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Follow the dark path or use the light
Harvest Moon: A wonderful life Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: A wonderful life


Child FAQ

by Nekoko

For Gamecube
Child FAQ written by Nekoko


     Hello! Welcome to My first FAQ! This Faq is for Harvest Moon: A
Wonderful Life for Gamecube. (just in case you\'re very very lost) This
particular FAQ is focused on raising your kid, an awesome feature that
wasn\'t very detailed in previous HM games. Personally, It\'s my favorite
part of the game, aside from courting girls, and I hope you enjoy it
     Anyways, fun though it may be, there are many things that are hard
to figure out and that\'s what I\'m trying to reveal here. This FAQ is
(obviously) unfinished but it will grow as I continue to play. I\'m
playing three games simultaneously and marrying each girl, so please be
patient for updates, it\'s a lot of work.
     Oh yes, THIS FAQ MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!! I try not to post events
unless you can get an item out of it, so those will be kept to a
minimum. However, this FAQ will reveal secrets about your child\'s
future and may take some of the surprise fun out of the game. But I\'ll
try not to. Thank you and enjoy!!

*Table of Contents*
     - Introduction
     - Wives\' Children [1.0]
          - Muffy\'s Child [1.1]
          - Celia\'s Child [1.2]
          - Nami\'s Child [1.3]
     - Career Paths [2.0]
          - Scholar [2.1]
          - Farmer [2.2]
          - Rancher [2.3]
          - Artist [2.4]
          - Music [2.5]
          - Athlete [2.6]
     - Walkthrough [3.0]
          - Toddler Stage [3.1]
          - Child Stage [3.2]
          - Teenager Stage [3.3] COMING SOON
          - Adult [3.4] COMING SOON
     - Crushes [4.0] COMING SOON
     - Baby Talk [5.0]
          - Toddler Stage [5.1]
     - Legal Stuff [6.0]
          - Copyright [6.1]
          - Acknowledgements [6.2]
          - Contact info [6.3]
          - Frequently Asked Questions [7.0]

**Wives\' Children** [1.0]

     Your child will differ greatly depending on whom you marry.
However, they inherit not only their mother\'s good looks, but their
minds as well. Your child\'s interests, strengths, and future depend
largely on who you marry, so choose your bride wisely.
     If you show your child to Chris as a Toddler, she will tell his
fortune. That part is listed here, as well as the details on each
child\'s base personality.
     The Child\'s interests are what they will steer themselves toward
if you don\'t influence them. These are things they like. Their
strengths are things they are good at, whether or not they like it.
This is good to consider while choosing your wife. If you really want
your kid to be an athlete for instance, I don\'t recommend marrying
Nami, as her child hates exercise as well as being very bad at it.

*Muffy\'s Child* [1.1]

     Muffy\'s child is the most energetic of the three. He wears blue
and red, has blonde hair, and green eyes. He will be outgoing and fun.
Her child tends to go outside more.

-*Chris\'s Fortune*-

-*Interests / Strengths*-

     Career     Interest     Strength

     Scholar-   very low     very low
     Plants-    very low     very low
     Animals-   very high    moderate
     Artist-    very low     low
     Music-     high         very high
     Athlete-   very high    very high

*Celia\'s Child* [1.2]

     Celia\'s Child wears all green, has brown hair and green eyes. He
is down to earth and likes the outdoors.

-*Chris\'s Fortune*-

-*Interests / Strengths*-

     Career     Interest     Strength

     Scholar-   very low     low
     Plants-    very high    very high
     Animals-   high         very high
     Artist-    low          high
     Music-     low          low
     Athlete-   low          low

*Nami\'s Child * [1.3]
     Nami\'s child is quiet and collected. He wears all blue, has dark
red hair like Nami and blue eyes. He is smart, like his mother, but
very shy. He wears a very worried expression on his face.

-*Chris\'s Fortune*-
          \"This boy will have unparalleled curiosity. He\'ll want to
know even the deepest things and may be a little bit of a momma\'s boy.\"

-*Interests / Strengths*-

     Career     Interest     Strength

     Scholar-   low          very high
     Plants-    high         high
     Animals-   very low     high
     Artist-    very high    very high
     Music-     low          high
     Athlete-   very low     very low

**Career Paths** [2.0]

     There are a total of six different Career Paths your child can go
into. If you don\'t influence them as a toddler at all (which is nearly
impossible) they will naturally follow their own interests. However if
you\'re careful, you can more or less pick their career for them. All
you need is the right friends, right gifts, and right toys.
     You should try to show them to certain people everyday. This means
taking them inside their respective houses/workplaces, showing your
child to them, and being friends with that person. If you\'re really
specific about what career you want for them, you should try to only
keep certain toys in the play chest (Toys can be purchased from Van
starting Ch. 2). If you want to leave it partially up to chance, you
can always spread your love, show them many different objects, and
introduce them to a variety of people. It\'s your kid, have some fun!!

