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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mario Superstar Baseball Pack Shot

Mario Superstar Baseball



by DarkBlumiere

Mario Superstar Baseball
June 6th, 2008-
Copyright 2008 Anthony Murano
[email protected]
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II.Main Players
 A.Other Characters

III.Ball Parks
VII.Toy Field
IX.Scout Numbers
X.Shop Information
XII.Game Review
XIV.Contact Info
XV.Legal Info
XVII.Version History
I. Introduction
Hello, everybody, and welcome to DarkBlumiere's FAQ/Walkthrough for Mario 
Superstar Baseball. This game is another one of the various sports games that
Nintendo has released for the Mario series. This is my first FAQ for the site, 
so I hope it provides as much information and helps you as much as possible. If
you have a question, comment, concern, or your own info to add to the FAQ, 
please don't hesitate to email me. Alright, moving on.

II.Main Players
A baseball game is not complete without the players of the team to act out the
art of the game. There are many characters in this game that are available, but
I am only going to list the seven team captains and give a bio on each. NOTE: 
one of the seven team captains is not playable in the adventure mode.

                             %       Mario      %
Mario is the Italian plumber that everyone loves. He has been rescuing Peach
from the clutches of evil since 1980 {Donkey Kong} and has gained quite a rep 
throughout the gaming years. His trademark is a red cap, blue overalls, and a
pair of white gloves. 

Mario is very useful in this game. He is a balanced character between batting,
pitching, fielding, and speed. Also, he can pitch fireballs as his star power
move. If you are looking for a good character to get you through the challenge
mode, I recommend picking Mario for his balanced stats.

                             %       Peach       %
Fair ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach is always getting kidnapped by Bowser
or some other enemy. She is headstrong, overconfident, and has a witchy side 
when her dignity is threatened. Peach is characterized by her pink dress which
is her outfit in every single Mario game.

Peach is good for technique. Her fielding and pitching are stronger than her
batting and speed. However, she is a great character to balance out the team. If
you are looking for a strong pitcher and fielder, than Peach is your lady.

                             %       Yoshi       %
Mario's loyal steed that has been there to aid him on many a great adventure. He
is characterized as a green dinosaur, but Yoshi can come in many colors {as seen
in Thousand Year Door} and can exhibit different qualities. Yoshi's primary part
in the games is to carry Mario across gaps and make him go faster. Also, Yoshi
has starred in his own adventures.

Yoshi is a fast speedy player. He is very good with running and batting and
fielding is pretty much equal. His weakest point is pitching. If you want a fast
player who's balanced and good with running and fielding, then Yoshi is your man
to pick.

                              %    Donkey Kong   %
Originally a villain, Donkey Kong has made several appearances throughout the 
Mario series. He's a famous monkey who debuted as the bad guy who kidnapped 
Pauline in the original Donkey Kong. He's the biggest, fastest, and strongest
member of the DK crew. He's also remembered as a villain in the Mario series, as
much of a hero he is too.

Donkey Kong is a powerhouse that dominates in batting and pitching. His weakness
is running and fielding, but his powerful arm in pitching and high hit rate make
him a good choice in the power department. If you are looking for that powerful
figure, and you don't have Bowser unlocked, Donkey Kong is the one you want.

                              %       Wario       %
Wario is Mario's evil twin brother. He is usually causing problems for people, 
but he can be a hero sometimes. Also, he stars in his own set of games called 
Wario Ware. He's strong and known for his obnoxious farts. He's slow and dumb as
hell though. Still, he's pretty good when it comes to brute force. I guess he
prefers brawn over brain.

Wario is another power character who dominates in batting. Everything else is
pretty much equal. He is a great character because even though he is power, his 
other stats balance out. If you are looking for a balanced power character, than
Wario is the fatty you want.

                              %       Bowser      %
Bowser is the mighty Koopa King who is always kidnapping Princess Peach. 
Archenemy of Mario, Bowser is constantly plotting ways of abducting Peach and
trying to get her to love him. He is mighty strong and ferocious. He attacks 
with a burst of flame and sharp claws and bites. Bowser is not one to mess with
because he means serious business.

