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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub


by Zapto369


FireRed and LeafGreen

By: Zapto369
Created on: April 10, 2006
Finished on: November 18,2006 

This guide is a strict copyright© of the brilliant and geeky Zapto369.

Table of Contents

0---Revision History
3---The basics of Pokemon
4---The basics of battle
5---Team building tips
	-the Boulder Badge
	-the Cascade Badge
	-the Thunder Badge
	-the Rainbow Badge
	-the Soul Badge
	-the Marsh Badge
	-the Volcano Badge
	-the Earth Badge
	-the Elite Four
	-the Sevii Islands
	-the Unknown Dungeon
	-the Power Plant
	-Seafoam Island 
9---Item lists
10---Advanced battle strategies
11---Double battle strategies
14---Legal Information 

Revision history

R1- I did some real work today and wrote the introduction and started the basics section. April 18, 2006.

R2- today, I finished the all of the basics sections and the boulder badge part of the walkthrough. April 19, 2006.

R3- I did up to somewhere in Mt.Moon in the cascade badge section. April 22, 2006.

R4- tonight, I finished the cascade badge section. Nuthiní much more than that. May 5, 2006.

R5- I worked a bit on the thunder badge area and my pidgey evolved +_+. May 6, 2006.

R6- youíre probably wondering why I havenít updated in a while, hunh? Well, Iíll give you one word: FINALS. But, now schoolís out and Iím free roaming. By the way, I am up to the S.S Anne in the long thunder badge section. May 27, 2006. 

R7- this beautiful day I finally completed the thunder badge area. Tomorrow, is the next one. May 30, 2006. 

R8- well, I didnít finish all of the rainbow badge section, but I just finished the rock tunnel. May 31, 2006.

R9- well, now Iím back from outer space (not really, just space camp) and I feel so recharged that I did the rocket hideout. June 12, 2006.

R10- today, I did the Celadon gym in the rainbow badge section. Yea, and about that flower thing- I was just kidding; I needed something cool to say +_+. June 13, 2006.

R11- ahh, now I am up to the safari zone in the soul badge section. June 14, 2006.

R12- tonight, I did the safari zone and I am ready to roll in the gym tomorrow. June 15, 2006. 

R13- right now I am roughly about halfway through the Fuchsia gym. June 16, 2006.

R14- today I found time to finish the fuchsia gym. Now itís off to adventure island for me (for those of you who donít live near Tampa, itís a water park)! June 17, 2006.

R15- I now did the entire Silph Company and now that I have the master ball, there is a Pokemon I needÖ June 20, 2006.

R16- I now did the Saffron Gym and like the first sentence or two of the next section. June 22, 2006.

R17- now, I know I havenít written anything in a while (because of mostly laziness). In fact today, I merely did up to the Pokemon Mansion in the volcano badge section. July 3, 2006.

R18- Ahh, on this lovely independence day (which I might have spent in the park, except that itís Tuesday not Saturday) I did about half of the Pokemon mansion. July 4, 2006.        

R19- Now I finished the Pokemon mansion and, well, thatís about it. July 6, 2006.

R20- After a hot battle, I did the Cinnabar gym and Blaine. Iím going to do the Sevii islands next (well, at least the first three), so youíll have to wait for the final gym. July 10, 2006. 

R21- Well, after a long vacation (I bought Pokemon XD, so I just had to play it) Iím getting back into the swing of things. Today, I did One island. August 4, 2006.

R22- After a long day, I managed to do the short Two island. August 6, 2006. 

R23- Today I did Three island. Expect a gym in the near future. August 8, 2006. 

R24- Well, I cut the time pretty close, but I managed to do the Viridian Gym. I start school tomorrow, so expect a sort of a slow-down. August 13, 2006.

R25- Today, I did Victory Road. I have a lot of training to do, so it may take a while for me to do the Elite Four. August 18, 2006. 

R26- A bit out of order, but I completed the power plant section. August 22, 2006.   

R27- Now that my training is complete, Iíve beaten the Elite Four and also I did Four Island. September 4, 2006. 

R28- Tonight, I completed the Seafoam Islands and started the Pokedex. I tried to do a lot because I sense a bad moon rising. Itís just a hunch thoughÖ September 6, 2006.  

R29- I worked on the Pokedex a little, but its slow work and I only got a few Pokemon done. September 7, 2006.

R30- Tonight I did Five Island and, well, thatís about it. September 8, 2006.  

R31- Tonight I did Six Island and the redux of Five Island. September 9, 2006.  

R32- Well, I would have finished Seven Island if not for an idiot park rangerÖ but I did most of it. September 10, 2006.  

R33- Tonight, I finished Seven Island and worked on the Pokedex (I am now up to charmeleon). September 13, 2006. 

R34- Now I have finished the Unknown Dungeon. Everything is in order now for a straight run to the finish. September 15, 2006. 

R35- Alright, I know I havenít written in a long time. I know Iíve been a loser and somewhat irresponsible (you can stop me any time!), but I will put the petal to the metal now. By the way, I did 7 Pokemon in the Pokedex to make amends. October 4, 2006. 

R36- Tonight, I did 3 Pokemon and added all my reviews (because I thought up the idea today). October 5, 2006.

R37- Tonight, I did 1 Pokemon in the Pokedex. October 9, 2006. 

R38- Arrgh itís been a long weekend! I decided to change the format of the Pokedex or else Iíd never finish. I also did 4 Pokemon. October 16, 2006. 

R39- Tonight, I did 5 more Pokemon. October 23, 2006.

R40- Today, I did 3 more Pokemon. October 24, 2006.  

R41- (Gasping for air) IÖ amÖ backÖ atÖ last! There have just been some technical difficulties here but I am back with a vengeance. See my Pokedex note for more details about today. November 6, 2006.

R42- Tonight, I finished the TM list and I did the Berries list. November 13, 2006. 

R43- At last!! This guide is completed!!! November 18, 2006. 


	Heh, heh, heh! It is I, Zapto! Welcome to my Firered and Leafgreen guide. It is such an honor to be writing a Pokemon guide for the good people of this world (alright, maybe they arenít all good). Ya know, I am a huge Pokemon fan. In fact, I have been playing and watching it since I was 5 years old. This is also my 2nd guide. Well, I had better start this guide and stop blabbering on about myself.


These controls are so simple, if you donít learn them in 5 minutes, you may have some problemsÖ

A button- use this to select stuff

B button- use this to cancel out of stuff

Control pad- use this to move your character

Start- use this to pause the screen

The Basics of Pokemon

Are you ready for a lecture? If youíre not, you should be.
Pokemon is an awesome game series. But it is a bit complicated at times. The first thing you should know is that Pokemon come in many shapes and sizes. There are 16 different types of Pokemon. Most Pokemon have 2 types. Here is a chart that explains what type beats what:

Defending Pokemon
		 N F W G E I Fig P Gro Fly Psy B R Gho Dr Da Ste  
Normal    |-|-|-|-|-|-| - |-| - | - | - |-|*| x | -|- | * |
Fire	     |-|*|*|+|-|+| - |-| - | - | - |+|*| - | *|- | + |
Water     |-|+|*|*|-|-| - |-| + | - | - |-|+| - | *|- | - |
Grass     |-|*|+|*|-|-| - |*| + | * | - |*|+| - | *|- | * |
Electric  |-|-|+|*|*|-| - |-| x | + | - |-|-| - | *|- | - | 
Ice       |-|*|*|+|-|*| - |-| + | + | - |-|-| - | +|- | * |
Fighting  |+|-|-|-|-|+| - |*| - | * | * |*|+| x | -| +| + |
Poison    |-|-|-|+|-|-| - |*| * | - | - |-|*| * | -| -| x |
Ground    |-|+|-|*|+|-| - |+| - | x | - |*|+| - | -| -| + |
Flying    |-|-|-|+|*|-| + |-| - | - | - |+|*| - | -| -| * |
Psychic   |-|-|-|-|-|-| + |+| - | - | * |-|-| - | -| x| * |
Bug	     |-|*|-|+|-|-| * |*| - | * | + |-|-| * | -| +| * |
Rock	     |-|+|-|-|-|+| * |-| * | + | - |+|-| - | -| -| * |
Ghost     |x|-|-|-|-|-| - |-| - | - | + |-|-| + | -| *| * |
Dragon    |-|-|-|-|-|-| - |-| - | - | - |-|-| - | +| -| * |
Dark	     |-|-|-|-|-|-| * |-| - | - | + |-|-| + | -| *| * |
Steel     |-|*|*|-|*|+| - |-| - | - | - |-|+| - | -| -| * | 
+=2x damage	*=1/2 damage	x=no effect	-=no relation

Study (or copy) and know that chart well, for it will help you later. Another basic element of Pokemon is knowing how to catch them. First, you must go into battle with a wild Pokemon. To find some, go into grass or the ocean. Now, you must weaken the Pokemon without knocking it out. When it is in red or deep yellow, throw a poke ball (or great, ultra, or another type of ball) and throw it at the Pokemon. If it stays inside, you caught it! Breeding is also a way to get more Pokemon. If you go to the day care center and deposit 2 Pokemon of the same egg type, they mightÖ lay an egg. Obviously, you need a male and a female Pokemon. Hereís a hint though: if you put any Pokemon, male or female, with a ditto, there will always be an egg of the other Pokemon. For example: if you put a male kadabra with a ditto, eventually, they will make an egg that contains an abra. I think that those are all of the major topics for the basics. Keep reading for some basic battle tactics.

The basics of battle

So you want to be a Pokemon master, eh? Well, then you must know how to battle right. The key to winning battles is to do super effective damage to a Pokemon of a weaker type. Use the chart above to know what beats what. Inflicting status conditions also will make you a great trainer like me. There are 6 types of status changes: Paralysis, sleep, confusion, freeze, burn, and poison. If a Pokemon is paralyzed, it may not attack that turn and its speed drops dramatically. If it is asleep, it canít attack but may wake up and attack. If it is confused, there is a 50-50 chance that it will attack, but if it doesnít attack, it will hurt itself. If a Pokemon is frozen, it canít attack but may thaw out and attack. If it is burned, it will receive a little damage after each turn. Same goes for poison, except that some poison may do more damage each turn. Paralysis and confusion are my favorites, but thatís just me. If you fell that these tactics are too basic for you, see a below section for more advanced battle strategies. 

