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Pokémon Hub

MIssingo the real facts

by 9tales


So heres some real facts that will actually help you, if you want to know all about missingo.

1. I've read lots of story's that people have put on here about how not matter what, Missingo WILL SCREW UP YOUR GAME. Well for one, that's false. Missingo IF caught in its level 80 stage, it wont screw up your game, or something else that I will touch on a little later.
2. Missingo really stands for something else. Really missingo stands for missing note or a missing piece of data. That missing piece of data can be fixed simply, if you caught one, put it in a battle and once its seen the other pokemon, switch it out and beat the pokemon, once you have done that u have no worrys. Your Missingo will evolve, into a kangustkuhn(not sure on spelling, the parent pokemon) which also means that because of that, don't worry about catching one in the safari zone. The real reason this happens is because when pokemon was created in Japan, 152 were first made, 1 was screwed up in the game thast featured in the show that you wouldn't think is a different pokemon, can you guess??? It's a baby kanguskan, the real name wasent realesed because of the error made.
3. The real picture of missingo in the game is a simple piece of paper with data on it, since a picture was never imputed, thats what the game substituted it with, the piece of data.
4.  The pokedex will show the data of missingo once you have defeated the elite 4 AND defeated at least one other missingo. Its data is as follows
Name: Varies from block of colour , ? And nothing
Weight:0.01 pounds
Height: .3 feet(3 inches)
Those are the basic stats
5.   The last thing about missingo is simply that there are many forms, names and levels they can found at, don't worry, if you don't want it to screw up your game, do what I said above.