Bowser is another powerhouse who dominates the ranks in batting and pitching. He
is equal in them, but he is equal in fielding and running, which aren't that 
high. Still, Bowser is uber powerful and comes jam-packed with an awesome team.
Once you unlock him in the story mode, definitely play as him for a level. He is
the best team captain you can possibly pick. It's really outstanding how he just
dominates the board.

                              %     Bowser Jr.    %
Bowser's son and alleged son to Princess Peach. He is often referred to as Koopa
Kid, and he is really annoying. He's trying to constantly mess up Mario's 
progress and seriously thinks that Peach is his mamma. When you get down to it,
he's a total nut-job. He's just like his father in every annoying way.

Bowser Jr is obviously a powerhouse who is dominate in batting and pitching. His
fielding and running isn't too shabby, but he's much better in the power area.
You won't be able to play as him in story mode, but definitely pick him as your
captain one time in exhibition {two player} mode.

A. Other Characters
Despite the seven team captains, there are also other important characters of 
the series that should get a mention. I will not mention their strengths on the
field as you have to play with them anyway when you first get them. Rather, I
will merely give a bio for each and tell you what team they are found on.

                              %       Luigi       %
Luigi is Mario's brother who is always getting overshadowed. He is known as the
fraidy-cat, but he can be a hero sometimes. He's starred alongside Mario in many
adventures and even starred in his own a couple of times. Luigi is obviously
found on Mario's team.

                              %       Birdo       %
Birdo is a gender confused character that is mainly thought to be a female wife
for Yoshi. She has been seen ever since her famous debut as an enemy in SMB2. 
She spits eggs and is characterized by her shade of pink and red bowtie. She is
found on Yoshi's Team.

                              %    Baby Mario     %
Baby Mario is Mario and Peach's son. He is a baby version of Mario and starred 
in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time along with Baby Luigi and the adult 
versions. He is, surprisingly found on Yoshi's team.

                              %    Baby Luigi     %
Baby Luigi is the son of Luigi and Princess Daisy. He is a baby version of Luigi
and starred in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time along with Baby Mario and the
adult versions. He is, surprisingly, found on Yoshi's team.

                              %    Toadsworth     %
Toadsworth is the minister of the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach's grandfather. He 
is always fretting with worry about the well-being of the princess and is always
the one freaking out when drama occurs. He is very kind and passionate and cares
a great deal about her. Toadsworth plays on Peach's team.

                              %      Toadette     %
Toadette is a pink version of toad that is said to either be his sister or wife.
She is helpful to Mario on his quests and is very good at playing ball. Toadette
is found on Peach's team as well.

                              %   Princess Daisy  %
Princess Daisy is the princess of the Flower Kingdom. She is beautiful, 
identical to Peach, and is favored by Luigi. She also, supposedly, is the mother
of Baby Luigi. Daisy is teamed up with Peach in this game.

                              %     Diddy Kong    %
Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's nephew. He is fast, shoots peanuts, plays the 
guitar, and flies around wearing a barrel. He plays on his uncle's team 

                              %     Dixie Kong    %
Dixie Kong is a member of the Kong family. Perhaps she is a niece of Donkey Kong
or something similar to that. She is quick and nimble when she needs to be. She
can float through the air and climb up trees. Also, her weapon of choice is 
feathers. Don't underestimate this female kong. She will destroy anyone who does
so. She, too, plays on Donkey Kong's team.

                              %      King Boo     %
King Boo is the leader of the Boos and a faithful follower of King Bowser. He is
usually found guarding a mansion or causing some kind of mischief in a dark and
creepy place. King Boo plays for Wario in this game.

                              %   Petey Pirahna   %
Petey Pirahna is another villain that works for King Bowser. He is a huge 
pirahna that can whip of tornados and spit sludge. He is also very powerful and
can bite you something fierce. Whatever happens, you do not want to get him 
angry. The results could be devastating. He also plays for Wario.