Team building tips

There is one last basic concept that I must address to you: team building strategies. A team of Pokemon consists of 6 Pokemon. In those 6 Pokemon, you must be able to defeat as many other types as you can. You must also have balance in your team here is an example of a good team:
This is a good team because it is balanced and it can beat everything. You donít need these exact types, but be able to beat most types, offense ably or defensibly. In case youíre wondering, this good team is my team. +_+


Well, Iíll stop lecturing you and get on with the game.


The Boulder Badge

	After filling in both your and your rivalís names and a speech by Professor Oak, you start off in your room. Walk down the stairs and talk to your Mom to find that Oak is looking for you. Leave your house and try to go to the northern route only to be stopped by the professor himself. Heíll take you into his lab and tell you to choose a Pokemon. Choose wisely because you only get one. After you pick one, your rival will pick the one that yours is weak against. Try to leave only to be challenged by your rival (in this guide, I shall call him Gary). Primarily use the damaging attack over and over to (hopefully) win. Now, you can finally leave town. So head north and get past this simple route to find yourself in the beautiful Viridian City. Alright, your first goal here is to go to the Mart. Inside, the clerk will ask you to deliver a parcel to Professor Oak. Get it and go south back to Pallet Town and into the lab. Note: if youíre tired of battling on the route, just jump down the ledges. Inside, Oak will give you a Pokedex. OOOOYYYYAAAA!!!  You will also receive 5 poke balls to catch Pokemon with. Now we can go back to Viridian City and continue our adventure. But not before getting a very important item. Go to Garyís house (the one above the lab) and talk to the girl to get the town map. Once you have that, you can go back to Viridian City. Note: now that you have some poke balls, you can begin to catch wild Pokemon in the grass on the route. Heal up at the Pokemon center if you need to and head north. The old man will show you how to catch Pokemon and then give you the teachy TV. If there is ever something you donít understand, use that. Now, continue north until you see a big building. Enter it and come out on the other side to be in the Viridian Forest. Now, there are a few items that are out of our way, so if you want them, you will have to find them yourself. Turn right and walk until you see a large patch of grass with an item in it. Head north. Dodge the trainers if you want, but they are good training. Turn left at the crossroads, then go south. Follow this path and eventually you will find yourself at the exit to the forest. Go north along this small extension of route 2 to find yourself in Pewter City. You probably need to heal your Pokemon, so go to the Pokemon center. Now, there is a gym in this town, but there is some other stuff you might want to do first. To the north side of town is the museum. Go inside and have a look around if you want to (the admission price is only $50). After youíre done there, go to the left of the museum to an area with seemingly nothing in it. Walk around and press A in the light green patch to find a hidden poke ball. Now youíre probably ready to battle at the gym right? Well just go up to the entrance and waltz right in.

Pewter City Gym:

Battle 1: Camper Liam
	LV 10 Geodude
	LV 11 Sandshrew

Gym Leader: Brock
	LV 12 Geodude
	LV 14 Onix
First of all, heal before you fight him. Secondly, buy a couple of potions in case you have a hard time. Now youíre ready for your first gym battle. The battle with Liam should have given enough experience to your squirtle or bulbasaur to make this fight easy enough. If you got squirtle, use bubble repeatedly, if you got bulbasaur, use vine whip repeatedly, and if you got charmander, use metal claw repeatedly to KO geodude and onix. Use your potions if your health is running low. This fight shouldnít be too hard.

After Brock is defeated, he will give you the Boulder Badge along with TM 39 which teaches 1 Pokemon rock tomb. Remember, TMs can only be used once. Alright, heal up at the Pokemon center, for we no head for the next badge. We depart to the east, toward Mt.Moon!


The Cascade Badge

	I bet youíre excited about your first badge. So, why donít we get another? Remember, we need to get all 8 to gain entrance to the Pokemon League. Head to the easternmost part of the city and exit through the route. Prof. Oakís assistant will stop you and give you a very handy present from your Momma: the running shoes! With the route now clear, we can begin our long trek through the many trainers. They use mostly Pokemon you might already have (with the exception of the occasional ekans or nidoran). Beat only what you have to and get to the end. Note: the trainer near the grass area is the last one on this route. After you defeat (or run past) the last trainer, keep going until you hit some more grass. Here, you might want to take some time to catch some new Pokemon. After your catching spree is over, go north and take a rest in the Pokemon center. Inside, there is an old guy in the corner who will sell you a magikarp for $500. I recommend taking it, but heh, do what you want. After youíre done, exit the center and enter the cave to the right. Welcome to Mt.Moon! Now, in here there A LOT of items you may or may not want to get. Explore this place to get them all, but I will only tell you how to get to the exit. Run north and then east above the trainer until you hit a wall. Run north and hug the rock wall until it lets you go north. Do so then go west, south, and northwest to a ladder. Run through this small tunnel to another ladder. Take it and go through the 2 sets of stairs (dodge the Rocket grunt if you want). Run along this long passageway until you find a Team Rocket grunt. Defeat him and continue on to find a guy with 2 fossils. Take one andÖ whatís that? He found them so their both his? Well, donít you know itís polite to share? Teach him a lesson in Pokemon battling (and manners) and he will let you have ONE fossil. The helix fossil will become omanyte later and the dome fossil will become kabuto. Choose wisely which one you want and take it. The other one goes to the super nerd. Whichever one you get, itís only a hop, skip, and a jump to the exit. Now it is just a quick route to Cerulean City, but on the way there are 2 move tutors that will teach your Pokemon a new move, but only once. The guy on the left teaches mega punch, while the guy on the right teaches mega kick. Use whichever one or both and make a dash for the next city. Youíll probably need to heal at the center before we continue. Once youíre done, head to the northern house on the left. Run through it and search the ground for an invisible rare candy. Now, there are 2 options you have now: A. Go to the gym now or B. go north and get the S.S. Ticket. Below are the gym stats. If you choose option B, read on after the gym and come back to it later. For those who are eager and choose option A, here we go, the next badge:

Cerulean City Gym: 

Battle 1: Swimmer Luis
	LV 16 Horsea
	LV 16 Shellder

Battle 2: Picnicker Diana
	LV 19 Goldeen

Gym Leader: Misty
	LV 18 Staryu
	LV 21 Starmie
Alright, this might be a pretty hard fight for youÖ if you donít have the right team. If you have a strong grass or electric type, this wonít be much of a hassle. Your best bet would be to use bulbasaur, paras, or pikachu. Inflict a status condition if you are in deep trouble (bad pun I know in a water gym). When you win you get the Cascade Badge and TM 03 which teaches water pulse. Now we gotta head northÖ


The Thunder Badge

Alright, head north past the boundary of the city andÖ hold up a minute. Your rival challenges you to a fight! Well, donít just stand there. Letís beat him!

Rival Battle 2
	LV 17 Pidgetto
	LV 16 Abra
	LV 15 Rattata
The last Pokemon is decided by who you picked to be your starter Pokemon.
	If you picked bulbasaur, LV 18 Charmander
	If you picked charmander, LV 18 Squirtle
	If you picked squritle, LV 18 Bulbasaur
Alright, this fight may or may not be hard for you. If your Pokemon are in the same range as your rivalís levels, you should do fine. If they arenít, train some more or keep battling him until you get lucky and win. Bring along some super potions just in case.

When you defeat your rival, he will give you the fame checker before running off. This handy item can record things you hear about important people. Now we must head north along the bridge that I like to call the long bridge of battle (in truth though, it is called the nugget bridge). I shall guide you trainer by trainer along this bridge. Remember, feel free to go back and heal at the Pokemon center periodically. Alright, first up is simple bug boy. Wipe out his weak array of the caterpie and weedle line. The next trainer has a little more diversity. Use strong normal or electric moves to crush pidgey and then flying moves on the remaining 2. Use a good water attack on the next guyís sandshrew and use the same methods on ekans that you used on that pidgey. Use just plain strong moves (such as mega kick or punch) to KO the two nidorans of the next trainer, but have some antidotes ready. Flying moves are very effective on the last trainer, but your strongest Pokemon should have enough power otherwise. Talk to the last guy at the end and you will get your well-earned prize: a nugget. But the guy is really a team rocket grunt in disguise. Thrash him (and by the way, the answer is no) and continue to the rest of the route to Bill (that is where weíre going you know). Alright, now you have a few ways to pass this route. Fight as many trainers as you want, but some of them are dodge able. The trainers here mostly have Pokemon you have already fought, except for the hikerís Pokemon and that 1 slowpoke. After the last trainer (lass run into the house. Inside is aÖ clefairy? No, wait! Thatís Bill, a true-blue pokemanic! Help him out by following his instructions (obviously by talking to him to find out). After he is back to his original form, he will thank you by giving you an S.S Ticket. Now you can board the famous ship harbored in Vermillion City, to the south. That also happens to be where the next gym is. Well, weíd better get going. Take the short way back to the city (the path past the couple). Remember that house with the cop in front of it? Well now the cop has moved allowing you to pass through the ruined house. In the backyard is the crook that trashed the place. Bring him to justice and continue south. Keep running south until you see a few buildings. The one that is in the middle is the daycare center. If you leave a Pokemon there, they will gain levels over time. You want to enter the building with a sign by it. Enter then go downstairs and run down the long tunnel. Emerge on the other side and fight trainers down south and enter Vermillion City. We have many things to do now. First go the Pokemon center and talk to the girl by the desk and she will give you the VS seeker. Go to the house next to the center and pick up the old rod (it can only catch magikarp and such, but it will do for now). Now, go to the house with a pokeball on top and talk to the older guy to get a voucher for a bike. Weíll go and get it later. Now we must board the ship Bill gave us a ticket for. Head to the east part of town and go down to the docks and go on the S.S Anne. A quick note before we continue: this guide will only tell you what you have to do. If you want to explore and find many of the cool items on this ship, youíre on your own. Now, from the entrance, run west until you find some stairs. Climb them and go down the long hallway near it. Turn north and go toward those stairs to be inÖ what?! Gary got here too? Apparently. And guess what? You gotta battle him again. So get ready for the

Rival Battle 3

LV 18 Kadabra
LV 19 Pidgetto
LV 16 Raticate

As usual, the last Pokemon is different:
If you picked bulbasaur, LV 20 Charmeleon
If you picked charmander, LV 20 Wartortle
If you picked squritle, LV 20 Ivysaur
This rival fight is almost the same as the last one. Use the same strategy because his Pokemon arenít changed, they are just evolved. Once again, bring some potions for reinforcements.

