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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Itemfinder Guide

by Pidgeotto


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            POKEMON RUBY/SAPPHIRE The complete In-Depth Guide for
         one of the best and most popular RPGs ever made concerning
                       the finding of hidden items.

   Authorized to GAMEFAQS and written by: Pavel N. (Pidgeotto)
               Suggestions, Questions, Corrections, Comments?
                    Contact me at: [email protected]
                               Version 0.5
                           Started: 10/02/2003
                         Last updated: 12/04/2004
            Copyright (©) Pavel N. (Pidgeotto) 2004.

No part of this In-Depth FAQ can be reproduced,
copied, dispersed, sent or be done anything else to
without the written permission/consent of me. People
who illegaly commit any such sins are plagiarists and
have stolen this text. In other words, Copyright Infringers.
They will be discovered and instantaneously prosecuted 
severely by the author and legal authorities. Failure to
meet my demands will result in the alarming of the bad
site's server. Beware.

This FAQ can >only< be viewed from:

If you're viewing this text from any other source, 
consider it having been STOLEN and report 
it immediately. Nuff' said here. Thank you.


                        -->FAQs (Frequently-Asked-Questions)
                        -->Itemfinder Walkthrough

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                  INTRODUCTION                     ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++

Pokémon. There is hardly a person on this planet that hasn't heard of,
been influenced by or came to understand these magical creatures.

Yes, we have been enthralled by this rather simple-looking GameBoy(TM) role
playing game and have continued marvelling at its popularity and magic since
it first hit the stores with Pokémon Red/Blue over half a decade ago. Pokémon
Yellow then followed the success of the first two and finally,
Pokémon Gold/Silver and lastly, Crystal entertained people globally.

Today, yet another masterpiece has come into our gaming lives: Pokémon
Ruby/Sapphire. This bright new pair of gems seems to have even
further pulled us into the magic world of Pokémon.

Overshadowed by the many superpowered monsters, there has been a little
hardly-known item which has followed the series throughout its reign. This
overshadowed key item is one with the unique name of "Itemfinder."
Yes, many people have come to meet with it but were ignorant of its unique
and entertaining feature: that of being able to help with the finding of
hidden items, many of them, in the complete wild, and sometimes in the
populated lands of Hoenn, which makes up the main land in Pokémon

This little item comes into use whenever you choose it from the "Key"
items in your backpack which can be accessed by selecting it from the
inventory which comes up whence you press down "Start."

Of course, you can go treasure hunting in such a way, without the aid of
the Itemfinder, but then you have no idea where to start looking. Use the
Itemfinder in a particular area which looks suspicious of having such a
hidden obeject in its midst. If there is an item, in a square radius around
your character, the Itemfinder will beep a couple of times with a
heart-warming tone indicating there is a hidden item.

      ITEMFINDER indicates there's a hidden item!

Such is the magic of finding these free goodies.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                       FAQS                        ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++

Here is the section where the most frequently-asked-questions get answered.

>Where is the damned Itemfinder. I can't find it anywhere!<
~Unlike previous Pokémon versions, in this one you don't get it from inside
a building or from a city-dweller. Instead, your rival hands it to you when
you reach Route 110 and battle him/her. She/He will give it to you as a

>How do I use the Itemfinder?<
~Press "Start", select "Pack" and shift to the key items (where the
bycicles and rods usually also remain.) Unless you haven't obtained the item
yet, select it and press "A" to trigger it. If there's an item in the area
around you, it will start beeping and this message will show up after a few
|Oh!                                   |
|The machine's responding!             |
|There's an item buried around here!   |
If not, then keep on looking in another area!~

>I keep getting no responses...!<
~That occurs whenever you use it and there is no hidden item around.

