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Metroid Prime Pack Shot

Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime Cheats for GameCube

We have 9 cheats on GameCube

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Have you ever been going through the impact crater and as you start climbing up the room on the platforms a fission metroid ends up re-spawning after you kill it the first time (which I assume you did) and knocking you off the platform into the red-orange phazon sitting below? Well I am submitting this cheat to help you avoid getting knocked back down so you can reach prime earlier (note:Metroid Prime is NOT a highly evolved Metroid but instead a highly evolved species very similar to a Metroid and Metroid Prime IS the reason Phazon is spreading on Tallon IV causing Other species on Tallon IV to either mutate or die.) Anyway sorry about getting sidetracked, back to the tip, after you kill the first fission Metroid as you walk into the room where they are spawning at kill the first fission metroid easily with a power bomb and quickly start climbing up until you reach the tooth looking platform in the wall right before you hop onto the red and black floating platform and wait for the newly spawned fission Metroid to get up to where you are and quickly morph into your morph ball state and wait for the Metroid to start doing it's little dance thing that signifies it's going to try to latch onto you!! But your stock of power bombs will ensure it will die before successful latching and absorption now after the second Fission Metroid kill quickly scurry across those floating platforms by jumping onto them simultaneously and when you see the first red color-coded door you have to go inside before actually reaching the top if you want to have a full reserve of missiles before facing Metroid Prime and trust me when I say that your beam combos WILL be key to defeating Prime with more ease then usual. After restocking your missile supply go forward through the hallway to your left in the game until you see a Fission Metroid going back and forth and make sure it sees you and comes after you because then you will be able to kill it and yet ANOTHER spawned Fission Metroid from below but make sure both Fission Metroids are in range for your power bomb to take them both out in one blast of energy. (note: the easiest way to take them both out at once is to have one of them or both if you get lucky come at you and try to latch on and right before one does fire your power bomb and they 98.9% of the time both get destroyed in the blast.(note: 98.9% of the time because very rarely the other will move away while the other one is either latched or killed as it did latch, so basically timing is crucial.) and after they both are decimated in the blast just climb all the way up until you reach the next plasma-beam color-coded door and shoot the door hatch and walk in and your Battle with Prime to end the Phazon madness will begin. Or will it end if you do "defeat Prime" WARNING NEXT CHEAT SUBMISSION BY SHADOWANGEL95 IS A SPOILER FOR PEOPLE WHO EITHER HAVE 100% OF THE ITEMS ACQUIRED OR ARE TOO LAZY TO BEAT THE GAME TO SEE THE BEST ENDING FOR METROID PRIME.

When o.m. Goes to heal himself SPAM ALL SUPER MISSILES AVAILABLE until he DIES it only takes like what 2-3 it takes CHUNKS off of his HP hope I helped Smile
Getting the space jump boots from the get-goAdded 14 Apr 2011, ID #9273
When you first land on tallon iv it is possible to acquire the space jump boots as soon as you land. First turn around and you will notice two scanable red plants. Scan one it does not matter which one. Next position yourself on top of the gunship at the cockpit on the side nearest to the low part of the walkway behind the gunship.Once you are in position perform a quick dash while locked on to the flower behind the ship on the far left. As soon as you preform a quick dash immediately scan it. A description of the plant should come up because you previously scanned it. If done correctly you should jump over to the ledge. Jump up and walk over to the gap near the flower you scanned. On the other side of the room there are two scanable objects. Lock on to one of them and perform another quick dash which should propel you across the gap to the other side. Go through the door and the space jump boots will be there. Now there are a couple of things you should know. This cheat is extremely hard to do,so hard in fact I have only done it twice. This cheat requires a lot of patience. The save station on the gunship will get on your nerves because you will accidentally activate it from time to time. If you decide to take the space jump boots the following will occur:When you reach the point in the game where your supposed to get the space jump boots the message that appears giving you the location of them will appear periodically. I don't actually know why this is but my guess is the game is programmed to show this message once you reach that point in the game. The game probably does not realize you have already acquired them, I don't know thats just my guess. The message gets very annoying after a while. However it's very fun to get the boots like this because there are a lot of power ups that you can get before your supposed too, making things interesting. You can also get to the pirate facility in phendrana drifts early. Try it out it's a lot of fun.
Ultra beamAdded 20 Feb 2011, ID #9222
To get the hidden ultra beam(which gets you to meta ridley faster)in talon overworld go to the place where you get the missle upgrade down where the acid should be is a small door for morph it with your bomb and get past the sub-boss to get the ultra beam (that opens evry door)but at the meta ridley stage ridley will eat your ultra beam out.lata!
Easy way to defeat meta ridleyAdded 21 Jun 2007, ID #7700
Ive found the easy way to defeat ridley is to save your missiles and use the plasma beam

Charge the plasma beam and keep hitting him until he loses his wings then use the super missiles to finish him off
Added 26 Dec 2006, ID #7185
Hello cheators, this is how you beat the thardus. First you go yo your thermal visor, you'll see a "hot spot" shoot it with either, power beam, charge beam,( both power and wave beams) or super missles. After enough hits your visor will disrupt. Switch to your combat visor, you'll see a "cold spot" shoot it with the same weapons.REPEAT. Ta-dah you beat the thardus.
Metroid Prime CheatsAdded 24 Feb 2005, ID #3327
Unlock Art Galleries

Art Gallery 1:
Scan 50% of the logs in the game.

Art Gallery 2:
Scan 100% of the logs.

Art Gallery 3:
Beat the game on Hard Mode.

Art Gallery 4:
Collect all the items in the game.

Multiple Endings and Bonuses

Ending 1:
Beat the game at 74% Complete, or less.

Ending 2:
Beat the game at 75-99% Complete.

Ending 3:
Beat the game at 100% Complete.
Obtain missle launcher, morph ball and charge beam in tallon oveAdded 21 Oct 2004, ID #2736
Missile launcher:
When you enter chozo ruinsand you get a
message, go to were it says, beat the mecha hive, (see bottom of cheats to see bosses). when you beat it go along the path jump on the platform and get the item floating above you.

Morph ball:
Go back to were the chozo ruins cut-scene was and find the door were you need the rocket launcher. go along the path and climb over a wall, loads of beetles will surround you, kill em, a mini boss will apperear,metal headed beetel.

Charge beam:
when you get too the place with the save station and the blastcap, go in the door to your left. Find 4 symbols scan them and climb to the top, scan the final symbol on the gate and go through and get the charge beam.
Hard mode and different samus suitAdded 27 Sep 2003, ID #876
Hard mode:beat 100% of the game

Different samus suit:beat 100% of the game on hard mode and link up to metroid fusion on gameboy advance.

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