Once he runs off, climb the stairs to the north. Talk to the seasick guy, who is really the captain, and rub his back (?) to make him feel better. Then he will give you your first HM or hidden machine. It teaches cut! Now, collect anything you want on board and then leave. The ship sails away from this port, not to return for a long while (never in this game). But with cut, you can enter the gym! Well, what are you waiting for? Heal at the poke center then go the Vermillion gym.

Vermillion City Gym:

Battle 1: Sailor Dwayne
	LV 21 Pikachu
	LV 21 Pikachu

Battle 2: Engineer Baily
	LV 21 Voltorb
	LV 21 Magnimite

Battle 3: Gentleman Tucker
	LV 23 Pikachu

Gym Leader: Lt. Surge
	LV 21 Voltorb
	LV 18 Pikachu
	LV 24 Raichu
All right troops, this military master fights with the power of electricity (and I can sympathize), so letís rock unto electric avenue. If you went to Diglettís cave earlier (it is covered in a later section though), this fight will be a cinch. You could also use a grass type to fight defensibly. His Raichu might be a bit of a hassle though because of his nasty double team move. Kick him hard and fast to avoid that sticky situation. Remember to bring potions and some paralyze heals as well. If you levels are good, youíll win in no time.
Now we gotta take a long hike to next gym filled with rocks and team rocket. But first we must prepare to combat darkness with a new HMÖ


The Rainbow Badge

Donít worry about my strange comments about this area; it will all be made clear eventually. Speaking of clearing up, we need a new HM to see in dark places. If youíve played the originals, you know what I mean. Leave the city on the eastern gate (near the port) and enter the cave. This is Diglettís cave and it is full of digletts and occasionally a dugtrio. Iím very sure you donít need a walkthrough for that cave (if you do, turn off your game and take a nice, long, nap). After you exit through the other end, run south and cut down the tree. Go into the big building and talk to the scientist-looking dude. If you have caught at least 10 different types of Pokemon, he will give you HM 05, which teaches flash! Now you can see in dark caves! Now return to Vermilion city. Now, remember that underground route from Cerulean city to Vermilion? Well, take that back to Cerulean and enter the city. Alright, southwest of the Pokemon center is the bike shop. Remember that voucher? Use it to get a new means of transportation. Now you can ride in style with you and your gang! Now exit the city through the busted up house. When you are allowed to turn to the east, do so and chop down that tree. Run south and battle the trainer. Then go east and get that ball first (it contains a TM). Now, you can battle or avoid as many trainers as you want, so a detailed guide for this is not necessary. Just get to the eastern end of the route and head south to a Pokemon center. Heal here and then cut some trees (or battle the trainer) and enter the long cave known as the Rock Tunnel. Notice how you can hardly see anything. Well, use flash to get full vision! Now letís get this show on the road. Head south and defeat the pokemanic. Continue along that hallway until you find some stairs. Take them and head southwest. Battle the next pokemanic and head north soon after. Beat Martha and zigzag north. When you are at a crossroads, pick whichever you want because they both lead to some stairs. Take them up. Cut over east and south. Follow the wall until stairs become visible. Obviously, you gotta climb down them. Head south a bit and go through the opening. Go through the next one and go north to the last flight of stairs. Now itís just a run to the exit. Go south battling or avoiding, and turn west. After that trainer is beaten, head south and to the outside again. Now it is just a hop, skip, and a jump south to Lavender Town. Heal at the Pokemon center here (Iím sure you need it) and fight off the urge to go to that huge tower. Instead, leave town through the west and head to the end of this simple route where a house with a sign stands. It is another underground path! Take it to another very simple route. Take a few steps and enter the grand city of Celadon. Your stop should be the Pokemon center to heal. Now talk to the guy dressed in black outside the center (we already learned that that is the team rocket uniform). He says to stay out of their way. HmmÖ how very mysterious. Well, Celadon is a big city, so letís explore. Continue along the row of buildings next to the poke center. The first on you come to should have a sign and a guy near it. Go inside and talk to the old lady to get some tea. This will come in handy later. Go up two flights of stairs and enter the little cubicle to meetÖ the game designers! Thatís right. Those are the people who created this game. Scary, hunh? Climb 1 more set of stairs to reachÖ a dead end? But thereís a house on the other side! How do we reach it? Iíll tell you! Return to the poke center and take the path to the right side of it. Make a left and enter the mansion through the backdoor. Climb the many stairs and enter the penthouse. Pick up the poke ball to getÖ an evee! You can also learn some stuff from the man in there because he knows everything (like that one judge on American Inventor). Go back to the ground and weíll continue our tour of Celadon City. The next building of interest is the department store. You can buy anything in there! Have a look around! And while youíre at it head to the roof. Buy 1 of each drink from the machines. Give each one to that little girl for a few good TMs. Return to sea level. Run south and east to a few houses. Enter the first one. Talk to the old guy in the corner to get a coin case! Now you can gamble at the slots in the game corner! Head north to get there. Talk to all the people at the machines to get a total of 50 coins! Now, if you like to gamble (like me!) then play some slots! When youíre ready to take care of business, talk to the rocket grunt in the back. Defeat him and hit the poster he was guarding. This opens up a secret passage into their hideout. Enter it. As always, I will tell you only how to beat this place. It is up to you to find all of the various items. Go down that stairway twice and go west to a maze of some sort. Go far east and hit the left tile to be shot in that direction! Take the southern backtrack to the far south and take the upper tile. Continue on to some stairs. Take the stairs and battle the rocket up north. Pick up the key that he drops. Now you can control the elevator! Return to the previous 2 floors. Enter the maze and follow these directions: Stand on the bottom tile and be pushed in that direction. Go east and collect that TM. Follow the path it was blocking and turn right to jet south. Next, east, south, around the bend and take the upper tile. Jet once more to the finish. Enter the elevator and take it to the B4F. Head north and take out the 2 guards. When both are defeated, the door to the bossí room will open. Continue on to fight him.

Boss Giovanni:
	LV 25 Onix
	LV 24 Rhyhorn
	LV 29 Kangaskhan
So this is the leader of the notorious Team Rocket? Well, heís sure not as easy as the grunts! A strong water or grass type can wipe out onix and rhyhorn no-problem. Itís kangaskhan that can be a problem. If you have a fighting Pokemon with fighting movesÖ great! Use it! If you donítÖ just use Pokemon with powerful moves, such as mega punch or kick. Or you could use same type moves. A status condition also helps. This guy shouldnít be too hard. 
Pick up the Silph Scope when he hits the road. This precious may not seen like much now, but be assured that it is very important indeed. Leave the hideout and hopefully you got enough training to take on this cityís gym. It is in the southernmost partÖ

Celadon City Gym:

Battle 1: Lass Kay
	LV 23 Bellsprout
	LV 23 Weepinbell

Battle 2: Beauty Bridget
	LV 21 Oddish
	LV 21 Oddish
	LV 21 Bellsprout
	LV 21 Bellsprout

Battle 3 (left side): Beauty Tamia
	LV 24 Bellsprout
	LV 24 Bellsprout

Battle 4 (right side): Picnicker Tina 
	LV 24 Bulbasaur
	LV 24 Ivysaur

Battle 5 (center forward): Cooltrainer Mary
	LV 22 Bellsprout
	LV 22 Oddish
	LV 22 Weepinbell
	LV 22 Gloom
	LV 22 Ivysaur

Battle 6 (left side of Erika): Beauty Lori
	LV 24 Exeggcute

Battle 7 (right side of Erika): Lass Lisa
	LV 23 Oddish
	LV 23 Gloom

Gym Leader: Erika
	LV 24 Tangela
	LV 29 Victreebel
	LV 29 Vileplume
It might just be me, but I canít stand all these flowers! Well then letís win and be done with this gym. Luckily Erika isnít that tough. Just use a strong fire, flying, or psychic type to make her smell the perfume of defeat. The biggest pain about her is that she loves to use status conditions. Bring some full heals. 
After the fight, you will get the Rainbow badge and a TM that teaches the wonderful giga drain. Now, the road to the next gym is long. We must take down a tower full of ghosts! But first, how about a new HM?


The Soul Badge

Alright now, head to the western most part of Celdaon and leave through that route. Keep going andÖ wait! The road is blocked by a sleeping Pokemon?! Oh-well; weíll take care of that later. Do you see that tree near it? Cut it and follow that building/path to a small house. Talk to the girl inside and she will give you HM 02. It teaches fly! With it you can fly back to any city you have already visited! It is indeed wonderfully convenient. Now use your new power to fly back to Lavender Town. If you donít have a flying Pokemon, take the long way. Now, to the right of the Pokemon center is a huge tower. And guess what? We gotta climb it. Enter and take the flight of stairs. Walk north to see a familiar face. Itís your rival! And he challenges you to a battle. Here we go againÖ

Rival Battle 4

LV 23 Growlithe
LV 20 Kadabra
LV 25 Pidgetto

If you picked bulbasaur, add LV 25 Charmeleon and LV 25 Exeggute
If you picked squirtle, add LV 25 Ivysaur and LV 25 Gyarados
If you picked charmander, add LV 25 Wartortle and LV 25 Exeggute.

This battle is a bit more complicated than the previous two because now, he has more Pokemon. The basic strategy is the same though. Use a fire or flying Pokemon on exeggute and a strong electric type to easily KO the mighty gyarados. After a good fight, you should come up in victory. 