III. Ball Parks
There are six ball parks that you can choose to play on. In story mode, you will
be able to play on all five. Please note that the descriptions of the ball parks
come from the manual found inside the game's case and is not the work of
DarkBlumiere. This work is copyright protected by its specific owner. The sixth
ball park is my work. The rest is Nintendo's.

                            =-    Mario Stadium    -=
A sun-drenched beachside stadium. There are no quirks here: it's a straight-up
ball park. Select Mario Stadium when you want to play pure baseball. I like this
park because there are no gimmicks to it. It's regular baseball.

                            =-    Peach Garden     -=
A Mushroom Kingdom courtyard complete with various floating blocks. When the 
ball hits one of them, you have no idea where it'll end up. This is my least
favorite level. The blocks make it not fun. It's really stupid.

                            =-    Wario Palace     -=
Wario built this ball park in the middle of a desert. The Chain Chomp guarding
both the left and the right-field foul lines and the sand storm generators in
the air mess with approaching players and the ball. This level isn't too bad,
but the Chain Chomps and whirlwinds can get very annoying at times.

                            =-     Yoshi Park      -=
It's supposed to be a scenic ball park surrounded by pretty flowers, but among
them are nasty Piranha Plants. When anything approaches them, they'll try to
bite it. This isn't too bad of a level, and the Piranha Plants can even help 
you out and cause you to advance further.

                            =-  Donkey Kong Jungle -=
A danger-filled stadium. Klaptraps live in the stream flowing across the ball
park and bite anyone who nears them. Not only that, but giant barrels get 
launched from beyond the outfield fence. This place is just cheap. The only
reason why DK usually wins is because the barrel ram into me and cause his
team to advance extra bases.

                            =-   Bowser's Castle   -=
Bowser's castle is the grand-daddy of all the ball parks. A dark ominous castle
with lava pits galore. Fireballs bounce through the field ready to claim anyone
who steps in their cruel path. Also, Thwomps litter the outside waiting to stop
a home-run from occuring. This level is really cool and fun to play on. A big
advantage is when the other team is hit with fire causing them to burn and give
you an extra advancement. However, the Thwomps really get on my nerves. I could
have had so many homers in this level. Curse you floating blocks!

IV. Controls
The control mechanisms are broken down into three basic categories. You have 
batting, pitching, and fielding controls. All will be explained in sections
below. Don't be overwhelmed at the apparent difficulty in controls. They are
actually easier than they look. This information was taken from the game's 

                          $        Batting        $
A Button: Do a normal swing; press and hold, then release for a charge swing.

B Button: Press and hold to bunt; tap repeatedly to dash.

Y Button: Steal a base; advance to next base.

X Button: Return to base {tap repeatedly to dash}.

L Button: Reset batter to default position.

R Button: Press A while holding down R for a Star Swing.

Control Stick + Control Pad: Reset batter to default position; tilt while
swinging to aim hit; choose a base when stealing a base; base assignment.

                          $   Fielding/Pitching   $
A Button: Pitch a normal ball; press and hold, then release to throw a charge
pitch; make a diving catch {Control Stick + A Button}; jump; choose a base 
{Control Stick + A Button}; press A while holding down L to throw to cut off.

B Button: Choose a base to check a runner {Control Stick + B Button}; tap 
repeatedly to dash.

L Button: Reset pitcher to pitcher to the default position. 

R Button: Press A while holding down R to throw a star pitch.

Control Stick + Control Pad: Change a pitchers position on mound; after 
pitching, tilt and hold to make the ball break sideways; move characters; choose
a base.

                           $    Pitching Types    $
Normal and Charge Pitches: Press A to throw a normal ball. Press and hold A, 
then release to throw a fast and powerful charge pitch. Press A while tilting
the Control Stick down to throw a change up.

