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Paper Mario 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Paper Mario 2


We have 24 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Paper Mario 2 please send them in here.

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door cheats

Unlockable Pianta Parlor Prizes
Cake Mix:
6 Piantas
Super Shroom:
10 Piantas
Maple Syrup:
14 Piantas
Super Appeal:
34 Piantas
Power Rush P:
34 Piantas
Power Rush:
34 Piantas
Power Smash:
34 Piantas
Power Jump:
34 Piantas
34 Piantas
Hammer Throw:
50 Piantas
50 Piantas
Tornado Jump:
67 Piantas
Jammin' Jelly:
67 Piantas
Quake Hammer:
67 Piantas
Ultra Shroom:
67 Piantas
HP Plus:
100 Piantas
FP Plus:
100 Piantas
HP Plus P:
200 Piantas
Money Money:
234 Piantas

Paper Mario 2 Cheats

Sleepy Stomp Badge:
Complete levels 1-10

Fire Drive Badge:
Complete levels 11-20

Zap Tap Badge:
Complete levels 21-30

Pity Flower Badge:
Complete levels 31-40
Strange Sack (doubles inventory space):
Complete levels 41-50

Double Dip Badge:
Complete levels 51-60

Double Dip P Badge:
Complete levels 61-70

Bump Attack Badge:
Complete levels 71-80

Lucky Day Badge:
Complete levels 81-90

Return Postage Badge:
Complete levels 91-100

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door cheats

Unlock Pianta Parlor Prizes:
Cake Mix - 6 Piantas
Super Shroom - 10 Piantas
Maple Syrup - 14 Piantas
Power Rush P - 34 Piantas
Power Rush - 34 Piantas
Power Smash - 34 Piantas
Power Jump - 34 Piantas
Refund - 34 Piantas
Super Appeal - 34 Piantas
Hammer Throw - 50 Piantas
Multibounce - 50 Piantas
Quake Hammer - 67 Piantas
Tornado Jump - 67 Piantas
Jammin' Jelly - 67 Piantas
Ultra Shroom - 67 Piantas
HP Plus - 100 Piantas
FP Plus - 100 Piantas
HP Plus P - 200 Piantas
Gold Bar x 3 - 234 Piantas
Money Money - 234 Piantas

Unlockable Games

Plane Par..

All recipes!

Heres a list of ALL the recipes!!(57)
Choco cake=cakemix+inky sauce-heals5HP & 15FP
Coco candy=coconut+cake mix-heals 3HP & 15FP
Coconut bomb=coconut+fire flower-damages 1 enemy
Couples cake=snow bunny+spicy soup-slowly restores HP
Courage meal=courage shell+ zess dinner-damages 1 enemy
Egg bomb=mystic egg+fire flower-damages 1 enemy
Electro pop=cake mix+volt shroom-heals 15HP
Fire pop=cake mix+fire flower-heals 20HP
Fresh juice=any kind of random syrup-heals 5HP & cures poisoning
Fried egg=mystic egg+none-heals10HP
Fruit parfait=keel mango+peachy peach-10HP & 2FP
Healthy salad=turtly leaf+horsetail-heals 15HP & cures poison
Heartful cake=cakemix+ruin powder-heals 20FP & softens you
Honey candy=honey syrup+cakemi..

Full List of Partners and Their Moves

Goombella: Headbonk, Tattle, Multibonk, Rally Wink
Koops: Shell Toss, Power Shell, Shell Shield, Shell Slam
Madame Flurrie: Body Slam, Gale Force, Lip Lock, Dodgy Fog
Yoshi: Ground Pound, Gulp, Mini-Egg, Stampede
Vivian: Shade Fist, Veil, Fiery Jinx, Infatuate
Admiral Bobbery: Bomb, Bomb Squad, Hold Fast, Bob-Ombast
Ms. Mowz: Love Slap, Kiss Thief, Tease, Smooch
(To get Ms. Mowz, complete her trouble Elusive Badge! after you completed Chapter 4)

1 Life Shroom with the Power of Two

If you only have 1 life shroom and you switch places with your partner in battle and you both have the same amount of health and both die from the same attack at the same time, then you will both fall over but it will first heal your partner then it will heal you!

