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Pikmin 2 Cheats for GameCube

We have 5 cheats on GameCube

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Title Screen FunAdded 20 Jul 2008, ID #8537
Press L to make the Pikmin spell "Pikmin 2"

Press R to make the Pikmin spell "Nintendo"

Press X to make a bulborb appear. Use C stick to control it and press Z to make it eat Pikmin. If you eat enough Pikmin with it, you can make the Pikmin 2 and Nintendo logo that the Pikmin spell look weird and funny.

Press Y to make a flint beetle appear. Use C stick to control it.

Rock Blast Back FireAdded 19 Jan 2008, ID #8160
I can't remember there name but they shot out rocks that are atracted to you and they follow. Its redish colored and if you see one and you want to get kill it get you're pikmin back if you have any just use olimar. Go up to it but not to close then when it gets ready to fire move out of the way. When it shoots out the rock it will go out a little ways then start to turn at you run around the creature it will come and hit the creature it will be almost down you will have to do it agian if he is not down already.
Made Pikmin spell Nintendo!Added 13 Feb 2005, ID #3248
At the title screen where it says press start hold L until all of the Pikmin are off the screen. Then hold R and after a few seconds let go. The Pikmin should spell Nintendo!

CheatsAdded 18 Sep 2004, ID #2632
Here are some cheats:

Challenge mode:
Beat the boss of the first hole in perplexing pool and bring the key to the ship

Purple Pikmin:
Go to the final floor and go to where those purple flowers are in the emergence cave and toss your red,yellow,or blue (yellows and blues are for returners) and you will get purple pikmin.

Yellow Pikmin:
Go to perplexing pool and go left and up a bit and you will find a new enemy.beat it and keep on going up till you get to the stone platforms and toss all of your pikmin excep one on the land up and toss one pikmin on the other stone platform and wait and it will fall and where Louie or Olimars platform will raise. Go right and up dismiss your Pikmin and call your red Pifmin to beat the fiery bulborb and dismiss your pikmin again and call your white pikmin to take down the poisonous walll and call all your pikmin and go right then down and you will see the onion for the yellow pikmin go right until you get to the tree and use your whistle.

White Pikmin:
Go to the white flower garden in awakening wood and go to the third sublevel. Somewhere in the sublevel there is three white flowers toss your red, yellow,or blue (yellow and blue are for returners) and you will get white Pikmin.

Blue Pikmin:
You will need yellow Pikmin to get blue Pikmin. Go to awakening wood and break the poisonous wall. dismiss your pikmin and go through the water and punch the burrow-nit on the back till you deffeat it go across the water again and call your yellow Pikmin and go down, left and up you will see a ledge. Toss your yellow Pikmin on the ledge and go back to the burrow-nit you punched to death and call your yellow Pikmin and break the electric wall and dismiss your Pikmin and go to the new place you are able to go to and call the blue pikmin that are fighting a few water dwelling enemies.

Red Pikmin:
Easiest to get. call them and beat the enemie. Switch to Louie and go to the onion and build up and go to the air filled bag and throw all your Pikmin on the bag. Switch to olimar and throw all your pikmin on the bag and you are finishedgetting red Pikmin and getting together with Louie.

How to beat the first boss:
Dismiss your Pikmin and bring your purple Pikmin. Throw your purple Pikmin at its head and when it shakes them off use your whistle quickly and repeat till the boss is defeated.

How to beat the second boss:
Dismiss your Pikmin and call your purple Pikmin and throw one in the three circles and it will come out of the ground call it and throw some at its head. Repeat till the boss is defeated.
Pikmin 2 CheatsAdded 31 Aug 2004, ID #2526
Unlock Challenge Mode:
To unlock the Challenge mode unearth the key item that is found on the fifth
floor of the Summer stage's first dungeon.

Unlock Treasure Completion Sequence:
To unlock the treasure completion sequence collect all the pieces and rescue Looie.

Unlock Shyacho:
To unlock Shyacho collect 10,000 Pocos to save Hokotate Intergalactic
Delivery then choose continue.

Unlock Cinemas and Credits:
To unlock the cinemas and credits collect 10,000 pocos.

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