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Soul Calibur II


Story Guide

by Roto13

                    Transcending history, and the world.
               A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.
               (Wow. That sounded a lot cooler in the game.)

 ****    ****   *    *  *           *****   *        ****   *****   *****
*       *    *  *    *  *           *    *  *       *    *  *    *  *
*       *    *  *    *  *           *    *  *       *    *  *    *  *
 ****   *    *  *    *  *           *****   *       ******  *    *  *****
     *  *    *  *    *  *           *    *  *       *    *  *    *  *
     *  *    *  *    *  *           *    *  *       *    *  *    *  *
 ****    ****    ****   ******      *****   ******  *    *  *****   *****



            *****   ****   *       ******  *****   *    *  *****
           *       *    *  *         **    *    *  *    *  *    *
           *       ******  *         **    *    *  *    *  *    *
           *       *    *  *         **    *****   *    *  *****
           *       *    *  *         **    *    *  *    *  *  *
           *       *    *  *         **    *    *  *    *  *   *
            *****  *    *  ******  ******  *****    ****   *    *

                                                Story Guide
                                                By Roto13

0.00 - Table Of Contents

	Ctrl+F is your friend.

	0.00 Table of Contents - Guess what this is?
	1.00 - Introduction - A few words from me.
	2.00 - Updates - So very obvious.
	3.00 - Stories - Re-caps of the Soul Calibur and Soul Blade stories.
		3.01 - Origin of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur
		3.02 - Soul Blade Story Prologue
		3.03 - Soul Blade/Soul Edge Story
		3.04 - Soul Calibur 1 Story
		3.05 - Soul Calibur 2 Story
	4.00 - Profiles - Everything there is to know about the characters.
		4.01 - Abyss
		4.02 - Algol
		4.03 - Amy
		4.04 - Arthur
		4.05 - Astaroth
		4.06 - Cassandra
		4.07 - Cervantes
		4.08 - Charade
		4.09 - Edge Master
		4.10 - Hilde
		4.11 - Hwang
		4.12 - Inferno/SoulEdge
		4.13 - Ivy
		4.14 - Kilik
		4.15 - Li Long
		4.16 - Lizardman
		4.17 - Maxi
		4.18 - Mitsurugi
		4.19 - Nightmare
		4.20 - Night Terror
		4.21 - Olcadan
		4.22 - Raphael
		4.23 - Rock
		4.24 - Setsuka
		4.25 - Seung Mina
		4.26 - Siegfried
		4.27 - Sophitia
		4.28 - Taki
		4.29 - Talim
		4.30 - Tira
		4.31 - Voldo
		4.32 - Xianghua
		4.33 - Yoshimitsu
		4.34 - Yunsung
		4.35 - Zasalamel
	 5.00 - Guest and Bonus Characters - Characters that may not be canon
		5.01 - Angol Fear
		5.02 - Apprentice
		5.03 - Ashlotte
		5.04 - Assassin
		5.05 - Berserker
		5.06 - Darth Vader
		5.07 - Greed
		5.08 - Heihachi
		5.09 - Hualin
		5.10 - Johan Durer
		5.11 - Kamikirimusi
		5.12 - Link
		5.13 - Lizardman
		5.14 - Lynette
		5.15 - Miser
		5.16 - Necrid
		5.17 - Revenant
		5.18 - Spawn
		5.19 - Sheherazade
		5.20 - Shura
		5.21 - Valeria
		5.22 - Yoda
	 6.00 - Stages Of History - The arenas are important, too.
		6.01 - The Adrian and the Fortress
		6.02 - Chaos
		6.03 - City of Water
		6.04 - The Coliseum
		6.05 - Egyptian Crypt
		6.06 - Egyptian Ruins
		6.07 - Emperor's Garden
		6.08 - Eurydice Shrine Gallery
		6.09 - Harbour of Souls
		6.10 - Hoko Temple
		6.11 - Hwangseo Palace - Phoenix Court
		6.12 - Imperial Capitol Ayutthaya
		6.13 - Kaminoi Castle - Sakura-Dai Gate
		6.14 - Kunpaetku Shrine
		6.15 - Labyrinth
		6.16 - Lakeside Coliseum
		6.17 - Maze of the Dead
		6.18 - Money Pit
		6.19 - Money Pit - Top Tier
		6.20 - Ostrheinsburg Castle
		6.21 - Ostrheinsburg Chapel
		6.22 - Palgaea Shrine
		6.23 - Palgaea Shrine - Lowest Level
		6.24 - Pirate's Alcove
		6.25 - Proving Grounds
		6.26 - Shrine of Eurydice
		6.27 - Silk Road Ruins
		6.28 - South France Mansion - Library
		6.29 - Takamatsu Castle
		6.30 - Tartaros
		6.31 - Valentine Mansion
		6.32 - Village of the Wind
		6.33 - Water Labyrinth
		6.34 - Xiwei Siege Ruins
	 7.00 - Edge Master Mode Transcripts - Most of them don't really count.
		7.01 - Cervantes
		7.02 - Hwang
		7.03 - Li Long
		7.04 - Mitsurugi
		7.05 - Rock
		7.06 - Seung Mina
		7.07 - Siegfried
		7.08 - Sophitia
		7.09 - Taki
		7.10 - Voldo
	 8.00 - Organizations - Fygul Cestemus and the like.
 		8.01 - Fygul Cestemus
		8.02 - Li-Seng Shu
	 9.00 - Glossary - Look up words.
	10.00 - More Random Facts - Just some stuff.
	11.00 - Notes - Just some more stuff.
	12.00 - Credits - With Taki as "The Hopping Woman!"
	13.00 - Conclusion - Well, there you go.
	14.00 - Copyright - Does this really count?

1.00 - Introduction

	Well, here it is. This is my first attempt at an FAQ of any kind. In
case you're wondering, it's a guide to the story line for the Soul Calibur
series. Yeah, I didn't know that you could do this either, but I saw one that
showed the connections between characters in various Capcom games, like
Street Fighter and Final Fight. Did you know that Haggar and Zangief are
rivals? Yeah, strange, huh?

	I decided to write this guide for several reasons. One being that
I've always wanted to write an FAQ, but there always seemed to be too many
Walkthroughs for a game, months before it hit's North America, and that
goes for the In-Depth FAQs as well. Also, writing a weapon list or move list
always seems like it would be pretty boring, just regurgitating information
you made a note of earlier. Another reason for writing this guide is that
many people tend to comment of the complexity of the Soul storyline.

	If anyone had any Soul Blade or Soul Calibur 1, 2, or 3 information not
mentioned in this FAQ, then let me know. My e-mail address is

	Just be sure to have the words "Soul Calibur" or something to that
effect in the subject.

	Addendum: I haven't touched this thing in two years, so my mental
to-do list is pretty fuzzy. I've lost track of what I meant to do but hadn't
gotten around to. So far I know that I haven't created profiles for most of the
SC3 bonus characters, and I haven't added info for any of the SC3 stages yet,
so that's all stuff I have to do. If you notice any mistakes or anything (and
there should be a lot at this point, if only because some information is bound
to be out dated) feel free to send me an email.

	Anyhoo. On you go. Just be warned that this guide contains every possible
spoiler I can think of.

2.00 - Updates

	The most recent version of this guide can always be found on my
computer. ;P The second most recent version, and the one you have access to,
can be found at (It seems to me that I got an e-mail from asking for permission to use my guide. I gave it to them,
but I never checked the site. They said they would keep it updated, though.)
A complete list of allowed sites can be found in section thirteen.

		- October 29, 2003:  First version. Completed main guide.
		- November 6, 2003:  Second version. Fixed some spelling errors.
		                     Added two new joke statistics, "Favoured
		                     By" and "Day Job," (inspired by an article
		                     in EGM.) Added a few new random facts.
		                     Added a description of Siegfried's Faust.
		                     Added an updates section. Added a few
		                     things I received from a reader in Kilik's
		- November 7, 2003:  Fixed a single mistake in Maxi's bio. It
		                     used to say that Kilik attacked Kilik. It
		                     doesn't now. That's why it's "Fixed." Added
		                     two new joke statistics, "Likes" and
		                     "Dislikes." Added "Destined Battle" stats.
		                     Moved around some sections (like this one).
		                     Added "Notes" section. Added "More Random
		                     Facts" section. Added a few things to the
		                     bios. Added a "Credits" section. (It's
		- December 9, 2003:  Changed the incorrect random facts in
		                     Sophitia's bio about the gods, now stop
		                     e-mailing me, dammit. Added what little
		                     info I know about Li Long. Added a bunch
		                     of Soul Blade stuff. Added Fygul Cestemus
		                     Info. Added many, many random facts. Be sure
		                     to check out the big one in Xianghua's Bio.
		                     Changed Raphael's "Day Job." This guide is
		                     almost triple the size it was last update.
		                     Changed the title "Art" (and I use the term
		                     loosely.) Fixed a few spelling errors.
		- February 9, 2004:  Just a few random additions. Why didn't
		                     anybody tell me that it's not "Nobunga,"
		                     it's "Nobunaga?"
		- February 20, 2004: Finished all of the endings for Soul Blade!
		                     I guess this thing is pretty much finished.
		                     Any more updates will probably be pretty
		                     small (at least until SC3.) Added a few
		                     random facts, including Exclusive (or not)
		                     info about Soul Calibur 3 in the Random
		                     Facts section. Changed Lizardman's "Day Job"
		                     Check the More Random Facts section for a
		                     fact that may or may not interest you. (The
		                     second one.)
		- February 28, 2004: Even more tiny little changes. Added a few
		                     small things, moved some stuff, corrected
		                     some spelling. Hey, I'm just killing time
		                     before "This Hour Has 22 Minutes."
		- April 20, 2004:    More small stupid stuff. Added a few new
		                     things to the profiles. Wow, it's been a
		                     while, huh? Added a new character specific
		                     joke profile category-thingy. Just for fun.
		                     Also fixed one spelling error. You get a
		                     cookie if you can figure out which word was
		                     spelled wrong. It's been so long, huh? Did
		                     you miss me?
		- May 10, 2004:      Added some move translations for Talim.
		                     Moved all of the Edge Master Mode
		                     Transcripts to their own section. They
		                     didn't really fit in with the profiles,
		                     since there are a lot of lies in them and
		                     I'd like to keep the profiles accurate.
		                     Also, they got in the way a lot. Added a
		                     tip for finding things in the Table of
		                     Contents. Not everybody is computer
		- May 20, 2004:      Fixed a few inaccuracies in the Soul Calibur
		                     story summary. Nothing major, it was just a
		                     bit unclear. Added a few random facts. Oh,
		                     and somebody sent me their Soul Blade game!
		- June 4, 2004:      Biggest update in a while. Added a synopsis
		                     for each Soul Blade character's story.
		                     Started a glossary section. I'm in the
		                     process of going over the whole guide to
		                     fine-tune it. Could somebody remind me who
		                     Kuma is in Tekken?
		- July  1, 2004:     Tiny updates for Xianghua, Li Long and
		                     Heihachi. Added the SC1 destined battles.
		                     I discovered a new random Seung Mina fact
		                     worth checking out. If you only check one
		                     new thing in this guide, check the second
		                     last random fact for Mina. Added some
		                     general random facts. Created a "Stages"
		                     section. I left out the SB stages out of
		                     sheer laziness. If you want to send me a
		                     description of one or more of them for me
		                     to use here, feel free to do so. Added a
		                     new rumour for SC3 in the Random Facts
		                     section. Turns out I completely forgot to
		                     mention Hwang's SB weapon. Added a new note
		                     for the first time in forever. Added two
		                     new statistic-ma-bobs for each character.
		                     Bought a PS1, so now I can find out more
		                     stuff about Soul Blade.
		- August 4, 2004:    Some small updates. Alphabetized the
		                     credits. There's really nothing new worth
		                     looking at.
		- August 24, 2004:   I'm now looking for an ASCII art for the
		                     end of the guide. For details, see the
		                     first note in the "notes" section. Also
		                     added a few random facts.
		- November 25, 2004: Not a lot is new. I used a spell-checker to
		                     fix it up a little. My spelling is horrible.
		                     It's pretty easy to tell which parts I did
		                     late at night. Created a section for SC3
		                     info, but it's pretty empty so far.
		- April 29, 2005:    Fixed some stuff, added some stuff. Removed
		                     some stuff. Long time since the last
		- August 20, 2005:   Wrote up my own take on the Soul Blade
		                     endings. I also started the profiles for the
		                     three new SC3 characters, but I really don't
		                     know anything about them yet.
		- September 12, 2005:Added the profiles for Zasalamel and Tira and
		                     updated the profiles for Taki and Mitsurugi. I
		                     will do more profiles as I have free time.
		                     Also changed the Fygul Cestemus section to a
		                     sub section. Look to see why.
		- September 23, 2005:Added a profile for Arthur. (who?) Updated the
		                     profile for Setsuka. Updated the profiles for
		                     Astaroth and Voldo.
		- October 2, 2005:   Updated Raphael. I know. Small update.
		- October 24, 2005:  Updated Siegfried's, Nightmare's, Kilik's,
		                     and Talim's stories.
		- October 29, 2005:  Updated Maxi, Tira, Setsuka, and Sophitia.
		                     Added endings for Mitsurugi, Sophitia,
	 	                     Tira, Setsuka, Raphael, and Siegfried.
		- October 31, 2005:  New ending for Nightmare. New profile for
		                     Rock. New ending for Rock. Story and
		                     ending for Yunsung.
		- November 8, 2005:  Endings for Voldo and Zasalamel. Endings
		                     for Ivy and Astaroth. Ending and profile
		                     for Yoshimitsu. Ending for Cassandra.
		                     Ending for Kilik. Ending for Seung Mina.
		                     Profile for Abyss. Profile and ending for
		                     Olcadan. Ending for Talim. Ending for
		                     Maxi. Profile and ending for Xianghua.
		                     Profiles and endings for Cervantes and
		                     Lizardman. That's all the endings!
		- November 17, 2005: Added Night Terror's profile. Added to
		                     Xianghua's profile. Re-numbered the
		                     profiles. Added a new story in the story
		                     Section. Looks like I left out Cassandra's
		                     profile before. Whoops. Sorry bout that.
		- August 2, 2006:    zOMG Update! Updated Yunsung and Seung
		- July 7, 2008:      Wow, it's been forever. The impending
				     release of Soul Calibur IV has inspired
				     me to get to work on this guide again.
				     I'm hoping to have everything from Soul
				     Calibur III added by the time SC IV comes
				     out. So far, I've added the origin of
				     Soul Calibur, as well as the SC3
				     profiles for Amy, Arthur, Hwang, and Li
				     Long. I also cut out all of the joke
				     profile fields. They're gone forever!
				     Also removed the "What Really Happened"
				     profile sections because
				     they were redundant.
		- July 9, 2008:      Apparently my email address was wrong in a
				     lot of different places. Whoops.
		- July 31, 2008:     Not a lot done. I needed to update my
				     contact info and submit this to the SC IV
				     section. I do have a copy of SC IV, so
				     expect information from that in the
				     not-too-distant future.
		- August 1, 2008:    Updated some profiles for SC IV.
				     Mitsurugi, Darth Vader, The Apprentice,
				     Lizardman, and Sophitia.
		- August 5, 2008:    Updated Hilde, Siegfried, Nightmare, Amy,
				     Cassandra, Raphael, Setsuka, Taki, Maxi,
				     Voldo, Tira, Xianghua, Kilik, Astaroth,
				     Ivy, and Yun-Seong.
		- August 7, 2008:    Updated Seong Mi-Na, Rock, Cervantes,
				     Talim, Yoshimitsu, Zasalamel, and Algol.
				     That's all of the regular characters! Also
				     created a new section just for bonus and
				     guest characters. I think it's better
				     organized that way.
		- August 9, 2008:    Updated profiles for Angol Fear, 
				     Kamikirimusi, Shura, Ashlotte, 
				     Scheherazade, and Yoda. That about covers 
				     the SC IV characters.

3.00 - Stories

	Here, I will recap the stories of the first two games. The Soul
Calibur 1 story was based on my knowledge of the game from playing it and
Soul Calibur 2. I'm pretty sure it's very accurate. The story for Soul
Blade was based off the prelude included in the Soul Calibur 1 art gallery,
so you know it's accurate. It isn't necessarily word for word, however,
because that would be boring. Now included, the Soul Calibur 2 story.

3.01 - Origin of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur

	The sword was actually forged by a man, long ago. It started as a normal
sword, but after countless years of bloodshed, it was tainted and became a
demonic weapon that devoured the souls of humans. It eventually became a legend,
appearing many times throughout history.

	It eventually ended up in the hands of a powerful hero, who, because of
his strong will, could wield Soul Edge without being controlled by it. Using
Soul Edge, he brought peace, and was hailed as a king.

	But there are always those who oppose great men. In this case, it was the
king's son, who (unwittingly) took the cursed sword for himself. He was
overpowered by the evil within the sword and lost his will. The king was forced
fight his own son, and managed to shatter the blade with a powerful blow. Sadly,
that same blow took the life of his son.

	After the battle, Soul Edge was nowhere to be found. It had once again
vanished from history, immortalized as a legend.

	The king was devastated by the loss of his son, but refused to submit to
the grief. He knew the sword would one day appear again to cause more pain.
Because of this, the king vowed to create a holy weapon that could defeat Soul
Edge. The king enlisted the help of the greatest sage in the land. Using
purified fragments of Soul Edge, the king created the holy sword. After a
number of
failed attepmts, Soul Calibur was born. In doing so, however, the king lost his
life in exchange for the sword's power. Soul Calibur had to be kept safe until
return of SOul Edge. A sect of guardians was created to carry out the will of
the king. Living in seclusion, these guardians passed the sword down from
generation to generation. Each time Soul Edge reappeared, Soul Calibur was there
to prevent the cursed weapon from committing unspeakable atrocities. Stories of
the battles between the two weapons became legends and fairy tales.

3.02 - Soul Blade Story Prologue (Based on the Instruction Manual)

	I'm pretty sure that this is supposed to be spoken by some guy in a
bar or something like that.

	KNOW THIS; these whispered  tales of a  sword that can cut the very
heavens asunder are true! This Soul Edge exists! Many have tried to possess
this legendary weapon but all have fallen to a horrible fate. Vercci, the
Italian weapon merchant sought out the blade and you know of his grisly
end! His agent, the pirate Cervantes de Leon was last said to possess the
sword and has not been seen since! That blade is cursed as sure as I
sit here! Be warned, ye are not the only one on this quest! Ten warriors
from around the globe seek the blade for their own desires. For some,
Soul Edge is their key to salvation; for others, their route to damnation.
None of them will back down without a fight! Only the stout of heart and
strong of arm can survive. Heed my warnings! They say to hold Soul Edge
is to possess true power, but ye cannot hold on to it and your own soul at
the same time...

3.03 - Soul Blade Story (Based On Soul Calibur 1 Art Gallery)

	Under the influence of the twin swords, Soul Edge, Cervantes slew
his entire crew, and everybody in a nearby port town. After he was done, and
with Soul Edge temporarily satisfied, he went to the ruins of the "Black
Tail Inn" to sleep in preparation for the birth of the "Child of the Evil

	Over the next 20 years, rumours about Soul Edge spread across the
world. Some called it the "Sword of Salvation," some called it the "Ultimate
Weapon." Some set out to find Soul Edge for their own purposes.

	Those who managed to reach Soul Edge wished they hadn't, as the evil
blades devoured their souls.

	One woman, Sophitia, managed to destroy one of the swords in a battle
to the death with Cervantes. Sophitia was injured by the fragments of Soul
Edge. With half of Soul Edge destroyed, Cervantes became enraged, as if she
had destroyed a part of his body. He was about to finish her off, when Taki
stepped in. With his equilibrium broken, Cervantes lost to Taki in the end.

	Taki obtained a fragment of Soul Edge, and departed with the badly
injured Sophitia, whose life hung by a thread.

	Siegfried, the "Innocent Darkside," was on his own quest to find Soul
Edge, the "Sword of Vengeance." When he arrived, however, all he found was
the corpse of a pirate. The sword clutched in its hand caught Siegfried's
attention, so he approached the corpse...

	...But suddenly, the corpse, engulfed in flames, rose up, as if the
evil itself had possessed the pirates body. It had become the essence of the
sword itself, Inferno.

	The corpse and the boy fought. Even though Siegfried's sword was so
huge, he swung it effortlessly. His eyes were filled with madness as the
sword cut the air with a roar. Siegfried won the battle, despite the fact
that his sword broke. Then, he spotted Soul Edge again...

	...Soul Edge had lost its host, and was on the verge of tearing itself
apart, until Siegfried reached out and grasped the hilt...

	People around the world gazed at the beautiful pillar of light that
pierced the clouds, not knowing that it was the Evil Seed, that would bring
indescribable misfortune to the world.

3.04 - Main Story of Soul Calibur 1

	Eventually, Siegfried become Nightmare and terrorized Europe. When
Siegfried got Soul Edge, A pillar of light appeared. This is known as the
"Evil Seed."

	Kilik was a member of the Li-Seng Shu Temple. When the evil seed

appeared, everyone inside it went insane and started killing each other.
Kilik remained barely affected, using his own inner strength and the
Dvapara-Yuga. In his own self defense, Kilik killed many temple members,
including his sworn sister Xianglian. He passed out and woke up with Edge
Master, who explained about Soul Edge, and the evil that was inside of him.
Kilik set out on a quest to destroy Soul Edge.

	Eventually, he come across an Indian port town, where Maxi's crew was
being attacked by Astaroth and some monsters. Kilik helped out, but when one
of the monsters stole Dvapara-Yuga, Kilik went insane and attacked Maxi.
Maxi managed to fight him off, but not before Astaroth killed the entire
crew. Now that Maxi had nothing left, he decided to help Kilik destroy Soul
Edge, with the intent of getting revenge on Astaroth.

	The two continued their quest and met up with Xianghua, who had the
third Li-Seng Shu Temple treasure (But none of them knew it). She decided
that since she was under orders to find Soul Edge, she would go along with
the two men.

	When the three reached Nightmare's stronghold, Astaroth was waiting
for them. Maxi stayed behind to fight him while the others went ahead. Kilik
fought Nightmare and won. When Inferno appeared, Kilik was too tired to
fight it (or something), so Xianghua fought it instead. Before it attacked,
Xianghua's Krita-Yuga became Soul Calibur, the good version of Soul Edge.
Xianghua won against Inferno, but Inferno, Soul Calibur, and Nightmare got
sucked into a void. This ends Soul Calibur 1.

3.05 - Main Story of Soul Calibur 2

	Raphael makes it to Nightmare in Ostrheinsburg Chapel, but he gets his
ass handed to him. As Nightmare is standing over him, ready to finish him off,
Siegfried decides that he's had enough. A nasty fight is taking place in
Nightmare's mind. This buy's Raphael enough time to gather enough strength to
attack and damage Soul Edge. This is enough for Siegfried to regain his mind.
He casts off his evil armour. Soul Calibur appears. Siegfried, sensing the
energy from this new sword, thrusts it into Soul Edge. This, however, isn't
enough to destory it. Only weaken it, and the swords merge together. Siegfried
takes them both, with the intention of neutralizing and destroying Soul Edge.

	Raphael somehow manages to make it home, where he is nursed back to
health by Amy.

	Meanwhile, the spirit of Soul Edge is driven from the sword. Needing a
host, it desperately clings to Nightmare's armour, which is now laying on the
floor of Ostrheinsburg Chapel. However, it is impossible for the spirit to
manipulate an unliving suit of armour, so it is basically helpless on the floor.
Eventually, Zasalamel appears. Without speaking a word, the spirit and Zasalamel
have a conversation. Zasalamel agrees to help the spirit, and creates a new body
for it inside of the armour. This is the new Nightmare.

	Siegfried senses this familiar energy reawakening. He now has two tasks.
To destroy the cursed sword Soul Edge, and to destroy the Azure Knight,

4.00 - Profiles

	Here's the real body of the FAQ. This is a comprehensive list of
characters, including a detailed summary of what they did in the storyline.
They are based on the in-game profiles, but they're not taken word-for-word,
except for the characters that are exclusive to Soul Calibur 2, because
everybody knows what they are doing. They're pretty simple. Also, any stats
(age, height, etc.) are taken from the profiles from the most recent game
they are in.

	I'm going to try to get as much of the main characters' SC II and IV
information finished as I can before starting on any of the bonus chracters.
Characters like Revenant and Miser from SC III do have backstories, but they're
much less important than, say, Ivy's and Mitsurugi's.


Full Name: Abyss
Weapon: Death Scythe (Mutated from absorbing the power of the two Soul swords)
Weapon Name: Irkalla
Fighting Style: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Freed from meaningless concepts such as "family"
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: One yellow, other non-existent
Blood Type: Unknown
Random Quote: Let the power of hellfire sink into your soul.
Destined Battle: I don't remember
Joke Weapon: The only joke is that he doesn't have one


	It's basically Zasalamel's weapon, but it's mutated like him. Ikralla is
the goddess of darkness in Sumerian mythology.

Soul Calibur 3

	Please PLEASE read Zasalamel's profile first.

	Soul Edge and Soul Calibur... If a human being were to absorb the
power contained in these two sword... Zasalamel put this idea into action.
It was an idea that no normal person would ever consider, but for Zasalamel,
it was his chance to obtain true death.

	He hid behind the scenes during the battle between the cursed sword
and the spirit sword, appearing only when their powers reached their zenith.
Then, using a secret art, he connected his body to the world of the abyss and
created a jet-black sphere that absorbed all forms of energy. His plan was to
use this to draw out the essences of the swords and take them into his own
body. It was an act that only Zasalamel, with the knowledge gained from an
eternity of lifetimes, could have performed.

	Clusters of light, most pure and fierce, were released from the
swords. For a moment, they seemed to struggle as if they had a will of their
own, but then proceeded to be absorbed into Zasalamel's body. Power coursed
through his entire being and he began to transform.

	At the end of an experience completely different from his countless
rebirths, he had obtained sharpness of senses, overflowing power, and a voice
that thundered like an echoing roar. Zasalamel must have thought that, having
acquired this power, his goal had been achieved. The peace and death that he
had sought was right before his eyes. But deep within himself was beginning to
awaken. He had invited himself into inhuman power...

Random Facts

	Abyss is unlockable, but he doesn't have a Tales of Souls mode.

	Abyss is the last boss in SC3, if you don't fight Night Terror.

	Since he doesn't have a TOS mode, he doesn't have an ending.


Full Name: Algol
Nicknames: The Hero King
Weapon: Assimilated Soul Calibur and Soul Edge
Weapon Name: Soul Calibur and Soul Edge
Fighting Style: Command of the Flow of Power
Age: Frozen in time
Birth Date: Meaningless now
Family: Son - Arcturus (long dead)
Birthplace: An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history
Height: Whatever he wills it to be
Weight: Whatever he wills it to be
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: White
Blood Type: Only pure power courses through him
Random Quote:
Destined Battle:
Joke Weapon:

Soul Calibur and Soul Edge

	They're the center of the whole series of Soul games. There's lots of
information about them scattered throughout this guide.

Soul Calibur 4

	Algol is known to many as the Hero King who traded his life to create
the legendary Soul Calibur. The real truth behind the creation holds a
different story not known to many.

	A sword similar to "Soul Edge" was created as a failed attempt by
Algol in creating a spiritual sword from a fragment of the cursed sword. The
failure came from his personal ambitions preventing the transition from
occuring completely. Another unknown fact about the sword is Algol's ambition
which had remained intact within the sword throughout the years with his
strong crave towards power. The subordinates around Algol who honoured his
ideas decided in trying to develop the newly created sword into a complete
spiritual sword, which would require a vast amount of time to make a reality.

	Eventually, the subordinates emerged from the darkness of history
calling themselves the "Guadians of the Spiritual Sword". Their prime
objective was to defend and keep the rigidly sealed soul of Algol a close
secret passed on through generations.

	The Hero King Algol's faith lived on under the solid curse which
brought his time to a standstill in a near death environment. Both the spirit
and cursed swords resonated with each other on numerous occasions during the
curse, but not once was he awoken during the time.

	But now, what seemed like an eternity has come to an end. 16th century
A.D., the curse was ready to be broken.


	Algol defeats Siegfried and grabs Soul Calibur. "This timeless place.
I shall become whole once again." The sword glows brightly. The scene switches
to a time later. "All I have desired is now within my hands. This body, this
power. Everything, but..." he looks over his shoulder and sees a crystal. "I
must not look back. A true sovereign does not have that luxury."

	What the ressurected king hopes to achieve is an eternal rule that
will never die.

Random Facts

	Algol fights against his son, Arcturus, in his Story mode.

	Algol is the king who created Soul Calibur. Look up a few pages for
that story.


Full Name: Unknown. Half of it is "Amy"
Nicknames: None
Weapon: English Sword Rapier
Weapon Name: Albion
Fighting Style: La Rapiere des Sorel
Age: Unknown. She grew a LOT between SC II and III
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Foster father - Raphaeal Sorel
	Real family - Unknown
Birthplace: Rouen, French Empire
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Green (?)
Blood Type: EVIL
Random Quote: Amy...
Destined Battle: Raphael
Joke Weapon: None


	There's not a lot to say about Amy's Albion, since there's no official
description available. The name is the most ancient name of the British Isles.
Albion looks a lot like Raphael's Save the Queen weapon.

Soul Calibur 3

	The night was cold and the moonlight strong. Enshrouded in darkness, Amy
sat, motionless, staring out into the dark night. Torches blazed amidst the
acrimonious clanging of armour below.

	"Be a good girl, I'll be back in a while."

	That is what he said before taking his sword and leaving. The night became
quiet, but not for long. Raphael was gone, for her sake. She rose from her chair
and went towards to door, stopping there. She looked back for a moment, and
turned and opened the door. She thought about those words once more, and her
formed a smile.

Soul Calibur 4

	Peace had been restored to the night, but still he did not return. He
had left her. Left their castle home behind. She knew he had done it for her
sake, because he wanted her to be happy more than anything else in this world,
but nonetheless, she was restless.

	"Be a good girl, I'll be back in a while." Those were his last words
to her, but Amy had to ponder them for a moment. Even the most dutiful
fledgling takes flight when the longing for its parents grows too strong.

	(The cursed sword, Soul Edge. Did he leave in order to find it again?)

	How many nights must she wonder? A single butterfly was being tossed
about on the cold night winds like a lonely star drifting far from heaven,
like a soul freed from all its burdens. Silently, with all her feelings neatly
locked away where non could see them, Amy pushed open the door.


	Raphael is standing near Soul Calibur with his two servants. He throws
his sword off to the side. He commands Soul Calibur to create a new world for
he and Amy. His servant notes that nothing is happening. He comes to a
realization, and kills both of his servants. His plan is to use Soul Calibur
to conquer the world. Amy comes out of nowhere and knocks him into a hole. She
looks to the camera and winks. The words "Ring Out" appear on the screen.

	And then, Raphael and Amy created their new world....

Random Facts

	As odd and creepy as her story is, that's the excuse Namco gives for Amy
being a playable character in III.

	Amy's SC IV story is a lot like her SC III story. In fact, it's almost
identical, except less freaky. It sounds like her SC III story never actually

	Amy's SC IV ending is basically exactly the same as Raphael's ending
except she just appears out of nowhere and knocks him into a hole. How lazy!


Full Name: Arthur
Nicknames: Blue Eyed Swordsman
Weapon: Katana
Weapon Name: Shishi-oh (SC1), Gassan (SC3)
Fighting Style: Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu-Kai (SC1), Tsujikiri-Ittou-Ryu (SC3)
Age: 32
Birth Date: June 8
Family: Siblings - Missing
        Wife - Dead (Illness)
        Baby Daughter - Unknown
Birthplace: Southampton, British Empire
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 143lbs
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Blood Type: AB
Random Quote:
Destined Battle: I dunno. Probably Taki
Joke Weapon: None


	In Soul Calibur 1, Arthur used Mitsurugi's weapon. I guess Mitsurugi
didn't need it, not existing and everything.


	In Soul Calibur 3, Arthur uses a Katana called Gassan. It was actually
available for use in Soul Calibur 2. The description there says it was forged
by a
Japanese swordsmith (also named Gassan) who may have been a demon. It's sai that
it has both spiritual and demonic powers and chooses who is worthy to wield it,
turning away the unworthy. It doesn't seem to have any special effect on Arthur,

	Gassan chooses it's owner, much Excalibur in the King Arthur legend. Arthur
appears to have lost Gassan's scabbard, much like King Arthur lost Excalibur's

Soul Calibur 1

	Arthur does not know who his siblings are. Born in a harbour town of
England, he was living alone by the time he realized what life was like. On
that street, which was the key point of the Atlantic trade, even a beggar
could make enough money to live a day. At the age of 8, by the suggestion of
a sailor who became close to him, he became a sailor. Life on the sea as a
handyman of the ship was fun. But, his travel as the mascot of the ship,
being loved by the crew, was over only in 2 years. When they visited the
country of the Far East. In Japan, known as the island of gold, a wealthy
merchant, who was trading with them, took him as a stepson.

	For the merchant, he only took Arthur in as part of his collection of
things from the West, but a 10 year old boy couldn't have understood such
peculiarity of an adult. He was very happy to have someone to call father. He
learned Japanese and the Japanese manners so as to please his stepfather. The
Japanese people disliked and criticized "the foreign boy who acts like a
Japanese" and eventually, his stepfather offered him to a noble in the excuse
that it was to teach him manners.

	In the battlefield, his appearance was a target. Arrows, blades and lead
bullets attacked him. To stay alive, he had no other way but to fight
recklessly. And one day, after countless battles gave him confidence about his
skills, he realized what he was. Neither a Japanese, nor a foreigner, but a
swordsman without roots.

	The Japanese just look at him with curiosity, not as a man. But there was
no way he could be European again, having forgotten his mother tongue already.

	An ineffable anxiety and nervousness overwhelmed him.

	What to do to be recognized as a man? The only way was to fight. Achieve
what no one else can by accomplishing brilliant exploits! Without knowing what
accomplish, he left his home and wandered the battlefields. To become stronger,
he risked his life many times. As a result, he lost an eye that people said was
like a jewel and what he gained were countless scars, self confidence that he
couldn't lose to anyone, and a lovely woman who used to be a prostitute, who
followed him like a shadow.

	By the time a baby of mixed bloodline was born, a rumour reached his ear.
The evil knight of the West, and Soul Edge. It was like an oracle to him, who
didn't know what to do with his life. If he defeats that knight and obtains that
sword that's called invincible, this time, people might recognize his skills,
his love and his baby won't be seen as strangers.

	Leaving behind the woman and the baby, he went aboard a ship again
after 20 years. At the moment a cannon signaled the departure of the ship, the
long-forgotten scenery of his homeland came back to him like an illusion.


	Arthur gets Soul Edge and is attacked by non-Cervantes pirates,
carrying guns. He then proceeds to whoop their bums. He's never heard from

Soul Calibur 3

	Arthur's journey to find Soul Edge was perilous indeed, especially with
such a lack of information in a foreign land. Nightmare eluded him, and he was
constantly reminded of his powerlessness. He had begun to grasp the vastness of
he worl and realized that no matter what, humans were only humans. He now
appreciated what was important in his life, and understood that his current goal
was trivial and meaningless.

	After a year of searching, Arthur gave up and headed back for Japan. The
only piece of proof of his journey he carried with him was a single fragment of
Soul Edge. When he arrived and finally saw his partner again after so long, he
said nothing, and embraced her. He presented her with the fragment of Soul Edge,
not needing it any longer. They were married and he returned to his life as a
soldier in order to feed his family. No matter how much he accomplished, he was
treated no differently. However, the curious stares of the native Japanese no
longer bothered him.

	For a time, life didn't change. Two years after he was married, a pandemic
broke out in his vollage. Fortunately, nobody in Arthur's family was affected by
the disease. His wife was ecstatic, believing the Soul Edge fragment to be a
good luck charm. The epidemic passed and the village returned to normal, but his
wife became mysteriously ill. One day, Arthur returned home and heard the sound
of a body collapsing to the floor. He opened the door to find his wife on the
ground with his daughter crying next to her. He breath was shallow, but her eyes
were gleaming with life. Recognizing this situation as an emergency, he brought
the best doctor he could find to examine her. All he could do was tell Arthur
his wife was dying. He could do nothing but watch as his wife's condition
worsened, until one day she passed on to the next life.

	A short man, dressed in strange robes, visited Arthur shortly after his
wife's passing. He claimed to be a traveling physician who visited because he
had heard of his wife's condition. However, engufed in anger and sadness, Arthur
barked at the man to go away.

	"Probably caused by the fragment..." the man muttered as he left.

	Those words stunned Arthur. He scrambled to call after the man for more
information, but he was nowhere to be seen.

	After the funeral, he put his crying daughter to bed and contemplated the
words he was left with by the physician. If it was true, then the person
responsible for his wife's death was none other than Arthur himself! Arthur knew
what he had to do. The cursed sword had to be destroyed. In order to undo his
wrongs, he must prevent similar tragedies from ever happening again. Arthur
prepared for the journey agead, and boarded a ship with his daughter to foreign
lands once again. He had yet to lay his eye on the cursed sword, but his
unclouded gaze seemed squarely locked nto it.

Random Facts

	Who? Huh? Soul Calibur 1? Yeah, he was in the Korean version of Soul
Calibur. You see, Samurai are not really allowed to be represented in Korea, so
Mitsurugi was given a slightly new skin. They renamed him Arthur and kept all
of his moves. He wasn't in your version, so don't bother to look for him. He's a
bonus character in SC3, so while he does have an updated story, he doesn't have
an ending.

	In Soul Calibur 1, he looked identical to Mitsurugi, except with blond hair.
His ending artwork (and his ending), his character selection artwork, his other
character art, and probably his 2p costume were all the same as Mitsurugi's,
except blond.


Full Name: Astaroth
Nicknames: A Soldier of the Heretics
Weapon: Giant Ax
Weapon Name: Kulutues
Fighting Style: Gyulkus
Age: 7
Birth Date: September 3
Family: None (Unless you count the servants of Ares, the god of war)
Birthplace: Unknown (Heretical Order of Fygul Cestemus, the Grand Shrine of
Height: 6'4" (6'8" in SC4)
Weight: 209 lbs. in SC1, 287 lbs. in SC2-4
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: White, no pupils
Blood Type: None
Random Quote: It will rain blood today
Destined Battle: Maxi, Rock
Joke Weapon: Rock


	The grand priest Kunpaetku of the heretical order Fygul Cestemus made
Astaroth's giant ax, Kulutues. The priest used many evil blessings to make
the ax. If a normal person, not associated with the cult tried to use the ax,
the blessing would act as a curse. Astaroth took this ax on his quest to find
Soul Edge. Astaroth used Kulutues (Which means "Merciless Destroyer" in the
ancient language of the order) during his rampages.

	The souls taken by Kulutues were sent to feed the never ending hunger
of Nightmare's Soul Edge. Once Soul Edge was full, it would be taken to Ares,
Astaroth's true master, to bring forth the apocalypse.

Soul Calibur 1

	The god of destruction, Ares, desired Soul Edge, so he ordered his
grand priest Kunpaetku to seek it out.

	Astaroth was created in hellish heat under the divine protection of
the god of destruction to head up the quest. The grand priest, Kunpaetku,
ordered his creation, Astaroth, to find the demonic blade.

	As he watched Astaroth depart from the shrine, the grand priest
laughed to himself, "If I possessed the immense power that the gods desire,
I shall become a god myself!"

	When Astaroth finally found Soul Edge, it had lost half of itself
during the battle with Sophitia.

	Deciding that his master would not be pleased with the sword in this
condition, he agreed to help Nightmare build it's power by collecting souls by
slaughtering countless victims. Three years later, the blade had recovered
and Astaroth was ready to take it from Nightmares grasp...


	Astaroth returns with Soul Edge, grabs Kunpaetku, and they are both
engulfed in flames.

Soul Calibur 2

	Unfortunately for Astaroth, he was killed by Maxi before he could get
Soul Edge. Astaroth was the subject of a vengeful hatred for anyone who
survived his massacres.

	Four years later, Astaroth was revived by Ares, who still wanted Soul
Edge, and figured that Astaroth was his best chance. In any case, Astaroth's
body had absorbed pieces of Soul Edge, which made him stronger and even
more ruthless.

	Astaroth, remembering his purpose, hefted his familiar ax, and
vanished into the mist.


	Astaroth sacrifices himself by fusing with Soul Edge. He then becomes
the ultimate weapon.

Soul Calibur 3

	The Grand Priest Kunpaetku had realized that Astaroth, his creation, had
been misbehaving. Thus, he went to the deepest part of the shrine and put a
curse on the golem, in order to regain control. However, since the agent of
Kerr, dwelt inside him, he was able to fight back. Astaroth had become the
host, since he had fragments of Soul Edge inside of him. Astaroth would destroy
all that stood in his path. To him, the cult was now in the way.

	Astaroth returned to the place of his birth in order to destroy his
creator. Upon his return, he became a whirlwind of destruction. The curse that
tried to stop him only served to fuel his anger. He destroyed everything he saw.
Filled with the cries and shouts of the cult, the temple had become a crucible
of chaos. Astaroth chased Kunpaetku into the deepest part of the shrine.
the Grand Priest managed to escape that the last moment. All the he left behind
were these words:

	"You failure! You may have been modeled after a human, but in the end,
you're nothing more than a doll!"

	At those words, Astaroth stopped in his tracks. Ridiculous! He had been
modeled after a pathetic human? He searched the ruins of the temple and learned
that he had been modeled in the image of a man known as the "White Giant." After
recovering from the curse, Astaroth let his rage control him as he reduced the
already-destroy temple to pure, unrecognizable rubble. On this day, the cult
that had called itself the "Protectors of the Correct Flow" was wiped from
by something that they themselves had created.

	Standing in the ruined temple, Astaroth thought to himself. If he was
modeled after this "White Giant," then he must be very powerful. Perfect
nourishment for Soul Edge. This man must be the greatest soul on Earth. He
didn't know who he was, but Astaroth was determined to find him. His next
objective was set. The giant set out, his silhouette disappearing into the
distance. Only a column of smoke remained behind him. Perhaps Astaroth himself
didn't realize his deep desire to destroy the White Giant so he could become
complete. A unique being with no model.


	Astaroth is wandering through a barren wasteland, dragging Soul Edge
behind him. A glowing orb appears. It's Ares. Astaroth offers Soul Edge to

Bad Ending

	"This is what you wanted? This worthless weapon?" He shatters it "I am
the ultimate! I have the power to destroy even Soul Edge!"

Good Ending

	Astaroth throws Soul Edge at Ares. It destroys the glowy orb thing,
and comes back like a boomerang. He commands Ares not to give him orders,
bitch! He's his own golem! No lowly god gets to tell him what to do!

Soul Calibur 4

	When he learned the truth of his origins, that he had been modeled
after a frail human, it shook Astaroth to his core. He unconsciously fought
against that fact for some time afterward, until he found the human and nearly
tore him apart. But then everything inside him turned inside out; he finally
gained an awareness of himself. Until now, he had been at the mercy of his
master, the god of distruction, and done his bidding. That made him seethe
with rage. Ferocious thought seized him! Astaroth swung his ax wildly, and by
the time he relented, the landscape had been changed irrevocably.

	As Astaroth continued his barbantics, a girl calling herself Tira
appeared before him with counsel. "Come, if you seek the power to hunt a god.
I know a more fitting place." It was clear to him she was Soul Edge's servant,
and only sought to use him. But it was true he needed richer pastures from
which to reap souls.

	Guided by ebon wings, Astaroth set foot in Ostrheinsburg just as he
had years ago. Once again, he entered Nightmare's service, pretending to obey
him while waiting for the chance to size his power. This time, however, he had
a different purpose, and no soul but his own commanded him.

	Let the fools descend upon Ostrheinsburg; their souls will be mine! I
will devour everything, including Soul Edge itself!


	Astaroth defeats Algol, who is impressed by his power. Astaroth
absorb's Soul Edge's power from him, but wants more. He goes on a rampage
through this jungle area (and he appears to be a hell of a lot bigger).

	His evil spreads throughout the world. His roar announces the coming
of the Dark Ages.

Random Facts

	"White Giant?" Yup. Rock.

	I think that the weight in SC1 was a mistake. I mean, look at him. If he's
6'4" and so buff. There's no way he was 209 lbs.

	Many of Astaroth's weapons were originally Rock's. (Not storyline-wise.)

	Astaroth, prince of thrones, is number 4 (I think) in the hierarchy of
devils. He tempts men with laziness and sloth. His rival is Bartholomew. In
the story of Blue Beard, Blue Beard himself was possessed by Astaroth. O.K.,
none of this is true in Soul Calibur, but this is where Astaroth gets his

	The grand priest doesn't know this, but Ares' servant, Ker, the agent
of death, rests inside Astaroth. Therefore, Astaroth is working for Ares,
not the priest.

	Astaroth is absurdly strong. He has the most varied and, on average,
strongest throws in the game. He's extremely slow, however, so it can
sometimes be hard to connect, specifically with fast characters like Taki
or Setsuka

	Astaroth, in the heretical order's language, means "A Creature
Resembling a New Human Being"

	Gyulkus (Astaroth's fighting style) means "The Way of Defense."


Full Name: Cassandra Alexandra
Nicknames: None
Weapon: Short Sword and Small Shield
Weapon Name: Omega Sword, Digamma Sword and Nemea Shield (Re-forged)
Fighting Style: Athenian Style
Age: 21
Birth Date: July 20
Family: Father - Achelous
        Mother - Nike
        Brother - Lucius
        Older Sister - Sophitia
        Brother-in-law - Rothion
        Niece - Pyrrha
        Nephew - Patroklos
Birthplace: Athens, Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Refuses to say, but lost weight recently
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Blood Type: B
Random Quote: Ugh... you're definitely not my type
Destined Battle: Charade, Raphael
Joke Weapon: Keepsake

Omega Sword and Nemea Shield

	These are the weapons used by Sophitia on her quest to destroy Soul
Edge. Hey, wait. I thought that Sophitia used the Elk Shield, or the Owl
Shield. Well, whatever. After Sophitia's return from her battle with Soul
Edge, they were put in a shrine, honouring Hephaestus. When Cassandra left
for her own journey, she stole them from the shrine.

Digamma Sword and Nemea Shield (Re-forged)

	After the Omega Sword and Nemea Shield are damaged, Cassandra recieves
this new sword and repaired shield from Rothion.

Soul Calibur 2

	It was seven years earlier that Cassandra witnessed a mysterious
Asian woman bring Sophitia back and draw shards of the evil sword out of her
sister's flesh while treating her wounds.

	Therefore, when Sophitia disappeared again a few years later,
Cassandra was certain that her sister had left to contend with Soul Edge
once more.

	One day, after running errands for her family's bakery, Cassandra
visited Sophitia's home. There she saw a familiar metal shard. It was
undoubtedly a fragment of Soul Edge.

	Angered by her sister's panicked reaction to the fragment, Cassandra
ran to the Hephaestus Shrine.

	"Why are you doing this to my sister? How can you claim to be an
almighty God? Answer me!" Cassandra screamed.

	Her voice reverberated throughout the desolate hallowed grounds.
Cassandra collapsed on the floor, worn out from shouting. It was then that
she saw the metal fragment resonating with the holy sword blessed by

	She realized then that Soul Edge was still alive. But she could not
allow her sister to carry the burden any longer.

	Around this time when light began to filter in from the eastern
skies, the holy weapon disappeared from the temple.


	Cassandra destroys Soul Edge, but is worried about the fact that her
sisters weapon are in pretty bad shape. Oh, well. Whatever.

Soul Calibur 3

	Determined to destroy Soul Edge on her sister's behalf, Cassandra l
eft home. Unfortunately, she didn't have any actual clues. She managed to
make use of the fact that the fragment of Soul Edge that she possesed
reacted to evil energy as she conducted a thorough search as she travelled
from land to land. At first she had been acting on determination rather
than actual clues, but in a land east of Greece, on the other side of the
Danube river, she encountered a powerful energy, greater than any she had
ever felt before. What dwelled in this land surrounded by steep mountains
and a deep ravine? As she struggled to walk these unfamiliar mountain paths,
she came upon a city, steeped in evil energy. An evil presence swirled
through the sity. It's residents had gone insane.

	"What's going on?" At first Cassandra was taken aback by the sight
before her. The fragment she possesed reacted strongly to this city. Soul
Edge was somehow involved. Cassandra couldn't abandon these people. She
made up her mind to free the city and began to investigate the cause.
"My sister was able to do it..... I can, too!" As she investigted, she
discovered that a castle, rising up from the mountains, was the centre
of the evil city. Things had been going smoothly until she came upon the
castle. Then something unexpected occured. Cracks appeared in the holy
sword and shiled taken from the temple of Hephaestus.

	"What?" Cassandra felt deeply apprehensive. The people of the city
chased her relentlessly. They seemed to be after the fragment that Cassandra
carried. Without a proper weapon, there was nothing Cassandra could do. She
had no choice but to flee the city. Cassandra managed to escape, but she felt
completely helpless. She was not a warrior. She was inexperienced with the
use of weapons. Although she remembered using them a bit roughly, she couldn't
believe that the sword and shiled made from the holy ore had been damaged.
"Is this too much for me? Is my sister the only one that can do it?" These
thoughts joined the uneasiness already in her heart, and her resolve began to

	As she stared at her broken sword and shiled, images of her sister
and her niece and nephew flashed through her mind. Her sister smiled at her,
as she led her children by the hand. "No... I can't give up." Cassandra shook
her head and forced her hesitation aside. "I must do it for my family!" When
Cassandra shook her head, her eyes shone with determination. Perhaps even
holy weapons could break when exposed to such evil energy, she mused.
"Humph. I guess the power of the gods isn't so special after all." Convincing
herself, she returned home. There would be other weapons in the temple, and
she could even consult with her blacksmith brother-in-law, Rothion. Unexpected
news was waiting for her, however.

	Sophitia was gone again. During Cassandra's journey, Sophitia had
decided that it was her duty to destroy Soul Edge, and she had set out on
her own will. "Damn you, Hephaestus! This is your fault!" Cassandra didn't
even consider that her sister had decided on her own.

	"Please help her," Rothion begged, as he handed Cassandra a new
sword and shield. If she destroyed the evil sword, she would definitely
save the city that was infected as well. She had to help her sister. She
would stand by her and support her. With the early dawn's soft light shining
at her back, she set out with a pure purpose in her heart.


	Cassandra leaps at Soul Edge, and the camera revolves around her,
Matrix style! She breaks Soul Edge, but breaks her own sword as well. Not
cool. The scene shifts to her creeping up the steps to place the broken
sword back on the alter. She goes to do so...

Bad Ending

	She places it down. Sophitia appears and says that she was worried.
Cassandra hurries her away, and the sword collapses.

Good Ending

	Sophitia appears, and Cassandra hides the sword behind her back.
Half of it drops off. Sophie looks mad.... The scene shifts to Cassandra in
front of a forge, crying and trying hard to fix the sword. She can't though.
I love Cassandra's endings in SC3!

Soul Calibur 4

	Cassandra set out once again for the town she had visited before in
Eastern Europe, hoping to find more clues that would lead her to Soul Edge,
but as she hurried through the night, a man appeared before her. His eyes were
stained red. She was reminded of the story she had heard about a swordsman who
had led the mad townsfolk.

	"You have a piece of Soul Edge, don't you? I can feel it," the man
said, and in an instant he was upon her. After a hard fight, she was able to
finally land a blow on her assailant, but he only sneered at Cassandra and
vanished. "So, woman. You can ward off evil, though not as strong as the Holy
Stone. Interesting. I'll let you live for now."

	"You're going to run?! You coward!"

	A laugh echoed around her. "I already have what I came for." Panicked,
Cassandra searched her tunic but the fragment of the cursed sword was gone.

	Unerved at first, Cassandra pushed those unhelpful feelings down and
headed for the town where she discovered some townslfolk still retained their
sanity. In fact, they had been healed by a shining blue crystal. Could it be
the Holy Stone the swordsman had mentioned? She set out to learn more, and
then a rumour caught her attention. A man carrying a mass of crystal as tall
as himself was on his way to Ostrheinsburg. If the crystal he bore had the
power to smite evil, then that could only mean some evil presence lurked in
the ruined castle there. Was it Soul Edge?! Cassandra decided to follow the
man to Ostrheinsburg and find out.


	Algol is defeated and drops the two swords. Cassandra runs over and
grabs Soul Calibur and plunges it into Soul Edge. Her screaming and expression
are hilarious. Soul Calibur tells her that the evil will ceaese to exist and
the new world will be born. Cassandra tells Soul Calibur that after what it
did to Sophitia, there's no way it's the light of humanity. Cassandra then
shatters Soul Calibur. The screen turns white and Cassandra says "Let's go
home, Sophitia."

Random Facts

	Cassandra had the original sacred sword  Sophitia used a replica
made by Rothion in Soul Calibur 2.

	After Sophitia's first quest, Cassandra was the only person who
believed her story.

	Her SC2 3p costume is worn by the main character in "The Adventure Of
Valkyrie." It's an old video game.

	Cassandra doesn't trust Hephaestus.

	In the back of her mind, Cassandra always thought that Sophitia would
run off again.

	One of Cassandra's unlockable weapons is the Red Crystal Rod, with the
Red Striped Shield. These are items from the Namco "Tales" series of RPGs.
I'm told that it originally came from "The Epic of Gilgamesh," the oldest story
on record.

	If I were to give a big fancy weapon demonstration, I probably
wouldn't end it by saying "All style, no substance!" you know what I mean?

	Technically, Cassandra has always existed in the storyline. She was
mentioned in Sophitia's bio's for the first two games, but that's all.

	The man who steals Cassandra's fragment of Soul Edge is Raphael. For


Full Name: Cervantes de Leon
Nicknames: The Immortal Pirate
Weapon: Long Sword and Pistol Sword
Weapon Name: Legendary Soul Edge, Acheron and Nirvana, Soul Edge (Female)
             and Nirvana
Fighting Style: Memories of Soul Edge
Age: Stopped at 48. Probably 55. (3 between Soul Blade and Soul Calibur 1,
4 between Soul Calibur 1 and 2, and apparently time stopped after that)
Birth Date: January 1
Family: Father - Phillip, Killed in battle
        Mother - Deceased
        Daughter - Ivy
Birthplace: Valencia, Spain
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: White
Blood Type: None
Random Quote: Darkness... darkness is coming...
Destined Battle: Taki, Ivy, Taki
Joke Weapon: Imitation Sword

Legendary Soul Edge

	This is the big one. This is the ultimate sword. It drains the souls
of it's victims and takes over the life of it's wielder, forcing him to
commit unspeakable crimes. Cervantes had this weapon in Soul Blade. Learn more
in Nightmare's bio.


	Nirvana is an unusual weapon that has a gun in it's hilt which fits 
his intimidating fighting style. It, along with Acheron, was recovered from 
Cervantes' ship, the Adrian.


	Acheron (pronounced Ack-ur-on) is a long sword that is a relic from
Cervantes' plundering pirate days. It was stored in the Adrian, until
Cervantes recovered it after losing Soul Edge.

Soul Edge (Female)

	Cervantes managed to partially renew Soul Edge before Soul Calibur 2.
He originally had it and went on a 20 year rampage with it, but it was
broken and stolen. For more on Soul Edge, see Nightmare's bio.

Soul Blade

	Cervantes' father, Phillip, was a privateer on a special mission from
the Spanish King to loot in the name of Spain. One day, he got close to an
English ship under the intent of looting it, only to find that it was a
warship. Phillip Leon was taken by surprise, his ship was destroyed. He
died along with it.

	Cervantes was devastated. He decided that if that was what happened to
sailors that swear allegiance to Spain, he would forsake it. He would become
a pirate. One day, he received a message from the "Merchant of Death,"
Vercci. It was a request to find Soul Edge. Cervantes took the job, if only
for something to do.

	After a year of searching, Cervantes finally found some information.
It seemed that an antiques dealer had a "strange article". There was no
specific evidence that this was Soul Edge, but Cervantes was a pirate, so
even if the twin swords weren't there, he could find some use for the goods
on the ship...

	So, Cervantes attacked the ship. Oddly enough, nobody heard from him
after that...


	Cervantes is on the ground, crying in agony.

Bad Ending

	Cervantes picks up both swords of Soul Edge and drives them into the
ground. He appears on his ship, the Adrian. He yells something about a
hellish paradise, and set's off.

Good Ending

	Cervantes comes to his senses. He realizes what he's done and fuses
the two swords together into one double sided blade. (Think Darth Maul.) He
focuses, the blades shoot out hellfire, and the sword fades as he collapses.
Wait a minute, that's his GOOD ending?