Once he hits the road, continue your long climb to the top of the Pokemon tower. Now, Iím not going to give you direct directions to the top (I donít think you need them). I will give you some information about what is to come. The trainers up there use practically all ghost types. Use psychic types or powerful other moves. But do NOT use normal moves, because they donít affect ghosts. On the fifth floor is a healing station; use it if you need to. At the stairs leading into the 7th floor is the ghost of the Marowak. Donít even try to catch it; it is literally a ghost. Defeat it (it still is the ground type, so use water or grass) and continue on the top floor. On the top floor is a hallwayÖ full of rockets! Why am I not surprised? Knock them out and talk to the old man. His name is Mr. Fuji and he is kind enough to take you to his house in Lavender Town. Talk to him once more and he will give you the poke flute, which awakens sleeping Pokemon. Remember that big Pokemon we saw on the way to get HM Fly? Well, now we can wake it up. When you get to the Pokemon, use the flute to awaken it. It is snorlax! I recommend catching it because there are only 2 in the world. Yes, there are two of them. If you want to take the short path, head to Celadon and go west, but you need a bike for it (which you already should have). If you want to take the long way and get a few TMs and a better fishing rod, go south from Lavender Town (where you should be now). The choice is yours and I will not give a guide for either one (they are both pretty straightforward). If you are really stuck, send me an e-mail; my address is in the FAQ section. At the end of the routes is the legendary Fuchsia City. Why is it legendary? Because of the Safari Zone! Which is where we are going next. Heal at the poke center (Iím sure you need it) and go to the northernmost part of the city and enter the building. Pay the admission price and begin your safari adventure! If you played the original Pokemon games, you already know the rules here. If you havenít, talk to the first guy in the entrance hall. Alright now, you are free to catch as many Pokemon as you want, but there are 2 main items we need. Go east and then north to an entryway to another area. Go east until you see a rock plateau. Follow it to the west and continue north along a fairly straightforward path. In the next area, go as far west as you can and climb the plateau. Turn west and follow the long pathway around the bend into the next area. Go a little south and pick up gold teeth. I know itís kind of strange, but hey will be useful later. Turn left and continue on until you see a house (notice how I call every small building a house?). Talk to the guy inside to win a prize: HM03! It teaches surf, a very powerful water attack. However, we canít use it to its full potential until we beat this cityís gym leader, Koga. So letís do that now, shall we? Leave the safari zone and return to the Pokemon center. Heal, and then go to the right of it. I know; the gym is the other way. But first we gotta get a new HM. Enter the house with a mailbox in front of it and talk to the warden of the safari zone. Pop in his gold teeth and collect your reward: HM04! It teaches strength and can be used in this very building to get a rare candy. Now go to the center then to the gym.

Fuchsia City Gym

Battle 1: Juggler Nate
	LV 34 Drowzee 
	LV 34 Kadabra

Battle 2: Juggler Kayden
	LV 38 Hypno

Battle 3: Juggler Kirk
	LV 31 Drowzee
	LV 31 Drowzee
	LV 31 Kadabra
	LV 31 Drowzee

Battle 4: Tamer Edgar
	LV 33 Arbok
	LV 33 Sandslash
	LV 33 Arbok

Battle 5: Tamer Phil
	LV 34 Sandslash
	LV 34 Arbok

Battle 6: Juggler Shawn
	LV 34 Drowzee
	LV 34 Hypno

Gym Leader: Koga
	LV 37 Koffing
	LV 39 Muk
	LV 37 Koffing
	LV 43 Weezing
Alright, this guy is tough! Koga, the ninja master uses the ancient art of poison. His toxic move will poison your Pokemon that gets worse every turn. Use a strong psychic and/or ground type to KO him quickly. The longer he lasts, the more the poison can hurt you. He also has many potions he uses to heal. Go and win fast and remember: do or do not, there is no try. 
Now what hunh? Take a look on your map and notice and unexplored city at the crossroads of Celadon, Cerulean, Vermilion, and Lavender. That is where we are heading. Fly to Celadon city and head eastÖ


Marsh Badge

Go through the gatehouse and give the tea (which you should have gotten a while ago) to the guard. Now you can pass through to Saffron City. First, go to the poke center and head east until you see a house with a mailbox. Enter it and talk to the psychic who gives you a TM for one of the coolest moves in Pokemon. Now, head north to the gym andÖ what?! Itís blocked by a rocket! Darn! Well, enter the mini-gym next to it. This is the fighting dojo and there are only 4 trainers plus the leader. They mostly use the mankey and machop families. Except for the leaderÖ

Black Belt Koichi
LV 37 Hitmonlee
LV 37 Hitmonchan
Hwaaa! Donít worry about this guy. He may look tough, but he is weaker than Koga. In fact, you can use some of the same tactics: Psychic or Flying. When you win, you can get a free LV 25 Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. Pick whichever one you want (I prefer Hitmonlee though).
Now go to the entrance to the big building in the heart of Saffron (and Kanto in general!). This is Silph Company the same company that made the Silph scope. They also make poke balls and TMs (I think). Donít worry though; they donít rule the world like Blok. Enter it and take the elevator to the 5th floor. Head south to the west and enter the teleporter near a Rocket. Re-enter it and go down that hallway to get the card key! Now ride down to the 3rd floor and head south. Unlock the door to the left with the card key and jump into the teleporter. What?! Itís Gary! How did he get in here? Well, no matter; we will defeat him all the same. Thatís right; we gotta battle him once again (doesnít he ever just stop to say hi?).

Rival Battle 5

LV 37 Pidgeot
LV 35 Alakazam
LV 35 Gyarados

If you picked bulbasaur, add LV 40 Charizard and LV 38 Exeggcute.
If you picked squirtle, add LV 40 Venusaur and LV 35 Growlithe
If you picked charmander, add LV 40 Blastoise and LV 38 Exeggcute.

Whoa Nelly! This guy is pretty tough. His starter Pokemon is now fully evolved and his other Pokemon are pretty strong too (except for exeggute; is that some kind of joke?). Just use the weaknesses of his Pokemon to win handily.
Now talk to the guy right over there to get a free Lapras! Enter the teleporter and fight the rocket grunt. When heís taken care of, use the card key to enter the bossí room. 

Boss Giovanni

LV 35 Kangaskhan
LV 41 Nidoqueen
LV 37 Nidorino
LV 37 Rhyhorn

Alright, after an army, we fight the general. He is pretty strong, considering the skill of the grunts. Kangaskhan will probably give you a hard time, so use sleep or paralysis and hammer away. The other 3 are no problem at all if you have a strong water and/or psychic type. Grass or ground will also work.
After the rockets abandon ship, talk to the manager to receive the greatest poke ball: the master ball. It will catch any Pokemon without. Hold on to it for after the Elite Four or use it on one of the legendry birds. Now itís time to get another gym badge. So heal and head north to get there.

Saffron City Gym

Battle 1: Psychic Cameron
	LV 33 Slowpoke
	LV 33 Slowpoke
	LV 33 Slowbro

Battle 2: Psychic Tyron
	LV 34 Mr. Mime
	LV 34 Kadabra

Battle 3: Channeler Stacy
	LV 38 Haunter

Battle 4: Psychic Preston
	LV 38 Slowbro

Battle 5: Channeler Amanda
	LV 34 Gastly
	LV 34 Haunter

Battle 6: Channeler Tasha
	LV 33 Gastly
	LV 33 Gastly
	LV 33 Haunter

Battle 7: Psychic Johan
	LV 31 Kadabra
	LV 31 Slowpoke
	LV 31 Mr. Mime
	LV 31 Kadabra

Gym Leader: Sabrina
	LV 38 Kadabra
	LV 37 Mr. Mime
	LV 38 Venomoth
	LV 43 Alakazam
Wait! I see the future! I see a traveling trainer battling the powerful and beautiful leader of the Saffron Gym. The outcome, I can not see. But if the trainer uses strong bug moves, he/she will win easily. Alakazam might be a problem though. Just use Pokemon with plain strong moves (like the Pokemon Iím named after). Fire or psychic can easily dispatch Venomoth, the only non-psychic Pokemon in Sabrinaís party.
After you claim victory and the marsh badge, you need to go back to your house in Pallet Town. You can fly or take the long way home.


Volcano Badge

Ahh, Pallet Town: my hometown (sorta). Well, donít get to comfortable; we wonít be here long. In fact, go south to a body of water. Use surf and surf down the long route to reach Cinnabar Island. Alright, first you should heal at the poke center. Then, go inside the building to the left. This is the famous Pokemon Laboratory. Why is it famous? Because in there, the scientists can bring Pokemon back from the dead! Well, kinda: they can revive fossils like the one you got in Mt. Moon. So go into the last room and talk to the scientist and give him the fossil. After a while, come back to receive a new Pokemon! In the 2nd room, there is a nerd guy who will teach one Pokemon the awesome move Metronome. Oh yes! There is another fossil I forgot to tell you about, eh he he. Fly to Pewter City and go up to the museum. But donít enter it! Go to the left and cut the tree. Talk to the guy near the podium to get a fossil. Revive it to get Aerodactyl! Now fly back to Cinnabar and enter the gymÖ What!? Itís locked! Ok, now where would the key be hidden? Yes, in the Mansion to the east of the gym. Well, heal up and enter this big Pokemon Mansion. Well, there are no ghosts in here, but there are some good fire and poison Pokemon. Run up the carpet at climb the stairs. Go north around the bend and climb the staircase to the left. Go up to the statue and ďtalkĒ to it. There is a secret switch on it! Press it (who wouldnít) and run south. Go to the left ledge near the scientist dude and fall down the hole. Iím not kidding, just run toward it. Go south and descend the stairs to the basement. Go into that little cubicle and press the statue. Go out through the west and go around the box and enter the tunnel to the north of the stairs. Keep going and hit the switch. Now run west down that hallway until you see a table. Pick up that poke ball to getÖ the secret key! Now you can enter the gym! Now, if you know dig or have an escape rope, use it! If you donít, retrace your steps and go around the bend from the top of the staircase. With the secret key in hand, go up to the gym and simply enter itÖ 

Cinnabar Gym

Battle 1: Burglar Quinn (Answer-Yes)
	LV 36 Vulpix
	LV 36 Nintales
	LV 36 Growlithe

Battle 2: Super Nerd Erik 
	LV 36 Vulpix
	LV 36 Vulpix
	LV 36 Nintales

Battle 3: Super Nerd Avery (Answer-No)
	LV 34 Vulpix
	LV 34 Ponyta
	LV 34 Charmander
	LV 34 Growlithe

Battle 4: Burglar Ramon (No)
	LV 41 Ponyta

Battle 5: Super Nerd Derek (No)
	LV 41 Rapidash

Battle 6: Burglar Dusty (Yes)
	LV 37 Growlithe
	LV 37 Vulpix

Battle 7: Super Nerd Zac (No)
	LV 37 Growlithe
	LV 37 Vulpix

Gym Leader: Blaine
	LV 42 Growlithe
	LV 40 Ponyta
	LV 41 Rapidash 
	LV 47 Arcanine
Well, I hope you enjoyed that little quiz! Actually, Blaine isnít much harder, if you have a strong water or ground type. Use that Pokemon to nail Blaine fast and hard. His fire blast move is really strong, so try not to let the battle drag on or bring some hyper potions. 
After you exit the gym, Bill will approach you and ask you to accompany him on his journey to the Sevii Islands. Be warned though: if you go, you wonít be returning for a while. I recommend it, so look in the sidequests section for help. If you donít go (or whenever you return) fly over to Viridian City for the final gym battle!