*Scholar* [2.1]

     -Show him-
          Moon ore
          Sugar ore

     -Introduce him to/Befriend-


          If you are friends with Flora and Carter in Ch. 3, you can
get a necklace from her and give it to your son. This will influence
him towards the scholar career path. Also, if you milk your cows/goat
using the milker and shear your sheep with the electric razor it will

          One sign that he is going down this path (as a toddler) is
that he will pull out a book on the floor and start reading. This is
not a toy from the chest; I frankly don\'t know where he gets it from.
It is different from the sketchpad so don\'t mix them up.

*Plants * [2.2]

     -Show him-

     -Introduce him to/Befriend-



*Animals* [2.3]

     -Show him-
          Show him to your cattle

     -Introduce him to/befriend-


          Getting the cat from Romana by befriending her and waking up
later than your wife in Ch. 2 should also help. Milk your animals by
hand and don\'t use the electric clippers on your sheep. Also, try not
to kill your animals, though I know the goat is tempting.  ^_^

*Artist * [2.4]

     -Show him-

     -Introduce him to/Befriend-
          The Pyrotechnic Twins (Kassey and Patrick)
          Sebastian (he likes to paint)


          If you are friends with Cody in Ch. 3 and go into his house
while he\'s there, you can get a painting to put in your kitchen or
living room.

*Music  * [2.5]

     -Show him-

     -Introduce him to/Befriend-


          By befriending Lumina, you can get sheet music from her in
Ch. 3. You can also get a drum set from Gustafa if you are friends with

*Athlete* [2.6]

     -Show him-

     -Introduce him to/Befriend-



**Walkthrough** [3.0]

     This section isn\'t so much a walkthrough as a guide to what you
should try to accomplish in each stage/chapter of your child\'s life. I
can\'t tell you how to raise your kid (Why would you want me to?) but I
can recommend strategies. This section will update as I get further in
the game.

     This is the stage to get close to your kid. Pick them up and
cuddle them every day. Maybe even twice. If you have Nami\'s child and
are worried about him being a \"Momma\'s boy\" as everyone seems to think
he is, don\'t worry about it. This won\'t go away by ignoring your kid.
It\'s a default of the game.
     You should also start steering them down the career path of your
choice. Put the right toys in their toy box. Also, you should try to
bring them around to the people that will influence them everyday. Go
in their houses and such. If you haven\'t befriended these people yet,
definitely do so soon. Another thing you should do is show your son
items everyday, to influence him.

     Continue to influence your child in this stage. They can talk
better now so things should be a little more interesting. You can give
them items that will influence them now. You can now longer show your
son to people so just continue to be friends and visit their houses.
      There are also several key items you can get in Chapter 3 from
different villagers that will help influence your kid. Definitely try
to get these.


**Baby Talk** [5.0]

     Your child says some interesting things throughout their life, so
I figured hey, why not record them?! These are just the ones I have
seen; if you have more, please e-mail me with the phrase, age of your
child, and wife. Thanx!

*Toddler Stage* [5.1]

Muffy\'s child

Celia\'s Child

Nami\'s Child

\"Moon is wound, mountain is twiangle\"
\"Is there moon?\"
\"were is unca?\"
\"Pway wit bwother.\"
\"wooking for sister.\"
\"mommy said mommy loves me!\"
\"Where\'s mommy?\"
\"Daddy, how work?\"
\"Daddy! Diaper! Pee!\"
\"Ah. Dad\"
\"I wike dad\" (while cuddling)
\"Cawwy me snuggle snuggle\"
\"with dad\" (while walking)
\"So qwuiet.\"
\"moi moi moi moi\"
\"Buu buuu\"
\"Happy New Year Daddy!\" (on new years day)
\"Rainin\'.\" (when raining)
\"Are you sqwuare?\" (to which you should answer yes)

**Legal Stuff** [6.0]

*Copyright* [6.1]

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life was created by and copyright to Natsume
and Marvelous Interactive Inc.

I, Nekoko, wrote this FAQ and the information contained herein was
discovered through my hard work (don\'t know when videogames became work
^_^). Please do not copy my info, or at least reword it.

*Acknowledgements* [6.2]

Thanks to Gamefaqs for creating this genius site.
Thanx to my brother for letting me study his kid in his game.
Thanx to Natsume for creating Harvest Moon
Thanx to people who wrote other Harvest Moon FAQS, they really helped
me in my game and allowed me to double check my observations.
Thanx. to whomever else deserves thanking

*Contact Info* [6.3]

If you find any mistakes in this FAQ, have new information, or
whatever, please e-mail me at

[email protected]

and put \"Gamefaqs\" somewhere in the subject or Ill delete it. You will
definitely be given credit for your input. Oh yes, if you find any
spelling errors, please tell me. I\'m just weird about those kind of
things. Thank you so much!!