Soul Calibur 1

	Cervantes grew up with pride for his father, who was a great seaman,
(stop giggling) but became a pirate after his father died in battle.

	He obtained Soul Edge, and it eventually drove him insane as it
devoured his soul. His insanity caused him to kill anyone who came looking
for Soul Edge. Cervantes' reign of terror lasted for over 20 years, until
Sophitia, Taki, and Siegfried defeated him.

	But this was not the end for Cervantes. Nightmare, the new host for
Soul Edge, unknowingly resurrected him using the fragments of Soul Edge that
were still inside of Cervantes. Now, Cervantes seeks the demonic blade with
renewed fever and strength.


	Cervantes gets Soul Edge, and resumes his reign of terror. (Hey, the
game says "reign of terror" a lot more than I say "reign of terror." Reign
of terror.)

Soul Calibur 2

	Cervantes' memories had come back, along with the desire to search for
Soul Edge again. He remembered how it had robbed him of his free will, but
that made no difference. During Cervantes' search for Soul Edge, he realized
that the second sword had been shattered as well.

	Cervantes found a few new pieces and pondered over them. Was this the
end? Just then, two pieces of the sword began to resonate and melt into

	Four years passed, with Cervantes stealing souls and collecting
fragments. Eventually, they took the form of a sword.

	Cervantes' goal was to regain Soul Edge, and to do that, he needed as
many of the fragments as he could find.


	Cervantes takes over Soul Edge and Inferno, and takes over the world.
Reign of terror.

Soul Calibur 3

	By making use of the fragments of Soul Edge in his body, Cervantes
managed to keep his sanity. Using Soul Edge and the Adrian, he devoured the
souls of the brawny men of the sea. One day, when he had moored his ship in
an opening in the cliffs in order to avoid the stormy waves, the presence of
the "other" Soul Edge that he had felt up until this time disappeared. Then,
his body began to crumble! The fragments of the cursed sword inside his body
were losing power. At this rate, the would return to the form of a charred

	"Wow, looks like you're in trouble!"

	Turning to the source of the sudden voice, Cervantes saw a girl in
green and a flock of black birds at the top of the mast. "Who the hell are

	"I guess you could say I'm the servant of the cursed sword."

	Cervantes grew angry at the overly cheerful girl. However, listening
to her words, he learned that the sword had been sealed by an equal and
opposite power. After the girl disappeared into the darkness, Cervantes
thought to himself. He had no intentions of binding himself to a shared
objective with the girl, but he had no choice but to maintain his life by
absorbing new souls, and while doing so, destroy the enemy of Soul Edge and
revive the cursed sword that had been sealed. His obsession for souls flaring,
Cervantes set out into the stormy sea.


	Cervantes is on his ship, surrounded by souls. He's attacking another
ship. He kills several sailors. The dead sailors come back as ghosts...

Bad Ending

	They ghost sailors attack the living sailors.

Good Ending

	He mocks the ghost sailors, saying they should be grateful that they
are part of his power.

Soul Calibur 4

	Once there was a dread pirate who, upon claiming Soul Edge, became a
creature of pure malevolence. Though defeated once, he managed to return to
live through the intervention of the cursed sword's fragments. He gathered
more and more fragments until he had enough to form one great weapon,
formidable enough to be called a second Soul Edge. But one possibility had
eluded him; the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, appeared and sealed Soul Edge's
power away! Needless to say, his own body did not escape unscathed. Cervantes
realized his flesh could decay at any moment. He had no time to lose; this
spirit sword must be buried once and for all!

	As Cervantes' body failed, he sought souls in vast numbers to hold it
together. The souls he absorbed becamse an army in his service, and he soon
found himself once again a mighty pirate in command of an undead armada. He
even went so far as to attack his own daughter, Ivy; and by feasting on her
soul, rich and ripe, he gained tremendous power.

	But calamity struck again. An evil wave swept across the world. The
cursed sword had freed itself from the spirit sword and regained it's full
power! His own Soul Edge responded in turn, and tried to pull away from him
and treturn to it's other half. After a brief deliberation, Cervantes decided
to let it go. Once the cursed sword was whole, he would seize it for his own.

	To replace his lost blade, Cervantes chose a sword that was an old
friend. But no sooner had he clutched the longsword's hilt than it became a
cursed weapon. Such raw, overwhelming power! Now no one could stop him.

	"Wait and see, Soul Edge, I'll be the one to claim you, and all the
world with you!


	Cervantes defeats Algol and Soul Calibur breaks. Cervantes grabs Soul
Edge and Algol takes Soul Calibur. Cervantes kills him with Soul Edge before
the injured Algol gets a chance to get up. Cervantes tells the gods to strike
him with a lightning bolt of despair.

	With this power he now reached the realms of the gods. The dark
mythology is just beginning.

Random Facts

	Cervantes' eyes only glow in Soul Calibur 2 for some reason. Maybe
they're a sign that he's got his memories back, or perhaps they mean that he
is more determined than ever to find Soul Edge. Maybe they mean that Soul
Edge is beginning to take over him again. The most probable reason? They're
just cool.

	Cervantes' daughter is Ivy.

	Cervantes wasn't in the arcade version of Soul Calibur 1. When he was
added to the home version of Soul Calibur 1, he was a lot more powerful
overall than any other character. He seems to have been evened out in SC2.
That's one great thing about this game. There really isn't anyone who has a
huge advantage over anyone else. Well, Necrid is a bit cheap. And maybe
Spawn. Ok, none of the regular characters are cheap. Just those McFarlane

	When one of the two Soul Edge swords was broken, it tried to
overcompensate it's new lack of power. It drained all of the energy from
Cervantes' body, and burned him to ashes. Cervantes was resurrected when
Siegfried took Soul Edge. For quite some time after he was resurrected by
the pieces of Soul Edge in his remains, Cervantes forgot everything. It took
a night just like the one when Cervantes first got Soul Edge to remind him
of who he was. When he did, he felt the need to have Soul Edge again,
despite the fact that he had lost his free will to it. Kind of like when an
ex-smoker has a relapse.

	The fragments inside of his body give Cervantes the ability to have
Soul Edge without being consumed by it.

	In Soul Blade, Soul Edge looks a LOT like the "Imitation Sword" that
Cervantes can get in Soul Calibur 2. The biggest difference is in the
short sword, which should be longer and have a wavier blade, but on the other
hand it DOES have Nirvana's pistol in it, which Soul Edge lacked. (A direct
quote from Tempest.)


Full Name: Charade
Nicknames: None
Weapon: Charade
Weapon Name: Charade
Fighting Style: Mind Scan
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Fragments of Soul Edge scattered throughout the world
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: Changes Constantly
Weight: Changes Constantly
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Black outside, orange close to pupil
Blood Type: None
Random Quote: Th-thump, th-thump, th-thump
Destined Battle: Cassandra


	Charade scans the minds of warriors and creates weapons out of it's
own body to accommodate the styles.

Soul Calibur 2

	The man's life was far from glorious. Although gifted with strength
from childhood, harsh reality awaited him outside of the village where he
dreamt of adventures as a youth. The strength that was lauded within his
village was far from remarkable in the real world. But the man survived
through an age ravaged by war and finally attained the key to achieving

	Pieces of metal belonging to a traveling merchant... The man spent all
the money in his possession to purchase every last piece from the merchant,
who was selling them as amulets against evil.

	That night, as he gazed upon the metal fragments in the dim light of
an oil lamp, he recalled a story passed on by a traveling swordsman.

	Soul Edge, the ultimate weapon surpassing all others... The drunkards
in the tavern did not believe the swordsman's tale, but he did. He sensed
something in the eyes of the swordsman. He followed the warrior in hopes of
getting more information about Soul Edge out of him. The swordsman probably
thought that he would do the same, so they talked about the weapon. As it
turned out, the swordsman knew nothing. They parted ways without wasting any
more words.

	The tale he heard could have been a hoax. But it was enough to arouse
his curiosity and set him off on his singular pursuit of Soul Edge. The
people around him dismissed him as an eccentric with a fantastic dream...

	And thus the object of his pursuit was in his hands, before his eyes.
He believed with conviction that these metal pieces were from Soul Edge.

	But fatefully, he was slain by bandits shortly thereafter. Because of
his over-protective nature for his precious metal fragments, a rumour
circulated in the cities that the man was in possession of something
extremely valuable. Naturally, he did not own anything that would have
interested the bandits. And as customary with these bandits, they threw
their victim's corpse into a ravine.

	The man's tenacity to protect his precious fragments never wavered in
his final moments. The hand of the abandoned corpse in the ravine still had
the pieces in its grasp...

	Several months had passed. No one bore witness to the fact that the
pieces had disappeared over time. They were definitely gone, leaving behind
several incomplete corpses in the ravine. There were trails left besides
the corpses, as if something had crawled about them. In time, the rains
that fell upon the ravine erased the trails.

	The life form, or whatever it was, walked under its own will... But
the will of that being was not driven by sentience...the force that drove it
was closer to instinct.

	A being formed by blood absorbed from the hand of a dead man. A being
that wanders the earth to search for its kindred in order to become whole
once again. A being that grows by greedily devouring fragments with the same
evil aura as it has. A being that responds by reading the innermost thoughts
of those it meets...

	The metal pieces that the seeker of Soul Edge possessed were, without
a doubt, the genuine article!


	Charade rejoins with Soul Edge and goes to sleep. Apparently, it's
still asleep to this day.

Random Facts

	I'm not sure who the man who found the pieces was, or who the
swordsman who talked to him about them was, but it's possible that the
swordsman was Mitsurugi or Hwang or someone like that. It say's that the
swordsman didn't really know very much about Soul Edge, just that it was

	Charade is a fragment, or group of fragments, of Soul Edge that came
to life. Just so you know. Cause you already do.

	Charade uses a random weapon each round.

	Unlike Edge Master and Inferno, Charade doesn't do any extra damage.

	Charade makes an appearance in Soul Calibur III in some of the Bonus
levels. He isn't playable, though.

Edge Master

Full Name: Edge Master (Real name unknown)
Nicknames: The Master of Blades
Weapon: All Weapons
Weapon Name: None
Fighting Style: All Fighting Styles

Age: Unknown
Birth Date: January 1
Family: Student - Kilik
        Li-Seng Shu Temple Members - Killed by each other and Kilik
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Hair Colour: Gray
Eye Colour: Blue
Blood Type: O
Random Quote: You've come a thousand years too soon
Destined Battle: Kilik
Joke Weapon: Your mom's a joke weapon!

EM Weapons

	Although Edge Master can use any weapon as if it is an extension of
his own body, he believes that they are tools, and that a strong soul makes
a strong warrior, not a strong weapon. He makes his own weapons, but, to fit
his philosophy, he never names them.

Soul Calibur 1

	Edge master is a very mysterious man. He is a teacher at Li-Seng
Su temple. He is renowned for his skill with various weapons, and his past
and real name remain a mystery.

	Edge master taught Kilik, the cursed successor of Kali-Yuga, how to
suppress the evil within himself, over three long years.

	After Kilik left on his journey to purify himself and his Kali-Yuga,
Edge Master began to feel uneasy. Although his motives are unknown, he broke
his silence and departed on his own quest.


	Edge Master returns home with Kilik. On the way, he becomes his
other, evil, 2nd player self and attacks Kilik, as a final test.

Random Facts

	Edge Masters blood type is "O," the universal blood type. How

	When Edge Master took Kilik from the temple, he burned it down
afterwards. 'Cause nothing gets evil out.

	Edge Master has an evil side. He shows it in his ending, and as his
2nd player costume.

	Edge Master descended from the mountains every twenty years to perform
the succession ceremony at the Li-Seng Shu temple.

	Edge Master is on his quest to find Soul Edge, just to see if he can.
And maybe to see if he can rid himself of the evil within... umm... himself....

	Edge master does 6% more damage when using a characters weapon, except
for Rock, Astaroth, Nightmare and Siegfried. He does 12% more damage when
using their weapons. He doesn't do any extra damage when using Cervantes'

	Edge Master uses a random weapon each round.

	Edge Master's weapons are home made. They are all blue, and in Soul
Calibur 1, you can select the Edge Master version of any characters weapon.
That's what "EM" stands for when you select your weapon.

	Take a look at the intro to Weapon Master Mode in Soul Calibur 2. Notice
anything about the guy with Kali Yuga? Yup, that's a young Edge Master! His hair
is black, but other than that he's identical, right down to the tattoos.
How mysterious!

	For more Li-Seng Shu Temple info, see Kilik's bio.

	Edge Master may be mentioned in Soul Calibur 2. See Xianghua's bio.


Full Name: Hilde von Krone
Weapon: Short sword and lance
Weapon Name: Grezennova and Frischhimmel
Fighting Style: Groß Erbschaft
Age: 18
Birth Date: August 13
Family: Father - The King (unnamed)
Birthplace: Wolfkrone Kingdom, Holy Roman Empire (Probably Germany)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Colour: Reddish Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: AB
Random Quote:
Destined Battle:
Joke Weapon:

Grenzennova and Frischhimmel

	Grezennova is the name of Hilde's short sword and Frischhimmel is the
name of her lance. "Grezennova"
 means "New Border" and "Frischhimmel" means
"Fresh Sky" (both in German). Both appear to be references to her desire to
bring her kingdom
out of it's current situation.

Soul Calibur 4

	"Father, we leave today."

	Hilde was having an audience with the king in a closed stone chamber
at the very top of the castle tower. Since the destruction known as the Evil
Seed had swept across the kingdom, her father had been lost in a fog of
madness and confined to this tiny, lonely cell. She had never been able to put
that woeful event behind her, but weakness was not an option. The survival of
the kingdom of Wolfkrone depended on her now.

	Hilde prepared herself to lead her army into battle, and then donned
her armour and helm. She thought back to an incident several days earlier;
upon coming to the assistance of a troop of mercenaries traveling through
Wolfkrone, she had learned that a man called Siegfried was about to enter
Ostrheinsburg alone. Hilde found Siegfried and contrived to meet him, thinking
they could work together towards a common goal, but the knight would have
nothing to do with her; he would take on the cursed sword alone.

	Hilde took it as a sign; perhaps the dawn her kingdom had prayed for
all these years was finally coming to end their long nightmare.

	At daybreak, she gave the command for all the forces of Wolfkrone to
march. She herself rode at the head of the army, her thoughts heavy. Would she
be able to lead her kingdom to a new dawn?


	Hilde shatters Soul Edge and defeats Nightmare. Hilde discovers that
Siegfried is the one who started all of this. He acknowledges it, and thanks
her for defeating nightmare. He asks her to kill him, too, but instead she
pardons him for his sins, and that he has shown a great deal of valour.

	The sun pierces the name of Soul Edge. The Kingdom of Wolfkrone is

Random Facts

	"Groß Erbschaft" means "Great Inheritance."


Full Name: Hwang Sung Kyung
Nicknames: Burning Patriot, Hero in the Warlike Age
Weapon: Chinese Sword
Weapon Name: Blue Storm, Blue Thunder
Fighting Style: Hwang Style Long Blade
Age: 32
Birth Date: August 8
Family: Parents - Deceased
        Master - Seung Han Myong
Birthplace: Chili-San, Lee Dynasty Korea
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 137 lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: AB
Random Quote: I was protected by a lot of people. Now, it is time for me to
              protect others
Destined Battle: Seung Mina
Joke Weapon: He ain't done got none

Blue Storm

	A Tang dynasty Chinese Long Sword passed down through the Seung
family. This sword was used by Hwang during his first journey for Soul Edge.
There isn't really anything else to say about it, except Xianghua can use it
in SC2.

	On a side note, Blue Storm is a finishing move for Kalas in the
unrelated RPG, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings And The Lost Ocean.

Blue Thunder

	Hwang's sword was given to him by Lee Sun Shin, before Hwang embarked
upon his second quest. Shin received the sword in his youth from Seung Han
Myong, Who descended from a clan famous for their military skills and now
trains Hwang as his master.

Soul Blade

	Hwang grew up poor. His parents had a strong sense of justice, which
eventually led to their downfall. He grew up and eventually enrolled himself
in a dojo to learn to use the long blade. It didn't take him long to become
the best student in the dojo. He finally was good enough to be taught by the
master himself, Master Seung.

	Seung Han Myong was happy to have such a gifted student. He was
seriously thinking about adopting Hwang as his son. however, he never had a
chance to do so. Of all of the Asian countries, Japan was the first to start
invading the others. A coast guard was quickly formed and led by Lee Sun
Shin. Hwang was first to volunteer. When rumours if the Sword of Salvation
spread the country, Hwang was sent out to find it.


	Hwang picks up the swords and comments about how evil they are. but
how powerful they are as well.

Bad Ending

	Hwang stumbles into the Dojo with the swords. The members ask him what
happened, but he hit's one of them and tells him to shut up. Hwang's glowing
eyes and crazy fangs suggest that he is now evil.

Good Ending

	Hwang throws the evil blades clear over the Adrian. He then returns
home, where he is asked about his journey. Han Myong greets him, telling
him that he heard of his exploits and thanks him for saving the country.
Myong offers to adopt Hwang, but he declines and rejoins the coastal
defense force, because he has a duty to fulfill before he goes home.

What Really Happened

	Hwang never finds Soul Edge, but he does find Mina, who he drags home.

Soul Calibur 1

	Hwang was on a quest to find Soul Edge, the "Sword of Salvation,"
when he received news of an impending invasion of his homeland. He cut his
quest short and returned home, dragging Seung Mina, the runaway daughter of
his master, Seung Han Myong.

	Soon, he rejoined the Coast Guard, only to receive news that Mina had
run away again. Angered by this, he lost his better judgment and led his
crew into a pirate's trap. Many lives were lost.

	Hwang's Superior, Admiral Lee Sun Shin, dismissed him from the Coast
Guard after this, and gave him a new set of orders. He was to aid Seung Han
Myong in finding Seung Mina, under the guise of searching for the Sword of
Salvation. (I'm not sure why he had to pretend to look for Soul Edge, as
opposed to just being honest about looking for Mina. Maybe because he was
still part of the military and they would frown upon this. Or perhaps they
didn't want Seung Mina to know, because she would try to hide from him.)

	He immediately set off for the west again.


	Hwang beats inferno, but is badly hurt. Seung Mina comes to his aid
and helps him get home, where he rejoins the Coast Guard.

What Really Happened

	In reality, Hwang drags Mina home. He DOES, however, rejoin the Coast

Soul Calibur 3

	Upon returning from his second quest for Soul Edge, Hwang reported that
the sword was evil, and not a sword of hope as they had previously
Li of the navy defended his subordinate from as much criticism as possible, but
still had to suspend Hwang for a month. Hwang returned Blue Thunder to the
and left the navy. He didn't believe that his report was incorrect, but he had
failed his general, who he had a great deal of respect for.

	Hwang stayed at his master's dojo for the duration of his suspension.
While there, he sensed a presence nearby. He captured and interrogated the
suspect, learning he was a spy from Japan. Evidently, Japan was planning it's
search for Soul Edge. The next day, Hwang was called by some senior officials in
the navy. It was hard to believe that Japan would only send one spy. It was more
likely that they had obtained information of Soul Edge, that it was a weapon
were searching for to fight Japan. Fearing an invasion from Japan using Soul
Hwang was given a new mission. Though his last two attempts had ended in
Hwang was considered to be the only one with enough knowledge of the outside
for the job of finding Soul Edge.

	"Travel the world and find those agents that seek Soul Edge for Japan and
dispose of them. Make sure it does not fall into the hands of the enemy. And if
possible, bring back Soul Edge."

	General Li gave Hwang his mission and returned Blue Thunder. Hwang knew
this meant the General trusted him.

	Hwang, convinced that Soul Edge was evil, headed towards the capital
before his departure. Some Soul Edge zealots there had gathered fragments of the
cursed sword, and Hwang stole hem to dispose of. It pained him to lower himself
stealing, but he felt that leaving behind remants of the sword was far too
dangerous. Before commotion grew, he left the capital and headed for the west
boarder and then to the great continent of the west.

	If a person of power in any country were to become obsessed with the
sword, it was very possible that the country would fall into turmoil. Enemies or
not, Hwang didn't like the idea of watching innocent people suffer. He promised
himself that he would stop the cursed sword from taking any more lives. Learning
that at the Seung dojo, both Mina and Yunsung had already departed to the west,
thought of joining them. Together, nothing would be impossible. Even the
destruction of Soul Edge.

Random Facts

	Hwang is absent from Soul Calibur 2. He has been replaced by a secret
character, Assassin, who has all of his moves. Assassin wasn't in the arcade
version of Soul Calibur 2, or the Japanese home version, so he doesn't have
a profile or back story. He doesn't even have a moves list. (If you want a
list of Assassins moves, look for a Hwang move list in the Soul Calibur 1
section of GameFaqs.) Assassin isn't even playable in Arcade mode.

	In Hwang's bad ending, "you" is spelled "tou." See, there shouldn't be
typos in a fighting game. There's not enough dialogue

	Hwang is a bonus character in SC III, so he doesn't have an ending.

	I'm not sure, but I've heard that Hwang was a secret character in Soul
Edge (the Arcade version of Soul Blade). There was a push button code you
needed to enter to play as him.

	The pirate ship that Hwang's men fought and lost to was from the
Ryukyu kingdom. Hey... Maxi is from the Ryukyu kingdom. And he's a pirate.
It could have been him, but there is no official mention of it, that I've
seen. In Soul Calibur 1, though, if you don't have Seung Mina unlocked,
Hwang's destined battle is Maxi. Does this mean the Maxi is the pirate that
Hwang fought before SC1?

	Hwang seems to fight a bit like Xianghua.

	For a little more Hwang info, see Seung Mina's and Yunsung's


Full Name: Inferno
Nicknames: The Hellfire of Despair, Ultimate Wicked Sword, SoulEdge
Weapon: All Weapons
Weapon Name: Various Names
Fighting Style: Memories of Soul Edge
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: None
Blood Type: None
Random Quote: *GRUNT*
Destined Battle: Nightmare
Joke Weapon: He's not amused

Memories of Soul Edge

	Inferno was the embodiment of Soul Edge, and memories of the warriors
it defeated was crystallized within it. Inferno used the warriors memories
and incorporated them into it's own fighting style. It is even able to
create weapons using it's own memories and body.

	Inferno's blade is fueled by the anguish of defeated warriors. When
Inferno's weapon becomes engulfed in flames, the world will know the meaning
of true fear and despair.

Soul Blade

	SoulEdge is a home version exclusive. You can play as him in SB by
beating arcade mode with all the original characters. He doesn't have a mission
mode, or a back-story.


	Soul Edge flies into the sea, and 400 years later a scuba diver finds

Soul Calibur 1

	Though nobody is sure when or where it first appeared, "It"
definitely exists...

	It took on the form of a sword in order to devour more souls, and
exists in someone's hand even now. Those who hold it are unable to escape
the curse of it's evil powers.

	It continues to devour into darkness the souls of those who are led
astray by fate. While it burns fiercely with the anguish and regret of lost
souls, it's blade shines with an icy gleam.


	Inferno consumes Soul Calibur, and turns it into a new Soul Edge.
Then, it terrorizes the world.

Soul Calibur 2

	Inferno isn't playable in Soul Calibur 2 and I don't think he has an
official profile anywhere. He's still the boss and he's still the spirit of Soul

Random Facts

	Storyline-wise, Inferno appears after one of the swords is destroyed,
but in Soul Blade, he has both parts of Soul Edge. This could be explained
by Inferno using one of the real swords and creating a new sword from his
body, as he's been known to do.

	Inferno uses a random weapon each round.

	Inferno has all of the moves of whomever's weapon it is using, but it
also has a few of it's own moves. It's own moves are pretty flashy. They are
denoted in Inferno's move list by the red Pac-Man ghost :)

	In Soul Blade, Inferno had a skull and wore a jacket.

	Inferno can't use Link, Heihachi, Spawn, Assassin, Berserker, or
Necrid's weapons.

	In Soul Calibur 2, Inferno can't use Lizardman's weapon.

	In Soul Calibur 1, fighting Inferno was like fighting Charade. He
had two rounds and a normal amount of health.

	Inferno's appearance has changed somewhat. In SC1, he was a pair of
arms and legs and a head, connected by fire. Except when he was player
controlled, in which case he kind of looked like a big plastic man with a huge
fire inside of him. Orange for Player 1, Blue for Player 2. Now he has a big
'ol torso with a brain or something with Soul Calibur stuck in it. Yuck.

	Besides the fact that Inferno has some unique moves, it also does a
little more damage.(6% more for small characters, 12% more for bigger
characters, 0% more for Cervantes)

	In Soul Blade, Inferno was called SoulEdge, and he had Cervantes'
moves. Unisock points out that SoulEdge may just be Cervantes on fire, and
Inferno is something else. This could be true, since SoulBlade wears
Cervantes' coat, but there are a lot of similarities between SoulEdge
and Inferno. The fire, the fact that they both come from Soul Edge and the
fact that neither of them have their own fighting style. Heck, SB's
SoulBlade resembles SC1's Inferno more than SB's Siegfried resembles SC1's
Siegfried. Maybe Inferno gained so much power between SB and SC1, he didn't
need a body to host him anymore. I guess it's up to you to draw your own

	Inferno isn't in SC3 because, being the spirit of Soul Edge, he's
technically Nightmare!


Full Name: Isabella Valentine (Ivy)
Nicknames: Twisting Blade of Solitude
Weapon: Snake Sword
Weapon Name: Ivy Blade/Valentine
Fighting Style: Unrelated Link
Age: 32
Birth Date: December 10
Family: Adoptive Parents - Deceased
        Mother - Deceased
        Father - Cervantes de Leon
Birthplace: London, England
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Hair Colour: Purple
Eye Colour: Blue
Blood Type: Unknown (Soul Edge)
Random Quote: I'll tear everything apart
Destined Battle: Taki, Cervantes
Joke Weapon: Prototype Blade

Ivy Blade / Valentine

	Ivy's snake sword, Ivy Blade (Later known as Valentine), has the
ability to expand and contract at will.

	Ivy researched many weapons to find one worthy of accompanying her on
her quest to destroy Soul Edge. She invented this sword, based upon an Asian,
multi-segmented whip. Her sword came to life with Nightmare's touch, when she
summoned him. Armed with this weapon, she embarked upon her quest.

	Ivy didn't know that her sword was brought to life with the power of
Soul Edge, the same sword she vowed to destroy. She also remained ignorant
to the fact that her own bloodline served to strengthen the sword.

Soul Calibur 1

	Ivy was raised with love in the home of the English nobles, the
Valentines. However, her father, Count Valentine, died a madman, driven to
insanity by his obsession with alchemy.

	The Count squandered the family fortune on the pursuit of alchemy.
Soon after the fall of the Valentine family, Ivy learned from her mother, on
her death bed, that she was adopted. Ivy had no interest in finding her
biological parents.

	Ivy eventually learned about her fathers search for Soul Edge and
began to follow in his footsteps in it's quest. She became an alchemist.

	Ivy learned that Soul Edge was evil and vowed to destroy it. She
succeeded in creating a weapon suited for this purpose through ancient


	Ivy defeats inferno, but is surprised to see that her sword is still
alive, despite the fact that the evil is gone. She figures out that the evil
is running through her blood, so she sets out on a quest to destroy
everything associated with Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur 2

	When Ivy left on her journey, she crossed paths with Nightmare, who
she had previously summoned to breath life into her blade. She agreed to
help him in a ceremony to summon souls, oblivious to the fact that this was
all part of the demonic blade's plan.

	Ivy discovered the truth on the day that Nightmare was defeated and
Soul Edge was shattered. She realized that Nightmare possessed Soul Edge and
that her father was Cervantes, who had been manipulated by it's dark powers.

	Shaken by the horrible truth, Ivy sealed herself away in her

	After month of soul searching, Ivy returned with a renewed drive to
destroy Soul Edge and everything connected to it. She renamed her sword,
which shared her fate, Valentine.


	Ivy destroys all of Soul Edge's remains. With only herself and her
sword left with the evil blood, she chooses to live out the rest of her life
in obscurity, with only her sword to keep her company.

Soul Calibur 3

	Ivy was on a quest to destroy everything associated with Soul Edge. In
her mission, she often had slain the innocent, but that didn't matter. All that
mattered was that Soul Edge be exterminated.

	Ivy's sword had begun to change. It was unstable. She decided to return
to her alchemy lab in order to investigate this. Once there, she would have
access to her equipment. On the way home, she stopped into a certain academic
English town. There, she bought some books about the secret arts. Both old and
new books had been gathered to the one place. When she returned home, she
looked through the books she had bought. One of them stood out. It revealed
the nature of Soul Edge. As far as she knew, this was the most detailed
information ever gathered on the subject. As she deciphered the ancient text,
she discovered the other sword. Soul Calibur. It was a sword that restrained
the power of the evil sword, and fought against it. This seemed almost too
good to be true, but the precise nature of the text didn't seem to be fiction.

	Over the course of a month, Ivy discovered every detail about the sword.
The thought that it existed excited her. She closed her eyes in contemplation,
but the sound of the door opening startled her.

	"Who are you?" She asked in a firm tone.

	"Did you read the book?" The man asked in a quiet, cold voice. The man
was tall, with dark skin, wearing a robe. In the following silence they both
learned the answer to their respective questions. Ivy grabbed the book and
stepped back. She drew her weapon. The man drew a scythe, seemingly out of

	The battle ensued. The man struck very precise strikes with his weapon,
but Valentine was able to deflect them all in a flurry of clashing steel.

	"Damn it!" Ivy clenched her teeth. She had to concentrate harder than
usual to control her sword. This slight distraction gave the man an opening. Ivy
was knocked back by the force of the blow. She dropped the book, and the man
it up.

	"This is a mistake from my past," the man said. "The world no longer needs
this." The book burst into flames. He dropped the book on the floor. The flames
spread with an unusual fervor, separating the two.


	"If you wish to learn everything about the cursed sword and the spirit
world, then follow the knight you know well..." With these words the man
disappeared behind the curtain of flames.

	The wall of flames surrounded Ivy. She was not afraid, but she could not
allow it to destroy her precious lab. She gave up her pursuit. Ivy looked into
the darkness. She pondered. She had lost the book, but it's contents were
etched into her memory. And although she was angry at the man for the way he
had treated her, she believed him. It was decided. She would set out once
more. She would find the truth about Soul Calibur, and obtain it for herself!


	Ivy is about to destroy Soul Edge, when she is grabbed by... ghost Ivy?
She struggles...

Bad Ending

	She is forced towards it. She drops her sword. It shifts to her,
hunched over Soul Edge, crying. "So there's.... no way for me to do this?"

Good Ending

	She breaks free and destroys it. Pretty cool. "Bastard!" She smashes
it some more. Screen fades.

Soul Calibur 4

	Ivy continued to search for a way to destroy the cursed sword, and
arrived at a great empire to the East where she learned of the spirit sword.
However, this presented a new problem. The blood of the cursed sword that
coursed through Ivy's veins would prevent her from ever wielding the spirit
sword. Even if she could find it, she would not be able to use it to destroy
the cursed sword.

	Ivy interrupted her journey and returned to her family mnsion, where
she once again delved into her alchemic research. But jsut as she began to
close in on success, her experiements were cut short by a sudden attack.
Cervantes, her own cursed, inhuman father, had come to rob his own flesh and
blood, to take his daughter's soul.

	Ivy lost that deadly fight, and the man nearly consumed her soul
entirely, but Ivy had one last chance. She had been searching for the means to
fabricate a being that could wield the spirit sword. Iby used the artificial
soul that would have animated that being to save her own life instead, but the
research had been incomplete. Death would come to her, sooner or later.

	Ivy took up the snake sword that was her other half. She had lost much
of the soul that connected her to the weapon, but it still responded to her.
Yes, she could fight with it. And the new soul she had created, even though
mixed with Ivy's own cursed soul, remained pure. Perhaps she could wield the
spirit sword now?

	Ivy would fullfill her oath and destroy Soul Edge. Resolutely, she set
out on her last journey.


	Nightmare is barely able to stand after their fight. Soul Calibur
appears above them and comes down and impales Nightmare (which is awesome, by
the way). It starts to glow and Ivy can feel it affecting her. She begins to
turn to crystal because of her evil blood. She says it's a fitting death for
someone who has committed so many atrocities. As she is crystalizing, her
sword breaks the spell. Her sword is telling her to live, and she decides to
do so.

	She severed the bond with the cursed sword and started her own new

Random Facts

	A few of Ivy's lines in SC3 kind of sound like Katharine Hepburn...
(did I spell that right?)

	The man that Ivy meets in SC3 is Zasalamel. Of course.

	In SC1, If Cervantes isn't unlocked, Ivy fight's Taki. Probably to
fight over which character is the sexiest. Silly girls. That's Voldo!

	Ivy is very dominatrix-like. She even has a move called sweet

	Ivy helped Nightmare gather souls with Astaroth and Lizardman, by
slaughtering people. She wanted to repay him for helping her bring her
sword to life. (Obviously, at this point she didn't know that Nightmare had
Soul Edge.) However, she soon started to feel guilty for killing people.
She also became repulsed by the fact that Astaroth enjoyed it all and
Lizardman was "Not of this Earth." When Ivy tried to escape through an
underground tunnel (They were at Ostrheinsburg Castle) Astaroth stopped
her. When he asked where she was going, she told him. He laughed and told
her that the object of her quest was right in front of her the whole time.
She wondered why Nightmare let her near him. Astaroth said that it was
because the sword wanted her around, just in case something were to happen
to Nightmare. It wanted her as a spare host. Astaroth was about to kill her,
when Kilik, Maxi and Xianghua arrived at the castle. Astaroth left to go
deal with them. He commanded his clay golems to finish her off, but she
barely managed to defeat them all. She didn't want to believe Astaroth's
words, so she left to talk to Nightmare directly. Before she got very far,
she was confronted by Taki. Ivy attacked but Taki blocked. The surrounding
trees groaned in pain. Taki told Ivy the same thing that Astaroth told her,
that the Ivy Blade was created using the magic of Soul Blade. It was the
child of the evil sword. Taki then told her that the evil blood ran through
Ivy as well. Ivy attacked again, but Taki dodged and jumped on top of a
pillar. She told Ivy that she had felt the same Aura before, when she had
fought the previous owner of the evil sword, Cervantes. Taki left. And
that's how Ivy learned about her father.

	There is character art called "Schwartztrom" (which means "black storm")
of Nightmare, Astaroth, Lizardman, and Ivy. This leads me to believe that
that is the group's name. Schwartztrom is also the name of the messenger of
the Norse Gods. Where did I hear this? An old episode of Saturday Night Live.
Probably not the most reliable source.

	Ivy didn't see all of Nightmare when she brought her sword to life.
Just his hand appeared.

	Ivy was left on the doorstep of the Valentine mansion. No slow
adoption process for them.

	The first Ivy Blade that Ivy created was mechanical, but she knew that
there was no way a gadget like that could stand up to a demon sword.

	The sword, Valentine, has a mind of it's own. It chooses to protect

	Ivy tried on numerous occasions to destroy Valentine, but she couldn't

bring herself to do it.

	If you are at all confused about Ivy's goal, she wanted to destroy
Soul Edge, because it drove her father insane. Now, she wants to destroy
everything associated with it as well, including herself. She also doesn't
care how many people she has to kill to do so.

	You could go through every character's storyline in Soul Calibur 1,
and the only hints that Ivy is Cervantes' daughter, is the picture of him in
the background of her ending, and the fact that he is her destined battle.

	Ivy, but skankier? How about if she married an 80 year old oil tycoon
and got involved in a lawsuit over his fortune with his kids? Apparently,
for some award show, Anna Nicole Smith dawns an Ivy costume (among others,
like Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2, and Farrah from Prince of Persia: The
Sands of Time) to showcase the nominees for hottest video game female. The
costume itself is dead on, but the sword sucks. Does anyone have a link to
the pictures? I'd like to post it here.


Full Name: Kilik
Nicknames: Destiny Awakened
Weapon: Rod and Mirror
Weapon Name: Rod - Kali-Yuga
             Mirror - Dvapara-Yuga
Fighting Style: Li-Seng Shu Style Rod
Age: 23
Birth Date: February 9
Family: Unknown.
        Entire temple - slaughtered in madness
        Sworn Sister - Xianglian, Slaughtered by Kilik
Birthplace: Unknown. (Raised in Li-Seng Shu Temple, Ming Empire.)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 139 lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: A
Random Quote: I will lay my soul on the line
Destined Battle: Nightmare, Edge Master, Xianghua, Raphael
Joke Weapon: Bamboo Staff

Kali-Yuga and Dvapara-Yuga

	Kali-Yuga and Dvapara-Yuga were two of the Li-Seng Shu Temple's
treasures. (Krita-Yuga being the third. See Xianghua's bio.) When the Evil
Seed corrupted Kilik and Kali-Yuga, the only things that kept him from going
completely berserk was the power of Dvapara-Yuga, along with Kilik's inner

	If Kali-Yuga had fallen into the hands of someone else, it would have
meant the creation on another weapon like Soul Edge.

	Equipped with the rod that had taken his sworn sister's life, and
the mirror she had given him along with her life, Kilik departed for the
west to find answers for himself.

Soul Calibur 1

	Kilik was raised at the Li-Seng Shu Temple. He was chosen to
inherit the Kali-Yuga, one of the three sacred treasures of the temple,
after many long years of rigorous training.

	However, after the Evil Seed rained down on the temple, it caused
it's members to lose their sanity and a bloodbath ensued.

	Kilik was driven insane by the evil seed as well. In his rage, and
with his great skills, he killed many temple members. Xianglian put the
Dvapara-Yuga on Kilik, and he regained his sanity. Unfortunately, the temple
members were still evil, so Kilik was forced to kill many of them in self
defense. Without the protection of the Dvapara-Yuga, Xianglian was one of
the people Kilik was forced to kill.

	When he awoke, the old man who had saved him (Edge Master) told him
the truth. Kilik and Kali-Yuga were infected with the evil seed. The only
thing protecting him was the Dvapara-Yuga, which was slung around his
shoulder. And the source of all this evil was the demonic sword, Soul Edge!

	After training with the old man, and learning to control the evil
within himself and Kali-Yuga, embarked on a quest to purify himself and his


	Inferno is about to spread the Evil Seed again, but Kilik uses the
Dvapara-Yuga to extinguish the flames. He goes on another journey to tame
the evil within himself.

Soul Calibur 2

	With the help of Maxi and Xianghua, Kilik defeated Nightmare. He
then returned to Edge Master's hermitage, where he continued to perfect the
technique of neutralizing and purifying evil energy. One day, however, he
sensed the return of the malevolent Soul Edge.

	Kilik set out on another journey to defeat Soul Edge for good, for he
wanted to atone for his sins. (Killing most of the Li-Seng Shu Temple.)


	Kilik absorbs the evil energy within Soul Edge, then leaves on a quest
to purify himself and Kali-Yuga.

Soul Calibur 3

	On his quest, Kilik met up with Xianghua. Their differing opinions
caused them to argue, but they became traveling companions again, anyway.
While his mind was filled with questions, he worked with Xianghua, and, using
his fragment of the Dvapara-Yuga, purified the minds of the residents of a
city, who had lost their minds.

	Then, a man with a scythe appeared. "You who are close to the spirit
sword - leave this place. A great evil is poised to sweep over this land.
Without your mirror, you cannot infuse you weapon with power. The man possessed
an extraordinarily forceful presence, but Kilik refused to back down. They
fought. Kilik lost.

	"I see you possess arts for purifying evil, but do not underestimate
the evil of the sword. If you challenge it unprepared, you will surely find
yourself trapped within it's dark abyss." That was the last thing Kilik heard
as he lost consciousness.

	When he awoke, Kilik found himself in a familiar setting. He was in
Edge Master's hermitage. He learned what had happened from his teacher. After
the battle, Xianghua had carried him there. Sensing a terrible energy
radiating from his wounds, Edge Master had performed a secret ceremony to
purify him. An entire month had passes since then.

	Kilik realized his lack of skill. He realized that his purifying arts
alone wouldn't be enough to defeat Soul Edge, if he, himself, was not strong.
As he thought to himself, he casually placed his hand on his chest. It was at
that point that he realized that his fragment of the Dvapara-Yuga was gone.

	"Xianglian..." The face of the woman who had sacrificed herself to
the evil sword appeared in his mind. For her sake, and for the sake of the
people of the Li-Seng Shu Temple, he could not give up. But what could he
do. The cursed energy that abated him wasn't gone. In fact, it felt as if it
were spreading. There was no time to waste. Reading Kilik's thoughts (huh?),
Edge Maser quietly ordered him to begin rigorous training. His teacher
intentionally surrounded himself with evil energy, becoming like someone
infected by the Evil Seed. Kilik had to face his master with nothing more
than his staff. It was the most difficult training he had ever endured, but
he had to overcome it in order to get stronger.

	Edge Master's power was unbelievable. Fast as lightning. Strong as a
wild beast. With the spirit of a raging hurricane. Kilik quickly realized
that he must focus on purifying his master.

	Within three months, Kilik succeeded in striking his master with a
purifying blow but he wounded him deeply at the same time. Edge Master
explained that Kilik still lacked skill. A better strike would have purified
the mind, and left the body unharmed. However, he had done well for such a
short period of time. After tending to his wounds, he handed Kilik a new
fragment of the Dvapara-Yuga, and a not from Xianghua. With her words in his
heart, Kilik set out West once more.

	"I'm sorry, Kilik I couldn't do anything. I will work on my skills,
grow stronger, and regain my courage. For now, please go on ahead without me.
I'm sure that we'll meet again. And next time, let's put an end to all of
this. I believe in us. I know that we can do it, if we're together..."


	Kilik and Xianghua visit Xianglian's grave. Kilik wonders if they did
the right think. Xianghua assured him that of course they did, and that this
is only the beginning. She stumbles and is about to fall....

Bad Ending

	She does so. Kilik laughs at her. She say's he's hopeless. Maxi
appears. He remembers them now. They all leave.

Good Ending

	He catches her. He tells her that he wants her to stay with him. They
hug. How sweet!

Secret Ending

	If you press BG instead of AG Kilik will catch Xianghua, but they will
immediately look away from each other in embarrassment. The same dialogue

Soul Calibur 4

	His body profaned by the Evil Seed sown by Soul Edge, Kilik devoted
himself to war against the cursed sword. He trained hard, mastered the art of
purging evil, and took an oath to purify Soul Edge once and for all. Only then
could he atone for the lives he had taken while evil had ensnared his soul. If
there was one answer Kilik arrived at following his training, it was this:
Soul Calibur was a being extremely similar to Soul Edge. The key lay in
balancing the two blades' torrential power; finding a way that their opposing
mights would cancel each other out.

	Kilik had been travelling with Xianghua since reuniting with her
during his quest. He knew Xianghua had feelings for him, but he could not
return those feelings. Something about xianghua reminded him of Xianglian, the
woman he had once loved as an older sister. Each of her smiles only brought
back memories of his past, of when he had muredered Xianglian with his own

	From this, Kilik took resolve. As the Concillator, he faced a brutal
road ahead. He must find and maintain just the right equilibrium to keep the
scales from tipping toward one great force or the other forever.

	(I cannot involve Xianghua in this fate I have chosen for myself.)

	The two drew ever closer to Ostrheinsburg, the final battleground.
Yet Kilik was determined to move on alone when the time came.


	Kilik defeats Angol, who drops Soul Edge. "It appears I could not
control the power. Spare me your pity. I, Algol, have no regrets." Kilik
starts absorbing energy from him into Kali-Yuga. Probably Soul Calibur's,
since it's blue and Algol is turning to crystal. Kilik says he'll do
everything he can to control this power, because he has no other choice.

	He disappeared alone. The two powers forever rested in peace and never
stirred again.

Random Facts

	At one point in Kilik's SC4 Story mode, you have to right Xianglian.

	The Dvapara-Yuga was destroyed to suppress Inferno. Kilik had learned
to suppress the evil within himself at this point, so he didn't need it any

	Before Edge Master is unlocked in SC1, Kilik's destined battle is

	Up until 10 years before SC1, the Li-Seng Shu temple was cut off
from the rest of the world. One day, the neighbouring town was attacked by
thieves, so the temple members agreed to help the villagers. Now they accept
anyone that has a strong fighting spirit. It has become customary for the
children of soldiers to go there to practice, and for farmers and merchants
to learn some basic skills to protect themselves.

	Kilik was abandoned at the front of the temple when he was a baby. The
monks took him in and raised him. Xianglian was another orphan, and she and
Kilik were very close because of this.

	Kilik actually served as a teacher at the temple, as well as a

	Kilik's favorite place in the temple was on top of the stone wall
behind the main hall. He would often go there to think or to cheer himself
up whenever he was sad. Xianglian liked it there too.

	Xianglian's father was a high ranking monk who stole the Krita-Yuga
from the temple. When she found out, Master Han told her that she should not
let the actions of her parents ruin her, and that she should "Cut her own
path in life." She would have been the successor of the sword, but she didn't
want it. She was nominated to be he successor of the mirror instead. In
order to be the Dvapara-Yuga's successor, you need a strong mind and spirit,
as opposed to the good fighting skills necessary for the sword and rod.

	The evil seed actually rained down on the temple the night before the
succession ceremony.

	When Kilik learned that Xianglian had placed the Dvapara-Yuga on his
shoulder, giving up her own life to save him, he wondered why he should
bother to live.

	For a bit more Xianglian info, see Xianghua's Bio.

	Xianglian was older than Kilik.

	If anyone besides Kilik (and maybe Edge Master) were it handle the
Kali-Yuga, It would turn into another Soul Edge.

	For a little more on what happened to Kilik on his Soul Calibur 1
journey, see Xianghua and Maxi's respective bios.

Li Long

Full Name: Li Long
Nicknames: Rage Of Executor
Weapon: Nunchaku
Weapon Name: Falcon
Fighting Style: Matchless Dragon
Age: 31
Birth Date: October 23
Family: Parents - Deceased
        Sister - Meimei
        Lover - Chie (Missing, presumed dead by Li Long)
Birthplace: China
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 121 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown (?)
Blood Type: B
Random Quote: When I find who did this, I will show no mercy
Destined Battle: None
Joke Weapon: Two hot dogs on a string. Actually, he doesn't have one, but if he
	     did, I'd like to imagine it would be that.


	Falcon is Li Long's Nunchaku, which I know nothing about. Oh, it has
blades on the ends. In real life, it is unknown whether they were invented
in the late 16th, or early 17th century. He apparently made them himself. Also,
there are two of them.

Soul Blade

	After the death of the great Eirakutei, the Ming Dynasty was left open
to plundering by pirates from southern Japan. Li Long was sent by the
emperor to assassinate the leader of the pirates, and bring Soul Edge home
with him. Li Long, however, didn't really care about Soul Edge, so, instead,
he decided to not only assassinate the leader of the pirates, but the Daimyo
feudal lords as well. This was not part of the mission, but there was no
doubt in Li Long's mind that he would succeed.

	However, Li Long was not as strong as he thought, and an attack on the
head of a powerful family went wrong. Li Long was badly injured, but he was
rescued by a young girl named Chie. Chie was the daughter of an innkeeper
named Yahei. She was traumatized by the death of her mother as a child, and
had lost the ability to speak. She devoted herself to the care of Li Long.
They fell in love, and Li Long stayed with Chie long after he was fit for
travel again.

	One day, while Li Long was out, a fight broke out at the Inn. Chie was
thought to have been killed. A wounded Yahei told Li Long that a wandering
swordsman had started the fight and left. Witnesses thought that it may have
been Heishiro Mitsurugi. Mitsurugi, however, was not the only swordsman
wandering the land.

	Li Long set out for revenge. He learned the Mitsurugi was looking for
Soul Edge. He decided that if he found the swords first, Mitsurugi would
eventually have to come to fight him. And if it turns out that it wasn't
Mitsurugi who was responsible for Chie's death, then he would seek out every
last swordsman until he got his revenge.


	Li Long is badly beaten by Cervantes and is laying beaten on the

Bad Ending

	This ending is a lot like the end of his Weapons Master Mode. Li Long
dies, and it cuts to Chie standing in a field holding a comb. She starts to
cry, wondering where Li Long is. She then realizes that she may never see
him again, and she's carrying his baby. Hear that? Pregnancy tests are a
sham. It's so easy to tell if you're pregnant.

Good Ending

	Li Long stands up. An illusion of Chie appears, and he goes over to
hug her. He realizes that he is hugging the bigger blade of Soul Edge. The
smaller blade floats up into the air and says, in Chie's voice, "Come back
to me. I'll be waiting." Li Long grabs Soul Edge, and returns.

Soul Calibur 3

	It was supposed to be just another day of searching for swordsmen for Li
Long, but the fate that awaited him in that Spanish harbour was one of despair.
After disposing of a black hawk that had suddenly attacked him, an man who
appeared to be a pirate captain stood before him with a sword in each hand,
radiating a cursed aura. Li Long fought with all of his might, and lost. Li Long
ran, desperately clinging to life. He thought the man would hunt him down to
finish him, but for some reason he left him alone and wandered off. On the verge
of losing consciousness, he looked back and witnesed, with his one remaining
the single column of light soaring high into the heavens.

	As Li Long gradually regained consciousness, he realized his body was
devastated. His wounds were deep and would need time to heal, but the
psychological damage was even greater than the physical. He felt worthless and
hands trembled with fear. His confidence was shaken. Were his past deeds really
righteous? Did he, unknowingly, repeat the terrible atrocities against those
warriors that he "hunted?" And maybe even towards Chie? His confidence was
crumbling. The world seemed to condemn him and drag him to the depths of hell.
Guilt haunted his mind. He came to the point where he could not even hold his
weapon straight. Something essential within him had been "consumed."

	His life had changed completely. The challenges he had faced before, the
so-called Japanese "shinobi", the hunters from the motherland sent to
him, all suddently seemed insurmountable. Li Long eventually felt more and more
cornered. He now traveled under an alias, constantly changing his guise and
walking in daylight. He was supposed to be avenging Chie, but the predator had
apparently become the prey.

	He continued like this for a long time. Exactly how long, he couldn't say.
He had lost his sense of time. He eventually came upon a town by the straits,
hoping to seek anonymity within it's vibrant population. However, his pursuers
would not relent and their powers eventually reached him there. Just as he was
resigned to his death, he was unexpectedly saved by a girl. He would normally
away without a thought, but something stopped him, and it was not the girl's
kindness. It was the faint gestures that hinted that she, too, had lost
Normally he wouldn't think twice about susing a false name. FOr some reason,
though, he gave her his real one. Something he had not done in a long time. He
accepter her offer of shelter and stayed, knowing peace would only last so long.
His pursuers were ruthless and relentless. Furthermore, she reminded him of
which would stir his guilty conscience.

	But why was he finding it so hard to leave?

	The girl faithfully took care of this foreigner, who would sometimes stare
at her with deeply sad eyes. It may have been that this girl, who had lived all
her life weak and powerless, simply could not turn her back on Li Long who
like he had lost everything.

	One day, on a dark, cloudy day, they finally appeared. The men said
something to the girl at the entrance. The girl was trying to tell Li Long
something with his gaze, but he ignored it. He stood in front of his pursuers
his weapon in hand. He fought while trying to control hs trembling hands in the
past. It was unheard of for Li Long to be slow to react, even if it was of the
slightest margin. He barely defeated his foes, but the experience registered
something inside him. He rememberd what it was like to fight for something
revenge. As the commotion subsided, the girl stood frozen in silence, staring at
the scene. No matter. He was planning to leave anyway. He had nothing more to
to her, but she quietly hurried to his side and gently touched his back,
communicating her feelings more clearly than words could possibly express. Li
left town that day. Now he knew that having his revenge would not save him.
was something he had to do for those that urged him to live. IT was still there.
He had left half of himself with the dreaded blade. Now was the time to regain
but he did not know yet. The woman he loved was searching after him, and the
of their love was taking breath inside her.

	Will the day ever come when he will discover the truth? Will he ever
regain what was lost and finally find the peace he yearned for?

Random Facts

	In the SC1 art gallery, there is a picture of Cervantes standing over a
beaten man who resembles Li Long, but I can't be sure. It says something like
"Those who found Soul Edge cursed their misfortune as the evil swords
devoured their souls," or something like that.

	Some people wonder why they didn't even bring Li Long back in SC2 as
an extra character, like Lizardman. Well, the reason for that is that Li
Long wasn't in SC1. Some people may not realize this, but the fighting
system in SB is so drastically different, that Namco doesn't even call it a
prequel sometimes. SC1, and SC2, however, are almost identical as far as the
basic system of fighting goes. So, you see, for Lizardman, Assassin and
Berserker, the only things Namco had to do to bring them over were to create
new character models, and copy their move lists. (For those of you who don't
know, Assassin is based on SC1 Hwang, Berserker is based on SC1 Rock, and
Lizardman is just SC1 Lizardman, with 6 new costumes.)

	In SC2, Maxi can use Falcon, Li Long's nunchaku, and in the weapon
gallery it mention's that Li Long once used it.

	Chie's father was once the leader of Taki's clan of Ninjas.

	The announcer sounds confused when he says Li Long's name. He says it
like he's asking him something. "Li Long?"

	Li Long's sister, Meimei, is Xianghua's best friend.

	Li Long's Project Soul profile lists Chie as his daughter for some reason.

	Uh, is his SC3 story supposed to mean that Chie is still pregnant that
many years later?

	Li Long was thought to be dead after Soul Blade, but he was revived for


Full Name: Lizardman (Formerly Aeon Calcos)
Nicknames: Jade-Scaled Terror
Weapon: Short Sword/single-handed ax and Small Shield
Weapon Name: Xi Sword and Game Shield, Grudge Ax & Aya Shield
Fighting Style: Gyulkus (Rapid Ares Style)
Age: 36 (7 years as Lizardman)
Birth Date: June 23
Family: Unknown (There are many creatures similar to him)
	There should be family in his homeland, but they are no longer
	important to him.
Birthplace: Sparta (Created in Kunpaetku Shrine)
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Yellowish
Blood Type: None
Random Quote: *snort*
Destined Battle: Astaroth, Sophitia, The Apprentice
Generic Factor: Absurdly
Joke Weapon: Boned Meat

Xi Sword and Game Shield

	Xi Sword and Game Shield are the names of Lizardman's short sword and
small shield.

	Aeon Calcos was sent by Hephaestus to destroy Soul Edge. (See
Sophitia's Bio.) He received these sacred weapons to do battle with.

	While the sword and shield were definitely holy at some point, it
remains to be seen whether they still retain their power, given Aeon's fate.
(Actually, they do. At least, that's what it says in the SC2 weapon gallery.
They are also cursed. Sophitia can use these weapons.)

Grudge Ax and Aya Shield

	After turning his back on the gods, he replaces his holy weapons with
these. The Grudge Ax is most likely named for his grudge against Hephaestus.

Soul Calibur 1

	Aeon Calcos was a warrior who received an oracle from Hephaestus, the
god of smithery to destroy Soul Edge. He wandered the world searching for the
demonic blade, to fulfill his destiny.

	One day, a group of desert travelers rescued a dehydrated Aeon and
brought him to their village. Unfortunately, instead of repaying their
kindness, the Evil Seed rained down and turned Aeon into a crazed killer,
who massacred everyone in the village.

	Stories of this berserker spread to Kunpaetku, the grand priest of
the dark order Fygul Cestemus. Aeon was captured and used as a human guinea
pig in a terrible experiment, which caused an unspeakable transformation in

	"Find the demon sword, Soul Edge!"

	The new slave of the grand priest couldn't resist his masters


	Lizardman destroys Inferno and goes crazy(er) and calls for more
Lizardmen to take over the world.

Soul Calibur 3

	When he awoke, there was not way for him to know what had happened.
All he remembered was the feeling of suddenly being pulled from the dark
abyss. The waves emitted by Soul Calibur when it struck the cursed sword had
shaken his consciousness. The first thing he saw when he awoke was his own
figure, transformed into that of a monster. In his fragmented memory, he
recalled having served a grand priest in a dark temple. He had taken countless

	Aeon Calcos set out to find a way to become human again. While keeping
his monstrous form hidden. He could not even meet his family with this body.

	"Lord, the fate you have bestowed upon me is too cruel." He didn't
realize the faint doubt that had sprouted in his heart. As time passed, he
couldn't find a solution. He decided to try the one place he had been
avoiding. The evil temple. When he got there, however, it had been destroyed.
With his only glimmer of hope extinguished, something important crumbled within
him. Doubt spread through his heart. Why did his god remain silent during his
plight? Even to his god, he was nothing more than a cursed monster! The sword
and shield his god had given him had served to steady his heart, but now he
cast them aside and turned his despair and anger toward th god. He would cut
down his god with the weapon even his god had feared! This would be the
ultimate revenge. He no longer felt any fear toward the idea of becoming a
cold blooded beast.


