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Harvest Moon: A wonderful life Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon: A wonderful life

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Check out our collection of cheats that includes getting into Nami's hotel room, getting into the bar early and easy money.

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We have 58 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon: A wonderful life please send them in here.

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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Cheats

Chinese Checkers Mini-game:
You can sometimes play a mini-game that is similar to Chinese Checkers if
you enter Kassey's house when someone is there.
Tombstone Washer Mini-game:
You can play the Tombstone Washer mini-game in Chapter 2 by going to Nina's grave at 6.30 a.m. and talking to Garen.
Easy Money:
Put any of the fruit from the tree crops into a Seed Mixer and make money by selling the seeds instead of the fruit.

Recipes for Harvest Moon: AWL

Here is a list of all the recipies in the game. It's a long list here we go:
Note: RT# indicates second generation hybrid trees. You must have Tartan the hybrid plant to get these. More information on him can be found in the cheats section. Here is also a website link for good info on Tartan:
Soups: /=Can be either ingredient EX: Tomato/Turnip
Earth Soup: Potato and Carrot
Fish Stew: Carrot/Turnip, Potato, and Fish
Stew: Potato, Carrot, and Milk
Yam Soup: Sweet Potato
Tomatoma Soup: Carrot and Tomato
Good Soup: Turnip, Bashota, and Fish
Light Pickles: Turnip
Tomamelo: Tomato and Melon
Marinade: Turnip, Mugwort, ..

Recipes for some Salads and Soups

Tomato Salad: 1 Tomato and 1 Melon
Tomacarro Salad: 1 Tomato and 1 Carrot
Delicious Salad: 1 Egg, 1 Tomato, and 1 Gretoma
Fruit Salad: 1 Tomato, 2 Fruits
Egg Salad: 1 Tomato, 1 Egg, and 1 Vegetable
Red Salad: 3 Tomatoes
Marinade: 1 Fish, 1 Mugwort, and 1 Tomato or Turnip
Light Pickles: 1 Turnip
Earth Soup: 1 Tomato, and 1 Carrot
Fish Soup: 1 Fish, 1 Potato, and 1 Turnip
TomaToma Soup: 1 Tomao, and 1 Carrot
Yam Soup: 1 Sweet Potato
Stew: 1 Potato, 1 Carrot, and 1 Bottle of Milk
Fish Stew: 1 Fish, 1 Potato, and 1 Carrot
Delicious and Nutritive Soup: 1 Potato, and 1 Carrot


K listen up ya know,the house in the back of the farm thats always locked. Well it turnsout that house was supposed to be for youre horse but they stuck it in the barn. So that house was supposed to be taken out, but nintendo never got to it.
Its not really a cheat but I wanted to tell you guys about it.

Crops for any Season

If you give Tartan a Happy Lamp flower, and any crop seed (except trees) You will get a seed that can grow in any season. You will be able to tell it apart from other seeds, because there will be a green circle next to it's name.

Ruby's Spice Easy Money

1) Get Ruby's spice. (be her friend, walk in Inn after her, and it might trigger a little clip thingy-keep trying if it doesn't!)
2) Cook 1 of them. (if you cook more it'll be failed or unknown cooking)
3) You now have 2.
4) Continue until you have 99.
5) Sell to Van for 100G each.
*Be sure you save 1 (only sell 98) so that you can do the cheat again!*

dont buy the teddy bear from van!!!

okay so the so called teddy bear you buy from van well it turns out there is a reason it moves around.... its evil!!! it corrupted my child!! so dont buy the teddy bear!!!

Easy cash

All you have to do to become rich is buy one banana seed. plant it and it will grow next summer.
Take all the bananas and put them in the seed maker. don't sell those seeds but plant them instead. the next summer you should have alot of trees.
Take all the bananas and repeat this process until all your gardens are full of bananas. sell the rest of the banana seeds for alot of money each.
Next year you can put all the bananas in the seed maker and sell enough so in case your trees die you will have enough seeds to replace them.
Once you have enough, you can keep making seeds and selling them.
PS. trees have to have room around them so plant them every other spot and never cut them down unless they stop producing seeds.