Star Ball: Press A while holding down R to throw a Star Pitch {this uses a team
star}. What kind of a Star Pitch you throw depends on your character.

Breaking Ball: Tilt the Control Stick sideways after pitching the ball to throw
a breaking ball.

V. Exhibition
Exhibition mode is the two player mode. This mode is for two players ONLY. The 
steps to starting a game in exhibition mode are as followed:

Step 1: Each player will choose their team captain. This player will not present
the same team members as in challenge mode.

Step 2: Each player will pick their eight other players to go on the team. You
can pick any characters you want; they don't have to be compatible with the team
captain, although I recommend it because it's good to have a lot of team 

Step 3: Your next step is to select the order that the characters will bat in 
and assign the nine positions that they will play. 

Step 4: Once your orders are to your liking, you will need to select a ball park
to play on.

Step 5: With the ball park selected, you can now change game options such as who
bats first and how many innings you wish to play. 

Step 6: Select Start game and have fun. 

There are some additional things that I want to go into depth about that you 
will see in challenge mode as well. I will explain different things you will see
in exhibition. Also, these same explanations will, most likely, pop up in the
challenge mode section.

                            %     Teammate Chemistry    %
Chemistry is the bond that two players share between each other. When two people
have chemistry, the ball is thrown to them with immense power. This is useful 
for trying to get people out because it works well. An example of chemistry 
would be Mario and Peach. They have to pair together. Luigi and Daisy is another
example of chemistry. The characters that work well together share the chemistry
with each other.

                            %        Star Chance        %
Star Chance is something you may see periodically throughout a baseball game. 
You use Star Power to use a Star Pitch or to hit a ball using your star special.
Once you run out of star power, you must replenish it. Star Chances are key to
replenishing Star Power. To succeed during a star chance, you must either get a
player out when pitching or successfully get a hit when batting. There are other
ways that allow you to get star power. Each ball park has different ways of 
obtaining Star Power.

And that's all you really have to know for exhibition mode. There's a few 
characters you can't use yet, but you will be able to use them once you clear
some stages in challenge mode.
This is the one player adventure mode. You play through four ball parks and then
face off against Bowser. You can play each team as many times as you want until
you recruit all the team captains/members possible, fight Bowser Jr, buy items
and powerups, and play minigames. There are a couple concepts you need to know
about challenge mode that add onto what you learned in the previous section.

                            %     Teammate Chemistry    %
Chemistry is the bond that two players share between each other. When two people
have chemistry, the ball is thrown to them with immense power. This is useful 
for trying to get people out because it works well. An example of chemistry 
would be Mario and Peach. They have to pair together. Luigi and Daisy is another
example of chemistry. The characters that work well together share the chemistry
with each other.

                            %        Star Chance        %
Star Chance is something you may see periodically throughout a baseball game. 
You use Star Power to use a Star Pitch or to hit a ball using your star special.
Once you run out of star power, you must replenish it. Star Chances are key to
replenishing Star Power. To succeed during a star chance, you must either get a
player out when pitching or successfully get a hit when batting. There are other
ways that allow you to get star power. Each ball park has different ways of 
obtaining Star Power.

                            %       Scout Missions      %
Scout Missions are the in game missions you perform to recruit players from 
another team. They can range anywhere from getting a hit to stealing a base. Or,
you have to stop the other team from scoring. Once you successfully complete a
Scout Mission, the players that can be impress will get a flag. When all the 
flags are lit, you have to win the game to get that member.

                            %       Star Missions       %
Star Missions are missions that you do to obtain stars. Once a player gets all
of their stars, they are upgraded to all star rank. The star missions are 
different things such as smacking a hit, hitting a home run, winning MVP, etc. 
You have to do whatever they tell you with the characters.

And that's all you need to know for challenge mode. Also, you can't customize
your own settings for this mode. That's the only thing that you can't do with
the options.
VII.Toy Field
Toy Field is the 1-4 player mode. This is basically a Mario Party version of a
baseball game. You get thirty turns to collect as many coins as possible. At the
end of the thirty turns, the one with the most coins wins. Here's a breakdown of
the rules for Toy Field. The rules are found in the manual and are not my work.