	Lizardman is holding both swords, deciding which one to take...

Bad Ending

	He picks Soul Edge. The scene shifts to some people wandering in a
village. There's a shattered statue on the ground. The men are planning on
capturing the "monster" that's been terrorizing the village and selling him
into slavery. Lizardman jumps down from the top of a building and chases them

Good Ending

	He picks Soul Calibur. The scene shifts to some people wandering in a
village. There's a shattered statue on the ground. The men are planning on
capturing the "monster" that's been protecting the village and selling him
into slavery. Lizardman jumps down from the top of a building growls. And then
there are more Lizardmen. What?

Soul Calibur 4

	Despondent over his lot, the once pious man longed to slay the god who
had abandoned him, but fate had dealt him an even crueler hand than he knew.
His body had already turned into something grotesque, and now his mind, too,
was becoming twisted by it. His human emotions and memories disappeared bit by
bit until at last, even his heart had degenerated into that of a monster.

	Before he knew it, a horde of beastly kinsmen had flocked to his side.
With his stronger build and superior battle technique, he exuded dominance
over the other lizardmen without a word being spoken, and they made him their
leader.  He gave himself over to vicious impulses and began leading his pack
on a murderous rampage.

	Except at night, when his sleep grew patchy. Sometimes he would open
his eyes, and there they would be: the sensations and memories of being human,
resurrected. He would be astounded by his nightmarish reality, his
unstructured thoughts. He did not even know who he was. Only a great hollow
emptiness remained, driving him on in a desperate panic. He'd lost something.
Something as precious as life itself. Of course, his soul! What had become of
his soul? Only the memory remained to him, and it shone with the last vestiges
of the obsession he had once held: Soul Edge. That was where his soul lay!

	(My... my soul. Must find it. Once the sun has risen....)

	And with that last thought, he shut his eyes and fell back into the
abyss of sleep.


	Nightmare collapses. Lizardman picks up the sword and raises it above
his head, as his underlings look excited. Lizardman throws it to the ground
and the eye begins to glow. The light rises up. Lizardman swipes at it, but
misses it. The other lizardman try, and fail. Then Lizardman grabs it and runs
off, with the other lizardmen behind.

	He regained his lost soul. No one knows if he ever found rest.

Random Facts

	Aeon Calcos was a knight.

	In the week before the evil seed rained on the desert village, Aeon
decided to repay the villagers by teaching them swordplay.

	Sophitia can use Lizardman's sword and shield in SC2, but the weapon
gallery gives no mention of Lizardman or Aeon Calcos by name. It does say that
warrior who used them met a terrible fate.

	Aeon attacked many caravans while berserk.

	Lizardman appears in Soul Calibur 2 (North American and PAL home
versions) as a bonus character. He wasn't in the arcade version or the
Japanese home version. Lucky us. He doesn't have a move list, but he has all
the same moves as in Soul Calibur 1, so if you want one, check the Soul
Calibur 1 FAQs.

	Lizardman has the same fighting style as Astaroth (Gyulkus), even
though his weapon is different. Gyulkus means "The Way of Defense," by the

	Seriously though, how generic can you get? There are Lizardmen
everywhere. In lot's of games, like, for example Final Fantasy Crystal
Chronicles or Sword of Mana, there are tons of Lizardmen running around just
waiting to be stabbed to death. I think it's time that Lizardman retires
from his search for Soul Edge.


Full Name: Maxi
Nicknames: Dandy of the South Seas
Weapon: Nunchaku
Weapon Name: Fatibal, Soryuju
Fighting Style: Shissen Karihadi
Age: 28
Birth Date: May 1
Family: Parents - Deceased
        Crew - Killed by Astaroth
        Sworn Brother Kyam - Killed by Astaroth
Birthplace: Ryukyu Kingdom, Shuri (Present Day Okinawa Japan)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: O
Destined Battle: Astaroth
Joke Weapon: Termite Snack


	Fatibal is the name of Maxi's wooden nunchaku, It was made by one of
his crewmen, Yagazzi. Yagazzi was forced to make many nunchaku, as Maxi kept
breaking them.

	Through trial and error, Yagazzi learned that he could use Balisanda
wood (Palisander wood in Soul Calibur 2) to make a nunchaku that was strong
and durable. The result: Fatibal. Fatibal was perfect for Maxi, as it could
handle Maxi's extraordinary fighting strength and unique style of fighting.

	One handle was named Kochi (East Wind), and one was named Hae (South


	Soryuju was made by Maxi as he set out once again on his mission of
revenge. The name means "Gathering of Dragons," and it presumably indicates
Maxi's determination for the revenge of his crew.

Soul Calibur 1

	Maxi was a carefree wandering pirate from the Ryukyu Kingdom. One
day, while docked in an Indian port town, his ship came under attack by a
hoard of monsters led by Astaroth.

	By chance, Kilik happened to be there, too, so they joined forces in
battle against the monsters. Eventually, they repelled the monsters, but not
before Astaroth snatched Dvapara-Yuga away from Kilik. Kilik lost his sense
of reason, and attacked Maxi. (For why, see Kilik's bio.)

	Eventually, Maxi suppressed Kilik, but by then Maxi's sworn brother
Kyam was dead, and most of the crew was missing...

	Having lost everything, Maxi decided to travel with Kilik,  and swore
an oath of Revenge on Astaroth. (Oh, yeah. They eventually meet up with


	Since Kilik and Xianghua are late, Maxi beats Inferno, but dies
in Kilik's arms. Bummer. On a side note, between SC1 and 2, everybody
(in the real world) assumed that Maxi was really dead.

Soul Calibur 2

	When the group made their way to Maxi's stronghold, the creatures
that had killed Maxi's crew were waiting for them.

	Maxi stayed behind to fight Astaroth. After Astaroth was dead, the
god Ares commanded the ground to open up and swallow Maxi.

	When Maxi woke up, he was on a riverbed. Luckily, a person from a
nearby village rescued him. He quickly became popular with the residents.
Unfortunately, due to the severity of his wounds, Maxi's traveling days were

	Four peaceful years passed, until a rumour of a large man with a
giant ax reached the village.

	Maxi had a horrible feeling that the man was Astaroth. He wanted to
chase after him, but his body was too weak. Maxi went to see the village
medicine man, who performed a secret ritual using a strange metal fragment...

	Several days later, Maxi left the village, promising to return some
day. He did not realize that he had lost his memory of his traveling
companions, as a result of the ritual...


	Maxi destroys Soul Edge and pays respect to his fallen shipmates. He
then remembers Kilik and Xianghua, and goes to share a bright future with
his friends.

Soul Calibur 3

	In order to avenge his comrades, Maxi continued in pursuit of

	"I'm coming for you, you freak!" Maxi followed rumours of a giant
wielding and ax to a ruin, half-buried in the desert sands. From a distance,
it seemed like an ancient ruin, but it was actually some sort of temple that
had been destroyed quite recently.

	In various places throughout the rubble were signs that an enormous
power was the cause. It was almost certainly the handiwork of the one Maxi
sought. Though he had reaffirmed the danger of Astaroth's power, he could
not allow himself to falter.

	Continuing his search for clues, Maxi came across a man in tattered
clothing, mumbling something incoherent. He was clutching his knees, holding
something in his hand. Maxi cursed the pitiful sight of the man and continued

	It was quiet. The sky stretched to the ends of the desert. There
wasn't a cloud in sight. It seemed that his sworn enemy had already left
this place. Any clue would help his search. Not expecting much, he asked the
man about the catastrophe, and if he knew where the monster had gone. Until
then, the man had completely ignored Maxi, but he jumped up when he was asked
about Astaroth. From his mouth came a scream of curses.

	"A cursed failure. Useless piece of junk. Damned clay puppet..."

	A cold shock ran through Maxi's body. "A failure?" As he looked at
the disheveled man, Maxi felt the urge to kill rising within him...

	"You made.... that thing?" Maxi felt a cold, calm emotion. Well
beyond anger. The man did not answer. When Maxi drew his weapon, the object
the man held began to change. It was a small metal fragment that glowed with
a faint, red light. Noticing the light, the man looked at Maxi for the first
time. Madness shone in his eyes.

	"You have Soul Edge within your body? Marvelous! What a marvelous
specimen. My--"

	Two thuds echoed in place of the end of his sentence.

	The fragment held by the man fell from the dead man's body and
landed noisily on the stone floor. Maxi looked at the fragment and murmured
to himself.

	"I have Soul Edge in my body?" It was true that he felt some sort of
impulse, a resonance within his body. It was then that he felt an uneasy
throbbing inside his heart. It was a dark, evil emotion, born when he felt
the desire to kill the man responsible for creating Astaroth. A terrifying
emotion surrounded him, as if trying to steep his entire self in darkness.

	Feeling an unidentifiable sense of dread, Maxi kicked the fragment
that lay on the floor. The fragment slipped into a crack in the rubble, and
disappeared into the earth. A regretful echo sounded thought the sky.

	Cold sweat poured from his entire body (eew), and he began
shuddering in fear. He felt like he was about to let go of his own will. A
certain figure flashed though his mind. There was someone who had lost
himself, and then turned to darkness when he had lost everything. Maxi
remembered the suffering figure of the man, after the man had returned to
his senses. But now, Maxi couldn't remember who it was.

	It wasn't someone fro his family, but it was definitely someone
important to him...

	Only that memory was missing. It was a frustrating feeling. No
matter how hard he thought, it was just beyond reach.  Had he forgotten
someone very important? He felt a tinge of uneasiness, but soon he raised
his head. Right now, he knew what he needed to do.

	Setting out again in search of Astaroth, he put the silent ruin
behind him and soon disappeared over the horizon.


	Maxi doesn't know what Soul Edge is, so he grabs it. He is stuck to
it, and it's zapping him. Kilik walks in and Maxi remembers him. Maxi tells
Kilik to kill him to get to Soul Edge...

Bad Ending

	Kilik does so, Maxi dies. Again. The scene shifts to Kilik throwing
Maxi's nunchaku into the sea.

Good Ending

	Kilik does so. Maxi doesn't die this time. Kilik is sitting in the
same dock from the bad ending, and Maxi walks up and say's that it's time
to go. They go.

Soul Calibur 4

	Maxi had come to a trading port in India to pay his respects to his
friends who had been murdered by grotesque creatures, and renew his vow to
avenge them. There he reunited with Kilik and Xianghua, and long-forgotten
memories came flooding back. But while Maxi's body was a host to a fragment of
the cursed sword and Kilik held a piece of the Dvapara-Yuga, they could not
journey together. Thus, Maxi had to make a painful decision to turn his back
on his friends and their entreaties, and leave them behind.

	Maxi went to the woods to take shelter from a squall, and as he
brooded there in the darkness, he was visited by a disciple of the cursed
sword. A girl who had fallen into darkness. "I know about him, you know," she
whispered eerily. "That mud puppet you're chasing." The enemy against whom he
had sword revenge was growing stronger, she continued. Maxi's current strength
was no match for that monster; there was only one way, Soul Edge. Only with
the power of the cursed sword could he win.

	Maxi continued to stare her down in silent malice, but she had him
now. In parting, she told him of Ostrheinsburg, the cursed land. That was
where he could find both Soul Edge and his revenge.

	The rain had stopped, but the menacing dark clouds lingered in the
sky, blocking the rays of the sun.

	(It's so dark.)

	Maxi noticed now that the path leading deeper into the forest was
covered by folded curtains of shadows. It was darker than anything he had ever
seen, but he would brave the darkness. Each step Maxi tok was heavy and slow,
and his legs seemed to creak with pain, but he did not stop.


	Maxi walks towards Soul Edge and Kilik comes flying past him. Maxi
looks behind to see Astaroth throw Xianghua to the ground. Maxi says "Who's
going to stop me after I defeat this monster with this evil sword?" He grabs
it and charges at Astaroth. "Let's go you freak!"

Random Facts

	Nobody really knows if the nunchaku was invented in the late 16th, or
early 17th century. And no, the fact that Maxi and Li Long use them in the
16th century is not proof.

	Kilik was looking for a ship to the west. Kyam liked him because he
chose their ship. He told him to wait while Maxi was out. Soon, a strange
ship docked near Maxi's and a hoard of monsters leapt out, led by Astaroth.

	Kilik fought them, but they managed to slaughter Maxi's crew. The
monsters retreated, but not before Astaroth mortally wounded Kyam and stole
the Dvapara-Yuga from Kilik. Maxi managed to get it back on, and Kilik passed
out. With his last breath, Kyam told Maxi to go with Kilik and see the world
for himself.

	Astaroth was attracted to the place where Maxi and Kilik were because
he sensed the evil energy inside Kilik.

	When Maxi defeated Astaroth and was sucked into the earth, he floated
along an underground river, similar to the one(s) that Yoshimitsu uses.

	The debilitating injuries that Maxi suffered after being swallowed by
the earth were loss of dexterity in his arms and legs.

	Betcha didn't know Maxi was a pirate, before now, huh?

	Maxi has a grand total of six stances. That's more than anybody else
in the game, I believe.

	Kilik and Xianghua have no idea about what happened to Maxi.

	In SC1, there was an extra weapon demonstration (exhibition) for Maxi,
where he used 2 nunchaku instead of one.


Full Name: Heishiro Mitsurugi
Nicknames: Mercenary in the Wartime Age, Demon, One Man Army, Lone Swordsman,
           The Guardian in This Age of Civil War, Great Swordsman
Weapon: Katana
Weapon Name: Korefuji, Shishi-Oh
Fighting Style: Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu Kai (In Soul Edge, it just say's
Age: 29
Birth Date: June 8
Family: Parents and siblings - Taken by sickness
Birthplace: Bizen, Japan
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 143 lbs. (Mitsurugi lost a pound between SC1 and SC2. Then he gained
		  it back between SC3 and SC4.)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: AB
Random Quote: You will be a stain on my sword
Destined Battle: Taki, Setsuka
Joke Weapon: Souvenir Gift


	Korefuji is the katana used by Mitsurugi in Soul Blade. After
Mitsurugi lost a duel with a rifleman, his lord confiscated his katana,
Korefuji. The lord eventually died, and the katana went missing. At least,
that's what Soul Calibur 2 says in the weapons gallery. In Soul Calibur 1,
it says that Mitsurugi simply became dissatisfied with his Korefuji, so he
abandoned it for Shishi-Oh, a sword with a bigger blade. As a side note,
Mitsurugi's G+B throw is called Korefuji.


	Mitsurugi was defeated by a rifleman using a rifle that bore the
name Tanegashima, and in front of his lord no less. This defeat was the
catalyst that forced Mitsurugi to perfect his swordsmanship and seek a
weapon strong enough to defeat the rifle. During his training, Mitsurugi
became dissatisfied with his old weapon, so he replaced it with Shishi-Oh,
a katana with a longer and wider blade. Mitsurugi developed many new sword
techniques using Shishi-Oh, Relic being just one of them.

Soul Blade

	Mitsurugi was born a farmer's son in Bizen, Japan. However, after many
years of seeing his home ravaged by war, he decided to become a samurai.
This is when he decided to take the name "Mitsurugi."

	Mitsurugi was a powerful force on the battlefield. Some said that he
would mow down foes like fields of wheat. He received many military
commendations and reached the rank of officer. Mitsurugi's only desire,

however, was a worthy opponent.

	Leaving the Urakami Clan, Mitsurugi continued to fight in every war in
the land as a mercenary. It was during this time that he learned of a new
weapon that was said to be changing the way wars were being fought, a rifle.
He originally dismissed the weapon as a novelty, but he soon learned that
the weapon wiped out the Takeda cavalry. For a mercenary that made his
living with a sword, this was a grave matter. He decided that he must find a
weapon stronger than the rifle. He must find the rumoured Soul Edge.


	Mitsurugi realizes that the swords are evil and destroys them. He
decides to challenge a rifleman to a duel. You then take control of
Mitsurugi again and start a match with the rifleman.

Bad Ending

	Mitsurugi gets shot. Mitsurugi is standing in an open field and
decides that if he's going to defeat rifles in battle, he's going to need a
stronger weapon. (Deja-Vu!) He then sets off on his quest again.

Good Ending

	Mitsurugi defeats Tanegashima (which you, the player actually has to
do. Not as easy as it sounds!) and realizes that his weapon doesn't matter.
He then decides to start training again, holding his katana to the sky.

What Really Happened

	Mitsurugi can't find a trace of Soul Edge, so he returns to challenge
a rifleman to a duel in front of his lord. He loses and sets off to find
Soul Edge again.

Soul Calibur 1

	The advent of firearms was an important event for a Mercenary, who
made his living by the sword. Yet, Mitsurugi was unable to find a trace of
the legendary Soul Edge, a sword said to be superior to firearms.

	In his frustration, Mitsurugi challenged a rifleman to a duel in
front of nobility, but suffered an embarrassing defeat in front of his lord.
This forced Mitsurugi to depart on a quest in order to perfect his
swordsmanship and defeat the rifle. It was during this quest that he learned
of a knight named Nightmare, that terrorized Europe using an invincible

	"Prepare for my arrival, whoever you are! I'll soon relieve you of
your sword!"


	Mitsurugi gets Soul Edge and is attacked by non-Cervantes pirates,
carrying guns. He then proceeds to whoop their bums. He's never heard from

What Really Happened

	Mitsurugi just continues on his journey. That's all.

Soul Calibur 2

	During Mitsurugi's journey, Nightmare disappeared, but Mitsurugi was
unwilling to give up.

	Four years later, Mitsurugi stumbled upon the trail of Soul Edge
while visiting a castle near the Ming frontier. A mysterious man handed him
a piece of Soul Edge. Mitsurugi was skeptical, but ultimately decided to
believe the man.

	Soon afterwards, an incident occurred where a servant of the Ming
Emperor arrived at the castle, demanding for the "Sword of Heroes." The lord
slew the servant when he refused to leave without the sword.

	"War is coming," thought Mitsurugi. He sensed the storm brewing that
he had felt on many battlefields before.


	Mitsurugi finds Soul Edge but realizes that it is evil. He destroys
it, and continues on his journey, unaware that he has just destroyed what
has been looking for.

What Really Happened

	He gets over it.

Soul Calibur 3

	Mitsurugi longed for an opponent stronger than himself. Even the dreaded
rifles that were once his bane, were now no match for his strength. Even Soul
was of no concern to him any more. He had lost track of it, along with his
 and thus felt a great emptiness within himself. He wanted to fight a fearsome
opponent. One that made his pulse race and excitement well up from the depths of
his body!

	It was this time that he was attacked by ninjas. (Good 'ol video games!)
He learned that they were after the fragment of Soul Edge that he had received
from the dying man at Xiwei temple. They were most likely send by a power-hungry
Japanese Noble. With some more thought, he recognized the ninja's clothes. They
were the same as the ones worn by the female ninja that interfered every time
he got close to Soul Edge. (Taki, of course.) He wondered what was going on in
his homeland of Japan. His anticipation growing at the thought of a showdown
with the female ninja, he returned home.

	It was the end of the warring states era, and the powerful lord Ode
Nobunaga was dead. The states faced a dilemma. Whether or not to align
themselves with Nobunaga's general, Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Upon his return
Mitsurugi stayed with the Noujima Murakami clan (remember them? Soul Blade.)
who had decided against joining the general. The navy refused to bow down to
the warlord. They would fight to exist as proud men of the sea. However,
having caught Toyotomi's eye, they were chased from their home of the Inland
Sea. Unable to accept this, the pirates prepared to make their final stand.

	Mitsurugi had not heard anything about the female ninja, and decided to
fight alongside the pirates, just for fun. They commenced their night time raid
on the Floating Castle. They were not intimidated by the enemy's superior
numbers. Mitsurugi was back in a war zone! His instincts took over as he
stormed the enemy like a hurricane, the wild swinging of his sword resembling
a monster released from his chains.

	However, it was not enough. After the battle, he was decorated for his
service, but he still felt empty. The Murakami commander mentioned that there
was no life left for his people. The wars were over. They were not free to roam
any more. Mitsurugi replied by saying that any group with enough ambition to
unite the lands, would surely begin to attack foreign lands. He's wager that the
wars would continue. The commander, after calming the subordinates that had
stood up at Mitsurugi's rude words, told him of a man in azure armour that was
boasting the strength of a god! Mitsurugi quickly bid farewell and headed
towards the port. He gave all of his reward money to the boatman. He needed to
find Nightmare!


	Mitsurugi is in a village at night, and the villagers hate him for
some reason. They're all attacking him, but he's fending them off. He runs
to a bridge and one of the men grabs a girl and holds her hostage...

Bad Ending

	Mitsurugi stops and turns around. The man lets the girl go, and they
both run away. Taki jumps down and demands that Mitsurugi hand over Soul Edge.
He takes it out of the box he's been carrying, and jumps at her holding two
swords. It stops, and the screen fades.

Good Ending

	Mitsurugi kills the man, and the girl runs away. Three more men
appear. The camera focus' on the moon, and you hear the sound of Mitsurugi
killing the men. It zooms back down to Mitsurugi, who is now dual-wielding
Shishi-oh and Soul Calibur. He walks away and the men fall down at the same
time. "If you want to kill me, you'd better bring a whole army!"

Soul Calibur 4

	Once, Mitsurugi travelled the world so that he might learn how to
defeat the rifle. When at last he no longer feared that dreadful weapon, he
continued his journey, seeking ever-stronger enemies to challenge. Yet no
matter how powerful he became, he hungered for more. Though he desperately cut
down foe after foe, they never lit a fire in his cold heart. Mitsurugi was a
man turned ogre.

	The old stories about Soul Edge and the Azure Knight began to fade
from people's memories. Even Mitusurugi lost interest in the legendary sword
that was rumoured to be the most powerful weapon of all, for he learned that no
matter how powerful the weapon a man bears, it is meaningless if he does not
have the strength to match it. Then, one day, after dispatching some assassins
looking for information about Soul Edge, Mitsurugi recalled the fragment of
Soul Edge in his possession. Convinced that he had no further use for it, he
tried to throw it away, but before he could, the metal shard shone with an
unholy brilliance and flew westward into the sky.

	Mitsurugi followed it with aniticipation of a confrontation with the
Azure Knight and Soul Edge. The rumours Mitsurugi heard were more terrible
than he could have imagined. The lands ahead of him were fripped in terror,
and hordes of grotesque monsters and mad warriors were gathering, but
Mitsurugi was not afraid. On the contrary....

	Light gleamed from the metal of his blade and Mitsurugi trembled with
joy. No human adversary had been worthy of his skills, but this time would be


	Mitsurugi defeats Algol, who says he has shattered the power of the
sword, and that it's impressive. He then tells Mitsurugi to take the power and
do whatever he wants with it. Mitsurugi just says, "I don't need it." Algol
collapses. "Weapons are just tools. True strength lies within me." Angol says
"Well... done...." and the screen fades to black.

	Mitsurugi continued to fight and became a legendary swordsman. Date of
death is unknown.

Random Facts

	I never noticed this before, but on the cover of Soul Blade, Mitsurugi is
wielding two swords. Thanks for pointing that out, BjornKrigare.

	In Korea, Samurai are not allowed to be represented. In the Korean version
of SC1, Mitsurugi was replaced by a character named Arthur (Who is in Soul
3). Arthur had all of Mitsurugi's moves, but a different story. He even had the
same weapon and armour.

	If you get the joke in his Day Job stat, you get a cookie.

	Mitsurugi is a ronin. A ronin is a samurai without a lord. In
Mitsurugi's second costume in Soul Calibur 1, he has one arm in his sleeve
and one arm out. This was a tradition of sorts among ronins. They would have
one arm in almost a sling, only taking it out to fight. (Auron from Final
Fantasy X is very roninly.) Also, they would carry around a bottle of sake
on their sides. (I know "roninly" isn't a word. I get it.)

	Mitsurugi was shot in the right shoulder. In SC2, you can see the scar
in his 2P and 3P costumes.

	While looking for Soul Edge the second time, Mitsurugi continued to
make money by fighting as a mercenary, even though it was hard because he
didn't understand any language but Japanese.

	Mitsurugi's SC1 stage was pretty cool. It was a battle outside of
Takamatsu Castle, but the whole place is flooded. You fight on a raft, with
ships flinging flaming arrows and blasting canons overhead. You could also
play the stage during the winter. The battle is over and it's snowing. The
water isn't frozen, however.

	Mitsurugi saved the life of the man who gave him the shard of Soul
Edge. Some assassins were attacking the man in an alley, and Mitsurugi
stepped in to help. The man was on a mission, but he was unable to finish
it, so he gave the shard to Mitsurugi.

	"Hei" means "Flat," or "Calm." "Shi" means "Four,” or "Death." "Roh"
means "Man", or "Son." "Mi" means "Emperor," or "Divine." "Tsurugi" means
"Sword." That's our Calmdeathman Divinesword.

	"Namusan" means something about asking for mercy, whether it be on
Mitsurugi or on his opponent.

	One of the techniques that Mitsurugi learned to fight against guns
was Iaijutsu. Sunset Kid has this to say:

		"I'm almost sure people asked you what is Iaijutsu, the
	technique Mitsurugi mastered to be able to defeat firearms. It's
	simply the technique to unsheathe (or "draw", as some might say) a
	sword, so you can increase the striking speed two or three times. In
	Mitsurugi's epoch, it was called Battoujutsu (Battou=sheath,
	jutsu=technique), so I think the name Iaijutsu (actually, "Seitei
	Iai") is derived from some rules the ZNKR (Japanese Kendo Federation)
	made after Japan lost the Second World War.

Thanks for that.

	I don't like the dialogue in the scene before Mitsurugi's destined
battle in SC2: "You again? I've had enough of you!" "Hahaha. Haven't you had
enough?" Well... yeah. He just said so.


Full Name: Nightmare (Siegfried Schtauffen)* ~ Soul Edge
Nicknames: Azure Nightmare
Weapon: Soul Edge (Zweihander type)
Weapon Name: Soul Edge ~ Soul Edge (Phantom)
Fighting Style: Memories of Soul Edge? ~ Style memorized by the armour
Age: Unknown ~ Existed since ancient times as Soul Edge
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Servant - Tira (In SC3)
Birthplace: Unknown ~ Ostrheinsburg Castle
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 109 lbs. ~ 212 lbs. (He gained 3 pounds for SC4)
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Red (glowing)
Blood Type: Unknown ~ None
Random Quote: I will show you the greatest nightmare
Destined Battle: Sophitia, Raphael
Joke Weapon: Galley Oar/Giant Squid

*NOTE: Nightmare is a different character in SC3 than in the previous SC games.
Read on to see why. (Above Statistics on the left are for SC1 and 2 Nightmare,
the right are for 3)

Soul Edge

	Soul Edge is the legendary sword of Nightmare.

	Some called it the "Hero's Sword," or the "Sword of Immortality."
Although descriptions of the sword changed as the rumour spread across the
world, the sword was unmistakably evil.

	Long ago, the sword was forged by a man. The sword did not bear and
significant power at first, but after being tainted by bloodshed and hatred
for countless years, it became a demonic weapon that fed on human souls.

	The sword, Soul Edge, became legendary as the weapon appeared
throughout history. Once, a great hero happened upon a legendary sword. The
hero was able to wield the sword with his strong will. With the help of the
blade, the hero brought peace to the land and was heralded as a hero by the

	However, there are always those to oppose great men. The kings own
son unwittingly took the cursed sword for himself. The prince was overwhelmed
by it's evil powers, and lost his will to the sword.

	The king fought against the prince, shattering the sword with a mighty
blow. However, the attack took his son’s life as well. In the aftermath, the
evil blade was nowhere to be found. The evil sword vanished from history, and
the legend of the blade was immortalized.

	The king was devasted by the loss of his son. Most would have submitted
to the overwhelming grief. The king, however, did not. The loathsome sword
would surely reappear one day.

	This ill omen steeled the kings resolve. For the sake of the world, as
well as his own redemption, he vowed to create a holy sword that would fight
against the evil blade's powers.

	The king enlisted the help of the greatest sage in the land in order
to accomplish this goal. The king used purified fragments of Soul Edge to
create the holy sword. After many failed attempts, he succeeded in forging Soul
Calibur. The price of the creation was high, however, and the king lost his own
life in exchange for the holy sword.

	Soul Calibur had to be protected until the day of Soul Edge's return. A
sect of guardians was created to carry out the late king's will. These guardians
lived in seclusion, secretly passing down the sword from generation to
Every time the evil sword ended up in the hands of one with evil intentions,
Calibur appeared to stop it.	Stories of the never ending struggle between the
two swords were passed on from one generation to the next, giving birth to
countless legends and fairy tales.

Soul Edge (Phantom)

	Well, it was made by the new Nightmare. That's all. For now.

Soul Calibur 1

	Nobody knows when the knight in azure armour first appeared in

	It was said that those who saw the knight's crimson eyes could not
escape death.

	The eye of the misshapen sword appeared raptured when bathed in the
blood of the innocent, and then there were the monsters who followed him...

	Seasoned knights and armies equipped with the latest firearms were no
match for it, as the nightmarish horde cut a path of destruction and horror
through towns and villages.


	There seems the be an innocent presence in Nightmare, just wanting
to get out...


	Nightmare becomes Siegfried again and realizes that it was him who
killed his father. He then leaves on a mission of atonement. (See Siegfried's
SC 1 bio.)

Soul Calibur 2

	Nightmare's dream of resurrecting his father was crushed when Xianghua,
a warrior with a spirit sword called Soul Calibur - a sword with a polar
opposite to Soul Edge - appeared. Nightmare and Soul Edge were defeated, and
they both fell into the collapsing void.

	He somehow managed to survive and regain a bit of his sanity. He also
remembered all of the sins he had committed, along with the realization that
he had killed his own father.

	He knew that Soul Edge must never fall into the wrong hands, so he

set off to be as far away from other people as possible, but whenever he
awoke, he was surrounded by the bodies of the people he had killed during
the night. The evil blade took over his body while he was slept.

	After four years, he was once again Nightmare. His body had become one
with Soul Edge completely. He attempted to pursue fragments of Soul Edge to
fully restore it.

	Will Nightmare ever be Siegfried Schtauffen again?


	Nightmare wanders the earth, never sleeping, until he finds a deep
crevasse. The ending says that he threw Soul Edge into it and then destroyed
to path leading to it, then stayed to protect it. However, in the artwork
in the ending, it show Siegfried destroying the path while still carrying
Soul Edge. What probably happened, is that he destroyed the path, and then
threw away the sword. Namco needs to be a little more careful with the way
they put things. Or just this.

Soul Calibur 3

Note: You might want to read Siegfried's SC3 story first.

	The instant that Soul Edge was pierced, nobody noticed the flame within
it flowing out. Throughout it's long history of slaughter, the sword had gained
it's own immortal soul. The invisible entity - the will of the cursed sword -
chose to cling to some armour it found lying on the ground. The armour belonged
to Nightmare, but had been cast off by Siegfried.

	However, manipulating a bodiless host was difficult. The soul had lost
the strength to accomplish anything. It couldn't move, so, of course, it
couldn't gather souls. The will of the evil sword calmed itself, and waited for
an opportunity.

	Some time later, a man in a cloak came to the area. By studying the
armour and the evil energy that hung in the air, he could surmise what had

	The sky grew dark. The spirit of the sword and the man carried a
conversation, though no words were spoken. They shared a connection that could
only be understood by those with an ancient bond. Soon the man agreed to help

	The man with the scythe performed an ancient ritual, using words of power
to distort the laws of nature. The unsteady energy of the sword and the spirits
that circled this land were woven together and bound to the remains of the
terrible armour. The resentful howling of ghosts roared out over the sound of
thunder. A body began to take shape within the armour. The sword had regained a
shell of it's former host. This revived being was clad in blue armour that shone
with an evil light. Not a trace of damage remained. Out of it's hand oozed a
tremendous, strangely-shaped sword that resembled the cursed sword. From the
memories etched in the armour, a being that was supposedly gone from this world
had reappeared.

	Some time during this event, the tears of heaven struck his body, as if
trying to wash away the evil karma that stained the being.

	The man with the scythe was expressionless, as the monster left to kill.

	This was the first time the evil sword had the opportunity to interact
with the world as it's own being. The Azure Knight soon made his presence known
as a disciple of fear and death, as he devoured countless souls.

	Starved for souls, he devoured everyone he encountered. Motivated by a
pure impulse to destroy, and an endless hunger, Nightmare went on a wild
The hears of those he assailed were clutched by an inescapable terror until
last moments. Even death didn't bring peace, as their souls were trapped in an
inescapable hell, their anguish offered as a sacrifice. In order to preserve
body and maintain it's energy, the monster desired stronger and stronger souls.
Soon, it decided to free Soul Edge itself.

	Rumours of the terrible azure night spread throughout Europe once again.


	Nightmare is standing on top of a castle. One of the guards says "It's
nearby Don't leave your post..."

Bad Ending

	He hops down and the guards attack. He takes them all out.

Good Ending

	He hops down, and turns into Night Terror on the way! Cool! He
blasts the guards with an energy beam, and flies away!

Soul Calibur IV

	The secret art had freed Soul Edge from the Embrace of Souls in the
Lost Cathedral. Nightmare took the cursed sword in hand while the blade's
former puppet took up the spirit sword and stood in challenge. The swords
clashed. The resulting storm sent a wave of destruction rushing outward from
the epicenter of the battle. The temporary vessel that was Nightmare could not
withstand the malestrom; he and Soul Edge fell into a dimensional warp. But
the cursed sword followed the lingering hatred and tormented gosts that gave
Nightmare shape and managed to return to Ostrheinsburg.

	The azure armour lay slumped on the throne. Soul Edge stretched its
evil roots into the scarred, broken metal. The waves of destruction created
when the swords clashed spread across the entire world, awakening the
scattered shards of the cursed sword. Metal fragments both large and small
gathered like particles of light and fell in a dazzling rain upon
Ostrheinsburg. Years earlier, these pieces of Soul Edge had been scattered as
the Evil Seed, but now it was calling them home. The cursed sword drank them
all in.

	Soul Edge sank roots deep into the land that was so intimately tied to
its fate. Ostrheinsburg became a cursed city, a vessel that would consume
souls to further strengthen the evil sword. The blade sat on the throne at the
center of the cataclysm, and waited for the time when once again, it would
clash with the spirit sword, Soul Calibur.


	Soul Calibur flies from Siegfried's hands in slow motion and he falls
to his knees. A fireball appears in Nightmare's hand and crosses his body into
Soul Edge. Nightmare says that the shackles that held him are broken and now
none will be able to stop him. Waves of fire expand from Nightmare, to set the
world aflame.

	The flames of the cursed sword furiously burn. The fires of hell will
soon leave the world in despair.

Random Facts

	Nightmare has a lot of new moves in SC3. He's basically a new
character. Pretty cool, and really evil now.

	Nightmare from SC3 has an alter-ego. Night Terror. This creature is
pretty damn ugly, but still pretty cool. He has big, glowing wings that are
pretty awesome. You can fight him in Tales of Souls mode, but you need to take
a certain path, and you can't die. As of yet, I haven't done it. There is no
way to play as Night Terror.

	One of Nightmare's SC3 attack noises sounds like a swear word. I'm
not going to say which one here.

	Nightmare was only in Soul Blade for a little bit. He was in
Siegfried's ending.

	In SB, you can play as Siegfried! in his Nightmare costume.

	If you want to read Nightmare's story in the correct order, read
Siegfried's Soul Blade story, Nightmare's Soul Calibur 1 story, then
Siegfried's Soul Calibur 1 story, and finally Nightmare's Soul Calibur 2
story. Should I just combine the two profiles to make it easier?

	Nightmare's 2nd player weapon in Soul Calibur 2 is the same as
Siegfried's version of Soul Edge in Soul Blade.

	Nightmare started killing people to gather enough energy to resurrect
his father.

	Love him or hate him, you've got to admit. Nightmare looks pretty cool.

	After Nightmare became Siegfried again, he contemplated killing
himself in order to stop himself from slaughtering people in his sleep. He
realized that if he did that someone else would get Soul Edge.

	Ivy, Astaroth and Lizardman all gathered souls for Nightmare.

	If you're wondering how Nightmare can both have Soul Edge and be
looking for the pieces of Soul Edge, it's because Soul Edge wasn't destroyed,
it was merely damaged.

	In Soul Calibur IV, Nightmare's 2P weapon looks a hell of a lot like 
Night Terror's Soul Edge.

Night Terror

Full Name: Night Terror
Weapon: Soul Edge (Complete)
Weapon Name: Soul Edge (Complete)
Fighting Style: Memories of Nightmare?
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: None
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: Unable to determine (Big!)
Weight: Unable to determine
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Yellow
Blood Type: None
Random Quote: Attack 2
Destined Battle: None
Joke Weapon: None

Soul Edge (Complete)

	Night Terror uses the completed version of Soul Edge. It exchanges the 
creepy eye for evern creepier teeth.

Soul Calibur 3

	When an action is so reckless that it will bring about one's own
destruction, it is often too late by the time one realizes it. For Zasalamel,
the appearance of Night Terror was the perfect example of this. Even he had
underestimated the power of the cursed sword. It had far surpassed his own
secret arts. During the ritual when Zasalamel tried to take the power of the
sword for himself, it fused with not only the summoned Nightmare, but even the
power of Soul Calibur, becoming a terrible incarnation of pure destructive
will. It is likely that Zasalamel never even saw it's form--Night Terror.
Perhaps it had retraced the memories of the blue armour, or perhaps it had a
remnant of the self-will that had formed while it used Siegfried as a host.
Whatever the case, this entity bore a slight resemblance to Nightmare. It
easily escaped Zasalamel’s control and appeared behind him, wielding it's power
like a raging current, and obliterated him.

	The man who had craved death met his end, though not in the way he had
intended. In his place an unprecedented catastrophe gained wing and claw and
was released upon the world.

Random Facts

	Night Terror isn't playable. He is the secret last boss of SC3. He has
a profile in the game, which is a good thing for this guide.

	Since he isn't playable, Night Terror doesn't have an ending.

	You can't Ring Out Night Terror. He just flies back onto the stage.

	He's hard to get to, so if you want to know what he looks like, watch
Nightmare's good ending in Soul Calibur 3.

	He's pretty damn cheap, but he's still a CPU controlled character so you
can be cheap too!


Full Name: Olcadan
Nicknames: O RLY?
Weapon: All Weapons
Weapon Name: The Ancient
Fighting Style: All Styles
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Long Dead
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 174 lbs.
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Yellow/Green
Blood Type: Unknown
Random Quote: Control the weapon. Don't let the weapon control you.
Destined Battle: Kilik
Joke Weapon: Olcadan randomly uses other people's joke weapons when you select

Soul Calibur 3

	Once, in an age now found only in myth, there was a man called
Olcadan that was skilled in every fighting style. With one single exception
that ended in a draw, he had been completely undefeated in the innumerable
duels he had fought. He then turned his eyes to the gods. He fought and
defeated a great owl that was the messenger of the god of war. The angry god
cursed Olcadan, turning his head into that of an owl. Upon seeing his curse,
the people tried to obtain the gods' forgiveness by capturing Olcadan.
Sorcerers known as the "Sages of the Oak" were sent after him. They took
advantage of the vow he had made in order to become strong and captured him.

	The god of war appeared in the form of a headless owl, and sent
Olcadan down into an ancient ruin that sprawled deep beneath the earth. Unable
to find an exit, he gave up and resigned himself to his fate, falling into a
deep slumber.

	The power of the Evil Seed, however, broke the seal of the labyrinth
and Olcadan managed to escape. Stepping out from the labyrinth for the first
time in an eternity, he learned that the world outside had changed greatly
since his era. He was not particularly troubled by this, however. Those great
evil waver that had interrupted his sleep were undoubtedly the greatest power
of this era. He learned to survive in this era by teaching people the fighting
techniques that he himself had developed, and over the course of several years,
gradually learned about this era. Then in order to restore the combat senses
that had dulled over the course of his long sleep, he once again cut off
contact with the world by holding himself up inside the labyrinth. He will
challenge the most powerful opponent of the era. That opponent is a pair of
swords that had been young and weak in his era. But those weapons, crafted
by the hands of men, now rivaled the gods!


	Olcadan swings at Soul Edge...

Bad Ending


	He breaks it. The scene shifts to Olcadan in a weapons shop or
something, beating people up. He decides that if there are "none stronger",
he'll just have to train them. He drags one person away. Scene shifts again
to two men training in while Olcadan wanders around. They both rush him, but
he wins, I guess (happens off camera).

Good Ending

	He changes his mind. He takes Soul Edge and brings it to the shop.
The two shop girls are there (minus the one that ACTUALLY sells weapons).
They buy it from him. Doesn't look like they buy it for very much.

Random Facts

	When he fight's Kilik, Olcadan comments that his moves are just like
"his." Who is he referring to? My guess is Edge Master, since he trained
Kilik. I would think that EM is the one that Olcadan fought to a draw in the
past. OMG M I RITE!?

	The guy who beat Olcadan all those years back is probably Edgemaster.


Full Name: Raphael Sorel
Nicknames: None
Weapon: English Sword Rapier
Weapon Name: Flambert
Fighting Style: La Rapiere des Sorel
Age: 32
Birth Date: November 27
Family: Cut all ties with real family
        Foster Daughter - Amy
Birthplace: France Empire, Rouen
Height: 5'10
Weight: 159 lbs.
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue --> Red
Blood Type: A
Random Quote: Well then, let us dance
Destined Battle: Nightmare, Talim
Joke Weapon: Cane


	This long rapier is an heirloom in the Sorel family. Before cutting
all ties with his family and leaving aristocracy, he managed to steal it.

Soul Calibur 2

	Raphael, the young master of the Sorel family, grew up with the
rapier and medicine as his playmates. His cool, unemotional demeanor created
many enemies, but his quick and precise decision-making and execution skills
solidified the foundation of his family amongst the nobles. Unfortunately,
Raphael was cast out one day when he made a critical mistake.

	Raphael hid himself in an impoverished town to escape from his
pursuers. There he met a little girl named Amy, who hid the weakened Raphael
from his enemies. For the little girl, helping Raphael was only a simple
deed motivated out of spite for the soldiers. For Raphael, however, it
marked the first time he owed his life to someone else. He felt emotions
that he had never experienced before, and Amy became an irreplaceable
presence in Raphael's life.

	Convinced that the chaos of the war was no place to live a meaningful
life. Raphael took Amy and left the poverty-stricken town. But even with the
new surroundings, he could not get Amy to open her heart to the world.

	One day, in the library of the mansion he acquired under dark
pretenses, Raphael found a letter with references to the Evil Seed. It
wasn't long before he made the connection between Evil Seed and Soul Edge.

	What if such a sword were thrust into the hands of the pathetic
nobles? It would all be worth it if the petty, war-mongering nobles could be
eliminated to secure a meaningful future for Amy. But in order to accomplish
his goal, Raphael needed Soul Edge; he was determined to obtain the sword by
any means necessary.

	A grand, insane plan was brewing in his mind - all for the sake of a
young girl.


	Raphael realizes that the sword is evil, but he vows not to be
possessed by it and returns to Amy. Nobody knows what happened next...

Soul Calibur 3

	On his quest for Soul Edge, Raphael eventually met up with Nightmare
in Ostrheinsburg Castle. He faces the evil knight, but lost. His body weakened.
 His breath haggard. He looked up to see the giant, ghastly sword wielded the
embodiment of a Nightmare.


	For an instant, he was filled with an emotion that was neither anger,
nor pride. This emotion drove him to move. He trusted his sword, which hit
it's mark, piercing the centre of Soul Edge. That was all he remembered. The
last thing he saw before losing consciousness was his opponent writhing in pain.

	He should have been dead, but the azure knight left without finishing
him off. Raphael dragged his body wounded body back to his mansion, where he
spent several days on the brink of death. But, he eventually recovered.

	At this time, however, he failed to notice the evil energy radiating
from his wounds that he received from Soul Edge. Energy that was changing his
body. The phenomenon of "malignity transformation" - He has come across this
term while researching Soul Edge. By the time these words flashed into the back
of his mind, it was already too late. The symptoms had even spread to Amy, who
had nursed him back to health. She had likely been infected by his blood.

	No symptoms indicated their minds had been affected, but their skin lost
it's colour, their eyes shone with an evil glow. During the day, they felt weak
and sluggish. At night, they felt a powerful thirst. They were no longer human.

	The nearby villagers learned of their symptoms. Thinking it was a plague,
they attempted to drive away their lords. Furious, Raphael contemplated taking
revenge on the peasants, but his priority was protecting Amy. Together, they
the south of France. It was a frustrating fate. This was the second time the
sword had forced him to endure this kind of humiliation.

	"I shall make use of my fate. Even this!" Raphael swore to himself. He
arrived in Eastern Europe, took advantage of the war that had spread throughout
the land, and bought a ruined castle in the mountains, beginning a life apart
the outside world.

	Raphael had no intention of living his life in seclusion forever, however.
He had become a creature incapable of interacting with the world. So, he needed
change the world! His plan, woven from the threads of madness, proceeded in
Starting with the area around the castle, moving on to the nearby villages,
and city. Eventually, this country, this continent, this world would change! His
plan had been proceeding smoothly, but one day, there was an incident in which
some people who had been transformed returned to normal. It seemed that
called the "Holy Stone," which a visitor had brought to the land was the cause.
Raphael tried to touch the faintly glowing stone. but quickly drew his hand back
in pain. His hand was blistered, as though burned. He destroyed the stone in a
of rage. After calming down, he wondered if other stones, or objects with
powers existed in the world. This was a threatening prospect. He would not allow
anything that threatened Amy, or her world, to exist.

	Raphael decided to go on a journey to discover the true nature of this
"Holy Stone" and obliterate it from the world. Just as he made this decision, an
army a appeared outside of his castle. They had noticed the abnormality of this
region, and intended to attack the source. He would need to drive these fools

	"Amy, I won't be back for a while. Be a good girl while I'm gone." Raphael
bid farewell to his beloved Amy and descended to the world that refused to
him. The expression on the face of the reticent girl who watched him leave
betrayed no hint of what lay hidden in her heart.


	Raphael is trudging home with Soul Edge. He's weak, probably because
it's daytime. He falls down on the ground...

Bad Ending

	The scene shifts to Raphael's mansion. Kilik is purifying Amy. He
asks her name, and she tells him. He tells her she doesn't have to worry any
more. The scene shifts back to Raphael. He gets up and says that soon, they
won't have to worry any more. That they'll have their own world.

Good Ending

	He gets back up, and continues walking. He gets home, and Amy is
there. She's still evil. Their eyes are glowing. He tells her it's time to
go to their own world.

Soul Calibur 4

	To Raphael, Amy was everything. He had even schemed once to turn the
whole world evil, to "manifest" it, for the sole purpose of creating a world
Amy could call home. But the Holy Stone had caused his plans to unravel by
bringing some of the townspeople he had transformed back to their senses. That
meant a power even greater than the evil sword must exist. He needed another
way to acomplish his goals, and so he vanised into the darkness to find it.

	After extracting some useful information from the creaturs of the
dark, ha arrived at an answer; he must find a tribe that called themselves
the "guardians of the spirit sword." Though themselves lost in the darkness of
history, they had continued to pass down their lore; the story of Soul
Calibur, the one weapon that could stand against the cursed sword Soul Edge.
This was the answer he had been seeking!

	Raphael looked heavenward, up at the night sky. Countless lights
darted across his vision, and he followed them until they vanished over
Ostrheinsburg, where he had once contfronted Soul Edge. The series of lights
were proof that the cursed sword was reviving. If Soul Calibur was once again
fated to stop it, then it would inevitably appear there at the castle.

	Draped in moonlight, Raphael began to cackle. He would give Amy her
perfect world, and none of the fools who flocked toward the sword would be
able to stop him. Any star with the insolence to try to outshine the moon was
fated to be extinguished!


	Raphael is standing near Soul Calibur with his two servants. He throws
his sword off to the side. He commands Soul Calibur to create a new world for
he and Amy. His servant notes that nothing is happening. He comes to a
realization, and kills both of his servants. His plan is to use Soul Calibur
to conquer the world.

	And so, a new world was born....

Random Facts

	Raphael made a critical mistake during the year of the notorious Evil
Seed catastrophe. He discovered too late that one member of nobility
supported by the Sorel clan became insane from the effects of the Evil Seed.
Consequently, Raphael gave his enemies the justification to come after him.
To make matters worse, treacherous members of his family who were thrust
into the conflict surrendered quickly and offered to hand over Raphael in
order to protect themselves. Raphael hid himself in an impoverished town to
escape from his pursuers, which included his family members. But accustomed
to a life of privilege without want, Raphael could not bear the cold and
hunger he suffered in the slums. He most certainly would have died if it
were not for a little girl named Amy, who hid the weakened Raphael from his

	The reason that Amy never opened up to the world, despite the fact
that growing up in the slums made her appreciate what little she had, was
that she had no hope for the future. She never thought that anything would
ever get any better.

	Assuming a false name, Raphael befriended a rich noble to obtain the
means to take care of Amy. He employed his cunning to gain the trust of the
lord and those around him. And when the opportunity arose, Raphael poisoned
the noble and spread word that the "lord had left on a long journey."

	Raphael is the Destined Battle for all three system exclusive
characters in SC2.

	The Japanese version of SC2 makes a mistake regarding the fencing
terms. No matter what language you speak, things said while fencing, like
"En guarde," are always spoken in French. The Japanese voice, however, uses
the Japanese words for these terms. Actually, some languages (like
Portuguese) adapt the terms slightly. ("En guarde" to "Em guarda") However,
Japanese is very different, so the words probably stay the same. I don't
suppose any fencing experts can let me know for sure?

	Let's see... Italian name... English Accent and clothes... Spanish
music and dance... He must be French! I noticed all this stuff before, but
Tempest brought it up, so I put it here.


Full Name: Nathaniel William Adams
Nicknames: Rock, The Earthshaker, Reckless Commando
Weapon: Battle Ax, Giant Mace
Weapon Name: Apocalypse, Onslaught
Fighting Style: Self-Taught
Age: 42
Birth Date: December 14
Family: Parents - Missing, probably dead
        Bangoo - A young native orphan that Rock is raising (has recently
	         come of age)
Birthplace: Born in London, raised in the new world
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown, or Orange, depending on where you see him
Eye Colour: Blue (?)
Blood Type: Unknown, for some odd reason
Random Quote: Bangoo! I'm coming!
Destined Battle: Lizardman, Astaroth
Joke Weapon: Iron Fist


	Apocalypse is the name of Rock's huge battle ax. Rock often battled
wild animals to protect himself and Bangoo. He wore fur to show respect for
the courageous beasts that shared the wilderness with him.

	The sound of Apocalypse slashing through the air was a sure sign that
Rock was in a life or death struggle. It was broken at the end of Soul
Calibur 1.


	Well, it's Rock's new mace for Soul Calibur 3. That's all.

Soul Blade

	Rock was born Nathaniel William Adams, as the son of an English curio
dealer, specializing in rare weapons. He got his nickname because of his
intense strength. Rock's father had just found Soul Edge, and was bringing
it home via ship, with his family on board, when Cervantes attacked. Rock's
father ran to the store room to hide Soul Edge, and his mother ran after him
to stop him. Rock was told to stay where he was until their return. They
never came back. The ship sank before they had the chance.

	Rock washed up on shore of the new world. He eventually learned to
live off the land, discarding his former habits, language, and memories. He
found a tribe native to the area. However, they were afraid of the "White
Giant." Rock's only companionship was that of a little boy, Bangoo, who's
parents had been taken by tribal warfare. Rock, who was now an adult, became
a father figure to Bangoo.

	He eventually re-learned of the people across the ocean. Faded
memories of his parents, and even Soul Edge, returned. Rock decided that if
he could find Soul Edge, he could one day remember his past. With only his
ax in hand, Rock set out towards the sea.


	Rock lifts the swords up over his head. There is a small slide show of
his ship being attacked (when he was young) and the scene shifts to Rock
back in America. He wonders if his parents are still alive, and it shows
him lost in deep thought.

Bad Ending

	I'm not sure what's going on. It shows Bangoo running up a mountain,
while Rocks voice keeps apologizing to him. I guess he left on a journey to
find his parents, or something. Good luck with that.

Good Ending

	Bangoo and Rock are walking along a beach, discussing parenthood.
Bangoo is excited to hear that Rock is staying with him, and they walk away.

Soul Calibur 1

	When Rock was a small child, he was in a shipwreck caused by Cervantes,
and lost his parents. He washed up in the new world as an orphan.

	When Rock was an adult he came across a young orphaned native whose
parents were lost to tribal warfare. Rock new what it was like to grow up
without parents, so he decided to raise Bangoo on his own.

	Rock once traveled the in search of Soul Edge, but he realized that
he was leaving Bangoo to grow up alone. He realized that leaving him alone
was no better than never adopting him at all, so he returned home.

	But one day, Bangoo disappeared...

	Kunpaetku, the grand priest of Fygul Cestemus (see Lizardman's bio,
or Astaroth's bio for more info. Or, see the section called Fygul Cestemus)
had sent his Lizardmen to kidnap Bangoo,  in an attempt to lure Rock out to
steal his soul. Dunno why...

	"Bangoo, I will never abandon you!" Rock set out cross the sea in a
desperate search for Bangoo.


	Rock saves Bangoo, who claims to be strong enough to protect himself
from now on. Bangoo grows up and leaves on his own quest.

Soul Calibur 3

	Several years ago, Rock succeeded in rescuing Bangoo from the
heretical order Fygul Cestemus. His trusty axe had been broken in the
process, but he did not regret that. The two of them were once again free,
but Rock decided that Bangoo was not ready for a long journey, so they
traveled up north along the coast, and settled in northern Europe. Rock
hoped that Bangoo would grow strong from the fierce winters of this land,
different from the New World.

	One night during a snowstorm, Bangoo was in an accident. When the
sun rose and Rock rescued him, he asked the boy if he was afraid of nature.

	"Yes, it's scary. But I can't bring myself to hate it..."

	Hearing this answer, Rock sensed that the time had come for Bangoo
to become a man. Bangoo chose a trip across the sea alone as his ritual of
manhood. And Rock saw him off with great, mixed emotions. Rock was alone
once again. Bangoo had returned to his place of birth, but as for Rock...

	In the past, he had traveled in search of Soul Edge, the one clue
linking him to his parents. Had old regrets and attachments resurfaced now
that he'd come to this place? "No. I, too, need to become a man that Bangoo
can be proud of."

	Rock decided to set out on his own journey to confirm his strength
and will. The quest for Soul Edge he had previously abandoned. Once he had
completed that, he could proudly call himself Bangoo's father. With the
image of the boy in his heart, Rock cast his gaze one last time across the
great sea.


	Rock gets Soul Edge. He's proud. He say's he's going home. The scene
shifts to some people on a boat. Rock is swimming alongside. One mentions the
protector of the sea...

Bad Ending

	The boat passes him. "As I thought. That really was the protector of
the sea." The scene shifts to a drawing of a giant creature that kind of looks
like Rock, sticking out of the water

Good Ending

	"It's a monster!" "Ready the harpoon!" "Follow it!" Rock gets
captured by the sailors and is put in a cage? WTF?

Soul Calibur 4

	Was he truly a father Bangoo could be proud of? Rock needed proof, and
so he continued his hunt for Soul Edge. However, an unexpected road block had
cut that search short. As he crossed the Alps and headed south, he had been
ambushed by a gargantuan man, and lost.

	By throwing himself off the cliff into the river below, he had
narrowly escaped his unknown foe, and found his way to a secluded hot spring
where he could heal his battered body. During the time he spent recovering,
Rock's thoughts wandered toward his assailant, the "Black Giant." It bothered
him that the assailant's fighting style was so similar to Rock's own. Then
there was the attacker's merciless nature. He was dangerous, too dangerous to
be allowed to run loose. With new resolve, he waited for his wounds to heal
and the strength to return to his limbs, and then left the hot spring.

	As he continued his journey, he discovered a startling fact; his
attacker, named Astaroth, had entered the service of the Azure Knight, who was
headuartered in Ostrheinsburg Castle, and the Azure Knight was none other than
the wielder of Soul Edge.

	Was fate the architect of all this? To Rock, the journey becamse not
only about finding "proof," but instead something much bigger.


	Rock is standing over a beaten Algol, who takes a swing at him. Rock
catches his fist, picks him up, and flings him away. Energy starts leaving
Algol's body. The next scene shows Rock wandering along the edge of a cliff.
He yells "Bangoo!" and starts to laugh.