It will say the following:
|... ... ... ... Nope!                 |
|There's no response.                  |

This indicates that you ought to move off to search elsewhere.~

>Yes, it's beeping! Where is the item now!?<
~The Itemfinder only indicates that there is an item nearby, not lead you
to it. So, you should examine every spot in a close radius, from every angle
by continuously pressing "A" to uncover the treasure. Something good which
was introduced in Ruby/Sapphire is the character's ability to face the spot
after the Itemfinder has positively beeped. Also, if you're right on the
spot hiding it, your character will rotate.~

>Can I sell the Itemfinder?<
~Trying to seel such an item if foolish and for this very reason the game
designers have cancelled that very ability.~

>Are there any really valuable items available?<
~Yes, besides all the Potions, Pokeballs etc, there are holdable items that
have certain effect.~

>Is there a limit to findable items?<
~Yes, there is which means that once you pick up one, it won't be replaced.
If you do manage to collect them all, you can as well try using any of the
Pokémon with the characteristic to grab hold of random items such as
Zigzagoon, etc, etc.~

>Can you give clues to where there are likely to be items?<
~Of course. When you start searching, look for queer and irregular
surroundings which can possibly lead to nothing more than treasure Here are
some such instances:
*Look for patches of grass with an empty spot or square in them. Such as:
 (X is a spot of grass, etc)
The empty spot is very likely to reveal an item if you stand on any of the
surrounding spots of grass, face the empty one, and press "A."

**Whenever you come across a large, flar area without any or much details
(such as a rock or tree) around in it, draw out your Itemfinder and it will
certainly start signalling.

***In areas, usually surrounded by trees, that have little protrusions or
depressions There's a good chance you'll discover something.
Example:  OOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXX    (O is open land. X are trees or
          OOOOOOOOxXXXXXXXXXXXXX    rocks. x and o are likely places.)

****Like the above, any other tunnels with no visible purpose, are usually
the resting place of hidden valuables.

*****A solitary tree or rock is likely to have something hiding in it.
Rocks which can be broken with Rock Smash or moved with Strength are out of
the question.
Example:  XOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX  (Xes are walls or trees. Os are
          XOOOOOOOOOOOOxOOOOOXXXXXX   for empty land. x is for a
          XXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXX     solitary rock, bush or tree)

******A spot which needs an HM move to be accessed, such as an island, but
has no other obvious purpose is highly likely to reward you.

******Underwater, (when Dive is used) look out for spots surrounded by
seaweeds or slightly darkened ones on the seafloor. Quite obvious, I must say.

So, next time you come across a spot (such as a beach) which looks suspicious,
draw out the Itemfinder and confirm. One more reminder: don't bother searching
in areas with many trainers or in buildings or homes.~

>In your walkthrough, some hidden items are named ???...<
~Well, yes. This is temporary and will be fixed once the US version comes
out. Due to my lack of knowledge in the Japanese language I am unable to
translate the names of all the items. Of course, that doesn't stop me from
testing out what some of the do in battle, but I don't really have that
amount of free time and, as I said, the names will be coming out soon.~

>Why don't you fill in the details of the walthrough?<
~That's because this is an In-Depth guide and is only concerned with the
topic of itself. If you need comprehensive walkthroughs and other guides,
choose any of the others on GameFAQs.~

>Why can't I disperse this FAQ without your written consent?<
~That's beacause I have taken much time and pains to compose this piece of
fine writing. :D Now, if you wish to display this on your site, disperse it
electronically etc etc, you must ask me first because if you don't, then
you're plagiarising which is a very, very bad sin. Also, if you do get my
consent, make sure you include all copyrights and legal info.~	

Any more questions? Nothing!? Good...

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++              ITEMFINDER WALKTHROUGH               ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++

==Littleroot Town==
This is where you begin. Explore, talk to people and exit to Route 1001 to
the North where you'll get your first Pokémon.

Items: none

Route 101
After collecting your first Pokémon head back into this route and level up.
Follow the winding path to the next city.

Items: none

==Oldale Town==
Heal if you have to. Explore and collect any items which the citizens may
give you.

Items: none

Route 103
This route is to the North of Kotoki Town and is currently optional, as it
connects with another area further on in the game. Also, hear you meet your

Items: none

Route 102
After moving the obstruction to the West of Kotoki Town, proceed into this
forested area.

Items: none

==Petalburg City==
This is the first city with a Gym which you come to after all the battles
at route 102.

Items: 1)Rare Candy on the little patch of land below the large pool of water
to the south-west of the city. (You need HM-03 Surf)

Route 104
Exit the city since there's not much there which you should currently do and
onto the beach which is ridden with hidden goodies.

