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Follow the dark path or use the light
God of War: Ascension Pack Shot

God of War: Ascension

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God of War: Ascension Walkthrough and Guide

Gorgon Eyes

These Collectibles are found in White Chests. There are more than enough white Chests in the entire story. After collecting all the eyes, all succeeding white chests will just yield massive amounts of red orbs. Collecting all eyes will unlock the trophy “The Eyes Have It All”

Chapter 5: The Village of Kirra

1. Upon reaching the village proper, head to the right and follow the path to find two Chests containing a Phoenix Feather and Gorgon Eye.

First set of collectibles

2. Continue north of the village to find a large crank. Don't operate it yet but go past it and check the left side of the contraption to find the second Gorgon Eye in this Chapter.

Crank Gorgon Eye

3. After getting the Fire of Ares, continue past the tunnel until you reach a small yard where you have to kill all enemies. Grab the Gorgon Eye from the rooftop of one of the houses as well as three red orb Chests.

House Gorgon Eye

4. After reaching the part where the wooden bridge collapses and killing off a bunch of beasts, proceed to the right and enter the first house to find a red chest and a white chest containing the fourth Gorgon Eye in this Chapter.

House Gorgon Eye 2

5. From that house, follow the path to the right until you reach a Treasure room with a large, rotating roller. Follow it and go to the central platform. Pull the crank to the southwest first, then the northwest then finally the northeast. Make your way to the three platforms before the roller rolls in and slides them back into position. You'll find two red Chests, the fifth Gorgon Eye in this mission, a third Phoenix Feather and a crank that will disable the roller. This also Unlocks the trophy “Round and Round”

Rolling Crusher Puzzle

Chapter 6: The Cistern

6. After clearing the large area of parasitic insects, climb the ox statue and make your way to the aqueduct. Turn left immediately to find two red Chests and a Gorgon Eye chest at the end.

Aqueduct Gorgon Eye

7. After obtaining the Ice of Poseidon, follow the path and you'll find this inside a white chest along the way, right in plain view.

Poseidon Gate Gorgon Eye

Chapter 7: Tower of Delphi

8. Make your way up until you exit the tower. Head to the right first to find two red Chests, then continue to the left and take out the eggs/ hatchlings. Proceed past the ladder and you'll find another red chest and a Gorgon Eye chest.

Delphi Tower Gorgon Eye

9 . After reaching the other part of the red python, go up the ramp to the left first to find an hole in the brown python's side where a red chest and Gorgon Eye is found.

Brown Python Gorgon Eye

Chapter 8: The Python's Belly

10. Shortly after obtaining the Lightning of Zeus and after collecting the Phoenix Feather, jump down to the python below. Before sliding down the ramp, run to the opposite direction and follow the path until you find a Gorgon Eye and a red chest.

Brown Python Gorgon Eye 2

Chapter 10: The Temple of Delphi

11. After defeating the cerberus, pull the ramp ahead then head to the statue emitting green mist to the left. This will change the time. Go past the main door and break down the door to the far right to find two Chests containing a Gorgon Eye and a Phoenix Feather.

Delphi Temple Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather

12. After the scene, step on the green mist then take the stairs to the right first. Destroy the door and follow the path until you reach the next hallway. Defeat the enemies to unblock the pathways. Now in the middle of the hallway is a movable statue. Grab it and push it towards the first room to the right. At the upper level of the room lies two red and White Chests. Push the statue under the metal grate to the right then touch the green mist to make the grate fall down on the statue's head. Jump on it to reach the goodies.

Delphi Temple Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather, East

13. From the entrance, step on the green mist and take the stairs to the left. Destroy the door and continue to the hallway. Kill the enemy to remove the barricades. Grab the movable statue in the middle-right of the hallway. Push it inside the lower left room then place it on top of the pressure plate. Now step on the green mist, push the statue out of the pressure plate then head towards the gate. Once the time returns to normal, push forward to enter the next room. Grab the Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather inside, as well as two red Chests and a lever to disable the gate.

Delphi Temple Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather, West

Chapter 11: Delphi Catacombs

14. Continue until you reach a hallway with spikes on the ground and you'll also get a glimpse of two white and red Chests at the end of that hallway. Jump on the first platform then pull the two snake heads above for them to release the time-bending green mist. Quickly make your way to the second platform and do the same. Run up to the ramp and pull yourself towards the door then smash it open. Run back from where you landed to find the chests and loot the Collectibles and orbs inside.

Delphi Catacombs Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather

15. After entering the room behind the two statues holding an hourglass, step on the mist then destroy the door to the right. Jump down to the lower floor of the main hall and destroy the next door to the right to reveal a red and Gorgon Eye chest behind.

Delphi Catacombs Gorgon Eye 2

Chapter 14: The Cistern

16. Defeat the enemies along the way then restore the broken part of the aqueduct using the amulet. Once repaired, continue to the end of the aqueduct to reach the Gorgon Eye chest and two red Chests.

Cistern Gorgon Eye

Chapter 15: The Grotto

17. As soon as you start, dive down and follow the cavern to the right. Swim up when you see the clear water above to find two Chests containing a Phoenix Feather and a Gorgon Eye.

Grotto Cavern Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather

18. Once you've reached the Harbor of Kirra, go to the left and you'll find two White Chests in the upper corner.

Kirra Harbor Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather

Chapter 17: Martyr's Chamber

19. After solving the martyr's chamber and making it to the upper ledge to the right, go to the right to find a white chest.

Martyr Chamber Gorgon Eye

Chapter 18: Delos Landing

20. Make your way up to the foot of the statue but instead of going straight forth, head to the right to find the last gorgon eye to upgrade your health and a red chest.

Delos Landing Gorgon Eye

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