	As he walked the familiar lands, he saw his son. Father and son
started a new life together.

Random Facts

	Between SB and SC1, Rock realized that he should be home with Bangoo
during a fight with Sophitia. She noticed that he was hesitant in his attacks,
so she asked if he had some extra reason to be careful.

	Rock has a spiffy English (and almost Dutch) accent.

	Rock was attacked by Lizardmen, but he easily fought them off. When
he got home that day, he noticed Bangoo was missing.

	Rock isn't in Soul Calibur 2. Berserker has all of his moves,

	In the character art of Rock, he has a big 'ol beard, but not on his
SC1 character model, for some reason. Huh. His head also seems to be thinner
in his character model. He has a beard in Soul Blade, though.

	Rock's blood type is unknown for some odd reason. But when you think
about it, it makes more sense than actually knowing his blood type. Nobody
had any idea what that was back in the day.


Full Name: Setsuka
Nicknames: Snow Flower
Weapon: Iai sword hidden inside of Parasol
Weapon Name: Ugetsu Kageuchi
Fighting Style: Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battoujutsu
Age: 24
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Master - Deceased
Birthplace: Unknown (Raised in Japan)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs. (She gained a point between SC3 and 4)
Hair Colour: Brown in SC3, Blue in SC4
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: A
Random Quote: Fear me, for I am a demon!
Destined Battle: Mitsurugi
Joke Weapon: Broken Bamboo Sword

Ugetsu Kageuchi

	According to Wikipedia, Ugetsu Kageuchi means "cormorant moon, darkness
inside." That's all I can tell you about it.

Soul Calibur 3

	Raised in Japan, it was obvious to all around her that, judging by
her skin color and facial features, Setsuka was not actually Japanese.
Realizing her love for her master only after his tragic death, she seeks to
destroy the man she believes to have killed him: Heishiro Mitsurugi.

	As a half-white, half-Japanese girl, Setsuka was shunned from a young
age. Having no family to turn to, she eventually ran away from her foster home
and ended up in the care of a man who worked in town as a swordsman and
bodyguard. He taught Setsuka the Battou technique he used to protect his
clients as a bodyguard -- the art of fighting from the draw. Eventually,
Setsuka grew into a woman of beauty, and her master, although by no means
rich, bought her a stunning kimono. He also gave her a name. Setsuka. Snow
Flower. One day, the man entrusted her with a letter. The letters destination
was far away, and it took her many months to travel there and back. Upon her
return she was shocked to discover her master grievously wounded. Although he
would not tell her what happened, she had no doubt that it was the result of
a duel. Despite the wounds, the man tried to behave as he always had, but
Setsuka could not hide her sadness and concern. His lessons, however, grew
ever more strict and demanding. On the other hand, he also showered her with
overwhelming love. something she had never experience until then. Her
feelings towards him grew into something well beyond fondness or reverence.
It would not be until she visited his grave years later that Setsuka would
come to realize the true nature of the feelings that had taken hold of her

	Visiting his grave, she recalled the words he had spoken to her on
his death bed. "Do not think about vengeance. That fight was one of the most
exciting moments of my life. I want you to live freely and carry on the
techniques I taught you."

	The burning hatred welled up inside her when her master revealed the
name of his opponent. Heishiro Mitsurugi. It also made her realize what it
meant to truly love someone.

	Although her master did not wish it, she chose to avenge his death.
She had few clues to go on, but she was sure that if she tracked down a
warrior named Nightmare, she would find Mitsurugi. Armed with an oilpaper
umbrella containing a concealed blade and wearing the kimono that her
master had left her, her appearance was that of a beautiful goddess war,
dressed in bewitching robes of mourning.


	Setsuka stands before Soul Edge, but doesn't really care at all. She
leaves. The scene shifts to a village (probably her home). It's snowing.
Beautiful. A girl on a bridge is holding a sword. Setsuka ask's what she's
planning to do with that. The girl attacks, Setsuka blocks, effortlessly.
The girl drops the sword...

Bad Ending

	"What are you intending to do with that? So, it's revenge. If that
will make you happy, then I won't stop you."

Good Ending

	She kicks the sword away. "What are you intending to do with that?
So, it's revenge." She then tells the girl not to do it. That she had felt
that way long ago, but it didn't make anyone happy. Then, they walk away

Soul Calibur 4

	Setsuka crossed the sea to the continent on the other side. With
surprisingly little difficulty, she picked up on the trail of her master's
killer, Heishiro Mitsurugi. It seemed the man had left stories in literally
every single town he passed through, and now he was making his way west for a
showdown with Nightmare, just as he had years before.

	But one thing displeased Setsuka. Those whom she told of her quest for
vengeance all told her the same thing. "Give it up! You're no match for that
man." Indeed, the rumours surrounding Mitsurugi defied reason. Not only had he
never lost a duel, but in wartime, he would offer his services as a mercenary,
deliberately joining outnumbered forces in order to face as many foes as

	"No matter," Setsuka thought. If Mitsurugi was looking for strong
opponents, all the better for her; she would happily rise to the challenge.
If one thing still made her uneasy, it was that she would have to surpass her
master to overcome Mitsurugi. The blade that was her master's legacy always
found its target; she felt confident in that. But had she surpassed him?
Setsuka could never know that for sure.

	"Then I must become stronger," she thought.

	And so she did. By putting faith in herself, Setsuka was putting faith
in her master as well, and gradually her cloudless conviction translated into
peerless skill with a blade. Each slash took her a step closer to the divine
speed her aster must have once sought.


	Setsuka defeats Algol, who ejects the swords from his body. Setsuka
says, "So they vanished." Algol, on the ground, says, "Why do you hesitate? I
don't need your mercy." Setsuka replies, "This sword. It is weeping. It does
not want to be turned into a blade of hatred. That's why I put an end to what
you were. What you had become." She turns away. "What you do from here is up
to you to decide." She then walks away.

	In a small town in Japan, an umbrella was left by a grave as snow
gently fell on it....

Random Facts

	Hmm... she sounds a lot like the Arthur's baby, but the timing is
way, way off so it's pretty impossible.

	Setsuka's motives are very much like Li Longs.

	Her hair, her armlets, and her boobies are shaped like hearts. Pretty.

	In the early version of the profile for Setsuka before SC3 was released,
it mentioned her blue eyes. Except she didn't HAVE blue eyes. She apparently has
been given blue eyes for SC4.

Seung Mina

Full Name: Seung Mina
Nicknames: Heart and Soul Girl
Weapon: Ancestral Zanbatou
Weapon Name: Scarlet Thunder
Fighting Style: Seung Style Longsword and Li-Seng Shu Style Rod
Age: 23
Birth Date: November 3
Family: Father - Seung Han Myong
        Mother - Taken by sickness
        Younger Brother - Taken by sickness
Birthplace: Chili-San, Lee Dynasty Korea
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 106 lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: A
Random Quote: Look's like we'll have to settle this the hard way
Destined Battle: Hwang, Yunsung
Joke Weapon: Feather Broom

Scarlet Thunder

	Scarlet Thunder is Seung Mina's Zanbatou.

	Mina's Zanbatou is one of the heirloom weapons that are passed down
through the Seung family. Mina had been playing with it since she was in
diapers (great parents let their kids play with knives on sticks, you know),
so she was used to the weight. Because of this, she took it with her
whenever she ran away.

	Mina combined the rod style taught to her by Kong Xiqiang, with the
longsword style taught to her by her father, and her own unique style, and
set out on her quest to find the sword of salvation, as a way to prove her
independence. Do the thoughts and prayers of her father and Hwang reach this
headstrong girl?

Soul Blade

	Seung Mina grew up surrounded by weapons, which she learned to use
quite well. However, her cute looks led the local boys to tease her and call
her, of all things, a girl. There were a lot of beaten boys in Mina's

	It was a troubling time in Korea. It was anything but peace. In fact,
the only reason that Korea hadn't been invaded yet was that the other
countries hadn't gotten around to it yet. However, neighbouring Japan was
gearing up for outward expansion and conquest. In order to protect their
country, some of the more patriotic people began building fortresses along
the coastline. Lee Sun Shin became the admiral of the coastal defense force.

	Rumour of Soul Edge, the "Sword of Salvation" was spreading like
wildfire. It soon reached Seung Mina. After being barred from joining the
Coastal Defense Force because of her gender, Mina decided that the best
thing for her to do would be to search for Soul Edge herself. She packed up
and ran away from home. Hwang, however, was already on his own quest for
the fabled sword...


	Seung Mina sneaks home. Seung Han Myong calls out to her and says that
he see's her. He is angry at her of course. She starts to plead with him
about how she has grown a lot on her journey and stuff like that. Han Myong
swings his sword at her...

Bad Ending

	Mina winces, as Han Myong stops his sword just before it hits her.
(He's not going to kill his daughter.) He says that she has grown, but she
still has a way to go before she's done. The scene shifts to her practicing,
with Han Myong watching her, thinking about his secret dream of her one day
inheriting the school.

Good Ending

	Mina dodges the sword faster than Han Myong can stop it. He is very
happy about this, since now he can speed up the engagement, so that she can
marry Hwang and Han Myong can adopt him. The scene shifts to Myong reading a
letter from Mina, stating that she isn't quite finished yet, and she needs
to train some more before getting married. Also saying that Myong's skills
have slowed a bit. Pretty funny.

Soul Calibur 1

	Seung Mina left home to follow Hwang on his first quest for the sword
of salvation (see his bio), only to be dragged home by him. This all
happened in Soul Blade.

	Not long after her return, Mina ran away again. Her frustration with
rigourous training, combined with a proposal from one of her fathers
trainees, sent her over the edge and out the door.

	Seung Mina resumed her quest for the Sword, but gained a valuable
lesson along the way. Following a humiliating and utter defeat, she learned
to never underestimate the strength of an opponent.

	Seung Mina continued her training along her journey, until she was
ready to continue her quest for Soul Edge.


	Seung Mina defeats Inferno, but is exhausted. Hwang grabs her and
brings her home. All the way back to Korea, where the idiot son of the Kim
family proposes. Mina wonders if it is too early to run away again.

Soul Calibur 2

	One day, Yunsung (see his profile), a student of the Seung family
dojo, left on a journey with White Storm, a Seung family heirloom. Since
Mina had leant it to him, she felt obligated to get it back, so she left
after it.

	Seung Han Myong didn't want her to go, but he knew that if he
protested she would run away again. By the time he realized that she would
probably go after Soul Edge again, it was too late. She was out of the


	Mina sees that Soul Edge is not a sword of salvation at all, so she
destroys it. She uses Yunsung as a pack mule ;) and heads home.

Soul Calibur 3

	It all started by coincidence. During her journey to track down Yunsung
and Soul Edge, Mina stopped in one particular city and was involved in a fight.
After defeating the brawny man, an onlooker remarked, casually, “Ah, the Li-Seng
Su style! Very impressive, girl!” When she thought about it, the man who had
taught her how to use her weapon had never given her a name for the style. The
style was a part of her now, but she had no idea where it originated from. Out
of interest, she decided to visit the temple, famous for its martial arts.
During her investigation, she learned that the temple had been destroyed
several years earlier. Knowing this, Mina naturally aborted her plans of
visiting there. When she learned that the master of the temple was still alive
somewhere, however, she jumped at the chance to meet him.

	It was a white-haired old man who awaited Mina in the mountains. This
man, Edgemaster, was rumoured to be a swordsman who had mastered every kind of
martial art and technique. After she enquired about the staff fighting
technique of the Li-Seng Shu, she was unable to hide her disappointment about
being unable to challenge the master to a match. She had come all this way
into the mountains. It would be a waste to just turn around and go back. Also,
while he had done nothing intentionally to reveal his skill, he was certainly
a true master. After she repeatedly begged him for a match, he finally gave

	“Fine, fine. If you insist that much.”

	The two of them stood silently for a time with their weapons drawn. There
was no opening for Mina to attack. She had not merely trained in a dojo, she had
also experienced real battles in foreign lands. She could tell. The moment she
stepped towards him, what change would occur in the staff he held so casually?
Facing his quiet, yet overwhelming presence, she could feel the sweat roll down
her brow.

	Realizing that they were getting nowhere by standing there and staring at
each other, Mina decided to charge and strike while he was vulnerable. She
suffered a total defeat. No matter how many times she attacked, she received a
decisive blow after trading only a few strikes. Their skill was on completely
different levels. It was more of a training session than a match. The old man
assured her that she was doing well, but for Mina, the outcome was less than
desirable. Seeing her frustration, the old man suggested that she stay there and
train for a while. Mina gladly accepted his offer.

	During breaks in training, Mina told him stories of her journey.
Edgemaster showed little interest in the outside world, but seemed to react
differently when she told him of the purpose of her journey, and of Soul Edge.
Stroking his beard, he spoke. He told her that Soul Edge was an evil sword
that devoured souls. She found the story difficult to believe, but a man like
him wouldn’t lie. If it were true, then the sword was not a Sword of
Salvation, but more like a Sword of Ruin. What was more important was that
Yunsung was on his way to find it. She had to stop him! There was no time to
waste. Mina thanked Edgemaster for all his help, and hurriedly left. “I’ll see
you again!” she yelled as she left. The old man waved slightly at her
enthusiastic goodbye. “It might be fun to bring Yunsung along next time…”

	With that thought in her mind, Mina left the mountain and put Edgemaster
dwelling behind her.


	She's using Yunsung as a pack mule again. This time, she decides that
it's time to train. They do so. You have to input the button commands as they
come up which is pretty cool...

Bad Ending

	Mina loses and has to carry that crap home herself. Serves her right.

Good Ending

	Mina wins and Yunsung has to keep carrying all their stuff, and Mina
as well!

Soul Calibur 4

	Soul Edge drove its wielders insane and harvested the souls of all who
drew near. The sword was a destroyer of nations!

	So said the hermit, a sword master of the mountain temple, and Seong
Mi-Na was shaken to the core. She thought about Yun-Seong, who had been like a
younger brother to her. He must still be searching for Soul Edge, ignorant of
he truth she had just learned. She had to find him and warn him!

	In Istanbul, the city where East meets West, Mi-Na found Yun-Seong.
She admonished him, "Soul Edge is an evil power that brings on disaster.
There's no way that thing will save our country!" It had been some time since
Yun-Seong had been subjected to Mi-Na's scolding, and while he listened to her
without voicing dissent, his face clearly showed he felt otherwise. By the
next morning, he had disappeared.

	Mi-Na shook her head in disgust, Then Talim, the young girl with whom
Yun-Seong had traveled, spoke to her. "He's headstrong, but a good person. In
the end, I'm sure he'll make the right decision." As she lisened to what Talim
said, Mi-Na could tell Yun-Seong's journey had made him more mature. He had
left to continue his quest. She had to follow him, so that she could be at his
side and help him make the right choice when the time came.

	Talim told her of a second sword that was soul Edge's direct opposite.
COuld that be the Sword of Salvation? No matter; time was running short. She
had to hurry to Ostrheinsburg, stronghold of the Azure Knight who held Soul
Edge, and find Yun-Seong before it was too late!


	Seong Mi-Na grabs Soul Calibur and Soul Edge begins to glow. Yun-Seong
grabs it and says he's going to use it to protect their home land. It starts
to take control of him. He says he doesn't want to see the people he loves
suffering any more. Mi-Na says she can only blame herself for not being able
to stop him. He says he's going to kill her if she stands in his way. See
tells him that he won't be able to save anyone with that, and that she's going
to teach him a final lesson.

	When she finally settled everything, she returned home with a smile.

Random Facts

	It's fun to watch a character develop. Mina is much more mature now
than she used to be. Can't say the same for that pansy Xianghua. Yeah, I
know. She could kick my ass.

	Seung Mina's father has tried to arrange for Mina and Hwang to be
married, but Hwang is away from home too much. And neither of them want to
marry each other anyways.

	Mina wants to join the Coastal Defense Force, but they don't take

	During her second quest for Soul Edge, Mina met Ivy. Ivy told her that
the sword was evil, and if she didn't know that much, she should "Stay away
from the blade and sit at home, pretty baby." Mina was angered by this, so
she challenged her to a fight. She wasn't overpowered, but she was
overwhelmed by the opponents wriggling sword. As the sun set, poor Mina
began to question her own strength. That is when a middle-aged drunk man
with a beaten up old rod appeared. (get your mind out of the gutter) He told
her not to challenge people so hastily. This angered Mina, and she attacked
him. Her attack never hit. Not because the man blocked or parried, but
because he simply caught the rod part of her weapon in his hand. She asked
if she could train under him, and he agreed. A year later, he went to the
market and never came back. A saddened Mina found a note that told her that
he was not worthy to officially teach her to use the rod. It was signed
"From Kong."

	Kong joined the Coastal Defense Force. He knows Hwang.

	There is a bit of Kong info in Xianghua's bio.

	In Soul Calibur 1, the Scarlet Thunder is called a "Zamba-Toh". In
Soul Calibur 2, it is call a "Zanbatou". It is very likely that it is
supposed to be called a Zanbatou, but it was translated badly the first time.

	Look in the special section of the SC2 art gallery. See that picture
of Seung Mina and Sophitia? look down and zoom in. Do you see what I see?
Oh, yeah. That's the stuff. Seung Mina's panties. It's surprisingly explicit.
Look where her hand is.

	For a little more on Seung Mina see Yunsung and Hwang's bios.


Full Name: Siegfried Schtauffen (A.K.A. Nightmare)
Nicknames: A Soul In Purgatory, The Innocent Darkside, Innocent
Weapon: Zweihander

Weapon Name: Faust, Requiem, Soul Calibur
Fighting Style: Self-Taught
Age: 23
Birth Date: February 6
Family: Father - Frederick, killed by Siegfried
        Mother - Margaret
Birthplace: Ober-Getzenberg, Holy Roman Empire
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Blood Type: A
Random Quote: I can't ease my father's soul until I find the sword and slay
              his murderer
Destined Battle: Mitsurugi, Raphael
Joke Weapon: Galley Oar


	Faust is the name of the Zweihander that Siegfried used in Soul Blade.

It is probably the sword that Siegfried used to kill his father. It was
broken in the fight with Soul Edge. A Zweihander, by the way, is not the same
thing as a broadsword, or bastard sword. It IS the same thing as a
"two-handed sword"


	Requiem is the name of Siegfried's Zweihander sword in SC1.

	Between his two stints as Nightmare, Siegfried got a new sword named
Requiem and embarked on a journey of atonement. Every time Siegfried killed
a demon, it was fueled by his desire to distance himself from his past.
Would he ever find peace?

Soul Calibur

	Siegfried trades in his sword for Soul Calibur in Soul Calibur IV. It
has always appeared to be a blade of pure good, but apparently it really isn't
that good after all.

Soul Blade

	In Germany, the oppressed peasants revolted against the Holy Roman
Empire. With its forces weakened by the Italian Wars, the German peasants
finally had a fighting chance. One of the champions of the people, a brave
knight name Sir Frederick, met a lovely woman named Margaret while on
campaign, and spent a sexy-fun night with her. When Frederick returned after
9 long months of battle, he fund that Margaret had given birth to their son,
who he name Siegfried, after the famous hero.

	A few years went by and Frederick spent a lot of his time teaching his
son swordsmanship. He embarked upon a foreign crusade, promising his return
to Margaret. However, without his father's guidance, Siegfried fell in with

the wrong crowd. He soon became the leader of a band of thieves known as
"Schwarzwind," which means "Black wind."

	The band came up with a plan. They would attack the knights who ran
away from the crusades. They were bound to have lots of valuables. That
night, they ambushed a group of war-weary soldiers. They were tired, and
were no match for "Schwarzwind". Siegfried killed the commander himself. He
held the commander's severed head in triumph, but as the moonlight shone
upon it, Siegfried let out a blood-curdling scream...

	He was holding the head of his own father! This terrible situation
caused Siegfried to snap. He took off running into the forest. As he went
more and more insane, he decided that his father had been murdered by
someone else. After hearing about Soul Edge, he decided that his father's
killer could only be defeated by that one weapon...


	Siegfried drops to one knee. He looks at the bigger blade of Soul
Edge, which is sticking out of the ground. He inches towards it.

Bad Ending

	Siegfried grabs the sword. He holds it over his head in victory, only
to have it clamp down on his hand (in a very cool way) and transform him
into Nightmare. The scene shifts to him standing on a cliff, overlooking a
village. Nightmare kinda looks different, though. Kinda like he's made of
Soul Edge or something.

Good Ending

	Siegfried hoists Faust over his head and shatters Soul Edge. The scene
switches to Siegfried standing on top of a mountain, crying and sobbing
about what to do next. It seems that he had finally realized that it was
him who killed his father, and he didn't know it. At least he didn't go all
Oedipus Rex and marry his mother and have, like, eight kids with her. Eww.

Soul Calibur 1

	Siegfried hardly kept his sanity by suppressing the memory of killing
his own father, if you can call what he went through "sane." Siegfried was
the leader of a group of brigands known as the Schwarzwind (Black Wind), who
made their stronghold on the edge of the roman empire. He left on a journey
to find Soul Edge after his father's murder. He managed to find it next to
the corpse of Cervantes. When he reached for it, the corpse attacked. After
he had slain the corpse he took Soul Edge.

	He obtained Soul Edge to avenge the unavengeable. Soul Edge told
Siegfried that by devouring souls, his father would be resurrected. Upon
realizing that he was responsible for his fathers death, he became enslaved
by the sword.

	Siegfried eventually grew into Nightmare. He finally succeeded in
resurrecting his father, Frederick, but it was a mere illusion of his weak

	Siegfried accepted responsibility for his sins and tried to distance
himself from society, afraid that he might kill again. However, every time
he woke up, he was surrounded by the bodies of the people he had killed in
his sleep.


	Siegfried doesn't have Soul Edge any more, I guess he destroys it.
He feels better and goes on protecting people from demons.

Soul Calibur 3

	As Nightmare plundered souls and recovered fragments of Soul Edge,
the cracks in the blade began to recover slowly. His goal of recovering the
evil sword edged towards completion. He returned to Ostrheinsburg Castle. His
stronghold. This land that once tasted the blood of many was a fitting place to
restore Soul Edge.

	A lone man appeared in the castle, seeking Soul Edge. He wielded a thin
blade in his left hand. The two of them faced off in the ruins of the chapel,
and the place became alive with flying sparks and blood. At the end of the
battle, Nightmare was victorious. He stepped forward to finish the man off.
Deep within his eyes shone the light of an innocent man seduced by the blade.
Siegfried struggles as if trying to fight off a nightmare. The spirit of the
evil sword sneered at him.

	"Your strikes were weak. Fragile. Pathetic. Just like human souls."

	"Silence... I will not obey you any more. I will atone for what I have

	"The depth of human greed astounds me. You sill seek forgiveness, after
all you have done?"

	"No! But one must reflect on one's sins and move onward."

	"...Even if the path leads only to darkness? Only death awaits you in
the end."

	"Is it because it is finite that people cling to the joys of life?"

	"...Can you not hear them-the wails of the souls that were swallowed unto
the abyss by your hand?"

	"I am eternally sorry for what I have done...but listen to me!"

	"...He sought death. He revered it. Death is beautiful. Your father, too,
knew it's allure."

	"Yes, if I could, I would return to that time-"

	"He must parish. You shall cast his body into the darkness. He shall
stagnate and rot, steeped in despair, as you squeeze the final gasp from his

	"No! That's an illusion! I can see it... I can see the proud way he faces
his end!"

	The battle being waged in Nightmare's mind cause him to stand still.
Beyond him, the badly beaten body of the man trembled. Only the his pride
the man to move. Drawing on the last of his strength, the man unleashed a final
blow on the enemy. The strike pierced  the centre of Soul Edge.

	Nightmare let out an inhuman cry. Inside him, the crazed, wounded mind of
the evil sword clawed at his consciousness. But, he stood with an iron will
against the raging storm. The time had come. The eyes that had turned red with
evil were restored. And the flame of sanity relit. He who had remained the host
body to the evil sword for so long had regained his will. In response to the
rapidly weakening evil, light poured out like the coming of the dawn.

	When it was over, Siegfried thought back in a daze over what he had done.
It had been like a reflexive action. A sword had appeared along with the light.
if guided by something, he grabbed the sword and thrust it into the evil eye
was the core of Soul Edge. It was the holy sword Soul Calibur, which had been
trapped by the evil sword.

	The blow, however, was not enough to destroy the evil sword. The evil
energy of the sword had quieted, but the good sword had gone silent, too. As if
had lost it's power.

	"This isn't enough..." Forcing his brain into motion, he began to think.
He threw off the detestable armour and smashed it to pieces. Then, picking up
two swords, he left that land. "I will seal away Soul Edge for all eternity and
atone for my sins. This I swear!"

	His bloody fate would not release him so easily, however. From time to
time, the feeling of that grotesque right arm rose from his memory. The residue
of the nightmare tormented him. Occasionally, those whose lives had been
by Nightmare appeared to fight. Each time he was forced to face them, he was
filled with guilt. At the same time, Siegfried did not realize that another dark
omen was on the horizon.

	Indeed. There was no way for him to know that the azure nightmare would
soon reawaken.


	Siegfried stares down at Soul Edge, and several versions of Nightmare
appear. They tell him that it's a sin for him to be alive at all. They
surround him and are about to attack...

Bad Ending

	They all get struck by lightning. Siegfried looks to the sky, as a
thanks to his father, who he's sure is responsible for it. He says that he
will live on.

Good Ending

	Siegfried counter-attacks and kills them all. Their words echo in
his mind. "You have no right to live!" He say's that living will be his
redemption. (On a side note, I feel bad about killing a hobo. For my
penance, I will play more Soul Calibur.)

Soul Calibur 4

	"So you would forsake our friendship?"

	"Yes. No one will ever again be a part of my life. Every man or woman
who has known me has ultimately fallen to death's touch. So go. Leave me.
Forget you ever knew me."

	As Siegfried spoke his answer, the woman who questioned him faded
from his sight to be replaced once more by the memories of that night. The
wind blew the clouds from the face of the moon, and suddenly the head that he
held triumphantly aloft was brilliantly revealed. Siegfried saw the face, and
there was no denying the truth. It was his father. His heart was in agony as
it had been pierced by a white-hot blade.

	Siegfried jerked upright, as if yanked by a puppeteer's string. It had
been a dream. He was alone.

	He pressed his hand against the armour that covered his heart. A
terrible scar marked him there. The maelstrom of power unleashed when Soul
Calibur and Soul Edge clashed in the cathedral had torn his body apart. But
the sword whose destiny it was to destroy the cursed sword resonated with
Siegfried's soul, and saved his life.

	Siegfried though again of the dream he had just seen. His
brothers-in-arms, his comrades, cared for him. But his mind was made up! He
would brush aside the oustretched hands that tried to help him. No one would
touch his heart. No man or woman would sway him from his path, until the
cursed sword was destroyed for all time. Before him, a black shadow lay heavy
over the cursed city of Ostrheinsburg. His journey of repentance was coming to
an end.


	Siegfried and Nightmare take a swing at each other, and after a few
dramatic moments, Nightmare falls. Siegfried says that their kind must never
again exist in this world. He drives Soul Calibur into the ground and it
gradually turns everything in the area to crystal, including Nightmare,
Siegfried, and Soul Edge.

	With Soul Edge destroyed, the power of the Spirit Sword covered the
world in crystals. There, a utopia, with no wars or suffering.

Random Facts

	Siegfried isn't technically in Soul Calibur 2, but he does exist as a
costume. Nightmare's third costume is a Siegfried costume, and one of his
weapons is Requiem. Another is Faust

	After he came back from being Nightmare (the first time), Siegfried
went home to see his mother. She had no idea about what had happened to her
husband and son. When Siegfried was about to knock on the door, he heard
her mother praying. He decided that he couldn't see his mother again until
after he had been redeemed.

	If you don't know by now that Siegfried is Nightmare, then stop
reading. Now. Your basic reading comprehension is too bad to understand a
McDonalds menu.

	Siegfried's Soul Calibur 1 story takes place after Nightmare's Soul
Calibur 1 story, and before his Soul Calibur 2 story.

	For more info on Siegfried, See Nightmare's Profile.

	O.K., first, Siegfried's SB story takes place, then Nightmare's SC1
story, then Siegfried's SC1 story, and finally Nightmare's SC2 story.

	At the end of his SB Edge Master mode history book, it says that
Nightmare is red. He's obviously not, though. He's purple. "Azure

	The person who did Siegfried's Japanese voice is the same person who
does adult Link's voice in various Nintendo games, and Soul Calibur 2. (Also,
Oni Link in Majora's mask.)

	In the good-but-flawed Namco RPG Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings And The
Lost Ocean, one piece of equipment is called Siegfried. It's a robe, and the
description reads "This sacred robe summons the halo of a legendary warrior to
protect the wearer, absorbing and dispersing the impact of enemy blows. Due to
its nature, this robe can only be worn by a select few." Well, Siegfried may be
a legendary warrior, but I doubt that this is referring to him.

	You actually get to fight Siegfried's father in the first part of his
story mode in SC IV.


Full Name: Sophitia Alexandria
Nicknames: Renewal of the Vow, Emotional Goddess
Weapon: Short Sword and Small Shield
Weapon Name: Omega Sword and Owl Shield, Omega Sword and Elk Shield
Fighting Style: Athenian
Age: 25
Birth Date: March 12
Family: Father - Achelous
        Mother - Nike
        Younger Sister - Cassandra
        Younger Brother - Lucius
        Husband - Rothion
        Daughter - Pyrrha
        Son - Patroklos
Birthplace: Athens, Ottomon Empire, Turkey
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Refuses to say
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Blood Type: B
Random Quote: I chose to come here of my own free will
Destined Battle: Nightmare, Cassandra, Cervantes
Joke Weapon: Memento

Omega Sword and Owl Shield

	This holy sword and shield were forged by Hephaestus himself. They
were taken by Sophitia on her first quest for Soul Edge.

Omega Sword and Elk Shield

	Sophitia uses the Omega Sword and Elk Shield

	Rothion, Sophitia's then-betrothed and sword smith, forged both the
sword and shield from sacred metal given to Sophitia by Hephaestus, the god
of fire and smithery. With Sophitia's oracle in his thoughts, Rothion put
his heart and soul into forging this sword and shield.

	These weapons served to protect Sophitia from Soul Edge's malice, as
well as guide her on her quest. Whenever Sophitia used these weapons,
Rothion was always with her in spirit.

	After Cassandra steals the original Omega Sword and Elk Shield,
Rothion creates a new set for Sophitia.

	The sword and shield used in Soul Blade were shrunk down by

Soul Blade


	Sophitia was a girl who worked at her family bakery in Athens. She had
always treasured her country's culture. She often prayed to the guardian of
her town, Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

	One day, as she bathed in a forest spring, a bright light appeared and
took the shape of a man. The man told her that he was the Olympian god
Hephaestus, the god of smithery. He told her about Soul Edge, and how such
an evil blade would ruin his reputation (I'm serious) and that if anybody
were to find it, it would bring a lot of pain to the world (too late).
Hephaestus ordered her to come to the temple and receive a weapon, so that
she could destroy the evil blade. She equipped herself and left on her


	Sophitia destroys the evil swords, and see's Hephaestus. Apparently
Hephaestus is flat and motionless. Some god. He tells her that she has done
a good job. Sophie asks him to heal all the people that she hurt during her
fight, but he tells her that they're already healed, and that they've
forgotten all about it anyway. He then takes her weapons and tells her to
take a rest.

Bad Ending

	Sophitia, without her armour, walks through the forest, with the birds
singing and landing on her. It's very nice.

Good Ending

	Sophitia is in her swim suit, bathing in a lake in the forest. She
gets frightened by the camera (this game is somewhat cartoony compared to
the later ones) and splashes it into the credits. The screen, slowly fogs
up as this part goes on, but you can hit the X button repeatedly to defog

Soul Calibur 1

	Following an oracle from Hephaestus, Sophitia succeeded in destroying
one half of Soul Edge.

	After recovering from her wounds she suffered from the fragments, she
returned to her life of being a baker's daughter, and spent her days
peacefully. However, one day Sophitia had an ominous vision of a knight in
azure armour (Nightmare) and a sword of immense evil (Soul Edge).

	Once again, Sophitia got an oracle from Hephaestus to destroy the
remaining Soul Edge. Tightly holding her sword and shield, she set out on
her journey.


	Sophitia returns home to Rothion. She gets married and has a child.
Sophitia can no longer hear the voices of the gods, but she wonders if her
child can.

Soul Calibur 2

	During Sophitia's second journey she learned that someone else had
destroyed Soul Edge (Xianghua), so she returned home to her betrothed. They
were married and were blessed with a son and a daughter. They were happy
until the day they encountered a particular metal fragment...

	Her children (Who must've been barely old enough to walk at this
point) scrambled and fought violently over a metal shard that Rothion had
gotten from a very mysterious customer. (How precocious of them...) The
evil aura the fragment emanated caused Sophitia's old wounds to ache.

	"Had the shards of the demonic sword infected me with their dark
energy before they were removed from my body?..." Sophitia thought in
horror. It would explain the children's reaction to the piece of metal.

	Sophitia's sister, Cassandra, saw her bewildered look and ran out
with the metal shard. A few weeks later, Sophitia had come to a decision.

	Sophitia intended to free her children from the evil swords curse,
and to ensure the safe return of her sister, who had left to destroy Soul
Edge on Sophitia's behalf.

	In Sophitia's hands were the new sword and shield that her husband
Rothion had forged for her. She set off on her third journey.


	Sophitia saves her children by destroying Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur 3

	Following the rumours of Nightmare, Sophitia arrived at the bank
of the Rhine river, overlooking Ostrheinsburg Castle. Breaking through the
silence, as small girl in dark green clothes suddenly appeared from the mist
and spoke to her with an innocent smile. Sophitia remained on guard and drew
her weapon. She could tell that the giant ring the girl carried was a weapon.

	"Soul Edge isn't in the castle any more," the girl said. "Say, I'd
really like to play with your children."

	Sophitia attacked without a word, but the girl dodged and disappeared
into the mist with a twisted giggle. On a moonlit night, the young siblings
went into a deep, dark forest. The poor siblings got lost in the mist, and
 were never heard from again." The girl's voice echoed in the distance, as
if singing a nursery rhyme. Sophitia hurried home and was relieved to find
that her family was safe. She couldn't relax, though, as she didn't know
what she should do. Feeling uncertain, Sophitia headed to the temple of
Hephaestus, god of the forge. But what waited at the temple was none other
than the girl. Sophitia quickly picked up her sword and shield.

	"Ahaha! You want to fight me? Sounds like fun!" the girl in green
beamed. Blocking the girl's attacks, Sophitia looked into her eyes and saw
the emptiness the girl hid in her heart.

	"Poor child. You've never known happiness..." Sophitia murmured. The
girl froze. Her expression changed from her previous fake smile, to a look of
extreme hatred. She knocked back the surprised Sophitia and took her

	"You're so annoying... When the time comes, I'll come for your
children." The girl jumped out of sight, leaving only those words behind.

	For the sake of protecting the ones she loved, Sophitia steeled her
resolve the eliminate the threat at the source. Though she was no longer under
the guidance of the gods, she could still fight to protect her loved ones. She
announced her intentions to Rothion once again, and put on her traveling

	"You be careful..." Rothion said to her softly. In the eyes of this
woman who believed in herself and fought for those she must protect, shone
a light of hope that would illuminate the future.


	Sophitia destroys Soul Edge with Soul Calibur and goes home to
protect her children. When she gets there, Cassandra is waiting in front
of the shrine. She run's over and gives her a hug. She asks her to never
leave again...

Bad Ending

	Sophitia looks at the statue and asks the gods to watch over them.
Cassandra asks what's wrong, and Sophitia say's "It's nothing." Oh, no!

Good Ending

	The camera flashes to Tira, standing above them. She say's "I guess
I'll take care of them before she returns," and leaves. Sophitia looks up to
where Tira was, but she's gone. Cassandra ask's what's wrong, and Sophitia
happily say's nothing.

Soul Calibur 4

	Sophitia continued her pursuit of the cursed sword and at last she
arrived in the sword's dominion, Ostrheinsburg. There she learend a shocking
truth. While she was away from home, a cunning servant of the cursed sword had
abducted her daughter. Soul Edge had grown more powerful than ever, a sinister
voice whispered, and her young daughter would die without it's evil energy to
sustain her.

	"Feeling torn? I would, too, if I'd left my children to fend for
themselves!" The words clung to Sophitia like a curse. "Well, don't believe
me, if you don't want to, but I suggest you think carefully before making your
choice." She had come running after the sword to destroy it, but when she
thought about the consequences now, if Soul Edge should be lost, what would
become of her child?

	And so that her child might live, the crusader Sophitia made her
choice; to battle any warrior who came to Ostrheinsburg seeking to destroy
Soul Edge. With each new sin, guilt tore at her heart, but there was no other
way. Would Sophitia and her family never be able to dwell in the light of the
sun again?


	Sophitia lifts Soul Edge over her head to destroy Soul Calibur. Soul
Edge speaks to her, "Why do you hesitate? Maybe I'll eat you first!" It moves
closer. Algol appears with Soul Calibur to save her. He talks about a parent's
love for her child surpassing any weapon, showing a flashback of him with his
own son. "But remember, if you are misguided in your beliefs, you will only
bring harm to those you wish to protect." "You have a child as well?" "Time is
cruel. Even with all this power, I cannot undo the past." Everything starts to
glow and Algol and the swords disappear. His voice echoes to Sophitia to
return to her child.

	Even though her name does not appear in history, she probably lived
the rest of her life in happiness.

Random Facts

	One day, while shopping with Cassandra, Sophitia collapsed in the
market, and had a vision about Soul Edge. When she awoke, she learned that
she had been carried home by a strange man named Rothion. They fell in love
and, of course, got engaged.

	Hephaestus dispatched twenty four people to destroy Soul Edge. One
for each letter of the Greek alphabet. Aeon Calcos (Lizardman) was one of

	When Sophitia was told by Hephaestus to destroy Soul Edge again,
Rothion insisted that he go in her place. Instead, Hephaestus commanded him
to make a new sword and shield for Sophitia using holy ore. Rothion is a
blacksmith, you see.

	After Rothion brought the shard of Soul Edge home, Sophitia's children
went berserk over it.

	One of Sophitia's unlockable weapons in SB and SC2 is the Blue Crystal
Rod and Blue Striped Shield. These items are originally from the Namco
"Tales" series of RPGs.

	In Soul Blade, you can unlock Sophitia! (Sophie without her armour)
and Sophitia!! (Sophie in her bathing suit.)

	The person who abducted Sophitia's daughter is Tira.

	Sophitia wasn't in the home version of Soul Calibur II.

	Achilles was a near invincible warrior from a Greek story, whose only
weakness was his heel. Check him out in the movie "Troy." It's based on
"The Iliad"

	Nike is the Greek goddess of victory.


Full Name: Taki
Nicknames: Shadow Huntress of Demons, Underground Hunter
Weapon: Ninja Sword, x1 or x2
Weapon Name: Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru
Fighting Style: Musoh-Battoh-Ryu ("Dream-Slashed Sword" in Soul Edge)
Age: 29
Birth Date: Unknown, for some ungodly reason.
Family: Immediate family - All taken by sickness (A popular trend in this
        Ex-Master - Toki
Birthplace: Ohmi, Japan (Fu-Ma No Sato, Japan in SC2)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 117 lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: A
Random Quote: I don't care who you are
Favoured By: Fans of breast augmentation
Day Job: Nitro Girl
Destined Battle: Nightmare, Mitsurugi, Cervantes
Joke Weapon: Tobacco Pipes


	Taki made her own weapons and protective gear, partly out of need and
partly as a hobby. She created her favorite possession, Rekki-Maru, by
incorporating mystical powers into the blade. For Taki, it proved time and
time again to be a valuable partner in demon-slaying. Rekki-Maru is the

higher sword on Taki's back. It was Taki's only weapon in Soul Blade. It was
broken during the fight with Cervantes, but she fixed it.


	Mekki-Maru was a sword cloaked in mystery. It was given to her by
Hachibei, a former ninja of the Fu-Ma clan. Ever since it was fused with a
fragment of Soul Edge that was found in Sophitia's body, it emanated an evil
aura whenever it was drawn from it's protective scabbard. Because of this,
even Taki handled it carefully. In any event, surely she would learn to
subjugate into obedience this sword of unknown potential. Mekki-Maru is the
lower sword on Taki's back.

Soul Blade

	Taki was a skilled ninja working as a demon huntress. She was an
orphan, and was brought up by Toki, the ninja master. She belonged to a
ninja clan that lived in seclusion. It knew many techniques that the outside
world had forgotten.

	Taki herself had supernatural powers. She decided to travel throughout
Japan to protect people from demons that would harm them. She created her
own weapons with love and care. Her favourite was Rekki-Maru. However,
recently, Rekki-Maru had weakened. It began to weaken about the same time
that Soul Edge appeared.

	Taki was called upon to help out at a temple where the seal that was
holding the horrible Fury demons was weakening. When she arrived, she found
herself surrounded by demons and ghosts. It's a good thing that Taki loved a
good challenge. She drew her blade and sliced at the leader. She was
surprised to find that it was still alive. She had to cut it several more
times before it disappeared. She was usually able to kill demons in one
stroke, but Rekki-Maru was deteriorating quickly. She realized that in order
to save Rekki-Maru, she would need to find and destroy Soul Edge. She set
out to do just that, since she would travel to the ends of the earth for her
beloved sword.


	Taki's sword breaks as Cervantes falls. She doesn't realize that Soul
Edge is floating up into the air.

Bad Ending

	The two swords fly at her, miss, then fly away. A demon appears,
engulfed in flames and flat as paper. She goes back to the forge, fixes
Rekki-Maru, and returns to the demon (in a new outfit). She goes to draw
her sword, but decides to seal it away with magic, instead. Apparently the
demon had just been waiting there for her to come back and defeat him.

Good Ending

	The two swords fly at her, and she does that odd kung-fu movie move
where she grabs them as the come at her. Then she holds them down and
purifies them. The demon appears, she returns home, forges the blades into
one sword, and kills the demon with them/it.

Soul Calibur 1

	Taki was a member of a ninja clan sworn to defeat demons.

	Believing that her beloved Rekki-Maru was resonating in sympathy with
the evil Soul Edge, Taki crossed the sea to look for the truth. While abroad,
Taki managed to obtain a fragment of the evil sword.

	Returning home, Taki tried to meld the fragment with her own sword,
but failed. When she tried it with the sword Mekki-Maru, which was always a
little evil, it work instantly and took on an evil glow.

	In order to pit Mekki-Maru against Soul Edge in hopes that the two
swords would destroy each other, and because she feared that the Fu-Ma clan
would take it away from her, she left the band of ninjas and traveled to
foreign lands once again. Yet, in the dark recesses of her heart, Taki felt
the desire to master the immense power of her demonic blade.


	Taki defeats Soul Edge, but Mekki-Maru is still evil. Ah, well. Life
goes on.

Soul Calibur 2

	Unable to finish her plan of pitting Soul Edge against Mekki-Maru,
Taki decided to try to master it instead.

	One day, several Fu-Ma clan members appeared before Taki, trying to
capture her. While searching through the strewn remains of the ninjas (yuck),
Taki found a familiar metal shard...

	Toki was undoubtedly looking for information about Soul Edge, which
would explain why the ninjas wanted to take Taki alive.

	Knowing the effect that Soul Edge had on it's wielder, Taki could not
let Soul Edge fall into the hands of Master Toki.

	On her way back to Japan, Taki sensed the presence of the evil
sword. Time was running out.


	Taki defeats Soul Edge, but Mekki-Maru is still evil. Ah, well. Life
goes on. A sinister force (Gel-o-Fury) beckons her, or something like that.

Soul Calibur 3

	Taki was worried about Soul Edge. It had probably recovered it's
power by now. At this point, however, she was more worried about Toki. He
had been collecting fragments of Soul Edge, which can only mean trouble.
It could even lead to the formation of yet another evil blade. There was
no way that Taki could ignore this threat. She set out to shake off her
pursuers. She deliberately leaked information about Soul Edge fragments
to divert the Fu-Ma clan's ninja. Then, she headed for Japan.

	Taki learned that a faction of the Fu-Ma clan were growing weary
of Toki's actions, and were planning to take over. Taki made contact with
them, and traded information about Soul Edge fragments for the current
location of Toki. He was at Hoko Temple. Taki assumed that Toki planned
to take the power of the evil spirits that were sealed there. After
averting the clans traps (Ninja Style!) she arrived at the temple, and
felt a very evil presence. Taki entered the Buddha Shrine, below the
temple (her SC1 stage) and faced off against Toki.

	Oni, the name of a legendary demon, passed down from ancient times
flashed through her mind when she saw Toki. His body should have shown his
age, but his skin was thick and swollen, as if he were wearing a heavy suit
of armour. It took on a dark red hue, reflecting the wild flow of his blood.
His eyes shone red with the bloodlust of a vicious beast...

	Toki was drawing in the swirling energy and spirits from the temple,
but no matter how powerful her opponent, Taki would not let it overwhelm her.
She drew Rekki-Maru and approached, but as she did, a long, tortured cry
echoed throughout the shrine... She felt the presence of the great demon she
once sealed away in this place. Toki had broken the seal, and was now absorbing
the spirit...

	The battle was fierce.

	Her slight advantages were ironic. She had used the demon slaying
techniques that Toki had taught her. The blade that pierced his heart, was
 none other than Mekki-Maru. The sword he had sought to obtain. Taki stood
over Toki's aged, huddled body. She struggled to maintain consciousness. She
had received grave injuries during the fight, and had to use all of her
strength to maintain control of Mekki-Maru, from the intense evil energies
that surrounded her. As Taki swung for the final blow, a weak voice reached
out to her.

	"Taki...? Is that you...?"

	Startled, Taki gazed into the old mans face. His lips trembled as he

	"It's very dark... Bring some light..."

	There was no sign of madness in his voice. Taki felt strong emotions
well up within her. She opened her mouth to call out her master's name. But
Toki's eyes opened wide, and a strange aura escaped from his mouth. Taki swung
at it. but hit nothing. The entity flew off silently into the darkness.

	Taki prepared to leave at dawn. She didn't know if that entity was or
wasn't her former master, but if it was, there was only one place it would have
gone. Soul Edge. Taki didn't have time for her wounds to heal. She didn't know
why, but Soul Edge's presence felt weak. Now had to be the time to pursue it.
Taki became a crimson shadow, running through the darkness.


	Taki is running through the streets, taking out Ninjas Mekki-Maru is
glowing. "He's close." She reaches a man with a sword...

Bad Ending

	He's afraid, asking is she's their ally. He gets hit in the back by
a kunai. A few more fly at Taki, but she dodges. A firey ninja appears, and
calls her the traitor ninja. Taki calls him pitiful, for selling his soul to
evil. She takes him out, and he drops a piece of Soul Edge. "Soul Edge...
your scars run deep. Even in death..."

Good Ending

	She counter attacks the man, and knocks him out. She goes along the
bridge that seems to be so popular. And Mitsurugi is there! She tells him
that a warrior of his caliber should have no need for evil power. She then
demands that he hand over the shard of Soul Edge. The fight for a second.
Mitsurugi, of course, refuses. More fighting. If she wants it, she'll have
to take it. More Fighting. She say's that he doesn't give up. Then she say's,
"Soul Edge. Your scars run deep. Even in death." She jumps at him, and the
scene fades.

Soul Calibur 4

	Taki pursued Soul Edge, the sword that had driven her master mad and
turned him into a monster. She eventually came to the Lost Cathedral, where
she saw the two swords locked in the Embrace of Souls and learned, at last, of
the spirit sword; a weapon that was able to resist the evil of the cursed

	Taki was there when the two opposing swords were unleashed and
Siegfried and Nightmare fought. But the two blades did not destroy each other
as she had hoped. Instead, both grew more powerful than ever before. Together,
they sparked a cataclysm and Taki only barely escaped the ensuing malestrom.
The Lost Cathedral was obliterated, but Soul Calibur and SOul Edge survived.
Even now, the dreadful power of the two swords linked them and brough them
closer. They would have to be obliterated one at a time, lest they should come
together again. She soon learned that the cursed sword lay in Ostrheinsburg,
and that Siegfried was heading to the same location. There was no more time.
She set out on her own journey.

	Taki witnessed everything at the Lost Cathedral. Siefgried had
appeared to be seemingly torn asunder by the overwhelming torrent of power,
but the spirit sword intervened and kept him alive. Would he be able to cling
to his human reason and somehow control the immense power that resided within
him? She could not leave that answer to chance. She made her decision, and she
would do what must be done.


	Taki defeats Siegfried, who asks why she is in his way. He asks if she
thinks his way is wrong. She says yes, and that relying on the power will only
give rise to new evil, and everyone must face their demons alone. Soul Calibur
breaks apart and Taki leaves.

	Taki sealed away a great evil and disappeared from history. Nobody
knows what became of her.

Random Facts

	The woman who does Taki's Japanese voice also voiced Young Link in the
two Legend of Zelda games for the Nintendo 64.

	Taki doesn't get Mekki-Maru until Soul Calibur. In Soul Blade she
only used Rekki-Maru. (Well, she gets Mekki-Maru, but only in Edge Master
mode, and she only uses one sword at a time.

	Taki is a Nuke-Nin. Nuke-Nin are ninja that leave their clan without
permission, usually ninja can not leave the clan until they die because they
know the secrets of their clan and lord. Thus the clan is responsible for
the Nuke-Nin and must execute them as soon as possible. This was one of the
tragedies of the ninja, as a Nuke-Nin if the ninja wanted to live they must
kill their friends that now sought their lives. Hachibei, Chie's father (See
Li Long's Bio) is a Nuke-Nin of Taki's clan.

	In the beginning if SC1, the Fu Ma clan is looking for Hachibei.

	Taki is sent to find Hachibei, but is afraid to go near him, because
she doesn't want to be killed by Li Long.  She waits for him to leave, and
goes in to meet with Hachibei. Hachibei explains that Toki is under the
control of Mekki-Maru. This is when Taki receives Mekki-Maru. He explains
that the sword must never fall into Toki's hands, despite the fact that he
is looking for it. Taki took the sword and let Hachibei and Chie go free.
She hid it and returned to her clan. When she arrived, she told Toki that
Li Long had taken the sword, and that Hachibei and Chie had already been
killed. Toki ordered his ninjas to find Li Long. This is when Taki realized
that Toki was, indeed, insane. It was then that the battered old Mekki-Maru
began to resonate and changed. Taki believed that it did so because of an
evil sword in a foreign country. (Amazingly accurate, don't you think?)
This is why she left the first time, in Soul Blade.

	After Soul Blade, Taki tried to fuse a fragment of Soul Edge into her
favorite sword, Rekki-Maru, but it wouldn't work. Meanwhile, Taki was
repeatedly attacked by ninjas that were sent by Toki to retrieve the sword
that Hachibei had entrusted to Taki. Taki tried to fuse the fragment with
Mekki-Maru, and it worked instantly. It began putting off a very strong,
evil aura. It was so strong that even normal people could feel it. Taki
sealed the sword in it's sheath with magic cards, but as soon as her power
ran out, she was captured by Geki, Toki's right hand man and highest ranking
ninja. Taki was too tired from sealing Mekki-Maru to win against him. Geki
told Taki that she thought that she was hiding well, but that Toki had the
whole thing planned from the beginning. He took the sword and, against
Taki's advice, took it out of it's sheath. The resulting explosion blew
his right arm to bits. Taki used this opportunity to grab the sword and run
past Gaki and Doki, Geki's assistants. Taki received rumour of the berserker
that was terrorizing Europe. She decided that it must be the remaining Soul
Edge, as Rekki-Maru still resonated. Taki planned to pit Soul Edge and
Mekki-Maru against each other, with the hope that they would destroy each

	After the aforementioned incident, Toki sent many ninjas to take Taki
down. Geki wished to kill Taki most of all.

	Taki wants to learn to control Mekki-Maru.

	One of the ghosts that Taki sealed away, Gel-O-Fury, gained enough
power from the evil seed to break out of the temple in the bamboo forest,
and make it's way to Hoko temple (probably through use of Japan's
underground rivers). Hoko temple was Taki's stage in SC1, and the Bamboo Forest
Temple was her stage in SB. Taki eventually sealed it there.

	"Taki" means many things. It can mean "Waterfall," "Boiling,"
"Cooking," "Burning," or "Complex." It probably means "Waterfall" here.

	In Soul Blade, you could lose your weapon. Taki is trained in unarmed
combat, so she is still a formidable foe, despite having her sword broken.

	In SC 1, Taki's "Favourite phrase" was "Demon defeated. The deed is
done." Now it's "Demon captured. The deed is done."

	Taki has magical breasts. In SC1, those love kegs weren't nearly as
torpedic as they are now. Hoo boy. Huge. Especially in her first costume.
They aren't so bad in her second and third costumes, but those cupcakes
mysteriously turn to watermelons in costume one. I know this that sounds
kind of perved out, but DAMN! Perhaps the reason for the implants is to draw
attention away from her crotch. Take a look at her naughty bits in her SC2
P1 costume. Gross, huh? Yep. Taki has a little "Crying Game" thing going on.
O.K., so it's probably just a design flaw on the developers part, but don't
be overly surprised if SC4 revolves around Taki being a hermaphrodite.


Full Name: Talim
Nicknames: The Last Priestess of the Winds
Weapon: Elbow Blade x2
Weapon Name: Syi Sarika and Loka Luha
Fighting Style: Wind Dance
Age: 15
Birth Date: June 15
Family: Father - Sanput
        Mother - Lidi
        Grandmother - Kalana
        Bird - Alun
Birthplace: Southeast Asia, Village of the Wind Deity (Probably in the
Height: 4'9" (Talim has grown a whole inch)
Weight: 93 lbs.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: Unknown
Random Quote: Don't worry Talim, believe in yourself
Destined Battle: Yunsung, Raphael
Joke Weapon: Weight

Syi Sarika and Loka Luha

	In Talim's village, it is tradition to dance using elbow blades, to
show respect for the wind. Though not usually used as weapons, these two
seem to work well enough for Talim.

Soul Calibur 2

	Southeast Asia was thrust into an age of turmoil when Western
Europe's influence began to spread across their lands. In one particular
region of Southeast Asia lived a tribe of people who could control the winds.

	Talim was the daughter of this village's shaman, and she was reared
to be the last priestess. During an era where faith in the Wind Deity
gradually waned, Talim possessed unparalleled potential to be a shaman.

	One day, four years earlier, as Talim read the winds just as she had
done many times, a violent evil aura that seemed to devour everything in
it's path surged into her body. Talim lost her consciousness and did not
wake for days. The incident occurred the day the Evil Seed spread across
the world.

	When Talim was 15, a westerner brought a peculiar metallic fragment.
The westerner touted the object as a "vitality charm," but Talim immediately
recognized the evil within the piece of metal; it was the same malevolent
energy that she felt on the day she collapsed.

	"I must return the fragment to its rightful place!" Talim exclaimed.

	The young priestess left on the journey, even though her elders were
full of misgivings.

	Soon after Talim left the village, she senses the resonance of the
same evil aura from other parts of the world. She knew that everything would
soon be consumed by illness if the evil force continued to spread. Talim
knew she had to find all of the fragments and seek their rightful place.

	No matter how far she was from her home, Talim could feel the wind.
She was not afraid-no matter how long the journey, she knew she would be
fine as long as the winds were with her.


	Talim restores Soul Edge, and the flames are dispersed with the winds.
Hey, wait a minute... Isn't Soul Edge evil? Isn't it's restoration a BAD

Soul Calibur 3

	Ever since leaving the village for the first time, Talim followed the
aura of the evil fragments. She eventually learned that the fragments
belonged to an evil sword called Soul Edge. Although she was nervous about
being in the outside world, Talim managed to collect several fragments.

	Having sensed another source of evil energy, Talim traveled to a
mountain range in a certain land. She gazed at the steep ravine and the giant
flow of water wheels built in the flowing river. As if guided by the voices of
the wind, she arrived at a small water wheel, where a group of small children
lived. Learning that one of the children was ill, Talim entered. The aura
around him was filled with waves of evil. Talim realized that the boy himself
was giving off the evil aura. Talim asked the boy what was causing this, but
the boy, who appeared to be the leader of the children, just smiled sadly at
her. Talim could not just leave the boy in misery, so she decided to tend to

	A young man visited the village about the same time that she had
grown accustomed to life in the watermill. He was a cheerful young man, who
carried a long sword. He went by the name of Yunsung. He announced that he
was gathering information regarding Soul Edge.

