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Pokémon Hub

Bronco11's Guide to Winning Pokemon contests.

by Bronco11

Winning a Pokemon Contest is considered very difficult to do at the Master Rank, or for some, at any rank! Fortunately, I have received the Glass Ornament from the Curator and have decided to reveal the secret behind it.

Step 1: Choosing a Pokemon
Many People just chose a Pokemon, give it berries, and enter it in a contest. However, picking a Pokemon that is able to pull off good move combos for contests is the first step to this method. For Example, you don't just take a Golem that you want to enter in the Beauty contest, teach it 2 Beauty moves, and enter it, you have to make sure that Golem is the right Pokemon for the Beauty Contest. For example Golem with the following moves, is a result of a bad combo choice by the trainer. 
Example--Golem level 54 Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Tackle.
Why is this bad? I'll explain it to you in the next step.

Step 2: Choosing Good Combos
The sets for Golem I listed above look good, but they are not.
You might be thinking that Flamethrower and Fire Blast are good moves in contests, and you're right! But combos come in handy here. Very handy.
Tackle is a good move, except for the fact that is ineffective in Beauty Contests and in battle. Sunny Day, Flamethrower and Fire Blast are all part of a series called a combo. Sunny Day powers up many Fire Type moves and some non-Fire type moves. Once you figure out how many hearts on the scale that the particular Combo Set-up move will gain, you are ready for this chart I made, that shows all the combos and what moves to start the combo with.

Move to set-up Combo with:        Moves to give it a better appeal:

Belly Drum -Rest
Calm Mind- Confusion, Dream Eater, Future Sight, Light Screen, Luster Purge, Meditate, Mist Ball, Psybeam, Psychic, Psywave, Reflect
Charge- Spark, Thunder, Thunderpunch, Zap Cannon, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Charm, Flatter, Growl, Rest, Sweet Kiss, Tail Whip
Confusion- Destiny Bond, Kinesis, Psychic, Teleport
Curse- Destiny Bond, Grudge, Mean Look, Spite
Defense Curl- Rollout, Tackle
Dive- Surf
Double Team- Agility, Quick Attack, Teleport
Dragon Dance-  Dragonbreath, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage
Dragon Rage- Dragonbreath, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance
Dragonbreath- Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rage
Earthquake- Eruption, Fissure
Endure- Flail, Reversal
Fake Out -Arm Thrust, Faint Attack, Knock Off, Seismic Toss, Vital Throw
Fire Punch- Thunderpunch, Ice Punch
Focus Energy- Brick Break, Arm Thrust, Cross Chop, Focus Punch, Double Edge, Dynamicpunch, Headbutt, Sky Uppercut, Take Down, Karate Chop.
Growth- Absorb, Bullet Seed, Giga Drain, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance, Solarbeam, Razor Leaf, Mega Drain
Hail - Blizzard, Weather Ball, Powder Snow
Harden- Tackle, Protect, Take Down, Rollout, Double Edge
Horn Attack- Fury Attack, Horn Drill
Hypnosis- Dream Eater
Ice Punch- Thunderpunch, Fire Punch
Kinesis -Psychic, Teleport, Confusion, Future Sight Lock-On, Superpower, Tri Attack, Thunder
Mean Look- Destiny Bond, Perish Song
Metal Sound- Metal Claw
Mind Reader- Dynamicpunch, Hi Jump Kick, Submission, Superpower
Mud Sport- Mud-Slap, Water Gun, Water Sport
Mud-Slap - Mud Sport, Sand Attack
Peck- Drill Peck, Fury Attack
Pound- Doubleslap, Faint Attack, Slam
Powder Snow - Blizzard
Psychic- Teleport, Confusion, Kinesis, Future Sight
Rage- Leer, Scary Face, Thrash
Rain Dance- Bubble, Bubblebeam, Dive, Clamp, Crabhammer, Muddy Water, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Surf, Water Spout, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Whirlpool, Weather Ball, Waterfall, Water Sport
Rest- Snore, Sleep Talk
Rock Throw- Rock Slide, Rock Tomb
Sand Attack- Mud-Slap
Sandstorm- Sand Tomb, Mud-Slap, Weather Ball, Sand Attack
Scary Face- Bite, Crunch, Leer
Scratch- Fury Swipes, Slash
Sing- Perish Song, Refresh
Sludge- Sludge Bomb
Sludge Bomb- Sludge
Smog- Smokescreen
Stockpile- Spit Up, Swallow
Sunny Day- Blaze Kick, Ember, Fire Blast, Eruption, Fire Punch, Fire Spin, Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Moonlight, Overheat, Morning Sun, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Will-O-Wisp, Weather Ball
Surf- Dive
Sweet Scent- Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Poisonpowder
Swords Dance - Crabhammer, Cut, False Swipe, Crush Claw,Fury Cutter, Slash
Taunt- Counter, Detect, Mirror Coat
Thunderpunch -Ice Punch, Fire Punch
Vicegrip- Guillotine, Bind
Water Spout- Water Gun, Refresh, Mud Sport
Yawn- Rest, Slack Off

Step  Put it all together
The set for Golem I was thinking up was Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Explosion. Keep on using good old combos until the last round of appeals, then use Explosion to get a lot of appeal points. Then use the right berries and you will have the right stuff that you need to win a contest.