How to get animals

Okay! Here are the ways to get different pets.
Cat-Befriend Romana, and sometime in the 2nd chapter (I think in the fall) wake up after your wife. Romana will be there and she will give you a cat if you want it.
Lizard-Befriend MukuMuku (The white thing that wanders around by the pond close to your farm in the winter) He likes fish and flowers. He will give it to you eventually, so just be patient and keep giving him stuff.
Chihuahua-Find every tablet at Carter`s Dig (You can find one a year) And he will give it to you.
Turtle-I`m not completely sure, but I think you befriend Daryl. Sometime in the 3rd year, he should give it to you if you are his good friend. I`m not sure, so please don`t be mad if I`m wrong.
Raccoon-Befriend Vesta, then go in there ..

Get into Nami's hotel room

To get into Nami's hotel room, wake up really early and go up to her room. Go around 6. Press "A" every 5 seconds and eventually you will get in. From there, you can look at her diary. I proposed to her in there.

Marry Celia

To marry Celia You have to give her a flower, or a moon ore everyday.
I went through so much trouble to marry Celia because I was in love with her and I didn't know what to what.
Hope I helped
PoKeMoN gAzEr

Tartan tree

Note: You must have Tartan for this glitch to work.
Normally, you arean't supposed to be able to mix crops or flowers with trees to get a different result, but in this case you can.
1: Take any crop in seed form and upgrade it to S rank with the UP-Seed. (You have to have Tartan to make hybrids)
2: Take desired B-Rank tree you wish to make S-Rank and place it in the first slot of Tartan.
3: Take the S-Rank crop and place it in the second slot.
5: Use Tartan and there you go, an S-Rank tree without wasting thousands on fertilizer.

Marry Nami easily

Give Nami skulls everyday and follow her to her room at the Inn every few days.
Check her notebook on the table to see her heart status towards you. I was able to propose to her on the fifth night of summer after giving her skulls from the beginning of spring. Best way to do it is go to her room check notebook 4 hearts pull feather out and propose!

Golden Stuff

Finley here,
To get a golden egg, be very nice to your chickens, have a duck or 2, and keep their bird feed to it's max
To get golden wool, wash your sheep and keep it well fed. Be nice and love it

easy way to befriend daryll

okay so i found the easiest way to befriend daryll is to grow turnips during summer (i think thats the season for them.) and cook using the recipe salad using the turnips which will make pickled tunips or something lol which is daryll's favorite gift.

Flowers to Vesta

If you give Vesta flowers everyday for a while she will say something like" I have been cleaning up and found this weird looking hoe from my dad. Do you want it?" Say yes and she will give it to you.

Rare Fish

Near the bottom of the stream, you can catch a fish called the "Sarshark" this fish is rare and you can sell this fish to Van for 600 dollars

Find out your child's personality

Make sure you do this in Chapter 1! (Happy Birthday) You can find out your child's personality by bringing him to Chris. (woman with blonde hair and pink dress thing) Wake up early in the morning (8:00-10:00ish) and pick up your son. Bring him outside and try to find Chris. She is usually heading towards town but if you can't find her check her house, otherwise she probably left already. (so try next day) But if you do find her talk to her (while holding your son) until she asks if you want to know your son's fortune. It's very interesting to see what your son is like! She'll tell you a couple of things. For example she told me that my son is very curious about things, and is a momma's boy. (result of showing him fossils and spoiling him a lot >_<)
The curious thing sure was ..

How to get 2 Ducks

Play your game until the second chapter. (the chapter when you can no longer hold your child) Buy a pond before Summer. On the first day of summer, there will be a cutscene of your wife telling you there is two ducks in the pond. (1 male 1 female) You can then name the ducks. The ducks like to be around the pond you have, but be sure to bring them inside the chicken coop when there is bad weather. Yes, you have to buy bird feed for them. And I do believe the ducks can breed, but it might take a while. ^_^ Hope I helped!

My record

I want to tell you that the first time I played I got nami at 4 hearts at the end of the year so I did not get to give the blue feather before that but the second time I played guess what I got nami to 4 hearts at summer day 10...
Isn't that unbelievable but I am seriuos because I talked to her everyday and gave her items from the digsite and at su mmer day 10 I gave her the blue feather and we went to the place where the sptrites live.
She said yes and then she said,''so you like to pay bills?'' and the cutsene was over andwe would get married on spring day one in year.

Ruby spice cheat

Ok. For this cheat you need the ruby spice from ruby. To get it befriend ruby and go into the kitchen when only she is there.
Now if you have it go to your kitchen a cook select any type of food now cook with only 1 ruby spice. You'll now have two.
You can also use 3 ruby spices if you only have 1. To make a lot of unknows.
Make sure you only make 99 ruby spices if you make more it will mess up the game. Don't sell all of the ruby spices keep one so you can keep duplicating. Each of the ruby spices cost 100g.

