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Follow the dark path or use the light

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

How do you deafeat the final boss, Raem?

Koroneco asks:
Added Jul 2nd 2007, ID #90227

Question for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

How do you deafeat the final boss, Raem?



Best Answer

Cerderius answered:
Added 6th Jul 2007, ID #198284

You face each other at last. Raem here has 300 HP, and basically one slash equals
One point of damage. Oh, yay. That means you have to hit Raem 300 times before he
Perishes. However, this can actually be an easy battle, despite the fact that it
Might take you a half-hour to beat. However, using the strategy I'll list below, I
Didn't have to use one Phoenix Down. Okay, Raem has six evil attacks, but let me
Tell you about the Minions that wander around first. There are two Minions here, a
Red Minion and a Blue Minion. The Red Minion is stronger, and has 24 HP while the
Blue Minion is weak and has only 15 HP. If you defeat both, two more will appear
Quickly. Therefore, you must defeat only one. Can you guess which one you'll want to

Go for the Red Minion before you lay a finger on Raem, and avoid attacking the Blue
Minion at all costs. Once the Red Minion is down, you can begin fighting with Raem.
If you are playing with two, three, or four people, then try to cast Slowga or Stop
On the Blue Minion to keep it from attacking you as much. Raem keeps his wings
Spread out for pretty much the entire battle, revealing his vulnerable spot, which
Is his face. His wings are very dangerous, since they spit out Magicite Bubbles.
There are blue bubbles, red bubbles, and purple bubbles. Remember the Giant Crab,
Where it spit out bubbles to cast slow on you? Well, these are just like those. They
Move slowly, although they home in on you and two are spit out at one time. A blue
Bubble will freeze you, a red bubble will burn you, and a purple bubble will
Paralyze you.

Simple enough. Okay, whenever you run up to Raem's face to attack him, he might
Shake his head from side to side. This can knock you back and do at least one heart
Of damage, which can somtimes be quite annoying if the Blue Minion is behind you
Attacking as well. If you are close to his wings, he will push both of his wings
Together and try to crush you, which also usually takes away a full heart from your
Health meter. The final attack only happens when you have gotten Raem down to 150
HP. He'll shoot from his two sides two laser beams. The lasers don't hurt you, but
They cause a huge inferno that causes SERIOUS damage. DON'T. ENTER. THE LASER'S.
BLAST RADIUS. I cannot say that enough! If you stay in close to Raem or stay far
Away from the laser when it is used, you'll be safe.

Even after you get him down to 150 HP, he'll rarely use the attack (although it'll
Be used more and more as his health meter gets lower and lower). Okay, you may think
I'm crazy here when I give this strategy. Avoid the Minion as you rush in, do a 1-2-
3 Combo Attack (it's your decision whether to do two strikes or three) then rush out
As Raem shakes his head. Rush back in and do another 1-2-3 Combo Attack, then
Retreat. When the Minion reaches you and Raem, run to the edge of the arena and heal
If you've suffered ANY amount of damage. ANY. You have no idea how bad off you'll be
If you're hit by the laser a couple of times, so you'll want to be at full health at
All times. Lather, rinse, repeat. Eventually, you'll deal enough damage where Raem
Will fall...

Thats the end of that or is it....

Raem II

It is Raem attached to a giant sword, with a small enemy thing below it. It
Takes place in a geourgous graphic arena, but I don't know what it's called. Despite the fact that he looks absolutely perfect, he is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY
Tough. But yes, I managed to beat him on my first try using about five-hundred
Phoenix Downs. It's VERY essential that you have at least 80 memories, and if you
Have 100 memories, you're all set. Why? I'll explain later. First, let me explain
The seven hellish attacks Raem has. The first four attacks happen only when the
Lower part of Raem's body is showing. The top part will fire a laser down at the
Screen and a white circle will cover the ground.

