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Follow the dark path or use the light

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles


We have 16 cheats and tips on GameCube.If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles please send them in here. For more Codes for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles go to:
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Action Replay Codes

You can also ask your question on our Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Questions & Answers page.

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Magicite Combinations

Below is a list of the different Magicite combinations in the game.
Blizzard + Blizzard.
Thunder + Thunder.
Fire + Fire.
Fire + Fire + Fire.
Thunder + Thunder + Thunder.
Blizzard + Blizzard + Blizzard.
Fire/Blizzard/Thunder + Life.
Life + Fire/Blizzard/Thunder.
Fire + Ice OR Fire + Thunder OR Blizzard + Thunder.

Unlock Blazin' Caravans Multiplayer Mini-Game

This mini-game is linked to the Moogle Stamp collecting quest and becomes available when you have completed a full set of Mog Stamps from the different Moogle Nests. The mini-game can only be played with linked GameBoy Advances at any Moogle Nest.

Jegon River Boat

Go to Veo Lu Sluice and cast Life on the dead yellow flowers in the area if the Jegon River runs dry. You will then be able to use the Jegon River Boat and cross to Fields of Fum.

Magic Ring Locations

Hello agian. I have found the location of Five spell rings. Im not yet sure if one for clear exists but hey.
(Note:I recieved these from the bosses)
Fire Ring- found in Kilanda
Blizzard Ring- Veo Lu Sluice
Cure Ring- Conall Curach
Thunder Ring- Selepation Cave
Life Ring- Selepation Cave
I also have recorded the location of Materials used to make weapons and the scroll location.
If you need any just ask. I'll post the location.

Selkie Weapons

Here are the different attacks for the Selkie weapons.
Aura Blast- Shoots a small blue sphere of energy. Good for long range attacks. Used by rackets that have circled heads.
Standpede- The worst of the focus attacks. You jump through the air and hit your opponent once. Does the damage of one regular hit.(I tested this)
Used by rackets with a X through it.
Dual Blast- Shoots two small blue spheres of energy. Very good at long range.
Used by rackets that look like they have spikes comming out of the sides.
Power Kick- The best in my opinion. Starts off like the Standpede focus attack but stronget, then your character does a backflip while kicking your opponent.
Used by rackets with wing looking things.
Meteor Blast- I d..

Where the best sword is ?

Ok I have heard loads of stuff about the ultimate sword but you have to be more specific. The best sword of the Clevats is a weapon called Ragnarok.
You can find this in Rebena Te Ra. The design for this is called Dark Weapon. The best weapon for the Lilties is called the Longinus and you can find the design for this at Mount Kilanda.
You can find the Yukes best weapon Mystic Hammer at River Belle Path and the design for this is the legendary weapon . The Selkies best weapon is called the Dream Catcher and you can find the design for this baby at Conall Curach . The design for this is called the lunar weapon .
Nice to know I could Help you angry gamers . Happy Gaming !!!!

Defeat some enemies

To you defeat air enemies, use gravity and attack them.
To you defeat transparents enemies, use holy(only)

The Oh-so Wonderful Cure Stone

If you ever have a cure stone in your pocket, MAKE SURE IT IS IN YOUR COMMAND LIST!!!!! This stone can sub. For food. And it never runs out like food does. It heals your HP and dosent go away untill you finish the level. You should be able to find this stone on almost every level and it makes the game VERY easier!!

Litlie Focus Attacks

Allright here are the focus attacks for the Liltes who are the strongest race.
Cyclone Slash- Hits twice for decent damage. Does the damage equal to a full combo. Used by halbeird looking spears.
Psi blast- A single but powerful hit. Even though it is powerful, it still is the weakest of the spears. I can't remember what it looks like.
Avalanche- Your character jumps up and comes down creating an earth shaking crash. Does decent damage. Uset by chinese lamp looking spears.
Pulse Thrust- Used by staff swords. As the character thrusts a green laser type thing comes out extending the range of the weapon. The best in my opinion.
Bladestorm- I never got the weapon so I don't know.
I don't have a file for Yukes, so I don't know ..