Free Treasure!!!!!

In some places when you see walls peeling off use Fluries wind abillity to blow them away and get a treasure chest!!!!!!!!

Recipes of the Day Part 1

Hello Peoples here is basically an ongoing list of recipes. I will update probably every day. First is some Simple stuff
Mushroom = Shroom Fry
Honey Syrup = Fresh Juice
Fire Flower = Spicy Soup
Turtley Leaf = Koopa Tea
Cake Mix = Mousse Cake

Illusion wall

A little West from Rougport, they're is a blank wall. Go to the middle of it and you will get a suprise! There are two guys, a blue guy, and a mysterious guy named Darkly. For all know Darkly says (at the begining of the game) "I like dark and moist places"
Later in the game he says, "when I was little I was either a mold or a potato bug, that's why I like dark and moist places" and thats all I know about him.
And for the blue guy, he is a theif. And he will say, "I played a card trick on this guy". You need to wait a while to catch him. But when you do, you wait until the trouble center opens at the West of Rougport. Then go there and it will say, "find this guy" or somthing like that. Choose it and accept it then go to the part of Rougport that has the hanging..

Make art with stars*********

Once you beat Doopliss, I think, you get art attack a really good special attack. It does lots of damage.

The Pit of 100 Trials

Notice how everyone only talks about the Strange Sack and Bonetail. If you want to know some other things that are in there, read this.
Level 10: Sleepy Stomp. Can put enemies to sleep.
Level 20: Fire Drive. Can burn foes.
Level 30: Zap Tap. Gives 1 damage to any enemy that directly attackes Mario.
Level 40: Pity Flower. Can get 1 fp after getting attacked.
Level 50: Strange Sack. Allows you to hold 20 items. If you're doing the bob-omb's trouble, you need Bobbery to blow up the graffiti on the right wall.
Levels 51-60: Badge Bandits may show up. Equip Zap Tap to keep your badges safe.
Level 60: Double Dip. Allows Mario to use 2 items at once. Equipping 2 lets him use 3 items. The other one is in Rogueport. You need the boat curse to get ..

Kind of easy way to get peach invisable

Read the hints in the room I hope you understand it because if you do you could put the color in its right place as for me i didnt understand it so...try to understand it.

Recipe of the day

Day of the SuperBowl!!!
So here comes some special dishes.
Maple super= maple syrup and super shroom
Zess special= try cooking a whaka bump
Snow bunny= Golden leaf and ice storm
Fruit Parfait=Peachy Peach and honey Syrup

Green clothes!

If you want to look more li9ke luigi, then listen up! once you have beaten Chapter 6, go back to the museum and go into the painting. There is a vast amount of dark boos in there, so be careful!
Go to where you see a red star on the floor, then use your mega jump! ( hold A down, then turn the control stick around a few times to mega jump!
You must have the ultra boots) Repeat this process, moving from ledge to ledge. Eventually, you will come to a L emblem ( it is a badge that requires no BP) And everyone will think you're Luigi because of your green clothes!
Hope you enjoy this!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

After you beat the level when you go to Poshley Heights and get an E-mail from the real Zip Toad- look at the E-mail. lf you have ever played the first Paper Mario you may remember Jr. Troopa.Well, in the top left hand corner of the E-mail, you will see Jr. Troopa flying at the real Zip Toad.


Here are some enemies from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Para Koopa
Para Buzzy
Spike Top
Para Spike Top
X-Naut pHd
Flower Fuzzy
Green Fuzzy
Gold Fuzzy
Dull Bones
Dry Bones
Red Bones
Dark Bones
Pirahanna Plant
Snowy Pirahanna Plant
Jungle Pirahanna Plant
Elite X-Naut

Recipes of the Day Part 2

Here are some more simple recipes
Mystery Egg = Fried Egg
Incompatible Ingredients = Mistake
Slow Shroom = Shroom Roast
Ultra Shroom = Shroom Steak
Fire Flower + Cake Mix = Fire Pop

