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Pokémon Hub

Missingno ( or ???????????) and the Bad EGG

by gbagamer11

Missingno (???????? or      ) and the Bad EGG guide version 2.0
by gbagamer11
Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, 
Fire Red, and Leaf Green

Table of contents

3.What is a missingno?
4.What is a Bad EGG?
5.Types of missingnos
6.Missingno's pokemon data
7.What are shadow moves?
8.Shadow move list
9.How to get shadow moves
10.How to get missingno
11. How to get the Bad EGG
12.Getting rid of missingnos and Bad EGGs
13.Shiney pokemon info
14.???????? items
16.version log
17.Haha, you can't sue me!


Missingno and the Bad EGG are two of the greatest pokemon mysteries, including shiny pokemon, mew, celebi, jiraachi, deoxys, and southern island. Missingno happens to be my favorite pokemon. I have seen pages and pages of questions on missingno and have decided to answer all of them. I have listed all of the results of my research and experiments in this guide. Hopefully this will answer all of your missingno and Bad EGG questions. Well, here goes!


WARNING!!!!!!!!!! Missingno and the Bad EGG can screw up your game. They have been known to erase file data, transform pokemon, and freeze the game! I had a Bad EGG once that made my game freeze every time I turned on the PC. It is still messed up to this day (although part of what destroyed it may be that I bought my game on September 11th. No lie!) I can not be held responsible for any damage it causes to your game, and neither can Nintendo, Intec, Game Freak, Pokemon, or any of the people listed in the credits. Experiment at your own risk! Remember, when in doubt, DO NOT SAVE!

3. What is missingno?

Missingno is often called a virus. I call it a glitch. I have no idea why it is named missingno, because I did not name it. Missingno is not even its real name, it is just what pokemaniacs call them. A missingno appears when the game is unsure of what pokemon it should be. It has its own pokedex data, which is only viewable right when you catch it. It will not appear in the pokedex. This is because Nintendo knew that it would show up, and because they knew about it from the Game Boy color pokemon games.  There are many ways to get missingno, all of  which involve confusing the game. Missingno usually looks like the ? balls that appear in the pokedex when you have not seen a pokemon, although different types of missingnos can look different. Missingnos have been known to cause random glitches.

	When a pokemon's stat or level data is incomplete, then the game assumes that number is zero. When move data is incomplete, the game assumes that the pokemon either does not know a certain move or knows no moves. If the information on its ability is not there, then it assume that it does not have one. If data on whether or not a pokemon is a shiny pokemon is incomplete, then the game assumes that it is shiny. If the game does not know what pokemon a pokemon should be, then the game makes it either a missingno or a Bad EGG. All of these are usually characteristics of missingnos because missingnos usually have no data other than the fact that it is there.

4. What is a Bad EGG?

	A Bad EGG is a missingno that is an egg. In the note on its hatching stage, it just says "This EGG could take a long time to hatch," which means that even with a fast EGG hatch code, it will never hatch. Sometimes the game will just make up its own hatch data, though. In the place where it says how you got it, it says that it was received in a trade because that is what it says when it does not know where you got it. Some Bad EGGs have random data on how you got them, too. One thing that I have seen is that it will sometimes say that it was received at the Nice Place. I have no idea what this "Nice Place" is, so anyone who knows, please post it on some message boards, like the one on gamefaqs. Bad EGGs cause glitches, just like missingnos.

	There are two forms of an unevolved pokemon; pokemon form and EGG form. When you send an EGG into battle, you will battle with a shiny pokemon at level five identical too what would hatch out of it. For example, if you entered a battle with nothing in your party but the Lavaridge EGG, which is only possible at the beginning of the game with the walk through walls code, you would send out a yellow (not its regular shiny color) WAYNUT nicknamed EGG. Sending a Bad EGG into battle will just send out a Bad EGG. Catching a missingno will result in Bad EGG being sent to the PC or kept in your party.

5. Types of missingnos

Missingno appears in five main forms; act., ??,       , Bad EGG, and shiny hack.
The second most well known form is        . Its nickname is         and its "real" name is ??????????? It looks like one of those ? balls in the pokedex. It has no moves and can learn no TMs or hms(without a code). Level 0 ones faint after you take one turn. Soapman's guide says that it can mess up the game. Act. looks like          , except that it is all black. I have one that changed after a while to look like a black Rich Boy Winston that had been split in half. I think it changes every time you get a bad egg. It changed back when I got my shiny hack egg. Its "real" name is act. (that period is part of its name) and its nickname is ???????. ?? is actually named ?, but I just call it that because it looks like two white pixilated question marks. All that it knows is tackle. It is referred to in soapman's guide as the "safe" missingno. Bad EGGs are the most well-known form of missingno. Basically, if you put in a code wrong, then you have about a 25% chance of getting a Bad EGG. Sometimes, you will get a Bad EGG infected with the pokerus. Every single Bad EGG that I have ever gotten was holding onto an item, even though EGGs can't hold items. I have not found a way to take it from him or find out what it is, but someday I will. A shiny hack is a Bad EGG that the game says is shiny.