Items: 1)Antidote on the beach. Place your character in above the red-dressed
girl (so that you're on the spot to her North) and take one step North. From
this spot above the girl, go all the way West to the space just before
touching the shore. The waves will be nearby.
       2)Heart Scale again on the beach. Place your character on the spot so
that you face the fisherboy with the straw hat's back. Now, walk South three
steps and pick it up.
       3)Potion. Go to the northernmost part of the beach to where the steps
are. From the steps, walk over the sandy surface West till you find it.

Route 104 (Forested Area)
This continues to be route 104 but you have just entered the wooded area.
There are many trainers hera and also many pick-ups. Some require you to
return after attaining HM-01.

Items: 1)Potion. As you enter the forest, take the right (East) path. Reach a
small grassy area and in the middle of it there'll be an open space. There it
       2)Pokéball. To the other side of the forest there is a bug catcher with
a straw at. He is standing next to the West wall of trees. Keep walking below
him until you reach the spot which is surrounded by grass. (Note that this is
after the battle with Team Aqua/Magma.)
       3)Tinymushroom just after the bushes in the North-East part of the
forest. Trample through the grass and head north into the short unwooded
patch. (You need HM-01 Cut)
       4)Tinymushroom yet again. Just after pick-up #3, follow the path
between the trees which leads South-East. Continue until you find yet another
patch of grass with a small, empty square in a corner between the trees and
the grass. (You need HM-01 Cut)

Route 104 (Lake Area)
Continue after the forest and explore. Battle the trainers and enter Rustboro

Items: 1)Pokéball in the green patch of grass behind the Pretty Petal Flower
Shop. It's in the first empty spot (as you come from the building) so search
       2)Super Potion in another empty spot in the patch of grass above the
Pretty Petal Flower Shop. Just keep checking in each of the empty patches
because if I try to explain it, you'd most likely get confused.

==Rustboro City==
This is possibly the largest city in the game. However, there's no Itemfinding
to be done here. Obtain your first badge.

Items: none

Route 115
This is the short, dead-end route to the North of the city. Remember that the
unaccessible area even more to the North will later be accessible and is
still route 115.

Items: none

Route 116
North-West from Rustboro. Enter the cave to free a stolen Pokemon.

Items: 1)Super Potion in the higher area overlooking the grassy one below.
Keep looking in the South corner till you find it. (You need HM-01 Cut)

Route 105
Go back to Rustboro City, cross route 104 yet again until you reach the small
wharf just above the beach. Enter the building and discover the stolen
Pokémon with its rightful master. He'll take you aboard his ship as a reward
and take you on a small journey.

Items: 1)Heart Scale on the smallest of a group of three islands on the West
side of this route. (Need HM03- Surf)

Route 106
This is yet the continuation of route 105. Continue the journey upon the
boat till you reach Dewford Island.


==Dewford Town==
The boat will dock here. There's also a cave with good Pokémon to the West
and this is the place for your second badge.

Items: 1)Heart Scale to the North of the gym. Go to the red-clother trainer
standing next to the water. Stand on the spot below him and from that
position move East two steps. (Note: if the trainer challenged you and moved
to a different position, you'll have to reset his regular position by
entering and then exitting a house or building.)
       2)Stardust. Head even further West, just before you reach the mouth of
the cave. Go to the solitary rock just North of the red trainer there. (Note:
if the trainer challenged you and moved to a different position, you'll have
to reset his regular position by entering and then exitting a house or
       3)Pokéball at the very end of the long patch of sand just above the
rocky hill to the West of the previous pick-up.

Route 106 (Cave Area, Below the Seafloor)
The whole complicated cave system is (well, nearly) is found below the sea.