                          *        Defense       *
-Earn coins for strikeouts and caught fly balls.

-When a batter strikes out, the pitcher bats next.

-If a defensive player gets the ball before it runs out of momentum, that player
bats next.

                          *        Batter        *
-The number of coins you earn depends on where the ball lands.

-If the ball does not get picked up by the three defenders, or if four balls are
pitched, the batter get another turn. 

-Line up the right patterns on the slot machine and the batter can continue his 

-Hit: Batter earns 10 coins

-2B Hit: Batter earns 20 coins

-3B Hit: Batter earns 30 coins

-Coin: 30 coins appear. The three defensive players try to collect the coins 
before they disappear, earning double the number of coins they collect. The 
batter gets all the coins the defenders fail to collect.

HR: Batter earns 40 coins, while the defenders lose 20 coins each.

?: Effect varies depending on patterns lined up on the slot machine.

RBIs: Batter earns 30 coins for each RBI. Defensive players lose 10 coins each.

And that's all you need to know about Toy Field. Get your friends together and 
have a good time. 
In order to get coins for buying stuff, there are minigames that you can play to
earn some coins. Be aware, it costs coins to play, but you can win coins in the
games as well. There are five minigames. Rules on how to play them come from the
game's manual.

                            ()       Bob-omb Derby      ()
Use charge swings to compete for home-run distance in this minigame. Any hit
other than a home run is worth nothing. Points are earned based on the distance
of the home run hit. Hitting consecutive home runs earns bonus points.

                            ()        Wall Ball         ()
Use charge pitches to break walls in this minigame. Get the most coins by just
breaking through the musical note wall. If your ball stops after breaking the
Bowser wall, half of your coins will be stolen by another player. 

                            ()    Chain Chomp  Sprint   ()
Try to collect gems while Chain Chomp sleeps. If you move at all while Chain
Chomp is awake, you'll lose some of the gems you've collected. Try to collect as
many gems as you can within the time limit. The X Button is used to stop while
moving counterclockwise. The Y Button is used to stop while movie clockwise.

                            ()      Pirahna Panic       ()
Use eggs to drive back the Piranha Plants, competing for points in the process.
Earn points by hitting a Piranha Plant with an egg of a matching color. Hit it
with an egg of a different color and it will shoot a fireball right back at you.
You can earn many points by hitting Piranha Plants with Bob-ombs. Or you can 
drop the Bob-omb and let it interfere with your opponents.

Control Stick Down: Duck
Control Stick Up, Left, and Right: Throw
B Button: Drop

                            ()       Barrel Batter      ()
Hit balls into barrels to break them. When barrels of the same color are 
adjacent, hitting one of those barrels will cause all of them to break. Doing so
will build up your barrel gauge, which will cause a bonus barrel to appear once
it is filled. If you break the bonus barrel with your next hit, all barrels will
be destroyed.

And that is the minigames that you can play in challenge mode. Remember, each
difficulty level costs a certain amount of coins, so make sure you know what you
are getting into. 

IX.Scout Missions
I will also list the scout challenges that I've come across on my playthroughs. 
They might all or may not be there. I will keep looking and updating 

Get a Hit: This one is really simple. You must get a hit. Keep in mind that a
hit does not mean just hitting the ball. You have to hit the ball and make it to
a base. If you hit the ball and fail to make it to a base, you fail the mission.

Steal A Base: This is a more challenging one, but it's doable. When the pitcher
on the other team pitches the ball, you must not hit it, but advance to the next
base before the catcher successfully tosses the ball to the second-basemen.

Finish them off in three batters: This is a challenging one. You have to get 
three consecutive outs with three players to clear this mission. The easiest 
way, I find, is to strike them out. If they hit the ball, don't panic. You can
still get them out by catching the ball or beating them to a base.