Earth Badge

This is it: the last badge! Are you ready? Then go to Viridian City. Just walk right into the previously locked up gym.

Viridian Gym

Battle 1 (center bottom): Black Belt Atsushi
	LV 40 Machop
	LV 40 Machoke

Battle 2 (center right): Cooltrainer Yuji
	LV 38 Sandslash
	LV 38 Graveler
	LV 38 Onix
	LV 38 Graveler
	LV 38 Marowak

Battle 3 (center left): Tamer Jason
	LV 43 Rhyhorn

Battle 4 (first on bottom): Tamer Cole
	LV 39 Arbok
	LV 39 Tauros

Battle 5: Black Belt Kiyo
	LV 43 Machoke

Battle 6 (top of center): Cooltrainer Warren
	LV 37 Marowak
	LV 37 Marowak
	LV 38 Rhyhorn
	LV 39 Nidorina 
	LV 39 Nidoqueen

Battle 7: Black Belt Takashi
	LV 38 Machoke
	LV 38 Machop
	LV 38 Machoke

Battle 8: Cooltrainer Samuel
	LV 37 Sandslash
	LV 38 Sandslash
	LV 38 Rhyhorn
	LV 39 Nidorino
	LV 39 Nidoking

Gym Leader: Giovanni
	LV 42 Dugtrio
	LV 45 Rhyhorn
	LV 44 Nidoqueen
	LV 50 Rhyhorn
	LV 54 Nidoking
Here he is: the final badge. Just within your graspÖ But first, you must beat the final gym leader: Giovanni! Bet you werenít expecting that, hunh? Well anyways, this guy may look tough, but looks can be deceiving. If you have a good water and psychic type, you might not even need healing items. If you donít, then prepare for a beating. 
After you claim the Earth Badge, go heal at the Pokemon center and head west out of town.    


The Elite Four

At last! We now have all 8 badges! You know what that means! Heading west out of town, around the trees and continue on westÖ What! Itís Gary again! Grr! Well, I guess itís time for another battle. Get ready for the 

Rival Battle 6 

LV 47 Pidgeot
LV 47 Alakazam
LV 45 Rhyhorn

If you picked bulbasaur, add LV 45 Growlithe, LV 45 Gyarados, and LV 53 Charizard

If you picked squirtle, add LV 45 Exeggcute, LV 45 Growlithe, and LV 53 Venusaur

If you picked charmander, add LV 38 Exeggcute, LV 40 Growlithe, and LV 53 Blastoise

Well letís seeÖ Your rival has greatly improved. Itís gonna take all that you have, but you should be able to take him out on the first try. 

Once heís out of the way, continue west and then head north when necessary. Since you have all of the badges, you are able to make it past the guards. At the end of a long road, the cave to your destiny awaits: Victory Road. Go up and push the boulder down once, east five times, up twice, seven times east, up twice, east once, and down once to get it on the switch and unlock the next path. Go north and left at the crossroads. Go up to a ladder. Go down and push the boulder twice west, twice down and twice west onto the switch. Go up and right along the upland as far as you can go. Go down and turn right and follow the path right and north to some stairs. Go north and push the boulder up twice and then west until you see the next area. Navigate it into the hole (I have complete faith that you can do it yourself) and run back to the ladder (but donít take it). Go up the plateau and follow it around the other side. Run along the bottom to the end and push the boulder in the hole and follow in after it. Push it all the way west until it hits a switch. Go back and go to the stairs it unlocked. Go up to some stairs and then right to the long-awaited exit. By the way: the last person there is a move tutor who will teach a Pokemon double edge. Run north through the mini-maze to reach Indigo Plateau, a.k.a the Pokemon Headquarters. This is where your power will be tested. First things first: you must have a lot of healing items and revives. Here is my recommended list: 20 full restores, 15 revives, 10 full heals, and a few ethers and max ethers. If you canít afford all that, do what you can. Your Pokemon also need to be at a high level (they all should be 45 or up), however you may have them lower because you will be doing super-effective damage (I hope). Now we are ready to fight the masters of this world. I sure hope youíre readyÖ

Elite Four

Battle 1: Elite Four Lorelei
	LV 52 Dewgong
	LV 51 Cloyster
	LV 54 Lapras
	LV 52 Slowbro
	LV 54 Jynx
Alright, first up is Lorelei, the ice and water master. Use a strong electric Pokemon to take out all but her jynx. Lapras might be a little hard thoughÖ a strong and fast fire Pokemon can wipe out her jynx. But beware! Jynxís lovely kiss attack is evil. 

Battle 2: Elite Four Bruno
	LV 53 Hitmonchan
	LV 53 Hitmonlee
	LV 51 Onix
	LV 54 Onix
	LV 56 Machamp
Second is Bruno, the fighting and rock master. A good psychic or flying type can take care of hitmonchan and hitmonlee. You need to use a psychic type on machamp though because I think he knows a sneaky rock slide move. A water type can wash away the onixs no problem. 

Battle 3: Elite Four Agatha 
	LV 54 Gengar
	LV 54 Golbat
	LV 56 Arbok
	LV 53 Haunter
	LV 58 Gengar
Alright, the halfway point! Next up is Agatha, the ghost and poison master. She can be tricky, so listen up. A very strong psychic type can knock out the first gengar, haunter, and arbok. Golbat is easily taken out with a strong electric or rock type. The second gengar is a little hard, but a good psychic or other ghost can beat it. Use even a rock type if necessary. 

Battle 4: Elite Four Lance
	LV 56 Gyarados
	LV 54 Dragonair
	LV 58 Aerodactyl
	LV 54 Dragonair
	LV 60 Dragonite
This is it! The last member of the elite four is Lance, the dragon and flying master. His gyarados is easily beaten by an electric type. So is aerodactyl, although I recommend using a water type. His twin dragonairs can be beaten by an ice type or even another dragon. If you donít have those types, an electric type will do. Hi dragonite can be beaten the same way, although I recommend that you donít use a dragon. 
Ha! You did it! You are a Pokemon masterÖ what!! Gary got here before you! That littleÖ well thereís no use in getting mad. Just go in there and show him whoís boss!

Rival Battle 7: the Champion
	LV 59 Pidgeot
	LV 59 Rhydon
	LV 57 Alakazam
If you picked bulbasaur, add LV 59 Arcanine, LV 61 Gyarados, and LV 63 Charizard

If you picked squirtle, add LV 59 Gyarados, LV 61 Arcanine, and LV 63 Venusaur

If you picked charmander, add LV 59 Exeggutor, LV 61 Arcanine, and LV 63 Blastoise

This is it: the true final battle (canít you tell by the cool music)! Pidgeot is easily defeated by a rock or electric type. A strong grass or water type can knock out Rhydon like that (snap). Alakazam is pretty tricky, so just go in and hammer it with powerful moves. Gyarados isÖ do I really need to say? Arcanine is beaten by a strong water or ground type and exeggutor can be taken out with a fire Pokemon. Use your common sense to beat his starter Pokemon (which all know the ultimate move of their type). It will be a long battle, but when you claim victory, you will be the greatest trainer in the game. 

Congratulations!! You are the League Champion and your rival has gone home crying. Watch in your glory as the credits roll and you have beaten the gameÖ just kidding! There is much more to explore. So hop to it!                 


This part of the guide is about stuff that is not required, but is very good to do to get legendary Pokemon and so forth.


The Sevii Islands:

One Island

Alright, after you beat Blaine (the seventh gym leader) you can take the boat with Bill to One island. Upon arriving you enter the Pokemon center and talk to Billís good friend Celio. Celio is building a machine that can trade with Hoenn (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald). But he needs some help. He needs you to take an item to the game corner on Two Island. That is the main thing to do on One island, unless youíre like me and want to do absolutely all you can (within reason). To the south of the port, you can surf to Treasure beach. There is some grass there with good Pokemon. But the main point is, if you use the itemfinder, you can find some cool items that can be quite profitable. If all that glitters is not gold for you, head east from the main island. Follow Kindle Road north to reach Mt. Ember. Note: if you stop by the springs, you can get the HM that teaches rock smash: an optional, but useful move. Once, you reach the mountain, it is a mostly straight forward walk to the summit. Now only a small rock puzzle is between you and a legendary Pokemon. Push the right boulder up, the left one left, move up and push the left boulder left. Now push the top up and you know the rest. Now the legendary bird Moltres is within your grasp. Knock it down to red and hurl a typhoon of ultra balls (status conditions help) to snag this fiery wonder. 
Redux: note: this can only be done after the Elite Four. Go to the entrance of Mt. Ember and go over to the eastern side to find two rocket grunts. Battle them and then, despite what they say, enter the cave. Make it through the tunnels and puzzles to claim your prize: the ruby! Take it to Celio and he will let you go the other 4 islandsÖ     
Thatís all there is to do on One island. Come sail away to the next island: Two Island. 

Two Island

Alright, as you heard earlier from Celio, you should now go to the game corner. As it turns out, the game warden is preoccupied (imagine that!). His daughter is missing somewhere on Three Island. That is obviously the next place you must go, but before you do, there is some stuff you can do. There is a small shop that has a very low inventory. Up north, there is a house. If your starter Pokemon is fully evolved (which it should be!) and is the highest level Pokemon in your party. The person there can teach it a super powerful move. It is quite useful! Other than that, there is not much else to do on this island.
Thatís all there is to do on Two Island. Come sail away to the next island: Three Island. 