Items: 1)Everstone. Enter the cave. Past the trainer and climb the ladder.
Continue further into the cave until you see a muddy slide on one of the
underground cavern's North walls. Take out your bike, ride over it. Avoid the
ladder going down but instead continue cycling across the broken floors.
Cycle quick, but carefully over a long stretch off such floors soon after to
reach a secretive ladder. Climb that ladder to emerge in a room with a Rare
Candy in it. The greyish rock in one of the corners will reveal another item,
but hidden. (Need Mach Bicycle)
       2)Everstone. Follow the cave after the mud slide described above.
Climb the ladder at the end to emerge into a new cavern. Cross it to an area
with breakable rocks. Past them, there's a balcony with a grey rock standing
like a tomb-stone. There it is!

Route 107
Go back to the docked boat and ask the fellow to take you East, not North
(from where you came.) He'll yet again ride you over the sea.

Items: none

Route 108
Yet again. this a route across th sea on the boat. Nothing to do than stay
and watch.

Items: none

Route 109
The last part of the voyage over the sea with the boat. When you do manage
to get hold of HM03- Surf head back into the water .

Items: 1)Heart Scale. It is on the little island with the man and woman,
standing arm to arm (that also fight a double-battle). Position yourself on
the spot below the man and face West, without moving an inch. Press "A" to
uncover it.(You need HM03- Surf)

Items: none

Route 109 (Slateport Beach)
Fight all the weak trainers and gain Exp. Find all the hidden goodies and
then proceed to the main city.

Items: 1)Heart Scale. Go to the very Eastern part of the beach where there's
an elderly man with a Zigzagoon. Stand on the spot above the man and wlak one
step due North. Then, turn around without moving an inch and pick it up.
       2)Ether. Go south from the spot described above, past an inflatable
mattress, past a second one. The hidden item is to be found two steps to the
right of the third inflatable.
       3)Revive. It is very near to where the boat docked. Stand in the spot
below the blue-hatted sailor. From there walk two steps to the South and from
there, four to the West. Without taking a new step, turn to face South and
pick the item up.
       4)Heart Scale. Walk North from the spot where you landed. There will be
two green umbrellas and one red above them. Stand below the green umbrella on
the left to uncover it.
       5)Great Ball. Even more North from the spot in section 3, just below
the house. Next to the water, there's a blue inflatable bed. Stand on it and
in its center there'll be the item.

==Slateport City==
This is a large city where many, many things can be done. Here you can also
get your third badge. Do check out the market and the stuff on sale.

Items: none

Route 110
Catch Pokémon, battle the trainers and level up.

Items: none (beginning area so far)

Route 103
This is an optional area to the West of route 110. If you haven't noticed so
far, this is a point of connection over a lake from Kotoki Town.

Items: none

Route 110 (Continued)
Battle all the trainers and level up. Some interesting new Pokémon as well.

Items: 1)Full Heal. Arrive at the first sign (or billboard) just after
crossing below the cycling path and also above the trainer. Above the sign,
walk through the grass North to the spot where a patch of grass is missing.
Look there. (Two steps above the sign)
       2)Great Ball in the spot without grass just below the second sign.
       3)Revive. From below that second sign, walk to the West eight steps
and press "A" to uncover the item.
       4)Pokeball in the spot without grass North of the trainer with the
purple hair.

==Mauville City==
This is the city with the electric gym. Explore as there are also many things
you can do here.

Items: none

Route 117
Level up here and collect cash.

Items: 1)Repel. When you reach the two flower gardens opposite each other,
be prepared to use your Itemfinder. Enter the lower garden and find the
secret passage out and into the bushes. Go to the very right. Keep walking
and stop onto the spot just before walking on the last possible one.

Route 118
A few trainers which need battling. This is to the West of Mauville and
you'll be visiting it later in the game again.

Items: 1) Heart Scale in the brown boulder one step to the West if the
trainer dressed in red.

==Verdanturf Town==
The cave to the North leads to the meeting point of where you previously
stumbled across some rocks. Here you also get your Contest Pass which lets
you comepte in all the contests, including this one! After everything is
done, head back to Mauville and take the route to the North.

Items: none

Route 116 (Rusturf Tunnel)
This is the little cave above Verdanturf. It is where you freed the Wingull
earlier. Now, there still are rocks blocking the way to the other side but
you can still go through another opening to emerge in a mountain clearing
to the South.

