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Follow the dark path or use the light

God of War Ascension

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God of War: Ascension Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 5: The Village of Kirra

Once the Chapter starts, destroy the objects outside the house for some extra orbs. Follow the path until you reach the outskirts of the village. Before doing anything, enter the house to the left first to find a red chest. Next, head to the right and follow the path to find two Chests containing a Phoenix Feather and Gorgon Eye.

First set of collectibles

Backtrack and destroy one of the doors to the right, beside some vases to access a red chest inside. Destroy the door in the next house to find another red chest.

Continue to the next area and it will be blocked. You have to defeat a couple of juggernauts and some wolves. The juggernauts are slow but pack a punch so avoid getting sandwiched and make sure to use quick and powerful combos. Killing them via grapple + QTE sequence also always yields health orbs so you may want to kill them that way whenever you have the chance.

After defeating the enemies, proceed to the right again and jump over the movable pedestal to reach the balcony of the house. Inside the room, you'll find another Phoenix Feather and another Artifact (Circe's Vial).

Second Treasure and Phoenix Feather

Destroy the door in the ground floor to find another red chest inside. Push the pedestal/cage to the previous area and push beside the house near the corner to access the red chest on the roof.

Continue forth and head to the right to find a crank. Don't operate it yet but go past it and check the left side of the contraption to find the second Gorgon Eye in this Chapter.

Crank Gorgon Eye

Operate the crank then backtrack to where you left the movable cage/pedestal. Climb the roof again and use the rope to reach the other rooftop. Continue past the bridge and climb the ladder. Cross the gaps and proceed further in the village. Destroy the first broken door to the right to find a red chest inside.

Proceed forth and interact with the fire of Ares to gain this ability. Keep killing the enemies and press R2 to stun and deal considerable damage to them. Once the enemies are wiped out, the door will open. Proceed forth continue until you exit the tunnel.

Open the health chest and continue to the next area. More enemies will ambush you so proceed and take out the javelin throwers first. Clear the remaining enemies and grab the Gorgon Eye from the rooftop of one of the houses as well as three red orb Chests.

House Gorgon Eye

Cross the broken bridge and grab the sling on the ground. Use it against the enemy forces in the area then proceed. Open the green/blue chest, depending on what you need. Scale the wall and continue to the left

Continue scaling the rock pillars until you make it to the top. After killing the enemies and before operating the contraption, open the two red Chests behind as well. Pull the crank in the middle up to the farthest point it can go then ride the platform up to the next broken bridge.

The door ahead can't be opened so scale the rock wall to the right past the chasm and continue to the next area. You'll find another red chest inside the ruined house ahead. Collect the red orbs and cross the wooden bridge. It will collapse and you'll have to fend yourself against the small group of beasts waiting below. After taking them out, you'll have to pull a pillar down to reach the upper floor. Do so but don't climb up yet.

Proceed to the right and enter the first house to find a red chest and a white chest containing the fourth Gorgon Eye in this Chapter.

House Gorgon Eye 2

From that house, follow the path to the right until you reach a Treasure room with a large, rotating roller. Follow it and go to the central platform. Pull the crank to the southwest first, then the northwest then finally the northeast. Make your way to the three platforms before the roller rolls in and slides them back into position. You'll find two red Chests, the fifth Gorgon Eye in this mission, a third Phoenix Feather and a crank that will disable the roller. This also Unlocks the trophy “Round and Round”

Rolling Crusher Puzzle

Backtrack to the spot where you pulled a broken pillar then make your way to the upper floor. Here, you'll face a naga. Use strong attacks to stun it briefly then follow it up with weaker attacks before evading. If it constricts you, press L1 and R1 rapidly until you're able to break free. Avoid its petrifying gaze or keep distance until it stops using it. Finally, perform a QTE kill for it to release blue orbs to replenish your magic meter.

Open the door and go through the corridors until you reach the next area/ Chapter.

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Feb 19th 2015 Guest
This was so helpful....i didn't know the cage was movable. thank you
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Aug 5th 2014 Guest
Good Job w\ da wlkthru helped when needed and the format of mixing the text witb correlating images. Made it ez ro navigate
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Jan 5th 2014 Guest
This helped me alot!
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May 23rd 2013 Guest
ID #284824
May 6th 2013 Guest
thanks for this walkthrough
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Apr 23rd 2013 Guest
how many enemies are in the fire of ares seems like they never end?
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