Get the Player Out: This is easy. All you have to do, is get the batting player
out using any method. You can strike them out, catch a fly, or toss the ball to
a base.

Strike em out: This is similar to the above mission, but you have to strike them
out. They are not allowed to hit the ball at all. This could be a little trick,
but it's not that hard.

Get a Double Play: This is rather difficult. To get a double play, you must get
two outs in one inning. To do this, you must catch a ball by the batter, and
throw the ball to the previous base of a runner before they make it back. This
is easier said than done.

Hit a Sacrifice Fly: This can be really tricky. A sacrifice fly is when you
have one out, and you purpously hit a ball to get out, but the runner on third
is able to make it to home plate and score a run. This is a bit tricky, 
especially when you might not even hit a fly that is caught. 

Drop a successful Squeeze Bump: There is a mission that is very similar to a
bump. A squeeze bump is when you have no runners on base and you bunt. You must
make it to the base before you are tagged out. This can go either way, but it's
not usually achieved.

Score a run: This is a difficult one because of all the cheap tricks that can
occur in a ball park. You have to score a run before the inning is out. This
mission usually pops up when you have two outs, which makes it especially

Don't let them score even one run: This is a very difficult mission because,
like above, so many cheap things can go wrong. You must prevent the other team
from scoring. This can be easy, but in most cases, it's very challenging.

Mount a come-back: This is the hardest mission of all. It usually pops up when
the other team is about 2-3 runs ahead of you. To mount a come-back, you must
score runs until you pass their score. This is pretty hard, especially in the
more difficult modes. 

X.Shop Information
In challenge mode, there are a series of items and powerups you can buy. In each
mode, the prices are different, but the powerups are generally 200 coins. This
is where you buy the star pitches and other good luck charms. Be warned that the
items you buy are only good for the next game, except the Star Pitches. Also,
please note that these items don't necessarily go in the order you can buy them.

Nice Bat: Makes everyone get easier hits.

Power Bat: Gives more power to hit home-runs.

Super Ball: Makes pitches faster and curve more.

Lucky Glove: Allows catches with less chances of errors.

Dash Spikes: Makes everyone run faster.

Super Star: ?

Gnarly Garlic: Awakens someone to the power of the cunning mind {Wario}.

Whiskered Eggplant: Awakens someone to the power of the dubios mind {Waluigi}.

Red Fireball: Awakens someone to the power of the flame {Mario}.

Green Fireball: Awakens someone to the power of green fire {Luigi}.

King Banana: Awakens someone to the power of the banana {DK}.

Chimp Banana: Awakens someone to the power of the banana {for smaller bodies}

Green Egg: Awakens someone to the power of the egg {Yoshi}.

Pink Egg: Awakens someone to the power of the egg {for non egg layers} {Birdo}.

Lovely Heart: Awakens someone to the power of the heart {Peach}.

Pretty Flowers: Awakens someone to the power of the flower {Daisy}.

The following unlockables were taken directly from the Cheats and Secrets area
under Mario Superstar Baseball. They are all owned by their respective 
contributed owners, and they will receive special credit in the Credits section.

Coin Derby- Finish Challenge Mode once 

Secret Map- Beat every minigame once 
Toy Field- Get the Secret map

Grand Prix Mode- Beat all mini games on star difficulty.  

Star Dash- Complete Challenge Mode Once 

Baby Luigi- Complete Challenge Mode with Yoshi 
Dixie Kong- Complete challenge mode with Donkey Kong 
Hammer Bro- Complete Challenge Mode with Bowser 
Monty Mole- Complete Challenge Mode with Mario 
Petey Piranha- Complete Challenge Mode with Wario 
Toadette- Complete Challenge Mode with Peach 

Super star- Complete the Item check list 

Toy Stadium in Challenge Mode
In Challenge Mode, beat each of the Minigames once on any difficulty. Then 
purchase the Secret Map from the Item Shop for 500 coins. A Warp Pipe will 
appear to take you to the Toy Stadium Minigame!