Items: 1)Blackglasses in a spot two steps away from the man looking for
glasses. Stand to his West and walk those steps. Press "A" and dig them out.
After all, it'll turn out that those glasses aren't his, making him go look

Route 111
This route is to the North of Mauville. Fight the trainers.

Items: none

Route 112 (Fiery Path)
This area can also be accessed further into the game. Now, this is the route
you should take as the desert in inaccessible. It joins up with the correct
route which also comes out of the desert. Before entering the cave, notice
the lift station, blocked by Team Aqua/Magma members. If you need fire type
Pokémon, here's the place to look for good ones.

Items: none

Route 111 (Continued)
This route continues above the desert and there are some trainers which you
can fight. Here, you'll find a fellow who'll give you TM43- Secret Power
which allows you to create hideouts and secret bases out of battle.

Items: none

Route 113
Continue levelling up and battling. Enter the snow-capped mountainous areas.
Weirdly, that snow covering is not ice, but volcano ash... <_<

Items: 1)Ether in the small ash depression close to the item Pokéball, both
found on the first terrace.
       2)TM32-Double Team. See what Itemfinding gets you? ^_^ It's the second
depression you'll encounter in the soot-covered area, so do take care not to
miss it.

==Fallarbor Town==
This new town is high on the mountain and there seems to be some volcanic
activity in the area.

Items: 1)??? in the mud crater in the South-West of the town.

Route 114
After the town, proceed over the lake.

Items: 1)Revive. At the lower end of the bridge, take to the left and walk
on the little land along the side of the lake. At the very last possible
spot, search.
       2)Carbos in the little rock behind the back of a man in a white lab
coat at the very Southern area.

Route 114 (Inside Meteor Falls)
None in the main, easily accessible part so far but there are further in
which I'll update upon later.
Exit the cave through the other end.

Items: none at this time

Route 115 (Outside Meteor Falls)
This area comes out from the cave and is to the North of Kanazuma. It has
some interesting features such as poroks, secret bases and wild Jigglypuff
to the very North via Surfing. ^_^;

Items: 1)Heart Scale. Head over West to the small beach with the red-dressed
girl and stand on the spot right behind (above) her, before battling. Look
East, move one step. Then turn around, to face West and press "A."

Mt. Chimney
After passing the Meteor Falls, above, you have to make your way backwards,
till you reach the lift station you saw earlier just before entering the
Fiery Path. Fight your way through the thugs and obtain the Meteorite. Next,
either go back down the lift or take Route 112 to continue your journey.

Items: none

Route 112 (Jagged Pass)
This is the route below the volcano. From here, you'll be descending down to
Lavaridge Town. At the end, head West to enter the town.

Items: 1)Full Heal. Cross the two sets of ladders. Jump over the following
terrace and stop. Turn around, to face West and walk. This  means you'll
have to jump over the edge of that balcony and drop into a spot with
ash-covered grass. Look into the spot of grass to the left of the one you're
standing in.
       2)Great Ball. This one is a bit hard to explain. After battling with
the Hiker, drop down several terraces (at the West side of the Pass), past
the patch of grass. Next, you'll see three solid rocks lined one above the
other. Just above them, drop down to the left. The spot you land on is the
one holding te item so walk one space South and turn around 180 degrees to
pick it up.

==Lavaridge Town==
Drop down from Route 115. Nothing new to do here, so head to Touka City via
all the routes already covered South. Collect the Heat Badge and then the Go
Goggles which let you walk around in the desert.

Items: 1)Ice Heal. Head into the Pokécenter and out through the back door.
Walk over to the edge of the hot water spring. From the edge, enter the water
and three steps to the South. Turn West and walk on step. Pick up the item
from the floor. Don't look at the grannies tho. =S

Route 111 (Desert Area)
This is one annoying place but can be a source of different Pokémon, including
a fossil. You can only access this if you have the Go Goggles.

Items: 1)Protein. As soon as you enter, head North-East to that solitary
rock. Pick the hidden item up.
       2)Rare Candy in the South-East of the desert region. It's in another
solitary rock.
       3)Stardust. In the South-West, look for a hiker with a pink hat that
is circling yet another solitary rock which contains an item.