	Upon hearing this, Talim warned him about the dangers of the sword.
The young man appeared to give in to her harsh tone, and decided to remain
in the valley for a while, slyly waiting for an opportunity to gain
information. At first, he made Talim apprehensive, but she sensed no evil
coming from the young man, and eventually came to accept him.

	The boy's condition eventually grew worse. The idea came to Talim, to
pass the evil energy through her own body and out into the wind currents in
the sky. The treatment continued for several days. The evil energy, released
little by little, would be purified in the atmosphere, but the impurities
that remained in Talim's body slowly piled up like sediment, eating away at
her purity as a priestess. Her ability to read the wind grew weaker and

	It was the first suffering she had ever experienced, and the greatest
she could have imagined. She was losing a part of herself, something that had
always been with her. Something more precious to her than words could describe.
Seeing her sunken in sorrow, Yunsung said to her,

	"There are some things you can't do anything about. When that happens,
you just have to do what you can!" His words were mostly meaningless, but
hearing him say them somehow gave her courage.

	Despite her best efforts to treat him, the boy's health continued to
worsen. His fever persisted day and night. He would not last long at this
rate. Talim pondered releasing all of the energy to the wind at once. It would
be more of a large-scale ritual than a treatment, and performing it with the
impurities in her body would be dangerous. But still, it had to be done. The
boy, however, flatly refused her idea.

	"It hurts too much... my body, and the burden I'm placing on all of
you, too. I just want it to end. The boy vented his anguish. It was Yunsung
who stepped forward to convince the boy, and stop Talim and the children from
 arguing with him.

	After a long conversation between the two of them, Yunsung grinned and
spoke. "I gave this little trouble-maker a good talking to. The rest is up to

	Talim embraced the frail body of the boy. "No matter how bad I feel, I
won't give up. So I don't want you to close off your future, either..."

	It was quite possibly a miracle. When the ritual ended, not a single
remnant of the evil energy remained in either of their bodies. In the instant
that Talim had opened the boundaries of her heart, overlapping her being with
the serene winds that cross the heavens, something had flowed throughout their
two bodies and exorcised the evil energy. And in that instant, she had seen
it. Past where the winds blew, far to the west. A shining light had appeared.
Overflowing water, pure blue sky, and a single sword. It was a beautiful and
fleeting vision, like a crystal formed over countless ages.

	"It's beautiful..." Talim murmured. Without even understanding why,
Talim felt her heart grow hot. After watching over the boy to help him
recover, Talim continued her journey, with the many thanks of the children
echoing in her ears. Something waited for her in the west. Every time the
pure breeze touched her, her heart fluttered with that premonition.


	Talim is in a nice grassy area with a windmill. Perhaps her village.
She hold's Soul Edge up to the sky and asks the wind for help. A big cyclone
appears around her...

Bad Ending

	Soul Edge zaps her and then flies up into the air and shatters.
Talim falls down. She see's some birds flying around. "Wow!"

Good Ending

	The whirlwind gets really big and shoots Soul Edge up into the sky
and blows it up. Yunsung comes walking up. Talim swoons, and he catches her.
He sounds disappointed that the sword is gone. Talim gets mad at him and
starts chewing him out. He runs away, and she goes after him.

Soul Calibur 4

	Amidst a blue light that brought to mind shimmering waters, a snigle
blade shone briliantly. Talim had only glimpsed the sword for one halucinatory
moment upon saving the youth who was being ravaged by Soul Edge, but it came
back to her time and again in her sleep.

	She had been passing her days with Yun-Seong, a young man who was
searching for Soul Edge. Despite countless efforts to preach the cursed
sword's dangers to him, she could not be sure he had taken a single word
seriously. Then, almost immediately after they crossed paths with Yun-Seong's
kinswoman, Mi-Na, he vanished. He must have sensed that Mi-Na would ry to take
him back to their homeland and fled. "He's headstrong," Talim explained to
Mi-Na," But he's a good person. In the end, I'm sure he'll make the right
decision." And he'll want to make it himself, she added to herself.

	She parted ways with Mi-Na and went on alone. Then, one night, she
beheld countless lights shooting into the west. It was a beautiful sight, but
Talim sensed evil behind it. Soul Edge had grown in power, and time was
running short.

	From that day, the vision visited her more frequently. The sword whose
power at first seemed so pure grew more formidable before her, until finally
it seemed capable of wiping away all that existed around it. Talim grew
anxious; power that great could only warp the balance of nature. As the winds
circled the world, she could hear them screaming.


	Talim defeats Algol and he drops both swords. Talim says she doesn't
blame him, and she won't even question what the swords are, but they threaten
the very fabric of nature so she's going to return them to their true form,
and Algol too. Algol looks up and sees his son standing next to Talim. His son
reaches out his hand and the screen turns white. Talim offers up a prayer to
the wind.

Random Facts

	Talim's grandmother, Kalana, is the village elder.

	On the day that Talim read the winds and felt the evil seed, she
cried, and didn't know why. Aww... don't cry little Talim. :(

	The village elders could feel the evil in the metal fragment, and they
told the merchant that it belonged somewhere else.

	The elders tried to prevent Talim from leaving the village with the
metal shard. They feared that the purity of the Last Priestess would be
tainted if she were exposed to the outside world. Her parents disagreed. On
the contrary, they felt that by experiencing the world, Talim's purity and
love of nature would grow.

	If you're wondering why Talim and Yunsung are each other's destined
battles, it's because they both arrived at the same place, Capital
Ayutthaya, at almost the same time. Yunsung passed through there a few days
before Talim did. When Talim got there, it was the first time that she
learned that other people, like everybody's favourite patriot, were looking
for the evil sword. This troubled her, as she doesn't want anybody to be
hurt by it.

	It seems that Talim in Filipina. One of her throws means "Take My
Hand" in Tagalog (that would be the official language of the Philippines,
for you cultural buffs). Most of her moves have something in them in
Tagalog. Thanks to solo745 for the info.

	Are you dying to know what other stuff is in Tagalog? Well, "Talim"
means "Sharp," "Tuhod" means "Knee," "Sipa" means "Kick," "Espada" means
"Sword," and "Abaniko" means "Fan." Thanks to lady belnas for that info.

	Talim is so very, very sweet. It's like you never want anything bad
to ever happen to her. Well, at least I don't. I don't know about you sick


Full Name: Tira
Weapon: Ring Blade
Weapon Name: Aiselne Drossel
Fighting Style: Dance of Death
Age: 17
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: None, Accompanied by group of watchers
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 95 pounds (Gained a pound between SC III and IV)
Hair Colour: Green - Dark brown
Eye Colour: Red?
Blood Type: AB
Random Quote: "I can't wait to see you in pieces!"
Destined Battle: Yoshimitsu
Joke Weapon: Cogwheel

Aiselne Drossel

	I don't know anything about this yet. It's a ring.

Soul Calibur 3

	There was an underground organization called the Birds of Passage that
lived in the shadows of history. they formed contracts with the powerful and
sent out assassins to eliminate their enemies. Tira was an assassin raised by
this organization. The act of killing had become so routine in her life that
she had to kill just for the stimulation it provided. When the evil seed

rained down, Tira was in the middle of a mission. The chain of command
collapsed, and suddenly Tira was set free from this underground world.

	She has since forgotten where she was when this event transpired.
For a while she was taken in by a simple family in an ordinary village.
This did not last long, however, and a simple even caused her to murder the
entire family. She then began her wandering lifestyle, killing those that
crossed her path. Her emotions grew more intense to where the slightest
trigger could cause her to become depressed or manic.

	One day she came across information about Nightmare and her heart
leapt at the thought of finding someone like herself.  Following the trail
of slaughter, she tracked down the Azure Knight. "Finally, someone to whom
I can give myself entirely..." she thought.

	Now a faithful servant, she works behind the scenes. Controlling a
flock of ravens, she has been given two missions. Her first task is to
destroy the evil sword and free the evil sword. Her second task is to locate
a new host for the cursed sword. Those who meet her approval shall surely
have their souls burned by the flame of the cursed sword. Those who do nor,
Tira will surely take their lives to bring joy to her own...


	Tira enter's Sophitia's house in search of her kids, trying to find a
new host for Soul Edge. She walk's down the hall, holding Soul Edge...

Bad Ending

	She enter's the kids room. They ask her name, then ask what she's
holding. "Do you like it? I'm glad!" and the screen fades.

Good Ending

	Tira enter's a different room, and is ambushed by Cassandra and
Sophitia. She escapes through the window. The scene shifts to her in the woods,
mulling things over. Then, Soul Edge starts to glow, and possesses her. She
turn's purple, and her eyes start to glow.

Soul Calibur 4

	When the two swords clashed, Tira had already arrived at the Lost
Cathedral and was waiting before the gate. Having been turned to evil, she was
affected strongly by the destruction unleashed by the meeting of the swords.
Tira's mind was torn apart, shattered into countless shards. But her
consciousness clawed itself together again. In the end, she became two people,
her mind reformed into two separate entities that represented the extremes of
the original, unstable Tira.

	Upon her return to Ostrheinsburg, Tira began processing the
information that her watchers carried to her, that she might hand Soul Edge,
her king and master, the advantage in the battle that was to come. She would
use the habitants of the cursed city to wear down the power of the sprit
sword, and when at last they fought, the cursed sword would turn Ostrheinsburg
into a giant vessel and every soul within that place would be caught within
it's maw, including the Spirit Sword. She knew that then her king would win.

	And at that moment, Tira, too, would become a part of Soul Edge. A
feeling she had never felt before swelled in her, but she - both of her - did
not understand it.

	"Soul Edge will consume everything! Yes, everything!"
	"Everything I am is devoted to the service of my king."

	A tiny glimmer of fear sparked in the chink between her two
personalities, but it was forced down below the surface of her consciousness.
It would not emerge again.


	Nightmare is sitting on his throne and Tira enters and kneels.
Nightmare begins to shake and the sword glows. Tira realizes that his body
can't withstand the power of Soul Edge any more. Tira begins to panic. Her
happy self is afraid of being alone, and her angry self is annoyed that their
plans are failing. The screen turns black and when it fades back in, Tira is
holding the glowing essence of Soul Edge.

	The cursed sword now lays dormant. When it wakes, the world will be
covered in flames.

Random Facts

	In some demo videos of Soul Calibur III, you could tell the difference
between Tira's moods by looking at an icon or text near the health bar. It
looks like her mood was going to have an affect on gameplay. It was eventually
scrapped for III, but it was implimented in IV.


Full Name: Voldo
Nicknames: Hell's Guardian
Weapon: Twin Katar
Weapon Name: Karma and Mara, Shame and Blame, Manas and Ayus
Fighting Style: Self-Taught
Age: 50
Birth Date: August 25
Family: Parents - Deceased
        Four Brothers - Killed through warfare
        Master - Vercci
Birthplace: Palmero, Italy
Height: 6'
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Unknown
Blood Type: A
Random Quote: *WHEEZE*
Destined Battle: Ivy, Yoshimitsu
Joke Weapon: Tambourines

Karma and Mara

	Karma and Mara are the Katars used by Voldo in Soul Edge.

Shame and Blame

	Shame and Blame are Voldo's twin katars from Soul Calibur 1.

	Vercci collected treasures from all over the world and believed he had
everything worth having.

	Vercci's loved katars, and had tens of pairs that he brought back
from India. He gave a pair to his trusted vassal, Voldo, to use as weapons.
Even when soaked in blood, Shame and Blame remain works of art.

Manas and Ayus

	Another pair of Katars in Vercci's tomb are Manas and Ayus. Voldo
abandoned Shame and Blame for Manas and Ayus, because of their stronger
defensive capabilities. They were favoured by Vercci on his search for Soul
Edge. Long after Vercci's death, these katars were used to hunt down
intruders who dared to venture into the Money Pit.

Soul Blade

	Vercci was known as the merchant of death. He made his fortune by
supplying the invincible Spanish Armada with weapons. He eventually heard of
a sword that could satisfy any earthly desire. He needed to have it. His
brothers opposed his plans, but they were soon recruited into the army and
were out of the way. He promoted his vassal, Voldo, to lead the search

	Mercenary armies and pirates were hired to search for the blade for
Vercci, but to no avail. Growing impatient, he decided to look himself, and
took to the sea with his fleet. While he was gone, war broke out in his home
of Italy. The target of the invaders, ironically, was the Merchant of Death
himself. To return would be suicide. His home had been destroyed and his
treasures had been taken. The only thing he had left was the treasure he had
found on his journey. His anger turned to madness. He was determined that
they would never get the rest of his treasure. Vercci sailed to an
uninhabited island and had his fleet dig a pit. It would be his vault. When
it was done, Voldo executed the crew, to prevent them from revealing the
location of the vault. As a reward, Voldo was sealed inside the Money Pit.

	By the time this was all finished, the Italian Wars were over. But
Vercci never made it back to Italy alive...

	Voldo went blind and insane after all of those years trapped in the
Money Pit. Only his talent for murder remained sharp. He eventually began to
hear the voice of his dead master. He is told to find the thing that Vercci
spent his last years searching for.


	Voldo gets Soul Edge and begins to rub it on his face...

Bad Ending

	Voldo places the sword on an alter. Vercci's ghost appears and says
"Voldo... hey, Voldo! You fulfilled my wish! Good for you! From now on, you
are the master! Protect Soul Edge with your life! You, be seated on your
throne, the symbol of your authority, and take my hand..." You can switch
the camera between two different views with X in the previous part. (cut to
Voldo on throne) "Protect the throne, and don't give it up to anyone. For as
long as you live, do not betray me."

Good Ending

	You push up and down repeatedly to make him facially hump it faster
until it shatters o_o. Vercci exclaims "Voldo!" as the scene fades away.
Huh. Odd...

Soul Calibur 1

	The Italian "Merchant of Death," Vercci, sought Soul Edge over the
last few years of his life, but was never able to find it. After Vercci's
death, Voldo, Vercci's trusted vassal, became the guardian of the Money Pit,
Vercci's vault.

	Voldo tried to find Soul Edge for his dead master, even traveling
around the world for it, but was unsuccessful.

	One day, after chasing a woman (Ivy), out of the Money Pit, Voldo
heard his dead master's voice!

	"Voldo, that woman... She had the scent of Soul Edge upon her (to see
why, see Ivy's bio)... Hunt her down and bring me Soul Edge this time!!"


	Voldo grabs Soul Edge and ends up in a weird, dark place. He becomes
a lot younger and sits in the middle of the darkness with nothing but his
dead master. That's very strange.

Soul Calibur 2

	Voldo succeeded in bringing back a single handed sword with an evil
aura, but Vercci never spoke to him.

	Four years passed...

	After killing an intruder one day, Voldo found some shards of Soul
Edge. He finally realized why his master was not talking to him. He had
brought back the wrong sword! Voldo set out once more. This time, he would be


	Voldo brings back Soul Edge and continues to protect his masters tomb
to this day.

Soul Calibur 3

	Obeying Vercci's orders, Voldo left for the outside world in search of
Soul Edge. However, he was unable to find the sword, only some Soul Edge
fragments. Upon his return, Voldo cried in sadness as he discovered that the
vertical shaft had been ransacked in his absence. He begged his master for

	Upon closer inspection, Voldo discovered that the only things the
thieves had taken were the fake Soul Edge, and the fragments of Soul Edge that
he had previously found. Nothing else had been touched. This could only mean
one thing. The intruders were seeking Soul Edge. If Voldo could track them down
and force them to tell him everything they knew about Soul Edge, it would make
his journey a lot easier. Of course, they would have to be killed for defiling
Vercci's tomb. He shivered with delight at the thought of his master
encouraging him.

	As Voldo reset the traps, he sensed the presence of another intruder.
Thus far, the traps had been enough to protect the tomb, but this incident was
proof of the danger of relying on the traps alone. Voldo hunted down the
and brought him a painful death. While he disposed of the body, he thought to
himself. After he finds Soul Edge, he will be able to dedicate his life to
protecting the Money Pit. But then, a new fear washed over him. What about his
mortality? Some day he would die, just as his master had. Who would protect the
Money Pit after he had died? Voldo decided that he needed a successor that would
guard over the treasure and worship Vercci just as he had. Another Guardian.
Surely Master Vercci would approve of this idea! He pondered it as he prepared
leave again.

	The guardian of the secret storehouse ascended from the dark abyss. In
search of Soul Edge and his successor, he wanders into the outside world.


	Voldo returns to the money pit with Soul Edge and a barrel. The
barrel is shaking. Vercci tells him that he did very well at finding Soul

Bad Ending

	Vercci tells Voldo to collect more souls. For, like, 5 minutes.

Good Ending

	The barrel bursts open and Lizardman pops out! Voldo and Lizardman
bow for Vercci. Looks like Voldo's found himself a successor!

Soul Calibur 4

	Voldo had infiltrated the ruins of Ostrheinsburg and arrived at last
before Soul Edge. The cursed sword rested in the hands of the Azure Knight,
sealed upon the castle throne. Seeing his chance to take the sword, Voldo took
a stealthy step toward the motionlessknight.

	Soul Edge, the world's last singular treasure. How Voldo's late master
Vercci had longed to make it his own! In the years after his passing, Voldo
had continued to serve his master, body and soul, and worked to fulfill his
master's last wish. Now, at last, his search neared an end.

	"Voldo," a voice said. A joly ran through Voldo as he held Soul Edge,
for the voice belonged to his master. "Well done, Voldo. I am most pleased.
But you still have another task ahead of you." Warmth welled up in Voldo's
closed eyes; tears, which had deserted him long ago. Yes, he thought, I must
protect Soul Edge, the peerless treasure you sought. Voldo had a new calling,
and it filled him with such joy that a wordless moan escaped his throat.

	And while Soul Edge managed to possess his heart, bending his firm
sense of allegance to a new purpose, it could not change it. Within his heart,
Voldo only saw and served one master; his beloved Vercci. Though his territory
had changed from vercci's hallowed tomb to the dark capital Ostrheinsburg, his
hunt remained the same: To destroy the "master's" enemies.


	Soul Edge commands Voldo to take it and give it his soul. He reaches
for it, but is stopped by his master's voice, telling him not to be fooled.
Voldo realizes what was happening and takes the sword back to the Money Pit.
He hears some intruders and makes quick work of them, while Soul Edge looks

	The cursed sword will never again see human hands as long as Voldo
continues to guard it.

Random Facts

	Don't invite Voldo to any party you may be planning to throw. He'd just
make all the other guests uncomfortable.

	When Voldo returned from Soul Blade, the money pit had been partially
flooded by a storm.

	Voldo actually forgot his own name until he heard his master's voice.

	Voldo actually left on his first trip on his own. He would return to
the money pit from time to time simply to check on things.

	After Voldo kills intruders, he reports to Vercci's coffin.

	Voldo is creepy. Just so ya know. He's at his creepiest in the Soul
Blade Edge Master Mode. Read the transcript If you haven't already.

	In Soul Calibur 1, you could see Voldo's veiny ass in two of his
three costumes. You could also see a bit of his gray old-man crotch through
the holes in the front. He seems to have covered up a bit in Soul Calibur 2.

	Voldo ran a funhouse in a traveling carnival, cooking crystallized math
behind it's cloistered walls. Blinded when his drug kitchen blew sky-high,
he seeks the shyster who sold him the unstable recipe. (Obviously not true,
but I read it in EGM, and I had to put it in here.)

	Is there an Actual Money pit? Well, on an island called Oak Island,
off the coast of Nova Scotia, many people believe that there is some
sort of treasure buried deep in the ground. Apparently it gets pretty
complicated, with secret codes, parchment residue (you heard me), water
traps (sound familiar?), and even guardian ghosts in British soldier
uniforms over a century old. As of now, no actual treasure has been found.
Though, a cavern has been discovered, along with some old tools. Also, there
are tons of clues to be found all over the island, including underwater
docks marked off by roman numerals and strange rock formations.

	With so many feints and just plain weird moves, Voldo is a very
deceptive fighter. Voldo is best approached with caution. And a chastity

	Somebody on the GameFaqs message boards said that Voldo's fighting
style actually exists. I find this hard to believe, as many of the moves
would not only be awkward to perform in real life, but many would be
physically impossible. If it is based on a real fighting style, it must be
pretty loosely based. And what the hell's with that weird moon-walking
thing he does when he's supposed to be standing still, anyway?


Full Name: Chai Xianghua
Nicknames: Flower in the Breeze
Weapon: Chinese Sword
Weapon Name: Krita-Yuga/Soul Calibur, No Name
Fighting Style: Sword techniques passed down from her mother (Probably
                Li-Seng Shu Style Chinese Sword)
Age: 20
Birth Date: April 2
Family: Father - Kong Xiqiang, Dead, according to her mother. He's actually
        in the Korean Coastal Defense Force
        Mother - Xiangfei, passed away 9 years ago
        Estranged Sister - Xianglian, killed by Kilik. Xianghua never knew
        about her.
Birthplace: Ming Empire, Peking
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 101 lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: B
Random Quote: Justice will prevail! Just kidding!
Destined Battle: Nightmare, Kilik, Cervantes
Joke Weapon: Calligraphy Brush

Krita Yuga

	Xianghua's treasure was her mother's keepsake Chinese Sword. Whenever
Xianghua gazed upon Krita-Yuga, she heard her mother's final words:

	"You were born to complete an important task... Cut your own path
through and uncertain future."

	With her treasured sword in hand, Xianghua embarked on her quest.

	The Krita-Yuga, along with Kali-Yuga and Dvapara-Yuga, formed the
sacred trinity of the Li-Seng Shu Temple. Separated for over 10 years,
something momentous would come to pass when the three treasures were

Soul Calibur

	When Xianghua fought Inferno in the end of Soul Calibur 1, Krita-Yuga
became Soul Calibur. Soul Calibur is the sword destined to destroy evil. It
is some what of an evil twin to Soul Edge. It has many of the same
properties, such as the fact that it changes shape depending on who holds
it, but it doesn't control it's user, and it is obviously good.

No Name

	After Xianghua defeated Soul Edge, an old man came to visit her. He
claimed to be a master swordsman, and offered her a nameless sword as thanks
for defeating Soul Edge. After giving her the sword, he immediately left for
parts unknown. He was probably Edge Master.

Soul Calibur 1

	The emperor was displeased with the search for the Hero's Sword, so
he sent out his royal guards to aid in the quest, Xianghua included.

	The guards traveled under the guise of a traveling opera troupe, as
not to raise suspicion of their true motives. Xianghua, who was trained in
martial arts since she was a child, was to be the main attraction.

	As she prepared for her journey, she recalled her mother's last

	"You were born to complete an important task... Cut your own path
through and uncertain future."

	With her mother's keepsake sword in hand, Xianghua left on her own,
with the sense the invisible forces of destiny were pushing her onward.


	Krita-Yuga becomes Soul Calibur and is used to destroy Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur 2

	After destroying the sword that she was sent to find, Xianghua fell
into disfavour with the emperor. She was stripped of her rank and reassigned
to a menial position.

	One day, news reached Xianghua that the emperor had attacked a castle
that supposedly housed a member of the search party that found the Hero's
Sword, but refused to hand the weapon over to the emperor. (See Mitsurugi's

	After the castle fell and the sword wasn't found, Xianghua was
summoned for her knowledge and experience.

	Xianghua had destroyed Soul Edge. It was gone, but investigation
proved otherwise. Xianghua heard rumours that pieces of Soul Edge existed in
this place.

	If it were true, then Xianghua needed to find every fragment and
destroy them. Xianghua left on another journey with the words of her mother
echoing in her head:

	"Cut your own path through and uncertain future."


	Xianghua gets Soul Calibur back, and uses it to destroy Soul Edge.
She then vows to never lie again.

Soul Calibur 3

	"I couldn't do anything..." The pain of defeat clutched at Xianghua's
heart. She had sworn to destroy Soul Edge, but in the end, she hadn't even
been able to stand up against at threat in her path.

	After reuniting with Kilik, she had faced off with him against the
man with the scythe and lost. No. That's not true. The fight had been between
Kilik and the man. He had shown no interest in Xianghua, whatsoever. All she
could do was carry the unconscious Kilik and run away.

	Xianghua tended to Kilik's wounds, but he didn't wake up. She
frantically wondered what to do.

	Xianghua went to see Kilik's teacher, Edgemaster. She was relieved to
hear that Kilik would be fine. Entrusting the old man with a letter for Kilik,
Xianghua left the hermitage. Upon returning to her own country, Xianghua went
to stay with and old general, suggested and arranged by Edgemaster.

	"I must become stronger!" Xianghua pleaded with the general. He was
surprised to hear this. He had thought that her sword skills, though
self-taught, were more than sufficient. Nevertheless, he did what he could to
help her. Although he had retired, skilled warriors still gathered under him.
Among them was an exceptionally skilled man who he had employed as an
instructor. Recognizing her skills included those of the Li-Seng Shu style,
he approached her about becoming her training partner. Devoting herself
whole-heartedly to her training, she managed to increase her skills
significantly in a short period of time. Despite this she was unable to rid
herself of the uneasiness in her heart.

	"Even if I increase my power, if I can't use it when I need it...
When I fought against the cursed sword, Kilik was with me. But if I'm
alone..." Xianghua thought to herself, but forced her doubts aside. "No. I
mustn't fear. I must keep my spirits up!"

	"Your blade is keen, however, it appears you are still forcing
yourself." One day, her instructor cautioned her. "Sometimes the path of a
warrior requires letting in the dark feelings, weighing them, and letting
them go."

	After this day, she began training her mind. Her heart would be like
water, letting all flow through her without breaking. After several months,
she felt that she was ready. She bid farewell to her master and set out on
her journey once more.

	When she met up with Kilik, she would proudly say, "Sorry to keep
you waiting! I've finally caught up with you!"


	Xianghua has Soul Calibur. Soul Edge is there. She's hesitating. She's
afraid. Kilik goes to do it, but Xianghua does it anyway. She attacks, and her
sword gets stuck.

Bad Ending

	Soul Edge shatters and she's thrown back. She wakes up in Kilik's
arms. She asks if Soul Edge is destroyed. She picks up Soul Calibur. Soul
Calibur and Kali-Yuga disappear. "So it's finally over."

Good Ending

	Screen fades to white. Kilik and Xianghua are in a grassy area. Kilik
is training. Xianghua asked where he wants to go next. He say's he might go
back to his master. She say's that it's fun to travel with him. He age’s,
since she's a good sparring partner. She tells him that there's someone she's
interested in. Kilik is, of course, completely oblivious. She say's that she's
not going to give up on him that easily. Kilik say's that it's time to go,
Xianghua pretends to be asleep. "Just kidding!" (I was wondering where that
line was.)

Soul Calibur 4

	The training Xianghua had undergone in her homeland had given her the
strength to conquer her own psychological frailty. She hurried west along the
Silk Road and soon found Kilik. Happily reunited, the two headed for India on
Maxi's trail. But while they found their old friend, just as they had hoped,
he would not join them. Was Maxi looking for the cursed sword in order to seek
revenge? If so, Xianghua would do everything in her power to stop him. Using
that cursed sword to avenge the fallen would bring her friend no salvation.

	And Kilik.... She turned to glance at him standing beside her. She had
no idea how he felt about her, but her heart was quite clear on the matter.
But as long as so much still remained to be done, she could never say the
words. They had to stop Soul Edge. The last time they had faced it, they had
lacked the power to destroy the weapon outright, and their faulure was to
blame for every tragedy the cursed sword had brought since.

	(I will cut out my destiny. This time, we will eliminate Soul Edge
once and for all!)

	And so, having turned remose into resolve, Xianghua pressed on. When
she saw the meteor shower shooting west across the sky on night, she knew; the
final battle was at hand.


	Xianghua and Kilik are with Soul Edge. Kilik tells Xianghua to leave,
and that it's his responsibility from there one. He tells her he wants her to
find her own happiness. She asks him what about his happiness, and he says
that he doesn't deserve to be happy. She tells him that being with him makes
her happy. Kilik states that that pains him. He wants to be with her, but
there's no way. He grabs Soul Edge and struggles with it. Xianghua runs over
and grabs it. Kilik tells her to stay away, but she says she's coming with
him. The screen turns white and Kilik says "Thank you Xianghua."

	The two disappeared together. The two powers forever rested in
peace and enver stirred again.

Random Facts

	Since Xianghua had deserted the military, she should have been
arrested when she went to train with the general. It was only Edgemaster's
letter that convinces the general to shelter her. He had studied at the
Li-Seng Shu temple, and remembered what the old man had taught him.

	It is tradition in the Chai family for everyone to become a great
warrior and serve the country. A long time ago, one son of the Chai family
settled in the Li-Seng Shu temple to become a great swordsman. His
daughter, Xiangfei, was born in the nearby town and was sent to train at
the temple. She was a great swordswoman, and surpassed many of the monks at
the temple. If she had been a man, she would have inherited the Krita-Yuga.
After the death of her father, Xiangfei trained even harder and fell in love
with a monk named Kong Xiqiang. He was thought to be the best candidate
for the Succession of the Rod, Kali-Yuga. Sadly, their love was forbidden.
Not until the birth of their daughter, Xianglian, was their love known to
the monks. The monks were very strict about following the pure path, and the
Temple took the child when it was two years old. Xiangfei was too sad to
stay, so she left to never return. A family friend, Han Dongxiu, asked Kong
why he stayed. He told him to create his own future with his strength. With
Han's help, Kong was able to sneak a sword (Krita-Yuga) to his lover, as a
promise that they would one day meet again. When Xiangfei left, she was
pregnant with her second child. She never told Kong, with hopes that he
would continue his training, and focus on becoming the successor to the
Kali-Yuga. She secretly returned to her homeland, where she became a
soldier. She gave birth to her second daughter, Xianghua, and never told
her about her lineage. Meanwhile, the temple had realized that Kong had
stolen the Krita-Yuga, and he was excommunicated and driven from the temple.
Xianglian was left behind, where the monks decided to raise her as an
orphan. Kong managed to trace down Xiangfei, discovering her links to the
Chai family. However, the family asked him not to see Xiangfei, as she
believed that he was training, and she would be heartbroken to see him
there. Kong agreed that it was best for him to leave, so he did, never
knowing about his second daughter. Meanwhile, the temple was searching for
the sword. Their first suspect was Xiangfei, but when they arrived, all
they found was Xianghua playing with an old sword. After many years, they
gave up the search. Nobody, not even Xiangfei, suspected that the sword
that little Xianghua was playing with, was actually the Krita-Yuga in
disguise. It turned into a battered old sword, in case it was ever
separated from the other two temple treasures. Only Kong knew the truth. As
time passed, Xianghua learned to use the sword. After her mother's death
when Xianghua was ten, she was driven to train even harder. At sixteen,
Xianghua became a member of the royal guards, never knowing that she had an
older sister at the Li-Seng Shu temple.

	Kong is still alive (game time). He is an alcoholic now. He actually
trained Seung Mina for a year.

	For a little more Kong info, see Seung Mina's bio.

	Xianghua uses sword techniques that her mother taught her, and her
mother was a student at Li-Seng Shu temple, so it's pretty safe to assume
that Xianghua uses Li-Seng Shu style sword techniques. Now, this raises
the question of why Kilik doesn't seem to recognize the style as Li-Seng
Su style.

	Xianghua was asked by her best friend, Meimei (Ming's Imperial Maid of
Honour), to check on the health of her brother, Li Long.

	Xianghua personally found a piece of Soul Edge amongst the rubble of

the castle.

	The Ming empire wants Soul Edge to protect itself from pirates.

	There were two search parties that looked for Soul Edge before
Xianghua's. Neither of them returned.

	Xianghua was researching a rumour about Soul Edge, when she met Kilik.

	Xianghua looks a lot different than she did in Soul Calibur 1.

	According to Christine Kao of the message boards,
"Xianghua" is Chinese for "Sweet Smelling Flower." How nice.

	Old man claiming to be a master swordsman? Nameless, blue weapon?
Sounds like Edge Master to me! (See Edge Master's bio.) That's my theory.
Not a confirmed fact. When Edge Master uses Xianghua's weapon, though, it
look's quite a bit like No Name.


Full Name: Yoshimitsu
Nicknames: The First Mechanized Ninja
Weapon: Katana (x2 in SC IV)
Weapon Name: Yoshimitsu
Fighting Style: Manji Ninjitsu
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Unknown
        Entire clan was massacred
        Now belongs to a band of chivalrous thieves - Manjitou
Birthplace: Base of Mount Fuji, Japan (The game says "Unknown," and then
            says "Base of Mt. Fuji, Japan." Seems pretty "known" to me)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Hair Colour: Unknown
Eye Colour: Unknown
Blood Type: O
Destined Battle: Nightmare, Voldo, Tira
Joke Weapon: Shepherd's Crock


	Yoshimitsu's beloved self-named katana is an heirloom in the Manji
Clan. It seems like just another katana, but it has quite a few unique
features that accommodate the Manji style of fighting, Manji Ninjitsu.
Nobody outside the clan can duplicate it, and with the entire clan dead,
it seems that Yoshimitsu is the last one with the required knowledge. After
the feudal lord attack, Yoshimitsu swore an oath of vengeance upon his sword,
the last of it's kind. After Yoshimitsu reached the former battle scene
where Xianghua had defeated Soul Edge, some of the evil energy possessed
his sword. It was taken by Voldo, but Yoshimitsu eventually got it back. In SC4,
he inexplicably has two of them.

Soul Calibur 1

	The entire Manji clan was massacred in an attack by the samurai lord
Oda Nobunaga.

	Yoshimitsu lost his right arm in a battle against Lord Ode, but he
replaced it with a mechanical prosthetic arm and set out across the sea in
search of the "Ultimate Weapon," Soul Edge. His plan was to take revenge
against Nobunaga.

	During his journey, he came across horrible scenes left behind by a
night in azure armour. (Nightmare.) He sensed the hatred and despair of the
victims and reflected on his situation.

	"Vengeance will be mine, but if I continue along this path, I will be
no better than Nobunaga or the Azure Knight..."

	Even with that realization hanging over his head, he kept going for
the sword of vengeance.


	Yoshimitsu destroys Soul Edge, but the lightning hits his katana, and
it starts to glow.

	"Has my sword been possessed by evil? Never!! This I shall not allow."

	"Honour is reflected in ones deeds - inaction bespeaks cowardice."
Yoshimitsu became the leader of a band of chivalrous thieves, in order to
counteract the evil within his sword.

Soul Calibur 2

	When Yoshimitsu reached Ostrheinsburg Castle, it was devoid of any
signs of life. After he left the castle, he felt an evil presence in his
katana, so he left on a journey to quell the negative energy in his sword.

	Unfortunately, the katana was stolen by Voldo. Yoshimitsu didn't want
the evil energy to fall into the wrong hands, so he set out to find it.

	It seems that Yoshimitsu got a little sidetracked, and began to serve
the poor and weak. He devised a plan to steal treasure from the rich and
give it to the poor. (Like Robin Hood, or Dennis Moore. Your lupins or your

	Yoshimitsu infiltrated the Money Pit, without ever meeting the
rumoured guardian, Voldo. (He was already gone. See his bio.) Inside he
found, completely by chance, his katana! Also, he found a fragment of Soul
Edge, which emanated the same evil energy as his sword.

	If there was another object in the world with the same evil as his
sword, it mustn't be allowed to exist! Yoshimitsu set out on yet another
journey, without a doubt in his mind.


	Yoshimitsu's second ending is a lot like his first one. He grinds the
evil sword to dust, (I'm not sure if it was his sword or Soul Edge. Probably
Soul Edge.) and becomes a benevolent thief again.

Soul Calibur 3

	After retrieving his sword, Yoshimitsu devised a plan to destroy the
fragments of Soul Edge, and all the other items that had been tainted by it,
while simultaneously fighting to protect the weak. He returned to Japan and
gathered a group of ruffians. They would fight the strong and defend the weak.
At the same time, they would locate and destroy fragments of the cursed sword.
This was the birth of the organization known as Manjitou.

	Yoshimitsu formed a grand plan to steal the fragment of Soul Edge, as
 well as the treasure that was in the mansion of a wealthy man. Unfortunately,
the scheme ended in failure. The vanguard force that was send after the
fragment was wiped out. As a result, the chain of command collapsed, and the
operation ended in a dramatic failure, with many members of the clan being
captured or killed. From accounts of those they had rescued, it appeared that
the captain of the vanguard force attacked his own men by surprise and fled
with the fragment. Yoshimitsu could not believe that the man would betray
them. He was a man that Yoshimitsu had placed great hopes on as the second in

	Findest the fragment. When thou findest it, thou shalt surely findest
him as well...Dismissed." At this brief command, the Manjitou silently went
into action once more. Sensing the presence of the cursed sword behind this
event, Yoshimitsu set out to discover the truth.


	Yoshi is going all Robin Hood and throwing money around a village at
night. He's being chased by a few men. He's jumping around the rooftops. He
makes it to that same damn bridge that's in every other Japanese character's
ending, and is surrounded by men on all sides. They rush him....

Bad Ending

	Yoshi spins around and teleports away, leaving the box of money
behind. He dodges away behind a building.

Good Ending

	Yoshi uses his sword helicopter thing and flies away, leaving a trail
of money behind him!

Soul Calibur 4

	A band of chivalrous thieves known as the Manjitou travelled the
world on behalf of the less fortunate. At the moment, their leader,
Yoshimitsu, was in a valley enclosed by tall mountains that overlooked Europe.
He had lost several good men in their last attempt to collect a piece of Soul
Edge. Meanwhile, the shard itself had vanished, dashing any hopes of success.
At the same time, one of his officers had one missing as well, and the
subsequent search had led Yoshimitsu west across the continent, to this

	He had found his officer severely wounded and saved his life, and then
he saw the girl, radiant with evil, and the flock of black birds in her
service. If a monster like that stole the shard, where would it head? Soul
Edge crept back into Yoshimitsu's thoughts. He had formed the Manjitou to
break the cursed sword's cycle of evil and protect the people from the ravages
of war. It seemed he would have to destroy the menace at its source.

	While tending to his officer's injuries, Yoshimitsu summoned the rest
of the Manjitou and continued his reconnaissance. As information flowed in
from across the land, Yoshimitsu began to form an elaborate plan. They would
smite the evil forces in Ostrheinsburg who wished malice on mankind, and go
after Soul Edge.

	Yoshimitsu issued orders to each of his men in turn; the Manjitou's
greatest campaign ever was about to commence.


	Algol is defeated, and Yoshimitsu says he won't show him any mercy.
The screen goes black and Yoshimitsu attacks. The scene returns and
Yoshimitsu's sword is driven into the ground next to Algol's head. Yoshimitsu
says it's human nature for people to lose their way, and with that he pogos a
few times and flies away.

	He destroyed the evil, but his battle does not end. His ideal to help
the week transcends history and lives on today.

Random Facts

	Lord Oda Nobunaga invited the leader of the Manji clan to his castle.
The leader, however, was very old, so he sent the strongest warrior,
Yoshimitsu in his place. As expected, the lord was requesting the assistance
of the Manji clan. The clan, however, preferred to remain hidden during these
troubling times, so Yoshimitsu stayed at the castle for a few days, and
left. When Yoshimitsu returned, however, he found that his clan had been
massacred. It seems that the lord had an army ready to attack if the clan
leader refused to help him. The reason that the lord insisted that
Yoshimitsu stay at the castle was to buy time for the ambush. He figured
that if the clan was not going to help him, they needed to be destroyed. He
ordered his men to kill Yoshi as well, even though the was the strongest
warrior, he was alone. As he fended off the men, Yoshimitsu tried to devise
a plan to take revenge for his clansmen. His plan failed, and in Nobunaga's
brutal counter attack, Yoshimitsu lost his right arm. He managed to escape
into an underground river that only his clan knew about. While drifting
around underground, he remembered a tale of a weapon that could destroy
anyone. He decided that he would use the weapon to exact his revenge. He
left for the west.

	Yoshimitsu is actually a Tekken character. He has many of the same
moves, but Yoshimitsu in Tekken is much more futuristic. I'm not sure what
his history is in Tekken, but I really doubt that he is the same Yoshimitsu.
Tekken Yoshimitsu is also from the Manji clan, though.

	Mega Lan writes:

		"It's actually very simple. The Yoshimitsu from Tekken
		is the heir to the Yoshimitsu of SC. The Robin
		Hood-esque band that SC Yoshimitsu puts together
		passes its secrets along from generation to
		generation, culminating with the current Yoshimitsu. A
		sign that this is the case is that there's the Tekken
		2 character Kunimitsu, who is related to Yoshimitsu in
		some way. It's kinda like the comic book Phantom,
		except there isn't going to be a movie starring Billy
		Zane about Yoshimitsu."

Let's all join hands and pray that there is never another movie that is on
the same level of crap as "The Phantom."

	"Yoshi" means "Good Luck", and "Mitsu" means "Light."

	icancount2one offers this long-winded explanation about what "Namu"

		"Regarding Yoshimitsu's use of "Namu"... you left that as the
		English translation "Have mercy on your soul" and that's
		somewhat inaccurate.

		"Namu" is short for "Namu Amida Butsu" (In the name of the
		Buddha Amida) which in the religion of Amida Buddhism is what
		you must say "with perfect faith" to achieve salvation.  Amida
		was a guy who forsook buddhahood unless he could save everybody
		else and create a paradise for them to live in, and apparently
		got his wish.  It's all rather similar to "faith alone"
		protestant Christianity.

		Why does Yoshimitsu say it?  Well Japanese Buddhism had a
		tendency to blend sects and incorporate Shinto, so it was
		customary for Japanese monks to say "Namu" for a dead person or
		someone who was on death's door in lieu of them saying it for
		themselves... Is Yoshimitsu a warrior-monk?  I don't know, it's
		probably more like the Boondocks Saints or Samuel L. Jackson's
		character from Pulp Fiction.  You know, making some cool
		religious reference before you waste your foe."

Well, there you go.

	Although he is referred to as the first mechanized ninja, it is
highly unlikely that he is really a robot. The nickname is probably
referring to his right arm, which is mechanical. Even if 16th century
technology was capable of creating robots, (it wasn't, D'uh.) Yoshimitsu
has a blood type, and I doubt that 16th century technology surpassed 21st
century technology. He's certainly made of wood in his SC1 2P costume,
though. His elbows are joints and he has a hole in his neck. It's actually
kind of creepy.

	Nintendo Power said that Yoshimitsu was a ghost. Then again, they also
spelled "Soul Calibur," "Caliber." They're probably not the best source for
accurate storyline information.

	Yoshimitsu's Japanese voice is done by the same guy who did the
Japanese voices for Nightmare/Siegfried and Adult Link in Ocarina of Time and
in Soul Calibur 2.

	Oda Nobunaga was an actual person who attempted to unify Japan under
his rule.

	The underground river mentioned above is Yoshimitsu's stage in SC1.
It's pretty cool. You fight on a raft with the moss on the walls of the cave
glowing in the background.

	In real life, Yoshimitsu was a Shogun in Japanese history. He became
one at eleven years old! There was also a different Yoshimitsu, who was a
swordsmith. His full name was Yamashiro Wataguchi Yoshimitsu. Thanks

	Yoshimitsu is very strange, a bit crazy, and speaks in a fake English
accent. Not unlike Madonna. I had to. It's not that funny, but it is to me.

	In Soul Calibur IV, Yoshimitsu uses two swords, as opposed to the one 
he used before. No reason is given why, but this may have something to do with 
the Tekken version of Yoshimitsu. The two Yoshimitsu's have a similar problem, 
that their swords are full of evil. Tekken Yoshimitsu has adopted a second 
sword to help seal the power of his original sword. Perhaps Soul Calibur 
Yoshimitsu is doing the same thing.


Full Name: Hong Yunsung
Nicknames: None
Weapon: Chinese Sword
Weapon Name: White Storm
Fighting Style: Seung Style Long Sword + Natural Footwork
Age: 18
Birth Date: April 16
Family: Father - Died from illness
        Mother - Whereabouts unknown
        Master - Seung Han Myong
Birthplace: Chili-San, Lee Dynasty Korea
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 159 lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown - The red fire of a thousand suns
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: O
Random Quote: I don't care how many people you've got
Destined Battle: Talim, Mitsurugi
Joke Weapon: Child's Sword

White Storm

	A treasure of the Seung family, (Yes, Seung Mina) it is said to show
the reflection of one's heart in the blade. It was leant to Yunsung by Seung

Soul Calibur 2

	Yunsung was well-known in the dojo for his swordsmanship, even by his
seniors. Hwang Sung Kyung, whom Yunsung had idolized as a child, was no
longer his hero, but a goal to surpass. Yunsung wished to challenge Hwang to
a duel.

	One day, news reached the Seung Dojo that Hwang was returning from
his long journey (See Hwang's bio). Yunsung saw his opportunity to force
Hwang to acknowledge his fighting skills. He may even prove to be actually
stronger than Hwang!

	Hwang, however, did not take Yunsung's challenge, for he had other
priorities such as rejoining the military to help defend his country from
the impending invasion by Japan.

	Seung Mina, the master's daughter, saw the brooding young man and
handed him a single-handed sword. The weapon she handed to Yunsung was a
Seung family heirloom. According to legend, it possessed the ability to
reflect the deepest thoughts of those who held the blade.

	That night, Yunsung studied the image of himself in the sword and
reflected. He eventually understood the foolishness of challenging someone
for personal reasons when the country was in such peril. But what could
Yunsung do to make Hwang acknowledge him? He then realized that if he could
obtain the Sword of Salvation that Hwang had failed to find, Hwang would be
forced to recognize Yunsung's talents and respect him. A challenge against
Hwang would have to wait.

	Once Yunsung made his decision, he could not stay put for long. He
immediately packed his belongings and left the dojo.


	Yunsung thinks that he'll use Soul Edge to protect his country, but
then he changes his mind. He goes home and relies on his self confidence.

Soul Calibur 3

	While searching for the Sword of Salvation, Yunsung heard rumours
that it was, in fact, a cursed sword. Mixed emotions ran through him. During his
travels, he heard that a city had been destroyed in a conflict with Soul Edge.
He also heard that a group of orphans were said to be living together outside
the city. Visiting where the children lived, they greeted him cheerily. All
except for one. He found a girl named Talim and a boy sick in bed. Both of
whom seemed to know of Soul Edge. He took up residence there in order to
gather information.

	Talim looked at him sternly and warned him about Soul Edge Yunsung was
taken aback, but quickly recovered his spirits. The sick boy, the childrens
leader, gave a brief, startled look upon hearing the name "Soul Edge." Yunsung
waited in the village for an opportunity to question the boy. While the children
grew fond of Yunsung, the boy avoided him. Talim devoted herself to treating the
boy, but the results were not promising. Seeing the look of sorrow that appeared
on her face, Yunsung felt that he had to do something, too. He spoke to her
every chance he got, and the disheartened Talim recovered a little of her

	Seeing the boy's condition worsen, Talim decided to try a more drastic
treatment. She said that she was willing to accept the risk, but the boy
refused. "It hurts too much.... My body, and the burden I'm placing on all of
you. I just want it to end." The boy vented his anguish. Yunsung stopped the
boy from arguing with Talim, and the other children stepped forward to
convince him. Once they were alone together, the boy looked sadly at Yunsung,
and began to tell the story of his past. Yunsung listened silently.

	The boy's father was a noble, who had obtained a fragment of Soul Edge.
In an effort to draw out the power hidden within the shard, he had performed
experiments on his own son. Sensing the danger, the neighbouring countries
attacked. The lord went lost his mind and began killing without predjudice.
He, himself, was killed, and everything ended. The boy explained that the
other children were also going to be used in experiments. He was able to save

	Yunsung stood up and drew his blade. He explained that the sword
supposedly reflected what was in a person's heart. "What do you see? The figure
of a demon filled with a twisted power? Somehow, I don't think so. Don't give
up before the end. You made the right decision."

	The boy was silent for a while, before quietly saying, "Thank you."
After the long ritual, the boy recovered. Talim seemed puzzled, and one day
suddenly left on a journey. Yunsung, still wanting to ask her things, bid his
farewells. The boy said to him "I'll tell you everything I know about that
evil sword. But I want you to promise me that you'll make sure with your own
eyes that hte sword is really what you think you seek. I trust you." Yunsung
nodded at the boy's words. Yunsung knew that a knight in azure armour was
said to be the wielder of Soul Edge, and he was ravaging the lands to the
west. When Yunsung reached the end of his journey, his true strength would
be tested. Knowing this, he set his eyes on the path before him.


	Yunsung touched the sword. He is shocked or something, and is knocked
back. He moves forward....

Bad Ending

He grabs his own blade, and looks into it, seeing his own eyes glowing white
(only in the reflection. It can show what's in someone's heart, remember?).
"This is what I look like?" He destroys Soul Edge. Scene shifts to him walking
across a nice little bridge. He comments on the fact that what he was looking
for isn't there. Then he says that no, he was just in denial. What he wanted,
doesn't exist. But, even without the sword, he's going to become stronger.

Good Ending

	He sees... food or something on the ground. He reaches for it, then,
from out of nowhere, Seung Mina smacks him from behind and knocks him out.
The scene shifts to the two of them walking home. Once more, he's the pack
mule. Mina says that the sword is evil. That he'll never be able to obtain
true power with it. He knows, and asks for help with the crap he's carrying.
She refuses, claiming to be teaching him a lesson. "Come on! Come on! Walk
faster!" Silly music plays and the screen fades.

Soul Calibur 4

	Yun-Seong was traveling with Talim, a girl he had met in Asia Minor.
When they saw a temple in Egypt that had been demolished, he knew the power of
Soul Edge was real. When he crossed paths with his kinswoman Mi-Na, however,
she was of a different opinion. "Soul Edge is an evil pwoer that brings only
disaster. There's no way that thing will save our country!" It was just a
matter of time before she would drag him back home with her, and so he slipped
away once Mi-Na nad Talim were asleep.

	Yun-Seong headed west, and soon neared Ostrheinsburg, the stronghold
of the Azure Knight. There he sought out the solitary warrior who had gone
into the ruined castle and managed to return alive. Increadibly, the warrior
turned out the be Hwang, a swordsman whom he had idolized growing up. Unable
to mask his surprise, Yun-Seong listened to Hwang's story.

	Hwang had been tasked three imes with finding Soul Edge, and tried to
destroy it. Now even Hwang, who Yun-Seong respected more han any other man,
believed the sword was evil. The knowledge shook Yun-Seong to the core, but
his own opinion would not be swayed. When Hwang saw that Yun-Seong remained as
determined as ever, he said, "Go, and find your own answer."

	With courage and conviction he had never before known, Yun-Seong
turned toward Ostrheinsburg. He would have faith in his own strength and seek
his destiny!


	Yun-Seong holds Soul Edge over his head and it starts to glow. He
hears Mi-Na's voice acting why he fights. In order to win? Or for justice? He
replies "No! I'm just trying to protect my homeland and the people that I
love!" "Then what are you doing?" He looks down to see that he has his hand
around Mi-Na's throat. She collapses and he says "No! What have I done!" The
scene changes and she's riding on his back, alive and well. She had just
passed out.

	He acquired something more important than power. He will now return
home, older than he was.

Random Facts

	Ok, so his name is Yun-seong now. I know that. I just don't feel like
changing every occurrence of his name in the guide. That's all.

	When Yunsung fights Seung Mina, he says, "No! No! Let young people
handle it!" I really don't thing that 23 is quite over the hill...

	Yunsung, like Hwang, was personally taught by Seung Han Myong.

	Yunsung was perfectly aware that Soul Edge was evil, but he didn't
care. As long as he could use it to protect his country.

	A few of Yunsung's weapons are from Soul Blade, and are used by Hwang.
Blue Storm is Hwang's default weapon. Han Guang is there as well, except it
is called the Phantom. (The Phantom was ridiculously long, and could often
hit people from opposite ends of the stage.)

	In the ending credits in Weapons Master mode, Yunsung is spelled
Yun Sung. With a space. I think this is a mistake. It's the only place I've
seen it spelled that way.

	If you're wondering why Talim and Yunsung are each other's destined
battles, it's because they both arrived at the same place, Capital
Ayutthaya, at almost the same time. Yunsung passed through there a few days
before Talim did. When Talim got there, it was the first time that she
learned that other people, like everybody's favourite patriot, were looking
for the evil sword. This troubled her, as she doesn't want anybody to be
hurt by it.

	Yunsung has many effective kicks. That's probably the one thing that
separates him, gameplay-wise, from Hwang.


Full Name: Zasalamel
Weapon: Death Scythe
Weapon Name: Kafziel
Fighting Style: Original Style
Age: Unable to determine, due to his ability to reincarnate
Birth Date: Of his current incarnation: May 5th
Family: Long Since Deceased
Birthplace: Unknown (Probably Babylon)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Left - Yellow
            Right - Blue
Blood Type: B
Random Quote: Hopefully you'll manage to walk away from this.
Destined Battle: Tira
Joke Weapon: Beak

Soul Calibur 3

	The man originally belonged to a tribe that protected the holy sword.
It was forbidden to use the sword's power. Zasalamel, however, did not
believe in this edict. He believed that if a crisis were to occur, why
should the tribe have to entrust it's lives to those weaker than themselves?
In an act of rebellion, he planned to take the blade for himself, but the
tribe, discovering his plans, banned him from the tribe, crushing his arm as

	Zasalamel, through much study of arts that were thought to be lost,
discovered the art of reincarnation. He had become an immortal being that
could cross the ages.

	However, every time he died, he was in immense pain and sorrow. It
was if his soul was sinking into hell every time. In exchange for eternal
life, he had lost the ability to have a peaceful death. At first, he didn't
mind so much. He thought that the joy of living was worth it. But, he
eventually came to realize that he was losing his love of life. Anything he
wanted to accomplish, he could. His enthusiasm was gone, and he could not
escape this endless cycle of reincarnation.

	During one of his lifetimes, he came into possession of Soul Edge. He
hoped to use it to cut his ties from this world. However, he became a slave
to it, and he held onto it until the last of his life had left him. Still, he
was reborn. He hoped that he could use a sword with even greater power, Soul
Calibur, to take his life. However, when he returned to place of his birth,
there was nothing there. The tribe was gone, along with any trace of Soul

	Eventually, he tracked down the evil sword and the pure sword at the
same time. They were together. This would be his perfect chance to obtain both
at the same time! Soul edge had been damaged, however, and it had a seal on it.
Soul Calibur had also lost much of it's power, after being infected by evil.
After Siegfried separated himself from Nightmare, Zasalamel helped Nightmare
continue to exist in an attempt to restore the strength of the swords. To do
so, he would have to create torment in the mind of Siegfried, who had both
He sought out those who had lost everything to Nightmare's reign, and pointed
towards Siegfried. If he were to shatter Siegfried's will, it would be enough to
restore the power of the swords. This Zasalamel learned from the legends of his

	Zasalamel decided it was time to move. When the two swords were locked in
conflict, he had to be there. Would he be able to use the ultimate power to
his final death?


	Zasalamel is standing in the middle of what I can only assume to be
Chaos, as Soul Calibur and Soul Edge circle around him and blast him with

Bad Ending

	It dissipates and he's still there. He laughs crazily. He say's that
he has no choice, and must "continue this meaningless existence."

Good Ending

	He glows for a second. It shows a library filled with books.
Zasalamel's curse has been broken. The books are the chronicles of his many
lives. That is how he decided to spend the rest of his remaining life, writing.
Now, all he has to do is wait to die.

Soul Calibur 4

	This is it, he thought. This power will put an end to my cursed life
once and for all!

	Zasalamel felt certain of it as he stood before the opposing swords'
rushes of power. At last, he would be able to escape this endless cursed cycle
of reincarnation. But just then, a wonderous vision appeared before him;
towering structures that seemed to reach as high as heaven itself and steel
boats that flew freely through the skies. The birth of a plan for leaving
Earth and striking moonward, then the achievement of that goal. And the
creation of new life, the province of the gods themselves! He was witnessing
the futurel the sum of all human potential.

	To Zasalamel, it was a revelation. For the first time in ages, the
will to live swelled inside him. He had to be there when that vision became a
reality! He had to see it happen!

	After returning to the real world, Zasalamel noticed the auras of the
spirit sword and cursed sword were at a dreadful pitch. "Perfect," he thought.
His close encounter with the two swords' natures meant that surely next time,
he would be able to bend Soul Calibur and Soul Edge to his will. Yet someone
stood between him and that goal; a man of tremendous strength and will who had
slept deep within the spirit sword, and was now awakened. The Hero King. To
think that this legendary figure actually existed....

	"Fascinating," thought Zasalamel. Such an mighty being was a worthy
foe to stand between him and his ambition. If the path he walked stretched to
the ends of eternity, then he would build his life to come atop this Hero
King's broken remains.