6. Missingno's pokemon data

This really depends on the type of missingno. Here you are.

looks like: a black ball with a white question mark in it (the ones in empty pokedex slots)
Real name:????????
auto nickname:        
Sats:all 0s
Height weight,ect.:0
pokedex number: O (seeing a pattern?)
AKA: the unknown pokemon
type: normal
cry: none
pokedex data:  on ruby/sapphire it just tells you that it knows very little about it. On firered/leafgreen, you are shown the data of the first pokemon you caught.
tm/hms: none
level up moves: none
shiny: yes
ability: none
gender: none

looks like: a black ball with no question mark
Real name: act.(that period is part of the name
auto nickname:????????
level 5 Stats: 16HP, 5A, 5D, 5SP, 5SD, 5S
I haven't yet found a way to view act.'s pokedex data, but I assume that it is the same as        's.
type: normal
cry: bulbasaur's
TMs/hms: all
level up moves: none
shiny: no
ability: shadow tag
gender: none
note: the all pokemon shiny display code makes it look like a Rich Boy split in half. The two halves are on the opposite sides and the are slightly uneven.

look's like: two white pixilated question marks
real name: ?
auto nickname: ?
level 5 stats: 20hp, 20a, 11d, 22sa, 11sd, 18s
I haven't seen its pokedex data.
type: normal
cry: unown's (the pokemon shaped like letters that only know hidden power)
TMs/hms: none
level up moves: tackle
shiny: no
ability: -------
gender: male
note: shiny ones look no different than regular ones.

Bad EGGs and shiny hacks have state data that says that they "could take a long time to hatch." It also says that the were gotten through a trade. They're names are Bad EGG and SHINY HACK, but my shiny hack was named SHINY HA.

7. What are shadow moves?

Shadow moves are moves that pokemon use when they have no moves to use. They have to use a move, so the game has it use a shadow move. One well known shadow move is struggle, which is used when your pokemon runs out of PP for all of its moves. By the way, NEVER EVER battle wobbuffett against wobbuffett. That is how I found out about struggle. Anyway, shadow moves often freeze the game. They are usually reserved for missingnos and level 0 pokemon. I don't think that it is possible to use the move sketch on a shadow move. I know that it fails if used on struggle.

8. shadow move list

These are all of the shadow moves that I have found. You should be able to tell whether it is used in a contest. Also, note that the accuracies are just guesses.

name: struggle
damage: someday I will figure out some way to figure this out. For now though, I just know that it does damage.
accuracy: 100
effect: recoil damage

damage: --
effect: slows down the music and freezes the game.

name: a (insert type) move
Just like u^ except that it may stop the music completely.

name: nothing, not even a space. the ! displayed is just the end of the sentence. See description for a (type) move

hearts: four
description: a highly appealing move
effect: due to a glitch, it does not bore the judge when used repeatedly

9. how to get shadow moves

It depends on which one you want. For struggle, just teach a pokemon that you don't need fire blast or thunder, and delete all of its other moves. Keep using it, and soon you will see struggle. You can do it by losing all of the PP for your pokemon's moves. I just recommend those moves because the have low pp.

For  and all of the moves that are just like it, activate the catch trainer's pokemon code, the infinite master ball code and a wild pokemon modifier (not the ones that require the special m code). Do not use the one hit kill code. Go to the elite four and challenge Sidney. Once your enter the battle screen, press the L and R buttons at the same time. Beat all but one of his pokemon and run. Now move on to the next trainer. This time, press and hold the L and R buttons while talking to her, and do not let go until you fight Sidney's shiftry. Catch it and fight the next trainer. Hold the buttons the same way you did for Phoebe and you will see a Bad EGG on something like level 49. It will keep using those moves on you. If you transform into it with a ditto, then when you look at your moves, the screen will be covered in brown squares. Do not save after doing this because that shiftry you caught was turned into a Bad EGG.

To get - just use the wild pokemon level 0 codes. Catch one and enter it in a contest. It looks just like the move pound.

10. How to get missingno

Once again, it depends on what kind you want. The codes may not work at all, unfortunately. If the codes don't work or you want the other type of missingno, just use the codes on your friend's game and trade. The only other alternative is to buy or rent another pokemon ruby or sapphire game. I have no idea why the codes work differently on different cartridges, but they just do.

For         you can just use the catch trainers pokemon code and any wild pokemon modifier code. Press and hold the L and R buttons while talking to a trainer and don't release until you fight a          . Catching it or any pokemon with these codes activated will give you a Bad EGG. You can also use the walk through walls code at the beginning of the game to send out a missingno in battle before you receive any pokemon. Do not attempt to catch him with anything but a master ball. If he breaks out, then the game will freeze.