From here on, there is no advance upon any new routes. What you have to do is
return to Petalburg City, where you can now fight your father in his gym. To
go back there, you'll have to either:
-Go West from Mauville, and North of Verdanturf, cross the Rusturf Tunnel
(with HM06- Rock Smash), past Rustboro, and pass the Petalburg Woods at which
point you'll find your way to the Petalburg Gym.
-Go North from the desert, through Routes 111 and 113, Fallarbor Town and
then South, through the Meteor Falls and into Rustboro. South through the
Petalburg Woods and from there to Petalburg City where you'll surely find the
-Go South, to Mauville, and South from that as well until you reach Slateport
City. Go further South from there to Southport Beach (Roue 109) and catch a
ride with Mr. Britney who'll take you all the way to Dewford. After docking
there, ask him to take you even further still, to Petalburg. You'll dock at
his house and from there you'll pretty much make your way easily to the gym.

==Petalburg City==
You've been here before but this time the Petalburg Gym is up and running.
It's a Normal-type Gym and you should have made your team sturdy by now,
without large weaknesses. To take the badge, fight your father. Gee... that
sounds weird. Those Slakoths of his are a pain to take down. You'll need to
grab HM03- Surf from Wally's father after the battle if you want to progress...

Items: none

From here on, you should probably cover anything you might have missed out so

==Mauville City== (again)
You should find yourself in Mauville City. Get the Basement Key from Wattson
to access the optional New Mauville area to the South. When you're ready and
have completed all tasks, head East to surf across the body of water.

Items: none

Route 118
After crossing the channel, battle the trainers here and continue your journey.

Items: 1)Iron in the little brown rock lying on the beach, bordering the water.

Route 123 (Optional, first time)
This is an area to the East of route 118 and you can visit it optionally. When
you reach the dead end, behind the Berry Master's house, you can go back and
continue to route 119.

Items: 1)Revive in the narrow path behind the fenced berry garden. It is
underneath the last square of land, so step on the before-last one, turn to
face West and pick it up.

Route 119 (Main area with tall grass)
This area specializes in annoyance but you can fight the trainers and thus
level up easily. There are quite a few new Pokémon here, such as Tropius,
which might need collecting. No biking or running allowed. ;_;

Items: 1)Full Heal in the empty spot to the North-East from your arrival to
the place. It's diffcult to describe it even further as you'll probably get

Route 119 (Continued)
This is basically another annoying continuation with clumps of tall grass
here and there and several trainers.

Items: 1)Calcium hidden in the spot with a flower below the wooden bridge.
To reach it you'll have to hop, using the bike, across the channel separating
the secret area. (Need Acro Bike)
       2)Ultra Ball. Just after the Weather Institute, cross the bridge and
then surf South. he channel will eventually lead you to several Eastern banks
with clumps of tall grass. On the first one (from the top) walk to the lone
spot without grass. Place your character on it and then, face South. Pick it
up. (Need MH03- Surf)
       3)Max Ether. As with the above, enter the water but this time, surf
North (up) the channel. At the end, you'll reach a waterfall. Avoid it and
land on the East bank. Find it there.

Fortree City
This is the tree-top, or rather, tree-house city. Just walk around, talk to
the dudes. Grab TM10- Hidden Power from an elderly lady. Then, head East to
route 120 as there's an invisible something blocking your way to the gym.

Items: none

Route 120
This is an area to train, and also an area with Kecleons which are needed to
unlock the gym in Fortree. Head back to the treetops and get the gym's badge
which will also allow you to Fly anywhere you want. Afterwards, continue your
journey down this route.

Items: 1)Rare Candy. As you enter the route, head to the North side until you
reach a small path with cuttable bushes. Stop on the before-last spot at the
end of the passage and face West. Press "A" and uncover the item.
(Need HM01- Cut)
       2)Revive in the Southernmost single spot without tall grass. Walk in
the grass one step from it, and then turn around to face it. Pick it up.

Route 120 (After defeating gym leader)
Fight all the soaked trainers and get yourself soaked as well. About time you
saw some interesting Pokémon.

Items: 1)Zinc at the end of a path in the pasture of long grass. Take the
first West empty patch, to find it.

