to collapse - to facilitate this, fire the Yellow Bird into the bottom left corner of it, aiming roughly for the pig in the lower-middle. Follow this with a second Yellow Bird, which should penetrate through into the pig. The upshot of this is that the structural integrity of the whole thing should be destroyed, causing the other pigs inside to be squashed.

Level 5-5:

Use the White Bird to smash into the side of the first stone wall - it will fall to the right and take out a few pigs. Use a second White Bird to bomb in between the helmetted and moustache pigs just to the right of the first structure. With the third White Bird, egg bomb the two pigs hiding beneath the wooden beam - you should aim to ricochet up into the stone structure to the right. With that weakened, one more White Bird and its egg should be enough to finish off the last pig.

Level 5-6:

Split the Blue Bird into the helmetted pig and the smaller pig just next to him. Next, fire the Yellow Bird into the second storey of the structure - where the wooden horizontal beam is. This should cause the left side of it to collapse. You should then have a nice nook in the center of the structure to lob the Black Bird into. Blow him up to decimate the rest of the level and all the pigs still standing.

Level 5-7:

The key to this level is patience, and the main stone tower. Fire your first two birds directly into the second piece of stone from the ground in that central tower. This is the small square. Two direct hits should destroy it, causing the tower to fall to the left and sink the boat. Next, send the Red Bird into the stone pillar just before the wooden structure on the right with the remaining pigs inside it to flatten it.

Level 5-8:

Fire the first Yellow Bird into the front of the boat, just below the prow so that it hits the glass water. You then want to use the next couple of Yellow Birds to reach the first set of TNT, which will blow much of the boat sky-high and should tirgger the second TNT, finishing off the level.

Level 5-9:

Use the Blue Bird and split it into the left side of the first structure so that it topples into all of the pigs immediately to its right. Send the Yellow Bird on a low trajectory into the small wooden squares supporting the very bottom of the main structure. This will collapse and should leave just one pig remaining, which you can of course take out with another Yellow Bird.

Level 5-10:

With the Blue Bird, split it above the helmetted pig. You should be able to take out that pig, as well as the two smaller ones either side of it. With a bit of skill you can use the Red Bird, targetted at the left side of the highest stone triangle in the water, to take out the first pig, then skip off into the moustache-pig and clear the level.

Level 5-11:

The important shot here is to use the first Yellow Bird to break the stone beam that is shielding the only crate of TNT. Fire it into the wooden bar underneath as this will cause it to fall away. You then have a clear shot at the TNT with the next Yellow Bird. This will hopefully leave just two pigs to the left. You can simply fire a final Yellow Bird right at these two to take them out.

Level 5-12:

The key for this level is to make it so the train can begin moving. You will notice how it is blocked by the wooden planks, and less obviously, by a small stone square just in front of the front wheel. Use the first two Red Birds to deal with these obstacles. It should then begin to roll, tantalizingly slowly. Once it has opened a gap to the wooden section of the second carriage, use the Yellow Bird to aim for the TNT within. The first carriage should now be collapsing upon itself, as the level is slowly completed.

Level 5-13:

Send the first Black Bird into the side of the pig in the stone room on top of everything else. Put the next one into the same area, leaning slightly further right - it should fall through onto the moustache pig below as you weakend the stone beam with the first shot. Once the Black Bird detonates, it should set off the TNT to the left and will hopefully catch the last pig on the right.

Level 5-14:

Use the White Bird to bomb the second stone square from the left. This will open a wooden route to the first pig and TNT. Aim for this gap with the Yellow Bird - the chain reaction will complete the level.

Level 5-15:

At the lower left side of this weird structure you will see a glass block. Above it is a wooden block. Fire the first Yellow Bird at this block, which will cause much of the structure to fall to the left. If you have a route to the last few pigs made up of only wooden beams (you may need a high arc to get the right trajectory), send a Yellow Bird through it. But don't worry if you need two to get right to the last pig.

Level 5-16:

Smashing a lot of glass is the theme to this level. Send the first Black Bird into the top platform of boulders. You want to smash them to the right (so detonate the bird as close to the boulders as possible), into all the glass and pigs. Repeat this with the next platform down, and then the next one, until all the pigs have been eliminated.

Level 5-17:

You have masses of Yellow Birds at your disposal for this level, but hopefully will only need a few. Send the first bird on a high arc so that it ploughs through the wood into the first pig (the left-hand one). Launch the next one on the same line so that it breaches the center of the structure, then again with the third bird. Hopefully the middle section will be destroyed now, and you can just use another bird or two to bring down the pigs left on each side of the chasm.

Level 5-18:

Using the first White Bird, drop its egg bomb directly between the first two pigs. If you get lucky, the carcass should ricochet up and into the pigs furthest to the right. You now should be able to reach some of the exposed support beams in the middle of the structure to do even more damage. Follow this up with a booming Black Bird right in the middle to send everything flying and, hopefully, finish the level.

Level 5-19:

Fire the Yellow Bird into the wooden tower next to the stone rocket on the right of this level. With the White Bird, aim for the now-exposed left-side of the rocket. Drop the egg bomb just before you hit it, and this should take out everything on this side of the level. Fingers-crossed, some piece of debris will trigger the TNT at the bottom and eliminate the moustache-pig.

Level 5-20:

Launch the Blue Bird up high so that when you split it, the flock falls down through the first horizontal glass section over the chasm of this Tower Bridge imitation. With the next Blue Bird, split it up high above the middle section of the bridge to remove the pigs within. Finally, use the third Blue Bird to split into the stones to the left of the final glass section and knock them into the last three pigs.

Level 5-21:

Shoot the Black Bird at the section just above the tiny horizontal stone beam in the middle of the first tower's wall. Detonate it inside, which should destroy all the pigs and the whole tower. Debris should take out the King and a few more of his cronies. With the Yellow Birds that follow, you should aim for the bottom left corner of the tower to the far right. You are aiming to damage it enough so that the final two White Birds can drop their egg bombs in the same place and rip into the pigs inside. You just need to tower to topple and you should be in the clear.

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Apr 21st 2013 Guest
i have played this game on my Nook HD and i have yet to score higher on the 5-16, is there another way to cheat on this? i am having a hard time.
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