Mucha hintsa

I've got a lot of hints like:
Cow Taming
If you buy the milk room and put your cows in it for a few days they will go in there on there own!
When it's stormy outside and you want to stop the rain, visit a mine and do some digging. As you emerge from the mine the rain will stop.
You can negotiate with Van up to three times on anything worth over 100g (including milk, fish, etc.). For example, go to sell him 3 Yamume fish worth 500g each -- first he offers 1500g, and when refused, he offers 1800g, then refused again and he settles for his final offer of 2100g. This third offer doesn't happen often, but the second does, so just keep refusing his first offer price until he up's it.
If you are having trouble getting golden wool, try the followi..

Free Crops

You must have the seed maker, to make this work.
In the Summer, go and get about 11-15 turnip seeds. (note: you must buy them on the first day of summer). Then go plant them. When they are all done growing, take all of them, and put them in the seed maker.
You will have to wait for a couple of days.
Go back to the seed maker, and lets say that you put 13 turnips in there, you should have 26 seeds for free. Keep on doing this till the end of winter.
I ended up getting 98 turnips planted. This will end up to be a big help, because Van will buy each one for about 35 (i think).

Naomi Cut -scene right anserws (I think)

All right, this will get you an easy heart with Naomi (hopefuly) and maybe Muffy. You might have to have a lv 3 heart with Naomi. It might be 2, but I don't know
On the 8-9 day of summer at about 5:30,(if not, find & follow Naomi tiil she goes into the bar) You will see Naomi by the bar. You will walk over and be givin an option to say "Can I sit here?" or "Let us drink together". Say the first. Then "Ask why Naomi's here" or "Tell why I'm here'. Agin, the first. Finally, you can say "Sure", "Not really",or "I don't keep track. Whadda ya know? It's the first one! Then Naomi will leave. Muffy, who has been watching the whole thing (evasdropper!) will say "Darn, I forgot to make Naomi pay!". Pay for the drink. The heart at the end of her sentence when you do this makes me think ..


Tomamelo salad
Tomato and a melon
Tomacarro salad
Tomato and a carrot
Light pickles
1or 2 or 3 turnips


Tomatoma soup
Tomato and a carrot
Yam soup
1 yam
Potato soup
Potato,a wild plant and a mushroom
Potato,carrot and a milk
Fish stew
Fish,a sweet potato and a turnip

Easy hearts for celia

Give her the flowers that grow by her farm in the spring and get a heart every 2

Need money fast? Here's a few ways that will get you rich 1-2-3!

This is by far the easiest Harvest Moon game to get money other than Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. I know it's getting old, but hey, I'm bored, so I'll submit it. LOL. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong because ever since my memory card got corrupt I haven't played it (about a year or so). Also excuse me for any typos, I injured my wrist a few days ago. Anyway, enough of that. You definately want to befriend Ruby at the Inner Inn. When you befriend her, you'll get the solution to all your money problems. Simply go to your kitchen, put one Ruby Spice in, and it will duplicate. Duplicate as much as desired. They sell for 100G EA, so it won't be long. If you want to be less cheap, however, plant trees. That's right. You heard me. Plant `em! You'll soon be making money faster than the spe..

Divorcing your wife

I was on Spring year 2, and I decided to sleep until the third chapter. Muffy told me that I was sucking on the farm, and I chose the negative answer "i don't care". So she kept on asking me if I was serious, and I kept with my answer. So then there was a scene where she took my kid, and takakura said something to my "dad", and the game was over.

Marrying Nami Very Easily(No Joke)!

Ok go to the digging site when Carter is there.(He goes in at 10 am)Dig about 10 times in each square the things you wanna find are skull fossils(called fossil when found)and human staues(called something wierd when found)Bring one to Nami each day eventually you will get a Cutscene that means you have 1 red heart once you have seen 4 Cutscenes and have 4 red hearts you can propose to her with the Blue Feather(which Nic Nak and Flak give you after a certain amount of days I'm not sure how many because I got it in a different save file than the one I'm playing now)
Thanks for reading and I hope this helped Bye!