	Algol is defeated and Zasalamel absorbs the power of both swords. The
scene changes to Zasalamel wearing a suit, talking about the grandeur of
nature. He's overlooking a modern day city, talking about the flow of time.
His assistant tells him it's time for his flight. He says it's been four
hundred years, but still he'll continue to watch. His assistant asks him what
he's looking at, and he says the past, or the future.

	He will live on forever as a guide for mankind, encouraging progress.

Random Facts

	Some of the names of his moves (Gilgamesh, Enkidu) are Babylonian, as
is his weapon name. Ikralla is the Babylonian goddess of the Underworld.

5.00 - Guest and Bonus Characters

	When I started this guide five years ago (gleep!) there were only
three guest characters and one bonus character. Now the total has grown to
over twenty. Instead of leaving them in amongst the normal characters, I
thought they should get their own section. So here we go! Many of them don't
have profiles yet, though. I'll be adding them later. Still, enjoy what's

Angol Fear

Full Name: Angol Fear
Weapon: Planet
Weapon Name: Lucifer's Spear Black
Fighting Style: 
Age: 14,800
Birth Date: Beyond reckoning on the Earth's calendar
Family: Psycho-familial unit (Her kind is not communal by nature)
Birthplace: Core of the Macrocosm
Height: 5'10" (Variable)
Weight: 1.44 tons (Variable, adaptation to earth incomplete)
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Gray
Blood Type: None
Random Quote: 
Destined Battle: 
Joke Weapon:

Lucifer's Spear Black

	If this is actually a spear, Angol Fear uses it wrong. It has a giant 
steel ball on the end that she actually uses to whack people with. The bottom 
seems sharper, but it rarely makes contact with her foes. Angol Fear uses all 
of Seong Mi-Na's moves.

Soul Calibur 4

	Once there was a man who, despondent over life and the world, 
entreated the distant heavens to curse all existence at the moment of his 

	While alive, the man had distinguished himself as a prophet. By 
acheiving a momentary connection to the cast annals of history that slept in 
the abyss of the cosmos, he was able to learn about events from the past and 
future in great detail. But, in as deep a despair as he was, the man used his 
supernatural link in an attempt to send his regrets into the core of the 
universe. Until, at last, he made a pact with the Will of the Cosmos; destroy 
the degenerate planet Earth.

	Without giving the matter any further thought, the Will of the Cosmos 
made it's decision. The world would be destroyed, after a five hundred-year 
grace period. During that time, the Earth's doomed inhabitants could try to 
change their wicked ways.

	However, no sooner had the man died, than the Earth received a 
visitor. And while she ws a marshal in direct service of the Will of the 
Cosmos, entrusted with the power to punish on it's behalf, she had not, 
strictly speaking, been tasked with the Earth's destruction. Instead, she 
descended upon earth to investigate. Five hundred years from now, when the one 
tasked to destroy the planet arrived, would he or she find Earth, this land 
where swords, spirit, and cursed waged endless battle, worthy?

	And depending on what she found, there might be no need to wait for 
the appointed executioner to arrive. The day she judged Earth unworthy, why, 
that would be the day of judgement.


	The people who seek Soul Edge are pathetic and couldn't control that 
much power. However, most people on earth live in peace, so there's no need to 
destroy the planet now. Unless, of course, the planet destroys itself....

Random Facts

	Angol Fear looks nearly identical to Angol Mois, a character from the 
manga series Sgt. Frog. The manga is by Mine Yoshizak, who also designed Angol 

The Apprentice

Full Name: Galen Marek
Nicknames: Apprentice, Starkiller
Weapon: Lightsaber
Weapon Name: Unknown
Fighting Style: Self-Taught
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Father - Kento Marek (Killed by Darth Vader)
	Mother - Unnamed (Deceased)
	Master - Darth Vader
Birthplace: Planet Kashyyyk
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 178
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: Unknown
Random Quote: I don't care about your situation.
Destined Battle: 
Joke Weapon:


	Just a lightsaber. The Sith make their own using synthetic crystals,
so that's why they're red.

Soul Calibur 4

	A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

	He was raised in secret as the apprentice of Darth Vader, Dark Lord of
the Sith. His father was a Jedi Knight, so the Apprentice possessed
immeasurable potential. Darth Vader saw his natural aptitude and raised him as
his apprentice. The harsh training promoted fear and hatred. He becamse the
Dark Lrod's shadow, performing secret missions at his behest.

	Upon completion of another mission, the Apprentice was given a new
order. A gate to another dimension was about to open in space. He was ordered
to act as a vanguard and identify the wave of power that was causing the

	Upon reaching the area of space in question and confirming the
dimensional tear, the Apprentice waited to see if it would become a stable
passageway. The wave of power grew stronger right before his eyes, and the
distortion widened until it became a clearly distinguishable hole in space.

	When the dimensional portal opened, the Apprentice entered without
hesitatation. There, in that other galaxy, he encoutners two swords that
possess opposing powers.


	A creepy hand thing shoots out of Algol's chest and grabs The
Apprentice, who destroys it with a wave of Force energy. He then whacks him
with his lightsaber a few times and knocks him to his death. He sees a shard
of the hand on the ground. In the Xbox 360 version, it ends there, but in the 
PS3 version....

	He returns to Vader who asks him why he didn't bring the swords back.
The Apprentice says that he deemed them to be of no value. Vader chokes him
and says that he'll determine that. The Apprentice reaches for his lightsaber.
Vader says "You dare to defy me?" and lets him go. "Then I shall grand your
wish." He draws his lightsaber and they stand ready to fight as the screen
fades to black.

	How he lived and where he traveled from there will be a story for
another day.

Random Facts

	The Apprentice holds his lightsaber backwards.

	The Apprentice is a guest character and probalby not canon.

	The Apprentice is from the upcoming The Force Unleashed video
game/comic book/toaster oven line

	Would a Donald Trump refernce be too dated?

	Luke Skywalker's name in early drafts of the Star Wars script was 
"Annikin Starkiller." The Apprentice is meant to be an example of what might 
have become of Luke if he had gone to the dark side of the force.


Full Name: Ashlotte Maedel 
Nicknames: Iron Maiden
Weapon: Ax
Weapon Name: Kmielk 
Fighting Style: 
Age: Recently created
Birth Date: March 9
Family: Created by two priests of Fygul Cestemus
Birthplace: Unknown (ruins of a nameless, hidden temple of Fygul Cestemus)
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 493 lbs.
Hair Colour: Grey
Eye Colour: Yellow
Blood Type: Sacred oil blessed by incantation
Random Quote: This will be a test
Destined Battle: 
Joke Weapon:


	Kmielk was given to Ashlotte by Fygul Cestemus as a tool to hunt and 
kill Astaroth. It's not known if it has any special attributes.

Soul Calibur 4

	The heathens had been pushed by Astaroth to the brink of annihilation, 
and the cult's survivors did their best amidst the confusion to preserve their 
lives. Thus it was that two priests who survived the struggle came up with 
this plan; Astaroth, who had brought this great misfortune upon them, must be 
put down. Since attemtps to control the golem, created based on a human being, 
had ended in failure, then what they needed was a soldier devoid of a soul!

	After many months, she (or technically "it" since the creaton was not 
strictly alive) was complete. An artistic mass of gears and shafts locked 
together in an intricate and arcane configuration, what the world would come 
to call a "machine", made this executioner doll tock, while features of 
unparalleled grace masked the inorganing components within. However, though 
she appeared to talk and act just like a real himan, they had stripped her of 
he neeless murmurs of emotion, and fixated her on the soul purpose of 
eradicating the traitor. The heathens had put their all into this 
"Iron Maiden," pushing their technology to the limit to create a true 

	Ashlotte emerged beneath the light of the sunm sending remors through 
the hall-collapsed underground shrine crumbling into ruin. But not even the 
resulting roar fazed her. She simply set off across the desert to complete her 
appointed taskl disappearing, at last, into the horizon.


	Ashlotte kills Astaroth and drags his body back to her masters as 
proof. She then goes to sleep (though that probably just means she's 
deactivated, being a robot and all) and dreams of the time when she'll be 
awakened with new orders.

Random Facts

	Ashlotte was created by manga artist Ito Ogure.

	Ashlotte uses Astaroth's moveset.



Darth Vader

Full Name: Anakin Skywalker
Nicknames: Dark Lord of the Sith
Weapon: Lightsaber
Weapon Name: Unknown
Fighting Style: Djem So
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Master - Emperor Palpatine
	Son - Luke Skywalker
	Daughter - Leia Organa
	Apprentice - Galen Marek
Birthplace: Planet Tatooine
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 300 lbs.
Hair Colour: Unknown
Eye Colour: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown (Midi-chlorian Count: 20,000+)
Random Quote: "Luke. I am your father."
Destined Battle: 
Joke Weapon:


	There's not a lot to say about Darth Vader's lightsaber. Lightsabers
are the standard weapon of the Jedi. The Sith make their own using synthetic
crystals, which is why they're red.

Soul Calibur IV

	A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

	During a battle between the Galactic Empire and the Revel Alliance,
Darth Vader, Dark Lord and right-hand of the Emperor Palpatine, sensed a faint
ripple of power. It was a very small sensation, but he did not dismiss it, and
began an investigation in secret. The ripple came fro ma distruvance that
sporadically appeared in one specific region of space.

	As time passed, the frequency of the disturbance, as well as the
strength of its effect, increased. It soon became a constant distortion and
others began to realize that something strange was happening in the universe
as well. However, because Darth Vader had been observing the pgenomenon from
the start, he already knew the cause of the distortion.

	A being from a different dimension was attempting to open a portal
into their universe.

	Various data indicated that a massive power lay at the core of the
disturbance. Could this unknown power be utilized? With that possibility in
mind, Darth Vader arranged for the securing of the area of space where the
distortion existed and received a report that a dimensional portal had opened.

	After waiting for conditions to stablize, Darth Vader proceeded
forward into another galaxy. He searched for the origins of the wave of power
and arrived at a planet.

	The planet was in considerable turmoil, the cause of which was two
swords, two forces with opposite natures. The conflicting nature of the
dissonant forces resonated off one another and created massive waves of power.
But swords were not their true form. They were beings that best could be
described as convergent energy forms.

	Darth Vader had not a doubt in his mind. He would be able to wield
these forces - Soul Calibur and Soul Edge - as he wished. Once that were in
his hands, these two contrasting swords would enable him to rule the galaxy.


	Vader uses the force to crush Algol, leaving the two swords behind. He
takes them both (with more force) and says "I shall release your power now!"
and laughs. Then he walks away and the screen fades to black.

	The power that had been found in the far reaches of space brought fear
of the empire to a whole new level.

Random Facts

	Vader's force choke throw is generally only used by the Sith, since 
the Jedi don't kill. However, in New Jedi Order, Luke Skywalker does use it. 
However, he doesn't kill anyone with it. He subscribes to the Potentium system 
of beliefs that the Force is neither good nor evil, just the intentions of the 
people who use it.

	Darth Vader is, for now, exclusive to the PS3 version of Soul Calibur
IV. He is not in the Xbox 260 version yet, but rumour has it that he'll be
available as DLC for that console in the not-too-distant future.

	Vader is a guest character, and as such he probably isn't canon.

	Vader's throw where he lifts his opponent above his head and throws
them down may seem boring, but it's actually a reference to Return of the
Jedi, when he throws the emperor to his death. He also has a throw where he
uses that Jedi choke hold thing on his opponent for maximum awesome.

	It may be obvious by now that I'm no expert when it comes to Star
Wars. If anyone would like to send me any relevant information, please feel
free to do so. Please keep in mind that it should be relevant to the events in
Soul Calibur, profile information, or more information on any weapons used.



Full Name: Heihachi Mishima
Nicknames: None
Weapon: His Body
Weapon Name: Umm... Heihachi Mishima?
Fighting Style: Mishima Style Karate
Age: 75
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Pet Bear - Kuma (The first Kuma was in the first two Tekken games and 
	it's son was in the rest)
        Son - Kazuya Mishima (dead, but "allowed to walk again" or something.)
        Foster Son - Lee Chaolan
        Grandson - Jin Kazama
        Others - Unknown
Birthplace: Claims to be Japanese
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Hair Colour: Gray
Eye Colour: Brown (?)
Blood Type: B
Random Quote: I'd love to show this to that idiot son of mine
Destined Battle: Raphael
Hair Stylist: The Flash


	Heihachi uses his fists, which puts him at a disadvantage in a
weapons based fighting game. What he lacks in reach, though, he makes up for
in brute strength. And some really big combos.

Soul Calibur 2

	 After completing his mountain training with Kuma, Heihachi stopped
by at a hot springs resort to recuperate. There he encountered an ancient
metallic fragment. According to old picture scrolls, this shard was a piece
of Soul Edge, a notorious sword from medieval Europe. Heihachi grabbed the
fragment in excitement and accidentally cut his fingertip.

	After a moment of dizziness passed, Heihachi looked around at his
surroundings. A feeling of uneasiness washed over him. He was no longer at
the resort he had been at just a few moments ago. Heihachi was stunned, but
nevertheless remained collected.

	After he wandered around for a while, he came to the conclusion that
he was no longer in modern-day Japan. He had somehow traveled back to
ancient times. Apparently, he was in the latter half of the 16th century.

	Regardless of the situation, Heihachi had to find a way to return to
his time.

	There was a part of him, however, that was trembling with
anticipation of what was about to transpire. He knew the history behind the
fragment, which was ripe with battles between warriors fighting for its
possession. Now, he was right in the midst of it all.

	What better way to test his strength than a warring era ruled by
power? A fighter could not ask for a better challenge!


	Heihachi wants to fight, so he throws himself into Chaos and fights
a bunch of demons. Then, for no real reason, he wakes up back in his own

Random Facts

	Heihachi is exclusive to the Play Station 2 version of Soul Calibur 2.

	When I was 8, and in creative writing class, whenever I managed to
get the right number of words down in a story, I would end off with "And
*so-and-so* woke up. It was all a dream!" Then put "The End," or "Fin," or
whatever. I really think they could have put more effort into this. It seems
that the endings for all 3 exclusive characters are pretty bad, though...

	All of Heihachis "weapons" are armguards.

	Heihachis best weapon (named Tekken, after Heihachis fighting game
series) is also a weapon used by Savyna, from the Namco RPG, Baten Kaitos:
Eternal Wings And The Lost Ocean.

	If you're interested in what happens in Heihachis Destined Battle
scene, I read that Heihachi and Raphael are standing in the middle of the
room, back to back, when Raphael turns and attacks with his sword. Heihachi
blocks it without even turning around. Raphael say's "If you're eager to die,
that's fine by me." Heihachi replies "You may be a worthy opponent!" and the
fight starts. When he's about to fight Inferno, he says "You think you can
beat me? That's mildly amusing."

	When he beats Raphael, he says "That's it? That was boring!" And when
he beats Inferno, he says "Even Kuma is stronger than you!"

	All of Heihachis dialogue is translated directly from the Japanese

	Kuma is Heihachis pet bear and training partner. He's playable in at
least one of the Tekken games. He has a strange fart attack that defeat's his
opponent with one "blow." Please forgive my pun.

	Kuma has a son. He appears in a couple of Tekken games.

	Heihachis profile says that he CLAIMS to be Japanese. With a name
like Heihachi, I think he's Dutch. 

	I would be surprised if Heihachi actually counted as a storyline
character in this game.


Johan Durer


Full Name: Kamikirimusi
Weapon: Kanabo
Weapon Name: Denryu Bakuha
Fighting Style: 
Age: Over 600
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: The spirits she once ran wild with have already been purified. Now she 
	is alone.
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Yellow
Blood Type: Unknown
Random Quote: 
Destined Battle: 
Joke Weapon: 

Denryu Bakuha

	Basically a great big club. I can't say I've ever seen someone impale 
their foe on a club before, but whatever.

Soul Calibur 4

	Once, during the Heian Period, there was an oni girl whose reckless 
destruction of the capital caused her to be magically restrained by an onmyodo 
practitioner. The way she saw it, she was simply following the instincts she 
was born with. Why did humans have to be so terribly narrow-minded? Still, 
having been given a thorough tongue lashing, Kamikirimusi decided to be good 
and submit to her restraints.

	One day, she realized she had control of her body again. The 
restraints were gone! Merily, her friends swarmed out of the pit that had been 
their place of confinement. But wait, she thought. Our captor told us we must s
tay longer! Kamikirimusi felt torn at first, but honest by nature as she was, 
she decided to keep her promise and wait quietly in the pit for the appointed 
time to come.

	Six hundred years passed. Japan had now entered a period of civil war, 
and nearly all the supernatural power once feared in the capital was gone. 
Kamikirimusi's friends were nowhere to be found; they had all either been 
vanquished or faded away after their release. But either way, she was finally 
free. s she took her first steps, something reached her ears; some power 
beyond that of any human. Yes, this power was supernaturall clower in nature 
to one of her kind. A great power that could set the world trembling.

	Drawn to it, she took another step. Then another. New friends were 
waiting, she could feel it.


	Kamikirimusi feels that Soul Edge is similar to her because it's 
powerful and feared by humans. She holds out her hand to Algol, who accepts it.
Kamikirimusi has found the family she had been searching for.

Random Facts

	Kamikirimusi is a bonus character designed by Hirokazu Hisayuki.


Full Name: Link
Nicknames: Hero of Time, Hero of Winds, Destined Child (There's too many to
Weapon: Sword and Shield
Weapon Name: Master Sword and Hylian Shield
Fighting Style: Self Taught (For the most part)
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Mother - Deceased
        Uncle - Name not given
        Sister - Aryll
        Grandmother - Name not given
        Damsel in distress - Princess Zelda
	Boat - King Of Red Lions
Birthplace: Hyrule
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Blood Type: Unknown
Random Quote: I will make sweet, sweet love to Zelda on the mattress of time
Destined Battle: Raphael
Joke Weapon: Bug-Catching Net

Master Sword and Hylian Shield

	The Master Sword is a sacred relic of Hyrule. It has been found in
various places, The Lost Woods, The Temple of Time, Hyrule Castle... One
thing remains constant, however. It is always used by a hero named Link.

	Umm... the Hylian Shield can be found in Hyrule Castle Market. It's
not very special...

Soul Calibur 2

	Once upon a time, Hyrule's tranquility was shattered by the arrival
of several disasters. The calamities brought dark, ominous clouds which shut
out the sun. Surprisingly, it came to light that a magician was to blame for
the disasters.

	Just as the people were about to lose all hope, the sun miraculously
returned. Link, who was summoned by Zelda to find the cause of the disasters,
successfully defeated the magician. The people of Hyrule rejoiced in the
belief that eternal peace would rule.

	Unfortunately, this was not to be.

	It became clear that the magician responsible for the disasters was
in fact controlled by an evil sword called Soul Edge, which existed in an
another world.

	Furthermore, the fragments of the Soul Edge were gathering in this
other world.

	Knowing that the resurrection of the evil blade must be prevented at
all costs, link chose to travel to the other world and destroy Soul Edge.

	Link gathered his trusted Master Sword, Hylian shield, and Ocarina,
and set off on a secret journey.


	Link destroys Soul Edge and returns to Hyrule.

Random Facts

	Link is only in the Gamecube version of Soul Calibur 2.

	I'm not sure which Link this is. (There have been many, for various
games) The only Link that has been an adult is the Link in Ocarina of Time.
(Unless you count the Smash Brothers games) Don't argue. Shigeru Miyamoto
(Zelda's creator) says so. This is probably a new Link created for this game.

	Link's Destined Battle scene is probably my favourite. If you haven't

seen it, it starts off with Link jumping from pillar to pillar across the pit
in Ostrheinsburg chapel. He make's his way across to where Raphael is
standing back on. Link reaches his hand out to Raphael's shoulder to get his
attention when he attacks. Link dodges with a neat little one-handed back
flip and does this weird little Kung-Fu hand-waving thing to dodge Raphael's
attacks. Raphael says "Watch quietly, and learn," and Link draws his sword
and shield and the fight begins. The only scene that can compete with that
is the one where Maxi smashes through the window and beats the crap out of

	A European magazine claimed that the Gamecube version of Soul Calibur
2 would not only have this Link, but also Ganondorf, and Cel Shaded Link

(from Wind Waker). This is not true. It was an April Fools hoax. Not as good
as the Electronic Gaming Monthly hoaxes, but it still managed to fool a lot
of people.

	Link has brought quite a few things from previous Zelda games to the
Soul Calibur world. The most notable being his moves. Most of his moves are
from previous Zelda games. The one that will be recognized the most easily
is the "Spin Attack". Also, all four of Link's costumes (Green, Red, Blue,
and Purple clothes) have been worn by Link in the past. His weapons are all
old standards (Biggoron's Sword, Megaton Hammer etc.) besides Soul Edge,
obviously. He even samples his old soundtracks a little. The classic Zelda
theme plays during his destined battle and at his profile screen, and when
he wins a match, the "Got Item" music plays.

	When I listed his family, I listed all of the family I could think of
from the Zelda games. They probably don't exist in the main storyline. Hell,
I'd be surprised if Link himself existed in the storyline.





Full Name: Necrid (Real name unknown)
Nicknames: None
Weapon: Enigma
Weapon Name: Maleficus
Fighting Style: Self-taught
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Does not remember (Actual parents long deceased)
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 238 lbs.
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Red (glowing)
Blood Type: Changed by the Void
Random Quote: I wish I could have a love child with Spawn...
Destined Battle: Talim
Joke Weapon: Etheral Edge


	Maleficus is a piece of the Void that Necrid managed to break off and
bring back to this world with him. It has the ability to change shape at
Necrid's will. It is the only thing other than the pieces of Soul Edge that
calms Necrid. It is a physical manifestation of the same energy found in
Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur 2

	He was a warrior that managed to reach Soul Edge. The energy of the
evil blade, however, poisoned his body and mind, and he became something
other than human.

	The warrior, now a bloodthirsty abomination, sought the one thing
that gave him relief to his constant pain - the fragments of Soul Edge. His
only thought was to collect every piece he could find.


	Necrid finds and defeats Soul Edge, and then goes back into the void
with it.

Random Facts

	Necrid, as you probably know, is based on character art by Todd
McFarlane. For my thoughts on McFarlane, see Spawn's bio.

	Pretty much all of Necrid's moves are ripped off from Ivy, Cervantes
or Voldo. That bum.

	Does Necrid exist in the storyline? It doesn't look like it. Considering
he's one of only a handful of characters not to make an appearance in SC III and
probably SC IV, he's probably not coming back, he probably never really existed
the Soul Calibur canon. And good riddance!

	Here's a little algebra problem for you. (speed) + (power) = (cheap),
(cheap) x3 = (Necrid). That's what we get for letting Todd McFarlane near a
quality fighting game. Hey, I know that he had nothing to do with Necrid's
stats, but he's fun to blame. "Global warming is your fault, McFarlane."
"Stop making car bombs, McFarlane." "I know you ran over my cat, Todd."



Full Name: Spawn (Al Simmons)
Nicknames: None
Weapon: Cape that transforms into an ax. Oh, please...
Weapon Name: Agony (Who'da thunk?)
Fighting Style: None
Age: 31
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Wife - Wanda
        Blood Relatives - No contact since becoming Spawn
Birthplace: Detroit Michigan
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Over 400 lbs.
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Red (glowing)
Blood Type: Necroplasm
Random Quote: Not tonight, Malebolgia. My bum is still sore from last night
Destined Battle: Raphael
Joke Weapon: Sorrow


	Spawn's cape turns into an ax. Guh.

Soul Calibur 2


	Upon his death, Lieutenant Al Simmons made a pact with the devil in
order to return to the world of the living. But the resurrection of the dark
lord Malebolgia bequeathed something that was far different from anything Al
Simmons envisioned. His body, memories of the past, and even time were taken
from him. His fate was to exist as a Hell spawn.

	He was then sent to the 16th Century on a mission to bring back Soul
Edge. Spawn had to obey his master, for it was his only chance of returning
to his time.


	Spawn gets Soul Edge, but he lets go of it and leaves it in the void.
Just to piss his master off, I guess.

Random Facts

	In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not a big Spawn fan.

	Interested in what Spawn's destined battle scene is like? Why? Well,
here goes. I haven't seen it, and I don't know what they are doing, but
Spawn says "You know about Soul Edge?" and Raphael goes "Phantom! What do
you want of me?" to which Spawn replies "You! Answer me!" If Spawn wins, he
says "Now, let's find out what you know!"

	Spawn's got a foul mouth compared to the other characters. When he's
about to fight Inferno, he says "So this is Soul Edge. Looks like somethin'
that bastard wants." Also, he often enters a match with some comment about
how his opponent is "pissing him off."

	Spawn is probably irrelevant to the storyline, since he's one of the
system exclusive characters.

	Oh yeah. Spawn is exclusive to the Xbox version of Soul Calibur 2.


Full Name: Scheherazade
Weapon: Rapier
Weapon Name: Alf Layla Wa Layla
Fighting Style: 
Age: Unknown (She's old for a human but young for her own race)
Birth Date: 12th day under he Chanting Moon (whatever the hell THAT means)
Family: The stubborn elders in the woods
Birthplace: Reclusive Village
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 93 lbs
Hair Colour: Platinum blond
Eye Colour: Purple
Blood Type: Unknown
Random Quote: Shut up!
Destined Battle: 
Joke Weapon: 

Alf Layla Wa Layla

	Alf Layla Wa Layla is the Arabic name of One Thousand and One Nights, 
the famous collection of stories told by the original Sheherazade, a legendary 
Persian queen.

Soul Calibur 4

	Once there was a war between the two swords that shook the world. To 
Scheherazade, storyteller of her people, this tale was of great interest. So 
she stipped past the watchful eyes of the elders who had concealed themselves 
in the woods' deepest depths so long ago and went off into the outside world. 
And though she found herself tangled up in countless troubles, she still 
managed to sate her vast curiosity; only to be taken back to the woods again 
in the end.

	Had curiosity been Scheherazade's only crime, her transgressions might 
have been overlooked. However, she had gone too far; forbidden love! Normally, 
the price would have been death, but Scheherazade was instead locked away in 
an arboreal prison. There she spent an eternity thinking of the man she loved, 
a young warrior who would become the founding faher of Wolfkrone. Eventually, 
her time was served, and the elders opened her prison door. But Scheherazade 
showed no signs of remorse. Instead, she ran yet again from the confines of 
the wood, leaving the elders crying woefully in her wake.

	Scheherazade's people lived much, much longer lives than humans. The 
vicissitudes of the outside world were swift as a shallow brook. Surely her 
beloved had departed this life long ago, but he must have left some legacy, 
and she was determined to find what it was for herself. After all, what 
storyteller fails to see her own tale through to the end?


	Sheherazade meets Algol. She remembers her love from long ago, and how 
that story ended. She decides to end the story of the man ressurected by Soul 
Edge then and there. But should the story really end there?

Random Facts

	Scheherazade is a storyteller, though I can't imagine wanting to sit 
through a whole story told by THAT voice.

	Scheherazade uses Amy's moveset.	


Full Name: Shura
Weapon: Samurai Sword x2
Weapon Name: Raijin-Maru and Fujin-Maru
Fighting Style: 
Age: She can't remember
Birth Date: She has forgotten
Family: She is possessed by the vengeful spirit of a demon she once slew and 
	has forgotten her family, if she has any
Birthplace: Suwa, Japan
Height: She has never measured herself
Weight: Or weighed herself, either
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Blood Type: AB
Random Quote: That didn't satisfy me
Destined Battle: 
Joke Weapon: 

Raijin-Maru and Fujin-Maru

	Shura's twin katanas. She also has two wakizashi blade, but she 
doesn't use them.

Soul Calibur 4

	The vengeful spirit whispered over the woman's shoulder. "Take me," it 
said, "to an even stronger body."

	The woman was a mere killer, one who had never truly tasted 
satisfaction. In time, she even began to cut down evil spirits. She had to 
keep things challenging, after all. So she began slaying more and more 
powerful apparitions until she had the misfortune of being possessed by one. 
Such is karma; one must reap what one has sown. But even then, the woman would 
not cease her killing. She continued her fierce way of life, until, and who 
coined this name none can say, the world was calling her "Shura" (Bloodshed).

	The spirit was in search of a powerfuly body so that it might return 
from the dead. As for the woman, she simply sought someone worth killing. 
Together, they andered from one strong warrior to the next even stronger 

	"Heh heh, the day I find the perfect body is the day I tear you to 
pieces, woman."

	"Oh, so you say, but I'm beginning to wonder if anyone out there is 
strong enough to satisfy me."


	Shura defeats Algol and her and the spirit are disappointed by how 
weak he is. After destroying the Soul swords, they realize that they're 
surrounded by monsters that were called by Soul Edge. They both get excited 
about the opportunity to find someone stronger.

Random Facts

	Shura was designed by Hiroya Oku, a guest artist for Soul Calibur IV.



Full Name: Yoda
Weapon: Short Lightsaber
Weapon Name: Unknown
Fighting Style: Ataru, Light Side of the Force
Age: 900
Birth Date: Unknown
Family: Master - N'Kata Del Gormo
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 0.66 meters
Weight: Unknown
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Green
Blood Type: Unknown (Midi-Chlorian count: 20,000)
Random Quote: 
Destined Battle: 
Joke Weapon: 

Short Lightsaber

	Uh, short people need short weapons, I guess. It's green, because Yoda 
is one of the good guys.

Soul Calibur 4

	While living on Dagobah, Yoda senses a disturbance in the force, 
growing more powerful every day. Sensing that Vader might be after this new 
power, he leaves Dagobah to investigate before Vader reaches it first.


	Yoda defeats Algol and uses the force to return his form to the two 
swords. The scene changes to Yoda walking away from the tower. "For now, one 
less worry, there is. But over, it is not. Return, I must." He walks away.

	Yoda took a quiet breath, but this is not the end. The battle against 
the Empire would still continue.

Random Facts

	Hoo boy. I'm going to need your help with this one. I don't have easy 
access to the Xbox 360 version of Soul Calibur IV. I'm looking for a full 
version of Yoda's profile (because I'm assuming there's more to it than what I 
have here) so if anyone has a link to one or wants to type it out (I'd need it 
verbatim). Also, I get the strong feeling that the stats I have here for him 
are incomplete. On a side note, as this really isn't important to the FAQ, 
Darth Vader has an extra video of him fighting Mitsurugi in the PS3 version. 
Does Yoda have an extra video, too?

6.00 - Stages Of History

	Here is a list of the stages from Soul Calibur 1 and 2. The SB stages
are missing because the only place I can find descriptions of them is the
Edge Master Mode transcript section, and they're short and all over the
place. The only two I can think of that are at all interesting are the
Shrine of Confined Demons and Ostrheinsburg Castle, and the Ostrheinsburg
Castle from SC1 is here anyway. If anyone wants to contribute a short
write-up of the story behind any of the SB stages, feel free to. I'll put it
here, and give you credit of course. Variation, by the way, is referring to
possible changes in certain stages.


Name: The Adrian and the Fortress
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Spain
Character: Cervantes

	This battle fortress on the Atlantic coast of Spain served double
duty as a trading post for treasure ships of the Spanish Armada.

	When the dread pirate Cervantes returned from beyond the grave (what
grave?), he began to attack and plunder treasure ships from the Americas, as
well as the Far East. Even ships from his motherland, Spain, were not safe.
In fact, there are several historical accounts of clashes between Cervantes
and the Spanish Armada.

	His ship, the Adrian, became a ghost ship that was surrounded by an
otherworldly glow that resembled St. Elmo's fire. The eerie sight of the ship
could be seen from dusk to dawn when Cervantes prowled the high seas for his
next victim.

	Due to the sheer number and spread of the St. Elmo's fire, Cervantes'
victims believed that they were surrounded by a large pirate fleet and
either abandoned ship or fell into a state of sheer madness.


Name: Chaos
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Chaos, an alternate world
Character: Inferno

	A desolate land created by Inferno, the fire of hell. This land is an
illusion of time created by the awakening of Soul Edge's true form. It is
also said to be a materialization of the pains and sufferings of the souls
devoured by Soul Edge. But some that gaze upon this land only feel the
beautiful fluttering colored lights dancing a rondo...


Name: City of Water
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Venice, Italy
Character: Siegfried

	The City of Water, also known of the pearl of Italy, is a maze palace
on water constructed by connecting countless islands across a lagoon with
over 400 bridges. During the Renaissance, Venice monopolized all the
merchants' rights and with this power stretched its colonization into
northeast Italy as it expanded into its golden age. As a city it was adorned
with gorgeous mansions, fine works of art, master pieces of architecture and
it was heralded as a Mecca for intellectuals of the time. The people admired
this city as if it was an illusion. Some came to the city chasing dreams;
other attracted by its beautiful art and landscapes. And now Siegfried


Name: The Coliseum
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Greece (?)
Character: Rock

	Here stands the remains of an ancient coliseum surrounded by canals.
Evidence suggests it was once used at a theater as well as an arena since
the royal boxes have epitaphs such as "dedicated by the holder of this grand
event". It is estimated this theater can hold twenty thousand guests, which
is about the same as the Megalopolis in Greece. The players entered the
coliseum by grand boats decorated with gold and silver and the winners were
praised atop the alter of sacred fire in the center of the spectator seats.


Name: Egyptian Crypt
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Egypt
Character: Ivy

	This crypt lies underneath the old ruins that house the murals
surrounding Soul Edge. The ruins have many mysteries, such as the Pharaoh's
tomb, shrine of worship, and a seal to lock away some evil being, but the
true goals of these structures remain unknown.

	One thing is certain, however--the entire structure, including the
shrine at the entrance, was created using the very best technology available
to ancient Egypt. It is clear that these ruins were of vital importance.

	Future generations have named this place "Crypt" out of convenience,
but this structure has numerous features that warrant such a name.


Name: Egyptian Ruins
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Egypt
Character: Charade

	This is an old, little-known underground ruin. But someone has ripped
open the seal to the entrance, and we can now view the interior that only a
few mortals have seen.

	The drawings on the wall record the events surrounding Soul Edge. The
wall depicts the story of the events surrounding the evil sword's existence
in Egypt many millennia ago.

	Who opened the seal and intruded upon this place, and what was his
purpose? Everything is a mystery, save for one fact - this incident has to
do with the demonic sword, Soul Edge.


Name: Emperor's Garden
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: China
Character: Xianghua
Variation: Autumn

	This grand garden was designed to be the Ming Emperor's summer home.
It made perfect use of the natural landscape giving visitors the beautiful
scenery of the four seasons. Aside from the Emperor and his family only the
royal guards, including Xianghua, were permitted to enter the house. When
Xianghua received the order to search for the Soul Edge she visited the
garden for the first time. The garden, as if celebrating her departure, was

in full bloom.


Name: Eurydice Shrine Gallery
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Athens, Greece
Character: Cassandra, Sophitia

	This shrine is built high up a snow-covered mountain that is as
beautiful as it is harsh. The scale of this temple is such that it is easy
to believe that Olympian gods once dwelled in this place.

	Legends say Hephaestus, the God of fire and forge, built the main
shrine on top of the summit. This is evidenced by the stairway that leads up
to the shrine - the enormous steps are impossible for mortals to climb.
Humans built this gallery around the giant stairway for their priests' use.

	In one corner of this meticulously built gallery is the place where a
blacksmith couple gave an offering of a sword and a shield to Hephaestus.

	The arms have disappeared from the altar, however. Who could have
taken them?


Name: Harbour of Souls
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: India
Character: Maxi

	This was the Indian harbor Maxi and his crew visited to trade goods.
In India the shore is a sacred place, so a stair terrace allows for travel
to the water. The terrace, which is called a 'ghat', leads to the town with
it's maze of house, temples and narrow pathways. Visitors unfamiliar with

the town are notorious for getting lost. For Maxi this gray sea became a
place of destiny where his sworn brother Kyam and shipmates were massacred.
Maxi swore revenge on Astaroth as he stared at his ship in the distance
sunken by the monster.


Name: Hoko Temple
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Japan
Character: Taki

	Hoko Temple was constructed in Kyoto (the capitol of Japan at the time)
in the 17th year of Tensho (1589) under the proposal of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
The temple's was officially created to pray for the peace and stability of
the nation, but it had a hidden agenda of "katana-gari*" to prevent the
constant rioting of farmers. In a secret underground hall there is a
standing Buddha statue 24 meters tall set within the center of a huge
fusui-ban* which Yin-Yang masters would consult in their advice to Hideyoshi
and his strategists for conquering the country.

	However, in construction of the great hall Hideyoshi cut down a
several thousand-year-old cedar tree on Yakushima Island and used the
weapons collected from the katana-gari for iron for the huge Buddha statue.
In ancient times the Japanese word "ki" meaning wood and another word "ki"
meaning spirit were one and the same. People believed wood and trees had
holy spirits and the word "kodama" literally meant "spirit of a tree" and
now "echo". Thus by killing a great life to make the hall and using the
statue forged from iron that had tasted the blood of men it was only natural
that this place would bear the seeds of disaster as it shed its dark pulse.

	In fact Hideyoshi drove the Yin-Yang masters out of temple in the 2nd
year of the Bunroku when their fortune telling affected the Toyotomi Clan.
It is also well known that the kanji carved on the great bell of the temple
became the direct cause of the fall of the Toyotomi Clan. The bell's
creation was sponsored by the son of Hideyoshi (deceased by this time) and
his mother Yodo-gimi under recommendation of Ieyasu Tokugawa (eventually the
first shogun of the Edo Era, at the time he was a subject of Toyotomi,
though he was equal in power to the lord). The eight kanji carved on the
bell meant, "May the nation be in peace so lords and subjects may enjoy
wealth". However the order of the kanji could also be translated as "Cut
Ieyasu in two pieces, Toyotomi will become the emperor and prosper forever".
Though the Toyotomi Clan did not intend this, Ieyasu saw this as a curse of
magic that wished the fall of the Tokugawa clan and challenged the Toyotomi

Clan formally. Thus began the Winter Campaign of the Osaka-jo Castle,
followed by the Summer Campaign and ending with the fall of the Toyotomi

	Taki came to this temple to have a decisive battle with the ghost
Gel-o-fury, which had broken the seals of the bamboo forest with its
newfound power from the Evil Seed. Outside the temple Toki's assassins
awaited the outcome, how could Taki hope to survive this situation?

*see the glossary section for these terms


Name: Hwangseo Palace - Phoenix Court
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Korea
Character: Seung Mina
Variation: Night

	This imperial villa is located in the outskirts of the capital of Lee
Dynasty Korea, Hanyang. The Phoenix Court of Hwangseo Palace is renowned for
its impressive decorations. The platform is often used for matches in the
Imperial presence. Therefore, this place is the dream and goal for those who
study martial arts.

	Seven years previous, Hwang Sung Kyung, the leader of Lee Sun Shin's
coast guard, was given the order to search for Soul Edge. He was likely
chosen for this quest due to his performance on this very platform, where
many naval officers and even the Chosen King Sonjo watched Hwang's matches.

	During the Japanese invasion, all the warriors who proved their
skills in this place fought valiantly to stop the onslaught, and were feared
by the Japanese army.


Name: Imperial Capitol Ayutthaya
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Indonesia
Character: Yunsung

	The Ayutthaya dynasty witnessed height of prosperity of the
Indonesian Peninsula. This imperial villa is one of the many used by the
dynasty to entertain honored guests.

	The beautiful white walls of the villa and the abundant nature that
can be seen across the river from the garden make visitors feel as though
time is standing still.

	Talim came to this place soon after the start of her journey. Yunsung
passed through this place on his way to India only a few days before she
arrived. Ayutthaya is the place Talim first came to learn that there were
others searching for the evil sword.


Name: Kaminoi Castle - Sakura-Dai Gate
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Japan
Character: Taki

	The Kaminoi Castle, built on a desolate mountain plateau, is an
impregnable fortress. The castle's study walls and the beautiful cherry
blossoms won high praises. But during the era of Japan's unification, the
ruling government felt that an accessible location was more befitting for

the capital, and thus this castle was eventually abandoned. The new era had
no use for a remote fortress such as Kaminoi Castle.

	Since the castle was in such remarkable condition even after it was
long abandoned, rumours began to emerge about the grounds being haunted by
ghosts. People have stayed far clear of the castle ever since.


Name: Kunpaetku Shrine
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Unknown
Character: Lizardman

	When Kunpaetku was promoted to grand priest, he schemed to create a
troop of grotesque creatures within the dark order who were loyal only to

	He also built a shrine that mirrored the design of Palgaea Shrine.
However, in contrast to the hellish heat of Palgaea Shrine, poisonous fumes
filled this place instead. Strange, ominous light also filled the recesses
of the shrine, generated by the mysterious pools of glowing liquid that
produced the poisonous gasses.

	Though highly toxic to humans, perhaps the environment was intended
for the grotesque abominations of nature that dwell here.


Name: Labyrinth
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Crete Island, Mediterranean Sea
Character: Kilik
Variation: Different shapes

	Just like the legends surrounding the island of Crete in the
Mediterranean Sea, many myths and folklores around the world refer to
structures called Labyrinths.

	Most places people refer to as labyrinths, however, are nothing more
than intricate places. This ruin is the exception. With complex corridors
and chambers that run though numerous levels underground, this ruin defines
the word "labyrinth."

	No one knows when this labyrinth was created or its purpose. The only
thing that is known about this recently reawakened ruin is that it is the
only structure in this area - there are no cities nor temples anywhere


Name: Lakeside Coliseum
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Europe
Character: Necrid
Variation: With walls

	This place is a revival of the splendor that is ancient Rome. The
dreams of those in power are always connected to that place, regardless of
the ages.

	This place exists in a lakeside cavern somewhere in Europe. This is a
place where duels to the death are fought. The special privilege of
witnessing the battles are only offered to a small number of the upper class.
It is a place both elegant and gruesome, it is a place ruled by glory,
praise, curiosity, blood, and money.

	This place of duels and battles looks just like the ancient coliseums.
Warriors fight here for different reasons: Some fight for glory or money,
while others hope for freedom. And the affluent watch the battles from their
special seats or the boats floating on the lake, enjoying the spectacle that
they see as the ultimate entertainment.


Name: Maze of the Dead
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Turkey
Character: Seung Mina

	Built before the birth of Christ, according to the legend, the
underground city of Cappadocia in Turkey is still shrouded in mystery.

	Several centuries after Cappadocia was established, a reigning
monarch converted a similar underground temple into an extravagant palace.

	This temple stands above a deep chasm, claimed from ancient times to
be a gateway to Hades. The interior of the temple contains a section that
was converted into a palace. In addition, a cave exists beyond the palace,
followed by more unexplored regions. No one knows for sure what exists down

	The palace itself is in ruins now, thanks to those who turned it into
a rock quarry of sorts. However, the lower underground area remains intact.

	Since the treasure seeking thieves who venture into the lower ruins
never come back alive, no one but the most foolhardy enter this place now.


Name: Money Pit
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Island in the Mediterranean Sea
Character: Voldo

	The Money Pit once proud of its impregnable status faced a humbling
conquering at the hands of an act of god. A terrible storm flooded most of
the treasure vaults and even the highest of the vaults could not escape. The
highest among the stockyards bore the marble statue of the dead master
Vercci, this was the final stand of the Money Pit and the place Voldo placed
the coffin of the dead master and slowly gathered the remaining treasure

	By the way, there may actually be a Money Pit in existence. Check
Voldo's bio for more info.


Name: Money Pit - Top Tier
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Island in the Mediterranean Sea
Character: Voldo, Yoshimitsu
Variation: Different sizes or with walls

	This deep chasm is both the storehouse and the tomb of the Italian
merchant of death, Vercci. This place, built on a nameless island in the
Mediterranean Sea, is renowned to grave robbers as the Money Pit. Countless
booby-traps, including a water trap based on the tides, line the pit, but
the most feared deterrent is the enigmatic guardian that awaits within. None
who have sought the treasures have ever returned.

	This platform is the top level of the Money Pit, located near the
entrance opening. But grave robbers must be wary, for one missed step means
certain death down the chasm. They may get to the treasure at the bottom,
but it is meaningless if they are dead.


Name: Ostrheinsburg Castle
Game: Soul Blade, Soul Calibur 1
Location: Germany
Character: Siegfried

	This large castle stands deep with the woods of Mittelbirge in
Germany. Constructed by Sir Stefan, famous as an independent knight and

weapons collector, this castle consisted of a quadruple fortress and has
been proud of its impregnability. However Sir Stefan had been killed in a
war a few years ago, in which he had hired Siegfried as a mercenary. After
the lord's death the remaining soldiers were executed, and the crying women
and children were killed or taken away as prisoners. After thorough
plundering the once proud castle is nothing more than a ruin of death that
none dare visit.


Name: Ostrheinsburg Chapel
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Germany
Character: Nightmare, Link, Heihachi, Spawn

	The broken wall of the chapel reveals a somber view of the castle
ruin looming in the distance. The ruin is what remains of Ostrheinsburg
Castle that bore witness to the clash between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur
four years previous.

	This chapel was the epicenter of the events surrounding Nightmare
that transpired a few years before then (the gathering of souls by Ivy,
Lizardman and Astaroth). No one has dared to visit this chapel ever since,
but mysteriously, some say that the chapel bell can be heard once in a
while. Rumors say that the bell rings itself in honor of the chosen warriors.


Name: Palgaea Shrine
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Unknown
Character: Astaroth

	This shrine is an underground construction for the great god of
destruction. It seems to be near a volcano since the grand hall is always
filled with lava. In the center, stands a triangle shaped alter where the
grand priest "kymm mrl py eltzk" (Kunpaetku) performs various ceremonies.
This is also the place of Astaroth's creation and birth. The material of
construction remains unknown, but by observing the surrounding statues
vomiting lava one would think heat was the source of life. No one knows if
the original materials were formed of evil magic or human hands.


Name: Palgaea Shrine - Lowest Level
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Unknown
Character: Astaroth

	The Palgaea Shrine is the headquarters of the sinister cult that
birthed Astaroth. As a result of the over thousand year-old practice of
building a new temple on top of the old, the lowest level was forgotten
about until the entrance was rediscovered coincidentally a few years ago.

	The statue found in the lowest level was that of a long-forgotten God
of rebirth.

	The cult is studying the lowest level in order to decrypt its secrets
to gain the power of rebirth.


Name: Pirate's Alcove
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Westerly Seas (?)
Character: Maxi, Cervantes

	Few know of the hidden dock inside a naturally formed cave lying in
the westerly seas, for nary a soul dare to venture close to the wave-beaten
precipice that houses it.

	This place was once the stronghold of a renowned pirate and his hardy
crew. But there is no one here anymore, for the captain murdered all of his
subordinates (Probably Cervantes).

	Ten years have passed since anyone has stepped foot in this cavern,

but the place is still lit, and a pirate ship can also be seen. Is this the
projection of the memories of the slain pirates? Or, is this the memories of
the captain, who has since disappeared?


Name: Proving Grounds
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: India
Character: Kilik, Edge Master
Variation: Twighlight

	The nearby Hindu temple, constructed in a cave, was built in the 9th
century and had been forgotten for many years. With its pure waters the
place had a holy atmosphere that made it feel as if it was another world.
The stone cave and the temple lay deep within India. The small caves that
formed the lake-like shape out of the river were the only things that broke
the tranquil scene. The mysterious old man that appeared in before of Kilik
lives here in the small hut on the hill like a hermit.

	"Who could this great master be..."

	His mind is full of questions Kilik trains himself everyday to
control the evil within.


Name: Shrine of Eurydice
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Athens, Greece
Character: Sophitia

	The gods constructed a circular shrine atop a great sacred mountain.
Legends say the gods created this shrine to defy themselves. As if to prove
this legend the path to the shrine was a cascade of giant stairs that human
feet could never step upon. "If the gods do not wish us to enter the shrine
of legend then we shall construct a second shrine for them to come to us."

	Therefore, this second shrine stood next to the mountain. All who
visited the shrine surrounded by clouds and divine light felt as if they
were floating in air. What could have been the hopes and bows of people
standing on this shrine looking at the circular shrine of legend in the
distance? And of Sophitia...


Name: Silk Road Ruins
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Central Asia
Character: Hwang
Variation: Night

	The prosperous oasis cities in the shirt of the Takla Makan were
important relay stations for caravans crossing the Silk Road. Merchants
rested and enjoyed these cities as they chased the profits of trade. This
remain constructed in a cave deep within a valley lay but one day's travel
by wagon from a near by oasis city. Rumor has it that a rich merchant, fond
of life away from the rush of city life, built this remain. As if to prove
the rumour the halls and floors are decorated with expensive lazurite and


Name: South France Mansion - Library
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: France
Character: Raphael

	The master of this domicile is no longer alive. The rich lord that
lived here was poisoned, and the man who lived here since left this place

	Other than the wing where the servants and the child that the man
brought reside, this mansion is in desolate silence. It is said that the man
did not come out of this library until the day he left on his journey.
Surprisingly, there are no traces on the bookshelves or anywhere else in the
room that give a clue to what the man was doing in this place.

	The silent mansion awaits the return of its master... or the visitor.


Name: Takamatsu Castle
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Japan
Character: Mitsurugi
Variation: Winter

	Mitsurugi was a trusted mercenary in the base of Mori's Murakami Navy
on Noshima Island. Mitsurugi had been assigned to defend Takamatsu Castle at
the front line of the Mori Army. Takamatsu Castle was centered in a marshy
area and, due to its geographical features, considered impossible to seize.
However a clever and resourceful Hideyoshi Hashiba constructed a 3-kilometer
bank surrounding the castle to stop the flow of water causing the
Ashimori-gawa river to flood the region. Everything hung in the balance and
thus without fear or hesitation Mitsurugi climbed aboard a raft and, facing
an onslaught of arrows, and rushed into battle.


Name: Tartaros
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Another Dimension
Character: Inferno

	The personification of hell, The Catastrophe (Inferno) was banished
to this wasteland of condemned souls after his gap of the world (Chaos)
failed him years ago.

	Inferno's long years within this land gives him a great advantage
because of the hellfire that surrounds him. While being banded in Tartaros,

Hades keeps a very close watch on Inferno which only gives him a few chances
to escape and fight other souls in other lands. What people don't know about
Tartaros is that it's gateway is located within the Ostrheinsburg Chapel and
when Inferno fights in the desolate place, He never loses, and no one has
ever been able to escape... alive...


Name: Valentine Mansion
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: England
Character: Ivy

	With his vast wealth from the profit of trades Count Valentine used
his fortune and lifeline of personal contacts to built his great mansion. It
was designed to be purely modern and the near daily parties held in the
ballroom and its expensive rose marble floors were proof of the Valentine's
prosperity. However the Valentine's eventually fell into ruin as Count
Valentine was possessed by the mysteries of Soul Edge. He did anything to
obtain the sword and scattered his wealth. The Valentine's fortune vanished,
the cheerful laugher from the grand halls disappeared and the servants and
maids left. What came into Isabella's mind as she stood in the dark and
empty room?


Name: Village of the Wind
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: Southeast Asia, probably the Philippines
Character: Talim

	During a time where Western culture spread its way across Southeast
Asia, an isolated village hangs on to its cherished faith in the Wind Deity.

	The village is situated in a location that commands a view of both
the mountains and the sea. The sight of many windmills lining the hamlet
never ceases to amaze and remind them of the profound importance the
villagers place on the wind.

	The winds that circle the earth answer to these villagers and push
their windmills along the way. At the very least, that is their belief.


Name: Water Labyrinth
Game: Soul Calibur 1
Location: Under Japan
Character: Yoshimitsu

	Japan is a lush and green land and large veins, such as this one,
gather the snow and rain from the ground. These veins form a network
throughout Japan much like the veins in the human body. It is said that it
takes one year for water to be absorbed one meter into the earth. Thus the
water in this deep vein has travel for many years and is deathly cold and
ghostly clear. The soft pale blue stones create an illusion around the walls,
broken only by patches of warm green moss.

	Newly empowered by the Evil Seed the vile ghost Gel-o-Fury shattered
the seals in the bamboo forest and made its way into this vein. Taki
challenged the ghost several times in this complex cave. Toki's assassins,
while chasing Taki, could not resist Gel-o-Fury's aura and were absorbed
into the great ghost. As Gel-o-Fury grew in power Taki became convinced that
the ghost was planning to exit the vein in Kyoto within the Buddha Hall of
the Hoko Temple. She went ahead and planned to ambush the ghost in the hall.


Name: Xiwei Siege Ruins
Game: Soul Calibur 2
Location: China
Character: Mitsurugi, Xianghua

	Xiwei, positioned near the west border of the Ming Empire, was a
vital stronghold for maintaining the empire's western territories.
Tragically, when the Emperor believed the castle was hiding the Hero's Sword
from him, he dispatched an army to seize the castle. Ultimately, the citadel
was destroyed. Sadly, the army failed to find the sword in the rubble of the

	Was Soul Edge, known in this region as the Hero's Sword, really at
Xiwei? Or was this place destroyed due to a misunderstanding? No one can
answer these questions now.

7.00 - Edge Master Mode Transcripts

	Most of the stuff you'll read in the Edge Master Mode History Books
is false. The beginnings seem to be true, however, so you can trust that these
people are on their quests for the reasons given in the history books. I
think that anything that happens in more than one character's History Book is
also true. (Edge Master Mode, by the way, is the Weapons Master Mode of Soul
Blade. The main difference is that there are very few battles, and each
characters run through the game has a different set of dialogue and missions,
so it's worth it to list it all here.)

7.01 - Cervantes

	The mighty Spanish armada held supremacy over the Atlantic Ocean. But
sometimes they were not enough. That is where the privateers came in.

	Phillip Leon was one such privateer. He commanded a proud ship with a
special commission from the Spanish King to loot in the name of Spain.

	He once told his son, Cervantes:

	"A sailor must always be strong and gentle."

	Young Cervantes was proud of his father. He was devastated when his
father died at sea. Phillip's ship had moved alongside an English ship in
order to plunder it. Unbeknownst to him, it was a ruse; an English warship
in disguise.

	Their cannon shells shattered the Spanish galleon. wiping Captain Leon
from history forever.

	The young man received his father's hat, his only remains. He swore:

	"This is where his allegiances to the crown have gotten him! I will be
against all countries! I'll become a pirate!"

	And thus, Captain Cervantes the pirate, was born. He started a reign
of terror across the Atlantic in his ship, the Adrian, showing no mercy to
anyone, even those in the invincible armada.

	One day, a messenger of the "Merchant of Death," Vercci, entered
Cervantes' haunt, an inn called the Black Tail.

	He told the pirate of Vercci's search for the legendary weapons,
"Soul Edge."

	"This Vercci wants my aid, does he?"

	The messenger promised an exceptional reward for the recovery of the
swords. But the pirate did not like the idea of working for anyone. What to

	Cervantes finally accepted the offer as a lark. For a year, he
searched for Vercci. Finally, he came across some information.

	At a secret antiques auction, an English man made a successful bid on
a "strange article."

	The ship carrying the man and the article was setting sail. Cervantes
made plans to intercept the ship.

	There was no conclusive evidence that this was "Soul Edge," but then
why should a pirate pass up such an opportunity?

	The sea was stormy as the Adrian set sail after the passenger ship.

	"Get ready, me hearties! There she blows! Helmsman, hard to port!
Ready the!"

	The boom of cannons echoed across the stormy sea. Columns of water
surrounded the passenger ship.

	The Adrian came along side. Cervantes raised his cutlass, rallying his
bloodthirsty pirates.

	"Soul Edge is our prize! All else goes to Hades!"

	Mysteriously, the pirate Cervantes has neither been seen nor heard of


	The Adrian, Cervantes' pirate galleon, lies anchored in a Spanish port.

	The town is deserted. Nothing stirs even in the wind.

	A man appears. Could he be the pirate Cervantes? Then who are you?

	This is an evil place where strange things happen. Who knows where
these evil swords will lead you?

	Your double smiles.

	"HE has returned. 'Soul Edge' will at last be mine."

	His mask has yet to be uncovered. Is this fake Cervantes a swordsman
who seeks the "Soul Edge?"

	The battle was short. The wicked swords drank heavily on the
imposter's soul. Cervantes took his "Main Gauche" as a prize.

Eurydice Shrine

	The shrine was built by Hephaestus the God of Forge. He was a sculptor
who built many things.

	Rumour had it a young woman who received a divine message in a forest
spring was later given a sacred weapon here.

	Cervantes entered the shrine, feeling the vibrations from the sacred
weapon. A Voice boomed out.

	"You come to challenge me? Fine! It shall be champion against

	Lightning arced and formed a young woman armed with the sacred weapon.

	Sophitia received the divine revelation from the God of Forge,
Hephaestus. She battles disasters caused by those who were lost to the
wicked swords. Hephaestus himself made weapons to aid her in battle!

