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Super Smash Brothers Melee cheats hints and tips for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Super Smash Brothers Melee cheats



Jigglypuff: beat Classic or Adventure mode with any character exept Mario on any difficulty with any amount of lives.

Dr. Mario: beat Classic or Adventure with Mario on any difficulty and any amount of lives without losing any lives. This is why you'd best not use Mario to get Jigglypuff.

Young Link: beat Classic or Adventure with ten of the fourteen original characters.

Falco: beat the 100 man melee. The best solution is to use DK and use his down and B move.

Ganondorf: beat Event match 29.

Luigi: complete the first stage of Adventure mode (Mushroom Kingdom) with a 2 as the fourth number in the timer.

Pichu: beat Event match 37.

Marth: play as all fourteen original characters in VS mode. Usding some as CPUs won't work but here's a trick, go to Jungle Japes with you and a level 9 CPU Ness. When the match starts just stand there and Ness will jump towards you but end up self-destructing. Easy.

Roy: beat Classic or Adventure mode with Marth on any difficulty with any amount of lives.

Mewtwo: play a COMBINED VS time play total of twenty hours.

Mr. Game and Watch: beat Classic or Adventure mode with all 24 other characters.


Brinstar Depths: play 50 VS matches.

Fourside: play 100 VS matches.

Big Blue: play 150 VS matches.

Pok� Floats: play 200 VS matches.

Mushroom Kingdom II: find a Birdo or Pidget trophy.

Yoshi's Island N64: hit the Sandbag over 300 metres in Home Run contest.

DK Jungle N64: clear the 15-minute melee.

Dreamland N64: clear Target Test with all 25 characters.

Flatxone: beat Classic or Adventure mode with Mr. Game and Watch without any continues.

Battlefield: clear All-Star mode with any character, and difficulty, any amount of lives and without any continues.

Final Destination: beat Event match 51.


Mew in Pok�ball: unlock all characters and stages and Mew (rarely) will appear in a pok�ball.

Celebi in Pok�ball: get all 292 trophies and Celebi (rarely) will appear in a pok�ball.

Mario look a bit like Wario: change Mario's costume to yellow.

Peach look (exactly) like Daisy: change Peach's cstu,me to the one where she has a yellow dress and brown hair.

Alternate music: when selecting a stage hold L and R down before pressing A and keep them held down when the stage is loading. Note that this does NOT work for all stages and in VS mode all players must hold down L and R. And it does not work for all stages that do this unless you do certain things for exeample if you want the Fire Emblem tune on Hyrule Temple you must unlock Marth (not sure about Roy too) first.

Different music in the Trophy Gallery: once you have unlocked Sound Test go on it and listen to a music. Exit Sound Test without turning off the music and go to the Trophy Gallery. The music you were last listening to in Sound Test will be playing.

Team Battle extra lives: on VS Team Battle when you lose your last life press START as soon as you die and you will appear again as if you have one life left. This does not always work. Good luck with it.

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