Route 121
Reemerge into the sunny coastal area.

Items: 1)Rare Candy. There's a side clearing to the West where there's a
patch of berries, a secret base (in a bush) and a small lake. Cross the lake
and you'll discover the hidden item in the opposite landlets. (Need HM03- Surf)
       2)HP Up. Take note of where the blue railings start. Enter the grassy
area below the lower one and walk East until you're right in front of the
empty spot. Find it there.
       3)Nugget in the small, sealed-off clearing above the maze with the
grass, blue railings and trainers. It is in the far corner where two flowers
grow around it. (Need HM01- Cut)
       4)Full Heal in the dead end passage, just after the bush that was cut
to obtain the item above. I'll make you more confused if I describe it. Just
use your Itemfinder and you'll be fine.

==Lilycove City==
Another large city with plenty of things to do. Go from house to house and
do anything you have to do.
This part will be updated soon. Send any suggestions/comments or things I have
missed out, because there are such things, to my email address.

Items: 1)Heart Scale in a lone rock found in the long sandy grotto which can
be accessed by entering the beach from the North-East.
       2)Pokéball in another lone rock, opposite from the one above, and
found, being lapped by the waves to the East.
       3)PP Up. It's in a rock in the Northermost part of the beach

Route 121 (again)
After doing everything necessary in Lilycove, head back through the grassy
areas. When you reach the Safari Zone Entrance, go South to the dock leading
to route 122.

Items: none

Route 122
Surf to reach Mt. Pyre. Its entrance is the cave in the South cliff.

Items: none

Mt. Pyre (Pokégraveyard)
This is an unappeasing place to be, but you'll have to complete it. Climb to
the top of the building and only then should you take the corridor to the

Items: none

Mt. Pyre (Outside)
When you've batled all the trainers inside the building, exit and start
climbing those cliffs. After hearing about the calamity, you'll have to go
back down to the base of the island and continue your journey South.

Items: 1)Max Ether. In the misty areas, follow the path until you reach a
clump of grass which leads to a lone orange gravestone. The grave holds the
       2)Ultra Ball in another gravestone, at the end of a short, winding
path a little to the North of the item described above.
       3)Zinc. Behind the first Grunt you encounter at the summit, there's a
narrow passage leading to four graves. The lower-left one hides the item.
       4)Rare Candy. After battling the third Grunt, head into the passage to
the right. There'll be two graves surrounded by grass. Look in one of the
grassy patches, not the stones.

Route 123
This is your continuation to the South. It will gradually lead you back to

Items: 1)Hyper Potion in a solitary rock to the West of the first grassy area
you'll come across.
       2)Super Repel. Jump over the balcony West of the Leppa Berries. Look
in the empty spot of grass.

Aqua/Magma Hideout
After the encounter with Team Aqua/Magma, fly back to Lilycove and head to
the beach. This is in a cave which can be reached by surfing North from
Lilycove beach. You'll be fighting many, many fights here, so be prepared.
Battle all the thugs and see the Boss off in his submarine.

Items: none

From here on, you'll have to jhourney across the vast waters off the coast
of Hoenn. I can assure you, it is not an exciting experience and do check
your map from time to time to avoid getting utterly lost.

Route 124
This is a vast stretch of sea to the East of Lilycove. Surf across it to the
next island-city.

Items: none

Route 125
Another stretch of open sea, a bit shorter than the previous one, but with
more obstacles.

Items: none

Route 125 (Shoal Cave)
This is a mysterious cave to the North where you can collect shells and
salts depending on what tide is on.

Items: none

==Mossdeep City==
This is a sunny city found on the island which route 124 leads you to.
There's a space centre and lots of people give various items to you here.
Grab your seventh badge.

Items: none

Route 128
This is a massive water route. There are also some useful trainers but the
whole area is too large to be entertaining.

Items: 1)Herat Scale. There's a small solitary island to the South with a
large rock in its centre. Land on the South shore of the island and look in
one of the spaces.

More info will come sooner or later. Please excuse some old Japanese names
as I'm trying to convert everything to the newly released US version. Enjoy.
I will soon update on everything I've missed or has nto yet been covered.

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