	The woman lay crumpled at his feet.

	"Ha! Is this all the mighty God can do?"

	The shrine became corrupt with evil energy from the wicked sword. As
a token of his victory, Cervantes took "Defender" with him.

The Desert

	The desert stretches through the middle of Asia. Travelers use it to
avoid the dangerous sea route, but the overland passage can be just as

	Along the route lie the ruins of an ancient Chinese fortress.

	In the past, the wicked sword had seen blood shed many times in this
place. Cervantes was led by "Soul Edge" to this desolate wasteland.

	Today, however, someone is among the ruins. The swords sing out and
hunger for them!

	Cervantes attacks!

	Hwang is searching for the "Patriot Sword - Soul Edge."

	Seung Mina snuck away from home to follow Hwang.

	They were highly skilled opponents, but still no match for Cervantes

and the magical swords. He took "Jirotoh" from Hwang's body and left it
cooling in the desert sands...

The shrine of the
 Confined Demons

	The Shrine on Oni Isle is surrounded by bamboo.

	It was built for the purpose of containing horrible Fury demons.

	It is said that in the shrine rests a weapon capable of manipulating
the human spirit.

	"I feel a kindred spirit here."

	"Soul Edge" tells Cervantes as he arrives at the haunted shrine.

	A great man, who had been touched by the evil sword, stepped into the
light, ready to attack.

	Orphaned as a young boy, he learned to survive in the wilderness. His
body was possessed as he entered the shrine for shelter. Now he is half-man,
half-demon, attacking all who pass by.

	The battle between the two possessed men was climactic! However,
Cervantes was "one" with his swords and eventually the victor.

	As he subdued Rock, the wicked sword siphoned up the evil energy
swimming in the air. Rock's evil sword drained dry, leaving "Katana" behind
for Cervantes.

The Canyon

	The Yangtze, one of the greatest rivers in China, flows down the "San
Kyo" gorge.

	It serves as a watery passageway for travelers.

	After wandering through the wilderness, Cervantes ended up traveling
down the Yangtze. He was driven onward by the wicked swords to perform his
next horrible deed.

	A man on a bridge above, spied the unusual swords with desiring eyes.

	"These swords. I must have them."

	Li Long attacked Cervantes without realizing that he held the wicked
sword "Soul Edge."

	Li is an assassin from the Ming Dynasty. He returned to find his love,
Chie; dead; Hoping to trap her murderer, Mitsurugi, Li Long waits in ambush
along the Yangtze. He cannot resist the lure of "Soul Edge."

	Cervantes found Li Long's nunchaku attack curious, but it was not
enough of a novelty to keep him from destroying the assassin.

	The "Three Bladed Edge" served as an adequate reminder of Li Long's
foolish and vain attack.

Ostrheinsburg Castle

	The castle of the Knight Stefan is falling as he vainly defends
against a siege by Marquis Andre and his powerful cannons.

	The castle is said to contain weapons from all over the world.

	Cervantes came to this land, attracted by the smell of blood and
warfare. The castle was on the verge of collapse as men slew each other in
combat. The fields ran red with blood. Cervantes looked truly satisfied.

	He strode through the carnage to the castle's gate. A young man in
armour barred his way.

	"Go no further! It will mean your doom!"

	Cervantes smiled...

	Seeking revenge for his father's death, Siegfried searches for
"Soul Edge." He presently is the captain of the Stefan's mercenaries,
Little does he know he faces the weapon that he seeks!

	Cervantes felt a twinge of sympathy for the insane young man as he cut
his head from his shoulders. But it soon passed. After searching the
decimated castle, he took the "Heavy Lance" with him for his growing

The Secret Treasury

	This secret money pit is where the millionaire Vercci stores his
fortune. Lying at the bottom of a 50 meter pit on a desert island surrounded
by deadly rip-tides, this treasure island is indeed impregnable.

	"Vercci..." Cervantes thought about the man who lead him to this fate.
He decided to visit the treasury of his former employer.

	The elaborate system of traps were no challenge to Cervantes as he
reached the vault. Inside he heard the tortured gasps of Voldo, Vercci's
loyal guardian.

	Carrying out the will of his long-dead master, Vercci, Voldo has been
guarding the treasure vault for most of his life. His sight and mind have
deteriorated in the dark pit. However, that does not seem to have dulled
Voldo's talent for killing, for no intruder has ever escaped alive!

	" Ver..cci..."

	The guardian didn't even make a death cry as Cervantes finished him
off. After a couple of moans he stopped moving completely.

	The sight of dead Voldo caused Cervantes to chuckle with laughter.


	He called out.

	"I have the swords you and your servant have been looking for! Ha Ha


	Taking the sickle weapon, "Serpent's Tongue" with him Cervantes left
the island.

Hot Soul

	Cervantes returned to the Spanish port town he had loved so much. The
anchored Adrian lay waiting for his return.

	Evil energy filled the air but no one was around to sense it.

	Cervantes had let the swords be his guide as he traveled the world.
But now the wicked swords were calling him home to Spain. It looked like
some hot-souled men were searching for him.

	"I shall gladly take all their burning souls!"

	"Soul Edge" took their souls, each and everyone of them, not even
leaving destroyed husks behind.

	Cervantes felt that he was regaining himself, the more souls he took.
But he realized in horror what he had become.

	"Must I follow the will of this cursed sword? No! I must finally
become its master!"

	Cervantes has regained control. If he is to survive, he must destroy
the wicked "Soul Edge" who has controlled his body for so long!

	Time and space warped as the two met for a decisive battle!

	Everything about Inferno is a mystery.

	Cervantes was finally freed of the power of Soul Edge. He was finally
its master now.

	"Get ready to sail me hearties!"

	He shouted!

	"We shall change this world into a hellish paradise!"

	As he spoke, the skies split open, letting in a mighty fleet crewed by
undead pirates, ready to terrorize the world with destruction and murder.

	The fleet set sail against a black wind filled with the smell of

7.02 - Hwang

	Hwang Sung Kyung, was born in a poor, yet peaceful family. He grew up
strong and healthy despite the warlike age.

	His childhood memories of his parents were of brave people with a
strong sense of justice. However, their righteousness was their downfall.

	His parents' death was a painful experience to overcome.

	Now, he is a man.

	"I was protected by a lot of people. Now, it is time for me to
protect others."

	He enrolled himself into a dojo to learn the long blade.

He had an innate talent for it. He practiced as much as possible. It didn't
take him too long to become the best student. At last, he could have a
private lesson from the school's master, Seung Han Myong.

	Master Seung was happy to have such a talented young student. He had
a child who was still small yet very talented. However, one thing worried
him about his child. It was a she, instead of a he.

	Master Seung seemed to be seriously thinking of adopting Hwang as his

	Master Seung didn't get a chance to talk with Hwang about it. The
world was plunged into a dreadful situation. Among the Asian countries,
Japan first settled its civil war and started invading the main land.

	It is not too late! People rallied under the Sea Force admiral Le
Shun Shin and prepared to defend their mother land against the coming

	They started building fortresses along the coast lines. A Coast Guard
was formed and Hwang was first to volunteer.

	Those who were eager to devote their lives to the savior of their
mother land, were fervently talking about the Legendary Patriot Sword,
"Soul Edge," that they had heard of from the West.

	When the rumor spread to every part of the country, Hwang was ordered
to search for "Soul Edge." "It is time for me to save others."

The Pirate's Castle

	Noto Castle, belongs to Noto-Murakami and Setonai Pirates of the Mori
Sea Force. The island itself is formed as a pirate castle and port.

	It is said that valuable weapons are gathered and are stored in this

	As a member of the Coastal Defense Force, Hwang was ordered to
investigate the pirates. He stowed away in a trading ship and infiltrated
the castle.

	But, when he was leaving, he was spotted by a samurai guard.

	"Name yourself," Yelled the samurai as he drew his sword.

	Hwang recognized the man and knew he must fight!

	Hwang defeated Mitsurugi with his quick sword attack and martial arts.
He took Mitsurugi's "Nippon Blade" and escaped from the castle before other
pursuers came.

The Old Temple

	The Chii Mountain is located on the Southern edge of Korean Peninsula.
At the bottom of the mountain, there is an historical temple. The temple

was built in the 4th century, and the huge stage in front of it has been
used for training by Seung Dojo students.

	Hwang, ordered to search for the Soul Edge, stopped by to visit his
master Seung Han Myong before he left for the west.

	Han Myong said to Hwang, "I am going to give you the final lesson."

	Han Myong and Hwang stood on the stone stage of the temple, then
calmly forced each other.

	Hwang skillfully defended himself against Han Myong's constant

	"Well done! I've taught you all I know. Hwang.... Take my sword and
carry on the long blade technique."

	Hwang was given the Seito Sword "Mountain Breaker" from his master.
He then left for the west. He didn't know that Han Myong's daughter, Mina,
would leave her home to follow him a few days later.

The Gorge

	San Kyo is the deep gulch located in the middle reaches of the great
Chinese river, Yangtze.

	Hwang, on his trip in China, reached the great river.

	Hwang was drifting down the river when an arrow skimmed his cheek!

	"Ow! What the!?"

	Hwang looked behind and found a man standing on the edge of his raft.

	"That was just to weaken you. Now I'm going to finish you off!"

	Hwang's body numbed the arrow's poison. The man drew his weapon and

	He was an assassin sent by the Ming Dynasty. To find the killer of
his lover Chie, he returned to China and is attacking every single swordsman
who passes through the gulch.

	After a heavy battle, Hwang defeated Li and took his Curved Sword
"Thunderous Fire" which was made in the Toh period! Fortunately, the poison
soon wore off.

The Desert

	The desert area spreads throughout the middle of Asia. It is the most
dangerous place for travelers who choose to travel across the continent.

	You may notice the remains of an ancient Chinese fortresses. It is
truly a deadly road.

	Seung Mina. As the only daughter of Seung Han Myong, she was eager to
find the Legendary Sword. She didn't listen to her father who tried to stop
her and left to find Soul Edge. After months of following Hwang's trail, she
finally caught up with him.

	Even though it has been a long time since they saw each other, Hwang
didn't look happy to see her.

	"Listen to me! Go back to your father."

	"Never! I'll never go back without the Patriot Sword!"

	"Well, if you defeat me, you can go on!" Hwang said.

	"Prepare yourself!" She cried.

	It was a rigourous battle of wills, but Hwang's technique overwhelmed

	The young girl reluctantly gave up on her dangerous journey and
returned home.

The Coliseum


	The secret arena has been rumoured to have fighters gather from all
over the world. It is said that the winner gets a valuable weapon.

	Hwang went to the Coliseum.

	In front of the Coliseum, there was a sign that said:

         WINNER GETS

	Defeat four fighters in a row!

1st Match
    vs. Heishiro Mitsurugi

2nd Match
    vs. Taki
3rd Match
    vs. Li Long
4th Match
    vs. Rock

	The battles lasted for a long time but Hwang won all of the matches.

	Hwang was rewarded with the weapon "Falchion."

Eurydice Shrine

	The Shrine is said to be built by the God Hephaestus. He was a
blacksmith who forged weapons and armour, among many things

	Rumours say that a girl received an oracle and was given the sacred
armour in this place.

	In the Shrine, Hwang heard a voice coming from the sky.

	"You, the warrior searching for the evil sword Soul Edge. Survive my
test and prove your worth."

	A female fighter appeared in a flash of holy light.

	"She is the rumoured one!" Hwang whispered.

	The girl who received an oracle from Hephaestus. Sophitia prevents
disasters caused by those who are misled by the evil sword, and travels the
world with the sword and shield forged by the God himself.

	Hwang, defeated both Sophitia and his own illusion. He was given the
sword "Sword Of Dawn" by the God.

	When Hwang held the sword in his hand, he felt a warm pulse and the
will of Hephaestus urging him to "Destroy the evil Soul Edge."

The Secret Treasury

	The secret treasury is on an unknown island. The millionaire Vercci
hid his treasure here. There are 50 meter deep pits, water traps, and more
to guard against theft. It is the perfect impregnable treasure island.

	Tales tell that there is a tremendous amount of treasure on this
remote island....

	Hwang heard the stories and traveled to the island. He was tormented
by traps, but finally reached the bottom of the lair.

	There was a guardian in strange armor blocking the brightly sparkling

	Voldo. His only task is guarding the treasure.

	From living in the dark for a long time, his eye sight and sanity have
weakened, but he has killed all who have entered into the pit with his cruel
assassination techniques.

	After a deadly battle, Hwang defeated the Hell Guardian, Voldo

	Although "Soul Edge" was not among the treasure, he found a solid gold
sword, known as the "Midas Blade" and an important clue to the whereabouts
of "Soul Edge."

The Final Battle

	At last Hwang arrived at the place he believed "Soul Edge" was located.
A port harbor in Spain where the great pirate Cervantes de Leon was once
based. The pirate ship Adrian lay anchored in the dock.

	"There's evil all around... I must be close!"

	Hwang prepared himself, then stepped on the ship.

	On the deck, he found a man who held ominously shining swords in his

	"Ha Ha Ha! I've been waiting for you. Your burning soul will soon
belong to my holy blades!"

	The great Cervantes was feared by all who sailed the Atlantic Ocean.
Decades ago, he left on a trip to find Soul Edge for the merchant Vercci, but
disappeared, never to be seen again.

	Hwang defeated the ghost and found "Soul Edge."

	However, in his eyes, the legendary sword did not look "patriotic."
"Evil" was perhaps a better word.

	"How painful to discover the Patriot Sword I was searching is actually
one of destruction."

	He raised the sword and threw it away, never to been seen again.

	However, his brave travels in search of the Patriot Sword were still
the talk of Korea.

	Even though he returned empty handed, he received a warm welcome,
what he had lost in hope he had gained in strength and wisdom.

	It was not long before the war against Japan finally began. He entered
battle to protect his mother land displaying great bravery, justice and

7.03 - Li Long

	After the death of the great Eirakutei, the Ming Dynasty suffered
plundering by Southern Japanese pirates called the "Wakou."

	The emperor finally took action and sent Li Long to assassinate the
leader of the pirates. The secret mission also included an order to retrieve
the valiant sword, "Soul Edge."

	However, the assassin, Li Long, did not care about "Soul Edge." Taking
advantage of war-torn Japan, he decided to not only target the Wakou leader,
but also the Daimyo feudal lords.

	This action was, of course, outside the limits of his mission, but he
had no doubts as to his success. His iron will would see him through.

	However, man is not made of iron. His attack on the head of a powerful
family in Honshu went awry, leaving him badly wounded. Fortunately for him,
he was rescued by a beautiful girl named Chie.

	Chie was a daughter of the innkeeper Yahei. As a child, she was
traumatized by her mother's death and lost her ability to speak.

	Even without words, Chie is capable of understanding people's sorrow.
She devoted herself to the care of the wounded man.

	Li Long gradually opened his heart to Chie and the two began to love
each other. Li Long stayed with Chie even after his injuries healed.

	But, destiny did not treat him kindly.

	While he was away, a fight broke out at the inn. In the confusion, his
lover was thought to have been killed. "Who! Who did this? Why?" The wounded
Yahei told grief-stricken Li Long that a wandering swordsman had started it,
then fled.

	Eyewitnesses thought it might be the lone swordsman, Heishiro
Mitsurugi. However, Mitsurugi was not the only swordsman wandering the land.

	"When I find who did this, I will show no mercy!"

	Remorse filled Li Long until he had a revelation. "I will not rest
until I have hunted down every single swordsman."

	Li Long discovered that Heishiro Mitsurugi was searching for
"Soul Edge," and decided to follow him.

	If I find "Soul Edge," first, Mitsurugi will come to me and his death.
If Mitsurugi is not Chie's murderer, I'll just continue hunting criminal
swordsmen. I will also have the sword for Eirakutei.

	Li Long started to pack up for a journey to trace Mitsurugi hoping to
take revenge for his dead lover Chie.

The Shrine of Confined Demons

	This Shrine is surrounded by bamboo. It was built by people with
supernatural power to seal off the "Fury-demon" inside.

	Mitsurugi had plans to exterminate the demon haunting this shrine.

	Li Long decided to ambush Mitsurugi at the shrine. But the samurai did
not appear. "Where can he be? Wait!"

	Suddenly, Li Long realized he wasn't alone! "Someone's coming. Could
it be...?"

	He reached for his nunchaku in anticipation.

	Rock was possessed by an evil spirit when he entered the shrine, and
has now turned into a demon, attacking people indiscriminately.

	Li Long defeated the demon Rock and seized his weapon.

	He modified it to make a new weapon, the poisoned "Snake Wind."

The Pirate Castle

	Noto castle, belongs to Noto-Murakami and the Setonai pirates (Mouri
sea force) It has naval ports which supply the pirate ships between
raids. Valuable weapons, stolen by the pirates, are kept inside the castle.

	Mitsurugi had already left this place and has gone to the new
continent. "I have no business here anymore." Li Long said.

	Li Long took the weapon "Titan" from the armoury. A swordsman in a
suit of armour blocked his way.

	"I saw you take that! Come with me! You are under arrest!"


	Li Long raised his weapon and entered a fighting stance.

	Siegfried is a young mercenary looking to avenge his father's death.
Because of his great swordsmanship, he was employed as a mercenary captain
guarding the castle.

	Li Long quickly defeated Siegfried and with his "Titan," he left the
castle and escaped his pursuers.

	A few days later, Li Long boarded a ship for his home country in
pursuit of Mitsurugi.

The Narrow Gorge

	The gorge, "San Kyo" is	located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze,
one of China's great rivers.

	Li Long burned with vengeful thoughts, concluding that Mitsurugi would
have to pass this main section of the river on his travels.

	Li Long had never seen Mitsurugi's face.

	It was impossible for him to recognize the samurai. But, Li Long with
his iron will had no doubts that he could find his enemy.

	"I'll attack every swordsman traveling on this river!"

	Li Long fought several swordsmen, but Mitsurugi did not appear.

	He crafted the weapons seized from swordsmen on the river and made
"Phoenix," a new nunchaku with shackle attached. Frustrated by Mitsurugi's
absence, he left the gorge.

The Desert

	There is a desert area in central Asia. For people who travel across
the continent avoiding the dangerous sea route, this desert is the most
dangerous part of the overland route. Except for the ruin of an ancient
Chinese fortress, the area is barren.

	"You! What do you want from me?"

	The man addressed Li Long. His height and size were the same as
Mitsurugi's but this was not him. He was no Japanese samurai.

	"You are not who I thought you were."

	Li Long readied his nunchaku and stepped closer to the man.

	"But, I'm not one to turn down a challenge!"

	Hwang is the swordsman who was ordered to find the "Patriot Sword" to
save his country.

	Having already been ambushed and followed by bandits, Hwang was
constantly vigilant.

	Li Long defeated Hwang Sung Kyung, seized his weapon, "Steel Dragon"
and a map of the world.

The Fighting Arena

	This is a secret fighting arena which attracts warriors from all over
the globe. "A Japanese samurai is fighting furiously at the arena."

	Li Long heard this and immediately rushed to the arena.

	At the arena, the following schedule was posted:

       TODAY's FIGHT

	Li Long applied for the match at once.

	"I will continue fighting until I defeat Mitsurugi!"

	After a long fight against his lover's attacker, Li Long finally
defeated Mitsurugi. He tried to find out about the terrible incident by
questioning him. "Confess! You killed the daughter of an innkeeper in
Honshu!" Li Long yelled. " are mistaken. I would never... kill a

	Although Li Long wanted justice, he did not think Mitsurugi was lying.
The mortal wound to Chie could not have been made by Mitsurugi's sword. "If
not him, then who?"

	That night, Li Long set off for "Soul Edge" taking the prize weapon
"White Tiger" with him. The desire for revenge still burned in his heart.

	"When I get 'Soul Edge' in my own hands..."

	His anger was his only solace.

Secret Treasury

	In an isolated island, there is the secret storage place where the
millionaire Vercci keeps his fortune. It has a 50 meter deep pit and
some under water traps to prevent against invasion. This is truly an
impregnable vault.

	Carrying out his dead master's wishes, Voldo has been guarding the
treasure in this secret storage place. His sight and mind have deteriorated
due to his prolonged seclusion in the dark pit. However, thanks to Voldo's
great skill, no man has ever lived to see Vercci's treasure.

	Taki is a ninja whose specialty is conquering demons. She has been
looking for the evil sword hoping to strengthen her own weapon. She trailed
Li Long into the vault.

	In the depths of the pit, Li Long defeated the guard, Voldo, and the
ninja, Taki. But, could not find "Soul Edge" among the treasures.

	Taking information from Vercci's notes, Li Long seized the weapon
"Asura" and left the island.

The Pirate Ship

	Li Long traced the location of "Soul Edge" to a port where the pirate,
Cervantes once had his base.

	Li Long looked at the pirate ship, Adrian, at anchor in the port. It
was a menacing place with no sign of life. "I have finally found it."

	Having been unable to find his lover's attacker, Li Long's hopes were
now pinned on the heroic sword, "Soul Edge."

	Li Long climbed on board the Adrian. There stood a man holding two
brightly glowing swords.

	"Come to me! Your soul will be as sweet as that of your lover's!"

	He was the pirate once feared by all shipping on the entire Atlantic
Ocean. Dozens of years ago, Cervantes disappeared while on a mission to find
"Soul Edge" as requested by Vercci, the Italian weapons merchant.

	Falling to his knees, Li Long saw that the ground was covered in blood.
Losing consciousness, he did not know whether the blood was his own or his
enemy's. He began to realize that the evil man with "Soul Edge" was lying
dead in front of him.

	With heavy sighs, slowly he tried to reach "Soul Edge," but he was
only grabbing the air.


	At a monastery in Honshu, Chie slowly opened her eyes. It was a
miracle. There was a large sword scar on her back, but she was going to

	Since Li Long left on his journey of revenge, nearly a month had

	Chie knew in her heart that Li Long had died. She wept for months.

	Half a year later, Chie and Li Long's love was producing a new life.
Dreaming about her lover, on a continent far away, Chie whispered her first
words in years...

	"Please Li Long, protect our child...."

7.04 - Mitsurugi

	This young Samurai known as "The Guardian in this age of civil war."
He is also called "The Great Swordsman." Although he is feared for his
fierce fighting, he was born a farmer's son in Bizen.

	The strong young boy enjoyed farming, however after many years of
seeing his beloved farm ravaged by war, he became angered and discouraged.
"It's better to raid than to be raided." He said.

	In the winter of his 14th year, He threw down the hoe and took up the
sword. Studying swordsmanship under a powerful clan-lord, he was eventually
hired as a "mercenary for the advent of war." It was then when he took the
name "Mitsurugi."

	His original fighting style and tremendously powerful attacks during
battle made him quite feared. "He has been known to mow through foes as if
they were like a field of wheat." Some say.

	He has a spectacular battlefield record with several commendations to
the rank of officer.

	Having rejected his military commissions, Mitsurugi's only desire is
that of a worthy adversary.

	Mitsurugi eventually leaves the Urakami Clan, much to their regret,
to pursue a career as a freelance mercenary. He fights in every war in the
land, thus earning his nickname "The Guardian in an age of civil war."

	It is during this time that he hears of a new weapon "Tanegashima"
- a matchlock rifle.

	"What is this? A firearm? It cannot be so powerful. It looks like a
pipe!" Mitsurugi stared in disbelief.

	However, even the mighty Takeda cavalry was wiped out by this weapon.

	For Mitsurugi, who has fought with a single sword, this is an urgent
matter. "If this weapon is allowed in the world, wars will not be won by
the strong and I will lose my job as a mercenary!"

	"I must find a weapon stronger than that rifle!"

	A rumor about the legendary sword "Soul Edge" reaches his ears.

	"That's it. This weapon can overpower the fire arm."

	Without a second thought, Mitsurugi starts his search to find the

blade. "Somewhere in the world, this "Soul Edge" exists!"

The Shrine of Confined Demons

	In Oni, surrounded by bamboo, lies a haunted temple, inhabited by a
horrible demon.

	"A demon. How interesting..."

	Upon hearing this tale, Mitsurugi heads for the shrine...

	A Reckless Commando

	As an orphan on the new continent, Rock learned his skills for
survival in the wild.

	He was possessed by an evil spirit upon entering the shrine and has

now become a demon himself!

	Mitsurugi defeats the possessed Rock as well as his malevolent
doppelganger. "I thought one demon was bad enough!"

	After the battle, Mitsurugi finds a sword lying on the stone floor.
"Could this be Soul Edge?"

	Mitsurugi picks up "Onimaru", the life drinker, which can absorb the
vitality of its owner and convert it to attacking power.

The Pirate Fortress

	Noto castle is the headquarters of Noto-Murakami and the Setonnai
pirates. (also known as the Mouri sea force) The fortress occupies the
entire island. Naval ports act as a sea barrier and provide supplies for
their pirate ships.

	Mitsurugi visits Noto castle. The chief counselor requests him to
guard the castle in return for his passage to the continent.

	That night, He spots a ninja creeping into the fortress. "To defeat
that ninja would be quite an accomplishment!"

	Sword in hand, Mitsurugi intercepts the ninja's flight through the

	"Woman, give up quietly! I demand your immediate surrender!" The woman
smiles unexpectedly. "Man, you demand too much..."

	Taki is a ninja whose specialty is demon hunting. She trailed
Mitsurugi to the castle to retrieve "Onimaru" which he had taken from the

	Mitsurugi defeats the ninja, Taki, The chief counselor recognizes
this great deed and gives him the sword "Iron Slasher" as a reward.

	A few days later, Mitsurugi took a sea force ship to the continent.

The Old Temple

	At the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, a historic temple rests
at the foot of Mount Chii, It was originally constructed in the 4th century
but has been rebuilt several times.

	It is here that Mitsurugi was challenged by a girl with a large weapon.

	Seung Mina is the daughter of a martial arts master and an expert
swordsman. Ever since she was refused by the coastal defense force because
of her gender, she has been wasting her days in frustration and has taken to
challenging any swordsman she encounters.

	"You are a good fighter, but you waste my time!"

	Using a variety of techniques, Mitsurugi defeats Mina. He quickly
leaves while she is still stunned.

	Along his journey, Mitsurugi hears an intriguing rumour. A swordsman
named Hwang is searching for a weapon called the "Patriot Sword."

	"Could this be Soul Edge?"

The Narrow Gorge

	Along China's Yangtze river is the San Kyo, a deep gorge. A canal
flows through this gorge providing a means of transportation for travelers.

	As he travels down the canal on a raft, Mitsurugi is suddenly
attacked by a stranger, his fellow traveler.

	"I will kill you, Heishiro Mitsurugi!" shouts the man!

	The man brandishes a strange weapon and leaps to the attack!

	Mitsurugi avoids what would be a fatal blow, only receiving a small
scratch. Suddenly, his limbs grow heavy.

	"What!? Am I poisoned?"

	Li is an assassin sent from Ming to Japan. He returned to his home to
find his love Chie, murdered at the hand of Mitsurugi. He tracked down
Mitsurugi and waited for the right time to strike.

	Li Long is defeated after a bitter fight. Uttering his last words

	He flings himself into the river and disappears.

	"How is it my name is already known in this country? And who is Chie?"

	Mitsurugi recalled all the people who held a grudge against him.
Surprised to find there were so many, he stopped counting. "I can't help it
if I fight to win!"

	Upon searching Li Long's possessions, Mitsurugi finds an antidote for
the poison and the legendary "Kojiro's Sword."

The Desert

	There is a vast desert in central Asia. This is the most dangerous
part of the overland passage.

	"Huh? Who is that?"

	Mitsurugi spots a swordsman up ahead. Hwang waits for him in the

ruins of the ancient fortress.

	Knowing Mitsurugi is trailing him, Hwang decides to set up an ambush.
"Hey you!" says Hwang. "What do you want from me?"

	"Uh...Um..." At a loss of words, Mitsurugi draws his sword to fight!

	Hwang has been ordered to find the "Patriot Sword" to rescue his

	He had already thwarted other attempts to stop his quest for the sword.

	The two fought even though they were exhausted from travel. Mitsurugi,
with a surprising burst of energy, leapt into the air, struck and defeated

	Mitsurugi steals a map showing the way to Western world from Hwang,
who lies unconscious.

The Fighting Arena

	The secret arena attracts fighters from all over the world. The
victor receives a valuable weapon as a reward.

	Mitsurugi arrives at the arena with the help of the stolen map.

	Mitsurugi defeated all five challengers at the arena.

	As his reward, he was given the supernatural sword "Water Moon".

	"Water Moon" shines with a strange blue light and contained the
magical power to protect its owner.

Attack on Ostrheinsburg Castle

	The castle of the Knight Stefan is said to contain weapons from all
over the world. His clams of invincibility are being hard pressed as he
vainly defends against a siege by Marquis Andre and his powerful cannons.

	Mitsurugi joined the Marquis' forces as a mercenary warrior. Sensing
the castle's imminent fall, he decides to leave the campaign.

	Under the cover of cannon fire and amidst the confusion, Mitsurugi
decides to search the castle for "Soul Edge."

	Siegfried is a young mercenary who wanders from one battle to the
next seeking out "Soul Edge," hoping to avenge his father's death. As a
mercenary captain, He guards Stefan's castle.

	Mitsurugi defeated the young mercenary, Siegfried. "You have great
skill, but cannot close in to finish. Your concentration is weak." "Stop
talking and just finish me off!" Siegfried growled. "Don't have time for

that now!" said Mitsurugi.

	He ventured into the castle to seize the "Two Handed Sword."

The Secret Treasury

	This secret money pit is where the millionaire Vercci stores his
fortune. Lying at the bottom of a 50 meter pit on a desert island surrounded
by deadly rip-tides, this treasure island is indeed impregnable.

	Carrying out the will of his long-dead master, Vercci, Voldo has been
guarding the treasure vault for most of his life. His sight and mind have
deteriorated in the dark money pit. However, that does not seem to have
dulled Voldo's talent for killing, for no intruder has ever escaped alive!

	Mitsurugi was almost overcome by the superhuman Voldo, but persevered
with a relentless attack. "Hmm. They don't seem to have the weapon I seek."

	As Mitsurugi was leaving he spotted an aged parchment. "This is
curious..." The note to Vercci told that the pirate had captured "Soul Edge"
and held it in his possession. "This is it!" yelled Mitsurugi with joy.

	Mitsurugi left the island with the weapon "Falx" and the letter
revealing the location of the pirate and "Soul Edge".

The Final Battle

	Following the letter, Mitsurugi arrived at the Spanish base of the
pirate Cervantes. Cervantes' ship, Adrian, lay anchored in port.

	Despite his growing excitement, Mitsurugi could not help but feel the
menacing atmosphere of the desolate Spanish port.

	"I have a strange feeling. This must be the place."

	Mitsurugi sneaked aboard the Adrian. The pirate ship reeked of blood.
Sensing someone behind him. Mitsurugi turned around...

	There stood a man holding two swords that pulsed as if alive. "Ahhhh.
I have been waiting for you. I want your hot soul for my blades."

	"And I have waited long enough for those hot blades." said Mitsurugi.
"I will take them now!"

	"Just try boy!" Cervantes said.

	The man's eyes flared with a strange blue light and with a roaring
sound, his two evil swords flew to attack Mitsurugi!

	"What evil magic is this!?"

	He was the pirate once feared by all who sailed the Atlantic. Dozens
of years ago, he disappeared while searching for "Soul Edge" for Vercci, the
Italian weapons merchant.

	Even the fearsome pirate was not able to defeat Mitsurugi. He thought
his long journey had finally ended here. But...

	Once he held the swords, he knew something was not right,

	"These are indeed powerful swords, but they are evil."

	Long seconds passed...

	Then he cast "Soul Edge" away without further hesitation. Turning
himself from the evil swords, he sighed in frustration.

	"This is not what I wanted. Never..."

	He realized that "Soul Edge" was pure evil, not the weapons of legend.

	"I would refuse them even if given to me!"

	The end of the civil war...

	As the smoke of gunpowder cleared over the battlefield, Mitsurugi
stood alone with fresh determination.

	His journey to find a weapon which can overpower the rifle continues...

7.05 - Rock

	He is a giant living on the Savannah of the New World.

	He was born "Nathaniel William Adams" in England. He was nicknamed
"Rock" because of his strength. His father ran a curio store specializing
in rare weapons and was always taken with strange antiquities. He had a
loving mother and with it, an idyllic childhood; until that fateful day...

	"Rock, look at the "Soul Edge. Isn't it a beauty?"

	His father's wish had finally been fulfilled. He showed his son the
sword in the ship's cabin. "At last, 'Soul Edge,' the hero's sword..."

	The storm that buffeted the ship scared young Rock to the point of
tears. His Father was too excited to even notice. His mother, frustrated,
led Rock to the hammock. Just then...

	Cannon fire sounded and the ship rocked from a direct hit! Rock
screamed in terror. His Father and Mother held him tight as the cries of
the crew echoed: "Pirates!"

	The Spanish pirate Cervantes, confederate of Vercci, the Italian
"Merchant of Death," had started his attack. His goal was none other than
"Soul Edge."

	Father ran to the ship's storeroom to hide the "Soul Edge," After
another explosion, Rock's Mother ran after to stop him.

"Rock, stay here until we return!"

	His parents never did. Before they could, the ship sank.

	Rock awoke on an unfamiliar shoreline, alone.

	At first, Rock cried out, looking for his parents. Eventually he
learned to live off the land to survive; discarding former habits and

	It was at this point that he first came upon other living people, a
tribe native to the area. Afraid of the "white giant," they would not
approach him. The child Bangoo, an orphan of tribal warfare, was the sole
consolation for Rock, who was now an adult.

	From the natives, Rock re-learnt about the "people across the ocean."
Faded memories of his parents and even "Soul Edge" returned.

	He remembered having heard the words "Soul Edge." It was a word he had
heard often as a child. At bedtime, mealtime, while being held in someone's
arms ... a hazy image formed in his mind. If he could find the "Soul Edge,"
perhaps he could recover his own past. He might even find his parents!

	With his giant ax in hand, Rock set out for the land across the sea.

The Journey

	Savannah, the New World. A mysterious forest of megaliths stands in
the center of a wide crater.

	After taking leave of Bangoo, he set out on his quest to find
"Soul Edge," the key to his memories. Rock eventually came across something

	"What's that?"

	In this sacred site, Rock caught sight of an inhuman shadow.

	Suspicious, he climbed to the top of one of the monoliths, where he
spied a man holding a strange weapon.

	The man whirled as Rock approached and assuming a strange position,
suddenly attacked!

	Carrying out the will of his dead master, Vercci, Voldo set out to
find the "Soul Edge." While his sight and mind have decayed with long years
of lawless living, he still wields a quick sword!

	Rock pushed Voldo from the edge of the monolith. The strange man
dropped a parchment as he plunged to his fate. Rock picked up the piece of

	At first, the letters appeared to be meaningless squiggles... Finally,
he realized that the letters were a language.

	"S-O-U-L Edge!"

	He realized that this note was an important clue in his search for
the Soul Edge.

	Carrying a "Stone Club," chiseled from one of the monoliths, he
immediately set out in the direction of the setting sun.

The Shrine of Confined Demons

	A haunted shrine stood in a bamboo grove. It had been built by Taki
to imprison evil spirits. A small shrine holds the ghost's haunted weapon.

	Rock entered the shrine and found the weapon at the altar, as he
grabbed it, he passed out.

	When he came to, many people wielding swords stood before him.

	"Kill them, cut them down!"

	A voice echoed in his head. Rock had become a homicidal demon.

	Mitsurugi, a young warrior who won fame during the war. He quells

	Taki, the female ninja who sealed
the shrine.

	"What has ... happened to me?"

	After defeating Mitsurugi and Taki, Rock momentarily recovered
himself. Another Rock appeared before his eyes.

	"Let me become one with myself again!"

	At the end of the fierce fighting, Rock was released from the ghost's
spell. He picked up the "Crescent Ax" from the shrine's altar.

The Desert

	A desert region in Central Asia. For the traveler who had avoided
the perils of the ocean journey to cross the continent by land, this was
the most difficult passage.

	The ruins of an ancient Chinese citadel lay behind, but nothing else
was to be seen on this desolate road.

	Rock searched for the legendary weapon in the ruins of the citadel.
However, the weapon had already been unearthed by someone else.

	Footprints led from the excavation site. In the distance he spied the
images of a man and woman.

	Rock yelled.

	"I need that weapon!"

	Hwang, searching for the "Patriot Sword" to save his homeland.

	Seung Mina, daughter of a warrior family, she left home to follow

	Rock defeated Mina and Hwang, taking the weapon "War Hammer" which
they had unearthed. But it was not Soul Edge. Rock traveled on.

The Arena

	Veteran fighters from all over the world gather here. It is said that
victors are awarded with a priceless weapon. Rock found his way to the arena
and took place in the contest, hoping to win Soul Edge.

	After a fierce fight, Rock was able to triumph over three opponents.
Li Long who used a nunchaku; the swordswoman Sophitia, who mounted a stout
defense with her sacred sword and shield; and Heishiro Mitsurugi, with whom
he had crossed swords as a demon at the Shrine.

	The victorious Rock was awarded the "Twin Ax" as a prize.

Ostrheinsburg Castle

	Castle of the knight Stefan, at war with Marquis Andre. It is now the
height of battle and the castle is about to fall. Apparently, weapons from
around the world are kept in the castle.

	As a mercenary of Marquis Andre. Rock participates in the siege of
Ostrheinsburg Castle, defended by Sir Stefan.

	Rock, whose goal is the weapons stored there, breaks into the huge
castle. Mounting a furious charge against the enemy, he heads for the main
tower where the weapons are stored.

	"Barbarian! So the invasion has come this far!" Suddenly, a young
soldier in armor blocked Rock's way.

Siegfried, a young mercenary searching for the "Soul Edge," with which to
defeat his father's enemies.

	Li Long, an assassin searching for the "Soul Edge" with which to hunt

	Upon defeating the mercenary castle defender Siegfried and the
assassin Li Long from the East, who sought the weapons in the castle;
Rock obtained the weapon "Cross Ax," just as the castle fell.

The Secret Treasury

	A secret storehouse hiding the treasure of the millionaire Vercci is
located on a nameless, solitary isle. Booby-traps such as 50 m deep pits and
water traps are set everywhere to repel invaders. It is an impregnable
Treasure Island.

	Rock proceeded to the island to find Vercci who wrote Voldo's note.

	Following the instructions in the note, he avoided the booby-traps, at
last arriving in the Secret Treasury at the bottom of a pit. In addition
to glittering treasure was a mountain of rare weapons.

	A sharp pain shot through him as a woman's voice came from behind.

	"If you leave quietly, I'll spare your life."

	She, who fought Rock at the shrine in Japan, had been secretly tailing

	Rock defeated Taki despite his wounds. He took up the "Double
Tomahawk" from the weapons storehouse.

	Rock discovered a journal kept in the storehouse.

	The journal contained a list of the people commissioned by Vercci, the
owner of the storehouse, with the search for the "Soul Edge."

	The list contained the name of the most feared pirate in history,

	"Pirates ... "

	He recalled "that night," a faint memory of which had remained in the
back of his mind.

	A sudden explosion, the jet black sea, the skull and crossbones flag
approaching the sinking ship ... "Could it be the same pirate?"

	He decided to track down Cervantes.

The Final Battle

	Cervantes... the pirate who had terrorized the Atlantic. While
gathering scraps of information, Rock visited the Spanish port that had
been the pirate's base in search of more reliable leads

	The area was quiet, with no sign of people.

	As he walked around the port, Rock was overcome by a strange
sensation he had not experienced before, His mind became hazy and his body
naturally led him towards a certain ship ....

	When he came to his senses, several ships rocked before him. Upon
seeing a flag on one ship, Rock's eyes opened wide.

	"Could it be ... THAT flag?"

	Rock recalled that nightmare night he could never forget.

	"Could it be, this very ship ... me, my parents ...?"

	Rock climbed onto the deck. Suddenly, a voice boomed from behind,
seeming to shake the ground.

	"I've been waiting for you. I'll sacrifice your innocent soul to my
sacred swords!"

	A man grasping a strange sword in both hands stood there. In contrast
to his glittering eyes and sword, his pallid face showed no sign of life.

	"Pirates ... Cervantes ... Soul Edge!"

	Rock, with a war-cry, sprung upon the man!

	This great pirate was feared by all who sailed the Atlantic. Several
years ago, after stealing Soul Edge for Vercci, the Italian arms dealer, he

	The pirate lay dead. His parents were avenged. As his large hands
grasped Soul Edge, the memory of a child terrified by the storm came vividly

	His mother's smiling face, his father's strong arms. Warm food and a
soft bed. Memories of his parents' love.

	His memories melded with those of the orphan Bangoo.

	Rock remembered the small hands grasping his fur sleeves, alleviating
his own sadness. Through the small child, he had forgotten his own pain.

	Perhaps his own parents were still alive somewhere. But Bangoo's
father and mother were not.


	Rock chose future happiness over past memories.

	"I must look after him. I must return to Bangoo!"

	Thinking of his "family," Rock started his long journey back to the
New World.

7.06 - Seung Mina

	"Leave me alone Father! I am determined to find the sword."

	Seung Mina struggled against her father's grip as she tried to leave
his school at Chii mountain in Korea.

	"Stupid girl! Get back inside now!"

	"You treat me like a baby! I'm doing this for our country!"

	Having been born into a strict family of martial arts teachers, Mina
grew up surrounded by weapons.

	She has excellent knowledge of martial arts and her horse-sword
technique is superior to even her father's.

	However, because of her cute looks, she had been teased by the
neighbourhood boys and treated like a girl.

	"If you ever call me 'cutey' again, I'll beat you with something
harder than this stick!"

	There were a lot of beaten boys in Mina's neighborhood.

	Her father, Han Myong taught her to be well disciplined and always to
be faithful and true.

	She grew up healthy and strong.

	Han Myong thought "She's strong-willed, but it's all right if she stays
here and obeys me."

	However, an independent girl has other thoughts on her mind.

	The ever-changing political situation in Korea had become serious, too
serious to be called peace. War and invasion was avoided only by the fact
that other countries were embroiled in their own problems. However,
neighboring Japan geared up for outward expansion and conquest.

	In these troubled times, suppression was turned to as a means of
control. Everyone living in that difficult period knew what that meant.

	"You could be next..."

	In preparation for invasion from neighbouring countries, the patriotic
people of Korea begin to build fortresses along their shores. Their leader
is Le Shin Shin, the admiral of the coastal defense force.

	Then a rumour emerges of the "Patriot Sword - Soul Edge". The rumour
spreads faster than the blink of an eye and eventually reaches Mina's ears.

	Mina has grown into a patriotic young maiden.

	Barred from joining the coastal defense force because of her gender,
she jumped at this opportunity.

	"If I find this sword, I can save my country. I must look for it!"

	After packing, she set out on her journey. But her father discovered
what she was up to and caught her.

	"Hwang has already been sent after the sword by government order. What
if the rumors are false?"

	Hwang Sung Kyung was the best student and swordsman at her father's
school. He had already started his search for the weapon. There was a
possibility that the rumour could be another scheme, but...

	Mina had already decided to leave. "I am sorry, father!"

The Old Temple

	At the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, a historic temple rests
at the foot of Mount Chii. It was originally constructed in the 4th century
but has been rebuilt several times.

	Running out from her house, against her father's will, Mina stopped at
this temple to rest. There she saw a suspicious swordsman.

	This man was trailing the student Hwang, who also sought the "Patriot

	"This man is very suspicious. But he may have information on the
'Patriot Sword'."

	Hoping to get to the bottom of the matter, Mina challenged the man to
a fight.

The Lone Swordsman

	He gained renown as a great swordsman in the "Age of Civil Wars". When
he discovered the existence of firearms, Mitsurugi started a journey to find
"Soul Edge" a weapon he hoped was greater than the power of the rifle.

	Mina overcame Mitsurugi, but before she could get information about
the "Patriot Sword" from him...

	"Oh! My father approaches! I can't stay here!"

	Leaving Mitsurugi there, she quickly ran away.

The Shrine of the
 Confined Demons

	The shrine on Oni Isle is surrounded by bamboo. It was built for the
purpose of containing horrible Fury demons.

	It is said that in the shrine rests a weapon capable of manipulating
the human spirit.

	"I wonder if it could be the 'Patriot Sword'?"

	Traveling to Japan, Mina set off for the shrine.

	"There's something here."

	She arrived in Oni and approached the haunted shrine. Suddenly,
something burst from the shrine!


	Mina said, "Yow! What's that?"

	As an orphan on the new continent, Rock learned his skills for
survival in the wild. He was possessed by an evil spirit upon entering the
shrine and has now become a demon himself!

	Even though the demon Rock rose to attack again and again, Mina was
able to finally defeat him.

	She retrieved the "Tiger Fang" from the shrine.

The Pirate Fortress

	Noto castle is the headquarters of Noto-Murakami and the Setonai
pirates. (also known as the Mouri sea force) The fortress occupies the
entire island. Navel ports act as a sea barrier as well as keeping the
pirate ships well supplied.

	Mina planned to sneak aboard a ship and return to China.

	When she reached Noto castle, she found the pirates were at sea.
Seeking lodging, she snuck into the castle.

	There she encountered a female Ninja.

	"I want the weapon you stole from the shrine." The ninja said.

	"Go away. It is mine now."

	Taki is a ninja whose specialty is demon hunting. She followed Mina to
castle Noto in order to retrieve the "Tiger Fang".

	Defeat her within the time allowed!

	Mina defeated Taki after a fierce fight.

	She took the "Long Handled Sword" from Noto castle's weapons store and
jumped on a ship headed for China.

The Narrow Gorge

	The gorge, "San Kyo" is located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze,
one of the greatest rivers in China.

	Mina boarded a raft that would take her down the Yangtze.

	As her raft passed under a bridge, a man dropped down landing beside

	"I need to take this raft. Leave your sword and get off now." The man

	"Yeah, right!"

	"Then, you leave me no choice!"

	The man leapt to the attack!

	Li is an assassin sent from Ming to Japan. He returned home to avenge
the death of his love Chie. Since then he has attacked swordsmen on the
Yangtze, hoping to find her killer.

	Mina defeated Li Long. Realizing his mistake, he gave her the weapon
"Naganaki" as an apology and left.

	She continued her journey down the river after Hwang.

The Desert

	There is a vast desert in central Asia. This is the most dangerous
part of the overland passage.

	After three months of trailing Hwang, she finally caught up with him
in this desolate area.

	Needless to say, Hwang was surprised to see Mina here.

	"Please go home. Your father must be worried!"

	"No. I will never, never go back until I find the 'Patriot Sword'."
Mina replied.

	"You're hopeless! All right. You can come with me if you prove your
fighting is superior to mine."

	She smiled.

	"No special treatment!"

	Hwang has been ordered to find the "Patriot Sword" for his government.

	He is having a hard time convincing Mina, who ran away to look for
him, to return home.

	"How was that?" Mina asked. "Now can I come with you?"

	The two fought to exhaustion, but Mina ended up the victor.

	"Continue your search." Hwang replied. "I'll rest here a while."

Eurydice Shrine

	It is said that Hephaestus, the God of forge, built this temple
himself. Rumour had it that a girl received a revelation from him in a
nearby pool and a "Divine Weapon" in this temple.

	At the temple, Mina heard a "Divine Voice".

	"You are a strong-willed woman. Defeat her and you will receive the

	As the Voice faded, a female warrior appeared in a flash of light!

	Sophitia received the divine revelation from the God of forge,
Hephaestus. She received her sword and shield from the God himself and
travels the globe preventing misfortune caused by all those seduced by the
evil sword.

	Despite Sophitia's divine powers, Mina won. The Divine Spear "Halberd"
appeared before her and the Voice spoke again.

	"Take this weapon and destroy the evil sword!"

   The Capture of
Ostrheinsburg Castle

	The castle of the Knight Stefan is said to contain weapons from all
over the world. His claims of invulnerability are being hard pressed as he
vainly defends against a siege by Marquis Andre and his powerful cannons.

	Mina arrived as the Marquis' forces were assaulting the castle. Fire
balls streaked through the air as she stormed the gate.

	A soldier blocked her way, brandishing his huge sword.

	"No one may pass! Not even a little girl like you!"

	Her eyes narrowed.

	"Little girl? I'll show you who's a little girl!"

	Siegfried is a young mercenary who wanders from one battle to the
next seeking out "Soul Edge" intent on avenging his father's murder. As a
mercenary captain, He guards Stefan's castle.

	Mina defeated the young mercenary as the castle fell.

	In the chaos, she grabbed the weapon "Morning Star" and a map, then
made her escape.

The Secret Treasury

	This secret money pit is where the millionaire, Vercci, stores his
fortune. Lying at the bottom of a 50 meter pit on a desert island surrounded
by deadly rip-tides, this treasure island is indeed impregnable.

	The Ostrheinsburg map pointed the way to Vercci's money pit and its

	After narrowly avoiding the money pit's numerous traps, the exhausted
Mina finally reached the vault. From its inky darkness she heard the
sinister breathing of the pit's guard.

	"Oh! Stay away from me!" Mina cried out.

	 Carrying out the will of his long-dead master, Vercci, Voldo has been
guarding the treasure vault for most of his life.

	His sight and mind have deteriorated in the dark pit. However, that
does not seem to have dulled Voldo's talent for killing, for no intruder has
ever escaped alive!

	Although he possessed super-human strength, Mina won. With a raspy
death rattle, Voldo expired. "I must get out of this awful place!" She
happened to find a letter describing "Soul Edge's" location. Taking that and
the "Sickled Spear" she left the island.

The Final Battle

	Mina located the Spanish port that was the base of the pirate
Cervantes. His ship, the Adrian, lay anchored in port. All was still.

	Mina's heart pounded as she made her way through the desolate port.
She could not stop trembling.

	"What is that smell? That horrible smell?"

	As Mina climbed aboard the Adrian, she was confronted on deck by a man.
He held swords that shone eerily.

	"Ahhhh. I have been waiting for you. You have guts for such a little
girl." he said.

	"Don't call me a little girl!"

	"Such fire! Your strong spirit will feed my swords well!"

	Cervantes was the pirate once feared by all who sailed the Atlantic.
Dozens of years ago, he disappeared while searching for "Soul Edge" on
behalf of Vercci, the Italian weapons merchant.

	"I did it, father!"

	The evil stranger lay defeated at Mina's feet. Trembling with
anticipation, she reached for "Soul Edge"

	"This is surely the Patriot Sword!"

	However, the swords were not easy to lift.

	She lifted the first of "Soul Edge's" blades and staggered under its

	She tried to lift the other but fell and was caught under them. She

	"Can these swords really save my country? Look what destruction they
have caused here. I don't want it to happen again!"

	Annoyed, she kicked the swords away.

	"Oh well."

	She turned and cheerfully left the port town.

	But her cheerfulness diminished as she reached home.

	"My father might be more fearsome than anyone I've met on my journey!"

	As expected, her father stood at the gate, awaiting her. But contrary
to her fears, he greeted her with open arms and a smile.

7.07 - Siegfried

	He is the young commander of mercenary knights, who seeks an invincible
sword in order to avenge the murder of his father. He has yet to find the
murderer or the weapons, "Soul Edge."

	"I must find the sword and have my revenge... I must..."

	In Germany, the oppressed peasants revolted against the Holy Roman
Empire. With its forces weakened by the Italian Wars, the German peasants
finally had a fighting chance.

	One of their champions was Sir Frederick, a brave knight. While on
campaign, Frederick met the lovely Margaret and spent the night in her arms.

	After nine months of battle, Frederick returned to find that Margaret
had given him a son.

	Frederick realized his love for Margaret and named his son Siegfried,
after the famous hero.

	Several years passed. His father, known as the "gentle knight," taught
his son swordsmanship. He embarked upon a foreign crusade, promising his
return to Margaret.

	Young Siegfried, without his father's gentle hand to guide him, fell
into bad company.

	He banded together with a group of outlaws and started committing

	His strength grew and soon he led a feared group of thieves known as
"Schwarzwind" or Blackwind. It was then when he conceived his master plan...

	"We will hunt the cowardly knights who ran away from the crusades.
They carry valuable armour and loot. We'll all get rich!"

	That night, as a war-weary group approached, the thieves sprang their
ambush. The fatigued knights were no match for the thieves. They defeated
the knights all too easily.

	Siegfried killed the knight's commander himself with his proud

	He held the commander's decapitated head up high in triumph.

	But, as the moonlight shone down, he let out a horrified scream. In
his hand was the head of his father, Frederick!!

	The horror caused Siegfried's mind to snap.

	Yelling in grief and fear he fled into the forest.

	He plunged deeper into his insanity, convincing himself that someone
else slew his father. He grew determined to find and avenge his father's

	Hearing about the invincible sword, "Soul Edge," he has come to
believe that his father's fictitious killer can only be defeated by this

	"I can't ease my father's soul until I find the sword and slay his

 The Conquest of
Ostrheinsburg Castle

	At the castle of Sir Stefan a battle rages. The marquis Andre uses his
cannons to bring down the once-invulnerable fortress. Siegfried is the
commander of Stefan's mercenary knights.

	Sir Stefan's legendary sword was quite well known in the region.
Siegfried sought the sword and gained employ in order to steal Stefan's

	As the battle became fierce and the castle was besieged, Siegfried
steeled himself against the invaders with his powerful sword in his hand.

	A samurai who travels around the world looking for a weapon superior to
firearms. Mitsurugi is a mercenary for Marquise Andre in the attack on
Ostrheinsburg. He is after the valuable weapons which are believed to be
kept inside the castle.

	After stopping the foreign mercenary, Siegfried entered the blazing

	There he killed Stefan and took his legendary sword, "Grimblade."

	"This is it. With this sword, I can finally avenge my father."

	After escaping from the burning castle, Siegfried rested in the
forest. He gripped "Grimblade" tight in his hand and spoke.

	"Sword, grant me invincible power!"

	But the sword was still.

	"Damn it! This is not it!"

	Siegfried started feeling anxious.

	"I must find the right sword.."

	The image of his father's dead face floated before his haunted eyes.

	He held his head and ran through the dark forest.

	"Father, fatherrr!!!"

	His cries echoed into the valleys beyond.

Eurydice Shrine

	This temple was supposedly built by the God Hephaestus himself. He was
the creator of armour and arms.

	It is said that a young girl received a revelation and was offered
holy armour at this sanctuary.

	Siegfried met a young girl in a Mediterranean village and was taken to
the temple.

	The sanctuary was tranquil. After offering prayers, the girl turned
and stared at Siegfried.

	"You're seeking the evil sword, aren't you? That sword is too
dangerous for you. Let me help."

	"I don't need your help!" Siegfried yelled.

	This young girl received the revelation of the God Hephaestus. With
her holy weapons, Sophitia is sworn to save those who foolishly seek the
evil sword and destroy the wicked weapon.

	Siegfried defeated Sophitia and the spectral illusion.

	He shouted at the sky.

	"I have defeated your little girl! Now give me the invincible sword!"

	But the Gods were silent.

	Siegfried's voice echoed in vain.

	"Why? Why?"

	Burying himself deeper into insanity, Siegfried laid waste to the
sanctuary. In the rubble. he discovered the long "Atlas Sword" hidden
in a column.

	The sky above the sanctuary slowly covered with dark mist. It was as
if Siegfried's insanity had attracted an evil force.

The Arena

	This is a secret arena where strong gather from all over the world.
The winner is awarded valuable arms.

	Siegfried had heard warrior's tales of this place.

	At the arena's gate, a sign was posted:




	Siegfried entered the contest.

	After a long battle, Siegfried defeated all of his opponents.

	He won the waved sword "Flamberge."

The Desert

	A desert stretches through central Asia. It is the most difficult

passage for those who travel across the continent to avoid dangerous sea
routes. Ruins of an ancient fortress can be found buried in the sands. It
is an extremely cruel passage.

	"Who's following me?"

	Although he was exhausted from crossing the dry desert, Siegfried
could still sense an enemy at his back.

	"Show yourself, Swinehund!"

	Siegfried swung his sword as he turned. It was Rock who Siegfried had
defeated at the arena.

	"That prize should have been mine. Give it to me!" Rock yelled.

	"Oh, you'll get it..."

	He was orphaned as a boy. He wandered around the New World and learned
means of survival in the wild. He started his journey to regain memory of his
lost past. His pride would not allow him to take defeat by Siegfried too

	Triumph in this cruel land that drains your strength!

	Despite hunger and thirst, Siegfried again defeated the giant Rock and
with a thrust and delivered a mortal blow!


	The dying Rock stared at Siegfried, whispered in delirium and expired.