If you're standing anywhere but the edge of that circle, you have no chance of
Escaping. If you ARE standing at the edge, GET OUT OF THE CIRCLE! This is like the
Laser in the last battle, and it takes away about four hearts, meaning two hits with
It can instantly KO you. He fires this constantly, especially when you're far away
From him, so stay in close and heal RIGHT after he uses it if you're hit. This is
Probably the most deadly attack Raem uses while he's on the ground. The second
Attack involves the lower part of the body sending a small laser through the ground
Which doesn't hurt you, but makes ice appear which shortly shatters. THAT can hurt
You, so stay away from it at all costs. The third attack is an evil purple gas of

Raem's lower body will spray it and it'll stop you for a few seconds. Nothing major,
But if the laser follows, then you're in trouble. The final attack can't hurt you,
But it is used for eating your memories (I'll explain more about the memories in
This battle later). The upper part of Raem's body holds the most deadly attacks. The
First attack is a single black laser that fires in a straight line. It can take a
Huge chunk out of your health (3-4 hearts, maybe more) if you're hit, so constantly
Move to avoid being shot. The second attack is fired out of Raem's twin cannons; two
Pink lasers will be shot, and both of them deal about three hearts worth of damage,
Which can be very bad. The last attack is a blast of white light that also does
Around three hearts of damage.

Remember, keep moving to avoid all three upper attacks. Now, let me finally tell you
Why you've been needed all of those memories. At the start of the battle, bubbles
Which contain members of your family will start to appear. These are your memories.
If you look at your memory count, it decreases each time a bubble appears. If you
Cast Cure on it, it'll transform into a tiny pink ball, know as the Ultracite. This
Is the most powerful Magicite ever, which can only be found in the final battle.
Pick as many of these up as you can, since without them, you're pretty much hopeless
When fighting Raem. If you wait too long, and you're looking at Raem's lower body,
He'll suck the memory in, eating it. This doesn't really do anything to you, other
Than preventing you from getting the Ultracite out of that memory.

You need as many Ultracites as possible. What do they do, you ask? Well, casting one
Will instantly charge up either Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, or Curaga. It can also
Cast the best spell in the game, Invincibility. The more memories you have, the more
Ultracite you'll receive, and they are the key to winning the battle. If you get
Invincibilty, a blue shield will instantly surround you and stay there for about a
Minute. Use this time to rush up to whatever vulnerable point and start slashing as
Much as you can. If you're facing the lower body, you must slash the small little
Enemy attatched to the big sword. This does no damage to Raem itself, but eventually
Raem will lower itself so you're facing the upper body. When you're facing the upper
Body, the only real way to hurt it is if you have Invincibility.

Run up in between Raem's wings and start slashing away. If you don't have
Invincibility, then you must wait for Raem to attack, quickly rush in and do two or
Three swipes, then retreat. It's a really slow process, so that's why you'll want to
Make sure you have so many memories available. Cure OFTEN. NEVER wait until you have
One or two hearts, because one more hit and you're GONE! You probably WILL need to
Use Phoenix Downs during this battle, so make sure to have at least three (I had
Around fifteen and used all but two). If you keep slashing Raem's upper body, you'll
Eventually beat him.

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Guest said: 23rd Apr 2015 | REPORT
It should be mentioned that you don't NEED 80 memories. It's probably nice, but I had 69 when I faced the final boss and I had no problems. (In fact I had an easier time on his final form than the first.)

Other Answers

Guest answered:
Added 1st Jun 2012, ID #512130

If you have two Cures and a Life magicite, keep casting haste on yourself every chance you get, then hit him with a triple-fused attack spell like Firaga or Thundaga whilst running around and dodging his attacks. You'll want to cure often, but make sure you do this right after you've avoided an attack, because there's a delay after every monster makes an offensive move. This routine is tedious because you have to keep swapping out your triple-fused offensive spell for the triple-fused Haste ability, but the trouble is worth it if you're taking down Raem in, like, Year 5, (like I am right now; it's like tackling the entire climax at half power, like with a permanent "Curse"). That way, I think Leon never gets a chance to kill the Black Knight, (his father).

If you remember to keep casting Haste every time you lose it, and you aren't afraid to spend some time avoiding hits (because casting cure takes up even MORE time), then you can (probably) beat the final level this way.


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