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Follow the dark path or use the light

God of War: Ascension

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God of War: Ascension Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 11: Delphi Catacombs

Collect the health and red orbs then proceed to the Hades gate. Interact with the burning pot to acquire the Soul of Hades ability. Vaporizing enemies using this ability yields green orbs. Kill all the enemies in the area to open the gate.

Head to the next room where two Talos statues will come to life. Equip your Hades Soul deal damage to these enemies. Killing them in QTE will always result in gold orb drops. After destroying them, move the statue in front of the ladder near the doorway. Use it to reach the ladder then climb up.

Once you've reached the upper ledge, go to the left to find a health chest. If you jump across the ledge to the lower left, you'll find a red chest as well. The door further left will be locked so jump back to the previous ledge and continue to the right to find a lever inside a room.

Pull the lever to reach the lower floor. Continue through the corridor to reach a hallway with spikes on the ground and you'll also get a glimpse of two white and red Chests at the end of that hallway. Jump on the first platform then pull the two snake heads above for them to release the time-bending green mist. Quickly make your way to the second platform and do the same. Run up to the ramp and pull yourself towards the door then smash it open. Run back from where you landed to find the chests and loot the Collectibles and orbs inside.

Delphi Catacombs Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather

Step on the green mist then move to the next room. Take out the enemy flyers first then open the red and green/blue Chests in the next room. Backtrack to the previous room then step on the second mist. Make your way to the next room again and quickly cross the open gate before time resets.

Kick the next door open to reach the main hall. Here, you'll fight shades. They'll be able to produce three ethereal minions that you can still damage and execute for extra orbs. Keep mobile and remember to pull the shades out from the ground by grappling them when they're burrowing. Be wary of their boomerang-like blades and don't hesitate to use magic if necessary. After getting rid of them, head to the opened gate to the right. You'll see a white chest with two red Chests in the closed gate to the left but ignore it for now.

Head to the opened gate and open the health chest as needed, then pull the lever to the left to activate the green mist. Step on the mist then go to the left. Pull the pillar when you get the prompt then climb the wall to the left. Scale it until you're able to jump to the platform.

Grapple the two statue heads then jump on the hourglass once the platform swings near it. Jump to the next ledge and pick up the glowing object to your immediate right to get a new Treasure. (Aletheia's Charm)

Delphi Catacombs Treasure

Head to the right to find a red chest, then continue to the left this time and pull the lever. Enter that room and jump across. Head to the right and enter the room past the red mist to find two red Chests inside.

Step on the mist then destroy the door to the right. Jump down to the lower floor and destroy the next door to the right to reveal a red and Gorgon Eye chest behind.

Delphi Catacombs Gorgon Eye 2

Backtrack to the previous hall then jump to the lower floor. Take out the enemies then move the statue in front of the fire. Step on the mist again then jump to the lower floor again and this time, move the statue on the wooden plank and wait for time to reset. This will enable you to bring the statue to the upper ledge.

Push the statue along the ledge until you make it back to the main hall. Push the statue over the ledge and continue pushing it past the mist. To the lower left lies a pressure plate where you can put the statue over. This will lift the gate to the upper left. Go there to get a Phoenix Feather and open two red Chests as well.

Delphi Catacombs Phoenix Feather 2

Now return to the statue and move it in the notch in the middle, right in front and under the platform above. Now step on the mist again, then use the statue as a foothold to reach the platform. Quickly grapple the two statue heads to swing the platform again and smash the hourglass. This will complete the area.

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3 comments, latest first.
Dec 15th 2013 yanmpy
Hey...just found another secret chest in this level.... when you are at the place where you have to decay time and take the statue to the upper level...just before breaking the door that will take you back to the giant hourglass main room , place the statue just in front of the door, use it as a foothold and jump to 2 red chests and 1 white Smile
ID #329901
Dec 13th 2013 yanmpy
Hey guys, awesome walkthrough....just wanted to say that, at the very beginning of the catacombs, just after you fall there, with the green mist still on...quickly run to the door just by the side of the 2 chests(just before the hades flame) and smash it open....thereĀ“s 2 chests there, one with phoenix feather and the other with gorgon eye Smile
ID #328775
Nov 30th 2013 Guest
Help so much!
ID #323821
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