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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Legendary Walkthroughs

by mastablasta1023

Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire red Legendaries
Zapdos:Power Plant, go to the front of rock tunnel at the pokemon center. Go use cut and walk to the water. Surf.
Go to the weird dude and battle him.  Go to the building.  At the end.  You will find a Yellow bird.  It's Zapdos!

Articuno:  Go to Fusichia city and surf to the Island.  Go inside.  On one floor you will find 2 boulders and 2 
holes.  Push each Boulder in the holes.  Then fall into one of the holes.  Surf straight until you see a blue bird.
It's Articuno!

Moltres:  Go To Island 1 after you've earned the Hm's Rock smash(Ember Spa) and Strength (Safari Game warden after
finding his Gold teeth).  You also need the 7th gym badge.  Plus the tri pass.  Then go surf to Mt. Ember.  Go to
the cave and exit at the other side.  Go to the top level where you cant use Fly.  Use Strength and rock smash and
get to Moltres.  Woohooo!!!!!!!!

Mewtwo:  Beat the Pokemon League.  Get the Rainbow pass.  Go to Island seven to the dotted hole.  Get to the bottom
of it. Get the sapphire.  Then get the ruby.  Battle team rocket to get the sapphire back.  Then give them to Celio
at the island 1 pokemon center.  It will allow access to the Cerulean Cave where Mewtwo is.  The Challenge is getting
through it.  The Pokemon In there ane Lv.49-70 including Mewtwo.

Mew:  If you got the ticket from Mystery Gift,  go to the sailor in Vermillion City.  Then go to Faraway island.  Go
to the second Part of the island.  Mew wil run away.  You have to chce it.  When you can't move in that direction,
Mew's in front of you.

Lugia/Ho-Oh:  Get the Mystic ticket.  Go to the sailor in vermillion city.  He will take you to Navel Rock.  Go to 
where it leads a straight path with two meaningless breaks.  The right is for Lugia.  The Left is for Ho-Oh.

Suicune, Entei, Or Raikou:  If you beat the Elite Four and walk into the tall grass,  you are about 22% of running 
into Suicune, Entei, Or Raikou depending on your starter pokemon.  Charmander=Suicune, Bulbasaur=Entei, and 
Squirtle=Raikou.  Once you've seen them, you can see where they are by usinfg there entry in the pokedex.