Unlock Bowser for Challenge Mode
To unlock Bowser for Challenge mode, simply beat Challenge mode on Special with 
any character.

Koopa Castle Stadium- Complete Challenge Mode once 

XII.Game Review
Mario Superstar Baseball was released for the GCN in 2005. This game took its 
place among the many Mario sports games that appeared from Nintendo. This game 
is very fun to play, but it's an average game overall. It's nothing spectacular,
but it is satisfying enough when you are bored.

Bowser is building a mighty powerful team and has sent a challenge for any other
team to beat his team. You, whichever team captain you choose, must take down 
the other rival teams and defeat Bowser's mighty powerful team. You can only 
gain an audience with Bowser if you have defeated the other teams at least once.
The story is kind of bland, but it does fit the game's title quite nicely. I 
can't penalize it for that.


Controls in this game are broken down into two main categories. You have the 
button functions for pitching and fielding, and you have the button functions 
for batting and running. Even though the controls are nice and spread out, some 
of them are horrible at times. For example, throwing a ball to a base. You have 
to point the control stick towards the direction analogous to the diamond of 
the field. Many times, you will point one way, but you'll end up throwing to a 
different place. This is very annoying as this can cause you to lose a baseball 


The parks in the game are spectacularly designed. Bowser's castle was done 
quite nicely and set the right mood for the final match. The environments for 
each of the parks were fantastic. Each field was different and had a fresh 
theme to it. 


The game had some good music, but it didn't really have anything that wows you 
completely. I really liked how they had the Mario Bros Theme for the Peach 
Gardens. That was nice to hear. Other than that, nothing really special. The 
music was good, but not "ZOMG this is awesome!!!"


The game has adequate material to satisfy. There are four levels for the 
challenge mode, a toy field for 1-4 players, and an awesome two player mode. 
There are some things that are also added in the story mode. The minigames were
okay. I just felt they were thrown in there as a filler. You could do without 
them. All in all, it's really a satisfying game when you are bored. 


Fun Factor
This game is a ton of fun if you have friends to play it with. I wouldn't 
recommend playing it so much yourself as more with friends, but this game 
passes the time when you are bored.


Rent or Buy?
You should buy this game if you have multiple friends to play this with. I 
wouldn't recommend buying it to play for yourself because you can beat the 
story mode in a day if you just went right through it. All in all, Nintendo did 
an okay job. It could have been improved a bit, but it wasn't a bad sports 
game. And, this is coming from a kid who doesn't even play sports games. 

This game gets a 7.8 or 8 from me. This game is really fun, but it's nothing so 
great that can be compared to say Legend of Zelda or something. It's a great, 
fun game, but there are many better games than it. Far better games than this.

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm Anthony Murano. I'm 14 years old and am a highschool Sophomore. I love to
sing and act and am thinking of majoring in education and theater.

Q: What is Mario Superstar Baseball?
A: Mario Superstar Baseball is a Gamecube 2005 release that fell into the sports
genre for Mario games. It is equivalent to Super Mario Strikers, but this is 
just baseball instead of soccor. It's one of Nintendo's many sports games.

Q: What is the purpose of the stars that you earn for performing tasks?
A: The stars, when they are all completed, earn your characters the all star 
rank to them. It doesn't really enhance gameplay, but it gives your character 
something to show off with.

Q: In exhibition mode, I could pitch a special pitch, but I can't in challenge. 
What's up with that?
A: You have to buy them at the shop. There's one for each major team captain and
some of the side characters as well.

Q: Where do I get coins?
A: You can get coins by playing Minigames or fighting against Bowser Jr.

Q: Can I recruit Bowser Jr.?
A: Not to my knowledge.

Q: How do you unlock the characters in exhibition mode? 
A: Beat the challenge modes.

Q: What is the point of chemistry?
A: Chemistry between two players allows them to throw the ball fast to each 
other. This is useful for getting people out.