Three Island

Upon arriving on Three Island, you first notice a few bikers harassing a woman. Theyíre not the only ones though. Go up a little more to find a whole army of bikers from Kanto. Go make a scene out of and battle a few of them and then take down the boss. They all use pure poison Pokemon. After you send them packing, talk to the guy they were harassing to get a free full restore. Heal your Pokemon and go north and west out of the main town. Continue west along the Bond Bridge until you find yourself at the entrance of Berry Forest. The path in the forest is pretty straight-forward. And youíll never guess that there are a lot of berries lying around. At the end are LostelleÖ and a level 30 hypno! Ha ha, mineís stronger! Sorry. Defeat of catch it to rescue the game wardenís daughter. After you do so, you are automatically transported to the game corner. Now you can go back to Bill and leave the islands. You can return any time you want though. After you beat the Elite Four, you can go to the other four islands.
Thatís all there is to do on Three Island. After you defeat the Elite Four, come sail away to the next island: Four Island. 

Four Island 

Alright, on this island there is the breeding day care center (look in the breeding section for more info), a guy who gives you stickers, and the house of the one and only Lorelei. There is also a cave full of ice Pokemon. That is the main attraction. Go inside and surf to the opening next to the waterfall. Work your way trough the ice puzzle and fall through the northernmost ice patch. Work your way to the southernmost ladder and take it to get HM 07 (waterfall). Use it to scale the waterfall at the entrance of the cave and take the ladder. Keep going and eventually youíll find Lorelei arguing with some Rockets. Thankfully, you only have to battle one grunt, so wipe him out and then they run off after telling you some hearty information. The Pokemon are in a warehouse on Five Island. Guess where weíre goiní? 
Thatís all there is to do on Four Island. Come sail away to the next island: Five Island.

Five Island   

Upon arriving in Five Island, there isnít much to do in its central hub. However, there are two major ways we can go. Head east to reach the Meadow. Travel along its straightforward path and battle a few Rockets to reach a big building. That is Team Rocketís warehouse. Go up to it and enter the password andÖ wait! Two passwords are needed?! Aww, bummer! I guess weíll have to take care of that later. For now, letís do some sightseeing on this beautiful island. If you surf in the water near the warehouse, you will reach a path called the Memorial Pillar. After battling the 3 bird brothers and surfing some more, youíll find out why this area is called the memorial pillar. There is a rock pillar with a young man in front of it. He is mourning the loss of his onix, whose name was Tectonix. I think Iím going to cryÖ that is until I see the metal coat nearby (sweet). Now return to the central part of Five Island. Go to where the fisherman is standing and surf north. Surf a little more and you have a choice of going west or continue north. Go west for now. It may tricky navigating, but please have patience. At the end is a little island with 2 people on it. The girl is a trainer, but the gentleman has a special gift for you if your lead Pokemon is happy: an egg. If your wondering whatís inside, it happens to be a togepi. Now go back to the crossroads and head north. Up here are two small islands and one bigger one. This is Resort Gorgeous, the place for the rich. There are some good trainers to battle, but there is more to the east. A little more surfing gets you to the Lost Cave. There are many items scattered about, but you need to enter the rooms in certain orders to get them. And even I donít know the right ordersÖ however, if you go left then down, youíll get a lax incense. After that cave, you might be done with five island (for now). 
Redux: go back to the warehouse after you learn the other password and go inside. Now there are some more of those moving tiles (great). Navigate your way around (sorry, youíre on your own here, but the rockets show the way) to the eastern side where you will have to battle the girl admin of Team Rocket. After sheís been brought to justice, you might want to go and heal before the next battle with Team Rocketís second in command. He uses super-powered versions of standard Rocket Pokemon (except for houndoom), so heís not too tough. After Team Rocket disbands (again) continue on to find the loser who took your sapphire. Teach him some manners and reclaim the sapphire. Now take it to Celio on One island! 
Thatís all there is to do on Five Island. Come sail away to the next island: Six Island.

Six Island

Wow, six island already! Enter the poke center a have a nice little chat with your rival. Now go east out of town and enter the water path. There are two ways to go here: north and south. Letís go south for now. Continue along the land path until you have a choice again. Go north and around the long bend to finally reach the dotted hole. However, it is sealed with a secret code that saysÖ cut. And so you must cut! In case youíre wondering, the ďsecret codeĒ is really Braille. Anyways, inside is a hole (imagine that!). Fall down it and then follow the directions of the holes. In case you donít know Braille, I will decode. They say: up, left, right, and down. At the end isÖ the Sapphire! Wait! Some scientist guy followed you? Now heís going to sell the sapphire to Team Rocket! Well, donít just stand there; go after him! After that issue is resolved, there are some other fun things to do on six island. If you go north at the water path crossroads, you will eventually reach the pattern bush. You can follow the pattern or not, but there are some good trainers and Pokemon here. One way or another, at the end is Outcast Island and the altering cave. The secret to this place isÖ well Iím not really to sure. If you know, please tell me!
Thatís all there is to do on Six Island. Come sail away to the final island: Seven Island.

Seven Island

This is it; the last of the Sevii islands! There are 2 major areas on Seven Island: Trainer Tower and Tanoby Ruins. Leave town through the north way and surf to reach trainer tower. The rules here are simple: beat up to eight trainers or teams for a high score. Note that the enemy levels will all be the level of your strongest Pokemon. Good luck (youíll need it)! If you go the south way, you will enter the canyon entrance. Go south, past the yellow-haired dude to some rangers. Go right around them and continue on into Sevult Canyon. Keep on going, past the cool couple, and into the secret cave on the left. Inside, push the upper rock all the way up. Manipulate the other two into the two upper holes. Now push the bottoms in their slots in the same configuration. There should be a far off rumbling sound if you did it right. But weíll find out what that was later. Go back outside and resume your way south. Keep going until you reach a house. Inside is a guy who will heal your Pokemon if you dance the chansey dance (there is also a lucky punch on the desk). Keep going and use surf when necessary. You have now entered the Tanoby Ruins. You can go to any of the chambers, however I advise you to go to the easternmost one first. If you opened the key, unknowns (a rare ancient Pokemon) are plentiful in every chamber (but there are different ones in each chamber). If youíve noticed, each one is shaped like a letter in the alphabet. After you caught your lot, you may return to the central hub and do whatever you wish.
Thatís all there is to do on Seven Island. Unfortunately, that is the last of the Sevii Islands (but come sail away is still a cool song!).

The Unknown Dungeon

Now it is time to catch the legendary psychic master, mewtwo. Go to the top of the bridge near Cerulaen City and turn west. Surf along this until you find a cave. That is the Cerulean Cave (or as I call it, the Unknown Dungeon). Note: you must have beaten the elite four and gotten a level 2 link on One Island. If you are qualified to enter, do so. Go north and surf on the water. Just keep on goiní until you reach the end and go ashore to the south. Go east around and go totally around until you are the very end and there is a ladder on a little plateau. Take it and follow the maze south and east. Follow this path until you reach a ladder going down. Take it and the rest is just a straightforward winding path to mewtwo. Once you reach him, I guarantee you that the battle will not be easy. Bring A LOT of ultra balls or just use the master ball (if youíve been saving it). Capture it the same way as you would all of the other legendaries. By the way, mewtwo is at level 70, so bring strong Pokemon to survive the masterís psychic powers. 
Ho ha! Now that you have captured Mewtwo, I think it is time to snag the other legendary birds.      

The Power Plant 

Alright, now that you have mewtwo (or not), it is time to catch the 3 legendary birds. You should already have Moltres (from One Island). Next on the list is my namesake (get it Zapto, Zapdos). Fly to the Pokemon center outside of Rock Tunnel. Go north until you see some water. Surf along it until you find land and go ashore and into the building. A few words of caution before we begin: some poke balls are really voltorbs. If you know where items are or want a strong voltorb, be my guest. But donít say I didnít warn you. Go north and then turn right. Go south and turn right when you can. Keep going and turn north when you can. Turn left and take the second north turn. Turn left and south. Turn to the left and then itís just a hop, skip, and a jump to the legendary bird of lightning (finally, I feel like Iím giving road directions!). The battle is not exactly what I call easy. Bring about ohÖ 30 ultra balls. Zapdos himself is level 50, so bring a strong Pokemon that preferably knows a status condition such as sleep or paralysis. Weaken it to deep red and use a status condition (optional, but preferred). Then let the ultra balls fly. Eventually, you will catch him. And if you want to use the master ball, thatís your business. Now there is an easy exit when you finally catch Zapdos. But please do come back; there are some seriously cool items and electric Pokemon. Now itís time to get the legendary bird of iceÖ 

Seafoam Islands    

The pathway to Articuno is much harder than with Zapdos, but doable. Fly to Fuchsia City and surf down and over to the Seafoam Islands. From the entrance, go up until you see a ladder. But donít take it! Continue around the bend and knock the rock in hole and follow in after. Now push it into this hole and follow once again. Once more, push and drop. This time you land in water and you automatically surf. Surf north and go around to the second ladder you find. No go up and around and go past the ladder until you find yourself at the southern part and a few moveable rocks. Push the lone rock left and knock the other one in the hole. Move the right one of the northern two up and manipulate the other into the hole. Drop down after it and surf north to find the legendary bird of ice, Articuno. Use the same tactics you used on Zapdos and Moltres. It may take you a while, but the wait is well worth it (because now you have all of the legendary Pokemon. Sweet-o-ness).


Alright, here it is. The Pokedex. It tells you all you need to know about all of the Pokemon, including moves and where to find it. Here is how it is set up:

#_ Pokemonís name                  Type/types

Height: _ft _inches                            
Weight: __ pounds 


Location: (note: if a Pokemon is only found in one version, it will be so marked.)

Evolution: LV_ to Pokemonís name

Zaptoís review: this is my evaluation for each Pokemon (I may even include a neat fun fact or two!). 

And that is the format for this grand Pokedex. Now without further a do, I present the Pokedex!

#1 Bulbasaur                        Grass/Poison

2 feet, 4 inches
15 pounds

Overgrow- grass moves gain 1.5 power boost when health is low.

Location: only one that is received from Prof. Oak

Evolution: LV 16 to Ivysaur 

Bulbasaur is everyoneís favorite standard grass Pokemon. He may be your Pokemon, but that choice is yours. Bulbasaur will always have a special place in my book because he was the first Pokemon I ever caught all those years ago in Pokemon Blue. 