--Optional-- How to Prevent Startling

If you need a list of good berries, [email protected]

Recommended Contests for each Pokemon--

3. Sceptile-- Cool
6. Blaziken-- Beauty
9. Swampert-- Beauty/Tough/Cute
11. Mightyena-- Cute/Smart
13. Linoone-- Smart
16. Beautifly-- Not Reccomended
18. Dustox-- Cool
21. Ludicolo-- Beauty/Smart
24. Shiftry-- Tough
26. Swellow-- Cool
28. Pelipper--  Beauty/Cute
31. Gardevoir-- Smart
33. Masquerain-- Not Reccomended
35. Breloom-- Tough
38. Slaking-- Beauty/Tough
41. Alakazam-- Smart/Beauty
43. Ninjask-- Cool/Smart
44. Shedinja-- Smart
47. Exploud-- Tough/Beauty
49. Hariyama-- Tough
51. Seaking-- Beauty
53. Gyarados-- Tough
56. Azumarill-- Tough/Beauty
59. Golem-- Tough/Beauty
60. Nosepass-- Not Reccomended
62. Delcatty-- Cute
65. Crobat-- Smart/Cute
67. Tentacruel-- Beauty
68. Sableye-- Smart/Cute
69. Mawile-- Beauty/Smart
72. Aggron-- Cool/Tough
75. Machamp-- Tough
77. Medicham-- Smart
79. Manectric-- Cool
80. Plusle-- Cute
81. Minun-- Cute
83. Magneton-- Cool
85. Electrode-- Cool/Beauty
86. Volbeat-- Smart/Beauty
87. Illumise-- Smart/Beauty
90. Vileplume-- Cool/Beauty/Smart
91. Bellossom-- Cool/Beauty/Smart
93. Dodrio-- Cool
94. Roselia-- Beauty/Cute
96. Swalot-- Not Reccomended
98. Sharpedo-- Tough/Cool/Beauty
100. Wailord-- Beauty
102. Camerupt-- Beauty/Tough
104. Magcargo-- Beauty
105. Torkoal-- Beauty/Tough/Smart
107. Muk-- Beauty 
109. Weezing-- Beauty/Smart
111. Grumpig-- Beauty/Smart
113. Sandslash-- Tough/Cute
114. Spinda-- Tough/Cute
115. Skarmory-- Cool/Smart
118. Flygon-- Cool/Beauty
120. Cacturne-- Smart
122. Altaria-- Cute/Beauty
123. Zangoose-- Cool/Tough
124. Seviper-- Cool
125. Lunatone-- Cute/Smart
126. Solrock-- Beauty/Smart
128. Whiscash-- Cute
130. Crawdaunt-- Tough
132. Claydol-- Smart/Tough
134. Cradily-- Not Reccomended
136. Armaldo-- Cool
139. Wigglytuff-- Cute
141. Milotic-- Beauty
142. Castform-- Smart/Beauty
144. Starmie-- Beauty/Smart
145. Kecleon-- Smart
147. Banette-- Smart
149. Dusclops-- Beauty/Smart
151. Chimecho-- Not Reccomended
152. Absol-- Smart
154. Ninetales-- Beauty/Smart
157. Raichu-- Cute/Cool
159. Golduck-- Beauty/Smart
161. Wobbuffet-- Smart
163. Xatu-- Smart/Cool
166. Donphan-- Tough/Cute
167. Pinsir-- Tough/Cool
168. Heracross-- Tough/Cool
170. Rhydon-- Beauty/Tough/Smart
172. Glalie-- Beauty
175. Walrein-- Beauty
177. Huntail-- Not Reccomended
178. Gorebyss-- Cute
179. Relicanth-- Beauty/Smart
182. Lanturn-- Beauty/Cool
183. Luvdisc-- Cute
186. Kingdra-- Beauty
189. Salamence-- Beauty/Smart
192. Metagross-- Cool/Beauty
193. Regirock-- Tough/Cool
194. Regice-- Beauty/Cool
195. Registeel-- Cool
196. Latias-- Cool/Smart
197. Latios-- Cool/Smart
198. Kyogre-- Beauty
199. Groudon-- Beauty/Tough
200. Rayquaza-- Cool/Tough/BEauty

I won by using:
Cool- Zapdos/Rayquaza
Beauty- Kingdra/Wailord/Camerupt
Smart- Skarmory/Castform
Tough- Azumarill/Crawdaunt
Cute- Whiscash

Special Thanks
Nintendo- for putting these awesome contests into this game.
Prima's Official Strategy Guide- For giving me the list of Combos.

This Walkthrough is copyrighted 
(c) 2005 Michael Mandell