Necklace from Nami

While I married Celia, I still continued to speak to Nami occasionally and to give her gifts three or four times a year such as a flower, crops, or food I've cooked. I am in the 7th day of fall, year 1, in The Journey section of the third block of the three year blocks. My farm in doing very well, my son is an adult but still living at home. I went to the tent at the dig site at 11:00 pm. Both the Professor and Nami were there. I first spoke to the Professor and gave him one crop item and some food I'd cooked. I then spoke to Nami who told me that even though the Prof. Says Yum Yum when her eats what she has cooked, she knows she's a terrible cook. I gave her fish cooked with butter. She said thank you and told me it's hard to live in a small tent and that, while she enjoys archeology, s..

Getting the Golden Necklace correction!

Moonmama here, I just need to correct the name on the hint about getting the golden necklace. I said Nami gave me the necklace but that's just wrong. It's Flora who gave me the necklace in the tent my the dig site when she and the Professor were both there. I'm so sorry I made this mistake and hope I haven't upset anyone with such a silly mistake as this.
Also, after Flora gave me the necklace, I tried to give it to my wife, Celia, who said it was pretty but wouldn't take it. I continued showing it to her and she told me to keep it in a safe place but will not accept it from me. I showed the necklace to the little old lady in the mansion on the hill and she suggested it has "powers", as did Ruby when I showed it to her. I showed the necklace to the Professor and he actually ..

How To Get...

1. To get a Wierd Sickle be friend's with the docter guy ( he move's into Galen and Nina's house in year two ) and go inside his house when he's there to get the Wierd Sickle.
2. To get a Wierd Hoe go to the inner inn and go to that door beside the counter. When it reaches 8:01 am go inside and Tim will give you a Strange Hoe.
3. There are two ways to get the Seed-Making Room. 1. Be friends with the mad scientist and go to his house when he's there and then he'll give you a Seed-Making room ( The bad part is your son is going to grow up as a scientist) 2. Keep talking to Takakura untill he say's you can order it ( It cost's 6000 gills).

Get ducks

If you want a duck they appear when you buy the pond.

Careful of COWS

Here's some hints about cows...
When your cow runs out of milk *and you have more cows* either sell it or breed it. Breeding always worked the best for me. I've beaten this game at least 2 times, this is my third try.
Also, NEVER leave your cows in the barn. They get way too stressed.
Well, See you guys!

How to get animals

Okay! Here are the ways to get different pets.
Cat-Befriend Romana, and sometime in the 2nd chapter (I think in the fall) wake up after your wife. Romana will be there and she will give you a cat if you want it.
Lizard-Befriend MukuMuku (The white thing that wanders around by the pond close to your farm in the winter) He likes fish and flowers. He will give it to you eventually, so just be patient and keep giving him stuff.
Chihuahua-Find every tablet at Carter`s Dig (You can find one a year) And he will give it to you.
Turtle-I`m not completely sure, but I think you befriend Daryl. Sometime in the 3rd year, he should give it to you if you are his good friend. I`m not sure, so please don`t be mad if I`m wrong.
Raccoon-Befriend Vesta, then go in there when she`s t..

The other things you get by befriending people.

Well, it turns out you can get more things by befriending people. When I say this I mean some people can give you another thing after you befriended people. Some of these might be for Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. But I'm sure about Gustafa and Cody.
Gustafa's first item: Strange Sickle-Gustafa's second item:Drumset
Cody's first item: Strange Hoe (I'm 75% sure about that one but the second one is correct)-Cody's second item: Artwork
Wally's first item: Wool Clippers-Wally's second item (this is the one I'm not sure about)-Medal or Trophy
There might be others that I don't know about... >_<
Please reply if you find out others. ^_^
I hope this helps! ^_^

Good money fast

Hi this is my first hint submision so here it goes
You know you can get fodder from cutting grass in you're feild, on the 1-2, 4-7 and the 9-10 days cut as much as you can then on the 3rd and the 8th day of each season sell it to van you get 10G each, you can carry up to 99 at a time thats 990G a time, it's good money. I got 1000 so I going to be rich (lol) I going to start doin it from now on. It amazingly good I think rate this if you like coz I wanna no what you think thank you hope you get lots of money out of this.
" <--- the old woman lol

Getting extra animals

Befriend these people to get certain animals.
Befriend Vesta and Marlin to get that raccoon by thier farm.
Befriend Mukumuku (the monster in the winter) to get the lizard by the waterfall.
Befriend Carter and Flora to get the Chihuahua by thier camp/dig site.

I don't know anymore, but I hope I helped!

A good life

First thing to do in a day is feed your animals and water your plant then go buy stuff you need then go get your girl then go fishing or what ever you need to do to do to get money

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