Beating the Shadow Queen and Bonetail

A better way of defeating the Shadow Queen is to have Bobbery and Vivian upgraded with an Ultra Stone and having maybe 1-10: Ultra Shrooms, Jammin Jelly, and Ultra Jelly. You could also get some of the Tayce T Dynamites from a Coconut Bomb and an Egg Bomb. Carry 1-5 of these.Start of with Bobbery (or Vivian) for Part 1 of the Shadow Queen battle and inflict many damage without item usage. Then you will recover FULL HEALTH and do Part 2 of the battle. Then if you chose Bobbery first, switch to Vivian and attack. Tayce T. Dynamites are useful for when the hand appears because it hits all the opponents. Continue and recover when possible. When Shadow Queen charges for her powerful 15-35 attack move, use Vivian to hide from the Shadow Queen (note: you will suffer damage after when her powerf..

Stylish moves!

When in a battle, after, before, or in the middle of an attack to perform a stylish move. Stylish move make the people watching give you more star power, and it attracts more people to come and watch. 1 stylish move I know is the Mega-Hit ( I think that's the name)hammer badge.
When in a battle, choose your hammer, select mega-Hit (you have to put the badge on and have enough FP to use this.) and RIGHT after you hit the enemy, press A. Then RIGHT after you land the back-flip press A again. Then at last RIGHT after you land the back-arial (or whatever trick it is) press A and Ripped-up paper falls. That is a combo stylish move, which is more effective than if you had just done 1 stylish move. Try pressing A at any of the times listed at the top and expirement with other moves ( P.S...

Zess T.'s Recipes

If you want good Resipes and don't want to always buy mushrooms which only give you 5Hp,go to Zess T.'s house and give her items and she will cook it for you.Either it's good,or it's bad!!
Here's some of her recipes that really help!!!
Mushroom+honey surup= Honey Shroom
Cake Mix=Moose Cake
Ultra Shroom=Shroom Steak
Life Shroom=Shroom Roast
Volt Shroom+Cake Mix=Electro Pop
Ultra Shroom+Jammin Jelly=Jelly Ultra
Fire Flower=Spicy Soup
Fire Flower+Cake Mix=Fire Pop
Mushroom+Cake Mix=Shroom Cake
Super Shroom=Honey Surup=Super Honey
Fresh Pasta=Speagetti
Mushroom+Fire Flower=Zess Special
Teachy Leaf=Koopa Tea
Mushroom=Shroom Fry
Honey Surup=Fresh Juice
And about 53 More!! Some of them are really ef..

Get red Yoshi

In order to get a red Yoshi:
1. Do not run from battles until you get the yoshi ( you shouldn't ever run, wuss)
2. Fight often, and don't get "game over" a lot.
3. In the battle against the iron chefts before you have the Yoshi, don't hold anything back.
Use all of your items, special attacks, flower points, star powers, ect.
Fight the battle as if it were the final boss fight.

Okay yall know with don pianta and his daughter ..

Okay yall know with don pianta and his daughter what if his daughter is not by the dock where you begin because she aint there. Somebody please help me thanks.
I realy appreciate it.


Here are all of the Recipes I know... I don't know 4 of them... But almost all!
Shroom Fry: Mushroom or Super Shroom
Shroom Roast: Life Shroom or Slow Shroom
Shroom Steak: Ultra Shroom
Honey Shroom: Mushroom + Honey Syrup
Maple Shroom: Mushroom + Maple Syrup
Jelly Shroom: Mushroom + Jammin' Jelly
Honey Super: Super Shroom + Honey Syrup
Maple Super: Super Shroom + Maple Syrup
Jelly Super: Super Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
Honey Ultra: Ultra Shroom + Honey Syrup
Maple Ultra: Ultra Shroom + Maple Syrup
Jelly Ultra: Ultra Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
Zess Dinner: Mushroom + Horsetail
Zess Special: Ultra Shroom + Slow Shroom or Whacka Bump
Zess Deluxe: Golden Leaf + Whacka Bump
Spaghetti: Fresh Pasta
Koopasta: Fresh Pas..

Yoshi colors

Here are some of the yoshi colors:
Start the game named(needs to be exact)-
Black=dark gray yoshi
White=pink yoshi
I'll be back with more later-_-


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