Q: I can't special pitch anymore. Why?
A: You ran out of star energy. 

Q: How do I get more star energy?
A: Whenever the word "star chance" pops up, you can get 1 star energy for either
getting hit when batting or getting a person out when pitching. 

Q: How do I recruit new members to my team?
A: You have to impress them by completing missions in game. Once you complete
in game missions and get enough flags for a player, they will join you.

Q: I recruited a team captain, I but I didn't get every single player, how do I
get the players on my team?
A: Bowser Jr. will have the people you didn't get on his team. Win a game 
against him to recruit those players.

Q: How do I get to Bowser?
A: Beat the other teams.

Q: What's the purpose of toy field?
A: Toy Field is a Mario Party kind of way to play baseball. It's pretty fun for
1-4 players since you can't do 4 player baseball games. This includes more 

Q: What is Mercy?
A: Mercy is when the game ends with a score differential of 10.

Q: Why can't I change my settings in challenge?
A: You can't.

Q: What are the other options for?
A: The other options are sound control, game options, and records. That's all 
there really is to it. There is also a practice mode that allows you to get a
feel for the game.

Q: How do I......?
A: Read the FAQ. If it's not in there, email me.

Q: Hi, I'm from this website and would like to host your FAQ.....
A: I'm happy to have you host my work on your site. Please follow instructions 
under contact and legal info for more details.

XIV. Contact Info
If you have a question, comment, concern, or information you think needs to be
included in this FAQ, please email me at [email protected] When emailing
me, please do not send love letters, hate mail, stalking, random links, or porn-
like images. You may email me to say hi; I don't have a problem with that. Also,
make sure to include that this email is related to "Mario Superstar Baseball". 
If you don't specify that, it could be deleted as spam. Also, try and make sure 
your writing is legible and clear. Don't send me something like:

"So, how do u leik totally get dis thingamaboba!!!111!!!!???"

XV. Legal Information

XVI. Credits
I would like to give recognition to the following:

1. The game's manual that provided controls, character info, and other stuff.
2. My sister, Beth, for buying me this game for my birthday.
3. Brian P. Sulpher and Cyric Z for inspiring me to write FAQs.
4. GameFAQs and for hosting this guide.
5. Nintendo and all other involved parties for producing this game.
6. The game for providing me with Scout Missions, Star Missions, and shop info.
7. I would like to credit all of the contributors who submitted the unlockables
that I used. You guys have done a hell of a job with contributing for this game,
and you are now mentioned in an FAQ if you aren't already. 

XVII.Version History
Version 1.00-June 6, 2008-June 15, 2008: Guide is completely done as of right 
now. I may update with future stuff reguarding missed info or stuff sent in by 
my readers.

Version 1.01-June 16, 2008: I added three new sections that have some 
information that should be covered. I also added the closing I forgot to put in.
The sections will be completed as necessary. I also added as an 
acceptable website to host this guide. If you see it there, it is allowed to be 
there. I am hoping to finish Scout Missions and shop information by next update.
Also, I changed my opinion on the review.

Version 1.02-June 18, 2008: Added some more to the Scout Missions which might
complete it. I also added some more shopping information to the guide. This 
should be near complete soon.

Version 1.03-June 21, 2008: Added some more shopping information, and I also
added some new sections that include information from the Cheats and Secrets
section. Also, if anybody can provide information on what the Super Star does,
I would be extremely greatful. Opinions on some of the stuff were also added in
this version. Next version update, I hope to finish shopping information, Scout
Missions, and have a new section for Star Missions started. I will also add more
info about characters and give opinions as well. This guide is still being
progressively updated as fast as possible. Hope to have guide done by the first
day of July.

XVIII. Closing
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read DarkBlumiere's FAQ/Walkthrough
for Mario Superstar Baseball. I hope this FAQ has been helpful and enjoyed to 
all my readers, and I stress again to email me with anything about this game. 
Thanks for reading, and have a good day.