Weapons and Focus Attacks

Hi! Im new to this so bear with me.
Each weapon in Crystal chronicles has a differnent Focus attack depending on looks. Each is different and some are better than others
Bash- used on jagged looking swords. hits twice
for decent damage
Piercing sweep-The worst in my opinion. used by
the black flat topped swords. does damage
like only one hit from bash.
Power slash- comes from the rune looking swords.
decent power, but lacks because its only
usually weaker weapons.
Soul Shot- a far disance move. it has great
power also. used in Rune blade, and
Excalibur. The best all around.
Shadow blade- The best in offense. It lacks

Unlock Minigame Without Matching Moogle Stamps

This cheat allows you to play the minigame "Blazin' Caravans" without matching any Moogle Stamps.
1. Go to Marr's Pass.
2. Go to the eastern exit.
3. Walk south and you'll find a mailbox and stairs leading down to a ledge with a mine shaft.
4. Go in the mine shaft and talk to the moogle upstairs in bed. BINGO! He gives you "The Chocolate Moogle Stamp" which allows you to play the minigame immedietly!

How to slay ghost without holy! And the best healing item!!

You know the transparent enimes that you can't kill.Well,you need to be a clavet and have the rune blade.The rune blade can hurt transparent enimes and those bat things that freeze you when you normaly touch them.Just hit them like normal to hurt them with the rune blade.The rune blade is the only sword I know of that can do this.
Now it is time for the best healing item.It is the cure ring.Unlike the stones you keep it even after the level.I think it is located at sceplate cave(or some name like that)the cave is at the plains of fum.The ring is an artifact you get there.

Sorry for any bad spelling!

The Real Quest To Finding Unknown Element

First, go to the Lynari Desert. Go all the way north until you see a really tall cactus and cast Thunder on it. Then head east and find a busted campsite and cast Gravity on it. After go down until you reach a mushroom shaped rock, cast fire on it. Next, go back to the area near the giant cactus and find 3 rocks in a triangular shape and cast Blizzard on them from smallest to largest. Lastly, go west of the starting point of the level and go all the way north. You should spot a giant flower that wasn't there before. Cast Holy on it and a hot spot for the unknown element should appear. The unknown element allows you to pass through any miasma stream without harm, but won't protect you from any effects such as burned, stop, and paralyzation.

Year 5 mystery element

When you are finally able to go to leuda go right away. Find the other exit and take it. You'll see a course. Go into it. I'll explain now.
You might think that because you don't have the memories to get it you wont be able to...tick tick tick tick tick tick. WRONG!!!!
First pt. go all the way north in the desert you'll see a large cactus. Cast thunder on it. It will light up then it will no longer be special.
Second pt.
Go all the way left in the desert till you see a tent. Cast gravity on it. It will light up then it will no longer be special.
Third pt.
Go far south until you see a mushroom like rock (doesn't really look it just look until it say "b" "there is something special about this")cast fire on it.
Fourth pt.

Combine Spells in Co-op

It simple, make sure you all have your spell/attack cursours together (They'll make a different symbol when they do this), make sure you all realese at the same time and BAM! You can get a super powerful Blizzard, Fire, whatever!

how to get some weapons/armors and a lot more

Having some trouble getting weapons and materials?I've been playing this game for years.I can tell you pretty much anything.Here's how to get some things and the materials you need.
Bronze armor:Found at River Belle.You only need bronze.
Iron Armor:Found at river Belle, Mushroom Forest, Etc.You only need iron.
Mythril armor:Found at Mushroom forset, can be bought.You only need Mythril.
Pure Armor:Found at Mushroom Forest.I forgot the materials that you need..
Flame Armor:Can be bought at Leuda.Bombs drop them.You need 2 magma rocks and 3 irons.
Frost Armor:Can be bought at Leuda.Ice Bombs drop them.You need 2 blobs of chilly gel and 3 irons.
Lightning armor:Can be ..

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