The Pirate Castle

	Noto castle belongs to Noto-Murakami and the Setonai pirates. (Mouri
sea force) The entire island is a castle of pirates and a naval port.

	Siegfried's bravery impressed the pirates and he was hired as a
castle guard.

	He caught a woman trying to escape from the castle. Siegfried followed
the woman and confronted her.

	"Surrender yourself!"

	She turned slowly. Strangely enough, she smiled at him and said,

	"You can't stand in my way."

	She plucked the sword off her back and jumped at Siegfried.

	Taki is a ninja who exterminates ghosts. She searched for the "evil
sword" in order to bolster her magic weapon, "Rekki Maru."

	As a reward for defeating the female ninja Taki, Siegfried was given
the "7 Branch Sword" and passage on a Mouri vessel.

	"The sword I seek isn't in this land, I will seek further..."

	Siegfried's mania grew and grew...

The Valley

	San Kyo is a deep valley located in the middle part of China's Yangtze
River. Siegfried heard tales of a river thief who had been collecting swords.
He decided to investigate.

	"Give up your sword!"

	A man dropped from the bridge as Siegfried's raft passed by. This man
must be the thief, Siegfried thought.

	"Surrender that sword! It will make a fine addition." The man demanded.

	"You will get my sword." Siegfried grinned. "In your gullet!"

	He was an assassin for the Ming Dynasty. His life ruined after the
murderer of his beloved Chie, he now steals weapons from every swordsman
that travels the Yangtze River.

	"Chie, Chie..."

	As he groaned with pain, Li Long plunged into the water and got away.

	After defeating the mysterious thief Li Long, Siegfried discovered
numerous stolen swords along the river, Among them was a big Chinese weapon,
"Hard Steel Blade."

The Secret Treasury

	The wealthy and greedy Vercci hid his treasure in a vault at the
bottom of a 50 m pit on an uninhabited island. It is rumored to be

	Siegfried and his band, the Blackwind, once planned to break in to
the secret vault.

	The attempt failed terribly and he lost many of his men.

	"Can Soul Edge really be here?"

	Though wounded by the traps, Siegfried finally reached the pitch-black

	Guarding Vercci's treasure gives Voldo the only reason to live.
Although he is blind and insane from his years in the dark pit, his
assassination techniques are fearful and have killed all those who have
attempted to enter the money pit.

	The traps have left you weak! Fight with what strength you have left!

	Siegfried defeated the guardian Voldo and demanded the "Soul Edge."

	"Where is it foul beast?"

	"Not ... here..." Voldo groaned.

	"That's not true! Talk! Where is Soul Edge? Talk! Talk!" Siegfried
shook him in rage.

	But Voldo was no longer responding.

	He was already dead.

	"The sword must be here. It must be."

	Siegfried thrashed the money pit in search of the legendary sword but
to no avail. The sword was not there. However, Siegfried would not give up.

	Among the ruin of Vercci's vault, Siegfried found a letter which named
the location of "Soul Edge."

	"At last. Finally I can accomplish my revenge."

	He took the "Claymore" and left.

The Final Battle


	Siegfried had found the whereabouts of "Soul Edge." The pirate
Cervantes de Leon once used this Spanish port as a base. His ship was still
anchored nearby.

	Death was thick in the air.

	"Soul Edge, is it here?"

	Siegfried tried to control his excitement, but his body could not stop
shaking as he climbed aboard the Adrian, the ship of Cervantes.

	A short search turned up nothing. He heard something behind him. He

	"Who are you?"

	"Ahhh. Such a lovely, insane soul you have. I must possess it for my

	"What! Who on earth are you?"

	There stood a man holding a pair of strange swords in his hands.

	Cervantes is a great pirate who was once feared by all sailors on the
Atlantic Ocean.

	He went missing several decades ago during the search for Soul Edge as
requested by Vercci.

	Defeat the enemy!

	The great battle is finally over, Siegfried's destiny was right in
front of him.

	He grasped Soul Edge in his blood-stained hands. An incredibly foolish

	The history of massacre within Soul Edge traveled into Siegfried,
consuming his consciousness!

	Anger, sadness, agony, horror...

	Siegfried's emotions were devoured by "Soul Edge."

	He realized too late that the evil swords had invaded him and were
using him for its own purpose. The parasitic swords merged with him.

	Siegfried screamed as his body turned as red as blood. Though, it was
no longer certain he could hear his own screams.

	Time has passed since then and the world had regained peace for a

	But now, a horror appears on the cliff high above a quiet German

	There, in the moonlight, stands a red knight clutching two evil

7.08 - Sophitia

	Greece, the birthplace of Cretaceous culture. The people's beliefs
are starting to change to the new ways, but the ancient Gods live on in
their arts and mythologies.

	Sophitia is a tidy girl who works in a small bakery in Athens. She
cherishes the mythical world of her ancestors.

	She often prayed to the goddess Pallas Athena, guardian of her town
and embodiment of wisdom and prudent warfare. Her prayers have not been

	One morning, as she bathed in a forest spring, a dazzling light shined
in front of her. The light formed the shape of a man.

	As she stood amazed by the sight, the man told her that he was
Hephaestus, the god of Forge. One of the twelve Olympian Gods.

	"I'm only a mere mortal. What can I do for you? "

	"Do not fear. I only want you to receive my oracle."

	"Among all the weapons that mankind has created, one sword has grabbed
the attention of the gods. The sword is true evil. It was forged blindly
and now sucks up the hatred and pain of its victims. Many 'deceived' seek
this wicked weapon."

	"If any of them find it, disaster will surely follow. I will not let
a creation of the forge such as this ruin my reputation. I want you to find
that wicked sword before anybody else and destroy it."

	The importance of this task was clear and she desired to undertake it,
but still she was filled with self-doubt.

	"But I'm just a mere mortal. Can I fulfill such a big task?"

	"You are not as weak as you think. Obtain a mighty weapon and you can
save your kind. I have heard of you from Pallas Athena. She says you still
believe in the Olympians. That's why I chose you. No other except you can
hear our oracles anymore."

	"Do not worry. Come to my temple. I will grant you the best arms and
Athena will always be with you."

	Hephaestus then left. Silence returned to the spring.

	Sophitia went home and equipped herself for the journey. She left
home before the rosy-fingered dawn arose. May she have the protection of
the Goddess of Victory, Nike.

Eurydice Shrine

	This temple was designed and constructed by the god of Forge,
Hephaestus, one of twelve Olympian Gods. It recently lay in ruin, but due
to the power of Sophitia's faith it has been restored to its former glory.

	Sophitia arrived at the temple and received the blessed sword
and shield from the god of metalworking.

	"Survive your first trial!"

	The voice echoed in the temple. Lightning flashed and another Sophitia
appeared before her!

	She is a duplicate of Sophitia created by the god of Forge, Hephaestus
to test her.

	She looks just like Sophitia down to the armour she wears, but
Hephaestus controls her.

	Sophitia overcame the god's trial.

	"Well done, Sophitia."

	"You will travel the world and waken the deceived with your sword.
Good luck..."

	She realized she had been transported to a new and strange land...

Unknown Land

	A savanna in North America. In the middle of a gigantic crater, a
mysterious group of megaliths lie.

	The natives fear the area, so nobody comes here. Is it a site of

	In this strange place Sophitia met a man. He gazed at her sword and
shield and then raised his large ax.

	"Put down your weapons!"

	At the that moment, she heard Hephaestus' voice. "Beat him!"

	"Yes, Hephaestus..."

	Rock was orphaned while a child. He wandered about the New World and
acquired the skills to survive in the wild. He met a foreign female
swordsman and challenged her to a fight for her beautiful weapons.

	Sophitia knocked Rock off the megalith. The big man fainted away.
The God spoke again. "Sophitia, you are getting better. I shall give you

	He gave her the "Gaea Sword" which provides protection from the
goddess of the earth. She headed West...

The Shrine of Confined Demons

	This shrine is surrounded by bamboo. It used to hold in "Fury-Demons."
There was once a ring of protection around this place but it has since
been broken. These Demons now prey on passing travelers.

	Sophitia came to this shrine on Oni Isle to suppress the evil that
lives here.

	As she approached the shrine, a foul creature materialized before her.
It breathed heavily and reeked of evil.

	"Gods, please protect me."

	To fulfill his dead master Vercci's will, Voldo searched for
"Soul Edge." As he approached the shrine, he was possessed by a Fury-Demon
and has now become one.

	As Sophitia beat Voldo, he was freed from the spell. She gave Voldo's
evil weapon to Hephaestus. As a reward, he gave her the "Sword Breaker."

Ancient Temple

	Mount Chii towers over the southern edge of the Korean Peninsula.
There is a historic temple at the foot of the mountain.

	It is said that the temple was build in the fourth century. The stage
in front of this temple is used for training by the students at Seung's

	A girl called out to Sophitia.

	"You're not from these parts, are you? I see you also carry a sword.
Can you use it?"

	The girl challenged her to a fight with a long sword.

	"Is this a trial?"

	But the Gods did not answer her.

	"I don't wish to fight without a reason."

	Seung Mina is the only daughter of the martial art school teacher
and a master swordsman. She has been in a foul mood since she was rejected
from the coastal defense force and will challenge anyone in a fight.

	Though Sophitia was puzzled by this sudden challenge, she engaged
Seung Mina. Then...

	"Mina! Stop that!"

	"Uh-oh. That's my father. Now I'm in real trouble!"

	Mina turned and ran away from Sophitia. She shouted back as she ran.
"I'll let you go this time!"

	Surprised, Sophitia watched her leave.

The Desert

	There is a desert in the central Asia. It's the hardest part for the
travelers who are crossing the continent overland. Nothing but the ruins
of an ancient Chinese fortresses lay in the sand.


	Sophitia entered the ruins of the fortress. She felt that someone was
sneaking up to her, so she looked back. "Who are you?" "Give me back the
shrine's sword." The stranger said. "What are you talking about?"

	Sophitia was confused as the stranger pounced upon her without

mercy. "It seem there's no way to avoid this fight, is there?"

	She is a ninja who kills demons for a living. She came to this
land following Sophitia to retrieve the weapon taken away from the shrine.
(The sword she gave to Hephaestus.)

	Sophitia repulsed Taki. She took the "Fire Blade" that the ninja
dropped as she ran away.


	There is a secret coliseum where fierce warriors gather from all over
the world. Sophitia arrived at the coliseum in time for the contest.
"Prove yourself and win the prize." The God told her.

	In mortal combat, Sophitia defeated the following three fighters.

	Sophitia got the "Blue Crystal Rod" as a prize.

The Secret Treasury

	The secret treasury that hides the Italian merchant, Vercci's treasures.
It was built on the unknown isolated island at the bottom of a huge pit,
50m deep. It is truly an impregnable "Treasure Island."

	Sophitia avoided the pit's traps and arrived at the secret treasury.
Something poked her from behind.


	"Hi, long time no see."

	Taki, the Japanese Ninja stood behind her.

	Sophitia realized she had been poisoned as the strength left her body.
Taki leapt at her with an unknown weapon.

	She is looking for the "evil sword" in order to strengthen her own
beloved sword. She still believes Sophitia has the evil sword from Japan.

	Sophitia defeated Taki once again. The Ninja fled in shame, leaving
Sophitia alone.

	She took the "Rapier" from the treasury.

   The Capture of
Ostrheinsburg Castle

	Sir Stefan is at war with the Marquis Andre. His "invulnerable" castle
is suffering heavy damage under the Marquis' modern cannonade.

	"There is a young man here who has a deep attachment to the wicked
sword. Save him from being pulled into the dark side."

	Sophitia was led to the castle by the god's voice, where she found
Siegfried, a young swordsman...

	"Listen to me! You are under the wicked sword's control. I can wake

	"Maybe I don't want to wake up!"

	He is looking for the invincible sword "Soul Edge" in order to avenge
his father's death. Presently he is the chief mercenary of the castle

	"Huh, what? ...Fa..father..."

	Siegfried's addled mind cleared as Sophitia freed him from the dark

	She received the "Apollo Sword" that grants protection from the sun

Decisive Battle

	Sophitia tracked down the location of the wicked sword "Soul Edge."
This Spanish port is home to the pirate Cervantes. Ominous silence
reigned all around. The pirate ship, Adrian, lies anchored nearby.

	Once he was the most feared pirate on the Atlantic. Several decades
ago, Cervantes set off towards the New World in search of "Soul Edge" as
requested by Vercci the Italian arms merchant.

	A foul smell hangs in the air. A thirst for blood can be felt here.

	"It's here as I thought. I must be right."

	Sophitia felt an evil presence emanating from the Adrian.

	She trusted the gods' protection and climbed aboard the ship. A
strange man holding two gleaming swords waited for her on deck.

	"The 'Soul Edge!'"

	"I have been awaiting you. You are the girl who received the oracle.
I can't wait to feast on your pure soul!"


	Sophitia yelled and lifted up her Omega Sword high.

	At that moment, a dazzling light encircled her and a thunderbolt
shattered the wicked sword "Soul Edge" into pieces.

	From the light, she could hear the voice of Hephaestus.

	"Thank you for destroying the evil swords."

	As the light around her diminished, her armour, shield and sword
shrank to the size of her palm.

	Then, to the amazed Sophitia the twelve Gods appeared before her and
thanked her for her courage. Hephaestus smiled and they all vanished.

	How long has passed since then? Sophitia now bakes bread with her
sister. The past seems like a dream.

	But, she can still feel the loving eyes of ancient gods upon her.

7.09 - Taki

	Taki is a highly skilled ninja working as a demon hunter. As an
orphan, she was brought up by a ninja master named Toki. She is an expert
spy and a great schemer in this age of the Civil War. Many military
commanders employed ninjas, but Taki works for herself.

	Taki does not have a base of operations for she is one of a ninja
clan now living in seclusion.

	Among this ninja clan, many have extraordinary abilities that have
been lost or forgotten by the general population.

	Having been blessed with supernatural powers, Taki chose to travel
throughout Japan to conquer the evil and vindictive demons who threaten
ordinary people.

	Taki forged her own weapons which she did with great love and care.

	Among all her custom weapons, her favorite was "Rekkimaru" which held
supernatural powers within.

	However, "Rekkimaru's" power had begun to weaken and about this time,
rumours concerning an "Evil Sword" began spreading from southern countries.

	The seal at the shrine which confined the ancient Fury demons was
weakening. Taki was called to solve this problem.

	The shrine was full of evil spirits, demons, and ghosts. "Look at
them all! Nothing like a good challenge."

	She drew her faithful "Rekkimaru" and sliced at the demon leader.

	"What's happened here?"

	The demon still stood before her. After several attacks, the spirit
vanished. She was extremely surprised.

	"This can't be possible. I usually kill these things in one stroke!"

	Her sword "Rekkimaru" was displaying an unusual loss of power.

	After sealing the shrine, Taki began to think about what was
happening. Something was affecting her beloved sword, but what could it be?

	She knew there was no such thing in Japan.

	"What of that rumour of the evil sword, 'Soul Edge'?"

	"The sword must be close. There's no other explanation for this
strange phenomenon."

	Taki decided to investigate this evil sword.

	"If there's even the slightest chance of saving my favorite sword
"Rekkimaru", I would travel the world for it."

The Shrine of Confined Demons

	The Shrine of Confined Demons is surrounded by bamboo. It now
contains demons and spirits sealed in by Taki.

	Taki was told that her seal had broken.

	"So soon?"

	"It is unusual for the seal to be broken so quickly."

	When she returned, Taki saw a demon different to the ones she had
previously sealed away.

	" ... destroy Ninja .... "

	Taki realized that this was a man manipulated by the evil spirit
which filled the shrine.

	Voldo, carrying out the will of his deceased master, Vercci, he left
on a journey to find "Soul Edge."

	Upon reaching the shrine, Voldo was possessed by the evil spirit, his
evilness being magnified by the Fury-Demons.

	After defeating the demon Voldo, Taki sealed his spirit inside her
"Iron Fan."

	"What wonder!" Taki noticed that the "Spiritual Sword" used
to seal the shrine, was missing.

	"Without it, those demons will be released again. I must recover that

The Pirate's Castle

	The headquarters, Noto castle, belongs to Noto-Murakami and the
Setonai pirates (Mouri sea force).

	It is a pirate fortress that occupies the entire island. It has naval
ports and serves as a sea barrier.

	Taki heard of a Demon-Slaying samurai, Mitsurugi. She went after him,
hoping to recover the "Spiritual Sword." She arrived at the castle.

	"He must be the one!"

	The samurai guarding the castle had Taki's sword at his belt.

	"Who's there? Come out!" he said.

	"You! Heishiro Mitsurugi!

	Give me back the sword from the shrine"

	Taki leapt to the attack.

	He is a great samurai with a taste for collecting swords. While
planning a worldwide search for "Soul Edge," Mitsurugi was hired to guard
the castle in exchange for using Noto's ship.

	Taki defeated Mitsurugi and repossessed her sword. The other guards
chased her but she eluded them and returned to the empty castle where she
took "Mekki Maru," the treasure sword with power to break evil spirits.

	She returned to the shrine and re-sealed it, then headed off to find
information on the evil sword.

The Narrow Gorge

	The deep and narrow gorge called "San Kyo" is located in the middle
reaches of Yangtze River, one of the great rivers of China.

	Arriving on the continent, Taki heard further rumors of "Soul Edge."

	Traveling down the river on a raft, surrounded by sheer cliffs, she
heard a man's voice echoing in the deep fog.

	"You! I heard you're looking for 'Soul Edge.'"

	The next opponent, a man with a fearsome smile and strange looking
weapon jumped on the raft.

	"Sorry, but I must find that sword first!"

	Li Long is a royal assassin who was sent to Japan. He returned only
to find his lover, Chie, murdered. He searches for "Soul Edge" hoping it
will lead him to her killer.

	Taki defeated the skillful Li Long in battle.


	Li Long uttered as he threw himself into the river and disappeared.
"A very skilled opponent. I guess he was more than just a thief."

	Taki continued her journey to find evil sword.

The Fighting Arena

	This is a secret fighting arena attracting strong men from all over
the world.

	Taki arrived here during her journey and entered the contest.

	More opponents to be announced.

	Despite the odds, Taki defeated all the swordsmen and won the weapon

Eurydice Shrine

	It is said that this temple was built by the God of Forge, Hephaestus

	There is a rumor that a girl who received a revelation at a forest
lake was given a "Divine Weapon" in this temple.

	The temple was tranquil inside. In the center of the stage, there was
a girl praying to the heavens. Taki tried to sneak up on her without being
noticed, but the girl caught her.

	"You too are searching for "Soul Edge," aren't you?"

	"What if I am?" Taki replied.

	"If you want it, you must challenge me first."

	The girl turned around and her sword radiated with powerful rays of

	Sophitia is the girl who received the divine revelation from the God
of Forge. She prevents misfortune caused by the evil sword, and has received
her own sword and shield tempered by the god himself for the very
destruction of this evil thing.

	Taki defeated both Sophitia and her double.

	As Taki picked up Sophitia's "Gaea Sword", she felt the will of the
God of Forge.

	"Destroy 'Soul Edge!'" A voice said.

     Attack on
Ostrheinsburg Castle

	This is the castle where the knight Stefan, who has been at war
against Marquis Andre resides. He had bragged of his invincibility but is
now suffering defeat from the enemy's cannon attack.

	It is said that he has collected weaponry from all over the world.

	As the cannons continued their bombardment, Taki snuck into the
enormous Ostrheinsburg castle.

	But, a young swordsman holding a huge sword blocked her way from the
main tower.

	"No one is allowed past this point!" the knight said.

	"I have no time to play with a kid like you." Taki remarked.

	"Why you impetuous female...!"

	Siegfried is a young mercenary who participates in one war after
another. He too seeks "Soul Edge" hoping to avenging his father's death. He
is currently the mercenary captain guarding the castle.

	The castle will fall tonight. Defeat the enemy before sunset.

	After defeating the young Siegfried, Taki discovered a weapon
traditionally used by the ninja called "Kunai."

The Money Pit

	In an isolated island, there is a secret storage place where the
millionaire Vercci keeps his fortune. It has a 50 meter deep pit and some
under water traps for preventing invasions. This is indeed an impregnable
treasure island.

	Knowing of the island from Voldo, Taki landed on shore and penetrated
the secret storage place.

	She was attacked from the behind and injured. Gradually she felt her
body grow numb.

	"What's happening to me?" she cried.

	"Time for you to take a nap."

	There, stood a familiar man.

	After his humiliating defeat by Taki on the Yangtze river, Li Long
has thought of nothing but revenge, trailing her here even past all of the
perilous traps!

	Li Long's attack was more furious ever. Though poisoned, Taki still
won with her awesome skills.

	Taki found and took the antidote. She searched for "Soul Edge," but
found the weapon "Tanto" instead. The, she left the accursed island.

The New continent

	In a savanna in North America, there is a huge crater with a forest
of giant stones in the center. The natives called it "sacred," but were
afraid to visit the place.

	Taki had heard of the story of the pirate who some thirty years ago
found "Soul Edge" off the coast of the New World.

	To find out the truth, she sailed across the Atlantic and arrived on
the continent.

	After wandering about, Taki encountered a man. He reacted violently
when she uttered the word, "Soul Edge?"

	"--Soul Edge!!"

	The man suddenly attacked Taki!

	An orphan, wandering around the new continent, Rock learned skills for
survival in the wild. Rock is looking for "Soul Edge," the key to regaining
his lost memory.

	Taki used her ninja skills to knock the giant Rock off the cliff.

	After talking with the locals, Taki found that the pirate had not
been seen on land. She started back for Europe.

The Final Battle

	Not finding him in the New World, Taki decided to investigate
Cervantes' Spanish port base.

	Taki had never seen "Rekkimaru" had been growing more and more fragile.

	"This time I must be close!"

	After searching the port, Taki saw a man holding two swords on the
deck of an anchored ship.

	"You've finally found me! I'll take your sword's power and your soul!"

	He was the pirate once feared by all shipping on the entire Atlantic
Ocean. He has not been seen since he under took a mission to find "Soul Edge"
on the order of Vercci, the Italian weapons merchant.

	This was the cause of the disturbance. "This man, Cervantes, doesn't

look alive. What an awful smell! If he is not a mortal man, the what is he?"

	Her sword, "Rekkimaru", which she created and dedicated her life to,
shattered into pieces! Not even a powerful enemy like a Fury-Demon was
that strong.

	The demons rejoiced at the destruction of Taki's sword and swarmed
after her to avenge their humiliation at her hands. Taki grabbed "Soul Edge"
and with a simple wave, the demons quickly disappeared.

	"Now this could be useful!"

	Taki realized that she held a powerful weapon. But to wield great
power requires control, lest she become like Cervantes. Within a half year,
she was able to forge the weapon into an obedient servant, melding it with
her beloved "Rekkimaru".

	Not long after, the ultimate challenge arose as the Fury-Demons once

again tried to come forth into the mortal's world.

	Taki, with new weapon in hand, met them in combat and destroyed the
demons once and for all!

7.10 - Voldo

	After the Discovery of the new world, Europe entered a new era of
trade, art and wars driven by colonization and conquest.

	The time was right for merchants to make a fortune.

	One such Italian merchant dealt with the invincible Spanish Armada and
grew rich from supplying weapons. He became known as "The Merchant of Death."

	"You will bring me the legendary swords, 'Soul Edge!'"

	This merchant, named Vercci, heard the whispered rumors of "an object
that would satisfy every earthly desire." He started a scheme to find the
mystical weapons.

	Vercci's younger brothers opposed his plan. Strange how they were soon
recruited into the army and out of his way. He promoted his right-hand man,
Voldo, to lead the search instead.

	Vercci used every means necessary to track down "Soul Edge." Mercenary
armies searched the land for him, and when that didn't work, cut-throats and
pirates scoured the seven seas; but to no avail...

	Growing furious with his aides, Vercci decided to lead the search
himself and took his fleet to sea.

	He took his fleet around the Cape of Good Hope and headed east. Along
the way, he acquired rare exotic arms and riches at Easter ports. Then, he
received the news.

	"No! This cannot be!"

	In his homeland, war had broken out between the two great powers.
"The Italian Wars."

	The flames of war had finally reached the politically unstable Italy.
Ironically, the target of these invaders was the "Merchant of Death"
himself. To return would be suicide.

	Vercci's home had been seized and destroyed. All his wealth was gone.
All he had left was his fleet and their treasures. His anger turned into
real madness.

	"I will not lose my treasure! They'll never find it!"

	Vercci and his fleet sailed to an uninhabited island. His crew dug a
massive pit. A vault, guarded with deadly traps, housed Vercci's remaining
treasure and weapons. Voldo then executed the crew, lest they give away
the vault's location. For his loyalty, he was sealed alive inside the vault.

	By the time the vault was finished and sealed, the "Italian Wars" had

	But Vercci never made it back to Italy alive.

	Voldo went blind and insane from his years in the pit. His only reason
for being was to guard Vercci's secret treasury.

	Only Voldo's talent for murder remained keen after all those lonely

The Secret Treasury

	This secret money pit is where the millionaire Vercci stores his
fortune. Lying at the bottom of a 50 meter pit on a desert island surrounded
by deadly rip-tides, this treasure island is indeed impregnable.

	The ghostly voice of the long-dead Vercci rung in Voldo's ears.

	"Voldo, protect my treasure!"

	Sophitia received the divine revelation from the God of Forge,
Hephaestus. She received her sword and shield from the God himself.

	Voldo enjoyed slaying the intruder Sophitia. The voice of his master
spoke again.

	"Well done, Voldo. Feel free to use another weapon from my treasury."

	Voldo selected the razor-sharp "Full Moon."


	Another foolhardy adventurer made his way into the Money Pit.

	Voldo kneeled at Vercci's throne and uttered a promise.

	"Master, I will slay him."

	An excellent student in Seung's school, Hwang has been commissioned by
the coastal defense force to find the "Patriot Sword - Soul Edge." His
travels have ended up here.

	The pieces of Hwang had not cooled when the voice returned to Voldo's


	Even to his addled mind, these words have great meaning.

	Finally, Voldo recalls Vercci's vain search for the powerful weapon.

	"Bring  me Soul Edge!"

	"Master, I will not fail you. I will find your 'Soul Edge.'"

	Recalling Vercci's information on the legendary weapons, he leaves the
pit for the first time in decades in search of the swords.

Capturing Ostrheinsburg

	The castle of the Knight Stefan is being hard pressed as he vainly
defends against a siege by Marquis Andre and his powerful cannons.

	The castle is said to contain weapons from all over the world.

	Voldo carved his way through the enemy's troops as he headed for the
front gate. The castle shuddered from impacting fireballs.

	A young swordsman with a huge sword blocked Voldo's way to the tower.

	"Monster! You may not take a step further!"

	Voldo snarled and muttered.


	Seeking revenge for his father's death, Siegfried searches for
"Soul Edge." He presently is the captain of the Stefan's mercenaries.

	After a vicious battle, Voldo slew Siegfried. Stefan's armoury did not
hold "Soul Edge." Voldo took the "Iron Claw" instead.

	"Cervantes de Leon"

	The Spanish port was once flourishing but now lies quiet. Voldo
remembered meeting with Cervantes, a pirate hired by Vercci to find
"Soul Edge." Maybe he had the swords.

	On the foul ship, Voldo found a man with a pair of curious swords and
a wicked grin. The swords glowed intensely.

	"Ah, yes. Vercci. I have his swords. Too bad he is dead. Now join him!"

	"Soul Edge!" Voldo growled and sprung like a panther to the attack!

	Once he was the most feared pirate on the seven seas. Upon taking up
Vercci's search for "Soul Edge," Cervantes was never heard of again!

	Voldo fought Cervantes to a stalemate.

	"If I can't kill you," the pirate said, "I will banish you to the ends
of the earth!"

	With a roar and a flash of light Voldo suddenly disappeared!

The Unknown Land

	In a savannah in North America lies a gigantic crater. Mysterious
megaliths cover the area.

	The locals fear this holy area. Nobody ever comes here normally.

	Voldo awoke to find himself in this strange place. Where was

	Voldo wandered around and eventually met a small boy. The boy led him
back to his home and to a big man.

	"Bangoo! Stay away from him!"

	The man shouted and lunged at Voldo.

	Rock was orphaned as a child and grew up in the wilds of North
America. Voldo's strange appearance with his adopted son Bangoo filled him
with fear. He lunged instinctively.

	Rock plummeted off the edge of the megalith.


	Rock groaned and passed out.

	"Rock!" The boy ignored Voldo as he ran to Rock's side.

	Voldo left this strange land and headed east...

The Pirate Fortress


	Noto castle is the headquarters of Noto-Murakami and the Setonai
pirates. (also known as the Mouri sea force) The fortress occupies the
entire island. Naval ports act as a sea barrier as well as keeping the
pirate ships well supplied.

	It is said that rare arms are collected and stored here.

	Voldo arrive by trading ship and sneaked into the castle under the
cover of night.

	As he left the armory, he was discovered by the guard.

	"Wait!" A samurai leapt out to block him.

	"What kind of monster are you? I will find out with my sword!"

	Heishiro Mitsurugi is a samurai who won fame as a master swordsman. He
was planning on traveling overseas in search of "Soul Edge" and was working
as a guard to pay for his passage.

	Mitsurugi suffered a defeat at the hands of Voldo.

	Voldo took the "Guillotine" from the armory and left.

The Canyon

	The gorge, "San Kyo" is located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze,
one of the greatest rivers in China.

	Voldo traveled down the Yangtze on a raft.

	A man's voice echoed down.

	"Surrender your raft and weapons!"

	The man leapt down to the raft, he brandished a strange weapon.

	Voldo almost avoided the man's attack, but its blade nicked his skin.
A numbness started to spread over his body.

	The man's weapon must be poisoned!

	Li is an assassin from the Ming Dynasty. He was on his way to Japan to
kill Mitsurugi and avenge the death of his love, Chie.

	Voldo was weakened by Li Long's poison, but still overcame the
assassin's attack.

	Defeated, Li Long gave Voldo the antidote and the weapon "Poison


	There is a secret arena where fierce warriors gather to battle for rare
and valuable weapons.

	Voldo stumbled upon this hidden place in his travels.

	As Voldo entered the great coliseum, his blind eyes could not read
the sign:


          A WEAPON!


	Voldo was victorious over all four combatants.

	The prize was the "Buffalo Horn."

The Desert

	There is a desert in central Asia. It is the hardest stretch for
travelers to cross.

	Voldo stopped to rest at the ruins of an ancient castle.

	He was suddenly attacked from behind!

	"I was here first! The sword is mine!"

	Voldo reeled from the powerful blow as he turned to face a masked

	Taki is a ninja who kills demons for a living. She believes her own

magic sword "Rekkimaru" is being affected by the evil sword "Soul Edge."
Her search brought her to these ruins.

	Defeat the enemy in this desperate situation !

	Against incredible odds, Voldo still managed to defeat Taki. The ruins
didn't hold "Soul Edge." but Voldo found the weapon "Pata."

	Voldo headed for Spain where Cervantes awaits.

Decisive Battle

	Voldo, once again arrived at Cervantes' Spanish port town.

	Nothing but silence greets his return.

	"Look who is back. Vercci's lap dog. Your devotion to the Death
Merchant will only bring you death!"

	"I was looking for these. Only these were my regret." Voldo found the
swords at last and knelt down slowly.

	He did not remember how to express joy, but he was sure his master
would. Holding "Soul Edge" in his hands, he pressed the swords to his cheek

	When Voldo returned to his "home," he set "Soul Edge" into the place
of honour. His master's weapon collection was completed at last. Voldo felt
a great sense of relief

	Deep underground, there is a throne made of glittering gold and
countless gems. On this throne, sits Voldo, obedient to the new command of
his long-dead master.

	"Guard Soul Edge until the end of time!"

	Voldo still sits...

8.00 - Organizations

	This is a section describing the various organizations in the game.
That's all.

8.01 - Fygul Cestemus Information

	Remember Fygul Cestemus? It's the cult that created Astaroth and
Lizardman, if you've forgotten already. You should really get that memory
thing checked. Well, here it is:

	The ancient cultic religion's calling translates as "the call of the
executioner". The true name of the religion has remained hidden for many

Upper Priest Language -- py argria  Parguria
Lower Priest Language -- pargia (Palgaea)


	The cult's origins are deep in history beginning along the coasts of
the Black Sea in late BC. However the origins remain confused as some
factions before "The Guardian of the Normal Stream" were organized before
the religion melded into Greek mythology. These original factions rejected
the Greek influence and developed their own desires of destruction to
enlightenment and resurrection.

	The cult's entire existence remained underground and thus it was able
to escape the rise of Christianity and the other medieval religions. The
religion gradually faded from history but still grows to this day (16th
century) and developed many unique ideas that seemed to stem from Asian

	The cult's central guardian (god) is Ares the god of destruction and
war. They believed in harnessing the god's power to control life
(resurrection) and sought immortality. During these times the fully body of
"The Guardian of the Normal Stream" extended its hands well into the Middle
East causing outbreaks of war in those regions.

	The statues of snakes seen in the shrine are the remains of the other
gods who control resurrection.


	"Everything in the world is merely a repeat destruction and
resurrection, even the world itself conforms without exception.

	If we resist this stream it would mean the destruction of balance
throughout the whole universe, and thus the loss of balance would mean the
end of all existence.

	This is the true destruction.

	Humans are born, and die without question. This theory maintains the
existence of the human being. And so it to maintains the control of the

	"Therefore we must destroy the present world stuck in stagnation once
and for all."

	They believe they must place this great destruction on the highest
priority. And thus according to the doctrine they too will be destroyed.
Unless they perish the great destruction they seek will not complete its
cycle. The great destruction will see the death of the gods, but the true
gods will be resurrected and then the universe reborn.

	This is the eternal cycle.

	However there are a growing number of believers that interpret the
doctrine to say that they should create the destruction themselves and so
subversive faction are beginning to take root. The has also been a rise in
believers that believe they will be saved at the time of destruction. The
interpretation of this doctrine is of central debate with in the
organization. More and more the arguments among the Arc Priest are becoming


The Grand Priest: 1 person "The great being who sees everything"

Upper Priest Language -- kyumm mrl py eltzk  cummail pyelzuk
Lower Priest Language -- kun petokoo (Kunpaetku)

The Arc Priests: 7 people
7 places of the heavenly bodies: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn. The Earth is the center of the universe and fixed. This is the
place of the Grand Priest.

Twenty or more priests are confirmed in the entire organization. Some of
them serve each Arc Priest. There is some differences in thoughts and
factionism among the Arc Priests.

The numbers of believers can not be confirmed because they do not gather in
one place.


	There are two general languages throughout the organization. Literary
Style and Colloquial Style.

	The Literary Style (Upper Priest language) is the holy language which
the priests use to talk to their lord. Therefore it is only used during high
ceremonies. To speak the scared language in any other case is punishable by
death. This applies to the written verse as well.

	In common ceremonies among the lower priest, such as admissions, the
Colloquial Style (Lower Priest language) is used. The Colloquial is a
simplification of the Literary Style. In high ceremonies such as bringing
new members in to "The Call of the Executioner" the higher Literary Style is

	The history of the languages is long and complex. Present Colloquial
Style was born from the need for the ease of understanding and the
simplification of the Literary Style. The languages are so complex that
typically most priest solely learn the Colloquial Style. Therefore
communication between the various priest is almost always in Colloquial
Style. Most common believers do not even understand the Colloquial Style.
They simply live and believe in the precepts of the religion.

"The Guardian of the Normal Stream"
Upper Priest Language -- py glkks estes mnz  pygluksestes munz
Lower Priest Language -- phygle sestems (Fygul Cestemus)

"Defend" (shifting meaning to "The Way of Defense")
Upper Priest Language -- glkks  gylucks
Lower Priest Language -- gylks (Gyulkus)

"A Creature Resembling a New Human Being"
Upper Priest Language -- azr ss trzaous  as stursa ulous
Lower Priest Language -- a sta ros (Astaroth)

8.02 - Ling-Shen Su Temple and the Holy Trinity

	The three items known as the "Holy Trinity" were stored at this holy
temple. The holy trinity consisted of the Kali-Yuga, Krita-Yuga, and
These sacred treasures were stored in the same place under the careful watch of
temple of monks. Over the course of several hundred years the monks lost all
of the legend as to why they were to protect these items.

	The Krita-Yuga was actually the Holy Sword Soul Calibur in disguise. The
other two items were also strongly connected to the holy blade. The things were
used to strengthen the blade. The sword would revert to it's original unholy
through the consumption of negative energy, so extra caution was required.

	The Kali-Yuga was a staff created to absorb various forms of energy, in
order to strengthen the blade. The mirror, Dvapara-Yuga, maintained the purity
the sword by cleansing it of evil energy. These along with the sword, would
known as the holy trinity.

	It is unknown who brought these treasures to the temple, or why. One old
martial arts master, known only as Edge Master, knew the truth, but he refuses
speak. It seems as though the answers will remain hidden.

	Plenty more temple info in Xianghua and Kilik's respective bios.

9.00 - Glossary

	Need to know a word? Well, here is the best place to look. If there is
a word that you think should be defined here, but isn't, please let me know.
I'm always looking for input. As with any good, self-respecting glossary, this
one is in alphabetical order.

Adrian - Cervantes' ship.

Aeon Calcos - Lizardman's former identity.

alchemy - The immature chemistry of the middle ages centered around the
transmutation of the basic elements, i.e.: iron into gold. Alchemy is
impossible in the real world.

Amy - Raphael's foster daughter.

Ares - God of war/God of destruction.

Bangoo - Rock's foster son.

Black Tail Inn - Cervantes' old hangout, for lack of a better word.

Blackwind - See "Schwarzwind."

Chaos - Inferno's lair/home.

Chie - Li Long's mute love interest.

Doki - Geki's assistant.

Edward - Thanks for some SC3 profile info, and the link for where to get more.

Evil Seed - The pillar of light that appeared when Nightmare was created. It
drove a lot of people insane.

Frederick - Siegfried's father.

fusui-ban - An octagonal disk used for fortune telling based on fusui, a
type of Chinese secret magic or logic depending on the translation). Fusui
literally means "winds and waters", and it's core purpose it to read the
streams of ki in nature and control them.

Fygul Cestemus - The heretical order that Lizardman and Astaroth belong to.
There's a whole section on it above. Check the table of contents.

Gaki - Geki's assistant.

GCN - The abbreviation for GameCube. GameCube Nintendo

Geki - Toki's right-hand man.

Gel-O-Fury - A demon that was sealed in the Bamboo Forest, but gained enough
power from the evil seed to escape and hide in Hoko Temple.

Grand Shrine of Palgaea - The main temple of the cult, Fygul Cestemus.

Hachibei - Chie's father and a former Fu-Ma member.

Hephaestus - The Roman god of fire and smithery. He plays an important role
in Sophitia's story.

katana-gari - The sword hunting policy to take swords away from people other
than nobles. Until then, there was no set border between samurai (soldiers),
sho-nin (merchants) and no-min (farmers). Thus people like Mitsurugi, who
were once a peasants, could take up the sword. Once the policy went into
effect farmers could not bear katana and thus the caste system became more

Kong Xiqiang - Xianghua's estranged father who used to live at Li-Seng Shu

Ker - The agent of death, and Ares' servant, who now resides inside of

Kunpaetku - Grand Priest of Fygul Cestemus.

Kyam - Maxi's sworn brother. Killed by Astaroth.

Lee Sun Shin - Admiral of the Korean Coastal Defense Force. Childhood friend
of Seung Han Myong.

Li-Seng Shu Temple - Kilik's temple and home. When the Evil Seed spread,
the people in the temple went insane and killed each other.

Manji Clan - Yoshimitsu's clan of ninjas that was wiped out by Oda Nobunaga.

New World - The Americas.

Nuke-Nin - A ninja that leaves it's clan without permission. Can also be
called a "Shinobi."

Phillip Leon - Cervantes' father.

PS2 - The Abbreviation of Play Station 2.

ronin - A ronin is a samurai without a lord.

roto13 - That would be me.

sake - Traditional Japanese rice wine.

SB - Short for Soul Blade, the first Soul game. Released on Playstation.

SC1 - Short for Soul Calibur 1. Released for Sega's Ill-fated Dreamcast.

SC2 - Short for Soul Calibur 2. Released on the big three consoles.

SC3 - Short for Soul Calibur 3. Playstation 2 exclusive. Rushed and buggy,
as much as it pains me to say that. For the love of god, back up your save
file! And turn off auot-save. And don't soft reset (start+select).

Seung Han Myong - Leader of the Seung Dojo, where Hwang and Yunsung train.
Also, Seung Mina's father.

Schwarzwind - Siegfried's band of thieves.

Shigeru Miyamoto - Link's real-life creator.

snake sword - Ivy's one of a kind sword that acts as a whip as well as a

Soul Calibur - The good anti-Soul Edge, and the best fighting game series

Soul Edge - Soul Edge is the evil sword that the entire story is based

Soul Embrace - The term used to refer to the fusion of Soul Calibur and Soul
Edge in SC3.

Tagalog - the official language of the Philippines.

Tanegashima - The rifle that beat Mitsurugi.

Tekken - Another Namco fighting game series. Yoshimitsu and Heihachi are
originally from Tekken.

Toki - Leader of the Fu-Ma clan of ninjas that Taki used to belong to.

Xianglian - Kilik's sworn sister, Xianghua's actual sister, whom she never
knew about.

Yagazzi - One of Maxi's crew that was killed by Astaroth.

10.00 - More Random Facts

	Here are some more Random Facts that don't really fit in the profiles.

	If you're wondering how the games differ, I'll tell you. The game
engine from SC1 is also used in SC2, except Guard Impacting is easier to do.
SB's engine was very different. It's a lot like Tekken, and there is no
guard impacting. In SB, you can lose your weapon, there's no Soul Charging,
and no 8-way running. As you would expect, the graphics improve as the
series progresses, (not that SC1 looked crappy, or anything). The character
models for some characters have changed more than others (notably Sophitia,
Seung Mina, Xianghua, Kilik, Nightmare, Taki, Lizardman, Yoshimitsu and
Inferno). All characters have new moves in SC2. Some remain very similar to
what they were (like Voldo) while some are rebuilt from the ground up (like
Ivy). SC2 has higher difficulty levels than SC1. You unlock things in SC1 by

finishing Arcade mode and buying art gallery cards. There were only three
weapons for each character in SC1, and they all had the same effect. As the
series moves forward, the characters get more balanced. SB was way out of
whack, with some characters being infinitely better than others. SC1 was
pretty well balanced, except for Cervantes, who stood out. In SC2, the
characters from the arcade version are more even than ever, but a few home
characters (Spawn and Necrid. The McFarlane mistakes) are cheap and others
(Sophitia and Heihachi) seem to be at a permanent disadvantage. In the past,
all of the characters had their own stages. In SC2, however, many characters
share a stage (Mitsurugi and Xianghua, Voldo and Maxi...).

	There are Game Shark codes for SB that allow you to play as more
characters, like Bangoo, (Except it's Seung Mina, with her name changed to
"Bangu.") You can find them all here:

I've never tried them, but apparently they only work on version 1.1 of the

	What's up with the weird spellings of the important weapons? In SB,
Soul Edge was spelled SoulEdge, and on the back of the Soul Calibur 2 case,
(At least the GCN case, I don't know about the other two) Soul Calibur is
spelled Soulcalibur. What the hell?

	Some characters may seem a little young to be doing the things that
they do, but they're not, really. The fact that the only one who is married
is Sophitia is actually the weird thing. By 16th century standards, Ivy is
an old maid. Did you know that Romeo and Juliet were 12 years old? It's
things like this that justify 15-year-olds going on life-or-death quests.

	You can see head-shots of Hwang, Rock and the gang in the opening of
Weapons Master Mode in Soul Calibur 2.

	In Soul Blade you can play as Seung Han Myong, but he has all of the
same moves as Hwang. He's just faster.

	The arcade version of SC1 allowed you to make your character
transparent. This feature was replaced with a metallic coating in SC1 for

	Here's an interesting excerpt from an old Tips and Tricks magazine
that you may find interesting. It's dated March 1998:

		"A brand new Namco fighting game coin-op is in the works.
	according to the company, the game has yet to be named. It is not a
	sequel to Soul Edge, but rather, a completely new fight fest. It is
	weapons-based, and does feature a couple of returning characters from
	Soul Edge, but Namco assures us that the similarities end there. Look
	for a big n' tasty preview next issue!"

As you may have guessed, this is a Soul Calibur preview (I can be sure
because of the screen shots that were published with the article. One of
Mitsurugi and one of Xianghua.) Yep. It seems that Soul Calibur 1 was
originally going to be pretty different. Unless by "...a couple of returning
characters..." they mean "All but two." (All but one in the home version.)
As you can see, it ended up not being so "completely new" after all. Hey,
who's complaining? Except for the fighting engine, which I suppose is
pretty important.

	In Soul Calibur 2, when your weapon hits the wall, it will spark and
make a little scraping noise. I never noticed this until today. It's such a
small detail.

	Hoko Temple (SC1) was built in 1589, and this series takes place in
the 16th century. That means that it must take place somewhere in the 1590's.
Unless it started in the 16th century, and continues on into the 17th century,
taking place exactly 400 years before the release dates of the games. The
differences in time in the story of the first few games are the same as the
amount of time between their releases...

	For some reason they edited the weapon appearances when they
translated Soul Blade for American audiences. At least, that's what
newsboy64 tells me.

	I suppose that, before Soul Calibur 1, Siegfried didn't actually kill
Cervantes' corpse, so much as Cervantes' corpse became Inferno and Siegfried
defeated it. That's what it looks like in the art gallery, except the thing
that Siegfried is shown fighting has a skull. And it makes sense. Of course,
it could just be Cervantes on fire.

	All of the weapon exhibitions in SC2 for characters that were in SC1
are exactly the same. How boring. Blah.

	In SC1, you could see a weapon demonstration if you left the title
screen alone for long enough. One cool thing about this, was that you could
see a character's alternate stage, depending on what time of the day or the
year it is in real life. Like, if you saw Mitsurugi's demonstration between

December and February, you would see it at Takamatsu castle in the winter.
If you saw Hwang's between 7:00PM and 4:59 AM, you could see the Silk Road
Ruins at night. It was pretty cool.

	I've heard that the Japanese version of SC1 had online features. I
don't know what they were, though. There are none in the American version.

	In Soul Blade, there was a hidden option to change the colour of
Sophitia and Seung Mina's panties. You could do it for Sophitia in the
Japanese version of Soul Calibur as well.

	In SC1, any characters that had the same weapon (i.e., Rock and
Astaroth) also had the same weapon demonstration. Very uncreative. Lizardman
was the exception, however, as his demonstration was just him jumping off a
statue into the water.

	I read somewhere that none of the secret characters were playable in
the arcade version of SC 2, and they only appeared in destined battles, so

Sophitia, Seung Mina and Necrid weren't in it at all.

	Lizardman, Assassin and Berserker were not in any other version of SC2
but the North American home version (well, the other non-Japanese home
versions). Lizardman is the same as he was before, Assassin has all of
Hwang's moves, and Berserker has all of Rock's moves. Now go find move lists
for them in the Soul Calibur 1 section of GameFaqs. You didn't expect me to
give them to you, did you? This isn't that kind of guide.

	In Soul Blade, side stepping was a double tap motion. horrible.

	In Soul Blade, there is an Edge Master mode. It is a lot like Weapons
Master and Mission Mode, except each character has his or her own save file
and a different ending. There are a few other differences as well, like
earning weapons by beating levels, as opposed to buying them. Also, as you
beat levels, you unlock more of a story book type thing (See section 5). The
Edge Master endings are a lot like the endings in the arcade versions of
later games. Just a few illustrations with some text.

	You could jump in SB. Not like that sissy dodge-jump thing you do in
SC1 and 2, either. I mean leap-tall-buildings-in-a-single-bound type of

	I miss the Soul Calibur 1 Art Gallery. The one in SC2 is o.k., but the
old one was much better. You could buy over 300 art cards by spending points,
like in SC2. You could unlock new things by buying new art cards. There was
even a Fan Art gallery. My favourites include a picture of Xianghua using
Soul Calibur as a weenie fork, and a picture of what Astaroth's head would
look like if it were a chestnut. There was a really cool picture of the
massacre at Li-Seng Shu Temple, and a great one of Yoshimitsu standing
outside a paper-walled building where his clan was murdered.

	In Soul Blade, there was a meter that showed your weapon damage, and
if it emptied, your weapon would break, and you would have to finish the
match unarmed. I kind of like this idea, as it helps against opponents who
block too much. On the other hand, the idea of fighting Inferno on the
hardest difficulty with my bare hands scares me quite a bit.

	In Soul Blade, you could do critical attacks. These were four hit
combos that would eat up a third of your weapon energy. If you put in certain
button combinations during these attacks, you could extend them.

11.00 - Notes

	Here are some random facts that aren't about the story, but are
instead about the guide or something else.

	Do the Tekken and Soul games have anything to do with each other?
Heihachi probably doesn't exist in the Soul story, but it seems very
possible that the band of thieves that Yoshimitsu starts in Soul Calibur
could very well be the clan that Tekken Yoshimitsu belongs to. If there are
any other connections, could somebody let me know?

	I'd like to have an ASCII art for the end of the guide. If anyone
wants to send me one, that would be great. I'll credit you near the art
itself, and also in the credits section. It doesn't have to really be Soul
Calibur related, but I'd like it to at least fit in with the theme of the
guide. A sword & shield or a book or something would be great.

	I've gotten a few letters that ask who my favourite characters are.
Well, I guess I'll just stick them here. My best and favourite character in
all three games is Mitsurugi. You may have guessed that already. I also like
to play as Xianghua and Siegfried in Soul Calibur 1, and as Link, Taki and
Ivy in Soul Calibur 2. Now, I don't play as the last two for the reason
you're thinking. I play as Taki because quick characters are fun, and I play
as Ivy because of her uber cool moves. You know, if you master Ivy, many
consider her to be the best character in the game. It's hard to do, though.
I haven't done it. Well, there you go. Now you know.

	I'm always looking for suggestions or corrections. Even questions. If
I get enough, maybe I'll write an FAQ section to this... umm... FAQ. My
e-mail address is at the top of the FAQ, or, if you're feeling lazy, in the
conclusion section.

	The names of family members of the main characters were mostly spelled
differently in Soul Blade. Any names listed here are the names given in the
Soul Calibur games.

	Some of the birth dates for characters are different in Soul Blade
than in later games. The listed dates are the ones from the Soul Calibur
games, not Soul Blade.

	I don't really mind it when people use my guide on their site. I
would, however, appreciate an e-mail letting me know. I don't personally
update this guide on any other site besides, however, so
that is where the most recent version of the guide can always be found. If
you do use my guide on your site, please don't change it. Keep it in the
same form that you got it in.

12.00 - Credits

	If you contributed to this guide and you aren't listed in this section,
I must have forgotten to put you in here. Sorry. Just send me a note to
remind me, Okay? I'll stick you in here. Unless you weren't the first person
to send in that particular bit of info. If I listed everyone who told me
about my mistakes with the names of Sophitia's parents, for example, I'd be
typing for an hour. Also, don't forget that I'm always looking for info.
Feel free to drop me a line with storyline stuff, spelling corrections,
questions, bank account information, comments, etc. My e-mail address is
in random parts of the guide. Like here for example:
Here's the contributor list, in alphabetical order:

Absolutely Nobody - Thanks so very much for correcting my spelling of
Nobunaga. Nobunga my bum....

BjornKrigare - Thanks for pointing out that bit of Mitsurugi info, and for
giving me that sweet sig and avatar. You rock, dude!

black dragon - Thanks for hosting my guide, and for running a pretty cool site.

Christine Kao - Thanks for unknowingly telling me what Xianghua's name means.

C L O U D - Thanks for pointing out that Nightmare's second player weapon in
Soul Calibur 2 is Siegfried's Soul Edge from Soul Blade. Yes, I got your
e-mails, but for some reason I can't reply to you...

cloud_from_ff7 - Thanks for correcting me about Nightmare's SC2 ending.

cz_230 - Thank you for telling me that some of the characters in SC1 have
different destined battles if you play as them before their destined battle
is unlocked.

d5385 - Thank you for the Star Wars info, among other things.

dirtygnom - Thanks for correcting me about Cervantes. Some things are just out 
of date.

Everybody who told me that I had the names of the Greek Gods wrong. - Stop
writing to me

Everyone who sent me Kuma info - Thanks, but I only needed one person to
tell me, and I heard from *Mega* Tonberry first.

GameFAQs - Thanks for hosting this guide, and for banning me from the site.

gotikfl4sh - Lots of random facts. Thanks a lot. I tried to e-mail you, but
the pc froze. Sorry.

Grim Folse - Shi means death. Got it. Thanks.

icancount2one - Thanks for "clearing up" the meaning of "namu" in
Yoshimitsu's bio. (Sorry if I sounded sarcastic when I said "long-winded.")

lady belnas - Thanks for that list of Tagalog words for Talim's random
facts. If you come up with any more, send them to me. I'll add them. (only
send me ones that are in the game, of course.)

magik_emperor - Thanks for that little bit of Yoshimitsu info, about his 2nd
SC1 costume.

Mega Lan - Thanks for the Yoshimitsu info.

*Mega* Tonberry - Thanks for telling me about Kuma.

miracleft - While you didn't really offer a whole lot to the guide (you just
pointed out that Siegfried probably defeated Inferno at the end of Soul Blade)
I want to thank you for the ego boost that came disguised as a letter :) .
It certainly is the most polite one I've seen thus far.

Namco - Although I always find it really dumb when somebody writes an FAQ
and thanks the developer of the game, (I bought the damn thing, that should
be thanks enough) I want to thank Namco for creating a complex storyline
that is actually deeper than some RPG storylines. I would also like to scold
them for letting Todd McFarlane anywhere near this game. Emo bastard.

NeoSeeker - Thanks for (or, rather, you're welcome for letting you) host this

NESSMASTERSSBM - Thanks for describing Heihachis destined battle scene.

newsboy64 - Thanks for a miniscule amount of non-storyline related info on
Yoshimitsu ;). Oh, and for another bit of Soul Blade info. (Every little bit

Night_Trekker - Thanks for that long letter with all the Soul Blade info in
it. I'd appreciate those links you mentioned. Feel free to send them to me.
I'd like to post them here, assuming they're legal.

Shirdel - Yeah, you're probably right. Zasalamel is probably Babylonian. 
Thanks for the other tips as well.

SnakeX06 - You didn't even know I was going to use that info you posted
randomly. Thanks, anyway.

Sunset Kid - Thanks for the Mitsurugi and fencing info.

the Omniscient Shadow - Thanks for sending me the ASCII art. I lost it for a
while (oops!), but then I added some stuff and put it at the bottom of the

rckcasbah - Thanks for telling me that Heihachi has a grandson.

red_____dragon - Thanks for pointing out the music in Raphael's stage.
That's 5 underscores, right?

roake78 - Thanks for pointing out that Cervantes mistake.

Sacharja - Thanks for BRINGING SHAME UPON OUR FAMILY!!!! And for correcting me
about Zweihanders and whatever.

ssj3songoku_03 - Thanks for giving me the address for the official Bios.

solo745 - Thanks for telling me that Talim is Philippino.

StoryLINER910do - Thanks for pointing out the Siegfried robe from Baten Kaitos.

Tempest Stormwind - I'd like to give a big thanks to this person. He gave me
all of the Soul Blade endings, and some other Soul Blade info as well.

ubicon - Thanks for helping me with the whole spell-check thing. It was very
nice of you to take time away from ruling the world to help me out with that.
You omnipotent giant, you.

Unisock - Thanks for sending that bit of SoulEdge info, as well as the
additional info for Ostrheinsburg Castle, and some Star Wars info.

vampire-space-piggy - For actually giving me his copy of Soul Blade for the
sake of the guide.

13.00 - Conclusion

	The old conclusion was like two years out of date so I deleted it and
I can't be assed to write a new one right now. I can be assed to beg for DLC,
though. If anyone wants to donate some to me, let me know. I have absolutely
nothing to trade. :P

	O.K., then. Bye for now, so get off my lawn before I call the cops.

14.00 - Copyright

	Copyright 2004 roto13.

	The use of Soul Blade, Soul Calibur, Sony, Namco, Nintendo, Microsoft,
or any other Trademarks in this document is not a challenge to those
Trademarks and are used without permission.

	This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide
on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

	Permission is granted to the following websites to distribute this
document, as is, in their normal FAQ download areas: <-- The best place to find the latest version

	The content of this guide is permitted for use on:

	Any questions or comments regarding this guide should be e-mailed to

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