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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Pack Shot

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Game Reviews for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles


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Hyperfox22nd Dec 2007, ID #760
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Now this one stands out from most of your Final Fantasy games. The game dosen't have much of a plot, but it is awesome. You (and seven other people if you want) ar..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Final review Added 26 Jun 2005, ID #4149
This game isn\'t very good at all. the graphics could be alot better. some of the characters shouldn\'t look like they have an apple for a head. This game isn\'t players choice and will never come close to that. Its about a bunch of people that do weird things like work on a farm. I give 46/100.
Good, But Not The Best... Added 17 May 2004, ID #1951
This game is ONE of the best Final Fantasy's but X,7,8 and X-2 are better. Here are my pros and cons of this game:
Pros: New battle sequence
levels you can re-do
1-4 players

Cons: The lantern and Miasma
Repeated cut seens get boring
Repeated events are boring
No real plot
Easy to beat
Easy Bosses
This game gets an average 6 out of 10
Sweet the best multiplayer dude!!!!!!! Added 19 Apr 2004, ID #1854
This is easily the best multiplayer game ever!!!!!!!!!

it has brilliant graphics and the sound is astronomical and the gameplay is brilliant in multiplayer because you have to travel across a very large map or world and fight and find lots of sweeeeet stuff.

This is like no other Final Fantasy game because you have to not go into the battle sequences that you have to in the other previous games.

Altogether I'd give this a 96% easily a Nintendo classic. You've heard my review so get out and buy it.
The best Final Fantasy in a long time! Added 6 Feb 2004, ID #1494
OK I am writing this review based on the Japanese import that I have been playing so I cannot comment to much on the all important storyline. What I do know about it is the fact that you are (as usual) the only hope for the land you live in. You need to collect the mana droplets from the mana tree to protect your town from the evil mist. This mist also affects you in battle as one person arries a lantern which protects the others from its harm while the others attack.

So as you can guess it is quite technical.
The major point that I have to raise is the graphics of this game. They are amazing and the best by far in the entire final fantasy series. Screen shot sdo not do the game justice, believe me! The characters are excellent and the scenery is breathtaking and thats not an exaggeration! The amazing lighting effects are put on display again by the lush spells the game has to offer.
I have the entire set of FF games so I can make this next comparison pretty well:
the combat system is the major change.

No more turn based battles as everything is now in real time! This takes a while to get used to but once you do it is hard to imagine it any other way (more like Kingdom hearts battles).

Spells can be made more powerful by combining with a collegue (e.g. Fire and Ice makes gravity/Demi).

This brings me to the games only major gripe, to get the most out of this game you need 4 gameboy advances and 4 link cables. Now this isn't necessary as you can use controllers but the gba screens hold all the relevant status to your character so you don't need to keep going to the status screen to check.

The single player game is definitely amazing whether you play it with friends or not (i have done both) but with friends you can communicate a plan much easier and blame others if you get beat!

The other main difference is that you cannot go exploring through other peoples houses, which although pointless in most cases added that extra feeling of freedom, which is still present in this installment but more so in were you explore.

Different areas unlock when you have the required mana droplet so there is some linear pattern to the game but you can actually go back and forward whenever you like.

This is the best final fantasy since 7 (although 10 was close!).
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