#2 Ivysaur						Grass/Poison

3 feet, 3 inches
29 pounds

Overgrow- grass moves gain 1.5 power boost when health is low.

Location: Evolve Bulbasaur

Evolution: LV 32 to Venusaur

Ivysaur is the evolved form of bulbasaur and can know most of the same moves as him. Oddly enough, he learns fewer moves than bulbasaur naturally. 


#3 Venusaur						   Grass/Poison

6 feet, 7 inches
221 pounds

Overgrow- grass moves gain 1.5 power boost when health is low.

Location: Evolve Ivysaur

Evolution: Fully Evolved  

Venusaur is the highest form of this evolution and because so, can learn the ultimate grass move. He is also the symbol of Leafgreen. 


#4 Charmander	                                     Fire

2 feet
19 pounds

Blaze- fire moves gain 1.5 power boost when health is low.

Location: only one that is received from Prof. Oak

Evolution: LV 16 to Charmeleon

Charmander is a standard fire Pokemon and has some really cool evolutions. He is one of the 3 starter Pokemon. 


#5 Charmeleon				                  Fire

3 feet, 7 inches
42 pounds

Blaze- fire moves gain 1.5 power boost when health is low.

Location- evolve charmander

Evolution- LV 36 to Charizard

Charmeleon is the evolved form of charmander and can learn some really tricky moves. 

#6 Charizard						      Fire/Flying

5 feet, 7 inches
200 pounds

Blaze- fire moves gain 1.5 power boost when health is low.

Location- Evolve Charmeleon

Evolution- Fully evolved

Charizard is a real piece of work. He can learn some really cool moves (including the ultimate fire move) and is the symbol of Firered.

#7 Squirtle							Water

1 foot, 8 inches
20 pounds

Torrent- water moves gain 1.5 power boost when health is low.

Location- Only one that you receive from Prof. Oak

Evolution- LV 16 to wartortle

Squirtle is a standard water Pokemon and a strong foundation for any beginning trainer. 


#8 Wartortle                                   Water

3 feet, 3 inches
50 pounds

Torrent- water moves gain 1.5 power boost when health is low.

Location- Evolve squirtle

Evolution- LV 36 to blastoise

I donít have much to say about wartortle other than he is the evolved form of squirtle. 


#9 Blastoise                                   Water

5 feet, 3 inches
189 pounds

Torrent- water moves gain 1.5 power boost when health is low.

Location- Evolve wartortle

Evolution- Fully evolved

Blastoise is the fully evolved turtle Pokemon and unfortunately is not the symbol of any new-age games (he is the symbol of the Blue version of old). He can learn the ultimate water move and was my starter Pokemon for this game.


#10 Caterpie                                 Bug     
1 foot 
6 pounds

Shield Dust- The additional effects of moves have no effect

Location- Route 25, Viridian Forest, Six Island

Evolution- LV 7 to metapod

Caterpie is probably the worst bug Pokemon ever. Fortunately, he has a really cool evolution. And for you fans of the TV show, caterpie was the first Pokemon Ash caught on his own.  

#11 Metapod                                     Bug             

2 feet, 4 inches
22 pounds

Shed Skin- Has a 30 percent chance of eliminating a status condition each turn

Location- Route 25, Viridian Forest, Six Island, evolve caterpie

Evolution- LV 10 to butterfree

Metapod is the evolved form of caterpie and even worse. For all those who want a metapod, I suggest you evolve a caterpie so he will know more than just harden. 


#12 Butterfree                               Bug/Flying

3 feet, 7 inches
71 pounds

Compound eyes- Accuracy is raised by 30 percent

Location- Evolve metapod

Evolution- Fully evolved

Butterfree is youíve been waiting for in this evolution. He is a flying type, but canít learn fly (that REALLY annoys me). He can learn some psychic moves however.


#13 Weedle						        Bug/Poison

1 foot
7 pounds

Shield Dust- The additional effects of moves have no effect

Location- Route 25, Viridian Forest, Six Island

Evolution- LV 7 to Kakuna

Weedle is just slightly more powerful than caterpie because of his poison half. You still really need to evolve him.


#14 Kakuna						   Bug/Poison

2 feet
22 pounds

Shed Skin- Has a 30 percent chance of eliminating a status condition each turn

Location- Route 25, Viridian Forest, Six Island, evolve weedle.

Evolution- LV 10 to Beedrill

I have about the same to say about kakuna as I do for metapod. So look there (but modify it a bit). 


#15 Beedrill							Bug/Poison 

3 feet, 3 inches
65 pounds

Swarm- bug moves get a power boost when HP is low

Location- Evolve kakuna

Evolution- Fully evolved

Beedrill is a really cool bug type. He actually learns some good bug type moves and some good poison moves to boot. 


#16 Pidgey                                 Normal/Flying 

1 foot
4 pounds

Keen eye- Accuracy can not be lowered.

Location- Routes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 25

Evolution- LV 18 to pidgeotto

Pidgey is just your basic flying type. His moves are average and it is probably the most common Pokemon. 


#17 Pidgeotto                           Normal/Flying

3 feet, 7 inches
66 pounds

Keen eye- Accuracy can not be lowered.

Location- Three Island, Five Island, Routes 13, 14, 15, evolve pidgey

Evolution- LV 36 to pidgeot

Pidgeotto is the evolved form of pidgeotto and can learn almost all of the same moves.


#18 Pidgeot                            Normal/Flying

4 feet, 11 inches
87 pounds

Keen eye- Accuracy can not be lowered

Location- Evolve pidgeotto

Evolution- Fully evolved

Pidgeot is the fully evolved form of pidgey and much more powerful. He has no real special components and when I say that I mean his moves are mostly flying and normal ones.


#19 Rattata                              Normal

1 foot
8 pounds

Run Away- you can run away from any wild Pokemon without fail

Location- Routes 1, 2, 4, 9, 17, 18, 22, Pokemon Mansion

Evolution- LV 18 to raticate

Rattata is the basic normal Pokemon and some consider it to be weak. However, some of his TM moves may surprise you.


#20 Raticate                                 Normal

2 feet, 4 inches
41 pounds

Run Away- you can run away from any wild Pokemon without fail

Location- Routes 17 and 18, Pokemon Mansion, evolve rattata

Evolution- Fully evolved

Raticate may seen like a really basic Pokemon, but he is actually pretty powerful. I love his ability by the way (I donít know about you, but golbats NEVER let me run!)!


#21 Spearow                                   Normal/Flying

1 foot
4 pounds

Keen eye- Accuracy can not be lowered.

Location- One, Two, Six, and Seven Islands, Routes 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 22, and 23

Evolution- LV 20 to Fearow

Spearow is what I consider to be more offensive than his pidgey counterpart. His moves are a bit more powerful and most of them are damaging. 


#22 Fearow                                  Normal/Flying

3 feet, 11 inches
84 pounds

Keen eye- Accuracy can not be lowered.

Location- Routes 17, 18, and 23, One, Two, Six, and Seven Islands, evolve spearow

Evolution- Fully evolved

Fearow isÖ really cool looking. His moves are almost the same as spearows, but his stats are much higher.


#23 Ekans                                     Poison

6 feet, 7 inches
15 pounds

Shed Skin- Has a 30 percent chance of eliminating a status condition each turn

Location- (Firered only) Routes 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 23

Evolution- LV 22 to Arbok

Ekans is a good poison Pokemon that can learn a variety of cool moves. In the TV show, ekans was the first Pokemon that Jesse from Team Rocket had. Also if youíve noticed, ekans is really snake spelled backwards.


#24 Arbok                                  Poison

11 feet, 6 inches
143 pounds

Shed Skin- Has a 30 percent chance of eliminating a status condition each turn

Location- (Firered only) Route 23, Victory Road, evolve ekans

Evolution- Fully evolved

Arbok is a really coolio poison type (although I never had much need for poison myself). Like ekans, arbok is really cobra spelled backwards (if you switch the c for a k).


#25 Pikachu                               Electric 

1 foot, 4 inches
13 pounds

Static- if the opposing Pokemon uses a physical damaging, move, it has a 30 percent chance of being paralyzed 

Location- Viridian Forest, Power Plant

Evolution- Thunder stone to Raichu

Pikachu is the first electric pokemon you can catch in the game and a powerful ally. He is the most known Pokemon and some even consider it to be pokemonís symbol. He is of course, Ashís best Pokemon in the show. 


#26 Raichu                                Electric

2 feet, 7 inches
66 pounds

Static- if the opposing Pokemon uses a physical damaging, move, it has a 30 percent chance of being paralyzed

Location- Evolve pikachu

Evolution- Fully evolved

Raichu is the evolved form of pikachu and can learn no more new moves naturally, but can learn more TM moves. 


#27 Sandshrew                                  Ground

2 feet
26 pounds

Sand Veil- Evasion is raised during a sandstorm

Location- (Leafgreen only) Routes 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 23

Evolution- LV 22 to Sandslash

Sandshrew is a ground type, but can learn some other cool moves (like poison sting). He can only learn one ground move naturally and itís a weak one (that kind of annoys me!).