As for white missingno and act., you will need the codes to hatch it in an egg. These codes are on show.x?s=guides&gid=2395&entry=62106. Which one you get depends on something with your cartridge. It is not possible to get both on the same cartridge without trading.

Note that it is possible to get him without codes, but he is even rarer than a shiny pokemon. People say that fighting hacked pokemon increases your chances, but I have never gotten him without codes. I'll bet that these people are telling the truth, though.

11. How to get a Bad EGG

You can either catch a          or use the method in how to get shadow moves.

12. Getting rid of missingnos and Bad Eggs

To get rid of a missingno, all you have to do is release it. For Bad EGGs, you have to put it in box 1 slot 1 of the PC. Now use the codes to get a shiny hack EGG from loadingnow's pokemon ruby/sapphire guide or the box 1 slot 1 mew
code in his firered/leafgreen guide, depending on your game.

13. Shiny Pokemon

I refer to shiny pokemon so often that I think that I should explain a bit. Shiny pokemon are pokemon that have an unusual color. They are not glitches, and the probability of getting them is 1/8192, as anyone who knows about shinies will tell you. A shiny pokemon appears in one solid color. They look kind of like black and white, except instead of black and white imagine blue (or any color, even black) and white. Each species of pokemon has its own shiny color, and maybe I will list them all someday. Also, all evolution forms of a pokemon have the same shiny color. In the summary, a shiny pokemon's pokedex number will be written in brown instead of the normal color. It will also have a golden * by its pokedex number in the summary. The easiest way to tell if a pokemon is shiny, however, is by the stars that fly around it when it enters a battle. Don't worry about recognizing them. Even if you didn't know about shiny pokemon, you would still realize right away that something was unusual about this pokemon. Trust me. I caught my black zubat before I knew about shiny pokemon. For some pokemon, like excucute and pinsir, there shiny colors are obvious. For pokemon like goldeen, there shiny colors are unrecognizable. But like I said, don't worry about recognizing them. You will know when you see one. If you see one and don't want it, catch it anyway. You could rip off your friends in a trade with it, especially if they don't have one.

14. ?????????? items

A ?????????? item is just like a missingno, except that it is an item. It's name is ?????????, it's description is             on ruby and sapphire and ?????????? on fire red and leaf green, it does nothing, it's fire red and leaf green picture is of a white question mark, and it can cause glitches. My brother's game kept forgetting that he beat the elite four while he had one, and it stopped after he tossed it. You can't sell them, though. It can appear in any pocket, although it normally appears in the regular item pocket. It costs $O in a store. To get it on Ruby and Sapphire, deposit all of your items except your pokeballs, your tms and hms, and your berries. if there is not enough room, just deposit your key items. Activate the master ball in slot one code (if this isn't already in your Action Replay, then go to to get it) and use the walk through walls code to enter the link battle room without linking up. Get in position to battle, and you will fight either a random pokemon or a missingno. Beat it and the game will save and freeze. Turn the power off and then turn it back on, and you will come out of the room. Notice that you lost all of the items in your bag (use the codes to get them back), except for the master ball and a ???????? item. It should have replaced "cancel" and there should be so many that the number goes off the screen (the number is not infinite). If your try to toss more then 99, then the number you toss is a ? followed by one digit. On fire red and leaf green, just use the codes in loadingnow's guide.

More coming soon...


God, for protecting my file data from certain destruction.

Soapman87, for being the first person to tell me about missingno and starting my missingno fascination with his guide. He also warned me about missingno and the Bad EGG being dangerous. His guide on glitches can be viewed on http//

LoadingNOW, for his great action replay code guides. Without them, I would not be able to do any of my experiments or even see a missingno or Bad EGG. His Fire Red/Leaf Green guide can be viewed on gamefaqs and his ruby/sapphire guide can be viewed at http//

Tiny, for giving me an act. and a white missingno, because the code to get it would not work on my game.

Crash, for insisting that I put in a section on ?????????? items.

Cross Stinger, for telling me that beating the elite four has nothing to do with Bad EGGs messing up the game.

You, for reading this.

The Intec company, for making such a good cheat device.

Nintendo, for making all of the pokemon games.

16.Version log

Version 1.0
I have the table of contents, intro, warning, and sections about what missingno and the Bad EGG are. I also have the credits started and I have made sure that no one can sue me for copyrighting.

Version 1.5

 Everything finished up to shadow moves.

Version 2.0

Guide finished, at least for now. I may add more sections.

17.Haha, you can't sue me!

	I do not own pokemon, missingno, action replay, Bad EGGs, or any of the sites listed in this guide. I am not trying to steal anything that Nintendo, Intec, or any other guide author may have copyrighted or trademarked.copyright2005 bygbagamer11 You can not blame me for any damage caused by a cheat device or by a missingno or Bad EGG. It is not the fault of Nintendo, Intec, or any code writer either. It is your fault for messing around with these things. There is no point in trying to sue me for any of these things. Also, I have worked hard to write this, so please do not plagiarize. Also, do not post this guide on your site unless I give it to you.