Iím truly sorry to all my fans and Pokemon trainers, but I am going to have and this Pokedex here and now. I am getting nothing done andÖ I just have to! IÖ amÖ sorryÖ

Item List

TM and HMs

Item                                    Location
TM 01 Focus Punch                       Silph Co. 5th floor
   02 Dragon Claw                       Victory Road
   03 Water Pulse                       Cerulean Gym
   04 Calm Mind                         Saffron Gym
   05 Roar                              Celadon Dept. Store
   06 Toxic                             Fuchsia Gym
   07 Hail                              Victory Road
   08 Bulk Up                           Silph Co. 7th Floor
   09 Bullet Seed                       Mt. Moon
   10 Hidden Power                      N/A
   11 Sunny Day                         Safari Zone
   12 Taunt                             Rocket Base
   13 Ice Beam                          Celadon Game Corner
   14 Blizzard                          Pokemon Mansion
   15 Hyper Beam                        Celadon Dept. Store
   16 Light Screen                      Celadon Dept. Store
   17 Protect                           Power Plant
   18 Rain Dance                        Route 15
   19 Giga Drain                        Celadon Gym
   20 Safeguard                         Celadon Dept. Store 
   21 Frustration                       Rocket Base
   22 Solarbeam                         Pokemon Mansion
   23 Iron Tail                         Celadon Game Corner
   24 Thunderbolt                       Celadon Game Corner
   25 Thunder                           Power Plant
   26 Earthquake                        Viridian Gym
   27 Return                            Route 12
   28 Dig                               Cerulean City House
   29 Psychic                           Saffron City
   30 Shadow Ball                       Celadon Game Corner
   31 Brick Break                       Celadon Dept. Store
   32 Double Team                       Safari Zone
   33 Reflect                           Celadon Dept. Store
   34 Shock Wave                        Vermillion Gym
   35 Flamethrower                      Celadon Game Corner
   36 Sludge Bomb                       Rocket HQ 
   37 Sandstorm                         Victory Road
   38 Fire Blast                        Cinnabar Gym
   39 Rock Tomb                         Pewter Gym
   40 Aerial Ace                        Route 9
   41 Torment                           Silph Co. 4th Floor
   42 Facade                            N/A
   43 Secret Power                      Celadon Dept. Store
   44 Rest                              Route 9
   45 Attract                           Route 24
   46 Thief                             Mt. Moon
   47 Steel Wing                        Safari Zone
   48 Skill Swap                        Route 12
   49 Snatch                            Rocket Base
   50 Overheat                          Victory Road
HM 01 Cut                               S.S. Anne
   02 Fly                               Route 16
   03 Surf                              Safari Zone
   04 Strength                          Fuchsia City
   05 Flash                             Route 2
   06 Rock Smash                        Kindle Road
   07 Waterfall                         Ice Cave



Berry                                  Average Powder Rate

Aguav                                  50
Aspear                                 20
Belue                                  250
Bluk                                   70
Cheri                                  20
Chesto                                 20
Cornn                                  150
Durin                                  250
Figy                                   50
Grepa                                  100
Hondew                                 100
Iapapa                                 50
Kelpsy                                 100
Leppa                                  30
Lum                                    30
Mago                                   50
Magost                                 150
Nanab                                  70
Nomel                                  150
Oran                                   30
Pamtre                                 250
Pecha                                  20
Persim                                 30
Pinap                                  70
Pomeg                                  100
Qualot                                 100
Rabuta                                 150
Rawst                                  20
Razz                                   70
Sitrus                                 30
Spelon                                 250
Tamato                                 150
Watmel                                 250
Wepear                                 70
Wiki                                   50


Key Items                           Purpose

Town Map- a map (duh!)
Teachy TV- teaches you about various game play stuff
TM Case- holds your TMs
Fame Checker- tells you about various people 
S.S. Ticket- lets you ride the S.S. Anne
VS Seeker- use this to re-battle trainers  
Old Rod- catches water Pokemon near water (weak)
Berry Pouch- holds all your berries
Bicycle- use it to ride in style
Powder Jar- holds all your berry powder
Coin Case- holds the coins you get at the game corner
Lift Key- use to ride the elevator in rocket hideout
Silph Scope- use to see ghosts in Pokemon tower
Poke Flute- use to wake sleeping Pokemon
Super Rod- catches water Pokemon near water (strong) 
Card Key- opens doors in Silph Co.
Secret Key- opens the Cinnabar Gym
Triangle Pass- lets you go to One-Three Islands
Rainbow Pass- lets you go to all the Sevii Islands
Itemfinder- locates hidden items
Good Rod- catches water Pokemon near water (medium)
Ruby- a cool gemstone
Sapphire- a cool gemstone


Advanced Battle Strategies

Are you ready to learn the ways of a Pokemon Master? Then sit right back and youíll hear a tale, a tale of a Pokemon master. Now, you know how to battle, inflict weaknesses, and level up. But I know from experience that strategy beats raw power every time. That is why you must know the secret art of combos. Combos are attacks that can be used one after another to do massive damage and possibly, seal victory. Here is my list of winning combos that are sure to give you a fighting chance against any enemy.

The rollout combo
	This one is simple. Use defense curl one turn and then use rollout the next. For some reason, using defense curl amplifies rolloutís power.

The solarbeam combo
	This one is perfect for grass types. First use sunny day to make the sun very bright. Then use solarbeam and you donít have to charge up as long as sunny day is in effect.

The thunder combo
	This one is one of my personal favorite. First use rain dance. Then use thunder and it will never miss as long as it is raining. 

The toxic combo
	I invented this one on my own. First use toxic to badly poison the opponent. Then use flash with rapid succession. The crux of this is that while the opponent is poisoned, it wonít be able to land any hits because of its poor accuracy. 

The super defensive combo
 I invented this one too. First use reflect. Then use iron defense with rapid succession. Physical attacks will just bounce right off you. This can also work with light screen and amnesia.

The sleep power combo
	This one heals you while doing damage. First use rest to fully heal you and put you to sleep. Then use sleep talk and you will randomly use any of your attacks. You can also use snore in sleep talkís place.

The focus punch combo
	This one is untested, but should work in theory. First you must wait until your opponent use a non damaging move. Then use encore to make him do it over and over again. While your opponent is not doing damage, use focus punch to really let him have it! Note that my first fan (named Chitown_rican20) told me that you can also use substitute to protect you while you wham on em'. 

The swagger combo
	This one is very useful. First use swagger to raise your opponents attack power and confuse it. Then use psych up to raise your attack without the confusion.

Those are just some of the many combos that I know. There are also some obvious combos (like hypnosis and dream eater) and item combos that I do not need to explain. There are also some combos that can only be used in double battles, but thatís explained in the next section.


Double Battle Combos

I donít know about you, but I just love double battles. The very nature of these makes for some very nice combos. Here are some of my top favorites.

The facade combo
	This one is kind of risky, but worth it. First have one Pokemon use thunder wave or toxic or something on the other of your Pokemon. Then send the other one to use facade, amplified by the status condition. As an upgrade, you can also use the guts ability with the facade Pokemon.

The electric protection combo
	This one involves a pokemonís special ability. First use one with the lightning rod ability (like rhydon). Then use a water Pokemon (like gyrados). If an electric Pokemon uses an electric attack on your vulnerable water Pokemon, the lightning rod Pokemon will take the hit for it. 

The follow me combo
	This one is hard, but useful. First send one Pokemon to use follow me and let the other use focus punch. All the attacks will go to the follow me Pokemon, letting the other one perform its focus punch.

The earthquake combos
	There are two good combos that go with earthquake. The first one uses earthquake and a flying type. Earthquake hits the two opponents, but not your fellow Pokemon because ground moves donít effect flying Pokemon. This also works with a levitate ability Pokemon instead of a flying type.  The second one involves earthquake and protect. While one is protected, the other strikes both enemies. This also works with detect instead of protect.

The exploding combos
	These two are very similar to the earthquake combos. Send on Pokemon to use self destruct or explosion if the other Pokemon is a ghost type. Normal moves donít affect ghost types. The second one is exactly like the second earthquake combo but with the exploding moves instead of earthquake. 

The belly drum combo
	This one is kind of like the single battleís swagger combo. Send one Pokemon to use belly drum to max its attack power. Then send your other Pokemon to use psych up on its ally. Thatís double maximum power!

The double weather combos
	This one is exactly like the single battles weather combos, but with one Pokemon doing the weather attack and the other using the offensive move.

These are but some of my double battle combo moves. Like with the single battle combos, there are some obvious moves that I did not reveal (I think your smart enough to figure them out). And that is the end of my lessons on combos and their amazing effects.



1. Q. Where do you get the ticket to Birth Island?
    A. Well, it just easier to break it to you now. You see, Birth Island, which the secrect island where Deoxys is, is not asscessible in the game. Not without some really cool cheats anyway. The only way to reach that unknown isle is to go to an OFFICIAL Nintendio event and get it there.

2. Q. I need some cheats to get guys from Emerald,Ruby,etc.Do you how to catch an Aaron:the pokemon,in LeafGreen without trading???
   A. Well my friend, there is but two ways to get 3rd generation Pokemon in Leafgreen: Trading, and Action Replay or Gameshark. I'm sorry, but there is just no other way around it.

3. just wondering if there is any way of duplicating any items whatsoever
in pokemon leaf green
   A. Not that I know of. Sorry.

4. Q. The cave that has Mewtwo in it... the gaurd does not aloow me entrance although i have already beat the elite 4 once and did get the rainbow pass to 4 next islands.... why is that???
   A.  Also, the Unknown Dungeon doesn't open until the ruby AND sapphire are both in Celio's hands.

5. Q. I only have ONE master poke ball. Can I buy them anyplace or do I
have to find them? 

  A. Unfortunately, you can't buy another master ball anywhere; there is only one.

6. Q. How do you get the 2nd password to enter team rockets warehouse on 5island?
   A. Well, if you go to Six island, all the way in the bakc is the Dotted Hole (don't ask me why they call it that because I don't know). After you claim it's treasure a guy will pop up, steal it and tell you the password. 

7. Q. How do you get to the other Sevii islands?
    A.  Well, first you need to beat the Elite Four. Then you need to go to One island and talk to Celio. Then you need to get the ruby (which is on One island) and give it to Celio. Then he will give you the Rainbow Ticket which allows you to go to the other islands. 

 Remember that if you have a question, comment, or suggestion, send it to [email protected] Thanks, dudes!



At last!! This guide is complete! Well, I am had a wonderful time andÖ I told myself I wouldnít cry! Well, of course, I could not have done this alone. You know that I love to quote songs, well hereís one:Ē No man, does it all by himself. I said, young man, put your pride on the shelfÖĒ Thatís from the YMCA, by the Village People. Now without further or do, I present the acknowledgments:

1. Prima Games and their Firered and Leafgreen guide forÖ well almost everything!

2. Nintendo, Gamefreak, and all the other awesome companies and people who created this game and all it stands for.

3. The MP3 Rocket who inspired me to do this and provided vital music along the way.

4. All my fans (if I have any) who support me all the time.

Thatís about it for here. Of course, Iíll leave a preview of my next guide. This is what to expect in the near (which is all relevant) future: Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Thatís all. Goodbye!!!


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1. Plagiarism. Do not, for any reason, copy anything out of this guide EXCEPT if you mention my name with it.

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